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CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB   2018   Feb 23   Comment Summary

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MM3AWD   Single Op QRP   602018-02-23 22:39:31
Absolute disaster.

The vertical is completely useless and has a major problem... the Marconi Tee i
had at 60' was just not cutting it.. When stations that are 40db over 9 CQ in
your face without a hint of hearing you at all, you know its going to be a bad

So without putting myself through the hardship i called it quits after 30

QRP on 160 SSB without a huge array is just madness.

Will go back home and sleep and return for UBA DX CW.
Sorry. Will fix something more efficient for next year!

73, Scott
W9AV   Single Op LP   7,5142018-02-24 06:30:57
I only operated Friday evening. Things got slow, and so I stopped after 100 Q's.
I'm planning a bigger effort in NAQP RTTY.
W3DQ(N8HM)   Single Op HP   18,4082018-02-25 02:15:37
Thanks to Tim, N3QE for restoring the 160 antenna that had come down earlier in
the week. Without his enthusiasm, talent and time, we'd never have made it to
this 'test. Time to start antenna for a better antenna.

And thanks to Paul,N8HM, for putting up with the "yes we are" -
"no we're not" calls to come over and operate.

The conditions didn't seem as good it they were for the ARRL DX CW weekend, but
it's a hard comparison to make. The K9AY helped a bit, as the nearby and loud AM
stations re-appeared for the first time in while.

Nothing broke, fried or stopped working. A good sign!

See you in the next one.

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC
K3/ACOM 1000/Inv-L/K9AY (rx)
N4CF   Single Op LP   7,6232018-02-25 02:21:53
Limited time this weekend, but stole a couple of hours from NAQP RTTY.
AD8J   Single Op HP   3,0482018-02-25 02:38:33
Couldn't get too excited for this one as it seemed everyone was having trouble
hearing early on Friday night.
KM7N(@AC7AV)   Single Op LP   1802018-02-25 04:25:28
My first attempt at remote contesting. Erik, AC7AV, graciously allowed me to
operate his station outside Spokane, WA, remotely from my hotel in NY while I
was away from home. Technology is amazing! I struggled a little with the
interface on my computer, and the control latency slowed me down, though it
improved when Erik dialed it down a bit for me. All in all it was a great
learning experience, and I appreciate Erik's willingness to allow me to operate
his station for a couple hours. I need to explore remote contesting a bit more!
Thanks for the Qs!
K3PP   Single Op Assisted HP   27,3362018-02-25 05:44:51
I couldn't put in more time this weekend. The work week wore me out and I need
to save some energy for the ARRL DX SSB Contest. I had a LOAD of fun in this
contest! TU ES VY 73 de Glenn K3PP
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op Assisted HP   15,2882018-02-25 05:48:09
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
AI6O   Single Op HP   2,0232018-02-25 06:04:33
Worked just Friday night for a couple of hours. Enjoyed the QSOs. 73

Ed, AI6O
K2RD   Single Op Assisted HP   9,7502018-02-25 06:54:56
Friday night conditions and activity much better than Saturday. Thanks for the
QSOs. Best DX VY2, XE2, KH6.
W4KW   Single Op Assisted HP   34,8702018-02-25 08:10:23
The WX Killed Saturday Night. Tnx to all for the contacts.
LY5W   Single Op Assisted HP   91,4402018-02-25 10:13:50
This is not contest - this is sadomasochism.
Enough for me, I want you to live :)
Sam LY5W
ZF9CW   Single Op QRP   1,9382018-02-25 11:46:25
I didn't want to lose much sleep over this contest and thought it might be fun
to operate QRP long enough to win or even beat the record. I have worked lots
of Europeans on CW using 5 watts.

How hard could it be to have 5 hours each night of 50 per hour and work 30
countries? What I found was that it is very difficult to work stations on SSB
when you can just detect the needle on the old W-4 watt meter move off zero with
your rig set to 5 watts. #NEVERAGAIN

73...Stan, ZF9CW
NS3T   Single Op LP   19,4992018-02-25 12:30:42
The Great One-Way RF Curtain descended upon my QTH for most of the weekend. It
would have been easy just to shut off the rig each night, as I couldn't even get
stations in TX to hear me. My best DX was K0IDX in North Dakota. I managed a
handful of stations west of the Mississippi. This one reminded me of my first
160 SSB contest, when I was thrilled just to get to Ohio and Indiana. My score
was salvaged only by lots of CQ'ing, which grinded out about 20-25 QSO's an
hour, as I drained every available station seemingly in PA, VA and MD. Congrats
to those who had good propagation.

73 Jamie NS3T
W1TJL   Multi-Op HP   162,2882018-02-25 12:41:17
Can you say Noise?? Well not all the time but the huge line of thunderstorms
and sever weather did make it tough.

But I thought the station played well. One issue - something with the 160M
Vertical elevated radial. Had to go out in the weather and check it and fixed a
bad connection.

Off to bed! :-)

73 Tom W1TJL
K3ZM   Single Op HP   171,7602018-02-25 12:42:33
Highlights were 1) making a QSO with brother George's future XYL, K4ZDM and 2)
being called by Bob, W4MYA.

The band was very quiet here all weekend.

After 10 consecutive years of making a full-bore effort in the 160 Phone
contest, I took a rest this time. Propagation to distant lands did not seem
very good.


Peter K3ZM
N1RR   Multi-Op HP   46,0722018-02-25 13:06:09
N1RR Station Version 2.0
Ran this and NAQP-RTTY at the same time
Leisurely operation and training with Dave. He did a nice job.
Still many projects to complete.
Thank to W1BX and N1UEC for their support.
K4XL   Single Op Assisted HP   11,9162018-02-25 13:29:56
Busy weekend so just enough effort to show the PVRC flag. Thanks for the Qs.
W2RE(@W1/EASTPORT)   Single Op HP   205,4462018-02-25 13:32:51
Wow! That was torture!

I give credit to those who can grin and bear this for 25-30/hrs.

I tried making a run at it on Saturday from 2130-2330 but it was pretty slow and
I lost all desire to continue. My final score is basically the accumulation of
the first night which ended early @ 0930. I need to be in a different mindset
the next time I do this, it was pretty boring after the first 30 minutes.

I have created a blog for my remote contesting experiences.

This operation will be added to the one Id rather forget about!

CU next weekend in ARRLDX SSB!

73, Ray W2RE
PX2A(PY2LED)   Single Op Assisted HP   6,1412018-02-25 13:45:59
First time in 160m only on the first night. Nice experience!

To operate top band lsb from South America is a hard task. Signals comes from
Europe and USA into our Waller Flag Antenna and vertical but some stations can't
heard us probably due to local noise and crowded band.

Very few operators from South America to the log is very very thin.

We have a local power line noise to find and fix to enjoy better listening.

Thanks for all qsos and see you @ARRL DX PHONE next weekend.

Fernando / PY2LED
W2NO   Single Op Assisted HP   2,6672018-02-25 13:47:06
Lousy antenna, Lousy conditions, Lousy score.
K3IE   Single Op HP   5,7352018-02-25 14:00:21
Tough sledding here - regional storms created a lot of QRN plus prop was not

Tnx for the Q's - Hunter K3IE

Flex 6300
160 Mtr Inv L
WD5R   Single Op HP   114,4712018-02-25 14:07:06
Hey, it beats crocheting!

the real WD5R
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   13,5802018-02-25 14:13:50
Moved to Fort Erie a while ago. Small city room for a 160m
antenna....or is there? Bought a 160m dipole kit at the ham fest. Threw it up
into the trees...up there, droop there, zigzag here and there....and it fits! It radiates! Not a big score, and not full time...but some more points
for CCO
KE4S   Single Op Assisted HP   5,5202018-02-25 14:36:38
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
W7KF Skyhook II inverted L at 40 ft for 160m/80m, Bev-Flex 4 BOG 250 ft
Very little effort on this one. No propagation when I was on, and I was mostly
working NAQP RTTY.
NQ4I   Single Op Assisted HP   47,4362018-02-25 14:43:23
Just played around some. W4DD and I have been working with the local EMC to
solve line noise problems. Two very large emitters were found and silenced. One
remains and will be silenced in the next few weeks. Tremendous improvement, but
still some to go. Only worked a few EU' apologies to the many that called.
Soon I will be able to hear better. Thanks to all friends that stopped by to say
hello. The station re-structuring will hopefully be complete by May and NQ4I
should be on for WPX CW SO3S (Single Op 3 Stations). 73 de Rick
K7HKR   Single Op LP   2562018-02-25 14:50:47
100 watts, 7-foot (2.1-meter) diameter magnetic loop from AZ, centered at 16
feet (5 meters)

I had recently done a few upgrades to my "large" small transmitting
loop, and those worked well. I had to set up the antenna in a snow shower, but
that cleared up by the time I got on the air with clear weather both nights.

My loop has a predicted efficiency of 0.5% at 1850 kHz, so I was working with an
ERP lower than most QRP stations. I had only made one QSO on 160 before this
contest, so I couldn't do much worse than that.

The main highlights were completing WABS, i.e., "worked all border
states" (CA, NV, UT, CO, and NM), and rather easily working the one Idaho
station I heard.

It was rare to hear anyone working much rate for more than a few minutes, so
while I was immensely grateful for the stations that had to stick with me for a
minute or three to get my call, I didn't have to feel too guilty for wasting
their time with my little patio antenna.
K3AJ   Single Op Assisted HP   30,0802018-02-25 14:52:24

Radio - K3/P3
Amplifier - Acom 1500
TX Antenna - Inverted L
RX Antenna - K9AY
N1MM+/Win10 PC
K4WI   Single Op LP   20,9002018-02-25 14:56:23
WX caused a lot of problems here.... spent a lot of time hooking/unhooking
But had fun anyway. Didn't seem to be as much participation as in the CW
test.... Didn't hear/work any Euro's but didn't really expect to with all the
QRN! Thanks for the qso's! 73's Cort K4WI
WX4G   Single Op Assisted HP   108,0462018-02-25 15:02:48
Really difficult to find Europeans this year...especially after the ARRL CW.
Would have been easier without the static crashes from the storms...which we did
not have last weekend. However, some Europeans were UA7C, TM6M,
LY4A ETC. Still...this is always a good contest if I make it over 100k.

73/dx Bob
K3KU   Multi-Op LP   4,0742018-02-25 15:04:10
Used this one to give newbie neighbor KC3KBE a taste of contesting. He seemed
to enjoy it well enough. He certainly got a lot of experience of "the
united, again, again!" and CQ-in-your-face. And fruitless CQing. I
explained how being weak on phone is a bigger disadvantage than being weak on
CW, and how in CW 160M tests I can get good rates (and distance) as fresh meat
Saturday night.

We started when he came over Saturday night about 0115Z. He was here until 04Z,
and he did make a few QSOs, in addition to helping me copy some call signs. It
was interesting to see the learning curve of things that experienced contesters
take for granted. After he left I operated another 45 minutes and made about 15
more QSOs, none any easier than while he was here.

When your most exciting QSO is getting through to K3PA (loud!), you know it's
been a tough contest.
VA7FC   Single Op Assisted HP   8,3492018-02-25 15:08:21
not the greatest of prop ... enjoyed the company of nx7dx and n7xs on the band
great couple of guys !
thanks all who called me

73s Perry
K8MR   Single Op LP   52018-02-25 15:41:40
I know my station isn't much, especially on 160, but I thought I could do a bit
better than this. ZF2AM copied me, but after several loud Florida stations CQ'd
in my face, I gave up and went to bed.

73 - Jim K8MR
NR5M   Single Op HP   192,1512018-02-25 15:45:32
Closed up shop a little early due to T-storms (THIRD batch--figured my time was
up!) The new 160 25G 4-square is just incredible! Sooo much directivity...
very broadbanded. In many cases it hears better than the beverages. Is that
even possible or are the beverages just not working??

Finally started working Eu on Saturday night. Worked about 20 or so (14 mults).
Sorry guys, wish I was hearing better but still some QRN at that time. Plenty
of 5-12 hours but overall, I had a blast.

George, NR5M
W4DTA   Single Op LP   7,2002018-02-25 15:48:09
Part time effort as the Amp is at the Amp doctor, my goal was to hit 100Q for
the club. Also strong storms came thru yesterday evening making me disconnect
everything. The improved inverted L with the K9PG ground of using Chicken Wire
Mesh seem to do the trick.

Sadly with spring almost here time to start taking down the radials, and make
the XYL happy again so she can enjoy our back yard.
K7IDX   Single Op LP   1,8002018-02-25 15:48:37
got on to give out a few points to the locals

TS-590 shunt fed tower
N9LQ   Single Op Assisted QRP   6,6332018-02-25 15:53:08
Thanks for your good ears and patience with my puny QRP signal!
WA8WZG   Single Op HP   45,4892018-02-25 16:11:57
Got A late start Friday night, had to work over. Saturday I worked then got to
the QTH and ran the NAQP RTTY contest until 0600, THEN jumped back into the CQ
SSB 160 contest!! Conditions were very noisy Friday night!!! Saturday night not
as much QRN but raspy tones on signals for most of the early morning hours.
Also, I thought the participation was very low this year,,BUT I was surprised by
working a ZL at our SR, so that was a great way to end the contest. The only
ASIA/OCEANIA station that I worked.
Thanks to ALL the outlaws who tracked me down for the points!!
K1LT   Single Op HP   30,9602018-02-25 16:12:46
Since I am chasing grid squares for the ARRL Grid Chase, I got on the
160 WW 160 SSB test in order to amass QSO points to multiply by all of
the grid squares that I have already worked on CW and FT8. Also 160
SSB contest ops are a different lot than the CW guys, so maybe I'll
earn a few more grid squares. On the other hand, I bet not as many
SSB ops upload logs to Logbook of the World.

Anyway, Friday night was truly weird because almost everyone couldn't
hear me except that the DX, what little there was, could hear me. I
worked only about 2 dozen stations before getting bored. But I worked
TM6M and a couple of Caribbean stations.

Saturday night was much more normal except that the DX was almost
impossible to hear, except for OK7C. More pouncing brought the
contact total to about 80 QSOs. At one point I worked a guy in
Missouri. Then VP2MKG called him but the Missouri guy didn't answer.
So I told the Missouri guy there was DX calling him but he couldn't
hear the DX. Then I asked him if I could borrow his frequency for a
moment and he said sure. So I worked the VP2 and told him that the
Missouri guy couldn't hear him. That was my selfish good deed for the
evening. Everyone seemed pleased afterwards.

Eventually I stumbled on a big hole at 1940 kHz so I called CQ. Since
the rate was reasonable, I hung around for an hour even though the run
petered out after about 40 minutes. The run was good for about 100
QSOs. YV1KK had a nice signal.

I didn't use the phased arrays because listening to myself delayed by
20 milliseconds induces permanent insanity. Oops, too late.

DX worked: C6, EI, F, FG, KP2, KP4, OK, V3, VP2M, and YV.

Equipment: K3, P3, Alpha 8410, 65-foot "tee" vertical and a bunch of
2-wire Beverages.
NA8V   Single Op HP   142,5982018-02-25 16:22:04
More time than I had originally planned on spending. Great first hour, went
rapidly downhill from there. Had the opportunity to chat for a minute with some
old friends, always a good thing.

Thanks for the contacts,
N6SS   Single Op Assisted HP   13,6212018-02-25 16:22:48
Rig: K3, Alpha 99
Tx Ant: Top loaded vertical
Rx Ants: DHDL, Beverages

A part time S & P effort for the club.
WA7AN(K9DR)   Single Op HP   1,5002018-02-25 16:26:14
Had my calendar messed up, didn't even turn the rig on Friday night when I got
back from a sightseeing trip to Tucson. Not until the next morning did I
realize I'd already missed half of the contest. Conditions were absolutely
awful. I don't think any of you that were on last night would argue that point.
I just realized that adding these SSB points to my CW score increases my score
total for the two contests by only a fraction of one percent! Oh, well, it was
what it was.
W3FIZ   Single Op Assisted HP   12,4602018-02-25 16:27:36
Warm up for ARRL Phone

KØYR   Single Op HP   69,7202018-02-25 16:46:38
Friday night was a lot of fun with some nice long runs. Thanks to all for there
q's. Saturday night was a wash as the 8 inch snow storm hit for the evening.
Snow static was 40 over 9 at times. Tom, K0YR
KU8E   Single Op HP   23,2322018-02-25 16:53:44
K3/100 - KPA500 and Inverted L with 7 elevated radials

Only operated off/on on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I didn't think conditions
were all that good. Only EU station heard was ES5RW around his sunrise. Also
heard PP5JR with a good signal. Neither could hear me or anyone else calling
them. Only DX I worked were PJ4G, PJ4DX, KV4FZ, KP4KE, C6ANM, VP2MKG, ZF2AM,
ZF9DX, V31RU, XE1RCS and TO3Z. Only multipliers worked out were VE5, VE6, VE7,
NM and WA.

Sometimes I'm baffled by this band. I have a decent antenna and run 600 watts
but still have lots of loud stations just CQ in my face when I call them. There
seem to be lots of alligators on 160 SSB. I recently improved my antenna by
getting the vertical section of it to about 65 feet. I also raised the elevated
radials some as well. Still not sure if my antenna is still crummy of it was
just bad conditions. Maybe I should just stick to CW where it's less

Jeff KU8E
WA7LNW   Single Op HP   66,9242018-02-25 16:53:58
Excellent conditions first evening....not so good second night.

Station: TS-480, KPA-500, 160 dipole on cliff edge favoring east/west.
AA3S   Single Op Assisted HP   20,0562018-02-25 16:59:14
tough condx at this QTH Saturday
KF6HI   Single Op HP   2702018-02-25 17:01:25
Sri, only had less than a hour op time Sunday at sunrise.
S5ØK   Single Op HP   68,3102018-02-25 17:11:52
Tnx for calls and best 73s until the next one,
Marko, S50K
W3KX   Single Op Assisted HP   67,1462018-02-25 17:13:15
Equipment: FT-1000MP, AL-82

Antennas: Inverted-L off tower, Hi-Z 4 element array
K2DM   Single Op Assisted HP   362018-02-25 17:16:24
I just got on to work Peter (K3ZM) and Jeff (VY2ZM). I also picked up C6, then
shut off the rig.
K4ZDM   Single Op Assisted HP   162018-02-25 17:23:38
This is Karen's first posting, so I (K2DM, her Elmer) am helping her out. Karen
primarily got on in the contest to work VY2ZM to complete the Worked All Briggs
Brothers award. She also worked K3ZM. Next weekend she will go bigger and try
to pick up a bunch of countries toward DXCC in the ARRL DX contest.
AB2E   Single Op Assisted HP   53,2772018-02-25 17:27:12
Rig: Icom IC-7800/ Acom 2000A
Antenna: Inverted L - 75ft vertical

Thanks to all for the Qs, great to see so many friends.
Condx poor both nights, managed to work west coast on Fri night, but missed some
mults that are usually there - SD, NV, OK, LA, OR, WY, and DC.
A couple of these were on, but not at the times I was on - hihi.
Only 10 dx in the log, did not even find many of the regulars.
Fun to look at, and see that many others were struggling as

The new 160L is playing very nicely, I can generally work anything I can hear.
The HiZ4 RX system will be installed soon, but will not make it this season.

See you next weekend in ARRL SSB!

73 Darrell AB2E
WU6W   Single Op HP   3,8432018-02-25 17:31:58
Many DEAF 160 Stations - again
ZF2AM(K6AM)   Single Op HP   148,3922018-02-25 17:43:28
Worst conditions ever.

Normally I get nowhere until about 0300, then things pick up and build to the
big EU opening at 0500. On an average year I could see 600 - 700 Q's.

This year,I just got nowhere - period. The signals were way down the whole time.
The big EU opening never happened. I missed 10 easy states, mostly in the
West. Guys kept CQ'ing on top of me. 30 minutes of CQs on a fairly clear
frequency yielded nothing.

So I gave up and went to bed at 0900.

73, John
N4QH   Single Op HP   50,9602018-02-25 17:52:26
It's good to hear a lot of stations in the upper part of band, I worked stations
as high as 1973khz. It's much less congested and not as much noise.
W6NF   Single Op LP   902018-02-25 18:04:01
Decided to see who I could hear/work after my XYL's NAQP RTTY was finished.
Heard many stations but few could hear me, even stations with excellent signals
here in northwest MN. My tiny score was aided by the fact I was able to work two
Canadians, VE3CX and VE7CC. VE7CC must have an incredible receive antenna system
given they came back to me on the first call!
WD8DSB   Single Op LP   21,4792018-02-25 18:09:16
Decent conditions the first night (nice signals from the West Coast of US), not
so great the second night including static crashes from lightning. Still had
fun operating my favorite band, and what a wonderful hobby.
N7AT(@N7RQ)   Multi-Op HP   89,1482018-02-25 18:09:25
Very poor conditions and also noise limiting most of the time. But Sandy N7RQ
got a chance for more face time with her new K3 and learned some decent rx
antenna operational skills too. (The N7AT Multiop 160/80 operation is manned at
her station position, so she needed to learn what all the funky boxes and
switches were there for.)

Points for the Arizona Outlaws!

No ARRL DX SSB plans here, but look for Sandy in CQWPX SSB late March, and the
usual M/2 N7AT gang in our annual CQWPX CW party in late May.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outaws Contest Club
KS3D(KJ3N)   Single Op LP   39,5582018-02-25 18:25:07
Friday night was the better night. Managed a couple of EU stations, but the big
surprise was KH7XS in Hawaii. I'm not sure which was more stunning; that I could
hear him above my usually high noise level, or that he heard my LP signal at
all. Saturday was plagued my rain static, power line noise, and a definite
change in the band for the worse. Still haven't broken the 300 Q mark, but I'll
keep trying.
W1AN   Single Op HP   72,9632018-02-25 18:27:31
Conditions were better on Friday night but had a late start. A slow slog later
the next night. I had my fingers crossed, but the big EU opening Saturday nite
did not happen for me.

T-Vertical made from window/ladder line, 16 radials on the ground.
Beverages to EU and JA.
K3 and AL1200
73, John W1AN
N2ZN   Single Op HP   20,5162018-02-25 18:36:16
KK7PW   Single Op Assisted HP   4,0712018-02-25 18:45:38
Great fun!
WD5COV   Single Op HP   192,1922018-02-25 19:05:32
Had high levels of QRN this year which made copying EU difficult.
Thanks for all the Q's.
AB4B   Single Op LP   43,5862018-02-25 19:08:50
Had fun for the P/T effort I put in. I was very interested in how the
new PVRC 5 el RX array would workout. Also I had built a new RX pre-amp system
which I just got on-line during the week. More than likely missed some mults due
to switching around the RX ant. The WX didn't cooperate on Sat night as storm
front fm the west was kicking up lots of QRN though the RX array helped with
that however it was intense enough that I QRT'd before I wanted to Sun morning.
Hrd some EU at sunset on Sat and worked a few on Fri night. Low Power just
doesn't do the job for DX Q's in this event from NW AL. Anyhow I have confidence
in the performance of the new RX array finally and glad to handout AL to those
who needed it.

Just love bands with "6" in them. Thanks for the Q's , Tim , AB4B

Ten Tec Orion + T vertical + PVRC 5el RX array all in "the Heart of
N9NA   Single Op Assisted HP   6,5802018-02-25 19:19:31
Flex 6500, Alpha 87a, 160 Meter Inverted L.
KV4FZ   Single Op Assisted LP   32,9972018-02-25 19:45:44
Nothing short of hopeless trying low power. Only a masochist should try this.
Some times I called CQ for over an hour and no reply. When I called loud
stations they didn't even give me a QRZ. XE1RCS was S9 but no chance just CQ in
my face for over an hour. There was a short opening to Europe at their sunrise
but that lasted only about 10 minutes. Not being heard made it impossible to
hold a frequency. Rig was a IC-7300 and N1MM Plus with the wonderful spectrum
display on the monitor. That made me feel even worse with seeing all those
strong signals across the band that I could not work. I passed the time filing
out QSL cards so I had at least something to do.
W5MX   Single Op HP   225,5042018-02-25 19:54:23
Got a bit of a late start as usual, work kept me until about 22:30z. The nice
thing was, the wx was good so didn't need to start the woodstove to keep the
contest cabin warm. The bad thing, warm wx in February usually means storms, and
that we got. Friday night the storm QRN was not as bad as the storms were
further to the west. Beverages to other directions such as EU were pretty

Had high rates Friday night as usual in a 160 contest. I stayed running majority
of the night, did not peel off and look for mults much which was a huge mistake
it turns out. I missed very simple mults in this one, including DL, SP, ON and
others. Unbelievable as these are normally very easy. After EU sunrise Saturday
morning and I had not worked those, I still was not too worried although I knew
the storms were getting closer by Saturday night. I figured I could S&P and
pick those up. Wrong. Saturday night was very noisy even on EU beverage. I had a
threshold QRN of s3-s4 besides lightning strike peaks of +20db or more. The only
EU worked was early in the evening, and that was UA7K and UR5AS. No western EU.
I had a very high Q could so another 5-10 easy mults would have resulted in a
great score for me. If you tried calling me with no reply, please understand the
storm QRN was terrible. I normally have S0 noise at my location and hear about

Such is contesting, always something hihi. Thank You to all for the Q's and see
you all next weekend in ARRL DX SSB!

N3HEE   Single Op Assisted HP   61,0612018-02-25 20:11:31
Played a little longer than expected this year. Lots of activity and quiet
conditions with some DX the first night. Was called by some very strong signals
from UK stations at their sunrise the first night. No DX worked second night.
Still fighting a loud local noise on 160 meters.
N6AR   Single Op Assisted HP   47,3882018-02-25 20:12:12
What happened to last week's conditions in the ARRL. Yikes.
W3TS   Single Op HP   147,4502018-02-25 20:13:23
Orion plus 2 x 3-500z at 1300 watts. 80/40M fan dipole as a 1/8 wave tee for
RX antennas are
NE and NW flags and two 300 foot long reversable Beverage antennas NE/SW and
SE/NW. Small active loop.
N1MM Classic logger.
W1XX   Single Op HP   257,7542018-02-25 20:14:55
This was one tough mother of a slog. The 2nd night was in the "watching
paint dry" category. First night to EU was decent -- but not great -- just
enough to keep the interest up ... mostly in the upper gallery marked Section
1900. Second night just the usual big gun EU signals -- not the 100-watter and
QRPer prerequisite for a good score. West Coast 6s and 7s were good the 1st
night after 2 AM but sparse the 2nd. I can usually work KH6 any day of the week
on CW, but like last year no contest KH6 on phone. Got all the states and the
usual VEs, with VA5DX picking out my plaintive "in Rhode Island" in
the pileup. No VO1 or VO2 or the usual VEs north of Hudson's Bay. ZL2OK
(Dave)created a stir on 1850 at SR Sunday with N2RK and I calling but just too
weak and probably too late here to make the Q...nice though that N2CW made it.
Best takeaway is the many "Thanks for the new mult." 73. -- John,

TX: FT-1000MP + Drake L7
TX ant: T-vertical (72.5 ft vertical)
RX ant: 4 bevs (220 - 550 ft)
WT2P   Single Op Assisted HP   8,2802018-02-25 20:39:27
Lot better than last year's SSB effort. Mostly CQ'ing
AC4G   Single Op LP   9,4802018-02-25 20:40:16
Too many T-storms results in no time.
K7RL   Single Op Assisted HP   13,2802018-02-25 20:49:00
Wow, that was absolutely brutal. Never did get any kind of run going, and the
small runs I had were mostly stations within 100 to 800 miles. Everything beyond
that was S&P.

I suspect the culprit is my antenna. It seemed I was hearing significantly
better than I was getting out, both nights. Others have mentioned the same
thing, so perhaps it's a mix of both conditions and antenna issues. Back to the
drawing board.

Nice to run into old friends and new friends during the contest. Enjoying
catching up with some of you.

73, Mitch, K7RL
W9PA   Single Op HP   10,8362018-02-25 21:00:16
K3, K3, K-Pod, Acom 1000, 1/4-wave sloping wire against 64 1/4-wave radials
Software: DXLog by 9A5K V2.3.15
W1DYJ   Single Op LP   9802018-02-25 21:06:04
With my very sub-optimnal 160 "antenna" here in Woburn, MA, I don't
expect to do well. With the NAQP RTTY contest on Saturday I could
only spend some time Friday night. It was worse than expected, with
lots of noise and not much heard.

Rig: TS-2000
Log: N3FJP's CQ WW 160 Contest Log v4.5
BIC: 2 hours
Antenna: A "temporary" 160 dipole run "zig-zag" around
the back yard at about 15 ft average height, fed at the
AD-DXCC (80/40/30 fan dipole) feedpoint.
ON9CC   Single Op QRP   9,2252018-02-25 21:22:52
Just some playing around to see how far I get with a couple of hours QRP on
Sunday evening. Though job as it sometimes takes forever to be heared.

Station: IC-7800 (5W) and a full-size dipole + K9AY for RX.
OT6M   Multi-Op HP   188,3702018-02-25 21:33:11
We started the contest setting the target at the 1997 country record (as last
year we ended just below). But since the conditions to W/VE were bad the first
night and even worse the second, we miss a about 2~3 handfull of multipliers.
Still we were ableo to work into New Mexico suprisingly, but missing many states
in the 1, 3 and 4 call region, with only PEI wkd in VE (even VY2ZM wasn't strong
and sometimes just barely audible). So we ended somewhere half-way down the
country scores. But it was 'fun' again to battle that immens QRM in THE contest
for the die-hards ;) and we gathered some BCC Frequent Contesters points.

As the farmer needed the field only very limited antennes for this contest. I
guess having at least the 8-circle for RX would have been a lot better, although
I still doubt we could have reached our target as we also didn't see lot of
EU-NA cluster spots. Listening to some other EU stations, we noticed they had
issues working stateside too. To the East, nothing futher than zone 17 was

Station: IC7800 and Orion (interlocked), ACOM2000 @ 1k5W
TRX: full-size dipole.

See you next weekend in the ARRL SSB!

Aurelio PC5A
Frank ON9CC / OT6M
YV1KK   Single Op LP   112,0912018-02-25 21:40:17

see u in the ARRL DX SSB
N2CU   Single Op LP   2,7602018-02-25 21:45:32
Was only able to put in some daylight time.

K3/100, Inverted L @ 46', K9AY loops, N1MM+

73, Tom N2CU
G2X(GØDCK)   Single Op LP   22,6102018-02-25 22:02:05
Just a few hours ,not very well from bad cold ,sniff sniff ha ha , cheers for
all that heard me . 73 g2x
KA6BIM   Single Op Assisted HP   32,8002018-02-25 22:04:05
Decent conditions for 1st night 2nd night was pretty dismal
K1LZ   Multi-Op HP   427,0272018-02-25 22:04:44
No comments !!!!!!!!!
KM4HI   Single Op HP   16,8002018-02-25 22:04:50
Another disappointing 160m SSB test. Solar wind created a noisy band Friday and
Saturday. Heard EU CQing but only worked LY4A with his impressive array of
beverages. No west coast prop'n at all, UT was furthest west worked. Storm front
in mid-west added static crashes Saturday. Shut down early Sat night. Save my
new 3-500s for better days. Thanks to all who worked me.
73 - Jim KM4HI
WA2FZB   Single Op Assisted HP   7,4242018-02-25 22:07:27
I don't have much in the way of antennas for this band, and I am not crazy about
SSB on 160 to begin with, but I figured it would be a good way to check out the
station for ARRL DX SSB next week. It is what it is. 73.

W3FA   Single Op LP   1,7282018-02-25 22:09:26
Ten Tec Delta ll & Elecraft K3s, G5RV, 160 Inverted V, HyGain TH3mk3@50 ft

Split time btwn CQ160 and NAQP RTTY. TenTec Delta ll now audio interfaced with
recorded messages. Yippee! Thanks for the Qs everyone, C U next time.
N4RV   Single Op Assisted HP   186,3842018-02-25 22:11:21
Tale of two cities : First night very good, 2nd night terrible..
Very high level of powerline noise caused by the 3 days of mist, fog, etc.

Decided to " run em " the first night which was a good choice. Had to
miss 3 hrs of good run time on Sat. PM, but didn't miss too much due to the

Missed SD !

Jack N4RV
VY2ZM(K1ZM)   Single Op HP   909,1942018-02-25 22:12:21
Tougher condx than last year - but just about the same score. Thanks for all
the qso's - it was so nice to see old 160m friends again like UA7K, LZ5R, OH1XX,
OK1DOT, PA3FQA, GW3YDX and all the boys from the UK + FOC mates.

K1LZ and I are off to 9M0W later this week. Hope we have better condx and work
a few EAST COAST guys here in NA on 160m and 80m while we are out there! It
surely would be nice!

I2WIJ   Single Op Assisted HP   19,7162018-02-25 22:12:41
Just a couple of hours of fun.
OE1HHB   Single Op HP   30,5202018-02-25 22:18:18
Worked with a 17 m long wire vertical as RX and TX antenna hanging down from my
6th floor corner balcony. Fed with a Chameleon Hybrid 1:5 impedance transformer.
Thanks for all the Qso and specially to OY9JD and Z36N who gave my new
bandpoints on 160.
N2BEG   Single Op LP   28,6522018-02-25 22:23:09
Managed 5 hours in the chair. Only ran 100w, band not very good all weekend.
Heard 4 Eu stations in heavy QRM, none worked. My strategy is sit for ~hour long
shifts, work the band out S&P, call CQ until I get tired and quit. I usually
wind up getting up once per night around 2am for an hour, then back up towards
daybreak. Heavy QRN Sat night, QSB the rest. Thanks to RDXA members who made it
in the log. CW sooo much better!
S54O   Single Op Assisted HP   36,1442018-02-25 22:25:12
TS590 GU81
dipole @4-12m + K9AY loop
LZ5R   Multi-Op HP   418,6482018-02-25 22:25:40
Nice contest! (really?) Enjoying good old company and visit from Alex KU1CW.
First night better then second. Nice call from IS0GGA during last hour and a bit
before him 7X5QB .
No inband and other modern stuff. All antennas from wire!!! No alluminium
TX-2 phased verticals + additional INV L
RX-3 bevs NA 250m AS 150m and SA 150m
LZ4AE interlock and smart ant switching (TNX Angel)

TNX to Krassy K1LZ for all the support and motivation!


For LZ5R (LZ1KFM) team

K7QA   Single Op Assisted HP   14,8002018-02-25 22:28:29
Not nearly as much activity as the CQ 160 CW affair. Fun to hear the voices
behind the more familiar paddles.
N8BI   Single Op Assisted HP   24,0212018-02-25 22:30:02
Conflicting contests and with limited time for 160 SSB. Conditions were pretty
good on Friday night, sorry I missed most of the time!
W8DGN   Multi-Op LP   21,9242018-02-25 22:36:53
Great fun! Never heard a California station!
WA3EKL   Multi-Op HP   54,5922018-02-25 22:55:55
Congratulations to the crew at K1LZ on the excellent performance that you did
this weekend.

The CQWW 160 SSB was very interesting. It was a great challenge for all. The
conditions were not as good as earlier in the season with less DX however the HB
triangular phased vertical receiving array did a great job of pulling out both
the DX and state side contacts. The amount of stations and QRM appeared a little
less than last year. Almost everything we heard could hear us even though we
were only running a pair of 813’s to an inverted L. We did not return to 160
on Saturday night until the NAQP contest was over which reduced our Q count
accordingly but we did find more mults this year than last and we beat our score
from last year. It was a fun contest and we thank everyone who contacted us.

Thanks to all. See you in the next one.


The WA3EKL contest team
TM6M(F1AKK)   Single Op Assisted HP   391,8752018-02-25 23:21:46
Second year for me but this time in HP !

1st Night was not so bad but some West Coast at my Sunrise K0IDX , WD5COV , N7DD
, KV0Q , WA8WZG , N7AT , AA0RS.
Propagation just some minutes after sunrise cuted !
110 NA !!
What's about second night !?!
Never got any kind of run and propagation VY2ZM , K3ZM were s6.. nil !
10 NA !!!

Somethings strange (bad) happened

Despite that i had (kind) of fun

Thanks all fro qso , sorry for the ones i couldn't heard , 160 ssb is crazy!

Congrats to OK7K Peter , LY4A for thems big score

27M top loaded vertical , 4 Bev

73s, Oli
NA5NN(@W5UE)   Multi-Op HP   88,5962018-02-25 23:29:14
Condx seemed off from last year, plus we were dealing with thunder-boomers
around the area most of the weekend, but never close enough to take us off the

Station: Elecraft K3/P3 + Alpha 8410
Antennas: Inverted L, Beverages for NE, W, NW and SE
VE9AA   Single Op HP   3,2962018-02-25 23:31:16
Got on in daylight for the last 52minutes of the contest.
Never could get the attention of TM6M who was about 5/4, but quite surprised to
have UA7K and another EU call me ! WOW! As far as Michigan into the sunlit

Radio 1 IC-7410
Antennas for Radio 1
160m - Wire 2 element array of Inverted L\'s in the trees (Comtek)*currently
only 1 element in service due to some season known locally as winter and all the
wrath it brings.

Radio 2 - IC-7410 - not used 2day
Antenna for Radio 2 is a modified ZS6BKW with an added 15m inverted Vee.
80m-6m contest bands, no 160m

N1MM+, CM-500 Mic, N3ZN paddle, SO2R+ box.
(small 550w amps used for some contests)
Thanks for the Q\'s

CU (all of a sudden) in the next one.

dit dit

Mike in NB, VE9AA
K3PA   Single Op Assisted HP   116,1562018-02-25 23:35:23
Everything worked this contest! Fun!
NJ4F   Single Op HP   6862018-02-25 23:45:40
All S&P.
ICOM 7800, Alpha 9500, Palstar AT1500DT, 160/80M dipoles, Shared Apex Loop array
for RX, N1MM+
LY4A   Single Op Assisted HP   523,8002018-02-25 23:48:03
Tnx for calling...

Congrasts to Petr OK7K, Oli TM6M and for good score and nice time under pielups
on FB chat :) with what help don't sleep.

For me propagation at second night is amazing with ~4 hours just 10-20 qso :) so
very tired at night.

Setup at page

Rolandas LY4A
skype: rolkaxx
N3YUG   Single Op Assisted HP   12,3502018-02-26 00:02:44
Only could work for about 3 hours or so, but had fun. I ran high power just to
make more contacts. It wasn't to bad for a 65 foot Shorty Sloper and 400 watts.

WA7NWL   Single Op LP   24,8562018-02-26 00:24:28
Relative newcomer to 160M contesting. Had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed the
Saturday mid-day nap and identified a number of things to fix for next time.

Thanks to all for the contacts - special appreciation to the stations who had to
dig deep to copy my little signal.


John, WA7NWL
K7XC   Single Op Assisted HP   13,2302018-02-26 00:27:48
A part time effort to help out the club. Always interesting to see how far one
can work on 160M SSB. Antenna a 175' long Inv L up 30' Station a very old IC-746
driving an AL-80B to 800W. Distracted by the FB Performance of the American Gold
Medal Curling Team! USA! USA! USA!
W3LL   Single Op Assisted HP   165,0312018-02-26 00:30:58
Split time with NAQP RTTY.
WB8JUI   Single Op QRP   2302018-02-26 00:35:44
73 - Rick WB8JUI
K4MI   Single Op LP   4,8362018-02-26 01:01:07
Did not spend much time with this contest as it is really difficult to get a
signal out on 160m SSB with my antenna. This modest effort just reinforces my
desire to come up with something that will let me operate 160 and add the
amplifier as well.
OK7K(OK1BN)   Single Op Assisted HP   584,5052018-02-26 01:12:14
FT-1000MP + PA

TX Antenna:
Vertical @ 39m with 160 ground radials

RX Antennas:
Beverage 360m to USA (320 deg)
Beverage 420m to USA (305 deg)
Beverage 360m to Carribien (280 deg)
Beverage 360m to South America (250 deg)
Beverage 360m to Africa (170 deg)
Beverage 360m to VK/ZL (080 deg)
Beverage 320m to VK/ZL (080 deg)
Beverage 360m to Japan (045 deg)
Beverage 260m to North (015 deg)
Beverage 180m to near East (135 deg)
K9AY Loop

See you in RDXC contest.

AA1K   Single Op Assisted HP   79,4972018-02-26 01:13:25
My usual lite effort on the weekend between the two ARRL DX contest weekends.
Conditions quiet and many good European signals the first night, but weaker and
little activity the second night.
UA9BA   Single Op Assisted HP   72,8572018-02-26 01:21:45
Bad flu along with active GMF prevented full effort operation. Band only started
to open to EU few hours before the end of the contest.

TKS all for QSOs and spots! CU u in March events.

73! Willy UA9BA
W4GE   Single Op Assisted HP   83,9902018-02-26 01:44:35
Condx during the CW test were far better! Short skip ruled in this 'test!

Lots of EU spotted but very few heard or worked. No EU Sunrise Bump. Just flat
ran out of people to contact! Pretty much got every ham licensed in OH, MD, IL,
IN, VA and MI. Hung it up when it got to be 7 minutes between calls while
running. That said, only missed WY, SD, and DC in the CONUS. But no KL's or
KH's.... Even the Caribbean was faint, which is very unusual for our SC QTH.

Equipment-wise all worked well, but did learn that my 5KW 1:4 balun at the base
of my 1/4 wave 80m vertical does not like 1300W shoved down its throat at a 7:1
SWR while transmitting way up the band at 1935 KHZ. Luckily all cooled down and
is still working just fine nearer the resonance point of the tuning network.

Rig: K3/P3 in diversity mode; Acom 1500; XMatch Tuner.
TX Antenna: Base loaded DXE 80m 1/4 wave vertical with ground field.
RX Antennas: Pixel Loop, RBOG (N/S), RBOG (E/W), NE Pennant.

Top banders are a gracious, fun bunch. Even had time to chat with a few about
conditions and working at GE many, many years ago during contest lulls. Thanks
to all for their wonderful comaradeie!

ps: Our $199 CC is named for what we locals in Charleston tell our significant
others how much a piece of equipment costs when it shows up at our door....
W6RW   Single Op Assisted HP   1,7602018-02-26 02:09:22
Just S&Ped fir a couple of hours.
K2PM   Single Op Assisted HP   171,7502018-02-26 02:24:48
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: frankford radio club
NAME: Peter Madsen
ADDRESS: 8227 503 cc rd
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7047.0
WB8WKQ   Single Op LP   33,9702018-02-26 02:29:24
A very part time effort, went out with friends Friday night, and played in the
SC QSO party on Saturday till it was over. Decided not to tax the amp, so ran
barefoot to see how it would be. Actually even barefoot, had several nice runs.
It was a lot more fund than I anticipated, even on a very busy weekend (two
state QSO parties also). Thanks for all the Q's!
KVØQ   Single Op Assisted HP   158,9482018-02-26 02:31:41
I really struggled to work any Europeans this year but enjoyed the high level of
stateside activity. Maybe some day JAs will gain SSB privileges on Top Band! It
is nice to work so many familiar call signs and to converse with old friends..

Thank you for the all of the QSOs


Bill KV0Q
W4VIC   Single Op HP   3,2402018-02-26 02:54:44
A few points for PVRC. Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC
WA7BNM   Single Op LP   5392018-02-26 03:18:46
This was more of an antenna test than a contest for me. Strung two full-size
radials around the eves of my house and garage (sort of a handlebar mustache
pattern) about 10 ft above the ground. Suspended an inverted-L (well a droopy
inv-L) from my tower with the apex at about 70 ft and the "horizontal"
portion sloping downward at 45 degrees. Resonant at 1.9 MHz, but with a >4:1
SWR at best - no matching network.

Most QSOs were the result of very good ears and persistence on the part of the

Rig: K3, 100 watts

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM (
OG7A(OH6MW)   Single Op Assisted HP   55,7482018-02-26 04:12:42
Tnx qsos,
73 Ari OH6MW
KH7XS(K4XS)   Single Op HP   54,2842018-02-26 04:20:40
First time ever in this contest and was testing a new antenna. Absolutely
brutal conditions here. Started out and the band was relatively free of QRN,
but within two hours I had S-9 QRN static crashes about 70% of the time. Shut
it down five hours into the contest, hoping the second night would be better.
It wasn't and this was a first night only contest for me.

Many stations QSYed after I asked for repeats over and over in the
apologies to those operators. I'll be back next year if the QRN isn't as bad.
NZ3O   Single Op Assisted HP   5,8282018-02-26 04:43:42
Wire sloper aimed WNW, so I hear as poorly as I sound. Thanks for making the
effort to work me! "See you" in the next contest!
OH1Z(OH1LEG)   Single Op Assisted HP   152,6562018-02-26 05:35:49
K3+Acom 2000A+Inv-L antenna.
Thanks all for QSO's

WØMB   Single Op Assisted HP   35,1002018-02-26 06:06:40
NTS:Kenwood TS590, Alpha 76A, Inverted L, N1MM+. Started out ok then the amp had
problems along with rf shutting down one monitor. I still have problems with any
listing antennas and have to fix that. I see a new amp in my future and some
other kind of listening antenna. It was still a fine test even though I had to
run just 100 for some time. The second night I ran the amp at 600 watts for
about 3 hours and no problem. I was waiting on my 300 th contact so I could call
it and night and finally got a call from kh6cc running 100 watts kind of neat.
PJ4G   Multi-Op HP   391,2482018-02-26 06:42:15
NE9U, KK9K, and K4BAI had to fly home Saturday after their two week stint in
Bonaire, so what better way to be relaxed and rested for their Saturday flight
than stay up all night playing in the CQ 160 SSB contest Friday night!

Noag, K2NG batted clean-up Saturday night to close out the contest.


Scott NE9U
M7Q(G4PIQ)   Single Op Assisted HP   169,7522018-02-26 07:49:44
Came on Saturday evening with the intent of a little having fun running a pile
for a few hours. After 4 hours and a little over 300 QSOs I thought I might just
get up for sunrise and see if I could add a few more states. Did that &
thought - this score isn't going to win anything - but I could just add a bit to
make it respectable - so came back battled on with another 4.5 hours of the
Sunday evening death throws of the event. With roughly 10 hours of operating,
only the last 2 got rather tedious as I ran out of new meat.

I thought conditions were relatively poor - and it looks like the first night
was the better to North America when I was not QRV. No Asian DX worked - but
some nice highlights of S01WS calling me and working PJ4G, YV1KK, TO3Z, KV4FZ.
Surprised to see some of these folks were Low Power - given my poor Rx antennas.
US conditions on the Sunday morning our time were odd - many of the more
Northerly 'usual-suspects' were inaudible here, and, apart from Jeff, VY2ZM, the
standout NA signal was from W8ALP, but VE3PN was also a decent signal.

With no advance plans to have done the contest I had no Rx antennas - not great.
I only used a low Inv-L and a low inv-V dipole. Interesting that the dipole was
often better - even on the longer paths - especially around / after sunrise. At
US sunset, the Inv-L was much better.

Rig : K3 + Ten Tec Titan, 400W
Ant : Inv-L @ 18m + Inv-V Dipole @ 18m


Amdy, G4PIQ
WA6URY   Single Op LP   3302018-02-26 09:17:49
100w to a 40m dipole at 63 ft with a SG 230 antenna coupler at the feedpoint.
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
EA3PT   Multi-Op HP   153,8572018-02-26 09:40:18
First night was slow, trying to run above 1.900, only resulted in a row of 6/8
Qsos when someone spotted us, then 10 minuts calling CQ = 1 Qso... Changing from
Run to S&P and viceversa all night. Few US stations worked, mostly S&P.
Second night was worse, really boring, so we decided to dismantle the station on
Sunday morning and not suffer the 5/6 hours remaining of Sunday evening.
As in Spain, we can not work SSB below 1840 Khz, we lost several multipliers
only heard there...

Kenwood TS590S/Elecraft KX3 + Amp
Z Dipole 20m high
2 140 m long beverages, to EU and USA

Thanks for the Qsos and Many Thanks to the few that spotted us!!!

Till next one, 73

S57AL   Single Op Assisted HP   14,3922018-02-26 13:39:38
CU in next one!

73, Ivo S57AL
EB3CW   Single Op Assisted HP   26,0382018-02-26 13:52:53
Just few hours in the contest. Trying to catch new countries
W6JBR   Single Op LP   5402018-02-26 14:07:48
I tried a few new things, but am still hampered on 160 by lack of an efficient
antenna. I can hear more than I can work. I hope to go QRO once I mod my
Clipperton L. I have been considering building a 160m helical vertical.
My local band noise has gone down considerably in the last year, which helps.

Thanks for pulling me out of the noise.


Rig- TS-450SAT exciter driving Clipperton L (4 X 811A) to the contest LP limit
of 150W output.
Tuner- Nye-Viking MB-V-A
Ant- 65' end fed as inverted L @ 31'.
CPU- Dell Inspiron I1721 laptop w/AMD Athlon TK-55 2.80 GHz 32 Bit Vista
Interface- Homebrew
Software- N1MM+
VE3CKO   Single Op HP   136,6122018-02-26 14:23:53
2018 CQ World-Wide 160 Meter Contest, SSB

Callsign: VE3CKO
Category-Operator: SINGLE-OP
Category-Power: HIGH
Category-Assisted: NON-ASSISTED
Club: Contest Club Ontario
Name: Mike Kovacich
Postal Address: 2725 Bridge St.
Postal City: Ridgeway
Postal State/Province: ON
Postal Code: L0S 1N0
Postal Country: CANADA
Log Deadline: 2018-03-02 21:59:59 GMT
Received at: 2018-02-26 14:16:33 GMT
Reported QSOs: 413
Confirmation #: 1718841.cq-160-ssb
W1JCW   Single Op QRP   16,6982018-02-26 14:29:21
Worked mobile Icom 7000 Hi Q 6" coil. Great conditions Friday into the
early morning. Saturday static crashes were the norm, worked 60 stations that
were not heard on Friday.
S51V   Multi-Op HP   459,5642018-02-26 14:51:13
worst CONDX ever
NX6T   Multi-Op HP   66,2402018-02-26 14:52:37
Condx seemed poor and s7 to S9 noise level didn't help. Wish we had more real
estate for some serious beverage antennas. 160 RX Loop didn't help much.
N4RA   Single Op HP   33,7952018-02-26 15:13:57
KW, inverted-L, 1 Beverage
KØSIX   Single Op HP   41,4462018-02-26 15:17:16
Had a great time, primarily Friday night for me. Some good runs. Saturday
night however, was a lot slower, as it seemed I had worked everyone the night
before that I was hearing. Overall happy with the G5RVM that I hung temporarily
off the tower, set up with a Elecraft K3, and Elecraft KPA500.
73, Vince
N5FO   Single Op HP   6,7522018-02-26 15:28:19
Conditions poor here. Just got enough to try the new Expert 1.5K amp - worked
flawlessly. No European opening here.

Thanks for the 3 hours of fun!
ES5RW(@ES5TV)   Single Op HP   285,0852018-02-26 16:47:43
No surprise - tough is supposed to be tough. And this was the case. Though
cannot complain too much about the score at given band conditions and the
northern location.

Thanks for the callers.

73, Rein
K3SW   Single Op Assisted HP   14,3192018-02-26 17:20:06
Couldn't do a serious effort due to rig / antenna issues.
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op HP   7,3442018-02-26 17:54:19
Thank you for the QSOs.


W9INN inverted vee
WA6POZ   Single Op Assisted HP   6602018-02-26 19:24:30
Stopped when computer started an system update, why then i'll never know!
N2CEI   Multi-Op HP   210,4082018-02-26 19:32:59
Good point: 100 more QSO's than last year
Bad point: 10 less Multipliers!

Missing allot of normal EU contacts and Mults. Just plain weird conditions here
in North Florida! The EU DX either all called us at once or we heard nothing.
When we found EU when S&P, they were loud but would only last long enough
for a QSO. No Storms, No lightning crashes, no abnormal noise! Just wonderful
warm nights with the Shack doors and windows open and the band wasn't! Heard 5's
0's and 7's working EU DX that we could not hear! Just wasn't our turn! Missed
WY and KL for states and the elusive VE sections. BUT-- had a great time and
will be in it again next year! ALSO-- sorry to all stations that tried so hard
to work us and we didn't complete. Must of had 20 incomplete QSO's this year
along with 58 Dupes! So goes the CQWW160 SSB contest. See you in the Spring
Stew if the Spring weather lets us get on!
KI7M   Single Op Assisted HP   54,5752018-02-26 20:07:34
Per my usual scenario my biggest problem is static background noise running
59/59+5/10 so had trouble hearing some of the weaker stations.

Running Elecraft K3, Palstar HF-2500 Amp up to 1400 watts on peaks, Palstar
AT5K-HP tuner, INV-L about 70-80' up over tree fed again hytower radial field of
64 65' ground radials. First night at 09:16Z T.Q's 248, T.Mults 48, Q.Pts. 589,
T.Score 28,272. Felt the first night I did pretty well. Worked ZS1OK, Dave for a
first time NZ! Made my night!
Second night conditions less favorable. You can see the total score above and
had considerable more problem hearing stations. Still have not got my Waller
Flag up that I keep talking about. And so far you can not prove to me beverages
(elevated or BOG) work. How can a receive antenna be any good if the background
noise goes up when switched in????? Must work on reducing the receive noise and
maybe I can begin to do better somehow. IILLE

In 2011 I reached 59,340 points and achieved #18th US and #1 7th call area HP
Assisted. So all in all I can't really complain too much. Better things I hope
will come. Oh, since I was asked by a fellow ham in the area to submit with
WVDXC I put it down this year.
K4AKK   Single Op LP   4,4702018-02-26 20:21:20
I do not have a 160M antenna to speak of, but wanted to play a bit. made a few
QSO's, tho each was a challenge. Highlight of the evening was QSO's with several
TCG members, and W4KW knew who I was :)
F6GOX   Single Op HP   219,3752018-02-26 20:50:03
With no improvement in the rx antenna system and worst propagation forecast, I
cannot expect a better score than in 2017. The only good thing was no QRN this
weekend because of the high atmospheric pressure zone over Europe.

So the goal to beat ES5RW, 1st European and 4th World in 2017, is not possible
this year... It could be easier to beat myself by decreasing the enormous 8% of
2017 penalties, 20.960 points... So I now am waiting the results...

Bad conditions of propagation were for all in the world. In France, I made
experience of strong attenuations of beacons signals (LZ5R, UA7K, VY2ZM, K3ZM,
N2CW). Sunrise propagation has cut 30 minutes after my sunrise both mornings.

2018 claimed score is in the level of the 2017 score : 19 SP and 56 countries.
Just few less qso number which saves the contest because of my better strategy
for Run and S/P and 28/30 hours of activity.

First night was bad but the morning was better : 26 NA contacted the saturday
(AZ, CT, IL, KY, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, ON, PA, PEI, RI, VA) against
only 2 the sunday morning (MI, TX)... Cry to listen W8ALP (MI) big signal the
saturday morning on 1808 kHz, 2 kHz down from the IARU Region 1 limit and listen
him to run US without split for EU... GRrrrr... Hopefully, I was lucky to QSO
with him the sunday morning!

Multipliers listen and not contacted : N2CEI (FL), 4Z5LY, 4M6R, LU2DVI, 5B4XF
and ER...

UP2L, P3X and Turkey as scare Asiatic stations. Thanks to ED8W, EF9R, S01WS and
CU2DX for their calls. Big signals from Caribbean at sunrise as KP4KE, PJ4G,
ZF9DX and also the French TO3Z team in Guadeloupe.

Extraordinary qso the sunday evening at 2006z with DJ1AC/M, Geniz, with 100
watts in an one meter lenght antenna !!

So, it was pleasant to participate and always meet old friends ! Many thanks to
all the callers to help me to score and for their patience in the noise... I
definitly nead to improve antenna receiving system for 2019 if I want to climb
the 300.000 points cliff...

73 Laurent F6GOX

Yaesu FT-990 + PA, 2K INRAD SSB filter, Tx-Rx top loaded radiated tower
TH11DXX@21m with 1/4 wire inverted V exciter, Rx DHDL.
W4WS(@WB4MSG)   Multi-Op HP   34,7312018-02-26 23:38:15
Just checking out station. Testing some new rec antenna's.
Thanks to Don, Henry and Raja for the help. Great evening.
N2HMM   Single Op LP   26,8552018-02-26 23:59:56
Lost Friday night when the weather dropped my Inverted-L a few days before.
Propagation was pretty poor. I heard no Europeans.
N4BCD   Single Op Assisted HP   12,8252018-02-27 00:23:50
Couldn't resist the urge to jump in for a few hours after coming home from a
club meeting Friday night. Used the opportunity to put RF through the new to me
Palstar AT5K-HP tuner. While the Alpha 91b ran legal limit, the Palstar never
broke a sweat driving a DXE feedline current choke with one terminal tied to the
station ground and the shorted ladderline from the 80m doublet on the other

S&P up the band and back, found a hole and had a good run, then off to bed
for Dalton Hamfest the next day. Spent a few minutes listening to a W3 working
DL's & EA's on his Beverages that mine couldn't hear.

Put in about 30 minutes after dinner on Saturday, noting propagation wasn't
nearly as good and noise much worse than Friday. Tnx for the Q's. Mark N4BCD
AA5AU   Single Op HP   1,0032018-02-27 00:45:22
By the time I got to the contest Saturday night after NAQP RTTY, there wasn't
much available. I was in it for the grids. Hey, at least I broke a 1000.
C6ANM   Multi-Op HP   151,4552018-02-27 02:51:02
Rig: Kenwood TS-2000
Antennas: 160 INV-L (44\' Vertical) and 500\' Beverage NE-SW

Disappointing contest. Not a lot of early morning activity this year.
Friday night the Caribbean conditions were poor with deep fades. Only heard and
worked a few EU. Minor QRN.
Saturday night heard and worked more EU, but battled high QRN levels.
VE3SS   Single Op Assisted HP   37,8902018-02-27 03:05:19
Had fun working stations despite a lot of local
interference. Receive loop really helped pull
some signals out of the noise.
UA7K   Multi-Op HP   438,3722018-02-27 08:41:43
CQ WW 160 is a tradition for us ! And it doesn’t matter what condition is
going to be ! We always plan to be on the air this weekend. The same happened
this year :) First night condition to NA was not in a good mood. And we worked
only big guns from the East Coast. And finished night with 11 states/provinces.
Second night it was good opening to NA during their sunset and we were able to
put more US and VE mults into the log. This opening was for about an hour than
it closed until our sunrise. Short opening to NA at our sunrise and that all.
VY2ZM had outstanding signal ! It is a usual thing when Jeff is active from PEI
! It was first NA qso in the log ! Thank you , Jeff ! From US the first ones
were K1LZ and W2RE. Thank you guys ! Congrats to HG8DX, S51V, LZ5R, RW2F and
RU1A with good scores !!! It was great to meet old friends on the band ! See you
next year !
VE3VN   Single Op LP   17,5102018-02-27 17:32:48
Playing around a bit just to see what 160 SSB is like.
K3UA   Single Op HP   21,6302018-02-27 19:49:04
Always fun to say hello to friends!
KØEJ   Single Op HP   16,4522018-02-27 20:20:05
Start til just after sunset from the contest QTH to hand out some points. Kudos
to those who stick to this one. Quite a challenge! Did get on a little from home
as well using club call.
73, Mark
KM9P(KØEJ)   Single Op LP   2,8752018-02-27 20:22:25
Brief operation from home QTH. Thanks to K4JNY and Ringgold Contest Club for use
of the callsign.
73, Mark K0EJ
KQ4LA   Single Op LP   1,0352018-02-28 01:42:48
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WW 160 Contest Log 4.3
NAME: Jeffrey Swain
ADDRESS: 1684 Sheppard Ave
K9ZO   Single Op HP   122,1202018-02-28 02:56:16
I was talking to my wife so I started quite late. Apparently there is an
advantage to this - the first 45 minutes produced 174 QSOs, with the first hour
netting 202 QSOs! One 10 minute period produced 49 QSOs. We don't get that
rate often except as DX and during the sunspot highs. After the initial hour
the rate dropped significantly. I don't know how to quantify working the band
out. It got slow very quickly. When I went to bed I scanned the band and did
not find a single new station. Conditions were good and the band was quiet.

In the morning there was not much activity, but made few more contacts.

NAQP RTTY contest during the day and evening.

I checked 160 in the evening, but only found a few guys to work. CQs produced
a very slow rate. I quit sometime after 1am when the rate dropped to a dozen an

Missed SD, and a lot of the VE1s. Not much DX except for Caribbean. I need more
antennas and gain. The challenge will be the wind which howls in the winter.
OK1KUW   Multi-Op HP   369,5642018-02-28 10:55:53
conditions on Saturday better than on Sunday, the first night 24QSO NA, the
second night only 2QSO NA conditions are tragic, the first serious contest with
the new setup, 27m vertical top loaded, 2 elevated radials, 6 beverage 264m
long, FT1000MP, beautiful fight with lz5r on online cotest score,
congratulations for a better result, thanks to all stations for a beautiful
weekend at the radio
KP4KE   Single Op LP   226,3852018-02-28 17:53:25
Hello from Puerto Rico
Running the contest with 40 Watts using batteries power
and solar panels for charging was hard no sun at night hi hi
My old 751A work perfect and no electricity = no power line noise.
Alot of wire make the verticals antenas and loops was fun.
See you in the ARRL in 80m band maybe QRP try to beat the QRO's

Thanks to all that have the patient to work me 73 and Dx.
ND8DX   Multi-Op HP   285,5582018-03-01 01:07:59
Disappointing conditions to Europe this time around, but we had a fun time as
always. Rate was very good the first 5 hours Friday night, then fell off to
typical levels. Surprise of the contest was being called Sunday by GM3PPG at
about 830 z, an hour after his sunrise.
K4RO   Single Op HP   10,4502018-03-01 02:31:14
Band QSOs Pts StP DXC Pt/Q
1.8 111 275 34 4 2.5
Total 111 275 34 4 2.5

Score : 10,450

Confirmation #: 1719498.cq-160-ssb
N2CW   Multi-Op HP   293,1762018-03-01 13:47:33
Horrible conditions this year, but we had fun in spite of it. Great team, Great
HB9CA   Multi-Op HP   267,4002018-03-01 15:38:56
Back on 160 after the CW part last month, we had high expectations after last
years's good results;
this year we deployed a HiZ 8 Square RX antenna dedicated to 160 to improve RX
in all directions.
Unfortunately, conditions were particularly bad this year and I beleive this
impacted everyone in Europe.
So while the relative result may be OK it was surely less fun then last year.
Marco HB9CAT
HB9AAL   Multi-Op HP   264,8302018-03-01 20:25:54
The team wishes to thanks station owner HB9AAL Peter for the help and for
allowing using his station. Not only a brand new 27m high vertical antenna was
build and put into service with delay due to too much "banana effect"
by its erection, but also the US beverage was replaced by a longer one.
Saturday night worse than Friday night.
Good company and lots of fun. Tnx to Manu for having taken care of the food

320m bvg USA
300m bvg AS
2 x halfsloper
27m high vertical with 80 radials (used 16hrs only)

on behalf of the team, HB9DUR Andrea
K3CCR   Multi-Op HP   82,2762018-03-01 22:11:40
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC.

N3UM and W3GB did Multi-Op HP in the 2018 CQ 160 SSB. Activity was
high; sigs were loud out to ~1000 miles, but never beyond except
for 3 hr. after 0443Z Sat.

To start N3UM ran 2200-0152Z and got 200 QSOs and 33 “easy”
St/Pv mults; all 26 states E of the MS river, 4 just W, and 3 VE Pv.
Tuning till 2011Z got 21 more Qs plus CO, NM, ND, and C6. This
pattern of alternate run/tune worked well for both of us after that
first surge; Telnet spots were few and of limited use.

W3GB took the late shift 2015-0830Z, tuned for a few mults and ran
at 61/hr. for 48 Qs 0328-0415Z. He then made excellent use of that
one 3-hr. DX opening. Starting 0443Z he got 13 of our 17 cty. mults;
6 EU, 4 NA, 2 SA, and 1 OC (KH6), plus 13 more St/Pv mults including
“hard” ones AZ, CA, UT, ID, MT, and AB. He ran for 14 Qs 0650-0716Z,
tuned for a few more, and got an XE mult at 0830 QRT with totals of
338 Qs, 875 Q points, and 64 mults.

Sun. we started late (0036Z) due to non-ham commitments and doing
NAQP RTTY. W3GB tuned a bit, then ran for 49 Qs 0140-0301Z. N3UM did
the late shift 0320-0644 and got slow but steady rates, mostly tuning;
18, 20, 20, and 20 Qs in the last 4 clock hrs, and mults SK, VP2M, and YV.
Unlike W3GB 24 hrs. before he heard no whisper of EU or US W.-coast sigs.
Few to no non-dupes left to work after 0645.

We missed SD, OK, NV, OR, WA, WY, and 7 VE Pv but got far more Qs,
Q points, mults, and claimed sore than either of us ever got before
in CQ 160 SSB.
P4ØZ(VE3ZF)   Single Op LP   24,5252018-03-02 21:14:44
It was a pleasure to operate from Aruba first time.

Many thanks to Ben DL6RAI for his hospitality.

73 Igor VE3ZF / P40Z
WB8K(@N8TR)   Single Op Assisted HP   69,8452018-03-03 18:08:45
Limited time operation, only six hours on Saturday night. Poor conditions to
Europe. Constant rain/storm noise. Diversity rx antennas were a great help.
Still a lot of fun.
WØBH   Single Op HP   23,2562018-03-03 22:43:31
Terrific rates while I was on. Stateside signals were weaker than usual, but the
noise level was really low so I could hear you anyway. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh