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UBA DX Contest, CW   2018   Feb 24   Comment Summary

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SP1JQJ   SOAB HP   1,0782018-02-24 19:43:41
Band QSOs Pts PFX Pro Pt/Q
7 14 46 6 2 3,3
14 12 31 5 1 2,6
Total 26 77 11 3 3,0
Score: 1 078
1 Mult = 1,9 Q's
MM3AWD   SOAB QRP   61,7162018-02-24 20:04:13
Just when things were going so well and bands in reasonable shape, i get the
dreaded phone call to go into work..

So have to end after just 7 hours! wont get back from a work emergency until
late sunday.

Thanks for all the Q's
Maybe get a full time effort soon!

73, Scott
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SOAB HP   5,3102018-02-25 06:03:35
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
SQ3RX   SOSB/80 LP   13,9742018-02-25 10:39:01
TS480 + G5RV
N1MM software
LZ1FY   SOSB/80 LP   35,3222018-02-25 11:14:09
FT-920 + InvVee (up 22m) + N1MM+
LY5W   SOSB/20 HP   4,3472018-02-25 11:22:41
Only to give some points for other stations.
HG6O(HA6OA)   SOAB HP   263,4662018-02-25 13:15:08
K1GQ   SOAB HP   132,2882018-02-25 13:25:22
SkookumLogger K3s KPA1500 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires
K3IE   SOAB HP   8,8922018-02-25 13:54:23
Flex 6300
80 mtr Inv L

Thanks for the Q's - Hunter, K3IE
NB1N   SOAB HP   30,2182018-02-25 14:13:10
Conditions were not good even for the low bands, 20m died too early. 40m stated
to open at 18:30 Zulu but I could only work strong EU stations, it took a while
for the band to open up so that I can attempt to run. Thanks for some of the EU
stations that spotted me, that helped a bit but the stream of callers didn't
last long. As you see 40m was a bit more productive than 20, generally it is
the other way around. Still had fun, it is always nice to hear familiar calls
from the other side of the pond. Thank you all for pulling out my weak signal.
Worked one WRTC station, good luck to them for the upcoming Ham Radio Olympics.
I know a few local operators that are going over to Germany being a referee in
WRTC 2018. Good luck to all.
73, Sandor - NB1N
IV3HAX   SOAB LP   101,1842018-02-25 15:52:52
Some problem with my progressive numbers into n1mm...lost over 10 qso
YO9HP   SOAB HP   526,8162018-02-25 19:47:05
It was a nice contest, given the poor propagation on most of the bands. I took 5
hrs break during the night, but as long I set in the chair, I had a lot of fun,
running/chasing stations via SO2R setup. Not very impressed by ON stations
participation (8% of QSO-s), but it is a world-wide contest, so not too many
boring moments. There was a problem in N1MM+ with serial numbers, so I ended
with about 100 QSO-s with repeated serials. I don't think this a problems for
log checking. Thanks everyone for calling/answering. 73, Alex
I2WIJ   SOAB HP   268,6702018-02-25 21:57:52
Rain, wind, snow and ice, so nothing better to do than a contest!
It is definitely a SO2R contest but not yet ready with the new setup.
Lack of propagation and lack of a 40m beam!
I was hoping for more ON stations on the air.
LZ3ZZ   SOAB HP   83,3242018-02-26 08:43:37
Tnx for QSO!
LZ9W(LZ3FM)   SOAB HP   667,2612018-02-26 20:13:51
Poor propagation on most of the bands. I sat almost 24 hours in the chair with
my broken right foot. Walking is painfully difficult!. I thank my LZ9W friends
for organizing a simple set-up into my condition for my favorite contest.
Thanks everyone for calling/answering to me.
73, Plamen LZ3FM
OM4ANO   SOAB LP   12,2702018-02-27 02:49:03
LM loger v. 4.10 TNX!