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Tennessee QSO Party   2017   Sep 3   Comment Summary

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VE2FK   SO FixedCW HP   6,0042017-09-03 16:33:55
Bravo to mobiles.
K8MR   SO FixedMixed LP   30,2662017-09-03 18:18:22
I thought the contest ended at 0100Z, which was also just about the time some
nearby fireworks were starting. Came back 45 minutes later to see where to send
the logs, and noticed it didn't end until 0300Z! The score went up over 50% with
the extra hour.

Good to get on to pass out some QSOs to friends who have worked me often in
various QSO parties and other contests. Some 20 meter propagation in the first
hour, but nothing after that. 160 was quite open at the end, but no activity.

Some wild pileups on the mobiles!

73 - Jim K8MR
KI4MZC   SO FixedCW QRP   5,3482017-09-03 19:10:02
Sri about the dupe!.. but you probably ignored it. I hope.

I heard nothing from TN on 20 or 15m; 20 seemed very long. I did hear a lot of
north US and west coast US as well as VEs answering TN stations. 40 picked up
early and kept going until nearly the end. 80 picked up in the evening.
Several stations out of state answered my CQ TN and I heard this with other out
of state stations calling CQ TN. No in-state station answered my
cq...interesting. Maybe I have it wrong.

Thank you mobiles and portables, and all of you TN stations who kept trying to
get my 5w signal!!!
K7ULS   SO FixedCW LP   3302017-09-03 19:36:37
40 meters only with the A-frame antenna sigs pretty weak at times with some
pretty good pileups hard to get through just 100w
de K7ULS
K2CYE   SO FixedCW LP   9642017-09-03 19:40:47
Worked K4TCG for 100 additional points.
W5TM   SO FixedCW LP   9,9552017-09-03 19:42:35
Score includes 200 K4TCG points.

W8ASA   SO FixedMixed LP   9,7802017-09-03 20:00:11
Score include 300 bonus points for 3 contacts with TCG.
KB8O   SO FixedCW LP   13,7402017-09-03 20:00:53
In and out of the shack all day. Nice showing from TN stations, specially the
mobiles... + 300 bonus points.

Jay KB8O
WT2P   SO FixedMixed HP   6,3842017-09-03 20:04:47
Dabbled in this one before heading out to a BBQ. Nothing heard on 20, but had a
few on 40 before I had to leave. Got home before contest end and made the bulk
of my contacts then.

K9NW   SO FixedCW LP   7,7902017-09-03 20:09:19
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
WX4G   SO FixedMixed HP   42,5522017-09-03 20:09:21
Great contest..short period and good activity!!
K3IE   SO FixedMixed QRP   108,4042017-09-03 20:19:28
Moment of the contest was UA3AGW calling me on 20 meters at 5:00pm local time. I
could barely copy him - have no idea how he copied me w/ 5 watts. QRP was a lot
of fun on 75 phone - not!

Thanks for the Q's - Hunter K3IE
W4ODB   SO FixedMixed HP   5,0882017-09-03 20:20:27
41 qso on ssb and 1 on digital. bands not so great but had fun as always. Was
good to be back in the contest mode again. If I could hear them, I worked

SOAPBOX: Total contacts with bonus stations K4TCG = 3 X 100 = 300
NAME: David Brown
ADDRESS-CITY: Christiana
WQ6X(@W7AYT)   SO FixedMixed LP   8462017-09-03 20:21:28
This is another portable operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord.

The All Asian Contest was a bust and COQP wasn't much better so I
just assumed I missed the TNQP as well - why I dunno.

It turns out on Sunday @ 11:00 (18:00z) some W4 stations floated thru.
I ran the FT-1000mp with a new external audio filter combination
of the MFJ-752c in the left ear and an Autek QF-1a filter for the right.
Running SO2V, I effectively had DSP in stereo for CW & SSB.

As usual my main beef with TNQP is that ONLY a handful of TN stations are
hearable with my combo CH-250 Vertical and a Horizontal VEE.
I enjoy QSO parties so you can be sure I'll be back next year - especially
if the All Asian contest is a bust like it was here this year.
You can read my write up of this contest in the WQ6X Contest BLOG:

N4BCD   SO FixedSSB HP   230,3122017-09-03 20:22:27
Some great runs. 20m was disappointing, 40m was great, and 80m was merely good
with my antennas (ladderline fed doublet for 80/40 & NE Beverage, and 3el
Yagi for 20m) Seemed to be a lot of both in-state and out of state
participation. Only drawback was being inside on such a perfect weather day.
Happy Labor Day, Mark N4BCD
K4EDI   SO FixedMixed HP   150,1682017-09-03 20:35:14
Always fun! TNX for all the Q's.
W7TR(KH2TJ)   SO FixedMixed LP   5632017-09-03 20:43:20
200 pts for working K4TCG bonus station. Not much time to play in between
work shifts this weekend....Thanks for the contacts. 73, Todd KH2TJ
W4KW   SO FixedSSB LP   185,2202017-09-03 20:45:19
Well, Almost 10" of rain this week, flooded conduits, NO AMP, but 40 Mtrs.
certainly made it all worth it and a LOT of Fun. Even though with low power
hard to hold a frequency on 20 but I was able to hold my own on 40 with a
couple of good runs.
A total of 48 TN contacts, 4 on 80, 40 on 40 and 4 on 20.
Thanks to All for the contacts.
W6SX   SO FixedCW HP   5,6442017-09-03 20:51:26
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
W1WBB   SO FixedCW LP   30,5762017-09-03 21:30:31
It rained here all day so had plenty of time on a Sunday to play in the TnQP.
Lots of competition for the 3 CW mobiles, esp. in the evening. 20m was pretty
good, 40m was excellent, 80m took some work (managed 3 mobile Q's though).

Outstanding effort from W4NZ/m, likely Ted at the controls, putting on a mobile
QP clinic (27 Q's); K4ZGB/m (12 Q's, 3-bands) and W9WI/m (10 Q's - all 40m!).
Great job all! Had 33 unique calls in log, 52 unique counties. Counties
(mults) by band sure keeps the new mults coming! As usual, I missed a few
mults getting beat in pile-ups and mobiles then crossed into a new county. No
Q's on 160m ... need to get aerial back up for Topband. Tnx to the many Tn CW
ops who showed up!!

Icom 706mkIIG into Hexbeam @ 32' on 20m, 88' doublet on 40/80m @ 40+' and low
OCF 135' dipole. N1MM+ Logger/WinKeyer USB CW interface + Vibroplex paddle.
73, 'WBB
K4TCG(@K4RO)   Multi-Op FixedMixed HP   996,9842017-09-03 21:54:11
K4TCG was the bonus station for the TN QSO Party, and this year we operated from
the K4RO QTH. WF7T and K4RO did all of the operating, but we were delighted to
have KN4FAW and N5EEI here observing the operation. We tried to get them to
operate some, but they preferred to just listen. Maybe next time. W6SX was the
only 15 meter QSO, and Hank was loud as usual. Conditions were surprisingly
good, and SSB was almost a bottomless pit. Always great to operate with Brad,
and we hope to see Justin KN4FAW on HF very soon.

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
1.8 CW 14 42 13 3.0
1.8 LSB 2 6 0 3.0
3.5 CW 123 369 43 3.0
3.5 LSB 125 375 20 3.0
7 CW 192 576 51 3.0
7 LSB 452 1353 35 3.0
14 CW 123 369 16 3.0
14 USB 335 993 65 3.0
21 CW 1 3 1 3.0
Total Both 1367 4086 244 3.0
Score: 996,984
1 Mult = 5.6 Q's
N6ZFO   SO FixedCW LP   5,5682017-09-03 22:17:47
Comments: Made only CW Q's. . . Supporting the several participants who are
regulars in the NCCC Sprint. . notably W4NZ, K1GU and N4DW. At first,
surprised not to hear K4RO -- but, as suspected, he was the voice of k4tcg.

Horrible conditions on 20m -- but I did miss the start of the contest. Much
better on 40m and a surprising surge of activity on 80 meters in the last 20
mins; every station heard worked fairly easily with 150w.

Mults by band is an unusual feature for a State QSO party.

73 Bill n6zfo
N6RO   SO FixedCW HP   9142017-09-03 22:37:45
Hrd many Thursday nite sprinters in this one.
K1GQ   SO FixedCW HP   21,0242017-09-04 04:24:31
SkookumLogger K3 2000A 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires

Score excludes bonus points.

32 different counties. 31 different calls. 5 bands: N4ZI.

Did not realize some of those worked were mobiles " they did not sign /m
or /county.
K9GDF   SO FixedCW LP   4,9522017-09-04 04:55:15
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
K4BAI   SO FixedMixed HP   35,0242017-09-04 06:12:19
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp. No signals from TN audible at
the beginning. Skipping over us on 40 and 20. All five QSOs on 20M including
one with W4NZ/M were backscatter with the beam west. Good job by all,
particularly the three mobiles. No activity on 75 phone until the last 90
minutes or so. Thanks for all QSOs. Hope I can get back to TN for /M
operation again in the future. Right now, it comes too soon after CWOpen. 73,
John, K4BAI.
NJ4Q   SO FixedCW LP   1,0182017-09-04 06:19:20
VE3KZ   SO FixedCW HP   36,2682017-09-04 06:32:22
My hat is off to W4NZ, K4ZGB and W9WI for the icing on the cake. I hope that
Harvey is long gone now.
Thanks to the organizers for the publicity to keep up the activity under these
conditions, both atmospheric and solar.

73 Bob VE3KZ
W6UB   SO FixedCW LP   3,1782017-09-04 06:46:27
3178 and multipliers not shown in the total score above:
State 201 omitting TN
Province 15

and K4TCG points = 100

K9BBQ   SO FixedSSB LP   9642017-09-04 07:02:34
Bonus Points : 100
AB3I   SO FixedMixed LP   139,8072017-09-04 07:12:01
Bonus: 100pts K4TCG QSO 40m CW
W4ANT   SO FixedSSB HP   1,0182017-09-04 07:12:28
Includes one QSO w/K4TCG
N4ZI   SO FixedCW LP   266,8722017-09-04 07:53:43
Had a great time, conditions were good. Thanks for the Q's

73 Bill N4ZI
N1SOH   Multi-Op FixedMixed LP   14,5202017-09-04 07:57:02
6x TCG for 600 pt bonus. Great fun. Happy Labor Day Weekend. Tnx es 73.
K8AJS   SO FixedMixed HP   8162017-09-04 08:08:31
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3 & KPA500 500 watts
Antennas: 204-ft G5RV, 3 ele quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6731.0
N3ZZ   SO FixedCW LP   2432017-09-04 08:36:49
Missed the bonus stations this time aaround.
KC4TEO   SO FixedMixed LP   5,9502017-09-04 09:08:17
Great contest, wish I had had more time to play.

Note that the scoring form here on 3830 doesn't account for bonus points. My
score is (50*3*37)+400 = 5950, with bonus points for working K4TCG four times
at 100 bonus points each.
K6DGW   SO FixedCW LP   2082017-09-04 09:46:26
K4TCG Bonus=100
K7AZT   SO FixedCW LP   3162017-09-04 10:06:18
Very high QRN discovered next day to be caused by electric fence arcing to
W4UT   SO FixedCW QRP   42,2192017-09-04 10:56:58
Worked K4TCG 3 times for 300 bonus points
Rig: Elecraft KX3 @ 5 watts
Ant: Dipoles for 80 & 40 meters
N2SO   SO FixedCW LP   2,2162017-09-04 12:06:16
K3/P3 100W to OCF Dipole up 35\'; N1MM to keep score.
W4NZ/M   Multi-Op MobileCW LP   420,0412017-09-04 12:15:47
This run almost didn't happen. Mark K0EJ and daughter Maegan had other
obligations this weekend so I was without a team. But previous mobile QSO
partner, Gary K4VIG was able to free up some time and we enlisted the help of
first-time multi-op mobiler K1GU. Ned had planned a solo set up/operate/tear
down operation across a few nearby counties but opted to join us for a
different type of adventure. So we were set. A route was laid out to cover up
to 26 counties if things fell into place. Our setup this year consisted of an
Icom 756proIII at 100w, laptop, Winkeyer and two hustler antennas mounted on
the roof of my 2016 Dodge Durango. The operating position in the Durango was
comfortably snug but entrance and egress was not quick, especially for us
seasoned ops. This made operator changes a bit slow but the pileups didn't seem
to mind. We did manage to cover 25 counties opting near the end to go to rare
Polk county before Bradley. Time expired on us about 2 miles from the
Polk/Bradley county line. An unforseen traffic jam in Monroe County may have
delayed us just enough to miss Bradley. Next year. This route was a bit over
500 miles which is pretty ambitious for a 9-hour contest.

The pileups - amazing and almost non-stop. Many of our Thursday night NS
Sprinters called in, most notably:
WD0T,K7SS,N6ZFO,W6SX,W7OM,N6RO,W9RE,K4BAI,N8EA,N4DW and K8MR. Many other
friends also followed us such as:

Thanks to everyone for the QSO's and making this so much fun. See you in the
next one.

73, Ted W4NZ for Gary K4VIG and Ned K1GU
WA3EKL   Multi-Op FixedMixed LP   19,8242017-09-04 12:44:00
19224 plus 600 bonus from K4TCG.






NA4K   SO FixedMixed LP   148,2502017-09-04 13:59:48
Limited time to work this one.

Very to work in-state stations.

Thanks for all of the contacts.

Steve NA4K

KF6NCX   SO FixedCW LP   752017-09-04 14:43:33
I worked the very end of the contest. Forty meters was noisy but open and TN
signals were strong. I enjoyed the chance to work TN counties.
K9YC   SO FixedCW HP   14,0252017-09-04 15:13:53
I really enjoy the better state QSO parties, and TNQP has been one of them for
quite a while. A big part of the run is chasing the mobiles from county to
county. This time around there were only two, at least on CW, and after only a
few hours, one of them started skipping 20M for several counties, and then,
long before 20 closed (the other mobile was loud for hours afterwards),
abandoned 20M completely. I made up my mind then not to send in a log.

When there are no mobiles to work, it becomes no fun, and it was several hours
before I could even hear fixed stations on 40M. So I quit for several hours,
returned to work the guys I could hear on 80 and 40, including K4ZGB, the
mobile who didn't abandon 20M. I worked Tom in two counties on 40M and two on
80M. I heard the other team on 40 and 80, but didn't call them.

Thanks to all the guys who did try to work west of the MS river.

73, Jim K9YC
WN4AFP   SO FixedMixed LP   25,0422017-09-04 16:52:06
Score includes 4 Qs with K4TCG. The 2017 TNQP was fun, fast and challenging! It
was fun because TNQP rules allows you to earn multipliers per band. Similar to
NAQP. Propagation dictates this element of the contest. I started on 40m and
didn't hear any TN stations...I went to 20m and didn't hear any TN stations. I
took a break and came back to TN stations on 40m only. This was a 40/80 contest
for me - with one 160m contact. The fast part of the contest was chasing the
mobile stations - W4NZ, K4ZGB and W9WI. These mobile ops did a great job! The
mobile pile-ups were HUGE. The challenging aspect was all of the above. Ted,
W4NZ and the TCG did a great job with this QP! See y'all next year! 73s Dave
KN4Y   SO FixedCW LP   9,3502017-09-04 17:09:47
This is a 40 meter CW QSO party with a few 80 meter QSO's for good luck. Rode
with the three mobiles with good signals. Wife had a problem and I missed the
last two hours. It was fun on a hot day in the panhandle.
KG4IGC   SO FixedMixed LP   8,8402017-09-05 01:02:58
Had a some computer problems at the start of the contest so I got a late start.
40 meters seemed to be the place to be for good propagation to TN. This was a
very fast paced contest and the band was very active through the entire QSO
party. Tried to listen out on 15, 20 and 80 but didn't hear enough TN stations
to warrant a band change. Many thanks goes out to the mobile stations W4NZ,
K4ZGB,& N4VV who did a fantastic job. Worked K4TCG on both CW & LSB but
never heard the W1AW/4 station. I heard fellow Swamp Fox Dave WN4AFP several
times throughout the day in the massive mobile pileups. I have to say that
despite only getting to work stations on 40 and none of the other bands, really
good time in the TNQP and look forward to next year.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
PWR: 100
ANT: 272' horizontal loop
VA3RKM   SO FixedMixed LP   7,4602017-09-05 08:59:03
K3, 75w. Worked N4VV on 4 bands. Had a fun time, as usual.
VE3NNT   SO FixedCW LP   2,6002017-09-05 10:14:14
A real challenge working Tennessee off the side of a beam sitting on the roof.
N8BJQ   SO FixedMixed HP   11,0162017-09-05 18:18:29
W4NZ had some wicked pileups!
KI5SC   SO FixedSSB LP   1,6492017-09-06 22:40:06
200 Bonus Points included for working K4TCG two times (once each on 20 and 40
W4VG   SO FixedCW QRP   4622017-09-13 07:04:06
think I may have worked bonus station as well
KEØTT   SO FixedCW QRP   9,8002017-09-22 14:04:48
K3/10 at 5 watts to a pair of selectable dipoles at right angles, up about 45 to
50', fed with ladder lines and tuners.