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Nebraska QSO Party   2017   Apr 22   Comment Summary

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K9GDF   Out of State LP   22017-04-23 15:21:37
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
W5TM   Out of State LP   8782017-04-23 15:36:37
K3s and dipoles
Score includes 350 bonus points
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Out of State HP   1952017-04-23 16:45:00




WØDB   Fixed LP   64,9742017-04-23 17:50:22
Wow, some rough conditions. Thanks everyone for the contacts.

dipoles for 80, 40, 20
W4UT   Out of State QRP   3362017-04-23 17:53:51
Rig: Elecraft KX3 @ 5 watts
Ant: 3 ele yagi

Did not hear a lot of activity from NE, but was able to work
W0BH mobile in several counties. Thanks Bob, for the Q's.
K4BAI   Fixed HP   4702017-04-23 18:34:26
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole. Out of town Saturday and church plus
hospital visit to meet new grandson born Friday while I was out of town took up
most of the Sunday session. W0BH/M did a fine job of putting out counties
including one all time new one for me. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
WDØT   Out of State LP   302017-04-23 18:50:42
It was the W0DB qso party for me, Joe
Was the only NE I could hear and work
All weekend!! And I really tried,
Called CQ a lot and also looked for
NE stations but none to be found!

Thanks Joe for the Qs, 73 Todd WD0T
N6MU   Out of State LP   5,9842017-04-23 20:33:05
Terrible conditions Saturday really took a toll on my strategy to work NE0QP/m
in every county for that 50 point bonus and mult. You can't work him if you
can't hear him. That was true most of Saturday on 20. Worked well last year but
not so much this year. Only had 14 Qs Saturday.

Thanks to Bob, W0BH, for taking a nice Sunday drive from KS to join the fun. He
was a nice surprise that kept me in the chair. Two mobiles are always better
than one!

40 of my 49 Qs were with the mobiles. More NE fixed support would help a lot.

Score includes 800 bonus points for working NE0QP sixteen times. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
K7HKR   Out of State LP   602017-04-24 01:11:51
80 watts, homebrew magnetic loop from AZ

Saturday was a shutout despite listening a lot; terrible conditions. Sunday
had a bad start as I was unable to be heard by W0BH/M in 4 counties! I pretty
much had given up at that point, but luckily went back at it because in better
conditions I was able to work him in his final 4 counties. He did a superb job
managing the poor conditions and making sure that those of us who were sticking
with him could make QSOs. I believe I barely heard bonus station NE0QP on SSB
at one point, but I gather that was mostly a CW operation.
N2CQ   Out of State LP   1,3942017-04-24 08:45:51
Score includes X2 for power used and one QSO with NE0QP
N4P(W2CSI)   Out of State HP   42017-04-24 14:15:30
I only heard two stations from NE for the whole contest.
Radio: Ft-450D
Antenna: Dipole at 35ft
Amp: 811H
Output power: 800W
IZ3NVR   Out of State LP   22017-04-25 06:10:58
Well, just one signal heard on the band. Thanks W0DB for the contact.

Stefano, IZ3NVR
K1RO   Out of State HP   5842017-04-25 08:14:39
Includes bonus points for 3 QSOs with NE0QP.

A few contacts here and there while on breaks from working out in the yard on a
beautiful spring weekend. Nice to work W0BH and NE0QP mobiles a number of times.
W2RR(WA2AOG)   Out of State HP   2,7002017-04-26 05:50:12
Score includes 700 bonus points for (14) unique QSO's with bonus station NE0QP.
Band conditions improved a bit on Sunday but were downright horrible Saturday.
Many thanks to not only the NE0QP ops for sticking it out, but big kudos to Bob
W0BH (and his XYL driver!) for all the contacts on Sunday!
W4ANT   Out of State HP   8652017-04-28 07:10:53
Sunday only. Score includes 2 contacts with NE0QP. Had a fun time following W0BH
around on Sunday.
WØBH   Mobile/Portable LP   62,7382017-05-18 17:12:09
Score includes 650 county bonus points and 2x power multiplier.

This was a very very last minute Sunday run after most of the NEQP was over. It
was a really nice, cool, sunny day and oouldn't resist! Once Lorna/k0why said
she would drive, off we went. She really enjoyed the drive, and even got a bit
of birding in as a couple of stops.

I had 14 counties sketched out and we made it to 13 of them. I ran the missing
county afterwards for the county hunters. The small, rare counties in southern
Nebraska kept everyone interested, and I ran a 100 Q/hr rate for my 5.4 hours of
operation. I won't do my usual write-up this time, but did want to congratulate
my top chasers. Thanks to all who put me in their logs!

W0BH Award Winners
----------------- First Place - Very Honorable Mention ------------
Most overall Qs - W2RR/26 ------------ N6MU/25 -- W4ANT/24
Most CW Qs ------ W2RR/14 ------------ N6MU/13 -- W4ANT/11
Most PH Qs ------ W2RR/N6MU/W4ANT/12 - NU1O/11 -- N3RJ/N2CQ/10
Most counties --- N6MU/13 - W2RR/WI6Q/W4ANT/12 -- NU10/N3RJ/N2CQ/11

Special thanks to Fred/KB0LF for taking charge of this QSO Party and thanks to
the Nebraska QSO Party Contest Committee and QCWA Nebraska for sponsoring the
event. It's been a number of years since I've run Nebraska, and as I
remembered, it's a great state to mobile. Hope to be back next year!

73, Bob, w0bh
NEØQP(KBØLF)   Mobile/Portable LP   29,1502017-05-19 12:47:40
Thanks everyone for participating in the 2017 NE QSO Party.

I operated as a rover, NE0QP, CW only, Low Power, and I made it to 14 counties
on Sat and 9 on Sun. Little activity about dinner time on Sat from Boone and
Platte counties. And had QSOs with 33 states and 2 NE counties. 40m was the
best band this year for me.

A special thanks to Bob, W0BH, and his wife Lorna, who came up from Kansas and
had a tremendous effort Sun. Bob and Lorna, working at a 100+ Q/hr rate, ran
the counties in Central and SW NE along the KS/NE border! Thanks folks, you
were the highlight of the QP! I will return the favor in August for the KSQP,
but won't be able to do a 100 Q/hr!!

Best wishes to all, Fred, KB0LF (op for NE0QP rover)