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Oklahoma QSO Party   2018   Mar 10   Comment Summary

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W6GMT   SOABMixed LP   6582018-03-11 02:03:13
K9GDF   SOABCW LP   5,2022018-03-11 13:29:09
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
VE3RUA   SOABCW LP   2432018-03-11 15:33:47
Just a few minutes taken during the RSGB Commonwealth Contest. Thanks for the
W5M(W5TM)   SOABCW LP   67,6502018-03-11 19:43:19
K3s and dipoles
Where was Indiana???
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SOABMixed HP   7,5662018-03-11 19:59:21
Extremly bad condx ... Before the QP I made some US stations, but all
was very light. No way to Oklahoma this year .. I heard some mobiles
week, but 20m closed at 16Z - absolutly dead band. I missed many many
counties during this part of the QP, because 40m opened only at
21:42Z. at 20Z short 15min opening again on 20m : 4 QSO.

With Bob W0BH I made only 2 QSO - only 1 county from his 19 - in last 30 minutes
of the QP on 40m, no any QSO on 20m.

I was QRV only on Saturday.

Most QSOs with: K5CM 18/9, W5CT 16/13, AF5Q 8/8, KK6MC 6/6, W3DYA 4/4, KE5XX

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Laci OM2VL
WIØWA(@NØAC)   SOABCW LP   4,1402018-03-11 21:02:01
I didn't hear any Ok stations until Sat afternoon.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill
N5PHT   SOABCW LP   36,7202018-03-11 21:03:43
Decided last minute to RV up to OK from N. Texas so got started several hours
late but still had fun. Thanks.
K5ZZR   SOABSSB HP   26,5922018-03-11 21:06:06
My SSB mobile plans hit a snag thanks to an antenna problem which I discovered
after driving 2 1/2 hours the night before the contest. I had made the trip the
week before and I had contacted Columbia and Brazil but that was last week. Hi
Not to be discouraged I drove home late that night and operated the home QTH
station mostly on 40 Meters. My vertical delta loop received great reports so
all was not lost. Contacted Laci OM2VL in the Slovak Republic on 40 Meters SSB
during the contest who has an outstanding station there. John N6MU was
unavailable for this QP and was missed by all. Although heavy rains were
forecast there was no sign of it here. QRN was fierce and QSB a big problem on
Saturday. Looking forward to next year. Russ K5ZZR
K1RO   SOABMixed LP   11,8442018-03-11 21:26:00
A few contacts here and there throughout the weekend.
K5KJ   SOABCW LP   2792018-03-11 21:31:24
Only band that was solidly open was 80m, but very very little activity.
K5IX   SOABCW LP   1,0262018-03-11 21:48:56
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's OKQP Contest Log (Out of State) 3.8
NAME: David M. Loftus
ADDRESS: PO Box 1385
ADDRESS-CITY: Brackettville
KØPV   SOABCW LP   21,1682018-03-11 22:05:55
Many thanks to the mobiles for many new OK Counties! I was in & out all
weekend. Loads of fun running 75watts to a wire. Was on 40 cw ONLY! Mobile
participation was outstanding. Special thanks to: W5CT/M (22) W0BH/M (19)
K5CM (16)
KE5XX/M (13) AF5Q/M (11) KK6MC (11) W3DYA/M (8).....Sure hope you guys use
LOTW! :-)

73, Don K0PV
Aurora, CO
AA5VU   SOABCW LP   3,6272018-03-12 00:47:27
31 QSO's x 3 = 93 QSO points x 39 Mults - 3627
WB2ABD   SOABCW HP   53,7242018-03-12 01:35:43
40m workable all day both days ... thanks to mobiles with the great ears and
great signals. Missed just a couple of counties, darn it. Bit of a challenge
digging thru DX pileups to find OK stations.

K3 KPA500 40m inv vee @ 40ft 80m inv vee @ 60ft 3el Steppir @ 40 ft.
NX6T(WQ6X)   SOABCW HP   3002018-03-12 02:07:09
This was another last minute ad-HOC remote operation from
NX6T in Fallbrook (altho I was @ W7AYT's QTH the SF Bay Area).
In addition to this contest I also participated in the SA-10 Contest,
the Stew Perry 160 contest and the WIQP, also that weekend.
WQ6X ran NX6T's STN-1 (an Elecraft K3) into an ACOM 2000a amplifier
at about 1300 (watts most of the time); altho sometimes I would forget
to enable the amp when calling the station, then reply at 1300 watts - Zowie!
The high band antenna was a 13mh C-31 yagi (tower #1). A 13mh shorty-40
for 40 and sloppy inverted vees for 80/16 all did the job.
Look for an upcoming writeup about this at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
KI4MZC   SOABCW QRP   1,5182018-03-12 02:22:48
Well, I had a good time.
KØAP   SOABCW LP   13,2002018-03-12 03:55:11
Despite the poor band conditions I truly enjoyed this Qso party. Missed few OK
counties that I needed but due to the short skip, working OK from KS on any band
except maybe on 80m, is a challenge. Saturday had better band conditions. Sunday
at the start of the QP I could hardly hear any OK mobile station. While on
Saturday I was able to hear/work W5CT and K5CM without a problem, on Sunday
nada, zilch, zero... until close to the end of the QP. Very, very strange.
Great activity by the mobiles. W5CT, K5CM, AF5Q, KE5XX, W3DYA, W0BH ... as well
as the fixed stations. Many, many new OK counties in the log. Thank you guys!

FT-1000MP, Dipoles, HEX Beam, N1MM+

73 Dragan K0AP
KØOO(@W3RFC)   SOABMixed HP   2502018-03-12 05:26:56


KF6NCX   SOABCW LP   752018-03-12 07:11:27
Operating in the three state qso parties was fun although I was surprised by how
few stations in the three states I heard. I expected much better representation,
especially from Idaho. Twenty was moribund much of the time I operated and 40
only came alive at times. I heard virtually nothing on 15 or 10. And nothing
from the contest on 80. It was gratifying to work some very weak-sounding
stations. Tnx and 73.
AF5Q   Mobile Single OpMixe LP   106,1762018-03-12 13:05:09
Thanks to everyone that worked me. Ran 18 counties from Cimarron to Alfalfa and
then a change in route Sunday took me to SW Oklahoma from Harmon all the way
east to Stephens and Jefferson.

Great propagation on 40m, but 20 was weird. Cya all again next year as we will
definitely do it again. Some worried about my CW, was because I was going down
412 in Beaver county. Hi Hi.
NO5W(@W5GAD)   SOABCW LP   11,6052018-03-12 13:24:26
OK QP has always been one of my favorites beginning with the years when W5ZL-SK
and KU5B and I would drive up from the Austin-Houston area to do a rovering
operation -- even the year we got caught in a blizzard on the first day of
spring was fun. This year W5CT/m carried on that tradition (w/o the blizzard)
and we stayed home in LA having fun tracking the mobiles. Conditions were not
that great and as expected 20m was not productive from New Orleans with only a
few Qs with stations in the northern part of the state. 40m was only so-so on
Saturday afternoon but really came to life Sunday morning -- unfortunately we
had to cut our Sunday operation short due to a severe thunderstorm.

Thanks to the following mobiles for keeping it interesting: K5CM(12), W5CT(11),
KE5XX(11), W3DYA(8), KK6MC(6), W0BH(4).

This coming weekend Dallas-K1DW and I will be making a mobile trip in the LA QSO
Party covering many parishes in SE LA -- details are on the LA QP website. If
you need parishes or are chasing grids look for us this Saturday.

KN4Y   SOABCW LP   17,3162018-03-12 14:22:10
Band condition compared to taking a bath in lukewarm lemonade. Plenty of
non-fixed operations, total ten, was fun and made hot coffee enjoyable. Sunday
afternoon not as advertised.
WN4AFP   SOABCW LP   2,9402018-03-12 18:34:57
Only had little time for this one. My mom had an accident and at hospital all
day Sunday. Enjoyed my time at the party. Thanks Con! 73s Dave WN4AFP
N9NM   SOABCW LP   10,8002018-03-12 21:46:05
I used my K3 at 100w and a dipole up 20 ft. I had a lot of fun doing this
contest. There was plenty of activity from all over OK. I especially want to
thank all those rover stations who drove both days to supply us with so many
different counties. We really appreciate all of your efforts.
W5CW(@K5CM)   SOABMixed HP   324,0002018-03-13 00:03:51
Conditions not good, but fun.
73, Dave
KEØTT   SOABCW QRP   3,2402018-03-13 00:17:52
K3/10 at 5 watts to a 50' dipole up about 45 to 50' fed with ladder line and a
Matchbox tuner. Thanks for the Party! C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt MN
IZ3NVR   SOABCW LP   1982018-03-13 08:27:27
Bad conditions especially on day 2. 20m never openend on Sunday. 40m were noisy.
Heard a fainth signal of W0BH but it faded into the noise in a matter of

Without the cooperation of the sun it's going to be tough to play in QSO Parties
from here.

Thanks for the QSOs, please paper QSLs for the USCA.
KK6MC/COUNTY   Mobile Single OpCW LP   134,2322018-03-13 16:06:01
This is a good contest to work mobile, there is lots of activity and the
counties are small enough that you can get from one county line to another
quickly. I had a good time in my second OKQP. Both bands were good on Saturday,
but 20M pretty much shut down at 0000Z. Forty was open all day, even at noon
QSOes were possible with both coasts. Sunday was a different matter, 20M was
only open weakly at the beginning; partly due to the effects of starting the
contest an hour earlier than the previous day. But even at midday, contacts did
not come as quickly as they did Saturday. DX was minimal, but I did work OM on
both 20M and 40M. I like the mobile bonus points for making 5 QSOs on 40M or 80M
as it sets the strategy - start out at a new county line on 40M. I hit all of my
planned counties but one. I had planned to operate from TEX/CIM near the end of
the contest, but as I hit the Texas/Beaver county line there were only 45
minutes left in the contest, so I just operated from Texas county.

I tried out a new antenna for me. On 40 it was a Hustler resonator on a 7ft
mast, putting the tip of the whip at 12 ft 8 inches. On 20M, the Hustler
resonator was mounted perpendicular to the mast at the 7 ft level. The 40M
bandwidth is narrow enough that it is hard to work SSB, but as I was CW only,
that did not matter. On 20M, the lower part of the SSB band can be worked.

The score is down a bit from last year, but I think that reflects conditions and
everyone’s will be down a bit. There were lots more 40M contacts than 20M
contacts, which reflects conditions, and I hope, my improved 40M antenna.

See you in the NM QSO PARTY April 14.
W6SX   SOABCW HP   6632018-03-14 03:23:32
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
K5CM   Mobile AssistedMixed LP   223,1922018-03-17 01:29:47
Thanks so much for the mobiles, AF5Q, KE5XX, K5CM, K5ZZR, W5CT, W0BH, KK6MC, and
W5DYA. They spent many hundreds of dollars on gas, food and lodging over the fun
filled weekend.
Conditions were as to be expected considering where the sun spot cycle is
currently setting (at zero). It was fun to work OM2VL on 80 meters while the sun
was still up in Oklahoma.
All Q's are important, but here are some of the most worked:
50 W5CW
20 or more W7OM, W5M, K2DSW, K7TM
16 or more K0TI, KN4Y, OM2VL, WB9HFK, K4AMC, K1RO, K0PV
12 or more KM4FO, W6OUL, W0SEB, N4CD, K5WE, NO5W, N6HC, N2IGW, K0AP
10 or more W7GF, N9NM, N5NA, KJ4IWZ, KG4CRJ, KA5VZG, K1IB, W5CT
8 or more W0ZQ, K7ZYV, AA1ON, N5DO, KQ3F, KD8DEU, K9CW, K5OT/2, K0PC

73, Connie/k5cm and Pam/n5kw
ps: score does include 10k bonus
WØBH   Mobile AssistedMixed LP   207,7372018-03-19 18:36:18
Score includes 12500 bonus points.

2018 Oklahoma QSO Party by Bob Harder, W0BH

After my dad (age 93) went SK earlier this year followed by his sister (my aunt
age 95) a week later, Lorna and I really needed some relaxing time away. A
weekend OKQP and bird watching trip sounded just right, so we decided to take it
easy and enjoy Oklahoma. I made up a schedule which included 27 northern
counties and associated birding stops. We decided to run flex time compared to
our usual "keep to the minute" run.

We went down a day early and started out at the Great Salt Plains wildlife
refuge. It was really dry with many marshes completely evaporated. Fire had
burned most of the underbrush surrounding the marshes, but we did see good birds
clustered together in and around the remaining water. Lorna didn't think she'd
see anything new if we went there again to start off the OKQP, so, after an
overnight in Enid where my dad used to live after he moved off the farm, we
headed directly for our first three-county line.

Conditions weren't good at first, but making three contacts each time someone
called kept the rate from getting really depressing. Things picked up a bit as
the day went along, but we certainly missed John/N6MU who alone gave us 76
contacts last year. 20 opened for awhile and 40 was good all day, but I didn't
hear any OK mobiles and only made a few contacts with OK fixed stations, usually
across the state but several times same county. DX was really sparse. I only
worked OM2VL on 40m and was really surprised to see he'd worked everyone but me
on 20, usually a number of times. It could have been my northern route, but I
also wonder if my 20m antenna was working properly. It seemed like I could hear
fine when the band was in and I got good reports at times, but I really wonder.
If anyone remembers anything interesting about my 20m signal strength compared
to other mobiles, let me know. I'll do some checking on this end, too.

The highlight of the trip was Osage County and the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.
Osage county is one of the biggest if not the biggest county in Oklahoma on the
northeastern border with Kansas. We drove many miles up and down on
well-maintained but very dusty gravel roads to get there. We were greeted by a
no fences short and tallgrass prairie with bison (buffalo live in Africa my
biologist XYL tells me) roaming free and crossing the road in front of us. Wow,
absolutely spectacular. Light winds, clear blue sky, the American West as it was
a hundred years ago. Worth the trip right there.

I usually avoid long times in counties because the rates drop off dramatically
after working the "regulars." While Lorna dodged bison heading to the
Visitor's Center, I worked out 20m and 40m CW and 20m SSB. I hadn't had much
luck on 40m SSB earlier, but with plenty of time I gave it a try and hit the
jackpot. Everyone came out of the woodwork for a total of 142 Osage county
contacts as I described what we were driving through! We stopped for a few bison
photos through the window and someone wanted me to post one on my QRZ page so I
will. The Visitor's Center was closed by the time we got there, so Lorna took a
birding trail instead and I had some supper.

After an overnight in Miami in the farthest northeastern county of Ottawa, we
started back and picked up several counties we'd missed the day before.
Conditions were much better on 40m to start. Another birding stop in Bernice
State Park gave us extra time in Delaware County. We threaded our way through
some new counties before reconnecting with I-35 for a fast trip north into a
rather stiff headwind. The time change always throws me off as I forgot to set
the van clock ahead, but I knew we couldn't be an hour ahead of schedule! Our
last stop was a favorite three county line near my dad's farm, where I had over
an hour to rack up some Qs. Didn't happen. Lots of CQs and what seemed like fair
signals, but no real run. I just hung in there in the middle of nowhere until
time ran out. It seems like I'm complaining, but actually the trip really was
relaxing, no equipment or van problems, and great company! Some day the sunspot
cycle will improve.


Operated 15.7 hours, 1257 Qs, 437 unique calls, 35 dupes, 743 OKQP miles.

States not worked : DE HI ND NE NV
Canadian mults worked : AB BC MB ON QC
OK worked : 7 counties : CLE COT CRA OKL OKM ROG TIL
DX worked : 7 countries : HC DL EA F I OH OM

Six-hour W0BH Rates (includes dupes)

Block QSOs/hr -- 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
1550-2000 358 = 86 ---76--79---95---104--51---119--66 (Sat)
2000-0200 429 = 72 ---99--87--108---126--97---104--78 (Sat)
1418-2100 469 = 71 ---91--98---97---101--71----82--79 (Sun)

County Breakdown (in visited order)

01 ALF 58 Alfalfa
02 WOO 25 Woods
03 MAJ 25 Major
04 BLA 62 Blaine
05 DEW 57 Dewey
06 CUS 36 Custer
07 KIN 56 Kingfisher
08 CAN 25 Canadian
09 OKL 39 Oklahoma
10 LOG 64 Logan
11 PAY 43 Payne
12 NOB 61 Noble
13 KAY 78 Kay
14 OSA 142 Osage
15 WAS 18 Washington
16 NOW 41 Nowata
17 CRA 59 Craig
18 OTT 24 Ottawa
19 DEL 41 Delaware
20 MAY 31 Mayes
21 ROG 26 Rogers
22 TUL 26 Tulsa
23 PAW 35 Pawnee
24 CRE 24 Creek
25 LIN 22 Lincoln
26 GAR 52 Garfield
27 GNT 52 Grant

Special thanks to my top scorers:

28: WB2ABD
19: K0PV K1RO
18: NU1O
17: K0TI W7OM
15: K1IB NA2X
12: KK4AND
13: K7TM
12: KK4AND
08: K9CW

OK Mobiles Worked

Bonus Counties
25 counties had 5 QSOs or more on 40/80 meters

W0BH Award Winners
----------------- First Place ----- Very Honorable Mention -------------
Most overall Qs - WB2ABD/28 ------- K2DSW/W6OUL/N6HC/20 --- K0PV/K1RO/19
Most CW Qs ------ WB2ABD/28 ------- K2DSW/20 -------------- K0PV/19
Most PH Qs ------ WZ6ZZ/16 -------- KK4AND/12 ------------- K1RO/12
Most counties --- WB2ABD/K2DSW/20 - K0PV/19 --------------- W6OUL/18


Thanks to Connie/K5CM (and Pam/N5KW) for managing the OKQP and getting us all
organized for another fun run. And thanks to all of you for the contacts!
Oklahoma has its really beautiful parts, and we found some of them again this

The 2018 Tenth Anniversary Kansas QSO Party is scheduled for August 25-26. With
105 counties, we need all the help we can get, so mobiles, head this way!
Everyone else, thanks for the Qs in Oklahoma, and see you down the log in 2018

73, Bob/w0bh and Lorna/k0why
VE3CRU   SOABMixed LP   1,6002018-03-20 23:38:18
Great contest as always. Was unable to run for full contest so missed many
mobile counties. Thanks to all, and especially the mobiles. Looking forward to
next year.

Thanks to the sponsors and to all participants.