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Holyland DX Contest   2017   Apr 14   Comment Summary

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MMØLID   SO Mixed QRP   1,9892017-04-15 04:30:04
Enjoyed working the guys from the Holyland.
High band propagation is terrible! Some very strong signals on 40/80, but with
QRP was tough work.

I went to sleep overnight and stopped early as i will take part in YU DX.

Thanks to all who hear my QRP and thanks for the points.


73 Scott
SP1JQJ(ARNOLD)   SO Mixed LP   3,7502017-04-15 11:33:53
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6186.0
Club/Team : None
Band Mode QSOs Pts Are Pt/Q
7 LSB 15 30 13 2,0
14 CW 1 1 1 1,0
14 USB 14 14 13 1,0
21 USB 30 30 23 1,0
Total Both 60 75 50 1,3
Score : 3 750
4X6TT   SO SSB HP   359,8982017-04-15 13:38:41
Shalom Dear Friends
Very poor Band Conditions
not too much activity this year
we sure hope to change the whole system and rules of contest for next year
will make it happen
Shalom happy Holidays
Amir 4X6TT
SP9GFI   SO CW LP   4,1602017-04-16 06:07:46
IC-706 MKIIG, ant. horizontal Delta 84m
DL9JON   SO CW HP   6,8252017-04-16 12:14:22
Tnx for all qsos. I worked 12 new areas for my Holyland award. The 10m band was
closed here in my region Saxony. There where some strong signals from Israel on
80 and 40m.

My special thanks in this year goes to all participiants with there portable
activity and specialy to Vic (4Z5NX/x/m), who activited some rare and small
areas like "J37BS" on different bands!
I was able to improve my results from last year.

Rig here:
TRX: Yaesu FT-920FM, OM-Power amplifier OM2500HF (use 700 watts output),
ANT: lazy Quad Loop for 80/40m @6m up and OptiBeam OB16-5 @11m up.

73s and shalom from Silberstrasze/Saxony
cu next year
Heiko, DL9JON
W4PM   SO CW HP   22017-04-16 18:20:42
The only station I could hear was 4X4NJ and I worked him

Thanks Riki!

Puck W4PM
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SO CW HP   42017-04-17 13:42:22
This is another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T.
My main focus was the CQMM contest however I made a log last minute when I
heard Holy Land stations.
You can read more about WQ6X operations at: