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Microwave Spring Sprint   2017   May 6   Comment Summary

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K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   1542017-05-06 10:58:29
Limited time today and it was a LOT of work for SIX QSOs but I was glad to get
out and have some radio 'fun'.

3 Qs completed on 3.4G (including the 46 km longest path), 2 Qs on 1.2G and an
Alinco DJ-G29T was used for a whopping 8 km FM QSO on 902 MHz.

4 different calls worked (2 of them Rovers).

Thanks to ALL who participated in the 2016 Microwave Spring Sprint and to Kent,
KA2KQM, and Mike, WB8BZK, for their continued work as the Spring Sprint hosting
team and to the Central States VHF Society for their sponsorship.

And thanks to all who participated in this year's Microwave Spring Sprint.

73, JK
W9KXI   Single Op LP   6122017-05-06 11:10:40
This was my first microwave sprint. I'll be back in the Fall.
W2KV   Single Op QRP   4672017-05-06 11:28:35
10 GHz only. 2 watts to a 2 foot dish at 115 feet. 4 Q's in 3 grids, best DX
K1RZ at 241 km.
KO9A   Single Op LP   3322017-05-06 12:04:35
Band QSOs Grids
903 5 4
1296 8 4

Nice to fire up the microwave gear and hear a good amount of local activity.
Was able to play for the first 2.5 hours then got back on for the last hour.

Looking forward to the 6m sprint next week...hopefully we get a massive Es
opening to coincide with that contest!


Jim KO9A
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   2,1892017-05-06 13:51:40
Conditions seemed pretty poor. I was unable to complete with station I usually
work. It was still fun trying. See everyone in the 6M Sprint.
WZ1V   Single Op LP   3,0742017-05-06 14:06:26
Didn't hope for much with only one band,
1296, but activity better than expected.
Worked 14 QSO's, 8 Grids.
Best DX N1JEZ FN44AR 384.1 KM, and
K1RZ FM19JH 455.7 KM. Nice to work
rover team N2RJ and K2EZ for first time.
Station 50W to 55 el looper at 64 feet.
-73 Ron WZ1V, FN31RH
N2RJ/R   Rover LP   1,2432017-05-06 16:25:49
Allow us to introduce the all-YL rover team of N2RJ and K2EZ, operating as
N2RJ/R. We've decided to join forces and get our feet wet in microwave
contesting as well as team roving, and what a blast we had! The first attempt
was not perfect as we had some glitches as well as poor conditions due to the
overcast conditions and rain drizzle. High Point state park was also closed due
to a 5k that was taking place in the park, so that cost us a prime spot. We
chased down several of the big guns and a huge thanks goes out to you all,
especially Dave, K1RZ in Maryland who gave us a whopping 280+ km from two
grids!!! We only operated 1.2GHz at very low power but hopefully we'll get
better next time with more bands, better antennas and more power.

Thanks for the QSOs!

Andrea, K2EZ and Ria, N2RJ
VE7AFZ   Single Op LP   6012017-05-06 19:44:44
Operated portable from CN89ji on the side of Cypress Mountain. Made 6 QSO's
into CN87,CN88 and CN89. Made one qso on 927.5 the rest on 1296.1

Band conditions seemed a bit flat today. Special thanks to those who stuck
with me with me despite some intermittent issues with my ssb signal at times.
It is nice to have an opportunity to use the 1296 portable station once in a

The sum of the distances of all the QSO's was 601 km.
KC7EQO   Single Op LP   1542017-05-06 22:58:07
Connected with VE7AFZ Mark in CN89ji using 45 element loop yagi 10 watts with my
TS2000x. yagi heading about 165 degrees and bounced off Olympic Mountains to
make contact. Schedule did not allow for full operation of contest. Still had
fun. 73!
KA9VDU/R   Rover QRP   782017-05-07 05:38:50
Lack of participation and/or coordination among operators kept contacts low in
southern Wisconsin. Worked as rover from en53ba and en52cx.
K1TEO   Single Op HP   8,1862017-05-07 07:10:00
I hadn't expected to be around for the contest but my track meet was cancelled
so I had a little time to get on. Guess I'm glad I did as I found that 3.4
isn't xmitting, on 903 while I could hear stations the xvtr had no gain, and I
didn't work anyone on 10 G so not sure if that's working. I have my work cut out
to fix things before the June contest....sigh.

It's been awhile since I've been on for this sprint but activity seemed better
than it has been in the past. That was good to see.

VE3DS   Single Op LP   1,1002017-05-07 07:54:25
Conditions were really wet and cold, and I only had a short op window on Sat so
gave out as many points as possible.
W9SZ/R   Rover LP   1,2802017-05-07 08:24:33
This is how I did:

From EN61av:
Band / # QSO's / Total distance for band (km)
902 / 4  / 225
1296 / 7  / 318
2304 / 3  / 210
3456 / 1  / 28
5760 / 2  / 49
10368 / 4  / 238
24192 / 1  / 28

From EN51xr:
2304 / 1  / 20
3456 / 2  / 92
10368 / 1  / 72

Total 1280 distance points (km)

Best DX was from EN61av with Lloyd N9LB in EN52hv (near Madison, WI) at 161 km
on 902, 1296, 2304 and 10368.
N9LB   Single Op LP   2,0182017-05-07 12:18:01
Being fairly new to microwave contesting and first time ever on 10 GHz, it was a
learning experience for me. Activity level was excellent, kind of like trying
to drink from a fire hose. I missed opportunities for working more stations,
but I will improve for next time.

Four grids contacted on 10 GHz, ( one grid less than needed for 10G VUCC on my
first day! ).
10 GHz with KA9VDU in EN52 and EN53 " Thanks Greg!
10 GHz with W9ZIH in EN51 " Thanks Ron!
10 GHz with K9PW/R in EN51 " Thanks Pete!
10 GHz with W9SZ/R in EN61 " Thanks Zack!

902 = Barefoot DEMI 902 XVTR, 30w, M2 Yagi
1296 = Barefoot DEMI XVTR, 25w, M2 Yagi
2304 = DEMI XVTR and Pyro Joe amp, 25w, Directive Systems looper
10368 = Barefoot DEMI XVTR, 2.4w, surplus 24” dish w TVRO feedhorn

Obviously needed improvements:
• A second radio to monitor 144.260
• More power on 10 GHz

Already have 3456 MHz equipment on order. Hope to have that running for June
and August events. Then 5760 MHz - that will give me 10 bands.
W3HMS   Single Op LP   2602017-05-07 14:03:50
1296 MHz only. FN10, FN20,FM19=3 Grids. Total km =260.24.
VA3ELE   Single Op HP   4,9642017-05-07 20:57:08
Pretty good activity during the Sprint. I do find a lack of stations calling CQ,
it seems most opt for going on chat to make skeds. This makes it more difficult
for rovers that do not have internet access while out and about trying to
provide some grids for us to work. There were quite a few of the regulars
missing. Thanks Steve VE3ZV for the sweep from 902MHz to 10GHz, VE3CRU/R
(worked from 4 different grids on 1296, 3 grids on 902 FM and only once on
2304) that went out and did not have a way to entice others to look his way
other than calling CQ on his liason frequency of 144.260, and of course Steve
VE3SMA that went out with his 5760 station with a whopping 50mW and a
horn(still cant believe we worked on SSB).
Over all, I'm content with the score even though I have issues on 2304, it must
be water logged from all the recent rain.


902 - 6 - ODX=512KM K1RZ FM19jh

1296 - 13 - ODX=600KM N3RG FM29ki

2304 - 4 - ODX=77km VE3ZV EN92vw

3456 - 1 - ODX=77km VE3ZV EN92vw

5760 - 2 - ODX=77KM VE3ZV EN92vw

10GHz- 2 - ODX=77KM VE3ZV EN92vw

Thanks everyone for the fun Spring Sprints and of course for the organizers
that make it happen for all of us every year. THANK YOU.

73 de Peter
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   5782017-05-08 13:21:21
I chose to go north-west to hand out grids to VA3ELE in areas very poor for
microwaves at the best of times. This time very foul weather accompanied me,
with rain, fog and haze, could not see the hills and tree lines ahead except if
seeing car headlights higher in elevation through the haze and fog. Got 8 qso's
with VE3ELE in 4 grids, 1 each with VE3FHM on 1296 only band, and a very tough
qso on 1296 with VE3AHN running 2W to 14 elmts in an apartment building, also
his only band. Participation was down in our area.

A major loss is those choosing to arrange qso's on ON4KST, means fewer signals
to be heard calling cq.


1296 usual 10/50W to pair of vertically stacked 45 loopers
2304 " 14W to pair of horizontal 45 loopers, got 1 qso.
903 FM only 20W to a handheld WA5VJB 10 elmt beam, worked great for 3 qso's.

Thanks to the CSVHFS and Kent and Mike for sponsoring and supporting the
Sprint, and to all who participated.


N6VI   Single Op LP   3,0142017-05-08 15:31:04
Entry consists of eligible Sprint contacts made during the first few hours of
the SBMS 2 GHz & Up Contest.
W2RMA   Single Op LP   8012017-05-08 20:33:21
XYL had me tied up for all but last half hour of the sprint. Cold and rainy,
not conducive for roving, so went to the closest rover spot for 3 Q's.
W2BVH   Single Op LP   2,3542017-05-09 12:37:09
3 Bands, 17 Q's, 11 total grids
K1RZ   Single Op LP   12,3502017-05-09 15:06:56
The 2017 Microwave Central States VHF Society Spring Sprint activity conditions
seemed fair, but certainly not good in central Maryland. There were a lot of
stations on which is good, but many who I worked on 432 and 222 could not be
worked on the Microwaves. The day before it had been quite rainy and while
those rain conditions supported some 10 GHz Rain Scatter on Friday, there was
no indication that remnant rain was scattering any signals on the Saturday of
the sprint. Back to microwave sprint though, I like the 6 hour time frame, as
it gave a extra bit of time to try a more few seconds or minutes longer,
waiting for a peak. Sometimes the peak brought a station up to and out of the
noise, and sometimes it didn't. Also in our region N2RJ/R (with K2EZ) were on
and workable for me in two grids. We fixed stations provided a few pileups for
N2RJ/R. Glad you were out there ladies! My best DX to the north was VE3FHM at
531 km's in FN03bp on 1296 with VA3ELE right behind at 513 km's in FN03dm on
both 902 and 1296. Connecticut was well represented with K1PXE (1296), K1TEO
(902, 1296 and 2304) and WZ1V (1296), each at over 400km's. Ohio was in here
also with K8ZR in EN91iq (1296 - 435 km's) and K8RYU (1296 and 2304 at 366
km's). To the south it was K1ISR in FM06rb at 380 km's on 1296 SSB. Plus many
others, each with a story, which made for a nice time. Thanks to the CSVHFS
for sponsoring these activites, bringing us all together for these sprints, and
letting us find out what is still needed for the June Contest. See you all
again soon. 73 Dave K1RZ FM19jh.
VE7HR   Single Op LP   1202017-05-12 20:26:05
First time on 927.
Lots of fun.
N3RG   Single Op LP   3,9032017-05-15 03:38:11
had fun - worked first VE on 1296!! VA3ELE FN03DM 601km