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South America 10-Meter Contest   2018   Mar 10   Comment Summary

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N1RR   SO Mixed HP   31,8202018-03-11 01:37:54
K7HKR   SO SSB LP   962018-03-11 11:24:42
100 watts, 3el bent Yagi at 5 meters from AZ

My patience was rewarded with a decent opening that peaked around 2000-2030UT.
Unfortunately, I was only able to work about one-third of the stations that I
heard. But, it's always fun to work SA on 10.
KM4SII   SO Mixed LP   3602018-03-11 14:33:04
Just a few minutes passing through the band picking off a few stations. There
were plenty more but I went back to chasing DXpeditions :-)

Stations worked SSB: 4M6R, 9Z4Y, PP1WW
Stations worked CW: PY1MK, CB3R, PY6TV

73 de KM4SII - Mason (15 years old)
K5KJ   SO Mixed LP   4,1402018-03-11 21:25:25
At times conditions to PY, LU and CE were good. Overall, conditions were

Rig: Elecraft K3 running 100 Watts
Antenna: Wilson System One up 19 meters
NX6T(WQ6X)   SO CW HP   2,0242018-03-12 02:16:11
This was another last minute ad-HOC remote operation from
NX6T in Fallbrook (altho I was @ W7AYT's QTH the SF Bay Area).
In addition to this contest I also participated in the Stew Perry
160 contest, the OKQP and the WIQP, also that weekend.
WQ6X ran NX6T's STN-1 (an Elecraft K3) into an ACOM 2000a amplifier
at about 1300 (watts most of the time); altho sometimes I would forget
to enable the amp when calling the station, then reply at 1300 watts - Zowie!
The high band antenna was a 13mh C-31 yagi (tower #1). A 13mh shorty-40
for 40 and sloppy inverted vees for 80/16 all did the job.
Look for an upcoming writeup about this at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
KØOO(@W3RFC)   SO Mixed HP   7,8722018-03-12 04:20:45
73 K0OO
K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   1,6722018-03-12 12:54:44
Limited time, but fun nevertheless. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
LU5DF   SO CW LP   8,0582018-03-13 03:10:33
Kenwood TS690 - Ant: yagi 3el 5mt up.
KP3LR(COMBETE)   SO SSB LP   18,8102018-03-17 02:02:46
La propagacion no estaba de lo mejor pero note muy pocas estaciones de sur
america espero poder escucharlos para la proxima y que sean muchos de nuedtros
hermanos suramericanos desde el caribe un abrazo 73