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SP DX Contest   2017   Apr 1   Comment Summary

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MMØLID   SOABMixed QRP   3,7172017-04-01 10:40:31
Only small time to participate.

Thanks to all who RX my QRP sigs.

73 CU next time for full time operation.

Yaesu FTDX5000 @ 5W
Rotatable Dipole for 40m @ 100ft
Vertical on 80m

73 Scott MM0LID
K3PP   SOABCW HP   3602017-04-01 21:05:34
Just a brief time to give a few QSOs to our SP friends!
S57EA   SOSB/80CW LP   5,2802017-04-01 23:01:00
First time in SP DX Contest. Tnx foe QSO's.
RIG:FT897D, PWR:100W, ANT: 40m LW / 6m Up
SP5XOV   SOABMixed LP   21,4062017-04-02 08:27:39
TS-590 @ Long Wine ab'25m
K4BAI   SOSB/20Mixed HP   2,1122017-04-02 08:28:07
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX. Was able to be QRV this year only during the
last few hours. 15M never opened here. 20M was fair. Thanks for the QSOs.
73, John, K4BAI.
9A1AA   SOABMixed LP   30,7022017-04-02 08:29:36
New 9A record only with two bands ;)
NB1N   SOABCW HP   8,8562017-04-02 08:34:51
Conditions were very bad due to the huge storm offshore, 6 inches of snow on
April 1st!!!!???? What is wrong with that picture?

80m and 40m was weak, closed too quickly, 20m was the only one that could make
some contact but worked most I could hear.

LP-PAN 2 Panadapter
ZS6BKW 40m & 20m
80m dilpole
Homebrew K9AY RX
N1MM Plus

Thanks for the Qs,
Sandor - NB1N
D1WW   SOSB/40CW LP   7,2002017-04-02 08:42:16
SPDX summary sheet

Contest Dates : 01.04.2017 - 02.04.2017
Callsign Used : D1WW
Category : SINGLE-OP 40M LOW CW
Time ON : 07:36
Time OFF : 15:27
Climed score

Band QSOs Points PTS/QSO Voivodeship
40CW 150 450 3 16
Total 150 450 3 16 = 7200

Band Time Statistic :
40 07:36

Equipment/antennas : TS-850S/FD4

Date : 02.04.2017
5MContest © 2002 - 2017
EA3KX   SOABMixed QRP   16,8722017-04-02 08:43:04
My first participation in this contest
Elecraft KX3
Mosley TA-53M Dipole for 40-80 m

Any QSO in 15 and 10 m

See you again
K1GQ   SOABCW HP   9,9182017-04-02 09:01:30
SkookumLogger K3 2000A 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires

20m was awful at the start of the contest. Then there was almost no SP activity
on 40m by the time Poland was workable for me. Every 80m QSO was a struggle as

-- Bill
DJ1YFK   SOABCW QRP   7,5692017-04-02 09:14:16
K2, 5W, Vertical (10m long)

Thanks for everyone copying my QRP signal. It was a struggle on 80m and even
more on Sunday morning on 40m after the M flare, which led to a short complete
blackout here.

Fabian, DJ1YFK
VY2LI   SOABMixed HP   13,9862017-04-02 09:38:16
Horrid conditions.Thanks for the Q's. 73,Bill
RM2D(SM6LRR)   SOABCW HP   117,8102017-04-02 09:38:53
This was great fun!

My first real "serious" effort in SP DX Contest.

I can say I am very pleased on SP contesters approach to this contest. Good
activity, everyone is willing to QSY to other bands, and most important of all
- Polish operators are also S&P even if we only can work you guys! In
other contests with limited geography coverage, very often those stations only
RUN even if rates for them are low.

This nice contest I will work again for sure!

73 de Mats RM2D (SM6LRR)
VE3TW   SOSB/20CW HP   902017-04-02 10:43:47
I usually really enjoy this contest but had little time to participate this
Hopefully next year will be different.
OL3E(OK1JOC)   SO 3BandMixed LP   5,7002017-04-02 13:38:41
SP6/LZ1ABC   SOSB/20SSB LP   4922017-04-02 13:39:49
I had some free time on Sunday afternoon and went in the park for some /P
Antenna was sloping dipole ~10m up. Rig is Alinco dx-70t (100W)
TM1O(SQ6MS)   SOABMixed HP   165,8072017-04-02 14:50:12
Great weekend with some wine and contesting with wonderfull hosts - Marie and
Laurent F8ATM. Thank you !

Vy73's de Maciek ... --.- -.... -- ...
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SOSB/20CW HP   1262017-04-02 15:05:35
SOAPBOX: This is another remote operation from NX6T - "NashVille" in
SOAPBOX: While looking for band openings in the EA RTTY I gave the SP-DX
SOAPBOX: a go for my first time ever.
SOAPBOX: While I saw DOZENS of SP stations spotted on the bandmap, most of
those signals
SOAPBOX: never made it to the San Diego area. Bummer Dewd!
SOAPBOX: I'll be back next year.
SOAPBOX: Look for my WQ6X Contest blog write up about this weekend:
HSØZLM   SOSB/20CW HP   1,2602017-04-03 07:08:13
Due to CPU problems I had to stop working the contest
SQ9S   SOSB/40CW LP   19,7552017-04-03 09:02:59
FT-2000, GP7, 100W.
SP4Z   SOABMixed HP   340,9382017-04-03 11:38:23
Propagation was the worst in our SP DX Contest since many years
Any way it is fun to represent SP on the air.

Tnx for all participants on both sides of the contest

73 Wes SP4Z
SP3KWA   M/S HP   196,4162017-04-03 13:28:48
160 16 67 25 0 88 1.06
80 48 225 37 0 314 1.15
40 31 334 37 0 389 1.07
20 96 256 42 0 562 1.60
15 0 7 3 0 11 1.57
10 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
TOTAL 191 889 144 0 1364 1.26
TOTAL SCORE : 196 416

TRX : ORION 565 Tentec
PA : R-140, FL-7000
ANT : Delta Loop 160m, Qubical Quad 2 el.
K1CC(@W1KM)   SOABMixed HP   89,2622017-04-03 20:11:42
Poor conditions made for short openings, mostly around local sunrise and sunset.
Nothing at all on 15m which was a surprise, given the appearance of some
sunspots lately. Best conditions were the last few hours of the contest on 20m
on Sunday morning. About 1/2 hour before the end of the contest a sudden
disturbance dropped signal levels and all SP's disappeared. I decided to leave
early and make it to the 40th anniversary meeting of the Yankee Clipper Contest

My thanks once again to Greg W1KM for use of his station and to Dennis W1UE for
the SO2R station setup.
SQ8GHY   SOABSSB HP   64,3102017-04-04 02:34:43
Thank's for all qso!

TRX: K3, TS590SG
160,80,40: GP 32mH
80,40: INV V
20: 5 el
15: 6 el
10: 6 el
20,15,10: 7 el BEAM

Lukasz SQ8GHY
SP3MEP   SOABMixed LP   142,1972017-04-04 07:46:23
SP DX Contest
SP9PBB   M/S HP   75,7152017-04-04 14:23:48
Low Power, without 160m antenna
W4PM   SOABCW HP   2,4572017-04-05 10:58:09
Rather poor conditions and limited operating time.

Thanks for the contacts.

Puck W4PM
SN7D(SQ7D)   SOABSSB HP   134,3842017-04-05 12:17:28
Very bad conditions. Some fun in first 2-3 hours of contest. At Sunday aftenoon
40m was closed, I thought that my radio is broken. Just a few JA stations, weak
signals from K. East Europe in log mostly. West Europe - low activity. SO2R and
dueling CQ ineffective. Most activity was focused on CW. 3rd place in SP. Some
valuable points to SP INTERCONTEST competition. In such conditions high masts
and monobanders will win getting more 3pts qso's. Rules of SPDX Contest are a
subjest of disscusion but looks that it will be single country contest.
Fortunately SO2R is allowed now - no limits in band changes.
Thanks for qso's and points in our contest. See you next year.
Matt SQ7D/SN7D
SQ4MP(@SP4PND)   SO 3BandMixed HP   264,4072017-04-08 02:32:24
Thanks for all QSOs, vy 73 Wojtek SQ4MP
IK5RLP   SOSB/40SSB HP   8,8802017-04-10 05:52:38
Nice competition, more Sp ham on air. Time limited for me but good
activity..Regards Claudio