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Missouri QSO Party   2017   Apr 1   Comment Summary

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WH6YH   SO Fixed HP   6632017-04-01 21:14:05
K3, AL811 and dipole @40ft. Thank you for the QSO. 73, Mike
TI8/AA8HH   SO Fixed LP   1,0002017-04-02 04:47:07
Good QSO Party. Enjoyed the party even though conditions were not good from
Costa Rica.
IZ3NVR   SO Fixed LP   22017-04-02 12:48:19
Worked only N0O/m on "BEN" county.

Please QSL card via bureau for my county award.

Stefano IZ3NVR
W7GF   SO Fixed LP   6,4502017-04-02 13:03:38
Score includes 100 point bonus.
W4NBS   SO Fixed LP   1,0782017-04-02 13:08:11
Conditions not very good, esp on Sunday.
Tried twice to work K0M but was never able to copy the exchange due to QSB and
never heard W0MA so unable to qualify for the MoQP Cert.
Thanks for all the Q's.

FT-1000MP Mk V; 150w; 80m dipole @ 35ft
K4BAI   SO Fixed HP   2,0552017-04-02 13:14:50
FT1000MP, Alpha 98, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole. Worked my next to last Missouri
county all time, Ray. Thanks to K0PC/M and W0E/M. Now need only Bollinger
for all Mo counties. Band conditions very poor on Sunday. Thanks for all
QSOs, especially the mobiles and portables. Look for me and KU8E as W4AN/M in
the GA QSO Party next weekend. 73, John, K4BAI.
K4MM   Multi-Op Fixed LP   26,5342017-04-02 14:09:01
Bonus Pts W0MA 1 QSO = 100

RIG: FT-950 99W
ANT: A4S, 40M Sloper & 80M Inv "L"

Nice Mobile activity. Had fun chasing em. Thanks to all that worked us.
See y'all next year.

73 Tom (K4MM) & John (W4IX) Colyard My son John in town so I let him
operate some.. Hi!
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SO Fixed HP   7972017-04-02 14:50:43
SOAPBOX: This is another remote operation from NX6T - "NashVille" in
SOAPBOX: While looking for band openings in the EA RTTY and SP-DX contests
SOAPBOX: I played around in the MOQP and the MSQP.
SOAPBOX: Unfortunately,there we not many QP stations in EITHER GiG
SOAPBOX: that I could hear, much less work.
SOAPBOX: QSO party operations need to recruit more participants in their own
SOAPBOX: I'll be back next year.
SOAPBOX: Look for my WQ6X Contest blog write up about this weekend:
N6MU   SO Fixed LP   43,0662017-04-02 15:22:39
Very poor conditions, especially Saturday. Never heard a peep on 15.

As usual, the mobiles make these Parties and there was a fine group in this
one. Top mobile for me was W0E with 48 Qs followed by K0PC(42), N0O(32),
N0E(26), K5YAA(18), K0E(16)and N0W(11).

Kudos to all the fixed stations who played. A special shout out to W0S and W0W
who were always there from those three-county lines.

Thanks to BEARS for another good one. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
KØOO(@W3RFC)   Multi-Op Fixed HP   6102017-04-02 16:01:08
Bonus Station Summary
Callsign(s) : W0MA, W0MA/M
QSOs : 1
Bonus Points : 100




KG4IGC   SO Fixed LP   1,5562017-04-02 16:13:44
Band conditions were great Saturday morning which is where I found most of my
counties. Was able to hear Missouri most of the day and into the early evening,
but was unable to spend much time actually on the air due to other priorities.
Sunday I picked up a couple more mobiles, but the bands were not in very good

Rig: Yaesu FT-3000
PWR: 100
ANT:Hex, Horizontal Loop, 40/20 Superloop
W5TM   SO Fixed LP   8,2122017-04-02 16:19:26
K3s dipoles
KI4MZC   SO Fixed QRP   1,4402017-04-02 17:33:57
A lot of good ops out there, especially the rovers!
NØO(@NØAX)   Rover Multi-Op LP   98,6002017-04-02 18:01:42
Ellen and I had a great time rambling around the SW MO counties starting in the
lower-left corner of McDonald and winding up in the town where my brother went
to college, Fayette, in Howard county. Final tally was 26 counties activated
and about 1050 miles traveled.

No bad weather while we were driving and lots of interesting scenery - the
no-till fields were *full* of purple henbit flowers, for example. The trees
are just a week or so from being fully budded out. We took an hour off to
visit the George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond (near Joplin) -
highly recommended.

Wound up on 40 and 20 only - not a peep on 15 and there was some kind of odd
problem with 75/80 that I'm going to have to troubleshoot. Not having 75/80
hurt the in-state multiplier totals. Nice set of VE multipliers (just missing
VE1/VY2/NWT) and only missed AR/NE/ND/MT of the lower 48. Some great county
line runs and steady activity the whole time. So more QSOs this year than last
but not nearly as many county multipliers.

Funny thing - we passed KI0I near Stockton as he was sitting at an intersection
operating. (I think that was Mark...hi, Mark!) Nice to work OM2VL and DL3DXX in
many counties and had a large retinue of regulars from the states. I wish we
could hear better with the small mobile whip but that's a challenge for mobile
operating, for sure.

Ellen and I have one more ramble and we'll have "worked from 'em all"
in MO. I've worked from all of the counties in WA state during the Salmon Run
in September so I guess that's my thing! You sure wind up going to unusual
places in the quest for counties. See you next year from the NW corner of the

73, Ward N0AX
K4VBM   SO Fixed LP   1562017-04-02 19:17:18
Limited time and poor band conditions, but still great fun!
WØM(WØMB)   SO Fixed HP   95,4002017-04-02 22:19:58
NTS:TS590, Alpha 76A, PRO67@60, 80 meter dipole @60 feet, 40 meter vertical with
elevated ground radials sfi 4/1 91,28,3 4/2 101,16,3. My first time using a
special call sign in a contest and it was fun the first day. The second day was
much slower for some reason and not as many eu calling me. After a break the
first day I discovered that my foot switch had fell apart and I was mashing
down on the switch and it was even hanging up earlier and I didn't realize it.
My 75 meter dipole needed adjusting as the swr was over 2.5 to 1 and I didn't
have enough time on Friday to get it set. I also had some problem with the amp
as it was running lower power as one tube was running hotter and I had to shut
it off and let the tubes cool a couple of times. I couldn't run the amp on 75
meters but still worked 32 q's with lower power. Overall if I was prepared for
a test like list it would have been a total blast! I will be looking forward to
next year or maybe even a run with the Kansas QSO party.
W1END   SO Fixed HP   9,5602017-04-03 03:36:54
Score includes bonus. Conditions were so bad I had to crank the TX power up to
175W from the usual 100 in order to be heard more often. It was a great
activity and a fine performance put on by the mobiles. Thanks to all.

Eldon - W1END
WB9HFK   SO Fixed LP   5,9342017-04-03 06:25:44
40M was long all weekend, and I just couldn't hear some of the activity.
It is always fun to follow the /M ops....
K9GDF   SO Fixed LP   18,6602017-04-03 07:05:16
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
K1RO   SO Fixed HP   72,3162017-04-03 07:11:09
Score includes W0MA 100 bonus points.

Interesting weekend. I wasn't planning to spend full time this year, but it
snowed here from Friday morning through late Saturday afternoon and my wife was
working on a quilting project so I decided to give it a serious effort.

Propagation from here to Missouri is always good on 20 meters during daylight
hours. On Saturday I had pretty good luck on 40 meters most of the day,
especially on CW. Sunday was pretty rough on 40, but I worked some of the
mobiles by waiting for them to fade up above the noise. I know I missed some
counties that didn't make it to 20 meters during the day. Saturday night 80
meters was very productive, and I even worked a couple guys on 160. I did not
CQ at all this weekend.

Lots of mobiles! Thanks to (QSOs/counties): W0E (80/32), K0PC (54/34), N0O/M
(52/25), N0E/M (28/23), K5YAA (21/13), K0E/M (16/16), K0DEQ (13/8), AF5Q/N0W/M
(12/8), KD0VMM (10/7), ND9E/0 (9/8), W0H/M (6/4), N0A/M (5/4), N9JF (4/2),
KD0NEO (2/2). Also lots of points from multiband/multimode QSOs with from W0W
(15/3) and W0S (18/3) and other fixed stations.

Thanks to BEARS and the volunteers who make this event happen for an enjoyable

TS-590S (x2), SPE 1.3K-FA, ACOM 1000
Force 12 XR6 (2 elements/band) at 25 feet for 20
Inverted V dipoles at 30 - 40 feet for 40/80/160
K9AY loops for receive
KN4Y   SO Fixed LP   9,7722017-04-03 07:52:53
Glad the serial number is history, big signal mobiles on CW zig-a-zaging around
the State, worked 7 mobiles, got so excited I scared the cat. You'all did a good
SHOW ME job.
K3WJV   SO Fixed HP   25,5322017-04-03 12:16:40
added 200 to final score for bonus station & cabrillo entry

Set out to work lots of stns in the SPDX test. Of course everyone knows how
that turned out with the solar flares. I wrkd 1 SP on Sat & 13 on Sun just
before it ended. So I tuned around for guys in the MO & MS parties but
didn't start until 1700z on Saturday so missed some prime time & some
counties I guess.

I was assisted but not until Sunday when I connected to w0mw in n1mm since my
filters in the rbn I use were dx only. A little later on Sunday I found out
about the fun internet site just for the Qso party. It gave me a chance to
take the headphones off and help the wife and see if something needed to be

Condx got very bad on Sunday on 40 but all in all it was fun. I was going to
do cw only but broke down and got on ssb, 1st Q at 1605z Sunday. I only do ssb
a couple times a year for ARRL & CQWW for the club and a little here and
there like in field day but very rare. I wound up working WB0SND where he was
op at and we had a little laugh about being on phone since we always work him
in the cwt's.

Thanks to all the mobiles for running up the multiplier totals. This was the
first year I've done this contest and will look forward to maybe giving it a
bigger effort next year. After all, somebody needs to give K1RO some
competition. Nice job, Mark!

only used stn2 setup:

stn 1 FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv v 40mtr sloper @55ft
Palstar HF-AUTO to add 15&20

stn 2 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO Hexbeam-6 bands @24ft Green Heron controller with G-450A rotor
3 band two legged fan inv vee broadside N/S @ 55ft 40-80-trapped 160

Rx ant - pair of 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs with DXE ncc-2

SO2R >> TopTen Dx Doubler Band Aides A/B relays

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
KD2BGM   SO Fixed QRP   1,3002017-04-03 12:47:42
100 points bonus added for working W0MA

Thanks for all the QSOs, please eQSL for the USCA
NØE(ADØDX)   Rover Multi-Op LP   55,0002017-04-03 21:20:00
Well that was a lot of fun, even if I couldn't hear many stations in Missouri.
I'm sure that this year there will be a lot of out of state stations that get
the SHOWME certificate and fewer instate stations.

My friend Bill was my driver on Saturday from 9am to 3pm. We did a nice loop
around NW MO starting and ending in Kansas City where I live.

I have done a lot of work on my Ford Ranger but still seem to have engine
noise. I have put bonding strips on the body, doors and hood and put rf chokes
on the spark plug wire etc but when the accelerator is down going uphill you can
really hear the engine noise in the radio. On Sunday morning after the rain it
was much worse.

I worked mostly CW. I did try SSB but it's just so much easier to get a clear
frequency on cw compared to phone. And with my K3 and the 500hz filter it does
a great job removing those nearby stations.

Just a quick word on the K3; really love it. I program M1 with 'CQ MOQP de
N0E/M NOE/' and do not change that throughout the contest. Then I put the
county in M2 (memory 2) i.e. PET for Pettis county. Then when I want to call
cq I push M1 and then M2 and the K3 chains them together. If you listen there
is a slight pause after the second / on my cq but I'm ok with that because it
sort of emphasizes the county abbrev.

I program M3 with 'TU MOQP NOE/' so that after I get the report and location of
the station I am working I can hit M3 then M4 and get on with the next qso.

I send the callsign of the station I am working by hand and his / her rst and
my county using the keyer in the K3, usually at 27 wpm. If I go much above
this I seem to make more mistakes.

I worked N0O for a few counties on Sunday morning and I was really having a
hard time sending cw well. Thanks Ward for your patience as I sent my callsign
wrong a few times.

Speaking of Sunday morning, it all began with sparks for me. That is, I hooked
up my inverter backwards and got some nice sparks as I blew it up. Sigh. I
ended up stopping in Jefferson City at the Walmart to buy a new one, and this
one has blade fuses. Hopefully I will not blow up this one. I bought a 750 W
inverter knowing that my laptop only needs 300 W; hoping that the inverter will
not generate too much electrical noise. In the past I have bought some cheap
inverters, and 3 or 4 hours into the contest when they get hot they can really
generate some spurious rf. This happened to me once during the OKQP a few years
back; one lesson learned the hard way.

I want to say thanks to everyone who was patient with me when I occassionally
sent .-... (wait) to get back to you. I have probably done 10 qso parties as a
mobile, and at different times I have asked stations calling me to wait becuase;
we were going around a corner at high speeds, going through an intersection and
I thought we were going to be hit by another vehicle, there was a lot of noise
in town (electrical noise in the radio due to signs, transformers, power lines
etc), the driver was asking me for directions, I was taking a much needed drink
of water, then engine noise was too loud while going uphill, I was changing the
county / roverqth in N1MM, etc etc.

If you ever wonder 'what is wrong with that guy in the mobile and why is he
taking so long to get back to me', you should really offer to drive for someone
during a qso party and see how much is involved. When everything is working
it's a beautiful thing, but there is a lot involved and a lot that can go

It's also a lot of fun, and being on the receiving end of a pileup is really
something to get your adrenaline pumping. The largest pileup I have ever heard
is the 4 county line in the Texas panhandle during the TXQP. I can only
describe it as a 'wall of CW'. If you had fun during the NPOTA last year and
would like to experience being on the receiving end of some nice pileups, I
strongly recommend you give mobile operating in Qso Parties a try. It's a lot
of fun with a good bunch of guys (and gals).

Anyway, on Saturday I took a nap from 4 to 5, ate some food at home and then
was back on the road, heading south. A good general rule of being mobile in
qso parties is to only activate a county once (not always possible though). I
sat at the Cass / Bates county line and then the Vernon / Barton county line.
I stayed there too long and didn't get home until midnight. In hindsight I
probably should have just stayed at Cass / Bates county line and changed over
to 80m once it got dark; I probably could have picked up more MO counties for
multipliers. Live and learn.

One interesting aspect of mobile contesting is choosing your route.

On Sunday my wife and I headed out to Jeff City and ended at Rocheport. My
wife is an active birder and she walked along the MIssouri river and I operated
from Boone county for the last 30 min or so of the contest.

I'd like to suggest to the MOQP sponsors that the operating hours for mobile
operators be changed to 12 hours (current max is 14 hours). This is a long
time to be driving, and if you want to win you are compelled to be on the road
the entire time.

If mobile operators were only allowed to operate for 12 hours but the Sat
contest hours were 14 hours, this gives the mobile operator another variable to
play with to optimize their score. Sleep in and miss the first two hours? Take
a nap at mid day? Quit at 9pm and get a good nights sleep while losing 40m
being open to the west coast after dark and also the chance for 80m after

My wife and I are currently planning a move west, hopefully June 1st if
everything works out. In that case this will probably be our last mobile run
in the MOQP. Thanks to the BEARS for sponsoring the MOQP and to everyone for
all the qso's.


Ron, AD0DX / N0E/M
K9NW   SO Fixed LP   6,0722017-04-04 10:25:15
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
WØCW(W7FB)   SO Fixed QRP   27,3602017-04-04 11:13:57
K3/qrp version ...

A-index at 28 on Sat and 16 on Sunday makes for "grate"
conditions .... MO disappeared! .... so very few MO counties ..
only worked the ones close to KC area ...

80 was great !!!

Thanks for all the Q's .. know some on 20 were calling but
signals were below ethereal!!! ....

This one for KCDXC .... 73
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SO Fixed HP   24,9062017-04-04 13:19:53
Unfortunatelly very bad condx especially on Saturday. Many times I
heard very very weak mobile - I can't call him, many times I can't
break the USA wall and many missed at the begenning when he was on
I thought at night 40m will be better, but it was unbelevaible
DEAF band. I can made only 10 QSO. Sometimes I heard some mobiles and
called him neverending, but no any answer. During last 8 hours I made
only 15 !!!! QSO ....

Most QSOs with:
W0E/M 34/21 (QSO/Cty)
N0O/M 21/16
K0PC/M 20/20
N0E/M 18/17
K0E/M 12/11
K5YAA/M 10/10
W0S 9/3
KD0VMM/M 7/7
K0DEQ/M 6/6
W0W 6/2
N0W/M 4/2
AF5Q/M 3/3
N0A/M 3/3
W0H/M 3/3

73, Laci OM2VL
NE9M(KEØL)   SO Fixed LP   25,1802017-04-04 17:47:07
Conditions were ok. It is always fun to chase the mobiles around in these state
QSO parties. Mainly one band open at a time to MO from IL so it was tough to
work the mobiles on multiple bands while they were in a specific county.
NØH(ABØRX)   Cnty Exped SO LP   22,6312017-04-07 09:13:25

Call Used : N0H
Last County/City Ran : IRN
Callsign(s) of Operators(s) : AB0RX
Entry Class : Missouri Expedition (Single-Op LP)
160 0 0 0 0
80 14 58 0 16
40 18 193 0 34
20 0 52 0 9
15 0 0 0 0
10 0 0 0 0
6 0 0 0 0
2 0 4 0 0
220 0 0 0 0
440 0 0 0 0
Number of Phone Contacts : 307 * 1pt = 307
Number of CW Contacts : 32 * 2pts = 64
Number of Digital Contacts : 0 * 2pts = 0
W0MA Bonus: 0
Multipliers = 59 MO Counties/State/Prov
Extra DX Mults = 1 (Excludes US/Canada - 1 Max)
Claimed Score: 22260

I have followed the Missouri QSO Party Rules
ALL Operators must sign clearly, including callsign
Signature(s): ___________________________________
Date: ______________


WØMA   Multi-Op Fixed HP   48,1742017-04-07 09:43:33
80 Meter Antenna currently out of commission.


KØH(ADØJA)   SO Fixed LP   2,6322017-04-07 10:49:49
Very poor condx. Called CQ for hours on 20m and 40m with no response. Voice
keyer got a lot of use.

80m and 160m were good for local QSOs in evening and night but even at that
they weren't in the best shape.

I was unable to make contact with the bonus station.

Hopefully things will be better next year.
NN4K   SO Fixed HP   3862017-04-07 15:24:57
Total includes 100 pts for W0MA CW QSO. Thanks for the Qs. Limited time to
WØE(KIØI)   Rover Single Op LP   142,6922017-04-07 21:29:49
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 CW 158 316 10 2.0
3.5 LSB 16 16 7 1.0
7 CW 450 900 26 2.0
7 LSB 8 8 0 1.0
14 CW 373 746 25 2.0
14 USB 77 77 1 1.0
21 CW 1 2 0 2.0
144 FM 3 3 0 1.0
Total Both 1086 2068 69 1.9
Score: 142,692
1 Mult = 15.7 Q's

Well,for less than great band condx , the numbers came in very well.
A nice run for 2017 MOQP, no rig problems and no need for a TOW ROPE ! I set up
a new vehicle for this year, with a first time Screwdriver antenna for 40 and
80m. That plus a duo of hamsticks on another mount gave me three bands at fast
access. I started with 15/20 stix and the NO5E scrwdiver set on 40m. As the
daylight grew short I tuned the NO5E down to 80 and swapped the 15 stick for a
40. Both combos worked well together on my old gmc truck. I had tested in the
driveway and a few miles on the road. Once the contest got under way I realized
the injectors were very noisy at highway speed ! RATS ! In a few cases of weaker
signals I had to let off the gas so I could coy better. As I got into the hilly
country down south I'd "CQ" uphill and listen on the coast downhill
Sunday morning I did a fast re-rigging to my 99 Taurus that I've used in the
past with some noise on 15m that I knew wouldn't be in use anyway. This setup
was the same Icom 7100 and Hamstix but no screwdriver aboard. I put 40-20m
whips on the roof using a tri-mag mount and threaded 15m on a rear mount just
in case 15 came in . It did not!
My one and only 15m QSO was with N0UMP in Cass co as I was in Benton near
Windsor MO. What a shocker! Bill's qth is 2-3 blocks from my home qth in Garden
City MO.
A party highlight was working K4BAI from RAY co , an ATNO for him! Congrats
Many folks following with multiple QSO's made for a pretty active 2 day event.

Special thanks to K1RO with an amazing 80 qsos and N6MU with 48.. OM2VL
34..K4MM 32..N8II 28..K3WJV 23 and a host of others with many Q's. You all kept
me hoppin around!
This years log was down a couple hundred Q's from last year but hey,
considering the band condx I'll take it!
Many interesting accounts of events on the Facebook page and here on the
reflector,it's much agreed bands were poor.
My thanks goes out to Randy , Mike and the other BEARS members who organize our
state QSO party !
And thank you all for trying to work a weak little mobile signal wandering
around the countryside!
73 from W0E til next year ,
Mark KI0I
N4UL   SO Fixed LP   3,5562017-04-08 07:55:02
Start Date : 2017-04-01

CallSign Used : N4UL
Operator(s) : N4UL

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : KY
Gridsquare : EM78DF

Name : Vernon Nunn
Address : PO Box 4804
City/State/Zip : Louisville KY 40204-0804

ARRL Section : KY
Club/Team : KCG
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6154.0

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 CW 11 22 4 2.0
7 CW 37 74 32 2.0
Total Both 48 96 36 2.0

Score : 3,556

Bonus Station Summary
Callsign(s) : W0MA, W0MA/M
QSOs : 1
Bonus Points : 100

Rig : TS-940S

Antennas : 40m Vert Loop, 80m windom
NØRSN   SO Fixed HP   4,5522017-04-08 16:38:03
34 sections 3 dx
KØPC   Rover SO CW LP   178,2962017-04-08 18:08:20
This was my first attempt at the MO QSO Party. I knew going in that the 14 hour
stretch on Saturday was going to be a grind, and it was. I learned a few
though. I scheduled a dinner/gas stop for about 7:30PM (0030Z). Looking back,
this was just the time when the rates were going up. Bad choice but I was

I was able to stay very close to my published schedule both days so I was
happy. I arrived at the hotel Saturday night ten minutes early and took that
a good stopping point. When I walked into the lobby there was a large, loud,
wedding reception going on in the bar. When I got my room number and found out
it was just above the bar I had to do some renegotiation. In the end I ended
on the third floor and slept soundly.

N1MM reports the maximum one hour rate as 127/hr, this was the last hour I was
on the road Saturday night. Rates in the middle of the afternoon were around

Thanks to everyone who followed along during the weekend. The Top Ten List
K1RO - Mark had propagation on 40M & 20M most of the time

Thanks to the BEARS for sponsoring the MOQP. I look forward to another run

73, Pat KØPC
N8II   SO Fixed LP   22,6832017-04-10 07:56:35
I forgot about the MO QP weekend and have never really put much effort into it
(not on PVRC contest calendar). Due to very disturbed condx, the SPDX contest
was a total bust! So, I started late and totally non-serious, but it was more
fun than expected. 20 closed to MO around 20Z Saturday, but 40 stayed good from
then until 01Z. I did not get into much rhythm Saturday and was working a few MS
Q's as well.
But, while I was on Sunday, I did pretty well catching the mobiles. Pat, K0PC/M
was weak to unreadable on 40, and didn't spend much time on 20, but still
provided many unique counties. Mobiles Ward N0AX operating N0O and Mark KI0I
operating W0E were kind enough to work both modes on 20 which helped the score
quite a bit. Thanks also to K0E/M. The counties around Kansas City were ablaze
with mobiles!

Congrats to Mark, K1RO and John, N6MU for outstanding efforts leaving the rest
of us in the dust!

73, Jeff
K5YAA   Rover Multi-Op HP   30,7022017-04-10 09:18:10
Between a number of "mechanical" difficulties and a very tired K5YAA
this inaugural run for Mitch, Nw0M became simply a disaster. The years are
passing swiftly now and this old op needs to rest in between long trips. A
drive to New Palestine, IN for a long time Navy buddy's funeral Bob, WA9JWR and
not sleeping or eating well enough before the MOQP took it's toll. I have
learned my lesson. Bob Applegate and I were together in avionics school and
flew over the North Atlantic out of Newfoundland and Keflavik, Iceland during
the years 1962 through 1964. My three boys middle names are the same as his
middle name.

Unfortunately a rather sad score this time. I understand conditions were a
complete washout on Sunday so only the balance of Saturday's 14 hours would
likely have been possible anyway.

Thanks to the great sponsors of the Missouri QSO Party and we shall try again
next year.

73, Mitch and Jerry - NW0M and K5YAA

The Rig: That same K3, Solid State amp, HP Tarheel and a 20 meter HP Hustler.
Logging N1MM+.
WN4AFP   SO Fixed LP   1522017-04-26 15:37:08
Not one of my best QPs this year.. Have to reboot and try again next year. Lots
of family activities this weekend.