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Microwave Spring Sprint   2017   May 6   Score Breakdowns

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Rover LP Totals
CallScore QSOsMax Dist(km)
K9PW/R2,004 37163
W9SZ/R1,280 26161
N2RJ/R1,243 8290
VE3CRU/R578 1074
N9GH/R221 581
VE7PKE/R80 420
Rover QRP Totals
CallScore QSOsMax Dist(km)
KA9VDU/R78 243
Single Op HP Totals
CallScore QSOsMax Dist(km)
K1TEO8,186 34587
VA3ELE4,964 28600
N1JEZ2,189 7535
KØVXM263 5100
Single Op LP Totals
CallScore QSOsMax Dist(km)
K1RZ12,350 46531
N3RG3,903 23601
WZ1V3,074 143074
N6VI3,014 17474
W2BVH2,354 17289
N9LB2,018 16163
VE3FHM1,233 5530
VE3DS1,100 5222
W2RMA801 3267
W9KXI612 3321
VE7AFZ601 60
KG7P596 4149
KO9A332 1373
W3HMS260 3260
KC7EQO154 1154
VE7HR120 260
WB2JAY81 181
AA4DD52 226
KE7SW44 222
Single Op QRP Totals
CallScore QSOsMax Dist(km)
W2KV467 4241
W4DVE1 11