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WAE DX Contest, CW   2017   Aug 12   Comment Summary

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SP1JQJ   Single Op HP   2,1242017-08-12 13:42:37
Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
14 QSO 59 59 36 1,0
Total All 59 59 36 1,0

Score: 2 124
1 Mult = 1,6 Q's
W5FMH(@KJ5Y)   Single Op HP   50,9012017-08-12 16:40:08
Limited time for this one unfortunately.
Visitors and other things to do.

Nice to get a little opening on 15m to EU. Still a long way from where it could
Very loud sigs on 20 from EU from very early right through till closing, which
is great to see.
40 wasnt too great, by the time it opens enough most of the guys have went down
to 80 which is far too noisy with summertime QRN.

Fun for the time i was active, enjoyed passing out the QTC's as always.

Thanks DARC for a great contest.

see everyone soon in the next ones.

Next up is the NAQP SSB.


*contesting is a way of life*
KØEJ   Single Op HP   347,0602017-08-12 17:04:17
Noisy 80M and limited prop on 15 here. Tnx to DARC for sponsoring the unique
event. Love those QTC!
73, Mark K0EJ
K2QMF   Single Op HP   179,1442017-08-12 18:06:35
Love them QTCs...
K3PP   Single Op HP   22,1762017-08-12 22:06:19
I didn't have much time to operate, but I had fun in the time that I did! I love
the QTC feature of this contest! It is a unique twist that makes this a very
different contest. Those EU ops who receive the QTCs are amazing ops!

VY FB ES TU de Glenn K3PP
K4AFE   Single Op HP   27,3462017-08-12 22:42:53
A really fun contest. Once I got the hang of the QTCs, it was a lot of fun.
Propagation was poor throughout, except for a few openings. Thanks for the QSOs
to West Tennessee!!

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
K4XL   Single Op LP   9242017-08-13 05:19:24
80 mx dipole is the only antenna working at the moment. Hope to be on all bands
next time.
W8ASA   Single Op LP   2,4482017-08-13 07:38:19
20 meters was really rough! Forget 15 and 10.
K4WW   Single Op LP   21,3862017-08-13 08:43:40
First time to ever enter this contest. 99% S/P.
OF6MW(OH6MW)   Single Op HP   101,2422017-08-13 11:42:14
NF4A   Single Op HP   12,0962017-08-13 11:54:19
20 Meters prop on 15 at all
VE2FK   Single Op HP   171,8202017-08-13 12:43:56
We should have this contest twice a year.

73, Claude VE2FK
XE2B   Single Op LP   3,5282017-08-13 12:48:54
Challenging condx; it seemed like a domestic QSO party with QRP signals; best
ears award to RU1A.
Thanks for the Q's

OZ4FF   Single Op LP   17,7602017-08-13 13:24:06
KH6CJJ   Single Op LP   1,4102017-08-13 14:20:33
With the poor conditions, Europe was only open for an hour or two each morning
and evening of the contest and only on 20 meters. Operating with only 100
watts made making any contacts a real challenge.
W6SX   Single Op HP   3222017-08-13 14:30:31
My worse WAE ever.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
ED2A(EA2CW)   Single Op HP   466,9922017-08-13 15:14:21
Not as much activity as expected, propagation very unstable and short apertures
on high bands (14/21) to Asia. Nights have been hard to work, as noise was
sometimes high, but is the king of the contests yet, due to QTC's! Hope to meet
you next year again!

A pleasure & good staying (as always) at Radioclub Foronda shack.

Ants: X7, Hexbeam, 40m rotatable dipole, 80m wire dipole.
Rig TS590S, 600 p.amp.
Soft: N1MM+ VE7CC, DXAtlas

73, Mikel EA2CW
W2UP(@WØDLE)   Single Op LP   31,4282017-08-13 15:34:45
masochism - noun
1. Operating the WAE when there are no sunspots, QRN from thunderstorms, from
Colorado, running 100W.

This was my first time on the air since March. Just haven't been motivated to
turn the radio on. It seems to happen every 11 years or so.

Always enjoy this contest due to the fine EU ops, but it's a toughie from the
western US. Hard to believe some of the east coast QSO numbers over 1000.
Well, not really, I used to live there. Thanks for struggling with my weak
signal, especially for the QTCs! And thanks to W0DLE for the use of his

Hopefully, we'll be louder in CQWW CW, operating remote M/M from W4AAW, using
my call. Please note that the CTY file lists me as an QTH exception in zone
but we'll be back in zone 5 for this one!

Barry W2UP
K2LE(@K2LE/1)   Single Op HP   622,0442017-08-13 15:36:45
Missed some prime operating hours due to other commitments.
Remote operation from NY to VT, almost perfect but no SO2R yet
Congrats to K1ZZ, N3RS, AA3b an d N4YDU on outstanding scores

Andy K2LE
N4AF   Single Op HP   436,7512017-08-13 15:52:27
BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Countries
80CW 80 78 78 22
40CW 181 180 180 31
20CW 382 381 381 34
15CW 105 105 105 26

Totals 748 744 744 113

Final Score = 436751 points.
K7BV   Single Op HP   365,4422017-08-13 15:59:20
Great fun! Unfortunately, constant thunderstorms kept me off 80m completely and
other bands frequently. My first real WAE effort - I will be back
73 Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV
KU2C   Single Op HP   385,2752017-08-13 16:09:12
Tnx for the Q's
VE9HF   Single Op HP   7,8002017-08-13 16:30:10
Great conditions on 40. I was away all weekend and was surprised how good 40
sounded on my RX Flag antenna.
NØBUI   Single Op HP   14,9162017-08-13 16:30:24
That was a rough contest especially from the Mississippi River ditch in the
black hole of Minnesota.

I tried CQing and at times I could hear stations calling but they were so weak
I could not copy them. Sorry.

Thanks for all the Qso's. The QTC thing was fun once I got it figured out.

73, Mike N0BUI
N3RD   Single Op HP   481,1452017-08-13 16:39:34
WAE-CW is one of my favorite contests. I only had part time to devote to it
this year, and I'm sure I missed a few of the sporatic openings on 15m. It's
always great fun to say hi to friends in Europe, and pass a few QTCs in their
73 - Dave N3RD
ZM4T   M/S HP   80,8282017-08-13 16:42:15
The weekend was fully planned (without contest) but we managed to do a few hours
in our afternoons and on Sunday morning. Conditions were much down from last
year. On 15m I could hear a few Russians/Ukrainians on local Saturday evening
but they didn't get me. 80m on Sunday morning was almost dead. 40m via short
path was busy but I guess the EU's have a higher noise level in their evenings
as we get much more requests to repeat numbers etc.
Saturday afternoon I operated. Ixi (ZL4YL) was in town staying overnight with a
friend. For Sunday my wife Birgit and I had planned a 36 km run (marathon
preparation). Therefore no night operation at our end. Sunday afternoon (after
the run) we picked up Ixi and she did two hours of operating and QTC-handling
while Birgit and I relaxed in the bath tub. We switched off the radio at 5:30
pm local on Sunday. Again no night operation as we had to be back in school/at
work on Monday morning.

73 Holger ZL3IO/ZM4T
DJ1YFK(@DL1A)   Single Op HP   1,769,8502017-08-13 16:42:25
SO1R: FTdx5000, ACOM 2000A, Monobanders @ DL1A

WAE is simply the best contest of the year, even with terrible condx like

Thanks for all the QSOs and QTCs.

Fabian, DJ1YFK
LZ5R(K1LZ)   Single Op HP   320,9222017-08-13 16:46:58
After 30 year wae from EU . It is more fun from EU
K2YG   Single Op QRP   5,7002017-08-13 17:00:51
K3 @ 5 watts, dipole & A3S, N1MM
WT2P   Single Op HP   10,0482017-08-13 17:05:17
Love the contest and especially handing out QTC's .... Reminds me of Salt Bae
meme sprinkling salt on meat, handing out QTC's.

Band conditions were a lot worse than last year, combined with me only
operating part time for the weekend as I had parties in Chicago to attend
Saturday afternoon/evening.

Gave the quadplexer a good workout on 40/20 so pretty happy.

KX3 + KXPA100, IC-7300, KPA500 amp on the 7300. RA6LBS Quadplexer for 40-10,
hooked up to my 40/20 inverted vee.
AA3B   Single Op HP   1,241,9882017-08-13 17:06:03
My thanks to the N1MM+ team for their quick response to the problems I
experienced using the QTC window. A fix was provided via and experimental
release within an hour of my bug report. Amazing!
W2Z(@KD2RD)   M/S HP   1,015,3122017-08-13 17:06:20
Thanks to the two former ship-to-shore CW ops, Steve (KL7SB) and Howard
(WB2TQE)for taking the trip to Long Island. Great reunion, and a fun, memorable
experience. Nice job!

Thanks to all for the contacts and see you in the next one!

N3QE   Single Op HP   339,5982017-08-13 17:06:20
Ten-Tec Eagle, AL-1500, 130-foot doublet

About half the operating time of last year and about 70% of the QSO's so can't
complain too much! Was lucky to find a few SW EU on 15M.
AF4RK   Single Op HP   45,5132017-08-13 17:07:36
conditions, UGH! VOACAP predicted last 5 hours would be good on 20 and they
were. Probably should have called CQ more but thought nobody could hear me.
Got the spiderbeam back up but the first few hours no QSO's . beam was turning
in the wind. loose bolts on the rotator
K2QO   Single Op LP   47,3762017-08-13 17:09:48
Wow, loads of fun! Too bad 15 was only open a short while.

K3/100, Force 12 C4E at 60', 220' CF Dipole at 45', Skookum Logger 2.1.10 on a

Mark K2QO
HSØZIA   M/S HP   789,5162017-08-13 17:10:07
Tough condx as usual with only brief ephemeral openings on 10m. E20HHK did most
of the operating, I manned the rather useless mult station and whatever could
be worked on 80 and 10m from here. 73 Bob and Choon
N5AW   Single Op HP   148,4002017-08-13 17:10:50
Operated un-assisted even though not a seperate category for it in WAE.
Conditions certainly way down from last year - even on 80 meters which should
have been better with decreasing sunspots. Actually enjoyed it more this year
not having to worry about WRTC qualifying points.
LY5W   Single Op HP   1,303,2602017-08-13 17:11:13
73, SAM
P33W(LZ2HM)   Single Op HP   2,671,9702017-08-13 17:11:31
Thank you for nice competition and contacts.
Congratulation to Jeff VY2ZM whose keep me up all time .
Propagation was well ,a lot of noise on Low bands, but low activity regarding
last one for WRTC2018!
Thanks to Igor RA3AUU for letting me use the station again
CU next contest !!!
73, Andy LZ2HM
K1ZZ   Single Op HP   1,453,3682017-08-13 17:13:16
Glad to make it through the weekend with the gear and antennas intact (last year
I wasn't so lucky).
XE1AY   Single Op LP   2722017-08-13 17:13:47
NP2X(K9VV)   Single Op HP   327,4082017-08-13 17:14:02
I like QTCs. Makes the contest less boring. I wish DX could copy QTCs too! 73
- Fred
N4CF   Single Op LP   36,6082017-08-13 17:14:11
Bands were pretty dead at this QTH, but 20M picked up Sunday evening. The QTCs
added a lot to the score. Fun and easy to do. Glad I'm not the EU ops copying
the QTCs!
WX4G   Single Op HP   315,0962017-08-13 17:18:21
Fun contest..never heard much on 15..but did not listen much. Skipped most of maybe 15 opened then. 80 meters was horrible...heard many
calling but with florida thunderstorm/lightning it is impossible to
copy...typical for August. Many thanks to SP4AEW for giving call and # umpteen
times before I got it. That contact ended my time on 80 meters.
Was only going to give a few QTC's to the the major stations...but got hooked
and spent 19 hours. Pretty good activity for such poor conditions.

Thanks to all that called!!

Bob WX4G
K2SX   Single Op HP   55,6052017-08-13 17:18:26
Never heard much on 80M and nil on 15/10 despite seeing some spots. This was
definitely a contest for those with good antennas not low wires in trees like
mine. Still was fun though. Tnx for the QSOs and kudos to those guys who
copied my QTCs despite noise, QRM and a weak signal.
N3BB   Single Op HP   6,1562017-08-13 17:22:48
Terrible conditions. So glad the bands were much better for the IARU contest.
Still, some good CW ops display.
OHØR(OH2PM)   Single Op HP   1,305,8342017-08-13 17:23:59
Some times noise by static rain forced to take extra breaks.
Once 40 had full black out.
The station worked perfectly.
Thanks for all the QSOs and see you all in the Scandinavian Activity Contest.

73 de Pertti. OH2PM. OH0R
N3RS   Single Op HP   1,269,3242017-08-13 17:27:23
Pretty noisy on 80 & 40 on Friday evening, but quieted down enough to work
even some of the weaker guys. Lots of QSB all weekend on all bands. 15M was
terrible with late openings down in the mid-atlantic. Of course, 10M never
even gave a wisper. Very frustrating to listen to all the 1's working stations
that were totally inaudible for the first hour of every opening. A fun
experience, none-the-less. Thanks to all the stations that stayed with me
during the deep fades. See you next year.

73 de Sig, N3RS
W4VIC   Single Op HP   84,3152017-08-13 17:27:43
Love this contest. Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC
K4GMH   Single Op HP   158,4122017-08-13 17:28:13
Thanks for all the QSOs and taking the QTCs. Fun sending the QTCs, but had to
stay alert so wouldn't send one twice or skip sending one.

Low band conditions here were terrible. Storms both evenings to the point just
gave up trying to work 40 and never even listened to 80. Had to asking for too
many repeats of the majority of stations that were attempted to work on 40
meters Friday and Saturday evening (LT) due to the QRN. Better Sunday evening
although still had some QRN to go along with the QSB. Still had fun and hope
my asking for repeats didn't interfere with others contest fun.

Again, thanks for the QSOs and taking my QTCs.

Mike, K4GMH
NC6K   Single Op HP   6,3212017-08-13 17:31:32
Finally got the station back together for basic SO1R contesting with my trusty
FTdx5000. Decided to play around in the WAE, and it was fun. Saturday's
conditions stunk, and when 40 finally started to open, I had to head out for
family dinner, but at least everything is working again. I still miss my Flex
6700 and SO2R, but I'm hoping to have it back and repaired in the next few
K3WJV   Single Op HP   264,4002017-08-13 17:34:23
WAE & WPX are my two favorite contests. WAE is mostly to help our EU
friends so they return the favor in other contests, hi. Not having 80 hurt my
score. My main wires are down right now. This was so1r and not a real serious
effort. Had lots of fun.

Rural location 1255' ASL
FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv vee @55ft

K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO 6 band Hexbeam @24ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 80m & 40m with trapped 160m @55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO manually re-arranged between stns when necessary
WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle

Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2

SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
KM4SII(@KJ5Y)   Single Op HP   2,9822017-08-13 17:38:22
20m CW, High Power, Remote...

First, I want to apologize for the many requests for repeats -- I am just now
starting to learn CW, so my RX is not very good by ear. Therefore, I used a
decoder to assist in my receiving. As can be imagined, the decoder is not
perfect especially on weaker signals, so I had to request many repeats. I am
mainly a phone op, so this was my first big CW contest. There were several
stations that called me that were too close to the noise for me or the decoder
to copy as well...

Thank you guys so much for your patience as I tried to copy your information!

I operated via the KJ5Y remote station and only operated for about 10 minutes
on Saturday, 30 minutes Sunday morning, and around three hours Sunday evening.
Since I'm still new at CW I decided to not to go all out this weekend. I
operated 20m only as that was the only band the remote supported and did not
attempt any QTCs because of my poor copying skills.

Lots of fun despite my difficult code RX! Again thanks for all of the

I had to go QRT unexpectedly mid-QSO with thirty minutes left because the Wi-Fi
got disconnected.

I will be trying to put in a bigger effort for WAE SSB. I am thinking about
organizing a small team to operate the contest multi-single at W4NC.

73 all de KM4SII - Mason (14 year old operator)
OK2BFN   Single Op LP   102,8252017-08-13 17:39:14
Nice contest, nice to hear old friends.
73 & TU, Tom
N9CO   Single Op LP   39,8372017-08-13 17:40:40
Didn't have much time for this one. WAE CW is a really fun contest. A total
crap shoot for conditions, though. 40/80m were noisy with QRN from distant
T-storms. 20m was much better. I got a chance to play around some more with
the new Icom IC-7300. I continue to be impressed with this little rig. It
more than held it's own at this QTH. Amazing noise reduction, especially on
low bands. It actually works! Several qso's would not have been in the log
without it.

IC-7300, 100w
2 ele 40m yagi @ 95' (Cushcraft XM-240)
4 ele 20m yagi @ 85' (homebrew)
Bent wire vertical for 80m.
N1MM+ for logging on antique Celeron CPU running WinDoze XP.
AD8J   Single Op HP   8,8042017-08-13 17:46:41
Just did some S&P to help out.
K1IMI(N4CW)   Single Op HP   382,2422017-08-13 17:51:10
Wish I had more time! Friday evening was curtailed by some local thunderstorms.
40 got unbearable and 80 was impossible!
Started on 20 just after sunrise. It was great! I got some good rates for a
couple hours, then things slowed down. I went to 15 around 10 AM (local) and
worked some mults, but it wasn't as active as I would have liked. I moved back
to 20 after lunch and stayed until dinner, around 6 PM. I got on 40 after that
and really had fun. 80 was full of loud European signals! Had to quit around 11
PM and get to bed. Sunday, I operated about 15 minutes before heading for church
(a 2-hour drive, one way!). Returned home around 4:30 Sunday and went on 20,
finishing on 40 around 7 PM for a total of 15h and 45 minutes.

The KX3 is a formidable's size belies it's capabilities! The KX3
"fed" the KXPA100 which "drove" the Acom 1000 to a
kilowatt. Antennas were an old T-8 (LP) with a tip of one element missing! For
40 and 80, I used a G5RV, 50 feet up on one end and 25 feet the other, oriented
NE-SW. It worked great, but would have preferred a shorty-40 and a 4-square on
80...but that'll never be on a narrow lot!

Lots of great ops out there; I don't see how they can copy so well. SP3CW asked
me to QRQ over and over until I settled on 44 WPM...fastest I've ever sent QTC's
and had 100% copy!!! Truly amazing!

Thanks to DARC for sponsoring these WAE contests; they're fun and challenging.
Bert, N4CW/K1IMI
KØMD   Single Op HP   43,2482017-08-13 17:55:21
Operating time: 9 hours
Rigs: Icom 7851/7800
Amps: Acom 2000/Expert 1.3
Antennas: Force 12 stacks
Method: SO2R

I enjoyed working on my contesting skills for the limited time I had. I regret
not having more time for 15 meters each morning. Conditions were below average.
N9NA   Single Op HP   41,1842017-08-13 18:07:03
Wow, pretty low Q/HR rate. Must have fallen asleep.:) Hmmmm, maybe not -
too darn noisy.
PY5FB   Single Op HP   451,9402017-08-13 18:09:05
Poor prop, nice weekend.
Always a pleasure take part in WAE Contest.
Thanks to Vigand, PY5QW, for the use of his splendid station.
Thanks to all hams for the QSO.

73 to all, Wesley, PY5FB.
AA4CF   Single Op HP   120,4842017-08-13 18:17:02
Could only participate part time this year. Conditions were tough here, no
storms but much QRN and QSB. Thanks for the contacts! This is one of my
favorites every year. I remember years ago using a paper log and keyer for
this contest before I set up N1MM. Used N1MM + this year, it worked well.

73, Charlie
K3WA   Single Op HP   53,9202017-08-13 18:20:16
Very part time operation
K1XM   Single Op LP   280,7582017-08-13 18:21:45
I had other things going on this weekend so this was a part-time effort from
K9ZO   Single Op LP   52,4402017-08-13 18:26:17
First DX test with the new location. Just got the SteppIR18e up this week.
Very quiet location. Almost every time stations came back the first call! No
RX antennas yet.
K5CM   Single Op HP   34,9682017-08-13 18:27:28
Fun contest,especially when your the one sending the QTC. Will put in more time
next year.
Connie, K5CM
VE3BR   Single Op HP   100,7682017-08-13 18:31:25
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion + AL-80B @ ~700 W
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6666.0
K7QA   Single Op LP   7,1302017-08-13 18:34:36
EU only heard on 20. Sunday opening better than Saturday. 15 completely dead. 40
and 80 full of QRN and only a few US regional signals.
N4YA   Single Op HP   46,1902017-08-13 18:39:33
Yaesu FT-5k, Alpha 9500, Hy-Gain TH-7, Cushcraft XM-240, HI-Z 4 Square for low
band receive.
The bands were pretty noisy here and it looks like it was just as bad from EU
land also. I was really hoping to hear more on 80 meters, but I probably could
only hear the 5 or so that I worked.
My hats off to the EU guys, as 90 percent of them nailed the QTC traffic
without a request to repeat! I would love to hear stories about the days
before computer logging and handling QTCs!!!
If the bands will ever settle down, this fall looks like a fun contest season.
73, and see y'all in the pile ups!
AE1T   Single Op LP   22,2002017-08-13 18:40:26
Terrible conditions.
NR3X(N4YDU)   Single Op HP   1,534,9622017-08-13 18:52:33
Turned out to be a great weekend of operating. It was great to give this a shot
from the wonderful Eastport, Maine location run by The RHR
guys (W2RE, WW2DX and others) have built one heck of a station.

My only 10M QSO was with F6HKA on Sunday during the late morning hours. Each
band proved entertaining at times. It was neat to actually have some rate on
15M. The first day produced 93 QSOS on 15 and the second day was even better.
The Superstack of multi-band yagis there plays exceptionally well.

20M was fantastic throughout the contest and opened quite early. I think the
guys to the south had a little better prop on 40M the first night but things
were rocking late Saturday afternoon on 40 from Eastport. At sunset, I went
straight to 80M on Saturday and the signals were simply huge.

I tried 15M again around 22Z on Sunday and had great RBN data but there were
not many takers.

Very happy to have experience this contest from Maine.

Remote operation using K3/0s RRC boxes from my home in North Carolina with K3s
on site in Maine. More information related to RHR can be found at

Station #1
K3 + Expert 1.3K amp. 1100-1300w PEP

10M 8/8/8 @ 112/84/56
15M 4/4/4 @ 112/84/56
20M 4/4/4 @ 112/84/56
40M 3el @ 123

Station #2

K3 + Expert 1.3K 1200W

GXP antennas 7B-7L

10M 3EL @ 100'
15m 3EL @ 100'
20m 3EL @ 100'
40M 2EL @ 100'
80M 4SQ
KØZR   Single Op HP   79,5202017-08-13 19:02:24
Just too many other requirements for the weekend. Saturday night had bad
thunderstorms which kept the antennas disconnected for several hours. Fun
contest overall.
N4GG   Single Op HP   8,2502017-08-13 19:04:36
Only antenna at the moment is a 40 dipole. Bands sounded pretty bad.
FTdx5000, ACOM 2000A, WRITELOG, Dipole + K9AY
K8MR   Single Op LP   2,1462017-08-13 19:09:10
Squeezed a few WAE QSOs into a weekend on the road. Started the contest Friday
evening in Chatham, MA, on Cape Cod about half a mile from the ocean. Couldn't
tell if the nearby salt water helped, as the band (40) was pretty crummy to EU.
W3 and W4 were loud, however.

Sunday afternoon I got on for a bit from my daughter's house in NJ, on 20
meters. Nothing spectacular here either.

Antenna in both places was a 52 foot vertical wire; in MA fed via a magmount on
the car plus a single 33' elevated radial; in NJ mounted on the ground with
about six random length radials.

73 - Jim K8MR
VE3UTT   Single Op HP   409,7722017-08-13 19:14:39
K3 / Optibeam / 80m inv "V"

Very noisy conditions here.

Always a great contest with the QTC's

Hope all had fun .
HP3SS   Single Op HP   292,8152017-08-13 19:26:23
K-line 500W. 3 el and wires.
I started an hour late due to road conditions returning from a shopping trip.
There were some landslides which also took out the internet for the weekend.
I quit an hour early due to heavy lightning in the area and then a power
Nice that 15M opened on Sunday. I had 213 QSOs with Germany for 35% of total.
This is one of my favorite contests and I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.
I ran about 98% and as usual that costs me in mults. But, that's what I do.
Thanks for all the calls. Many from DXers.
Thanks to N1MM and his team for making QTCs so easy. Thanks DARC!
-Robby HP3SS
KB3Z   Single Op HP   30,5002017-08-13 19:28:57
2nd year I have participated in the contest. Did some running which was a first
and also finally learned how to do QTC's. A big boost in my score versus last
K5ZD   Single Op HP   662,5812017-08-13 19:33:07
Conditions were better than expected. Low bands were quiet.

I did hear K1GQ work F6HKA on 10m, but it was too weak for me to have a

Weather outside was too nice to spend too much time on the radio.

VE3NNT   Single Op LP   34,0802017-08-13 21:17:45
We had company this weekend. I was in and out of the shack during an 8 hour
period. I was testing my new OB17-4, which is sitting on the roof of the
cottage pointing due east. I figured that was ok to work Europe, sort of. It
was all S&P. I'm waiting for delivery of my tower to mount this beautiful
antenna on.
W1EBI   Single Op HP   198,0002017-08-13 21:21:04
First WAE for me in several years. Not the best of conditions, but it was
easier to find a spot to call CQ even though runs didn't last very long.
Sending QTC's is a blast. I guess it's just as much fun at the EU side.

George W1EBI
UA5C   Single Op HP   87,8432017-08-13 21:58:01
N9NB   Single Op LP   500,8602017-08-13 22:22:53
Each day is a blessing, and it is so easy to overlook the fun and joys of life
at every turn. Years ago, I would have been frustrated with what unfolded this
weekend, my first ever serious running of the WAE (and first time to use QTCs),
but instead, I found this weekend's WAE to be purely enjoyable at almost every
turn (except for a trip to Walmart, more later, and even that was not so bad).
It turns out that I was limited to sending at about 20 WPM throughout the
contest -- my deepest apologies to all those who had to wait on my slow fist!

I had made a summer's goal to give a good effort, for the first time, in this
contest, not ever having really understood QTCs or knowing why the contest was
deemed to be so challenging. I have a lot of aspirations in this hobby, such as
getting on RTTY and other digital modes, remoting the station, learning how to
do SO2R, putting up some fixed yagis, improving the low band antennas, etc....
but life naturally moderates the progress. This weekend was going to be pure
ham radio, with a focus on WAE and a logger upgrade. So far, one fixed yagi has
been installed this summer, the rest of the things are still on the to-do list!
But I am hoping to make progress over due course.

I knew that N1MM classic had a broken QTC functionality in its final update,
before the inspired engineering team upgraded to N1MM plus (it is easy to take
for granted the amazing computing power and great service the entire team at
N1MM provide to our hobby!! Big kudos to them). So, this was going to be the
weekend when I finally was going to upgrade to N1MM Plus. Pete, N4ZR, had been
recommending me to upgrade for more than a little while, so I was happy to
finally be doing it. I am a very late adopter for SW, and had been putting off
the upgrade to Plus for the past couple of years, and this contest was going to
be impetus for change.

I cleared my work calendar, arrived at the mountain QTH several hours before
the contest, and begin installing N1MM Plus and reading the rules to WAE.
Super-contester Nate N4YDU , a fellow PVRCer in NC, took time out of his
contest prep to help me by phone to set up the function keys, as I did the
installation. He offered to work me with a few mock qso's using qtc's on 80m
before the contest. (Nate, too, had urged me to upgrade to Plus).

The installation was going great, and whatever hiccups I had, Nate quickly
solved -- by memory-- as he was relaxing, mentally preparing for an all-out
effort, and was not at the computer -- when he offered many crutch tidbits that
corrected the interface control. I was all set to fire up N1MM plus with the WAE
logging database, when I received an error message about my use of Prolific USB
to serial adapters for my keying signal! N1MM Plus ominously warned me that my
sending could be problematic -- this was true. My good friend Tom N9NC had
graciously gifted me various serial cables when we did the first test-drive of
my VA mountain QTH on 10 m in the 2011 CQWW CW, and I had always been using
those cables, not knowing the difference between Prolific and FTDI, because I
had never been impacted -- until NOW. The CW that was now coming out of my N1MM
+ program made my rig sounded AWFUL, with no spacing or differentiation between
dots and dashes! I was in trouble! Nate and I brainstormed, I was ready to
throw in the towel and build antennas all weekend, or to revert back to
Classic, or to just use a keyer the entire time, but Nate encouraged me to
stick with Plus and make a go of it in WAE. I'm glad I did. There was two hours
to go before WAE, and I spent an hour experimenting with the various keyer
weightings in the N1MM+ Software , scrounging around for cables, and calling up
local ham buddies to see if they had any FTDI adapters (my buddy Gordon K1GG
generously offered to give me his Winkeyer, but I didnt really pay much
attention at the time since it would be an hour round trip and rewiring some of
the set up; however, I learned during the contest that everyone seems to use
this, and I remembered some sage advice from Ed W0YK on this topic a while
back, as well). The best way forward seemed to set the N1MM+ sending speed to
26 wpm, which, with the weighting adjustments needed to make reasonable
sounding code, resulted in 20 wpm to the rig! I never had anyone ever ask me
QRQ -- until this weekend-- again, my apologies to all who had to wait!

Sending at 20 wpm was passable on 40 and 80 m with the QRN, but not the next
morning on the high bands- I was painfully slow! My plight, operating in WAE at
such slow speed, conjured up the image from the Star Trek movie, where Spock
(the old Spock) had to set out in space to find the younger version of himself,
using a tiny, antiquated, unprotected space craft as he attempted to navigate
space with deadly death rays everywhere about him, (the movie directors
cleverly used a "squeaky" noise, like a tricycle that needs oiling,
to highlight the old, slow moving nature of his vessel whenever it appeared on
screen). This image continually popped into my mind during the contest, and
made me smile, even laugh out loud on occasion, as I used my squeaky slow CW to
navigate the globe. I realized how much I love star trek, and ham radio
contesting, and how esoteric and obscure this radio sport is, yet how wonderful
it is to be able to send morse code and play like this. I also chuckled that
this enforced patience would help me adapt to the newer JT digital modes, which
apparently require much patience but offer great DX rewards with low SNR
detection capabilities. So, this weekend was "all good", as I was
learning WAE, upgrading to N1MM Plus, and adapting to a new operating
condition, with the realization that I will need to get some new hardware to be
competitive and flexible (for now and future digital modes). What fun! Always
new frontiers in ham radio.

I also realized this weekend the brilliance of WAE.I get it now. But never did
before, since it was hard for me to like what I did not know. I have to applaud
the DARC, as they figured out a fun and free way to provide code copying
practice to all European amateurs, while putting the carbon footprint burden on
the rest of the world who send the QTCs :-). Its quite an amazing contest, and
it was exhilarating to strategize in real time how to shed the QTCs near the
end of the contest, striving for no leftover points. It is quite ingenious in
so many ways, there is so much give and take, and during the contest it was
amusing to formulate analogies from many parts of life, and in various social
contracts, since there is a great deal of complex negotiation and self-enforced
and opt-in social norms in many aspects of the contest. It was quite fun, even
though I was slogging through at only 20 wpm.

I must admit, the slow code speed got me down a bit on Saturday sunrise, as my
rate was capped, so I took a break from the mid morning opening and saw some
friends for breakfast, and then headed to Walmart for an FTDI dongle (the
website showed them in stock). But alas, arriving at Walmart at 1:30pm on a
Saturday, a week before college starts in Blacksburg, was a bit unpleasant.
Lots of crowds, both in the store and in the parking lot, and all of the
shopping attendants I interacted with were not in a mood to help some ham guy
looking for a dongle or a USB adapter -- they shrugged and said it was out of
stock, and sent me on my way. A wasted trip. Oh well, as I walked to my car, I
realized how fortunate we are to have such great stores where we can buy
things, and yet how the Internet may make these places obsolete in our

The contest went well, and having the yagis tuned this summer seems to really
have improved the signal (or is it all in my head?). While my low power status
kept me humble many times, I was amazed how well I could hold a frequency or
move a multiplier when needed. A particularly exciting opportunity arose when
ZB2CW called me on 15 meters for a new multiplier! He had a very low number,
and obviously I was one of the few lucky ones to get ZB in the log. I was so
excited and asked him to move to 20 m, which he graciously, happily obliged,
but being new with N1MM Plus, I fat fingered the log and forgot to log his QSO
on 15 m!! I realized this when I passed him to 20, and I couldn't find him on
the band.....GOSH, I had blown it ! Not only did I fail to get the 2nd ZB
multiplier by missing him on 20, but I botched the entry of the first QSO with
him on 15 and now didn't know the serial number ! I had to try and remember his
Serial Number, since it was now wiped away from the screen (and from my
memory).... I guessed at it (something was gnawing in my mind that it had an
"8" in it, but I put a "20" because something felt right
about that number), and inserted it into the log as I fumbled around trying to
make the 20 m contact, realizing I would probably lose the 15 m multiplier in
log checking, and that this probable logging "error" would propagate
into the QTC that would eventually be sent later...this had me wondering how
all that would work in scoring ....But then something amazing happened, which
is why these contests are so fun....... 20 minutes later, after I had moved to
20 m and had just gotten over my frustration and my QLF logging move, ZB1DX
called me! WOW, I had just gotten back the mult I had botched, but this time on
20 m, and I made REAL SURE to properly log it....lucky for me, ZB1DX was very
kind, willing to move to 15 m where I could try and get an insurance mult for
the original ZB2CW that I would likely lose in log checking....ZB1CW arrived on
15m just as he said he would, and he called me a few times - but he couldn't
hear me at first, as copy was light -- but then, he was immediately jumped upon
by the masses. I thought my 100 W would never be able to get through, and I
heard NR4M work him as the pile up continued to build..but then, ZB1DX paused
and called specifically for me, several times, and as the pile up died down,
obeying his command, he had everyone stand by and listened just for me -- we
made the qso-- he allowed me to pick him up for the ZB mult. on 15 M. Wow, was
that fun! What a lesson in grace, that was! Two very graceful operators, ZB2CW
and ZB1DX.

The late afternoon opening to EU on 15 m the second day was also great fun, as
I had a near ESP QSO with new mult OE1CIW, and picked up several new mults that
I would never have expected. Later in the contest, OE1CIW called me on 20 m,
and we chuckled and marveled about that earlier QSO.

Even with slow CW speed, and low power, the contest was a blast! The adventures
of contesting never cease to amaze. I know everyone has stories like these. And
they happen in every contest! This weekend, I was able to make time to clear my
desk of everything but ham radio, and it was magic. Its amazing to me all the
wonderful people who write the logging software, build the antennas, create the
contest rules, participate in these weekend events, install the remote hardware
and software, and evaluate the thousands of logs. Even this 3830 website is
such a cool venue. Its quite an amazing thing, and one that can easily be taken
for granted.

Who would have thought that with such an auspicious start, WAE could turn out
to be such fun? Who would have known that the WAE contest has such complexity
with lessons and metaphors for life. Who would have thought that operating 20
wpm could actually be enjoyable? I would NEVER have thought it a few years ago.
I think I might have taken it all too seriously. Perhaps more than ever before,
I actually stopped and listened to a lot of the CW this weekend, and mulled the
characters around in my ears, listened how they sounded, imagined what it must
be like for the sender at that very moment, and what their stations might have
looked like. The slower speed actually seemed to have had an odd calming
effect, despite my disappointment of losing rate.

Sure, a critic could say that poor preparation led to this sequence of events,
and that would be true, of course. Had I tested the N1MM Plus program weeks or
months earlier, I could have obtained the proper hardware and ensured proper
keying. But I didn't. Priorities like family, friends and travel happily got in
the way. This hobby is remarkable, in that it accommodates us, wherever we are
in life, to whatever extent we wish to commit to the hobby, spending whatever
we have time for, or don't have time for, or what we choose to make time for.
In my case, I allowed the WAE weekend to be the block of time where I could
implement a new logging programming and learn a new contest -- and wow, was it
terrific! I was looking forward to living in the moment of this sacred block of
time, and absolutely enjoyed it. I had a choice to be frustrated with the
situation, or embrace the situation, and I am glad I did the latter. It was
such an enjoyable event. I hope I get to enjoy many more of these WAE

A few years ago, I doubt I would have stayed the course with the contest. In
fact, I doubt I would have had the discipline to carve out the block of time to
be completely free from work or other obligations. I'm sure glad to be able to
enjoy it now!

73 and thanks everyone for the qsos, and for your patience this weekend, and to
DARC for the great contest ! 73 ted n9nb
LY5T   Single Op LP   87,9062017-08-13 23:30:18
With poor conditions, especially second day, low power and single vertical
antenna in the downtown, I set no other tasks to myself, only to learn and
improve QTC receiving, which years ago was not as good as I wish it was. Now
I'm almost satisfied. If only SNR was a little bit better here...
BTW, has excellent QTC trainer. Good resource to warm up before
No doubts, WAEDC is very different contest! For CW addicts.
S56A   Single Op LP   198,3962017-08-14 00:41:39
P33W 9 QTC on 10 m not logged due to 703 not understood as the start time :-(
Old N1MM Logger used as I can control it by my CW robot. However, poor condx
and some tech problems prevented the activation. Coaxial vertical didn't show
8,5 m H-155 extension to resonate around 3,5 MHz? Lot of QRN at the start.
Sunday was much better. Not much fun typing QTC with two fingers :-)

73 de Mario, S56A
HA3OU   Single Op HP   354,5782017-08-14 02:18:41
Thanks for the QSOs & QTCs!
YO9HP   Single Op HP   857,7602017-08-14 02:30:37
Poor propagation, noisy 80/40m, less and less interest from JA stations,
but still a lot of fun in chasing QTC-s. I was impressed by stations with low
QSO count (15-20 QSO-s), but willing to give us the QTC extra points.
See you all in coming contests! 73, Alex YO9HP
4Z4AK(@4X4REM)   Single Op LP   1,281,2362017-08-14 02:58:11
Tu! 73!
DJ5MW   Single Op HP   2,247,5302017-08-14 03:29:19
difficult condx this time! Missed some of 10m mults due to rest strategy...
np2x was loud on 10m on sunday afternoon, but the only station on the band.

QTC traffic worked fine most of the time. Please consider repeating the Call of
the receiving station before sending QTCs. So it's clear, whom you send the QTCs
and if you copied the Call correctly.
Quite a few stations with choppy CW related to working remote or HF issues?
made it hard to copy right.

Gave the IC7300 a try as main radio!
I love this little radio. ok, you need bandfilter to avoid ovf and I also have
the INRAD RX mod and a preselector in line just in case.

Nice race with DJ1YFK and UW2M on cqcontest! A pity that OM2VL is missing.
You are both mult kings! congrats!

73 de Manfred, DJ5MW
HG7T   M/S HP   2,398,4452017-08-14 03:37:09
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
K2ZR   Single Op LP   103,0902017-08-14 03:54:31
RIG: K2 @95W
20 & 40 were pretty much the only bands that were usable.
80 meters was very noisy on Friday night. On Saturday night, 80 was better and
I managed a few Qs. I caught a couple of Qs on 15. 10 never opened. For this
contest Ops had to be right on top of propagation!
Given that 3 bands were out to lunch, Q counts were down.
Most interesting QSO: I was called by 3A/Monaco while running!
Only left 2 QTCs on the table.
YO8TTT(@YO8KGA)   Single Op HP   556,8292017-08-14 04:01:03
I really enjoyed the QTCs, great contest but participation is lower and lower...

73's Alex YO8TTT
W3YY   M/S HP   201,5202017-08-14 04:35:33
Fixed my 4-El SteppIR just in time for the contest, so could again use 20
through 10 in the contest. After retiring in May, I have time to get back to
doing some contesting, at least casually. 73, Bob - W3YY
K8AJS   Single Op HP   71,0042017-08-14 05:03:19
Had a good time with this contest. 291 QSOs included 114 DA/DLs; the Germans are
obviously all out for this event.

Sunday morning I had a screw-up sending QTCs when I lost the list; the result
was that I wound up sending more QTCs than I had contacts. I'm sure the scoring
committee will straighten out my score so the receivers of those QTCs don't get
penalized for my mistake...:-(

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3 & KPA500 500 watts
Antannas: 204-foot G5RV, 3 exe quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6666.0
WØPV   Single Op LP   42,3122017-08-14 05:09:30
Many thanks to the European stations who copied QTC's from my little 100 watt
and dipole wire station. 73 de John
OZ4CG   Single Op LP   9602017-08-14 05:49:40
RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W)
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6666.0
W1GD   Single Op HP   154,8672017-08-14 05:55:44
Pretty limited time. Saturday was my granddaughter's First Birthday Party and
Sunday was spent catching up on the backlog of yard work. It's always fun
working friends (old & new).
LU5DX   Single Op HP   374,8462017-08-14 05:58:13
Rig: Yaesu FTDX3000D
Antenna: Vertical GP
Amp: Yaesu FL 7000
Panadapter: SDRPlay RSP2
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   143,7852017-08-14 05:59:10
No operation Friday evening - storms. Saturday was decent. Only 1 hour on
Sunday - got some sort of a bug that made the rest of the day miserable.
W2CDO   Single Op HP   101,7112017-08-14 06:21:36
Station: K3s+Alpha 9500, rooftop hexbeam @ 35', OCF dipole @ 60'
Thanks all.
kind regards,
N3ND   Single Op HP   14,3882017-08-14 06:30:30
Very little time. Still, a fun contest.
GW4J(GWØETF)   Single Op HP   4,8802017-08-14 06:56:19
An unexpected couple of free hours late on Sunday in the middle of a 'family
weekend' meant I didn't miss WAE completely...;-)
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   1822017-08-14 07:33:03
Arrived back home with under an hour to go. Ran up and down the band twice and
worked whoever could hear me.
KE8M   Single Op HP   198,4322017-08-14 07:38:39
Band Q/QTC QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
3.5 QSO 17 17 32 1.0
7 QSO 59 59 66 1.0
7 SQTC 69 69 0 1.0
14 QSO 383 383 88 1.0
14 SQTC 391 391 0 1.0
21 QSO 18 18 22 1.0
21 SQTC 17 17 0 1.0
Total All 954 954 208 1.0
Score: 198,432
1 Mult = 4.6 Q's

Elecraft K3s + Ameritron ALS 1300 @ 500-1000 W

Antennas : 10M - Hy Gain LJ 105CA @ 45 ft
15M - Hy Gain LJ 155CA @ 42 ft
20M - Hy Gain LJ 204CA @ 50 ft
40M - dipole @ 40 ft
40M - full size ground plane @ 25 ft
40M - full size ground mounted vertical 120 radials
80M - full size ground mounted vertical 175 radials
WO4O   Single Op HP   365,4252017-08-14 07:42:10
13 years ago was my 2nd time playing in this event. This 3rd time had me
monitoring to navigate my operating around multiple t-storms,
asking for multiple repeats due to QRN, and forcing my QRT during peak run
times. Kudos to the EU ops copying my QTCs. TU for 20 hours of fun during the

73, de ric, wo4o
KZ5D   Single Op HP   43,6802017-08-14 07:55:23
Lots of fun in the very limited time I had available this weekend. Had lots of
outdoor honey-dos to take care of. But when i had a chance to sneak in to the
shack, I found the bands about as bad as ever! Nothing heard on 15 from EU. I
was not able to squeeze any late evening time in to operate due to social
commitments so missed some good times on 40 and 80?

After reading some of the other W5 land reports, I think we all suffered
equally with horrible conditions. Hopefully, next year will be better.
NR4M   M/S HP   1,212,8502017-08-14 07:59:53
Thanks for the Q's

NW3Y   Single Op HP   392,5442017-08-14 08:23:40
Always a fun contest as I enjoy the fine EU operators. A good warm-up to the
upcoming contest season.
OZ7BQ   Single Op LP   52,0952017-08-14 08:30:33
Conditions not as good as last year.
Still do not understand why some operators insist on sending QTC's in 30 WPM+,
when asked to QRS.
Thanks to all who took the time and did slow down to my speed and made it fun
to participate in the contest
Hans Jørgen (Joe).
K7OM   Single Op HP   4,3202017-08-14 08:43:32
Very poor conditions for this contest. Nothing heard on 15m or 10m.
N8UM   Single Op HP   192,8632017-08-14 08:51:27
A few 15m Qs after 2000z on Sunday.

K3 9500 N1MM+ 17 verticals
W4EE   Single Op LP   41,7882017-08-14 09:33:22
73, Jim
WQ6X(@NX6T)   Single Op HP   59,0082017-08-14 10:27:55
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T ("NashVile").
This weekend's operation was PLAGUED with computer system crashes,
so if I disappeared on you in the middle of sending a packet of
QTC's that is why. Heard no EU on 80/10 meters. Worked 1 QSO on 15.
This was my FIRST WAE contest where I engaged in QTC sending.
I felt like a player in poker tournament with a BOUNTY;
except my bounty renewed itself every 10 QSOs.
This contest was the most fun I've had all summer.
Look for me in next year's WAE Cw contest, with some NEW SURPRISES.
You can read my writeup on this contest at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
KU2M   Single Op LP   239,0762017-08-14 10:35:01
Let's see... what did I do this lovely summer weekend? Hmmm... nailed in a dozen
top caps on the deck post upright 4x4s, re-stained the front door, repaired the
guest bathroom door molding, painted almost 100 feet of the house deck railing
skirt facade, took the dogs on a couple of obligatory mile-long walks, battled
the Saturday morning crowds at the local Shop-Rong Supermarket to pick up a few
groceries, spent some quality time with the XYL for a few meals.... and...
and.... OH - THAT'S RIGHT - NOW I REMEMBER - the WAE CW Contest! Passing by the
shack door while doing all this stuff, I was somehow able to sneak in the shack,
unnoticed by Management, and squeeze in some operating - when I wasn't too
exhausted, that is. This was a watershed event for me, since I had always hated
QTCs... and now I feel like the second half of the title of Dr. Strangelove - to
paraphrase: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love QTCs." I must
say, N1MM+ made it possible. Oh, you want some QTCs? No problem. Just press
CTRL-Z. Repeat the call? press 2. Repeat the serial number? press 3. Easy-Peasy
- even I could do it, thanks to all those N1MM gurus! It even keeps track of who
got how many QTCs and how many more they can have in a subsequent request
without the clown popping out of the computer, throwing a pie in your face and
making everything crash. Amazing program.

But seriously, folks - WAE CW is an oasis in the summer doldrums. Beach? What's
that? Give me a contest. No messy sunscreen needed, no sand in your underwear,
and no sharks (well, except maybe those corporate Pay-to-Play stations up in
Maine, but that's another story). Conditions on 20 at times were a bit weak,
some guys couldn't hear my 100 watts, 80M was noisy and 15M was more or less
comatose, but overall, thanks to 40M and 20M, activity was not too bad and I
had fun. Just sorry I couldn't do more hours, but what can you do - the
honeydos rule the roost. Thanks to all for the Qs - and the QTCs!
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   1,151,3282017-08-14 10:46:47
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! I thought I would need a lot of them when I heard
how well Nate, NR3X,was doing. I'm glad he was in Maine instead of North
Carolina - it makes me feel better. Anyway, congratulations Nate on the great

Friday, I lost about twenty minutes because of a problem with the internet
connection at the farm. Since WAE doesn't have single operator categories,
internet connectivity is essential. I ended up using my cell phone as a
hotspot. 80 meters was a struggle Friday night but the sunrise opening to
Europe on 40 was very good.

I started too early on 20 meters Saturday morning. I should have extended my
off-time, but I heard stations to the North running Europe and thought I could
to. Then, I didn't want to stop and take a full hour in case 20 opened.
Lesson learned, again. I should take the last couple of hours on Sunday
afternoon off!

Saturday night started with incredible rain static. Fortunately, I had a
beverage and receive four square - and they helped, but the heavy rain came
with a severe thunderstorm. I lost about an hour and a half early Saturday
night due to lightning and struggled with the high level of QRN for much of the

Sunday morning, I was running on 20 meters. I had worked 49 countries on 20 at
that point and was called by THREE multipliers in a row. THREE: Estonia,
Gibralter, and Kaliningrad. Very cool.

15 opened Sunday - almost every QSO I had was "skew path" over North
Africa but I picked up lots of multipliers. Many of the stations on were weak
but there was the occasional very loud signal. It stayed open most of the
afternoon but I couldn't establish a good rate calling CQ for long.

Never heard any Europe on 10 meters. RU1A asked me to move but I couldn't hear
him either.

Thanks to John Evans for letting me use his great station. No excuses due to
the station - everything worked well.

See you in WAE SSB. Hourly rates and QSOs by country follow.


Mark, KD4D

Day Hr 3.5 7 14 21 Tot Accum
2017-08-12 00 0 61 6 0 67 67
2017-08-12 01 9 39 0 0 48 115
2017-08-12 02 27 11 0 0 38 153
2017-08-12 03 6 44 0 0 50 203
2017-08-12 04 2 48 0 0 50 253
2017-08-12 05 0 57 0 0 57 310
2017-08-12 06 0 32 0 0 32 342
2017-08-12 09 0 0 3 0 3 345
2017-08-12 10 0 0 46 0 46 391
2017-08-12 11 0 0 91 0 91 482
2017-08-12 12 0 0 68 1 69 551
2017-08-12 13 0 0 39 12 51 602
2017-08-12 14 0 0 39 4 43 645
2017-08-12 15 0 0 13 0 13 658
2017-08-12 16 0 0 29 0 29 687
2017-08-12 17 0 0 48 0 48 735
2017-08-12 18 0 0 40 0 40 775
2017-08-12 19 0 0 41 0 41 816
2017-08-12 20 0 0 27 0 27 843
2017-08-12 21 0 0 35 0 35 878
2017-08-12 22 0 20 12 0 32 910
2017-08-12 23 0 1 0 0 1 911
2017-08-13 00 2 20 0 0 22 933
2017-08-13 01 7 22 0 0 29 962
2017-08-13 02 5 16 0 0 21 983
2017-08-13 03 6 28 0 0 34 1017
2017-08-13 04 6 29 0 0 35 1052
2017-08-13 05 1 15 0 0 16 1068
2017-08-13 11 0 0 55 0 55 1123
2017-08-13 12 0 0 39 4 43 1166
2017-08-13 13 0 0 9 25 34 1200
2017-08-13 14 0 0 7 19 26 1226
2017-08-13 15 0 0 1 3 4 1230
2017-08-13 16 0 0 16 0 16 1246
2017-08-13 17 0 0 22 0 22 1268
2017-08-13 18 0 0 35 0 35 1303
2017-08-13 19 0 0 23 1 24 1327
2017-08-13 20 0 0 23 5 28 1355
2017-08-13 21 0 4 19 2 25 1380
2017-08-13 22 0 24 7 0 31 1411
2017-08-13 23 0 24 2 0 26 1437
Total 0 71 495 795 76 1437 1437

CountryPrefix 3.5 7 14 21 Tot Accum
3A 0 1 1 0 2 2
4O 0 1 1 0 2 4
4U1V 0 0 1 0 1 5
9A 1 9 13 3 26 31
CT 1 2 5 1 9 40
CU 0 1 0 0 1 41
DL 23 164 251 27 465 506
E7 0 6 4 0 10 516
EA 3 8 19 5 35 551
EA6 1 1 1 0 3 554
EI 0 1 0 0 1 555
ES 0 1 1 0 2 557
EU 1 12 14 1 28 585
F 2 16 18 5 41 626
G 2 19 36 2 59 685
GD 0 1 2 0 3 688
GI 0 1 2 0 3 691
GM 1 3 6 0 10 701
GW 1 3 7 0 11 712
HA 3 15 22 2 42 754
HB 2 11 16 1 30 784
I 0 21 36 5 62 846
IS 0 1 1 0 2 848
IT9 1 2 2 1 6 854
JW 0 0 1 0 1 855
K 0 0 3 0 3 858
LA 0 4 6 0 10 868
LX 0 1 3 0 4 872
LY 1 4 9 1 15 887
LZ 0 4 10 2 16 903
OE 2 10 9 1 22 925
OH 0 5 12 0 17 942
OH0 1 1 2 2 6 948
OJ0 0 1 1 0 2 950
OK 1 31 32 1 65 1015
OM 1 9 14 2 26 1041
ON 4 13 11 2 30 1071
OY 0 0 1 0 1 1072
OZ 1 6 5 0 12 1084
PA 5 17 31 0 53 1137
S5 3 13 15 3 34 1171
SM 0 7 13 0 20 1191
SP 1 17 32 1 51 1242
SV 0 0 3 0 3 1245
SV9 0 0 1 0 1 1246
TA1 0 0 1 0 1 1247
TF 0 0 1 0 1 1248
TK 0 0 2 0 2 1250
UA 2 8 51 1 62 1312
UA2 0 0 3 0 3 1315
UR 5 25 30 1 61 1376
XE 0 1 0 0 1 1377
YL 0 3 6 1 10 1387
YO 1 11 15 1 28 1415
YU 1 4 9 1 15 1430
Z3 0 0 2 1 3 1433
Z6 0 0 1 0 1 1434
ZB 0 0 1 2 3 1437
Total 71 495 795 76 1437 1437
WX3B   Single Op HP   6,5222017-08-14 13:26:34
Got a quick chance to get on for a some fun on 20 meters. Got shut down by
Thunderstorms in the afternoon!! 20m was rocking and rolling!


Jim WX3B
DM6V(@DL5AXX)   M/S HP   2,557,2962017-08-14 13:29:00
73 Ulf, DL5AXX
DL8DYL(@DFØSAX)   Single Op HP   1,184,9042017-08-14 13:37:15
I enjoyed this contest very much - first time from the new QTH of DF0SAX. It
seems we need to improve the antenna situation... Thanks for calling! 73 Irina,
N3XL   Single Op HP   9722017-08-14 14:34:45
52 min.
RU1A   M/S HP   3,156,0212017-08-14 15:04:30
It's vy big storm near our site second night, vy QRN and statics.
Very good condx 80,40 and but qiute poor condx 20,15,10 - K=3.
See you WAEDC SSB from UA7K team

Vlad RW1A
NN5O   Single Op HP   37,4682017-08-14 15:40:22
Conditions were horrible at this QTH. The majority of EU signals were down in
the mud. I think the sun went to sleep. :-)

'Twas fun, though. Especially, the QTC function. N1MM+ makes this a breeze!

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, NN5O #1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet
N4EEV   Single Op LP   9,9222017-08-14 19:15:53
K3 and a dipole @ 40ft. Pain still an issue here preventing me from sitting for
periods longer than 30 min at a time. 20m and 40m were the best bands here in
Eastern Coastal GA, with lower bands unusable due to QRN and higher bands
hearing little activity. The best part of WAE is the QTC exchange; I love this!
What a great concept that other contests should embrace. I had a blast even
though I wish I didn't hurt so much. Thanks for the QSO! 73 Mike
W4ML(W4MYA)   Single Op HP   321,7352017-08-14 19:21:33
Ran some
S/P some
IB9T(IK2PFL)   Single Op HP   1,533,1682017-08-15 02:28:41
Almost a last minute arrangment for this contest... thanks to Joe IT9BLB to
allow me operating from the amazing IB9T station.
Low participation due to poor propagation, most of the time spent in S&P
soliciting QTCs.
Finally a lot of stations passed QTCs despite they had just a few QSOs in log,
this is great and it's the spirit of this nice contest! On the other hand pity
that someone having 1000+ QSOs never passed QTCs.
JG1VGX(@JG1ZUY)   Single Op HP   400,2052017-08-15 03:18:41
Enjoyed the lowest condition near cycle bottom at the hottest time of the year!

Getting at the site was delayed due to family errands, also some equipment work
needed to be done at site before getting on the air.

I've left my car at the parking, and while walking up the last mile to the
contest cabin, I encountered a 'welcome attack' by mountain leeches, uggghhh!!
Those disgusting creature quite easily climb up on our boots and trousers and
may even fall from tree branches above!

Well, this is not the first time and I'm now getting used to this ;)
I dealt with this situation in a calm manner, well, somewhat. I paced up to the
cabin, then all leeches on my body (fortunately on clothes, not on skin) were
carefully removed and properly treated. Not a single drop of my blood was
sucked, which was a huge success!

Sorry for the horror story. Now the contest recap itself.

Band/day breakdown:
Day 1 Day 2 Total
80: 2 0 2
40: 164 51 215
20: 369 211 580
15: 39 24 63
10: 0 4 4
Total 574 290 864
OpHrs 11.5 14 25.5

We only have marginal antenna for 80mb.

Obviously there was not much on 10/15mb, but this is the time when 20mb really
shines! Rather noisier than 15/10, it surprisingly survives these lowly years
of the sunspot cycle. That's the 'magic band', really.

Day one was so-so and I made a little less than 600Qs. On day two, I became
more motivated and concentrated, expecting the total of >1,000Qs. However,
it simply didn't happen. Don't know why, but it was very, very slow on day two.
No reports of storm, and I don't believe it's just the 'day two' effect. Kind of
disappointing, but I did my best until I stopped at 19z (4am local Monday) when
I needed to clean and pack up everything and leave for work.

Thank you for all QSO/QTCs!

73 rin JG1VGX
VY2ZM(K1ZM)   Single Op HP   1,576,6262017-08-15 04:22:32
First - Congrats to Nate N4YDU and to the RHR team for their fantastic station
near Eastport, ME - in clear view of both CANADA and the Atlantic Ocean from
the top of the rotating towers. This is the NEW WAVE of the future in a new
form of "DX-Pedition Contesting" - where you do not even have to
leave the comfort of your own home to experience the BEST OF THE BEST - and
W2RE and WW2DX and their RHR team have only scratched the surface so far in
their creation of this super station. Their plans for the future are bolder
still. If you worked WU1ITU on 6M this summer, (and the 6M signal was MASSIVE)
- you already know what I am saying here.

Okay now - back to VY2ZM. I enjoy WAE in August and September because it is a
warm up and pre-test as I start to think about CQWW SSB in October. It is a
dry run to see what works and what does NOT. This year I had just returned
from my wife's father's funeral in NYC and I had very little time to get ready
for even WAE. On Friday morning I had a few issues:

1) My Packet laptop had a bad hard-drive - and had to be swapped out
2) A second laptop used for recording had a bad hard drive and I decided not to
address this right away - but this needs to be done for CQWW of course

All seemed okay with the rest of the station - and we started off on Friday -
and I was pleased as to how things were going when I took my first off time.

However, on Saturday morning - the LEFT radio (used for SO2R and mult chasing)
was showing a high SWR and the amp was not auto tuning and switching. Ouch!

So Saturday was spent operating SO1R because I needed more time to figure out
what was wrong and I did not want to take another off-time. Every time I
listened to NR3X on 21011 or so it was DEPRESSING as Nate was running EU at
will and I could not even hear what he was working! OUCH AGAIN!

Truth be told - being far North and East in the Canadian Maritimes is a real
blessing on 160m and 80m but it can and often IS a real CURSE under a weak
solar flux - because even a 225 mile distance South and West from PEI can mean
the difference between an OPEN band and a DEAD band on 10 and even 15M. So
here I was checking 15m on my one operable radio and finding NR3X just running
EU hand over fist and I could not hear SQUAT!!!! Depressing YES - big time!
And I knew he had to be at W2RE/1 Eastport based on the massive BACKSCATTER
signal I was hearing - he was like a local coming in on ground wave and
probably he was reaching me on a combination of scatter and ground wave. All I
could do was try to keep up on 20m which was open for me - but I knew he was
KILLING ME on 15m mults and, if this continued, he was going to win this thing
for sure. I have lost at least 3 WAE CW contests due to being just too far
North on 10M in August and September - and I was feeling like it probably was
going to happen yet again.

I kept going and had a pretty good night on 40 and 80 - at least I was still in
the game. As I took my mid-evening off time, I decided to check out what was
wrong with the second radio and as luck would have it, it was either a failed
BANDPASS filter - or BAND DECODER on the Bandpass side of its output - there
are two one sinking and one sourcing - but no matter, one side was not
switching and following the BAND DATA. I bypassed the BPF and the second radio
and AMP came alive again. I was QRV for DAY 2 - now with SO2R!!

Sunday presented better condx for me for sure. I kept watching 15m and it
seemed that NATE and I hit it at nearly the same time - but this time I could
HEAR Europe - and I had a chance to get back in the hunt on 15m. I spent a lot
of time there and went from 28 qso's on Day 1 to 185 total for both days in
combination - I also seemed to match Nate's 15M multiplier count - which was
critical to have any chance to make a high score.

10M - Congrats to Nate and K1GQ for somehow managing to hear and work F6HKA.
To be honest I might have tried a pass or two but since 15M had been SO DEAD on
Saturday, I did not have much hope for 10M. Maybe I might have had a chance but
who knows - all I ever heard on 10M was NP2X running Eu stations that I could
not hear on any path - direct or skew - on high antennas or low - NADA!

Anyway, it was a fun contest - especially saying hello to P33W (LZ2HM) and
Krassy K1LZ at LZ5R on each of the bands as I rolled across them.

High point? 80m for sure - where my WW2Y designed 6 el broadside/endfire array
really talks - with almost 6db more gain than my backup 4SQ - it is probably my
strongest band - but activity was well down - so only so much was possible on
80m - pity. My multiplier count was definitely down from previous years on

Thanks to all my old friends and FOC mates who called in - G3XTT and others,
and MD0CCE who will visit VY2ZM in September - Miriam and I are really looking
forward to Bob's coming to be with us then! I think he may enjoy listening to
what 80m and 160m sound like from this place - HI.

VO1MP   Single Op HP   14,2042017-08-15 06:13:38
almost strictly S&P 20 meters was good from here.... DID heard a few EU
stns on 15 who didn't hear me operated Sunday only. still in my most active
amateur radio mode
( Antenna repair) .Sorry to those who requested QTCs and were declined I had
some minor computer issues .
thanks for Qs
KN4Y   Single Op LP   22,2882017-08-15 06:50:35
Various projects on the home front kept operating for short periods of time. The
band condition kept the pace slow, finally I set my goal at 100 QSO's, got the
job done, went to the senior center to cry in my Geratol.
K3UA   Single Op HP   59,3042017-08-15 07:21:09
Gotta love those QTCs! Fun contest!
ON6NL   Single Op HP   46,7652017-08-15 10:32:37
I could not choose between the WAE-CW and the Meteor Scatter Sprint contest
on 144MHz, so I did a little of both.
DLØUM(DL7FER)   Single Op LP   947,4882017-08-15 12:21:18
What a slog! Was is worth it? Dunno. Condx these days are not conducive to LP
Anyway, thanks for the QSOs and QTCs.
WD5K   Single Op HP   75,6242017-08-15 12:46:45
Elecraft K3 -> Amp
TH7DX @ 50\'
40m Dipole
DL7UGN   Single Op LP   391,6202017-08-15 13:48:32
Conds much worser than 2016.
Thanks to everbody who worked me!
10...40m: Titanex DLP19 Logperiodic @10m (includes Dipole for 40m)
80 m: Dipole @ 8m (only...)

N2ZN   Single Op HP   80,4962017-08-15 14:32:59
Planned on more time in the chair, but life got in the way.
K5IZO   Single Op HP   1,7162017-08-15 17:24:01
Had big time trouble with my computer. Maybe I'll get it fixed the next time
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op HP   2,121,4622017-08-16 05:05:36
One week before the contest fields owner promissed me that I can put up
bewerages on his field. On Thursday I put up 5 beverages and everything was
prepared for WAE " which is my favorite contest . On Friday morning I
was called by phone that 3 beverages was damaged by the fields owner  … I
am quickly went to the QTH to see what happened. I spent 3 hours to save wires.
Unfortunatelly I can use during the contest only 2 beverages and it was BIG
handicap, because I missed many multipliers on 80m. because 80m Yagi must put
down I had as TX antenna only dipole which was very good and made some very
nice multipliers, but of course with YAGI I am sure that can work more. And
it’s was not the only problems:
- I had big thunderstorm at the beginning of the contest and I must stay after
1 hour transmission during nice opening on the 40m.
- I had PA problems at first night.
- 15m stack can’t rotate.
- I had also PC problems.

Thank you very much for the nice QSO’s and QTC’s - especially for stations
who back on my frq and complete to 10 QTC. Unfortunatelly this year I was not
lucky with QTC's - so many timeS I got only 1-5, BUT on another side 1 is more
then nothing ;) .

Congrats to DJ5MW and UW2M for his nice score!

73! Laci OM2VL
W9ILY   Single Op LP   27,7682017-08-16 10:07:04
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
KQ4LA   Single Op LP   40,3922017-08-16 17:33:27
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's Worked All Europe DX Contest Log 1.3
NAME: Jeffrey Swain
ADDRESS: 1684 Sheppard Ave
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0031
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0032 DM6V
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0033 DL5YM
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0033 UW2M
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0035 9A2AJ
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0037 HG7T
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0042
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0043 HA7A
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0044 RU1A
QTC: 7028 CW 2017-08-12 0129 DJ1YFK 1/10 KQ4LA 0053 3Z1K
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0057 IR2C
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0100 SN7Q
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0102 M4U
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0102 OZ5E
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0113 RK3ER
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0116
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0119 DK8ZB
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0120 OL1M
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0127
QTC: 7036 CW 2017-08-12 0203 DL0UM 2/10 KQ4LA 0139
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0139
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0141 EF1A
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0142 OP4K
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0145 HG5F
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0147 UR7GO
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0150 DL0GL
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0152
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0156 E73Y
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0158
QTC: 14019 CW 2017-08-12 1207 HG7T 3/10 KQ4LA 0200 DL0UM
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1138 9A7V
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1141 DJ6OZ
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1142 F6IRA
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1143 OH0Z
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1145 EA8KW
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1147
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1150 PA4O
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1152 DL0GL
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1204 HG7T
QTC: 14014 CW 2017-08-12 1214 OZ5E 4/10 KQ4LA 1209 DK8ZB
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1210
DL7ANR 186
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1211 OZ5E
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1215 YL1ZF
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1217 LX1NO
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1218 DF6JC
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1220 LY1FK
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1222 DJ6GI
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1224 RK9AX
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1225 OP7B
QTC: 14020 CW 2017-08-12 2143 9A2AJ 5/10 KQ4LA 1226 OK6DJ
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2132 S53R
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2133 HA3NU
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2134 YT9M
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2136 I1NVU
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2136
HB9DHG 475
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2138
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2139 EA5GX
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2140 9A2AJ
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2144 UR7GO
QTC: 14030 CW 2017-08-12 2209 DJ5MW 6/10 KQ4LA 2145 3Z1K
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2148
EA5FID 250
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2148
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2206
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2206 DJ5MW
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2210 LZ1QN
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2211 F6ARC
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2213 IB9T
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2214
DL8DYL 492
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2216
S59ABC 434
QTC: 14004 CW 2017-08-12 2222 IZ8GCB 7/10 KQ4LA 2217 S57DX
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2219
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2222
YO8TTT 255
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2224 DL7AT
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2225 DP6A
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2227
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2228 DR5X
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2229 IR2C
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2231 9A1AA
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2231 I3FDZ
QTC: 14044 CW 2017-08-12 2240 DM6V 8/10 KQ4LA 2232
IZ2GRG 179
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2233 DK7HA
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2236
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2237 DM6V
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2242 S59AA
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2243 I0ZUT
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2252 HA2NP
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2253 DK5DQ
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2255
DJ1YFK 652
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2256 OQ5M
QTC: 14053 CW 2017-08-12 2305 DJ7IK 9/10 KQ4LA 2257
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2301 DM4CW
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2302 DJ7IK
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2307 DL0UM
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2309 DJ0MY
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2310 S53A
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2311 HG5F
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2313 PA2A
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2314 ED2A
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2316 DK0MM
QTC: 14040 CW 2017-08-12 2324 S51Z 10/10 KQ4LA 2318 S53K
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2318 RU1A
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2319 S51Z
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2325 I2IFT
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2326
IZ4JMA 134
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2327 DM2MF
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2328 Z33Z
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2329 G3VGZ
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2338 S59AA
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2341 S53R
QTC: 7029 CW 2017-08-12 2347 OT6M 11/10 KQ4LA 2343 9A1AA
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 2344 OT6M
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0010 LY5W
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0011
OK2RRR 214
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0014 SP5Y
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0017 PA2A
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0019 SP3CW
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0021
YO8TTT 338
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0025 I2IFT
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0030
HB9FKK 160
QTC: 7009 CW 2017-08-13 0119 DL7ON 12/10 KQ4LA 0037
PA3GVI 142
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0048 OK1VD
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0049 OM2VL
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0050
CT1JGA 185
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0055
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0059 DK5DQ
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0112 EW2A
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0116 DL7ON
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0121 F5IN
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0122 DK3YD
QTC: 14031 CW 2017-08-13 1318 OH0R 13/10 KQ4LA 0125 F5OHM
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 0140 OF6MW
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1309 UA3KW
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1310 OG6N
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1312 YT1A
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1314
HB9CVQ 101
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1315 OH0R
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1322 GI5I
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1326 SP5Y
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1326
GM3YOR 136
QTC: 14023 CW 2017-08-13 1336 UW2M 14/10 KQ4LA 1327 OH1VR
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1328 F5OHM
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1330 UA5C
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1332 EW2A
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1333 UW2M
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1421 US8IM
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1431 F6HKA
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1439 GW4J
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1447 EA5YI
QTC: 14038 CW 2017-08-13 1457 OM2VL 15/9 KQ4LA 1448 LY4T
K9GDF   Single Op LP   6002017-08-17 10:18:21
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
OT6M   M/S HP   151,0442017-08-17 14:24:59
Because of other commitments only a short participation.
The bands were just as could be expected with such low SFI numbers. 20 and 40
the "bread and butter" bands, 15 and 10 not really usable. We didn't
have 80 and 160m antennas...

Again it was interesting to notice a big difference in average signal
strengths, ranging from in or just above the noise level up to solid S9. This
made some QTC blocks tricky to copy. All and all again great fun to receive
QTC's in a constant flow!

One of my personal highlights was a first time tasting a rack of ribs from
Frank's BGE (Big Green Egg). He had prepared and grilling them for about 6
hours on low heat (110C - 230F). I became to admire slow cooking really well

We already scheduled a "reprise" in one month during the WAE SSB.
CUAL then.

-- Aurelio, PC5A
I3FDZ   Single Op LP   387,3242017-08-18 08:41:34
More info:

Worked All Europe DX Contest - CW - Sommario e Statistiche per I3FDZ

Time ON : 32:01 Ore
Time OFF: 12:27 Ore

Sommario QSO/Punti

80 25 0 28 40 0 25 1,00
40 101 113 36 48 0 214 2,12
20 276 625 50 58 10 901 3,26
15 34 29 26 24 1 63 1,85
10 5 10 6 2 0 15 3,00
TOT 441 777 146 172 11 1218 2,76

Punteggio: 1218 Punti/QSO x 318 Mlt. = 387.324 Punti

QSO per Continente

Cont. 10 15 20 40 80 Tot. Perc.
EU 0 0 0 0 0 0 0,0%
AS 4 19 55 19 10 107 24,3%
AF 1 3 6 3 2 15 3,4%
OC 0 2 2 1 0 5 1,1%
NA 0 7 206 77 13 303 68,7%
SA 0 3 7 1 0 11 2,5%
Totali 5 34 276 101 25

Migliori Rates

Migliori QSO/ora QSO Periodo Ora
10 min 72 12 2224...2233 12/08
20 min 66 22 2223...2242 12/08
30 min 60 30 2222...2251 12/08
60 min 43 43 2222...2321 12/08
120 min 29 58 2222...0020 12/08

QSO Multi-Banda
1 banda 211
2 bande 67
3 bande 19
4 bande 6
5 bande 3
VE3DZ   Single Op HP   72,3692017-08-18 10:31:06
Very busy weekend...
OQ5M(ON5ZO)   Single Op HP   334,5002017-08-18 15:07:10
Too much obligations and work, not enough time.

If interested, read about it here:
K1VR   M/S HP   869,3852017-08-18 19:15:01
Thank you Fred for sharing the station,
15m was marginal, 20m - money band, our 2 el verticals on 80m did not work so
we used dipole

73 de Wes SP4Z, on behalf Fred K1VR
SMØHRP   Single Op HP   172,5002017-08-19 04:17:42
My 1st WAE ever. What a nice contest and how thrilling with QTCs. I must admit
that I did not realize until a few Qs that only non-EU stations could send QTCs
" hi…
I run a totally remote operated station with Flex-6700 and SO2R. However, I sat
only 6 feet from the radio this time as I was installing HP bandpass filters
just minutes before the contest started. See more at www. and my
blog at
Conds were NIL on 10 m with a short opening on 15 m. 40 m was the big band with
good opernings to all of the world. I did not bother with 80 m due to
thunderstorms approaching.
73s and see you soon in the Scandinavian Activity Contest.
WP3E(NP4EG)   Single Op HP   4,4802017-08-19 09:33:20
K1GQ   Single Op HP   210,4502017-08-19 12:10:05
SkookumLogger K3 2000A 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires

Congratulations to the SkookumLogger Team for their fine logging software. Oh,
wait, that's a bit immodest.

I sent QTCs whenever asked for them. DL8DYL found me three times to get a
complete set of 10; thanks Irina.

My single 10m QSO was a private spotlight opening to F6HKA.

Silly Statistics:
16 of 104 QTC series had 10 QTCs
20 "off" periods > 10 minutes
363 CQs
253 Run QSOs
207 Pounce QSOs
159 DL QSOs
4 banders -- just DK8ZB
KG3V   Single Op LP   8,5472017-08-19 13:58:54
Limited time but got on to make a few QSOs. Like the QTC feature. It really adds
to the score.
OG6N(OH6NIO)   Single Op HP   92,8702017-08-20 01:47:03
Part time operation. I just gave out a few points. 15m was very poor.
Unfortunately I did not have time to operate on the lower bands.
K7SV   Single Op LP   50,4602017-08-20 11:14:21
Spent a little time from home in the final hours after spending some time with
the NR4M multi. Always great fun!
DK8ZB(@DF9ZP)   Single Op LP   1,252,4232017-08-20 11:42:21
Tks for the qsos .
This time all antennas at the DF9ZP station available and running superb.
6 el 20m, 7 el 15m, 3 el 40m and 4 el 80m let u forget the low power.

73 de barney
WA6URY   Single Op HP   4832017-08-20 14:39:50
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
9N7AE(LZ4AX)   Single Op LP   34,4162017-08-20 21:41:00
Kathmandu turned out to be quite a challenging location to work EU from during
this time of the year. Rain, and rain, and rain ... and S9+ noise. Even RU1A
was ESP level most of the time. Being halfway on the southern slope of a pretty
steep hill also helped to equalize my RX and TX capabilities ...
Nevertheless, it felt good to provide one more mult in what was once my
favorite contest. And of course, all of it was done totally unplugged!
Congratulations to everyone who managed to pull me out, especially to those 8
stations who did it on all 3 bands.

Thanks to KM4DAY/9N7ES for convincing me to make the trip, helping to get the
antennas up and not saying even a word when I would ask for a ginger tea at

Our sincere thanks to Dr Arnico Panday and his family for hosting us, getting
our licenses and making us feel at home.
QSL for both 9N7AE and 9N7ES via LZ3SM - bureau, OQRS, direct.

73, Alex LZ4AX
Get unplugged!