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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2017   0300Z Oct 12   Comment Summary

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E51RAT(KL7SB)   Single Op HP   6502017-10-11 20:26:45
Could only do a few minutes but always fun to do a CWT from someplace semi rare.
The E51 call is *horrible* for S&P!
N4ZZ   Single Op LP   1,5602017-10-11 20:28:15
Tks for the qs. 73, Don n4zz
AB7MP   Single Op LP   1102017-10-11 20:31:48
Not much time tonight, but not many sigs either. CU next week!


Mark, ab7mp
KB3Z   Single Op HP   6252017-10-11 20:33:06
Haven't been on in a couple of weeks. It was fun as always!
W9ILY   Single Op LP   5,4512017-10-11 21:00:48
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
K6RB   Single Op HP   14,1752017-10-11 21:00:58
Fun. Thanks for the Qs. CU next week.
KW7Q   Single Op LP   1,4002017-10-11 21:01:04
I will miss the next 5 CWT's unfortunately. I will be on a research cruise to
10N, 125W out of San Diego from 16 Oct to 17 Nov then traveling to family
during Thanksgiving. I am bringing along a shortwave receiver on the cruise so
I will listen to CWT each Wednesday at sea. I will be on the R/V Roger Revelle.
We are taking a new high tech weather radar we built to sea to study tropical
convection. Should be fun but I will miss CWT and all the good ops and
friends! 73, Steve KW7Q
AA3B   Single Op HP   22,7042017-10-11 21:01:27
Band QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
1.8 18 18 3 1.0
3.5 83 83 62 1.0
7 71 71 67 1.0
Total 172 172 132 1.0
Score: 22,704
1 Mult = 1.3 Q's
NØAC   Single Op LP   5,4752017-10-11 21:01:29
Remembered to WIPELOG this time.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
W6TN   Single Op LP   1,2252017-10-11 21:01:33
Thanks for the Qs! 73, Trung W6TN

Rig: TS-590SG
Ant: OCF @ 30ft, Sigma 40m, Folding Hex Beam 6-20m @ 24ft, K6MM 160m vertical
Pwr: 100w
NQ6N   Single Op HP   7,1342017-10-11 21:01:38
Very tough going on 20 and 40. Being remote I'm not really certain the antennas
for those bands are still in the air.

Thanks for the Qs
KØGUZ   Single Op QRP   2252017-10-11 21:01:42
...and I thought that 40M was my friend. Not tonight!
W5TM   Single Op LP   8,9042017-10-11 21:01:43
NF8M   Single Op LP   1,8862017-10-11 21:02:01
Nil on 20 es a struggle on 40. Party definitely was on 80. TNX QSOs
KØVBU   Single Op LP   3,4652017-10-11 21:02:05
K3-100 P3; TH6DXX @ 50\\\'; 80/40 Trap dipole @ 30\\\'; 160 INV L @
30\\\'(winter only)

Really tough tonight! Thanks to those who dug me out.....S&P almost the
whole hr!

See you all next week.

Bill K0VBU
K4AFE   Single Op HP   2,4202017-10-11 21:02:07
Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee.

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
N3QE   Single Op HP   14,7152017-10-11 21:02:08
What a great night!
WJ9B   Single Op LP   10,3042017-10-11 21:02:10
73, wj9b
N6RO   Single Op HP   812017-10-11 21:02:17
got as far east as VE3KP
SA6G(SM6CUK)   Single Op LP   1102017-10-11 21:02:22
Poor conds.......
K1GU   Single Op HP   11,3492017-10-11 21:02:31
K4OAQ   Single Op LP   4,6202017-10-11 21:02:49
Yaesu FTDX1200, G5RV dipole up 35 ft
Tks for the Qs
73, Fritz K4OAQ
Bristol, TN
N5PHT   Single Op HP   6,5362017-10-11 21:02:50
Thanks and packing for trip tomorrow. Hope to cu next CWT from Red Rock Canyon
in Oklahoma.
NM5M   Single Op LP   7,0982017-10-11 21:03:00
K3-100 (a pair) , 40m center loaded vertical, wire laying on the roof for 80
IT9MUO   Single Op HP   1,5202017-10-11 21:03:05
Good cwt! Nice to work my friend Larry NN5O with strong signal.
CU next week, and tks all for Q's
73, Alf. IT9MUO #1569
AD5A   Single Op HP   12,0362017-10-11 21:03:13
Log Periodic @ 55'
Wires @ 55'
K3S/KPA500 @ 400 watts

Despite the numbers, conditions not bad. Signals were down but readable and
steady. 80m was the best at this QTH is quite a while.

RF getting into my Winkeyer so did this one all on the paddle. Thanks for Q's,
lots of fun.
N4FP   Single Op HP   10,8642017-10-11 21:03:15
Flex 6300, AL-80B. Inverted Vee on 40, dipole on 80, inverted L on 160. Great
conditions on 40 meters.
NG7M   Single Op HP   8,0362017-10-11 21:03:32
40 seemed crazy noisy here in Utah... anyway... not my best night. I'll blame
it on the flare or something like that. ;)

Thanks as always for the Q's.

Max NG7M
W4ER   Single Op QRP   2252017-10-11 21:03:36
My KX2 was feeling lonely as I have not been traveling with it lately so I fired
it up tonight at the home QTH. All is good now! Thanks for the Qs!

KX2 @ 5 watts to dipole

73, John
N4YDU   Single Op HP   21,7462017-10-11 21:03:51
Good propagation tonight, especially to the W6/W7 on 80. First 3Z session in a
month or so.

Thanks for the fun night.


N3A(N3HEE)   Single Op QRP   2,5972017-10-11 21:03:52
Another fun run for N3A. Lots of activity and good conditions. Thanks for all
the Q's today. See you next year. -Joe K3 & TS-590SG @ 5W AND WIRES.
WBØSND   Single Op HP   3,0872017-10-11 21:04:00
Not too good tonight......
K9ZO   Single Op HP   9,5042017-10-11 21:04:01
Whew, that was tough. No traction at all on 40, but some DX guys called in.
The band did not seem like it was open at all to the USA. Changed bands after
14 minutes!
The 80 meter vertical worked well as always. I'll be adding 10 more radials.
KM6Z   Single Op LP   2,9642017-10-11 21:04:09
ft1000, Comet H-422 on the balcony
73, GL de Vlad
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   5,9842017-10-11 21:04:13
Spent too much time looking over my shoulder at the Yankee game. CU next week.
KØAV   Single Op QRP   1,8802017-10-11 21:04:22
Late start so missed some prime 40 meter activity.
Thanks for pulling out my QRP signals.
73, Alan K0AV
N3RS   Single Op HP   2,6012017-10-11 21:04:25
Very late start. Just stayed on 80M for the heck of it.

Band QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
3.5 51 51 51 1.0
Total 51 51 51 1.0
Score: 2,601
1 Mult = 1.0 Q's
K7SV   Single Op LP   12,3502017-10-11 21:04:41
Interesting condx. 20 non-existent, 40 long, 80 very good and 160 quite good.
Only new non-member worked was Rick N1RM, but really pleased to work him. CU
next week. Tks for the Qs today.
N5IR   Single Op HP   2,4442017-10-11 21:04:45
S&P. Worked: IT9, HA, ON.
VE3NNT   Single Op HP   4,4162017-10-11 21:04:52
My 40m beam is still stuck pointing at Europe so 40m was tough tonight. Thank
goodness for 80m.
K4FXN   Single Op LP   4,9402017-10-11 21:04:55
Slow start but ended up OK.

73's Dan K4FXN
KØVXU   Single Op HP   6,7082017-10-11 21:05:04
K3-TL922A-Sloping Vees-N1MM+

Tough condx tonight. Many strong signals on both 40 and 80 but many weaker
signals that were hard to pull through. Just couldn't get things going. QSY'd
from 40 to 80 at 20 past. Much better activity on 80.

Thanks to all who copied me under these condx.

KØWA   Single Op LP   3,8282017-10-11 21:05:24
Band conditions were rather different tonight. Forty was not the producer it
usual is and 80 meters was pretty good.

K3 - Dipoles
W5MT   Single Op LP   1,3692017-10-11 21:05:36
Condx not so good for me. Hard time being heard at start, lesser so towards
K7QA   Single Op LP   3,2332017-10-11 21:05:48
40m condx poor stateside. Only N6RO heard and worked on 160.
NN4K   Single Op HP   2,8562017-10-11 21:06:33
Thanks for the Qs. 40 was fair but 80 was good here. See you again next week.
73 Mac NN4K
K8AJS   Single Op HP   4,8992017-10-11 21:06:43
Seemed I had a lot of trouble making myself heard tonight. 40 meters was long,
and noisy, and 80 meters was just noisy. Thanks to all who could hear me, for
the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3 & KPA500 500 watts
Antennas: 204-ft G5RV, Beverage on Ground
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6830.0
WA3GM   Single Op HP   1,4402017-10-11 21:06:44
40 really bad here.... 80 pretty good

Off to Myrtle Beach, SC for a few days tomorrow and then to Cocoa Beach FL for
a week or so.

Will Try next Wednesday's CWT REMOTE from FL......

73 Greg WA3GM
NSØR   Single Op HP   9,6902017-10-11 21:06:46
40 was trash tonight. 80 was OK, but not great. Thanks for the Q's.

73, Morgan, NS0R
W6KC   Single Op HP   5,0252017-10-11 21:07:00
My best numbers on 80M in some time. Finally got my amp working better on that

73, Jim W6KC

K3s, AL80B, 40M Inverted V and 80M Dipole both at 30ft
N4PIR   Single Op QRP   2402017-10-11 21:07:01
Really busy, tough for QRP unassisted.
Fun though!!
K3WJV   Single Op HP   11,3742017-10-11 21:07:05
Band QSOs Pts Mlt Pt/Q
1.8 9 9 1 1.0
3.5 63 63 46 1.0
7 49 49 47 1.0
Total 121 121 94 1.0

40mtrs had some funny sounding sigs but all in all not too bad. Tnx for the

Rural location 1255ft ASL
FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv vee @55ft

K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO 6 band Hexbeam @24ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 80m & 40m with trapped 160m @55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle
Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2
SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
NN5O   Single Op LP   3,7622017-10-11 21:07:08
Again, tons of fun.

And, for those who are even marginally interested, the 3 fingers on my right
hand (which I manglee on July 13 near the QTH of N5PHT in Texas when I was
involved in a freak accident while using a sliding compound miter saw) have now
healed to the point that I no longer have any stitches or brace of any kind.
I'm just going through hand rehab, but it surely feels good to be able to use
my paddles again and get my speed back up to somewhere near normal.

Thanks to all my wonderful CWT friends who have been so amazingly patient with
me during my recuperation and stumbling around with logging and sending with
just one finger on the keyboard. Ahhhhhhhh.

'Twas a fun day of CWT activities. I marvel at you guys who make greater than
100 Qs per hour! Wow! And, some of you are doing it with SO1R, to boot!
Double Wow!

It was terrific to hear the EU stations booming in tonight on 40m. Thundering
signals here on 40m from HA8RM, ON4UN, IT9MUO,and the ever-present Bert,

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, NN5O #1327
Tupelo, MS (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT ~100w into 400 foot horizontal loop up 40 feet
K9MA   Single Op HP   9,4342017-10-11 21:07:15
Just about the worst conditions I've experienced in a CWT. Kp=5, SSN=0.
Somehow, IT9MUO got through on 40, but Alf was really, really weak. I stayed
on 40 way too long, expecting that absorption would be very high on 80, only to
find 80 full of relatively strong signals. (I have instant band-switching
capability; I just have to learn to use it better!) Thanks to all who turned
up in spite of such dismal propagation!

Scott K9MA

K3, AL-82, SB-220
TH7 at 21 M
A3 at 15 M, fixed SE
40 M rotatable dipole at 23 M
Shunt fed tower on 80 and 160
RX Loops for 80 and 160
(18 by 36 meter city lot)
F6HKA   Single Op HP   3,1922017-10-11 21:07:16
Thanks for the QSOs. 73 Bert
K6NV   Single Op HP   4,9772017-10-11 21:07:17
No action on 20m, but 40m was hopping and 80m was also very good. No dice on
160m, high SWR,got an antenna problem to fix tomorrow. TNX for the Q's.....Bob
N1RM   Single Op LP   8702017-10-11 21:07:23
First CWT. Still in CWA. Fast moving, short, and sweet! Thanks to all who
worked me.
N5ZO   Single Op HP   18,8402017-10-11 21:07:31
Pretty good 80 m from here tonite. There was some stuff on 20 too at the start
but things were too busy on 40 for 1st half hour. Tnx for QSOs and also CQP
QSOs last weekend. 73 de Marko
WA6URY   Single Op HP   3,3002017-10-11 21:07:50
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
W1QK   Single Op LP   7,1202017-10-11 21:09:09
New high score for me in this session. I had a blast running tonight. Thanks for
the contacts and the fun hour on the radio. CU next week. 73-Dan-W1QK #1506
K8FU   Single Op LP   4,7522017-10-11 21:09:50

End Fed Half Wave w/Radials @ 50' Over the Rutabaga Fields and Through the
Neighbors Barn ...
KF6NCX   Single Op LP   1692017-10-11 21:11:01
Lots of good strong signals!
W6SX   Single Op HP   12,9782017-10-11 21:12:22
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
N5AW   Single Op HP   16,3032017-10-11 21:12:47
Returned from Colorado earlier than planned due to xyl injuring her leg hiking
(bad sprain). Sure a lot more fun from here with decent antennas and a KW!
Worked five CWA students - AA6MK Mike, N1RM Rick (2 bands), KF6C Brian, AC6AC
Buz, and W7EEE Tim. Think that's a record for me. Keep it up guys!
Just one radio tonight. All I could handle after a long drive today.
K3UA   Single Op HP   11,4242017-10-11 21:13:42
80M nice and quiet

SO1R with 80M all band dipole
W3WHK   Single Op LP   3,4722017-10-11 21:14:54
IC-765 100w. G5RV antenna up 11m
N5EE   Single Op HP   6,9602017-10-11 21:17:21
Tnx for the Q's

Ken, N5EE
N6HCN   Single Op LP   1212017-10-11 21:25:14
AH6KO   Single Op LP   8122017-10-11 21:25:26
Sorry if I couldn't hear you, working from Kona condo with high noise level
today. Thanks for the contacts, always a fun hour!

73 and Aloha~ Stan AH6KO

100 Watts, attic 40/20 dipole
KN4Y   Single Op LP   6722017-10-11 21:35:04
late to 80
F6JOE   Single Op LP   4202017-10-11 21:46:33

73 Jean - F6JOE
KJ9C   Single Op LP   1,6002017-10-12 07:45:11
VE5SDH   Single Op LP   2892017-10-12 13:37:30
thanks to everyone who heard me through the aurora
73 Summer
VE7RAC(VE7FO)   Single Op HP   642017-10-17 19:54:52
I can hear everyone muttering, "Who the hell is VE7RAC? And how come I
never heard of him, especially since his exchange was in CWT format - Jim 1368
- and the number is in the range of CW Ops members?"

Well, to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary there are quite a few RAC suffix
special event stations on the air until Dec 31. For details, including award
info, check out

I'm the designated VE7 CW/RTTY op for week of Oct 8 - 14 but, for family
reasons haven't been able to get on the air as much as I hoped. When I have
been on cndx were rather poor and my best rate was about 15/hr. So, tonight
I've got some time and I'm tuning across the HF bands and hearing virtually
nothing. Well, nothing other than furious CW activity with good signals over
relatively narrow segments of 40 and 80. OMG it's CW Ops with their weekly one
hour of CW mayhem. Say, should be able to make lots of Qs here, particularly
seeing as how I'm a member of CW Ops and know how CWT works. Even made 100 Qs
in one of their 1 hour segments some (better) years ago.

Just 2 issues. The Cabrillo file has to work for the RAC award adjudicators
and there's only 15 minutes left.

So, figured out the CBR file issues, got on and made 8 Qs in 7 minutes.

Thanks, guys.

You may well hear another VE7RAC next Wed.

73, Jim VE7FO