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NCCC Sprint   2017   Dec 8   Comment Summary

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NØAC   Single Op LP   2722017-12-08 03:00:06
Thanks for your QSO

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
VE3YT   Single Op LP   8842017-12-08 03:01:58
Thanks all, that was fun. 73 Vic
K7SV   Single Op LP   1,4852017-12-08 03:02:44
The winter time 2017 band reality!
ABØS   Single Op LP   1,0732017-12-08 03:04:16
Apologies to the weak ones I can't pull out of the mud. Severe power line
noise, again.

thanks for the Qs

Tim, AB0S
W8WTS   Single Op LP   1,0262017-12-08 03:04:18
Late start due to station fouling, and never found the groove. Good conditions
on 80 m and 160 m.
W1UJ   Single Op LP   1,4962017-12-08 03:05:05
Jeeze that is fun. Good to work you guys-


-NCCC Sprint Calc 1.24-


Band Qso's Mults Time
15M 0 0 0
20M 5 4 4
40M 15 12 9
80M 16 13 10
160M 8 5 5
--- --- ---
TOTAL = 44Q * 34M 28 Min

SCORE = 44Q * 34S = 1496 points

Segment #:Qsos:rate/hr:band-changes
<7:84:2> <9:108:1> <7:84:4> <7:84:3>
<7:84:4> <7:84:4>

Raw Rates = -7-9-7-7-7-7-

Total band changes = 18
K1SX   Single Op QRP   2082017-12-08 03:05:26
A bit slow and didn't have the 160 ant. set up; then 80 went dry at end. N6ZFO
heard on 80. AB0S sorry we couldn't connect at :59. Tnx all, 73, Dave
Genesis G11, 135' sagging doublet@ 40-50'.
W4OC   Single Op LP   1,4192017-12-08 03:05:28
Condx good - op not good....

15 band changes

5 min rates 6/6/10/5/9/7
K8MR   Single Op LP   4412017-12-08 03:05:45
I got involved with preparing for a future club presentation and woke up at 9:35
to realize I was missing something.

After a modest effort in the 160 test last weekend, tonightI set up the loading
coil for 160 and managed my first 3 NS QSOs on that band. As in the 160 test, I
heard a lot more guys there than I worked.

At least I optimized my QSO/MULT ratio!

Hope to have some propagation to work you all in the 10 meter test this

73 -- Jim K8MR
NA8V   Single Op LP   1,3262017-12-08 03:06:16
Condx decent on the bands that were open. Actually had a rare decent start, but
swooned a bit in the middle and never got the usual burst at the end. N8EA and
I finally made it on 4 bands, 40 let us down.

K4OAQ   Single Op LP   6162017-12-08 03:06:21
Yaesu FTDX1200, G5RV inv V up 70 ft
Tks for the Qs
73, Fritz K4OAQ
Operating from my son's house in Chapel Hill, NC
W1FJ   Single Op LP   1,0362017-12-08 03:06:24
Nice to be back after couple weeks off
K7SS   Single Op LP   2082017-12-08 03:08:13
40 and 80 mostly unusable from local QRN...power line ?

15 and 20 and 160 nice and quiet :-)
already looking fwd to next week.

danWA K7SS
W9RE   Single Op LP   1,7502017-12-08 03:08:22
Still trying to get use to the latch feature of my SO2R box. I know I responded
on the wrong radio a couple of times and missed others calling. Think I will go
back to split audio and save the latch feature for 2nd day of a dx contest.

Missing some regulars tonight but still good activity on a cold night and I
appreciate you guys getting on for the fun!
W1NN   Single Op LP   9522017-12-08 03:10:00
I had everything set up at 0155Z and went out to buy a Japanese o-bento (box
lunch). When I got back at 0228Z (cutting it too close) the Winkey was not
working. This happens recently when the computer hibernates and restarting
usually fixes this, but today for some reason it took three restarts. I worked
a couple of stations with my mini paddle while waiting for the computer. (I
wonder how many hours in my life I have waited for computers to restart.) I
gotta figure out what the problem is. Too bad because condx were pretty good
K6MR   Single Op LP   9182017-12-08 03:21:02
Weird night: called by WA4JYX who had no idea what we were doing. So a 3 minute
NS Q... then had one keyboard go dead. No ladder, no problem.
K4BAI   Single Op LP   1,4622017-12-08 03:32:21
20M almost dead at the start. Did hear K7SV and W4OC before the start, but
neither could hear me 40 and 80 were quite good tonight. Got to 160 too late
get more QSOs and mults there, but could hear pretty well. Thanks for all QSOs
and hope to work many of ou in ARRL 10M contest this weekend. 73, John, K4BAI.
KW8N   Single Op LP   1,9112017-12-08 03:32:45
Broken right hand little finger with 3 pins in it and a cast over it and my ring
finger made sending and logging a bit tougher. That's also why I missed last
week, was still coming out of anesthesia after the surgery to put pins in and
cast on.
N6ZFO   Single Op LP   1,0152017-12-08 05:53:43
20 was open 20 mins before the start, but nothing at the opening bell of NS.

Major QLF: my NE Beverage crosses our road as it winds up the hill. About 8
months ago a support tree fell, and i've since ran the wire across the road at
the surface. I had elevated it for the 160 test, but didn't get it high
enough, so undid a connection earlier in the week and forgot to re-connect and
raise it. Wondered why signals were mostly, but not entirely, better on the
Zepp! I had inspected and re-strung the antenna prior to ARRL 160; falling
trees had ripped it off the terminating ground rod. So it now works well when

Contemplating the dates for the next ladder competition.

73 Bill n6zfo
KEØTT   Single Op QRP   42017-12-08 18:36:23
K3/10 at 5 watts to an 88' dipole up 45' fed with ladder line and Matchbox
tuner. Had 5 minutes to join in after returning home from grandkids' Christmas
Program. Thanks to N3SD and W1NN for the Q's ! C U next time, 73, Dan