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144 MHz Spring Sprint   2017   Apr 17   Comment Summary

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KG9Z   Single Op LP   242017-04-17 18:37:06
Low activity. Tried to make some noise. Did hear W9HIZ several times on CW but
I was SSB only. FT-857D. 10 ele beam beam at 25 ft.
K3MD   Single Op HP   5922017-04-17 18:39:51
Good tropo.
Nothing blew up.
KF2MR   Single Op LP   2602017-04-17 19:01:42
Happy with the grid count. Using 50W into a 4-element yagi on a temporary mast
tied to the fence.
N3XF   Single Op LP   3122017-04-17 19:16:36
Always hard to get people to point antennas to FN00!!!
K3TUF   Single Op HP   1,7422017-04-17 19:57:21
Great to get back on and hear everyone. I was going great guns working stations
left and right and just like that; after about 40 minutes, there no longer any
So had to put the diagnostic hat on. Brought the Maestro out to the shed under
the tower and when I transmit I see smoke shooting out of the T/R connector.
Fried the cable going to the antenna.
Make up another cable, and back on the air. But the momentum was lost.
Ended up with 67 Contacts in 26 grids.
So nice to get on and work everyone once again. Thanks to the sponsors.
73, Phil K3TUF
VE3DS   Single Op LP   8192017-04-17 20:11:07
Propagation was not bad, with the warm weather here in the east. Nice to work
W1GHZ in FN34 and N1JEZ in FN44 tonight. K8TQK was booming from EM89 as well
tonight. Didn't hear any of the Chicago area stations tonight. Lots of VE
activity which was a plus! VE3OIL/R and VA3ELE/R and VE3CRU hill topping
tonight were great to hear too. 73 de Dana VE3DS
W3IP   Single Op HP   2,3562017-04-17 20:17:03
Conditions seemed down to the northeast. Happy to see the rovers out for the
evening. Hope to be on next week on 222.
K1RZ   Single Op HP   4,6802017-04-17 20:35:50
The band was noisy and activity was good. Thanks especially to the Rovers who
were out including VE3OIL/R, K0BAK/R, VA3ELE/R,and WB2SIH/R - you guys make it
special for the rest of us. Worked W8BYA EN70 to the west, NG4C FM16 and K4LY
EM85 to the South. Also worked VE3KKL FN25, W1GHZ FN34, N1JEZ FN44 and K1HC/1
FN53 to the North. Thanks all for getting on. 73, Dave K1RZ FM19jh
See you on 222 MHz next Tuesday.
WA2VNV   Single Op LP   502017-04-17 20:52:39
Activity was very low in Florida. Conditions were flat. Only 10 Q's in 5 grids.
I used ON4KST chat to promote some contacts, maybe helped to add 2 Q'S. I quit
at 10 PM. Best distance was N4TWX in EL98tw 442 km/275 miles. Thanks to the
sponsors. CU next week on 222 Sprint.
73's George WA2VNV
AEØEE   Single Op LP   302017-04-17 20:54:20
50 W, 3-element beam at 12' (well below roof level in the urban canyons).

I'm pretty sure this is the most grids I've worked from here during a sprint,
and it was great to get EN24 and EN13 out to my west. Surprisingly, my own
grid (EN34) was the last one into the log!
KO9A   Single Op LP   4442017-04-17 21:03:16
Pretty sure this was a personal best for me in a 2m Spring Sprint. Excellent
local activity with 4 different rovers at close range. Added a handful of
multipliers via MSK144, but all of which were distant tropo, no meteor scatter

Looking forward to the sprint next week!


Jim KO9A
WBØNRV   Single Op LP   1802017-04-17 21:36:02
Late start, but had fun. Mostly KS and OK, caught EM48 (MO) then later Nebraska
and South Dakota signals came up. 73's
K7ULS   Single Op LP   82017-04-17 21:42:53
M2-2M7 8000' Powder Mtn.
VA3ELE/R   Rover HP   5,2472017-04-17 22:33:06
Wow what a night. Activity from FN03 was pretty awesome, really great to have
the locsl support. There were quite a few ststions that I missed on CW and not
being able to decode to my best ability. The QSB peaks were'nt long lasting but
very strong. Down to business, i set a goal to break 100QSO... oh sooo close, 99
will have to do. In the bright side, i made 53 mults eith a set goal of 50, that
makes up for that one less QSO hi. Besides taking a bit too long to set
up,things seemed to ge pretty good for a first time roving with the new

Setup was:
Yaesu FT857d
Yaesu G1000dxa rotor
Homebrewed 6el yagi
TE Systems 1452g running at 300watts

Grids totals:
FN03: 21 q's x 11 grids
FN02: 28 q's x 16 grids
EN93: 25 q's x 11 grids
EN92: 25 q's x 15 grids

Thanks everyone for getting on and making this another really fun contest. Of
course big THANK YOU goes out to the organizers for putting this on.

73 de Peter
VA3ELE/r 😀

See you next week from EN93/94 for the 222 Sprint.
N6ZE/ROVER   Rover LP   1802017-04-17 22:43:36
We operated from 2 miles North of LAX airport DM03xs and at the 2300 ft level in
the Santa Monica Mts DM04qb).

This was an unusual SPRINT in that 2/3 of the QSOs made were on FM! This
probably was due to the fact I'd posted our Rover plans on several local club
chat rooms & VHF group sites. Many newer hams participated and this was
probably the first 'contesting' event that they had ever tried. Hopefully some
will return for other VHF events.

QSOs = 30
Grids Worked = 4
Grids Activated = 2
Best DX = 268 km/166.6mi (W6WE CM95ra from DM03xs)
WA6OSX   Single Op LP   802017-04-17 23:06:30
Good turnout. especially enjoyed msk144 qso with mark ve7afz cn89. Thanks all at also 73
NT9E   Single Op LP   542017-04-17 23:15:49
Got a late start. Did not hear many stations. Only heard stations from WI and
WZ1V   Single Op HP   1,7682017-04-18 03:56:41
Activity was good until 9 pm or so, then
dropped off. The chat page wasn't much help,
lots of requests for skeds went unanswered.
Thanks to all who made it in my log.
-73 Ron WZ1V
VE2HAY   Single Op LP   212017-04-18 04:29:00
Up to s4 noise w/o preamp in some directions!...
K1TEO   Single Op HP   3,9902017-04-18 04:59:40
Walked in the shack 15 minutes before the start and was pleasantly surprised
that the noise level on 2M was fine except for the 45 degrees of the compass
centered on WNW. Came back just as things started and the noise had jumped to
s7- s9 in all directions....sigh. Made for a very tough go. At least so far my
ongoing noise issues are limited to 2M so hopefully the 222 and 432 sprints
will be more enjoyable. Tnx for the Q's and sorry to those who called that I
just couldn't copy through the noise.

Tnx to the sponsors!

Jeff K1TEO
VE3SMA   Single Op LP   682017-04-18 05:01:45
I worked just about what might be expected with 70 watts through 50 ft of RG8X
to a PAR Omni at 20-ish feet in a low-lying urban area (up to a bit over 100 km
away). But then the last QSO was an easy one with K1RZ at 494 km! Hopefully
I'll figure out a beam for the new home QTH soon.

Steve VE3SMA
W4SHG   Single Op HP   4862017-04-18 05:18:25
Back on the air form the FM18HK Abyss clearly the trees and antenna system need
some work. Lots of VE's on but could not get lined up any from here. Caused the
NE contesters to stay looking North. Conditions from here moderately flat. Nice
to work K4LY in EM85. Always fun sometimes frustrating from the FM18HK Abyss.
KØBAK/R   Rover LP   2,1172017-04-18 05:32:02
Operated in 4 grids in Reading and Gap Pennsylvania: FN20, FN10, FM19, FM29. As
usual, activity rapidly dropped off after the first hour or so.
"Someday" I'll learn CW and digital modes, really hurts getting more
distant grids. 13 unique grids contacted, farthest FM07: KJ4ZYB. Thanks to
everyone who participated, especially those who hung in till the end. Thanks to
clean sweepers (got me in all my grids): K1RZ, K3TUF, N3NGE; and all-but-one:
K4LY   Single Op HP   8502017-04-18 05:36:00
Thunderstorm here at beginning so just got on for 2 hours from 7:30 to about
9:30 local. Operated CW and SSB. Conditions were good north/south with three ~
550 mile contacts into FN20.
Tnks for the Qs and see you in other sprints.
KA2LIM   Single Op LP   5552017-04-18 05:41:37
Maiden voyage with my 10 band rover. 150W with a 7 element antenna (home brew).
Went to a spot 1 mile from home, on the edge of a plowed field. Everything
worked except the rotor, worked at home-didn't work at the field so had to
loosen the clamp and turn by hand occasionally. Missed a bunch to the NW and
NE. Was pleasantly surprised to to hear stations really spread out (.150 to
.265), instead of all qrming 200. Noise level suddenly went to S8-S9 at 10:30
right after working NG4C in FM16, so I shut down, packed up and came home. We
need to do sprints more often like we did 40 years ago.
KK4MA   Single Op HP   202017-04-18 05:52:58
Worked K2EZ/Rover in 4 grids!
WA1EAZ   Single Op HP   3302017-04-18 06:19:52
Callsign: WB2SIH/R Date: 20170418 Time: 024559 Frequency: 144.25999 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN32 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: William Fisher Address: 11
Glendale Ave City: Armonk State: NY Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: W1GHZ Date: 20170418 Time: 024114 Frequency: 144.25999 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN34 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Paul Wade Address: 582 Dubray
Road City: Cabot State: VT Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: W1VD Date: 20170418 Time: 023953 Frequency: 144.25999 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN31 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Jay Rusgrove Address: 15
Polly Dan Rd City: Burlington State: CT Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: N1JEZ Date: 20170418 Time: 023914 Frequency: 144.19000 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN44 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Michael Seguin Address: 70
Dodds Ct City: Burlington State: VT Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: KA1ZE/3 Date: 20170418 Time: 022713 Frequency: 144.19000 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN01 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Stanley Hilinski Address: 17
Pilgrim Dr City: Tolland State: CT Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: N2SLN Date: 20170418 Time: 022128 Frequency: 144.25000 Mode:CW
Received Exchange: FN22 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Luther Schaefer Address: 145
One Eye Street City: South Plymouth State: NY Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: N1BUG Date: 20170418 Time: 020500 Frequency: 144.18500 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN55 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Paul Kelley Address: 293 Elm
St City: Milo State: ME Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: N2NT Date: 20170418 Time: 015148 Frequency: 144.18500 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN20 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Andrew Blank Address: Po Box:
25 City: Dayton State: NJ Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: N3NGE Date: 20170418 Time: 014847 Frequency: 144.18500 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN20 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Leonard Martin Address: 313 N
Red School Rd City: Morgantown State: PA Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: WZ1V Date: 20170418 Time: 014431 Frequency: 144.23000 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN31 Sent Exchange: FB42 Name: Ronald Klimas Address: 52
Jefferson Cir City: Clinton State: CT Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: K1HC/1 Date: 20170418 Time: 014230 Frequency: 144.23000 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN53 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Richard Bean Address: 422
Everett St City: Westwood State: MA Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: N3RG Date: 20170418 Time: 013248 Frequency: 144.22701 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FM29 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Raymond Golley Address: 552
Newport Road City: Millville State: NJ Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: WC2K Date: 20170418 Time: 013206 Frequency: 144.22701 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN29 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Richard Connor Address: 412
Carranza Rd City: Tabernacle State: NJ Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: WA2FGK Date: 20170418 Time: 012136 Frequency: 144.22501 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN21 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Andrew Furlong Address: 311
Meadow Run Rd City: Wilkes Barre State: PA Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: W9KXI Date: 20170418 Time: 011600 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN12 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Allen Oldfield Address: 142
Daffodil Drive City: Horseheads State: NY Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: K1RZ Date: 20170418 Time: 011139 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN19 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: David Petke Address: 27020
Ridge Rd City: Damascus State: MD Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: KA1R Date: 20170418 Time: 010647 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN42 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Matthew Power Address: 145
Grove St City: Norwell State: MA Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: W1DYJ Date: 20170418 Time: 010617 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN42 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Lawrence Banks Address: 33
Blueberry Hill Rd City: Woburn State: MA Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: N1JHJ Date: 20170418 Time: 010545 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN43 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Steven Jones Address: Po Box:
1581 City: Concord State: NH Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: K1TEO Date: 20170418 Time: 010448 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN31 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Jeffrey Klein Address: 11
Farmview Cir City: Trumbull State: CT Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: K1OR Date: 20170418 Time: 010111 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN42 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: John Swiniarski Address: 3
Wheaton Dr City: Pelham State: NH Country: USA DXCC: 291
Callsign: AF1T Date: 20170418 Time: 005759 Frequency: 144.20399 Mode:SSB
Received Exchange: FN43 Sent Exchange: FN42 Name: Dale Clement Address: 49
Corbin Rd City: Henniker State: NH Country: USA DXCC: 291
K3ZO   Single Op HP   8802017-04-18 06:48:15
Rig: FT-726R + 2 x 4CX250B = 600 watts out
Antenna: 15-el Cue Dee Yagi @ 115 feet
VE7AFZ   Single Op HP   1362017-04-18 06:50:12
Used the home station rather than rove this time and most contacts were on
144.200 SSB. Made one contact on FM using 146.52. Nice to work two stations
in my own grid (VE7HR and VE7GL.) There were several mini band openings when
signals picked up significantly on 144.200 and meteor scatter using MSK144 was
fun as well even though conditions were not the best. A fun contest and made
contacts almost until the end. Thanks to all who participated.
W9SZ   Single Op QRP   92017-04-18 07:08:37
Operated portable for last 1.5 hours of contest from a hill in EN50ue. Used new
FT817 barefoot as rig. Heard quite a few more stations than I was able to work
but they probably had their beams pointed elsewhere and were running a lot more
power than me. Best DX was to EN54. Heard South Dakota but was unable to work.

Police came up there to see what I was doing. I've been doing portable VHF
operations from that hill for 10 years or more and never had that happen
before. No problem with them but I was surprised someone reported me. It's a
pretty desolate site on a dead-end road.
W9RM   Single Op HP   642017-04-18 07:30:55
Probably a record score from DM58 - (really :) )
K1TR   Single Op HP   8402017-04-18 07:37:06
Didn't observe enhanced conditions but it was great to hear a decent amount of
activity and somewhat rare grids on the air (N1BUG, KT1R and K1HC/1 in FN55,
FN54 and FN53!). Tnx guys!
W1VD   Single Op HP   2,4602017-04-18 07:38:42
Average condx ... chat page bedlam greater than on air! Thanks to all for the
KD7TS   Single Op LP   2002017-04-18 07:41:04
Cool ! Had fun .. nice to see a contest where the first assumption is everyone
is honest.
W9KXI   Single Op HP   9432017-04-18 08:27:30
Reasonable activity at this location but I was hampered by high noise levels to
the West and the Northwest. Best DX was K1HC in FN53. Thanks everyone for
getting on. I will be looking to better this score on the 222 sprint next week
W3HMS   Single Op HP   302017-04-18 08:50:21
Club is Mt Airy VHF Club
WA7ZWG   Single Op LP   1262017-04-18 09:25:58
Always fun thanks to everyone for putting the time and effort
KAØRYT   Single Op HP   6662017-04-18 10:15:28
The 2 m Sprint was a lot of fun with local participation up from previous years
!! All QSOs were tropo with one exception of DM58 via MSK144 . Many thanks to
all who got active AND to the sponsors at CSVHF !!
Ron KA0RYT EN35ct Minnesota
K1HC/1   Single Op HP   9692017-04-18 10:21:20
FN42 and FN20 tied for most contacts at 9 each. Managed to snag FN25 on CW
thanks to VE2XX being active.
W1DYJ   Single Op LP   1682017-04-18 10:24:54
I haven't done a 2M Sprint is a bit -- thanks to K1HC for
reminding me. This is a good time to see if my 2M stuff is
still operating after the winter. Did OK, 2M was not very
active. I gave up around 10PM when I heard no one but
the "big" stations calling CQ.

Rig: TS2000
Antenna: 2M -- 12el K1FO at 12M (K1WHS kit)
Log: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log Ver. 5.2

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
K1MAP   Single Op LP   2072017-04-18 10:35:26
Quite a few stations on the air. The ON4KST chat really helped accomplish long
distance QSO's
NQ7R   Single Op LP   42017-04-18 10:51:39
Pretty slim pickings out here in AZ
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   8402017-04-18 11:53:32
Missed a few close grids like FN35/36, but overall it was fun.
N4OGW   Single Op LP   122017-04-18 12:04:43
Not much activity around here and no tropo enhancement. Best DX was K5SW in
EM25. There were a couple more stations I heard but missed.

Running 100 W and 9 element yagi up 105 ft.

WØAAT   Single Op HP   6402017-04-18 14:27:55
Rough score form my paper scratch sheet, grids are correct, I may have missed
writing down a couple calls.
N2NT(N2NC)   Single Op HP   3,6302017-04-18 16:50:13
Activity level very good. Thanks to all that got on. Best DX was K4LY (550
miles). Very good activity from Canada. 4 FN25 QSOs!

- John N2NC
AJ3DI   Single Op LP   162017-04-18 17:44:39
[log removed from comments]
KJ4ZYB   Single Op LP   3522017-04-18 18:29:28
I Set up a Mountain Top Portable station this year in Fm07jt. Running a stack
pair of 10s and 100 watts. Best Contacts was K1teo 400 miles, W2kv 298 miles,
Ka1ze 283 miles, and k3tlp 269 miles.
WB9TFH   Single Op LP   3122017-04-18 19:00:47
Good time, copied W9FZ/R and KA9VVQ/R in 4 grid squares plus some other rovers.
Could have been more op's on. Anyway had a good time, will be on 432 and 6M.
Thanks all.
73, Gil
KM4KMU   Single Op LP   22017-04-18 19:08:25
Jumped on around 9pm to give out some Q's after working a couple of FM repeater
nets. My location was incredibly noisy and is a bit of an RF hole, not like
working FM contests out of the National Radio Quiet Zone at 4,500 feet. First
Q was with K1RZ followed a few minutes later by W3IP. Other than that it was
silent except for the overwhelming noise on the band scope. Cruised around the
FM band but simplex was dead. I will change locations and be a lot higher (still
in the city, Tysons Corner) for the 220 sprint (FM only) but will work both SSB
and FM for the 70cm event. I did get to copy some CW (K1RZ) which was a thrill
since all I have done so far is WA1W slow code and he was a lot faster but very

A fun evening. Thank you Dave & Micheal for my first SSB contest contacts
outside of working W4IY.

John Young
VE7HR   Single Op LP   92017-04-18 19:48:20
More fun than a barrel of monkeys
AF1T   Single Op HP   8362017-04-18 21:05:48
I was glad to get on for a short time.
K7JSG   Single Op LP   102017-04-18 22:00:20
First time doing this contest and trying a new antenna. It was a lot of fun.
WBØHHM   Single Op LP   1922017-04-19 05:21:35
Good turn out , enjoyed the contest . Had Fun with Arliss W7XU close by with
big gun stations
K1KA   Single Op HP   3452017-04-19 05:57:19
Happy to work Paul, N1BUG after many years. Good activity.
W7XU   Single Op HP   4862017-04-19 07:07:10
It was nice to see a fair bit of activity on the band.
W9JN   Single Op HP   6302017-04-19 08:14:25
HI all Please include BADGER CONTESTERS in the clubs for North America. I had
a new GS35 amp on line. It is the Discovery 2 from DX Shops in GB. It purred
easily at 1Kw. Antenna was a M2 18xxx at 60 feet. SSB = 21, CW = 9 and MSK144 =
5. Best distance was W9RM in DM58 on MSK144 MS. Worked W9FZ/KA9VVQ/R in all 4
grids. Tropo was marginal. 73, John W9JN EN54dn
KT1R   Single Op LP   2642017-04-19 08:47:59
Line noise high, conditions mostly average, with a few QSB peaks available for
the patient operators. Best DX FN20 and FN21 from my QTH near Bangor Maine.
Activity was high despite average conditions. Great sprint!
W9FZ/R   Rover LP   2,4192017-04-19 11:52:27
With Janice, KA9VVQ we both roved four grids SE of Rochester, MN.
EN34/EN44/EN33/EN43 . Highlights were working K9PW/R in EN62--that was quite a
haul. More highlights were K0CQ in EN32 and KG0SJ in EN22. Mary W0AAT from
EN24 found us in all four grids as did some ops in EN34, EN35, EN44, EN43,
EN54, and EN53. It was a beautiful and unusually warm spring evening. No bugs
and a nice sunset.
VE3CRU   Single Op LP   1362017-04-19 12:08:55
Great Sprint overall. Deep qsb in first 15 minutes, missed a few dx qso's.
Best odx worked was N2NT at 551 km, best dx heard was EM39, EM39 no call and
gone at 1278 km. Worked FN02/03/04/20/21 and EN82/92/93. Heard FM19, FM29 and
Happy to get WA2FGK in FN21 at 0000z then powered down and packed up from my
hilltop at FN04na.

Equipment- 910H with no preamp or amp, 4 elmt beam up 5 feet above Rovermobile
Many thanks to the sponsors and to all that participated.


K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   7682017-04-19 14:14:52
Nice weather conditions and decent activity in the northwest suburban
area of Chicago-land, helped by three other local Rovers out and about,
but, as usually happens, it had definitely quieted down by the end of
the second hour so I wrapped it up.

And it probably didn't help that I was using JUST a mag mount vertical
instead of a horizontally polarized antenna.

Mults total is based on 'classic' Rover scoring; count mults separately
from each Grid-4 visited and add them up. I did not manage to work any
grid locators outside of the four I visited.

Breakdown by Grid-4s I visited:

Grid Qs Ms
EN51 12 4
EN52 12 4
EN61 12 4
EN62 12 4
Tot. 48 16 = 768

Total DX - 931 km

Close to 2016's Spring QSO and Mult. counts, but MUCH less distance.

Best DX were my QSOs from EN61ax and EN62aa to W9ZIH in EN51nv at 77 km.

Only 7 different calls worked, but worked ALL of them from all four of
the Grid-4s I visited (including a 'full' dance with one other rover and
'half' dances with two more rovers).

Thanks to Kent, KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their continued work as the
Spring Sprint hosting team and to Central States for their sponsorship.

Thanks also to ALL who were on and participated in the 2017 144 MHz Spring

73, JK
WV9E   Single Op LP   282017-04-19 18:49:53
portable w/ hb loop by fish.
WDØBQM   Single Op HP   562017-04-19 20:06:01
Didn't even work my own Grid.
No stations worked in the Denver area. Where was everyone?
N2SLN   Single Op LP   1,3002017-04-19 22:24:59
K2EZ/R   Rover LP   992017-04-20 09:23:11
Was down in South Carolina. Ended up side tracked onto social events, got a
very late start and with opportunity to make it across the grid missed, didn't
operate too late and instead had an extended eyeball QSO. Certainly was more
potential than my score shows.
N7EPD   Single Op LP   2082017-04-23 17:41:05
This was the first real RF test from our new home on 3 acres and I was impressed
with what I heard and worked in 2hr with just an 11el beam up 17ft on a temp
mast. The noise level was much lower than the old city QTH and I could hear
weak stations easily with even the simple antenna. Looking forward to getting
the first tower up with the big antennas again from here!! See you on 222
N3NGE(K3EGE)   Single Op HP   2,8522017-04-23 18:45:29
Activity was very good and band conditions good as well. Thanks to all the
rovers 73, Bill K3EGE at N3NGE
N9LB   Single Op LP   3642017-04-23 20:39:54
Best DX:
K8TQK = 410.0 miles
W0AAT = 323.9 miles
KA0RYT = 289.2 miles
W0VB = 181.0 miles
VE3OIL/R   Rover LP   2992017-04-24 05:48:52
A pleasant, sunny spring evening.
WW7D/R   Rover LP   2,1002017-04-24 09:23:19
There was excellent propagation and good participation in the Pacific Northwest.
I roved the CN87/CN97/CN86/CN96 intersection.

I was running my regular rover with 170w on SSB/CW and 50W on FM. Antennas
were a 4 el "cheap yagi" at about 8' plus a 4 el vertical yagi at 4'
on front of the truck (rotatable in motion) and a 8 el "cheap yagi"
on the rear that could be extended to 25'.

Bad traffic delayed my first stop on a forest service road in CN97, but I
worked a bunch of folks in CN87 en route. Unfortunately, I caught a
low-hanging branch in my rush and snapped the boom for the 8 el yagi. Stuff
happens. I did the entire contest with the front yagi, but the propagation was
so good that I did nearly as well this year as last year.
N1NQD   Single Op LP   1082017-04-24 16:47:18
Running 120 watts or so to a 13B2 Cushcraft antenna at 22 feet off the ground!
Sounds like I was the only person in FN13. I could hear more than heard me,
should be better setup next time around.
VE3ZV   Single Op HP   4202017-04-24 19:36:57
Used a M2 loop at 65ft and 250w
AC7MD   Single Op LP   1142017-04-25 17:04:03
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CREATED-BY: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log 5.0
CLUB: Pacific Northwest VHF Society
NAME: Barry Williams
ADDRESS: 1335 Timber Trail Rd E
ADDRESS-CITY: Port Orchard
N5BF   Single Op LP   12017-04-25 20:51:12
2017 April 18 0334 worked N6ZE / rover 144.200 USB 50 W. Pete His report: