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ARRL 160-Meter Contest   2017   Dec 1   Comment Summary

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S53O   Single Op HP   18,9142017-12-02 13:55:53
ant vertical 33m,60radial 40m,rx 300m beverag
KØEJ   Single Op HP   235,4402017-12-02 16:31:33
TS590->Titan amp->80'Tee. Family activities made this a
one-nighter(Friday). Pretty fair condx here but missed a few of the usual mults
(KH6, EB, PJ2). Always a fun time!!
KO7SS   SO Unlimited HP   85,3742017-12-02 20:04:41

I guess this is what CQWWCW must sound like in EU on 80/160 where they manage
to squeeze an amazing 70 "DX" countries into an area the size of the

73, Bill KO7SS
K1SM   Single Op LP   1,7642017-12-02 21:56:03
80 watts to an 80 meter vertical...
Results as expected. Thanks all for pulling me out of the noise!
One of these days I'll put up a 160m antenna.
WX3B   SO Unlimited HP   25,0562017-12-02 23:24:24
With thanks to Tim N3QE and the others that were talking on Facebook and the
PVRC reflector about how good conditions were in this event. Perhaps the least
noise I've heard in a 160 contest in several years, and some loud signals from
the big guns in Europe that called in at or after our local sunrise Saturday.

This could be a really great year to do the CQ 160 CW contest!!


Jim WX3B
N1VVV   Single Op LP   2,3322017-12-02 23:36:50
Love this contest but just too busy unfortunately. Maybe next year.
K6BZZ   Single Op HP   3,0452017-12-02 23:57:36
ARRL160 Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2017-12-01

CallSign Used : K6BZZ
Operator(s) : K6BZZ

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : NON-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : AZ
Gridsquare : DM33XB

Name : Dick
Address :
City/State/Zip :

ARRL Section : AZ
Club/Team :
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6916.0

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 48 105 29 2.2
Total 48 105 29 2.2

Score : 3,045
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2017-12-02 Signature :
W2EG   Single Op LP   61,3052017-12-03 02:50:45
Only slightly better showing than last year. Conditions not great first night,
and worse second night. I've got to get up a better antenna! Frustrating to
hear stations that cannot hear me, especially longer paths. Thanks all for the
Qs! 73, Rich, W2EG
VE3GFN   Single Op LP   19,6652017-12-03 03:40:56
Lots of fun! Low QRN levels, and tons of activities. Not bad for a barefoot K3
and a ground-mounted Butternut vertical with no radials to the south!
KN5O   Single Op HP   62,1962017-12-03 04:16:11
Had planned to do multi-op, but things fell apart. Had a graduation to attend
Friday night and NO5W, Chuck's plans got preempted. So decided to play for a
few hours Saturday night. Finally got my RX 8 circle working.. Downside is
that since it is so directional, had problems hearing folks off the sides at
times.. Had to listen on the vertical TX antenna for much of the time, so
probably missed some DX callers.

I really enjoy this contest. Thanks to all for the QSOs.

73 Ted KN5O
K3PP   SO Unlimited HP   56,1602017-12-03 05:03:20
Only had a little time to operate, but did more (and better) than I expected!
Thanks everyone!
NJ8J   Single Op LP   4,1542017-12-03 06:03:08
Alinco DX-77T
LDG AT-11MP Automatic Antenna tuner

110 ft OCF Dipole fed with ladder-line

Logger: N1MM+

Got in a couple of hours Saturday evening. Wish I could have worked more, as I
felt much less like a rabbit than I usually do on 160, given the antenna I have.
Band was fairly quiet, and propagation seemed good.
W1HIS   SO Unlimited HP   52,5922017-12-03 06:03:58
Wire antenna 70 ft (21m) long and 30 ft (9m) high
WI9WI   Single Op HP   2,8622017-12-03 06:14:57
After Wisconsin's disappointing loss in the Big 10 Championship game, I sat down
at the radio to see how fast I could make 50 QSOs. I wasn't wearing headphones
so I missed some weak stations. Sorry. Now to bed.
WA2CP(KC2GOW)   SO Unlimited HP   179,1402017-12-03 06:20:48
I was finally able to get a good effort in this year around the work schedule.
Not bad for a station inside NYC... Conditions were excellent overall, didn't
hear much from W6, where was everybody??? Either way I had a great time and it
was a pleasure working some excellent CW ops. 73 until next time. Andy KC2GOW

Operating condx:
TX: 1/4wave Vertical with 36 radials.
RX: 900FT Beverages NE/SW
Power: 1KW
Rig: Icom IC-7600
KØZR   SO Unlimited HP   157,1522017-12-03 06:21:02
Enjoyed the openings to Europe. Would always like more. Worked all day
Saturday outside precluding much operation. A very, very early flight to LA
Sunday morning interfered with much operation Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Still had some fun.
3B9HA(GØCKV)   Single Op LP   202017-12-03 06:27:39
Congratulations to those 5 who heard me. I called many more but they couldn't
hear. 100w barefoot to 16 m umbrella vertical, loss of amp on 160 and unusually
high peak-to-average QRN made me go to 80 FT8 to make more people happy.
73 Olof G0CKV
K3MJW   M/S HP   145,8992017-12-03 06:50:42
Had big fun
K7XC   SO Unlimited HP   60,4582017-12-03 07:54:56
Friday afternoon was slow till almost dark when I found a freq and ran stations
for a couple hours, then a bit of looking for mults, followed by running more
stations. The band was sorta noisy but very workable. After several hours my
brain needed a break. Came back 2 hours later and worked folks till I couldn't
stay awake and went to bed after midnight. The alarm jolted me awake a bit
before 5AM to chase down any Pacific/Asian mults and sure enough worked a JA as
the sun crested the plateau. Came back to the band around 4PM to continue but
this time we had a fresh cold front working its way in with 50+ MPH gusts
making it almost impossible to hear anything as it agitated the noisy power
lines in a raucous frenzy of buzzing. At 0730Z I threw down the headphones in
disgust and filed this report having had enough for one weekend. Station: A
very old IC-746 driving a AL-80B to 750W into a 30 ft tall 175 long Inv L in
the back of the 5 acre lot. 73 and merry XMAS de Tim - K7XC - DM09jh... sk
KT3Y   Single Op HP   262,8842017-12-03 08:07:50


K3, AL1200
23m Vertical Tee
LA5LJA(@LA7TTT)   SO Unlimited LP   9122017-12-03 08:31:21
Must have been great radio conditions.
In 2016 I made 19 qsos and 540 Points.
Worked some New states also IL-OH-MI.
Equipment used: FT5000 set to 150w and W8AMZ Sloper antenna.
I hope the conds will be like this in the upcoming 160 tests.
Will take part in Stew Perry 160 in the end of the month.
KØVBU   SO Unlimited LP   36,6082017-12-03 09:33:39
K3-100 P3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trap dipole @ 30\'; 160 INV L @ 45\'(winter

Finally got the temporary inverted L wire up Friday evening, but had to wait
until Saturday afternoon to add the radials and feedline. Worked much better @
50 feet!
Thanks to all who pulled me out, and sorry to those I couldn't pull.
Happy Holidays to all!

Bill K0VBU
AA4NP   Single Op LP   10,1202017-12-03 11:07:36
High local QRN.

I had to work this weekend so not as much time to operate as I hoped. Thanks to
everyone that I worked!!
N4AF   Single Op HP   174,8282017-12-03 11:12:54
Good European opening. No Pacific.

73, Howie
K1ESE   Single Op HP   56,5922017-12-03 11:18:01
Good conditions the first night, but lots of noise the second night. 90% run
with some S&P Sunday morning.
NP2J(K8RF)   SO Unlimited HP   297,0062017-12-03 11:42:15
Running on generator power as power has been off since hurricane Irma hit on
Sept 6th!!!

K3S, al82 to pair phased K8RF loops


N4KS   Single Op LP   16,6322017-12-03 11:56:33
Thanks to everybody that pulled my itty bitty signal out of the mud. Wish I
could put up a better antenna.

FT5K, 53' wire @ 30'

73, Ken
N1UR   Single Op HP   210,8342017-12-03 12:12:22
Pretty decent conditions. Europe was at times pretty strong, at other times
weak. But there was consistent activity from EU. West cost was pretty strong
as well. Never heard KH6, KL7, KP4. But was only on when I had a chance over
the 2 evenings.

Lots of fun and good overall activity.


K1RO   SO Unlimited HP   174,3032017-12-03 12:31:04
Conditions sounded great! Wish I had planned to operate this one seriously.
Didn't get my K9AY Loop up, apologies to anyone I could not hear. Antenna is an
inverted V at 40 feet with the ends wrapped around the yard.
W2GD   M/S HP   547,0292017-12-03 12:36:54
Elecraft K3 x 3
OM2000HF 1250 watts
Win-Test Logging Software
2 element vertical Yagi @ 240' with NE, West and Omni direction options
Beverage antennas NE, E, S, SW, W, NW, plus HI-Z Four Vertical System

As has been our practice we use the ARRL 160 event to iron out whatever
might be lurking at this location at the end of "Murphy Drive". The
goal is to have everything completely ready for the CQ160 CW two months from

We had two work parties before CQWW CW, the first one saw installation of the
TX array on the 300 foot tower, and the second to complete cabling of the seven
RX antennas. There never seems to be enough time at this point in Contest Season
and with ARRL 160 just six days after CQWW CW, its a tight squeeze on the
schedules for many of us.

On the day of the contest we spent far more time than normal diagnosing coax
cable faults and repairing beverages downed by trees. Then one of our K3s came
up deaf but successful 'surgery' was completed a full five minutes before the
starting bell.

We enjoyed the best first hour of any 160 meter contest in the last 30+ years.
During the exciting first sixty minutes, we put 213 contacts in the log which
amazingly contained 25% five pointers from EU and the Carib. What a rush! The
band was dead quiet, not a static crash to be heard. In fact over the whole
weekend we were blessed with QRN free reception.

The first night the EU peak was early and there was no enhancement at their
sunrise. The second night a similar pattern but with some sunrise effect. We
managed 148 five pointers night one and added 131 more night two.

Seemed to be hoards of USA participants again this year - which supported
fantastic run rates during the first eight hours - definitely a highlight of
the weekend. The opening to the western US was never great and we never heard
a KH6, VK, ZL or JA. Chased XO1X for several hours Sunday morning but his
signal never came put out of the noise.

We enjoyed the camaraderie you have with a large team. K2SG, N2NC and new
comer KE2D filled the operator chairs when the core team needed a break. As
always thanks to the owners of WYRS-FM for making this fantastic site
available to us and to the members of the SJDXA for their ongoing assistance.

On to the Stew Perry TBDC in a few weeks.


John, W2GD
For the 160 TEAM
N3QE   SO Unlimited HP   315,6662017-12-03 12:40:12
Wow, best conditions and activity I've ever heard for this contest!

I had my share of new-to-me intermittent and not-so-intermittent neighborhood
noises I was gonna complain about, but hard to gripe when I see I blew all my
old results for Q's, DX Q's, mults, and points!

Sections I never got: ND, PR, PAC, and AK.

DX I worked: C6, CM, CX, DL, EA, EI, EU, F, G, GM, GW, HA, HB, HI, I, LA, LU,
LY, LZ, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, PA, PJ2, S5, SM, SP, SV, UA, UA2, UR, XE, YL,

Ten-Tec Eagle + AL-1500.

TX is Marconi T made from my 130 foot doublet by tying feedline together
against base and feeding against ground.

Ground system was "refreshed Friday afternoon" radial field running
through garage, across driveway, and across basement rafters.

RX ants are a K9AY loop for NE/SW and a Pennant for W.
K4WW   M/S HP   126,5942017-12-03 12:43:03
Last minute decision to be M/S. Thanks to all for the contacts. To those we
could not here, our apologies.
VE9AA   Single Op HP   36,7162017-12-03 12:46:49
Don't usually do this contest, but I guess I still "had the CW in me"
from last weekend, so popped in for 2 x ~1 hour sessions. One hour Sat night
and one hour Sunday morning.

Couldn't get the attention of N6RO (who had me, W1's, W4's calling him.....and
he continued to CQ CQ CQ


W2VJN (OR) who gave me a couple of '?" but no more.

VE6BBP very persistant (wtg dude!) and we made the exchange some 15 mins past
SR here. Thanks for hanging in there.

Mike VE9AA
N1RR   SO Unlimited HP   48,4722017-12-03 12:48:06
Hauled up the first wire of a 160M 4-Square vertical array using the ginpole
rope on the new Rohn 55G tower. Layed down 20 quarter-wave ground radials and
tuned to 1.850.
Could hear well too.
-Charlie N1RR
K8MR   Single Op LP   14,1682017-12-03 12:49:23
I operated as K8MR on Friday night and for an hour early on Saturday evening,
then went QRT to operate as W3USA.

65 foot vertical wire hidden in the trees, with a minimal ground system, at the
Florida condo in Sarasota. Fun to note the difference from back in Ohio
(propagation and location, not the crummy station). Loudest signals were ZF9CW
and C6AGU. Being a thousand miles from most activity resulted in many copyable
stations not being able to hear me, especially if those guys spent their time
listening on an east-west RX antenna. Having a marginal signal, one notes the
short time QSB, and often had to pick a QSB peak to complete a QSO. I'm
definitely distance challenged: only one QSO in W6/7, and only three mults each
in W0 and W1.

In one noteworthy achievement, I did manage a 10 QSO run, without any noted
cluster spots. (RBN may have helped some folks find me).

73 - Jim K8MR
K2AV   SO Unlimited HP   321,7502017-12-03 12:51:26
Rig: K3+8410
Antenna: Inv L over FCP

Didn't get RX antenna up because waited too long to make up my mind and got
into a materials back order situation. Looking to have that ready for Stew
Perry. Sorry for all those not quite readable signals I should have been able
to hear.

Really weird conditions.
K3WW   SO Unlimited HP   439,0102017-12-03 12:54:09
183 first hour probably best start ever for this one.

about 198 5 pointers.. best I could hear in ARRL 160 in a long time.
73 Chas
W3USA(K8MR)   Single Op LP   7,5662017-12-03 12:56:53
After operating as K8MR on Friday night and for an hour early Saturday evening,
I fired up as W3USA. Yes, this is against the ARRL contest rules, so this will
likely not be submitted. If anybody is bothered by this, I'll be happy to
delete the extra QSO I gave you. I'd estimate 75 of the QSOs had been worked
earlier as K8MR. I did get a couple of new mults that I did not get before, SC
and ONN.

With a 65 foot wire, base loading coil, and a minimal ground system, a thousand
miles from most activity, things are a challenge. But it's still good to be on
the air making QSOS!

73 - Jim K8MR
VE3YT   Single Op HP   77,3642017-12-03 12:59:22
Part time operation interrupted by social obligations. 73 Vic.
K4WI   SO Unlimited HP   160,2302017-12-03 12:59:50
Conditions were really good, band was quiet and lots of activity. I just need
some RX antennas.... missed some good DX as I could not hear them. I missed ND,
VE4, VE8, Hi, and PR. Thanks to all for the qso's 73's Cort K4WI
W2XL   Single Op HP   251,5262017-12-03 13:01:33
Good CONDX, my best score ever in this one. Good to hear many old friends !
UA9BA   Single Op HP   182017-12-03 13:03:36
Many, many couldn't copy my 400W station :-(

73! Willy UA9BA
KSØCW   Single Op HP   2,0472017-12-03 13:04:00
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 43 89 23 2.1
Total 43 89 23 2.1

Score : 2,047
K9CT   SO Unlimited HP   272,2262017-12-03 13:04:23
Family activities were more important this weekend so operated when I could. It
seemed like conditions were good however I thought we would hear more JA, Asia
and Pacific.

Missed PR and HI for sweep. Band was fairly quiet and could hear most weak

TX antenna 5 element array. RX antennas - Waller Flag, 4 Beverages, HiZ 8
Circle, SAL30 FlexRadio 6700, Maestro and PGXL (with test software)

This is a fun cw contest. Great to run into so many friends.

73, Craig K9CT
VO1HP   Single Op HP   194,3372017-12-03 13:08:30
K3 Line - Remote in GN37.
Inv L + FCP (
60m unterminated BOG

5 pointers=235
2 pointers=394

Late start Fri: 04:18Z Late start Sat: 02:14Z

I got on early before going out for music Sat evening returning at 02:14.
For period 19:37-22:18(14:37-17:18EST) - 135 Eu QSO's. Amazing signals from
all over Eu west to east.
K2CYE   SO Unlimited HP   179,3522017-12-03 13:14:11
Conditions on Friday night were perfect and EU sounded like they were stateside!
This made for a great contest as always. Plenty of US and EU activity during the
time I was on. Thanks again for all the Q's!

Mike K2CYE
AB9YC   SO Unlimited LP   90,0902017-12-03 13:17:33
Not bad for a compromise antenna in a suburban location.
K5AX   Single Op HP   66,2202017-12-03 13:30:12
Thanks for the Q's. Had a great time. Unfortunately had to cut it short to
arrival of non-ham guests.
K3PA   SO Unlimited HP   136,7102017-12-03 13:30:28
Conditions were good, but I was hampered by S9 +20 line noise. Beverages can
only do so much, so apologies in advance for busted calls. I had fun anyway!
NG3J   Single Op HP   167,7522017-12-03 13:30:56
ARRL160 Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2017-12-01

CallSign Used : NG3J
Operator(s) : NG3J

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Assisted Category : ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : HIGH
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : EPA
Gridsquare : FN20BB

Name : Fred Guiliano
Address : 109 Lilly Rd
City/State/Zip : Honey Brook PA 19344

ARRL Section : EPA
Club/Team : Frankford Radio Club
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6916.0

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 733 1613 104 2.2
Total 733 1613 104 2.2

Score : 167,752
Rig :

Antennas :

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2017-12-03 Signature :
W4DXX   SO Unlimited HP   275,2502017-12-03 13:32:05
My first 160m contest.
Thanks to all that had patience for me to get their call, especially on the
long hauls. Apologize for the ones I couldn't pick out. QSB was playing havoc
sometimes. Wish there was more DX participation but realize the scoring for DX
limits that.
Still had fun running into a lot of buddies and familiar calls on TB.

Eric / W4DXX
K1KA   SO Unlimited HP   71,5462017-12-03 13:33:32
Mostly a Friday night event for me, with sporadic on-the-air opportunities after
that. Conditions seem pretty good with low noise.
K1RX   SO Unlimited HP   168,6112017-12-03 13:35:34
Testing the newest antenna at the new QTH. 90 ft vertical Inverted L, first
night had 4 radials, the second night increased to 10. More to follow but very
encouraging results with limited time over the target area.

Still have to add beverage antennas but this one antenna was actually quite
good for listening. Thanks for a fun time!

73, Mark, K1RX
N8BJQ   Single Op HP   185,7442017-12-03 13:36:24
Much better conditions than I expected. Thanks for all the Q's. I took time for
the Auburn/Georgia game and the last half of OSU/Wisconsin game. Probably could
have had more countries if I had used the cluster but this was fun. No AK or
KH6 heard. Thanks for all the Q's.

Dishtronix Amp
Inverted L
Pixel loop which helped knock down some of the static.
KG4USN   Single Op LP   15,6982017-12-03 13:39:53
I put up an inverted L at 30 feet yesterday and conditions were great Sat eve.
K3IE   SO Unlimited LP   100,7932017-12-03 13:45:50
Always fun and the band was quiet w/ a lot of activity. Nice casual effort in
between football games and Christmas decorations. Used the TT Eagle the first
night and the Flex 6300 the second. Need to get a low band receive antenna -
probably add the K9AY for next season.

Thanks for the q's - Hunter K3IE

TT Eagle
Flex 6300
Inv L
N3SD   SO Unlimited LP   35,3922017-12-03 13:46:46
Thanks for the Q's
73 Greg
K5WA   Single Op HP   304,3282017-12-03 13:46:48
Missed NNY, PR, PAC and NT. Right after I worked VO1HP, I could have sworn
VY1AAA called me but when I sent "?", nada, so maybe I was dreaming.
Many of the EU Qs were ESP and down in the noise so I'm sure some of those mults
will disappear. Conditions were better the first night but still had a few EU
stations pop through better than some of the 8s, 2s and 1s that called me.
Sure would like to know what they are using for antennas.

I used the OMNI position on my 4SQR and that seemed to help keep the frequency
clearer because when I switched to a single direction for long, "my
frequency" got stolen. ;-)

Thanks for the Qs.

Bob K5WA
NQ6N   SO Unlimited HP   140,4202017-12-03 13:48:17
Fairly quiet conditions. Part time effort, went to bed just after midnight
both nights and woke up early Saturday morning.

Great activity, and one of my favorite contests. Thanks for the Qs


Elecraft K3, SPE 2K-FA
N1MM+ Logger

Antenna: Inverted L (droops into a U shape over a tree) over folded
counterpoise 4' above ground.
K4XL   SO Unlimited HP   315,6502017-12-03 13:48:21
Conditions were quite good with good openings to the Europe on Friday night and
also again on Saturday night. Some Europeans were extremely loud, to the point
that they sounded like locals. The band did not seem to be as good to the West
with the 6s and 7s not as strong as they usually are. Only a few Caribbeans
were worked. I managed to get the folded unipole tuned at the base of the
tower, thereby eliminating the need for fooling with the tuner in the shack. I
don't know what the losses are in the tuner, but I felt that I was doing a
little better than usual.
K8BKM   SO Unlimited LP   75,5542017-12-03 13:54:23
Was only able to operate the first hour of the contest but managed to work 100
Q's. Returned two hours later and operated another two hours but had half the
rate and only logged another 100 in this second session. Returned at sunset
Saturday for 1.5 hours and then later put in my longest session until about
2:30 am Sunday. In all about 9 hours which resulted in the most Q's I've ever
logged in this contest in the last 3 years.

Worked very little DX since I was on low power. Heard a handful and was tempted
to turn on the amplifier and change my category. Only worked 4 of the 10
California sections. Didn't get up at sunrise to try to work Hawaii. Didn't
expect or attempt a sweep so why did I run unlimited (assisted)? It wasn't a
competitive effort, in fact I didn't intend to put this much time into it but I
tend to get sucked in as the Q's accumulate.

Next to SS CW and Field Day, this is one of my favorite contests. Great
fast-paced action. Thanks for the Q's.

73, Tom
W8MJ   SO Unlimited HP   397,2222017-12-03 13:57:08
Nice conditions. Log has been up loaded to LOTW. Thanks for Q's.
XO1X(VE1RM)   SO Unlimited HP   21,7932017-12-03 14:02:33
Well, a lot of CQing and not many answers!

However, the contest outing was a success; I put 4 EU countries in the Log! OH,
PA, PE and LA. Congrats to the ops for the FB QSOS. I noticed a good signal
reported by the OH6BR RBN, so I thought there might be a chance. NT/Yukon very
rare for EU on 160.

Never had a JA pileup on 160 before, but put about 50 JAs in the log. Called
by HL as well with a good signal.

The disappointment was no QSOs with the east coast and all my pals. Thanks for
trying! Best eastern DX was IL, TN and ONN.

Glad to give out NT on top band!

Operating remote from New England means some very late hours, but worth it.

Thanks to J, VY1JA, for putting up the new antenna -- a Double-L with the
vertical section 70 feet. Running K3s and Alpha 9500.


Gerry, VE1RM aka W1VE
OK2ZI   SO Unlimited HP   31,1302017-12-03 14:02:36
KN3A   Single Op LP   30,4182017-12-03 14:07:15
First contest with new IC-7300. The Spectrum Monitor with N1MM+ was awesome, it
sure makes S&P a lot easier. Also first time I really tested out my 160
meter Inverted L at the home QTH. I think it passed with flying colors.

73 Scott
N7US   SO Unlimited HP   132,9722017-12-03 14:07:36
SO1R: K3S/P3/KPA500 @ 500W, inverted vee @ 50'.
W1UE   Single Op LP   37,4542017-12-03 14:07:39
Just a couple of hours of operation. Couldn't get the Remote Station to work
Saturday night or there would have been a couple more hours. Stuck to LP, with
the 4-square directed NW for maximum signal to the USA. Thanks for the Qs!
Dennis W1UE
W1VE(@K2LE/1)   Single Op LP   6,9842017-12-03 14:08:34
Just played at bit on the K2LE/1 remote when band was dead in NT.

73, Gerry W1VE
K1TR   Single Op HP   256,2992017-12-03 14:12:44
Propagation to Eu seemed good with about average propagation west. Quit both
nights at about 0520z and missed the first 2 hours, which never helps.
Nevertheless a lot of fun with some good 100+ hours the 1st night.
K3/P3, AL1200 to an inv-L over FCP. Short NE Beverage.
W7ZR   SO Unlimited LP   43,4702017-12-03 14:14:05
With apologies to dedicated QRPers and LP enthusiasts but 160 LP is not one of
my favorites. Tnx for all the good ears out there.
N4QS   SO Unlimited HP   152,2412017-12-03 14:15:45
First contest in which I operated remotely from home using N1MM+ and RemoteRig
boxes connected to K3 and amplifiers at remote site. Only antenna was an
inverted L with 46 foot vertical section hung off 50 foot tower and eight 130
foot radials. Had 10 to 15 EU stations come back to my CQs. Fun contest.
Plenty of room for improvement as I add antennas at remote site.

Dave, N4QS
N6EE(@W2/SUMMIT)   SO Unlimited HP   47,0842017-12-03 14:20:12
Got on remote to hand out NNY.
N2SR   SO Unlimited HP   68,8502017-12-03 14:22:12
Was too tired on Friday to get on. Was surprised at the 22 DX that I worked
with my very poor antenna.
NN3W   SO Unlimited HP   157,0402017-12-03 14:27:33
Terrific conditions. Really enjoyed this contest in the time I could put into

Started to get into this one the day before when I unrolled about 6 radials for
the Inverted L. Went to fire up the linear and it went "pop". Hadn't
used it in about a year. Figured a fuse had blown as a result of a soft tube
that I've been nursing. Found I was out of fuses and thanks to the demise of
Radio Shack had to scramble over to Home Depot in the hopes that they'd have
some 15A microwave fuses. Luckily they had three packs - I bought all of

SWR in the Inverted L was decent but seemed a bit overly broad. Found some
fencing wire in the shed and unrolled all of it. SWR resonant point was now
appropriate. Heard decently but hearing is always a challenge in a suburban
environment. Often, I'd use my 80 meter quad to serve as a receive antenna
when localized noise was too unbearable.

With lousy SFI on the high bands, I could handle this for a few years!

Equip: FT-1000MP, AL811, Inverted L at 60' with 12 radials of various lengths
(including 50 feet of wire fencing).
NØBUI   Single Op LP   26,9502017-12-03 14:28:13
Thanks for the Qso's.

73, Mike N0BUI
K4IU   SO Unlimited HP   84,9252017-12-03 14:30:12
Replacement 160 antenna seemed to work well. Not a lot of DX worked but
satisfied with overall performance. My best catch was KL7SB Sunday morning just
when I was ready to turn off the big switch. Thanks Steve for hearing me.
K5RT   M/S HP   121,1762017-12-03 14:31:13
A part-time M/S to scratch the 160 itch.

Just swapped butts-in the chair, nothing fancy. K5RT Friday night and a bit
around sunrise Saturday and Sunday; NM5M Saturday night.

TS-590SG, AL-1500. Base loaded wire vertical for TX, SAL for RX
W9SN   SO Unlimited LP   238,8192017-12-03 14:31:51
I spent a full week repairing my full size 160M 4-square and it paid off. This
thing really sings! I can break pile ups with low power! Second radio has just
a dipole about 120'. Missed KH6, KP4, and ND. Nobody in LAX could hear me
calling many times on low power. Fun contest with a fast rate in the
beginning, and turns into endurance the second day. Thanks for being patient
while I rotate the antenna to find your signal. - W9SN -
NØAX   Single Op LP   31,0492017-12-03 14:33:02
Played from home this year - loaded up my 88' backyard wire as a sloped-top T
against the water pipes. It tuned well, the usual line noises were mostly
absent, and propagation seemed pretty good. Heard midwest stations getting
called by EU stations (that I could not hear) and worked pretty much everything
I could hear. Didn't stay with it long enough to work a lot of W6 and didn't
find KH6, VE7, or KL7 while tuning around. Nevertheless, a fun contest and I
hope to be on from the big station full-size vertical in the Stew Perry and for
this one next year. 73, Ward N0AX
K1PX   SO Unlimited HP   56,8702017-12-03 14:33:14
Due to a keying issue, this was S&P only.
Thanks for the Q's.
73, Jim, K1PX
N6WS   SO Unlimited HP   1,4062017-12-03 14:34:32
Rig: Yaesu FTdx-5000MP
Amp: SPE Expert 2K-FA
Antenna: 160m OCFD @ 40 ft
Soapbox: I only S&P'ed for an hour. I ran 150W for most of the contacts,
but I had to increase my output power up to 500W for some of the stations to
copy my section.
73, Bill
N5AW   Single Op HP   37,3922017-12-03 14:36:51
Just S&P for mults Friday and Saturday evening. Nice run Sunday morning and
great to work 16 JA stations.
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   109,4312017-12-03 14:39:56
ICOM 756PRO3/SB1000 @ 500W

That was fun! There is something neat about the sound of cw on 160. My
apologies for being an alligator at times, but no room in this city lot for
even a modest rx antenna. May trt the old ARRL handbook small loop for the
CQ160. The noise on 160 here is around S7-8.

Had a couple EU call me, and a couple Carrib stations...that was very cool.
Seemed like great participation from the midwest and east coast. Wish more of
the W6 guys would turn their rig on for this. Condx seemed pretty good, but had
alot of serious and fast QSB on the weaker stations.

All in all, I'm pleased with my Q total for only being only 10 per
min keeps my mind on the game. Did about 2 hours Friday, and the rest Saturday.
All run, and a handful of S&P QSO's. Only had one freq batttle Saturday
about 0500z with an 8 station that QRL and 1/2 second later, CQed about 150hz
up from me. He was +30, so I know he heard me.

Thanks for the calls, and sorry if I didnt hear you--I know I left LOTS of Q's
on the table, as I could faintly hear bits of of a buzz of stations calling
that I could not pull out.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hope to CU on 10 next week!

73 de Chuck KI9A
NEØU   Single Op HP   168,0842017-12-03 14:40:33
Missed: PR, PAC, AK, NT. DX: C6,ZF, PJ2, F, I, XE, EA, KP2.
K4RO   Single Op HP   101,4302017-12-03 14:40:41
Log submitted. Confirmation: 4371934.arrl-160

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 523 1127 90 2.2
Total 523 1127 90 2.2

Score: 101,430
W3UL   SO Unlimited HP   84,0842017-12-03 14:41:19
Tried using this time and had fun watching some
of our locals rack up big scores. Conditions were great with plenty of

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 472 1001 84 2.1
Total 472 1001 84 2.1
Score: 84,084
1 Mult = 5.6 Q's
KØRF   SO Unlimited HP   397,3202017-12-03 14:44:27
Great fun!


K9PG   Single Op LP   191,6642017-12-03 14:44:39
Raised the makeshift Inverted L another 15-20 feet in the tree and threw down
some more radials & chicken wire at the feedpoint.... seemed to do what it
should. Never planned on making 1000 Qs! Worked pretty much everyone I heard
and had lots of weak stations call, so it's getting out well enough. Had 4 EU
stations call in, which has never happened... plus EI2CN twice but he
disappeared into the noise. Got KL7SB also along with 2 all time new ones for
103 total with this sorry excuse for an antenna. No RX antenna here.
K5RM   Single Op HP   158,4902017-12-03 14:44:45
Had a lot of fun during this contest as usual. I had a great first night of 130
Q's/hr on average. Second night didn't put in quiet the effort. Thanks for all
of the Q's..

Invert. Vee at 95'
Titan amp
KY4F   SO Unlimited LP   23,2052017-12-03 14:47:34
Conditions seemed excellent. Holiday commitments kept me from putting in
significant time, but, I had a blast while it lasted.

FTDX5000, 90 watts, random length inverted vee fed with ladder line to a remote

73 to all and thanks for the QSOs.

N5PHT   Single Op LP   22,9842017-12-03 14:53:44
Decided to put u a speaker wire antenna at a Bob Sandlin State Park.
NA4K   Single Op LP   28,5452017-12-03 14:56:43
Good band conditions here also the local noise and band noise was very low

Loaded up the 80 meter dipole with the Ten Tec 4229 tuner, the dipole is
25 feet above ground (160 "L" and all wire antenna's lowered for
tree removal)

Steve NA4K

ZF9CW   Single Op HP   219,2682017-12-03 14:58:07
This is a lot like Sweepstakes except one band. You make 50% of your contacts
before midnight and then it is slow going for the duration. You do have the
possibility of a clean sweep to look forward to but in this instance I could
not find a KP4. At least the noise was not too bad.

Thanks for the contacts.

73...Stan, Zf9CW (K5GO
PJ4DX   SO Unlimited HP   1,4082017-12-03 14:59:03
Just a quick dabble from this 99% SSB operator! All search and pounce. Rig:
Yaesu FT-2000, Acom 1500 amp at 1kW to 70ft high quarter-wave inverted-L with
insufficient ground radials. One or two 599+20dB signals just kept CQing in my
face. Some others had really good ears. 73 Steve PJ4DX.
N5FO   Single Op HP   166,1662017-12-03 14:59:41
Took a casual approach to this one, mostly interested in giving the new sloper I
put up end of last contest season a try. Unfortunately, I was hoping for a good
opening to Europe to get some RBN data, but no such luck!

I did work a handful of countries, but nothing exciting. I had LU8DPM calling a
very weak CQ, when someone came in on top of him and ran him off before I could
work him. I had to S&P on the 2nd VFO quite a bit to pull in the last few
sections, but I ended up short, with no PR, PAC or NL in the log.

I did find the band a bit noisy both nights, especially to the SE. This
morning, had a pick up in JA activity, with 38 in the log in the last hour or
so before 14:25.

Thanks for all the Q's, I ended up having a little fun, not sure I learned much
about the new sloper, other than it seems to work well in NA.
K3AJ   SO Unlimited HP   301,2182017-12-03 15:00:18

Radio - K3/P3
Amplifier - Acom 1500
TX Ant. - Inverted-L
RX Ant. - K9AY
N1MM+/Win10 PC
N4CF   Single Op LP   27,3282017-12-03 15:00:49
The band was hopping! Wall-to-wall signals each evening.

I averaged 53 Qs per hour start-to-finish, all unassisted S&P.

Thanks for the Qs.
NZ3O   SO Unlimited HP   2,9872017-12-03 15:03:58
Added three states to LOTW 160 WAS if they QSL. Thanks for the QSOs. GoFRC,
KK7A   Single Op QRP   1922017-12-03 15:03:59
Random length wire in my attic with QRP is slow going, but fun nonetheless.
Thanks for all the good ears out there!

73, Jim - KK7A
WØSD(WØDB)   Single Op HP   401,3942017-12-03 15:05:42
What a blast!

EU and JA about normal. About 50 each.

A struggle with almost every one.

Thank you Ed and Edith, for having me up to run the station.
K3S with subreceiver, Alpha 99, 1/4 wave vertical, dipole @ 200'
W1XX   Single Op HP   253,0802017-12-03 15:08:34
Whatever happened to the 1830 - 35 safe haven for DX?

"It's a jungle out there." -- Monk
N2CU   Single Op HP   202,6582017-12-03 15:08:42
Started out as LP, but after several QSOs went to HP. I have some background
noise that has crept up the past few years and makes hearing a little
difficult. My apologies to stations calling that I couldn't pull out. Signals
from Europe seemed to be better early on and the EU sunrise really didn't
enhance them. Operated only 3.5 hours Friday night and then settled in Saturday
night for a 368 QSO run. Nice!

There were lots of stations calling from out West when I was on the NE loop.
Don't worry, you guys were loud, it's just the good F/B that the K9AY has that
required repeats when you called.

K3, L7 @ 1kW out, 46' Inv. L, K9AY loops, N1MM Classic.

73, Tom N2CU
K9NW(@K9UWA)   SO Unlimited HP   336,0562017-12-03 15:11:30
Nice condx...and mostly quiet band! Quite a bit of DX.

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K3OO   SO Unlimited HP   21,6322017-12-03 15:12:21
Just got on Friday night. Every Christmas Season I watch the movie National
Lampoon Christmas with the the Griswold Family to get me in the Christmas
spirit.. After seeing this movie dozens of times it still always makes me
laugh...anyway..So I multi tasked Friday night watching the entire movie while
I operated the 160m contest.. some great CDX and lots of laughs.

73 & Merry Christmas,
Rick K3OO
N4GG   SO Unlimited HP   131,3642017-12-03 15:16:23
That was extra fun as the band was in excellent shape both nights. Lots of EU
stations answering my CQs and answering on first call. All the antennas here
were redone over the summer and the one that had to be compromised was the 160
transmit vertical - and wow could I tell. I am down many dB from years prior.
I have a plan to fix that in the spring.

160 is always a fun band as it brings out some old timers and lots of friends.
I worked a lot of stations using bugs - a pleasure to hear. No spark rigs on
the air this year.

Thanks for for all the Qs. I will be louder next year. Though not loud, I was
hearing okay!

Hal N4GG
AA4GA   Single Op QRP   48,5562017-12-03 15:18:32
I wasn't able to start working on the re-hanging of the inverted-L until 10
minutes before the start of the contest - the antenna came down in the storms
and i hadn't made it a priority. I discovered that it wasn't a broken support
rope as I thought, but the wire itself had broken. So, I had to splice that
together. I got a fair shot into the tree first try, so I didn't try to
perfect it. Instead of an inverted-L 65 up and 65 over, it was more like an
inverted-U 65 up, 30 over and 35 down...more or less. Took about an hour

It took a while to figure out which feed line I needed to send into the
shack...because, as it turns out, I had infinite SWR on all of them at 1.8 MHz.
It was already dark, and I was about to bag it. After fixing supper and
thinking on it, I decided the feed line had to be was, so I dug out a
spool of coax, added connectors and ran it to the antenna...finally got it on
about 4 hours into the contest. Slept a fair bit the first night between
midnight and sunrise. And I ended up watching the SEC championship game
(excellent outcome!), so I missed some more prime time. I tried to hang in all
night, but kept falling asleep. The sun finally shut me down at about 8am on

QRP on 160 is really odd...lots of S9+ signals can't hear you - in some cases,
they just have a different RX antenna selected, but often, they just can't
hear. Bright side is that no RX antennas are required.

I was going to play with SO2R, but with only 1 160 antenna, it was a bit of a
PITA. I would find a station to call on the 80m antenna, then do a frequency
swap between radios, but the callsign didn't always carry over as expected, and
when swapping back to the run frequency using Alt-F6, the Run mode wasn't
reselected. So I did very little listening on the 2nd radio.

Oh, I was going to operate assisted, with Skimmer feeding spots, but the
frequency Skimmer gave me from the KX3 wasn't reliable, and the cluster kept
dropping connection, so I never go that going and just went plain old

I've got a lot of work to do, but overall happy with the results. Worked C6,
PJ2, XE, and ZF. Heard a lot of west coast, but only QSO'd one California
station...none in Washington or Oregon. Only AZ, MT and WY in 7-land. I did
hear a KL7 late, but no KH6.

May try the Stew...if not, see you in the CQ160!
K9MA   Single Op HP   111,5842017-12-03 15:21:08
Best 160 conditions in a long time, even an opening to Europe! We slipped this
one in between coronal holes.

K3, AL-82
Shunt fed tower, 23m
RX Loops
(18 by 36 meter city lot)
KIØI   Single Op HP   199,0252017-12-03 15:21:16
Fun! And no thunderstorms! A short burst of EU Fri nite , otherwise DX hard here
as usual. Sun morn held a couple of JA for me but not a lot heard.
Made my goal of 1k qsos, a first on 160 contest.
Txmit antenna seems to be working but my rcv still needs improvement. The work
is never done on TOPBAND !
Icom Pro3/PW-1 1kw to coaxial inv L - K9AY loop NE , 200'BOG NW N1MM+ log
Thanks all for qso's 73 Mark KI0I
W1IE   Single Op QRP   6,6562017-12-03 15:21:29
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6916.0
K2WK   SO Unlimited HP   101,9702017-12-03 15:23:26
1.5kW to an Inverted-L w/only 2 elevated radials (the other two fell down).
As others have noted, condx on Friday night were smashing. Reminds me of the
20 over 9 UA0's during an opening the to the e.coast, back in the 90's. Thanx
for the Q's... 73 de Walt - K2WK - Virginia
KE4S   SO Unlimited HP   24,0342017-12-03 15:24:10
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
W7KF Skyhook II inverted L for 160m/80m, BevFlex4 BOG ENE-WSW rx only
Only got a little play-time on Saturday night. Signals in eastern half of US
very good, much weaker west of the Mississippi. A few EU stations, but most not
very strong. I suspect the lawn mowing is done for the season, so maybe I should
unroll some wire radials on the ground for the Stew.
KJ9C   Single Op LP   48,0242017-12-03 15:29:32
K3, 60 foot inverted L, crappy RX antennas
WØETT   Single Op HP   81,3442017-12-03 15:29:35
Condx seemed good - disappointed that there weren't more DX stations active. DX
XE2X, XE2ST, and XF1MM. Rules said to keep 1830-1835 open for DX
intercontinental QSOs which was violated by many W/K stations. In CO, we
listen in the window for weak DX. What can be done to get more DX into the

73 Ken, W0ETT
WØPV   Single Op LP   21,3582017-12-03 15:30:06
City lot antenna = 32ft high wire suspended next to 40m vertical mounted on
ground, with two long (100ft+) "T" wires as a capacitive Top Hat for
loading, plus tuner in shack. ONE full size ground radial. S9 power line noise.
The usual base rig sick so had to use old IC-735, which tended to fuzz out now
and then too.

Many thanks to all who struggled to copy me! Had some fun anyway.
N9CO   Single Op LP   106,5752017-12-03 15:30:39
Had a great time - wish that I could have operated more. Thanks to all that
N3BB   Single Op HP   150,9692017-12-03 15:37:35
What an experience. Got to try out both the SAL30 RX antenna and the
W5JAW-designed shunt-fed tower TX antennas in a real test over some extended
conditions. Both work very well, but probably not at a world-class level, but
both are perfect for me! What a rush in the 160 meter contest! I would not have
the interest and stamina to stay with this most of the time, but this was a lot
of fun since the station not plays pretty well on Top Band. Of course I ran
into reality when going up against K5NA, N5AW, and K5AND here in town. But all
in all, what a blast!

Missed PAC, NT, NL, and PR. Heard a VO1 once working a station on S&P but
that was it. The contact with KL7SB was thrilling as he called with a
"tortured signal." Heard him CQing Sunday morning early with a much
better signal. Least worked sections were:

Two contacts: Snj, Mb, EwWa, Sb, Ri, Ab, WTx.

One Contact: Wy, Nd, NNy, Ak.

Didn't hear much DX, and certainly no "wide open" conditions, but
perhaps I missed the openings. Did work: XE, PJ2, ZF, C6, EA, DL, JA, CM, F,
and G.

All in all, a lot of fun with some serious slogging.

Thanks to all for the contacts.

Jim N3BB
KJ5Y   Single Op HP   11,1782017-12-03 15:37:48
Band was hot! Wish I had more time to operate. Worked old friend N4ZI and a
phone call ensued. Had to catch up for about an hour. S&P rate was 60/hr
(mostly) and run rate was 180/hr (at 30-35wpm). Had a couple of very strong
stations (+60/9) that wiped out the front end with de-sens. So thanks for your
patience when I kept asking for repeats on several occasions! There was some
station trying to come back to me that had something wrong.. cw was chopped to
bits and completely unintelligable.
C6ADM(K2DM)   SO Unlimited LP   52017-12-03 15:42:01
The tradition: Wherever I am, I try to work brother Peter (K3ZM), in the 160M
contests. This weekend I was in the Bahamas volunteering at the PGA golf
tournament. I brought my K3, PS, paddle and a lot of wire. As I lowered the
over the balcony, the guest in the room below saw it and complained. Crap!
Undaunted, I ran the antenna wire back and forth on the floor. With very low
expectations, I dumped my call in after one of Peter’s CQ’s. Silence. Then
r r
r C6ADM ... WOW!!! Thank goodness I had friends on frequency listening as
worked me, because I couldn’t get through to any one else. Not even C6AGU!
VE3CV   SO Unlimited LP   64,8192017-12-03 15:45:09
All S&P effort for DXing. Stayed up for EU sunrise on Saturday with
disappointing results, only EA7KW worked, but much better Sunday, but couldn't
stay awake! Countries worked with 100W were EA(2), PJ2, ZF, C6, XE, F, SM, OK,
YO, OE, UA2, LZ, OM, LA, GW, YL, ON, OH0, G. So so many EU spots on Friday, but
most went to bed or conditions changed by sunrise so few to work....0300 to
0400Z to EU was best time from here on Sunday. Some pretty good ears out
there.....some less so.

My biggest problem was the damn wind generators surrounding me now would not
stop turning for the whole contest, so lots of birdies, especially in the 1832
to 1838 range where so much EU was active. Also, it gets tiring waiting for
the QRO pileup to finish so us LP stations can pick up the scraps....just
sayin' for those who haven't tried it. And the constant tailenders! Kudos to
any QRPers....been there done that....a 160m amp is in my future! Getting too

Station worked well and I felt loud most of the time with one call, even to the
ESP strength west coast. Amazing band as always. Nothing in the Pacific
Thanks for the Qs....conditions bode well for CQ160cw in January.

FT-1000MP (1995 vintage + INRAD filters) 100W into 80m doublet at 50ft as
top-loaded vertical +14 radials.
RX Antennas:
45, 90, 330 deg 600ft Beverages (winter temporary)
180 and 280deg BOGs + KD9SV preamp
WØMU   SO Unlimited HP   69,9482017-12-03 15:47:33
Mostly part time. I had some amazing rates the first night and again on the 2nd
for short periods oft time. The band was better on the first night by far. I
can never manage to stay up long enough to work anything on the Pacific side.
It was great to work so many old friends on Topband!
W9AV   SO Unlimited LP   76,7382017-12-03 15:49:23
Conditions seemed pretty good. I worked everyone I could hear. Thanks for all
the SMC Qs!
W6QU(W8QZA)   Single Op QRP   8542017-12-03 15:49:26

Radio: Elecraft K-2, 5 Watts.

160 DX-LB trap dipole up 30 ft in center, 12 feet at ends
160 Meters: Inverted L
I put up my inverted L and fired up the K-2 on Saturday evening just to remind
me that even though I can submit competitive scores in All Band contests from
my small lot in San Diego, my efforts in 160 contests are completely
ridiculous! I am always absolutely astonished at the amazing QRP scores I see
in 160 contests!

At least I made 29 Qs in my 2 hour effort on day 2 of the contest. I could not
make a single 160 M Q in the CQ WWDX CW contest! I did put up my inverted L for
this contest, and on receiving it seemed to be consistently about 1 S unit
better than the DX-LB. All my Qs were made on the inverted L.

My best DX was about 750 miles to Idaho and to my friend, N0KE, who I came
across running stations. I also got XE2S for my only out of country Q. But
that would have been 2 countries and 3 zones for CQ WWDX! Next year I MUST put
up the inverted L for CQ WWDX!

73, ...Bill W8QZA - W6QU
N6ZFO   Single Op HP   120,7442017-12-03 15:52:55
One Eu worked, GW3, answered CQ on Sat night at UK sunrise. Heard several
French stations but no luck. Strong JA's on Sunday morning, but few stations

All states worked except WV! Heard but did not work MAR.
K8AJS   Single Op LP   95,4952017-12-03 15:55:44
This year, I decided to go SO Low Power (non-assisted), just "a boy and his
radio". It worked out OK, I beat my score in last year's SOHP Unlimited
entry by a bit.

Missed ND, PR, all of California except SDG, and AK in the US. Where was
California? Maybe I didn't stay up late enough, although I thought 0630Z should
have worked.

Canada was so-so, I missed BC, NL, NT and SK. Better luck next year.

Thanks to all for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3
Antennas: Extended Inv L, BOG
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6916.0
VE3SMA   Single Op LP   3,8482017-12-03 15:59:50
A few hours to see what could be done with a truly awful antenna. Some people
have really good ears!

Steve VE3SMA
KU8E   Single Op HP   169,8472017-12-03 16:00:21
K3-100 / KPA500 amp and inverted L antenna with 8 elevated radials ~ 600 watts

What a fun time during the time I was on. Some nice rate on Friday but slowed
down quite a bit on Saturday night. Took some off time during some prime hours
on Friday night to take my wife to dinner and Saturday to watch the Ohio State
- Wisconsin football game. Might have done even better and made it to 1000 QSOs
if I was operating during those hours.

Good conditions to EU on Friday night. Not as good on Saturday. I actually had
some EU stations answer my CQ's which is rare for me. Set alarm to get up
around 7:30 AM Sunday morning after a couple hour nap to see if I could snag a
KL7 or KH6 at sunrise. Just my luck when I turned on the radio there was KL7SB
on the frequency I was on when I had turned off the radio. Worked Steve and
started tuning low in the band to see if I could hear any JA stations. JA3YBK
was very loud and called him and got thru. My first JA from my home station
since I moved to Georgia in 2003. Heard one other JA call someone but didn't
hear any others CQing in the JA window.

Wishing all my contesting friends a happy holiday season...

Jeff KU8E
KØCN   SO Unlimited HP   140,2002017-12-03 16:01:08
Lots of activity this year. This was mostly a S&P effort with only a couple
of runs on Sat night. The DX signals were the best I can remember with some, at
times, coming in like locals. Thanks for the low K index. I was using an Inv-V
antenna with the apex at 90 ft, but nothing else special. I logged 25 countries
mostly from Europe, and for this station that was amazing. Thanks to all that
made this contest a great experience.
Good luck and 73 to all...
Al - k0cn
W1UJ   SO Unlimited HP   38,8082017-12-03 16:05:11
S&P and a short, fun run.

K3 & THP 1.2KFX @~600w
T top vertical ~5/8 Wavelength fed against a Folded Counterpoise (FCP)
80m OWL Dipole.
600' NNE/SSW Beverage RX antenna. K3 Diversity.
VE3DS   Single Op LP   13,7202017-12-03 16:05:42
Got into it Saturday night, with my short antenna, but with improved ground,
which helped over last year. Nice to work Europe this year!
N9DMA   Single Op LP   4,7042017-12-03 16:07:42
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Society of Midwest Contesters
NAME: Tracy Olson
ADDRESS: 418 Lewis Ave
ADDRESS-CITY: Evansville
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6916.0
AA3B   SO Unlimited HP   326,5202017-12-03 16:08:05
133 5 point QSOs
K3WJV   SO Unlimited HP   106,4802017-12-03 16:10:54
Not that serious of an effort. I didn't get on until 0112z and went s&p for
a while before getting a run going. About 300 Q's each night. Surprising
My ant is not an EU machine but worked 5 stns on first call. Had a few SA
answer me during running. My bogs worked fabulously.

Rural wooded location 1255ft ASL

FT1000MP & Alpha 89
K3/P3 & Acom 2000A

2el K4KIO 5 band Hexbeam @30ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 40m-80m-trapped 160 @ 55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle
Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2
SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
K2QMF   SO Unlimited HP   53,6002017-12-03 16:17:01
I wish 160 was this good in CQWW CW.
EU signals were pounding in...

73, Ted K2QMF
WJ9B   Single Op HP   184,1842017-12-03 16:17:27
73, wj9b
K7CW   Single Op HP   104,3312017-12-03 16:17:48
I probably should have stayed up the first night. Oh well. I didn't hear much in
the way of DX, but we're working on it. Didn't get KH6! I heard KH6AT working
K7SS, but he was gone when the Q was done. Never heard him again. Nice to have
VY1AAA show up as XO1X. No Europeans heard, and I tried. Worked JH0INP well
into daylight at 1558. Conditions could have been a lot better, but this one
was still
quite fun. 1500 watts to inverted-L with crummy groung plane. Unterminated BOG
for receive. 73, Paul K7CW
VE3DZ   Single Op HP   317,0162017-12-03 16:18:46
First time semi-serious effort in this Contest.
VE3VN   Single Op LP   118,8002017-12-03 16:19:00
The new antenna works surprisingly well. It's a T-top vertical hung with a
catenary rope from the 40 meter level of the new tower with 8 x 30 meter long
radials in the hay field, and complemented with a 175 meter Beverage to Europe.
I keep waiting for the little disk ceramic capacitor in the L-network to
explode. With just 150 watts the feed impedance drifts as I transmit. I guess
we can call it the little capacitor that could.

Missed NNY even though I can almost see it from the tower. Signals from the
Pacific coast were weak. Worked more Europe than expected, many of them
replying to my CQ.
N4MM   SO Unlimited HP   49,1182017-12-03 16:22:16
paper log mailed dec 3
W6SX   SO Unlimited HP   41,1092017-12-03 16:23:30
Not much DX--just a few Caribbean and one JA.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet fed as T against 12-foot high, bent
(included angle 45 degrees) counterpoise, N1MM+.
VE3CX   Single Op HP   289,2862017-12-03 16:24:13
Great conditions. Thanks for the QSO's, and see you in the next one.

Tom - VE3CX
N7IR   Single Op QRP   57,9882017-12-03 16:24:37
As the upper HF bands fade 160 meters returns to life. Propagation was better
this year than in the previous two contests. QSB was a problem on the second
night but wasn't outrageous. Used the Spectrum Window in N1MM+ for the first
time. It was fed by N2IC's Waterfall Bandmap program from a LP-PAN2 on the IF
of the K3. The added visual display was very helpful during S&P sweeps.

Thanks for the contacts and your extreme patience.

Gary, N7IR
EI2CN   SO Unlimited HP   22,3662017-12-03 16:25:08
This started as a fun type dip in and dip out effort using search and pounce
only from data supplied by RBN and reflectors. Just click, listen and try to
be heard. The Stew Perry will be different with no assistance. I managed to
stay up on Friday night till 04:15 UTC and started again going in and out on
Sunday Morning from 04:30 till about 08:00. The total operating time is about
10 hours so the Q rate is very low at around 20 but even so I was never bored or
falling to sleep.

The receive antenna is a Hi-Z 8 circle for 160M only. It is very directive
with a frontal lobe of about 52 degrees and F/B of up to 30/35 db but this
varies depending on the incoming angle and exact location of the station off
the back. Still from Ireland, Europe is to my back and greatly attenuated.
I am no alligator as I hear much better than I am heard. Most spots had a
signal associated with them but many of these stations could not hear me.

I run 1500W allowed for this contest in Ireland and the TX antenna is an
inverted L 100 foot (30M) vertical. The ground radial system is over kill
with over 125 radials of about 0.25 wavelength.

With the Hi-Z antenna the band has little noise but there are readable signals
everywhere in a contest. Note I am talking of the 160M only eight circle
which uses all eight verticals at anyone time. Some of the eight circles are
interlaced four square antennas with a broader front lobe

Like others, I did not find the morning grey line to provide that much of a
boost. My greatest DX was Arizona. It made me happy to work WD5COV in New
Mexico a state for which I have a special affection. This NM QSO was a real
battle and I needed to return to the frequency many times before a QSO was
made. South Dakota closer in was also worked. Pretty much everything else
to the east of the Mississippi is in the log including most of the mid-west to
the west but not the likes of NE or ND. No west coast stations were heard.
Nothing west of VE3 was worked in the northern neighbour.

About five years ago the west coast, KH6 and KL7 would be worked in the early
morning hours with a poorer antenna system for both RX and TX. So things are
not as good as once upon a time but maybe we will yet see a general improvement.
All we can do on TB is to record our results - it is very hard to make

Thank you one and all for a wonderful time. Now for the real one, The Stew
Perry and later the CQWW 160M where the whole world has a chance to work
itself. I like the fourteen hour Stew in particular.

K3 P3
Acom 2000A
Inverted L at 30M vertical and extensive radial field
Hi-Z 200' diameter 160M only 8 circle
WinTest and MicroKeyer II
N8VW(@K8MK)   Single Op LP   110,0002017-12-03 16:27:30
All contacts hand sent because the keying interface decided that it didn't want
to work. Paddles weren't adjusted so I was the number one lid on the band. Had
to can Friday operation because of antenna feed issue, but found out that using
the antenna in the 80m position would give a low enough swr that the tuner
could handle it. LOUD nearby electric fence caused a lot of hash and a tick
sound every few seconds, but signals were loud enough to over come that,
mostly. If you called and I didn't hear you that is why. Lu8dpm you have a
nice signal, but only worked one person while I was listening. Missed DE
(heard), WTX, and VE5 (heard) for easy mults and didn't tune around with second
receiver because of having to hand send everything. I think I worked about 10
countries, mostly on CQs. Score is an approximation. See you in the Stew.
N4YDU   Single Op HP   77,6162017-12-03 16:36:37
Propagation was quite good when I was able to get on (a little both nights).
This is a great contest - maybe one day I'll be able to put in a full effort

Yaesu FT 5000
Acom 2000A

Inverted L over 16 50 foot buried radials
Two RX Pennants (NW/NE)

Lots of fun!


N5UL   Single Op LP   63,2002017-12-03 16:37:07
First in a long time with Low Power; better than expected--except for
propagation! Nice to be without any QRN. Had fun--thanks for your QSO's.
Any comments or criticisms to me will be appreciated.
73, Chas - N5UL
KB9DKR   Single Op LP   15,3512017-12-03 16:38:07
I really enjoyed working Top Band. Rig was Icom 7200 running between 50-100
watts to my indoor antenna. Thanks for the QSOs. 73 Carl
KM6Z   Single Op LP   13,0242017-12-03 16:40:34
ft1000d + vertical on the balcony
73, GL!
AA4CF   SO Unlimited HP   239,1842017-12-03 16:41:11
It has been a couple of years since I could put in a full time effort into this
great contest. Thanks for the contacts! Participation seemed great.
Used a vertical 80M loop against ground with newly added radials.
Conditions on Friday night for me to Europe were better than Saturday night.
My Q count was good despite it being 70 degrees during the day here this week.

73, see you in the next one!
Charlie AA4CF
VE1/K7SJ   Single Op LP   22,4462017-12-03 16:41:39
Thanks for the great "ears", 6 and 7 land were very scarce.

The antenna was an Inverted L with 48 ft vertical, the balance horizontal
utilizing the ground radial system from the SteppIR vertical. IC 7300 @ 100
WB2ABD   Single Op LP   7042017-12-03 16:47:10
N1DC   Single Op LP   58,7302017-12-03 16:48:44
I had only planned about 2-3 hours but with amazing conditions Friday decided to
operate more. Friday night noise floor was around S1. Can't remember it being
that good before.

Saturday night was different with the noise at S5/6 most of the time. It was a
LOT more work completing QSO's with a significant increase in

My best effort in this contest to date.

Station: TenTec Omni VII @ 100W, 160M Inverted L at 50ft.
Computer: Win 7 running N1MM+ WinKeyer USB

Thanks for the QSOs.

73 Rick N1DC
WA2FZB   SO Unlimited HP   19,8392017-12-03 16:51:46
My first 160m contest ever. I had essentially no topband experience, since I
never had room for a proper antenna, but I recently found a simple modification
for the Hustler 5BTV online, and decided to try it out. It called for replacing
the 32 inch whip on the 80 meter resonator with a 19 foot wire, which I tied
off to my tower using a small dacron line at about 35 feet. It was
narrow-banded, inefficient, and noisy as hell, but it loaded up fine and
apparently radiated some small percentage of the 500 watts that I sent to it.
But hey, I had fun and I worked 35 states! And I can't wait to try it again
next year.
KØVXU   SO Unlimited HP   163,5762017-12-03 16:52:58
K3, TL-922A, Inverted L, short Beverage directed due East, N1MM+

Always surprised at the activity in this test. But most surprised by signal
propagation. This time I chose unlimited and used spotting assistance. I
actually was being heard in Europe. But, then, seeing the spots for XO1X and
not being able to hear him was depressing.

No sweep of the US and Canada this time. Left on the unworked list was NT (see
above), PR (understandable), and PAC. Since I didn't commit to BIC this one, I
must have missed the guys in Hawaii during my off times. Yet, it was nice to
work JA3YBK Sunday morning. And thanks to WL7E for calling and being patient
as I strove to copy through the noise. I must get better receiving antennas
for 160.

Great contest, great fun, and great to see so many familiar callsigns. Thanks
to all who put up with me asking for repeats and for all those that heard me
and gave a call and QSO. It was also very heartening to hear many of the
KCCCers in this test. In like manner as Johnny Marshall (SK) used to say,
"It's not how many Watts you have. It's the SIZE of your Watts."

Russ - K0VXU
ON7EH   Single Op LP   2,5202017-12-03 16:55:54
The Tx-antenna made it just in time prior to Friday evening early darkness.
It was far from vertical this time but due to the lack of wind, it withstood
the weekend.

The first day (and more hours spent) propagation favoured the East coast, the
Texas area (Tx,AR,LA,KY) and IA,WI,MI,MO,
The second day produced good Q's into OH,IL and IN and the best DX heard:

Thanks for your persistence with overseas low power and moderate Tx-antenna.

Feel free to ask for your QSO recording! (mp3-format)

Tx: inv L 15m up, down to 11m (radiating best to SE)
Rx: 82m long, unterminated Beverage,oriented NW/SE

K3YDX   Single Op LP   13,8462017-12-03 16:57:03
Lots of Murphy issues trying to get 160 meter antenna functional on this small
Outer Banks lot. Essentially lost Friday night operation due to antenna issue
and got semi functional by Saturday afternoon.
W6SR   SO Unlimited HP   18,0422017-12-03 17:02:39
Usual effort, all S&P. Operated only Friday night till EU sunrise. Plus 1 hr
Saturday morning at local SR. Conditions fair, very few DX stations.
N6WT   SO Unlimited HP   1,6322017-12-03 17:03:51
Radio: Flex 6500
Amp: SPE Expert 1.3K-FA
Antenna: SteppIR DB36 @ 75ft and OCFD @ 70 ft
W8AT   Single Op LP   5,2802017-12-03 17:07:32
This was my first ever attempt and first ever contacts on 160. I was running a
very compromised station, 100 watts into an 80 dipole tuned with internal
tuner. I was bored last night and thought why not see what I can do for the
giggles and really surprised myself. Before I started I needed 22 more states
on CW to complete my triple play of which I picked up exactly half of them that
is of course if everyone confirms on LOTW. I did really enjoy myself and a big
thank you to everyone I worked. I am going to try and figure out a way to put
up an efficient 160 antenna now, I will be back.
KC4TEO   Single Op LP   41,4732017-12-03 17:08:35
Lots of distractions (football) but this was a nice contest with good conditions
and lots of participation. Almost all search and pounce.
VE3BR   Single Op HP   74,5922017-12-03 17:14:05
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion + AL-80B @ ~700 W
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6916.0

2 runs brought in ~370 Qs in about 6 hours (~170 first night & ~200 the
second). S&P did the rest.
WO4O   Single Op LP   20,4052017-12-03 17:16:55
Late start, early departure... UCF Knights football 12-0! Adios coach.
W2VJN(@N6LF)   Single Op HP   207,0182017-12-03 17:21:13
Friday night condx were good. Worked 3 Euros on my CQs and rates were good.
Saturday night all signals were down and the going was slow. Worked 64 JAs
total of both nights. 3 VKs on Saturday. Never heard NNY, NL or KP4.

Many thanks to Rudy for the use of his station. The antenna consists of 3
almost full sized top loaded elements in a reversible parasitic array and it
works quite well.

K3S, AL1200, N1MM
N1SZ   SO Unlimited HP   19,1882017-12-03 17:29:41
Fun contest for the short time I was able to get on. EU was loud on Sunday AM!
(Wish I was able to get on Sat am...) I didn't even need the K9AY to dig them
out. Too many family events, too little sleep this past week made a big effort
not possible. See you in the Stew Perry and CQ 160 contests.
WB8WKQ   Single Op LP   114,1522017-12-03 17:31:03
Well, my first respectable effort on the 160 contest. What a blast! Also, in
trying to modernize myself from my archaic paper and pencil methods, and with
K8BKM's encouragement (and mockery) I ran the second half in real time with the
computer! Why didn't you guys tell me how much easier this made life? I really
don't have anything to compare this to, so I must say it was pretty fun, aside
from throwing off my biological clock. Was shocked to have Europe calling me
Sunday morning, how fun is that? Now with a baseline on this test, I'll write
a book of "lessons learned" for future improvement. Thanks for all
the Q's and support!
N4RV   SO Unlimited HP   201,4882017-12-03 17:38:19
Loads of activity ! Even " ran em " for a while..
Have been using an Inv V for all these years, and keep saying I should put up a
vertical for top band.. Not yet, but perhaps soon ?
Great to hear so many DX stations in this contest.
K5KC   M/S HP   271,7652017-12-03 17:39:02
The new NW Beverage really works well, worth the effort. More to come.

Thanks Ken.
K9KJ   Single Op LP   24,7862017-12-03 17:40:06
Part time effort. Couldnt get PJ2T no matter how many times I called him.
VA2WA   SO Unlimited HP   144,0002017-12-03 17:43:05
That was a part time participation. The main target was a new 160m antenna
Thanks for al the Q's))



The team
K6NV   SO Unlimited HP   32,5922017-12-03 17:44:03
Was aiming for 300 Q's, just didn't make it. Very low local noise,sure could
tell when the storm came in Sat night with the static
N9RV   Single Op HP   161,8522017-12-03 17:45:37
Just CQ'd mostly. Always great activity in this one.
K9IJ   Single Op LP   11,7502017-12-03 17:49:05
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's ARRL 160 Meter Contest Log 4.3
CLUB: Society of Midwest Contesters
NAME: John Rice
ADDRESS: 8 Hollycourt Ter
W7WHY   SO Unlimited HP   8,1722017-12-03 17:49:30
First time I've worked over 100 Q's in a 160 content na long time. The band
seemed in really good shape with the noise less than S-1. Just wish I could
stay up longer without falling asleep at the rig :-)

Thanks for the Q's and 73

TS-450SAT + AL-811H ~500 watta
Inverted 'L' in a tree - about 90 feet vertical
W1TJL   M/S HP   158,7302017-12-03 17:53:57
After last weekend’s CQWW CW I was excited to try the new 160 Meter vertical
on the 160 meter contest this weekend. We had better success with it last
weekend than with any previous 160 meter antenna. So I started at 5:00 PM
Friday and had a good score, exceeding last year’s total score when I decided
to take a “nap” around 2:00 AM. My nap exceeded the 2 hours allotted and I
woke up at 7:00! I guess I didn’t set the alarm correctly. Still managed to
work another 20 or so contacts before the bands finally died.

Saturday afternoon, Augie WA1JD joined me and we actively started as soon as it
got near to dusk. Another good night. Worked lots of Europe, some Caribbean
and South America and even a Japan.

This year we put up the 2nd beverage antenna and Rich N1IXF built the voltage
injectors so the 2 reversible DX Engineering control boxes could actually be
reversed. Amazing! So the final score was 158,730 with 640 QSOs and 76
sections and 38 countries.
On a personal note I have never been very good at CW (but have always wanted to
be) but this year I’ve been working CW more and more and although I’m still
in awe of other amazing CW Ops I actually was proud of myself. No decoders,
just concentration and practice. As soon as I retire, CW Academy is on the

73, Tom W1TJL
W3DAD   Single Op HP   49,9202017-12-03 17:57:51
K3, 400W to 80M inverted vee with tails to resonate on160. About 50KHz BW
between SWR=2 points. Receiving antenna a Loop-on-Ground, 20 feet on a side
and fed to sub receiver. Seemed to help some on a few weak signals. Generally
thought band was in good condx, with most of the East coast coming in very loud.
Not much heard from the West coast, and when they were heard, couldn't work
them as they couldn't hear me or couldn't break the pileup. Only a few West
sections in log. Fun times. Thanks for the QSOs and patience when I would fat
finger the log entry. Kevin/W3DAD
W2IRT   SO Unlimited HP   113,0302017-12-03 17:59:26
Not sure of the sections/countries breakdown since N1MM doesn't report it, but I
figure somewhere around 10, including VE and K.

Everything worked well for once. Both RX and TX antennas behaved as they
should, as did the old computer and interface devices. In retrospect I probably
didn't need to go assisted since 90% of my Qs were running. I think the cluster
only got me about a half-dozen mults, if that. I didn't use Skimmer or any
other fancy tech.

Over the last few years, this contest has become my favourite of the entire
season, followed by the CQ 160 CW contest. I'm not really a good runner in CW,
but this one I can do a pretty decent job running, especially with the filters
available in the K3s.
VE3NE   Single Op HP   96,9432017-12-03 18:00:17
No real RX ant so I used the 40m delta loop that helped a bit.
Only very few DX heard from this City lot...
I will try and tune this antenna (Inverted L with zig-zag elevated radials) a
bit better if possible and see you at CQWW 160.
Thanks for the Qs...
Lali, VE3NE
N4PN   SO Unlimited HP   202,4962017-12-03 18:00:41
Condx really good here both nights....amp quit working at midnight on Saturday.
Worked a few station on LP, then went to bed....
Lots of really good dx from Europe....including ZA1WW, 9H1XT, and a lot of
European Russians....
Thanks to all and to ARRL for another fun test..
73, Paul, N4PN
K4BAI   Single Op HP   98,9122017-12-03 18:01:17
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, tee vertical. Lots of other activities during the
contest limited my participation. On Friday night, anniversary dinner out and
theatre. On Saturday night big SEC playoff college football game (on TV) and a
different theatre. Band seemed quite good Friday night. Early Saturday had an
operator problem with amplifier and ran it tuned for 17 meters for a long time.
Finally figured out why I wasn't being heard very well. Saturday the band
seemed much weaker than Friday, but still got a few Europe, all but one at the
European sunrise. Missed a few mults: Heard NNY working someone else, never
heard NE and only ND station didn't seem to have a receiver. No PAC, no AK, no
PR no NT. Missed SB (heard WA6FGV work someone else) and a few others in CA,
including LAX I think. Thanks for all the QSOs. Looking forward to CQ 160 CW
in January. Hope to work you all on 10M next weekend if conditions allow. 73,
John, K4BAI.
NE7D   Single Op HP   50,0252017-12-03 18:01:28
Shunt-fed tower (40M SteppIR as top hat)
2 x 500' Beverages (NE/SW & NW/SE)
NJ3K   Single Op LP   118,2402017-12-03 18:02:33
Thanks to all that head me. 73 NJ3K
K7DR   Single Op LP   18,1002017-12-03 18:03:28
1/4 end fed Inv Vee with 2 radials
WinTest 4.25

All S+P
Band condx were generally good and very quiet both nights. Didn't start until
06z (after a Christmas party) early Saturday, made about 90 Q'S in 90 mins
before crawling into bed. A few more later Saturday morning, and the rest
scattered Saturday night/ Sunday morning. Overall pretty happy with modest

Dave - K7DR
WG3J   Single Op HP   228,3552017-12-03 18:05:32
great band conditions , had alot of fun unassisted no skimmer , no telnet was
a good time
KØKB   SO Unlimited HP   31,9292017-12-03 18:07:04
S&P here and there when time allowed, no CQs. Putting the kids to bed at
night and getting up early with them doesn't leave much time for 160 fun.
Friday was also my wedding anniversary so I wasn't on at all on Friday night.
160 is a lot of fun and though my 160 WAS was complete I should now finally
receive LOTW confirmations for 160 WAS so no card checker required :). That
was sort of my goal in this, and to see how well my transmit/receive antennas
worked since I just got them up and this was one of my first times on 160 with
them. I need to build a better match for my 160 transmit but it isn't too bad.
I think I also need a pre-amp at my 8 circle rx as my 6700 shows the noise
floor at around -140db or less. It's amazing how directional it is!
K1TH   SO Unlimited LP   12,5972017-12-03 18:09:04
Low power and a low antenna and could still run and S&P rate was good as
W3LL(ND3D)   SO Unlimited LP   222,3462017-12-03 18:11:26
Thanks to Bob ND3D for a great Low Power effort and for all the Q's.

Sections not worked: ND PR EB LAX ORG PAC SB AK NT


K3 + P3
Shunt fed tower with 60 100' radials
Two reversing 500' Beverages NE/SW NW/SE
W2CDO   SO Unlimited HP   77,2802017-12-03 18:13:42
Lots of activity and great conditions this time.
Rig: K3s+Alpha 9500 -> OCF dipole @ 60'
VE6TL   Single Op HP   10,7612017-12-03 18:14:29
Decided to do a couple hours on second night just for fun. Ran about 400W from
shunt-fed 40' tower in back yard. Hadn't done much from home in a long time.
Condx were not great but noise level was down a bit.

FL7000 amp
Shunt-fed 40' tower with TH6 on top

Jerry VE6TL
W4WWQ   Single Op HP   29,0002017-12-03 18:24:11
Need to add more radials and low noise receiving antenna.
N4KG   SO Unlimited HP   140,7782017-12-03 18:32:59
I entered this contest to evaluate the performance of my new Elevated GP with
only 2 radials(beaming ZL) at 10 ft. vs. an Inverted-L supported by a 90 ft.
tree (beaming ZS) with an intervening 130 ft. tower w/3L15 on top acting as a
parasitic reflector spaced 0.2 WL and 0.25 WL respectively.

I was VERY Impressed with the performance of the 2 radial Elevated GP.
The forward pattern of both antennas is Very Broad with a noticeable F/B ratio
estimated to be 6 to 10 dB or so which makes a significant difference on weaker
signals while also improving the received S/N somewhat since I no longer can run
long beverages to adjacent properties.

Most contacts were point-and-click in the Available Multiplier/QSO sheet of
N1MM logger+ with a couple of periods of running. The GP was able to run W6/7
stations fairly well when propagation to California improved late Friday

I missed 9 sections: ND NNY WTX SB SJV KH6 KL7 KP4 VE8/VY1 for 74

There was a good opening to Europe Friday night (19 DXCC) plus another 6 DXCC
Saturday night with noticeably weaker signals.

DX worked:

C6 CO KP2 V3 XE ZF in N.A.
LU PJ2 in S.A.

I used my trusty old Icom 746 with cascaded 500 Hz filters cranked down to
minimum bandwidth and an AL82 amplifier.

Tom N4KG in North Central Alabama
N3HEE   SO Unlimited HP   261,0602017-12-03 18:33:55
Great band conditions for this contest! It's tough working 160 meters from a
TINY lot with all antennas crammed into a 50 x 90 foot space in my backyard. I
have worked hard over the past couple of years to maximize my 160 meter antenna
situation and there is not much more I can do to improve it. I broke last
years score by 40K points so I guess I did OK? I made 64 five point contacts.
Had several loud DX stations call me but I had to chase after the rest of them.
Did not see or hear ND, PR, PAC or NT sections. Worked 39 countries. No
equipment problems to report. Did not operate Sunday morning. Had to deal with
my neighbors plasma TV noise for much of Friday evening. Had fun following
fellow contesters on CQ Contest live scoring site. That tends to keep me
motivated to make an extra effort.

K3 and Ten Tec Titan @ 1500 Watts into resonant Inverted L over K2AV FCP.
Switched K9AY receive loops for NE,SE,NW,SW directions.
N8LR   Single Op LP   36,0642017-12-03 18:34:39
Still getting used to contesting from the keyboard! Just call me
"fumble-fingers". My apologies to the many who suffered through my
mistakes which no doubt resulted in a few busted Qs. Macros are great as long
as I can find the right key to punch. In several cases, I had to resort to my
trusty keyer paddle. At least I can always find that!
W6RW   SO Unlimited HP   67,9202017-12-03 18:35:33
My inverted L worked better than I thought that it would. First night was mostly
S&P and second night was mostly running. Had a great time. GO ARIZONA
WT2P   SO Unlimited LP   56,4852017-12-03 18:41:01
Started out Friday night to discover that the 160 antenna that I had working
earlier in the week would not tune and I was relegated to 5 watts. Managed to
work about 30 stations Friday night and went to bed sad but determined to get
this antenna working again.

Saturday made a trip to home depot and spent about $130 in wire, came home and
made 15 LONG radials (75-100') and put them out. Adjusted the antenna as it was
"too long" now and got it so that I could get on with very good
efficiency from 1800-1820.

The race was on. Started around 2200Z calling CQ and probably because of the
fresh meat factor I had the following rates:

ARRL 160 Meter Contest - 2017-12-01 2200Z to 2017-12-03 1600Z - 436 QSOs
WT2P Max Rates:

2017-12-02 2302Z - 4.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 240 per hour by
2017-12-02 2309Z - 2.4 per minute (10 minute(s)), 144 per hour by
2017-12-03 0147Z - 1.5 per minute (60 minute(s)), 88 per hour by

Didn't get most of CA (only worked SDG) or UT or WWA. Was chasing a lot of the
western states for WAS and I hope they upload to LoTW since I'm so close to
Topband WAS!

Was nice to work many SMC'ers who called. I ran almost exclusively Saturday

NG7M   Single Op HP   60,3682017-12-03 18:44:36
Fun time running stations. Sorry for some of the guys i couldn't get in the
log... too weak on my magnetic loop and sloper phased together. :( Utah was
pretty well represented I do believe. Thanks for the fun! Max NG7M
K3ZM   Single Op HP   524,2142017-12-03 18:45:46

This year set a record for the number of different repairs that were required
to my listening antennas. For me, it is very therapeutic to read the 3830
write-ups from W2GD, because they have to trudge through the same sort of
landscape every year, fixing a wide variety of antenna and feedline problems.
I spent about nine man days fixing and upgrading RX antenna systems, including
building an 800 foot “fence” all the way to my outer RX Four Square near
the tide pools of the Bay and enclosing 800 feet of feedline for that antenna
in conduit. I taped each joint, but was not satisfied and ultimately raised
the conduit about four feet off the ground going all the way out to the
antenna. This involved miles and miles of walking on uneven terrain. No
well-adjusted person does such a thing. It’s a fifth of a mile to get out
near the antenna, and your reward for getting there is that you have to balance
on a dead pine log to walk over a deep ditch and then force your way through 120
feet of very dense eight foot tall reeds. Fortunately, this year my contractor
was able to bush hog a path almost to the ditch. I had to replace not only the
feedline, but also the control cable. The new cable is attached to the conduit
and is thus raised well above the ground. I have made a hobby out of banging
new pieces of PVC into the ground to raise any sections that were sagging. I
knew I was losing it when I considered putting a level on them to make sure
they looked nice.

A couple more three quarter inch ground pipes had disintegrated below the
ground level. Chemistry can be so annoying. All the Beverages needed
extensive repair. At each juncture, I tried to improve on the installation to
make life easier in the future.


Things got off to a really fast start with 139 QSOs and 25 EU countries logged
in the first hour. The EU’s were like fireflies on a warm July evening. With
no QRN, my QSO totals for the first several hours were as follows:


At bedtime Saturday morning, I had 1,095 QSOs, 43 countries, 78 sections, and
179 EUs in the log. My score was 332, 354. The score was higher than last
year but the multipliers were down, especially the country total.

Back on the air at 2010Z. The sunset opening on Saturday was as good as the
day before. The first EU in the log was OH2XX at 2018Z. Northern EU poured in
all weekend, with good signals from LA, SM and OH. Saturday night was slow for
me, and I got a bit bogged down. Fewer Carib and South American mults seemed
available to me this year. Countries worked last year but missed this year
included HK1, OA4, PY, HP1, FY5, YV1, FS, PJ7, VP5, KP4 and KH6.

For the weekend, I made a total of 317 EU contacts, but many of these were
dupes. No JA or VK or ZL.

By far the highlight of the whole weekend was working (and hearing!) C6ADM from
his hotel room in the Bahamas with his antenna lying on the floor. Brother
George was there working the Hero World Challenge golf tournament and got to
witness the return of Tiger Woods. K8PO would have loved to be there! Paul
was an excellent golfer and a big fan of Tiger.

I think we should get back to respecting the DX window from 1830 to 1835. It
is very hard for DX stations to have much fun in this contest and it represents
a small thank you to all the stations who are kind enough to call us in
“our” event.

As in each of the last 11 years here at this QTH, all contacts were logged with
CT, operating under Windows 98 on a Pentium II processor. The radio is keyed
through the LPT1 port off a DB-25 with a diode and resistor fashioned for me in
the K2DM workshop. I am lucky to have two older brothers who have helped me
over the years.

That reminds me of a funny story. Back in about 1980, at a meeting of the UVa
ham radio club, we were having a debate regarding our continuing efforts to get
more non-hams involved in amateur radio and signed up for the licensing classes
we taught. The argument centered on whether a lay person could even imagine
the thrill of making their first contact, even a DX contact, on the air. Our
President, W4GKA, moderated the discussion. I took the position that they
could imagine it. The debate continued. Finally, in frustration, Jim, AD4J
stood up and exclaimed, “How would you know? You were born with a Vibroplex
in your mouth instead of a silver spoon!”

And so it goes.

Merry Christmas and many thanks for all the QSOs.


Peter K3ZM
NSØR   Single Op HP   24,1802017-12-03 18:57:39
I have almost zero experience with 160. I live on a city lot and my antenna
farm competes for space with the kids swing set and playhouse in the backyard.
I decided that I wanted to operate the 160 contests this winter so two weeks ago
I wound 265 feet of 14 gauge THHN wire around 24 feet of PVC pipe. I got this
design idea from K6MM. I topped the vertical with a 3 foot capacity hat made
with solid 14 gauge copper wire and 1/8 inch brass rods soldered together.
This gave me about 20 khz of bandwidth at about 2:1 swr. I made a loading coil
with about 14 or so turns of solid #14 wire around a 1.5 inch PVC pipe and
connected it between the antenna element and ground at the bottom. That gave
me about 40 khz below 2:1 with the lowest at about 1.2:1. For radials I used my
existing radial field for my 40 meter vertical and 80 meter inverted L. This is
70 or so radials ranging from about 25-60 feet long. I also stripped out some
old cat 6 cable that I hadn't thrown away yet and added another 20 radials
around the base about 20 feet long. Overall, the antenna looks so ugly that I
have a hard time admitting that I made it. However, it was cheap and it worked
well enough to get me on 160 in a city lot. I had some family conflicts so I
was only able to play for about 4 hours, but I was very surprised at how well
the antenna worked. With 500 watts I was able to hold a run frequency without
too much trouble. For a receive antenna I threw 140 feet of #14 wire on the
ground and used the MFJ-1026 noise canceling box. I was very surprised at how
well this thing works. Once you figure out how to use it, it is worth many
times its weight in gold.

I had a great time this year. Next year I will probably move the antenna and
try the 160 Meter FCP I keep reading about. I just happen to already have the
correct toroids left over from another project.

Thanks for the Q's.

73, Morgan, NS0R
AA1K   Single Op HP   486,3282017-12-03 19:00:29
Who says this isn't a DX contest? Europe was rolling in early both nights, with
a total of 238 five-pointers in the log. Mostly quiet conditions both nights,
with many strong European signals. Nice to have UA0 (zone 18), UA9 (Zone 17),
3B9 and JA call in.

On Saturday the first European (a UA3) called in 70 minutes before my sunset.

Never heard PR, PAC, AK or NT sections. ORG was the last holdout and then
worked 3 of them.

Day Hr 2 5 Tot Accum
2017-12-01 22 146 23 169 169
2017-12-01 23 114 24 138 307
2017-12-02 00 77 22 99 406
2017-12-02 01 94 11 105 511
2017-12-02 02 112 9 121 632
2017-12-02 03 80 6 86 718
2017-12-02 04 84 12 96 814
2017-12-02 05 51 2 53 867
2017-12-02 06 37 6 43 910
2017-12-02 07 37 7 44 954
2017-12-02 08 26 0 26 980
2017-12-02 09 15 0 15 995
2017-12-02 10 25 0 25 1020
2017-12-02 11 34 0 34 1054
2017-12-02 12 19 0 19 1073
2017-12-02 17 1 0 1 1074
2017-12-02 20 14 1 15 1089
2017-12-02 21 26 5 31 1120
2017-12-02 22 26 12 38 1158
2017-12-02 23 38 11 49 1207
2017-12-03 00 46 18 64 1271
2017-12-03 01 37 13 50 1321
2017-12-03 02 57 1 58 1379
2017-12-03 03 25 6 31 1410
2017-12-03 04 25 13 38 1448
2017-12-03 05 26 16 42 1490
2017-12-03 06 19 4 23 1513
2017-12-03 07 12 13 25 1538
2017-12-03 08 13 2 15 1553
2017-12-03 09 12 0 12 1565
2017-12-03 10 7 0 7 1572
2017-12-03 11 12 0 12 1584
2017-12-03 12 17 1 18 1602
2017-12-03 13 2 0 2 1604
Total 0 1366 238 1604 1604
AD8P   SO Unlimited HP   142,0512017-12-03 19:01:23
Conditions were good both nights. I had several Europeans call me which was a
change. I just bought a W6LVP receiving loop and it performed superbly. I had
several commitments to contend with but I guess I was able to operate about
half of the contest. Thanks to all that called.
K1GU   Single Op HP   95,6942017-12-03 19:02:26
Saturday AM and evening only. Weather was too nice to waste with sleep
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   183,8702017-12-03 19:05:24
Due to unexpected events - I ended up postponing a trip to N9RV's QTH and had
the weekend free for the contest at home. Was able to put up the "Winter
East Beverage" just before the contest which is a great addition to the
Hi-Z 4 square for diversity reception. During the hours the band is open to JA
- I can have one ear listening in each direction. Managed 59 JA QSOs and it
also helped let me know a VK calling me.

Surprised to have OH2BO calling me the second night - and managed two other
QSOs with Scandinavia. Far cry from the conditions we had in 2009 - but still
pretty good.

Missed VO (wow - there is one ahead of me in the results!), KP4 and WTex.

TX Antenna is a 77 foot tower with a top loading wire and about 35 radials with
wet ground.

See you in the Stew Perry in 4 weeks!!
NØIJ   Single Op HP   106,5612017-12-03 19:06:21
Great conditions from up North. Lots of fun, but didn't get as much time as I
hoped. Did get the best times, however!
John, N0IJ
K4AFE   SO Unlimited LP   23,9322017-12-03 19:06:22
Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee.

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
WD5R(N5ECT)   Single Op HP   308,2522017-12-03 19:06:27
committee had my log before Ar sunrise.

A few weeks ago Marlene and I spent
several days cutting trails for a pair
of 900ft wires, wide, really wide spaced,
looking SSW. We did not hear a signal on that
that new beverage! No ZL, no VK .

We operate the contest under the assumption
the committee may have our security
camera hacked and is watching every
move I make.

For that reason I always close the door
when I have to go to the 'small room' .

Doug, n5ect
Marlene's hired hand
W4PK   SO Unlimited HP   133,2802017-12-03 19:08:07
Had fun, but am too old to stay up late any more. Also I had commitments both
days which limited my time to operate. I did get up at daybreak both days but
never heard anything from west of California. Propagation to Europe was
better. About half of my contacts were made running.

73, Sam W4PK
NØA(KBØLF)   Single Op HP   70,9922017-12-03 19:08:37
N6AR   SO Unlimited HP   137,3002017-12-03 19:09:36
Great conditions- no noise!
KVØQ   SO Unlimited HP   421,6442017-12-03 19:12:39
Lots of fun and reasonably good conditions both days!


Bill KV0Q
NK8Q(@W3YA)   Single Op QRP   23,0922017-12-03 19:14:34
I still miss the Inverted-L that I had at my old QTH, it got me a lot more DX
than the Inverted-V that I'm using at the W3YA clubhouse. But, at least I can
operate! Missed Friday night and only operated about 8 hours on Saturday, so I
think I did okay for that amount of time. Surely not by best score, but that
comes with more operating time and better antennas. Still, it was fun.

Thanks to all those who struggled to pull out my QRP signal. Only one person
asked if I was QRP.
VA7ST   Single Op HP   57,8652017-12-03 19:17:05
So that's what Top Band is like with a little bit more power. As expected,
running the new AL-80B provided a personal best after so many low-power

But it didn't produce a best-ever multiplier total -- that remains at 75 with
my 2007 outing. This weekend's 400 Qs is 45 more than my 2007 high of 355. The
difference back then running 100W was a sunspot minimum (ballpark) and the same
Inverted-L over a 32-radial field on the ground. Alas, I got one season out of
those radials as they were bare aluminum and the soil here ate them into
oxidized fragments, quite literally, in months.

Still running the same wire over three raised radials connected to an FCP box.
The vertical wire is 70 feet, the remaining horizontal wire slopes down due
east to about 40 feet. The null due east was noticeable and must be
eliminated. Planning a spring project to make it a T-top vertical, hopefully
improving performance.

Only DX orked were ZF, C6 and UA9. I don't consider XE to be DX but was nice to
have among the multipliers.

The band opened up across the northeastern states for me on Sunday morning,
filling in all the New England mults that I had been missing. Thanks to
everyone for calling in, and for staying up so late into the wee hours.

-- Bud VA7ST

QSO Sec Score
2017 400 71 57,865 16.5 hr HP
2016 180 52 18,720 10.5 hr
2015 142 37 10,906 8 hr
2014 183 54 19,764 8 hr
2013 24 12 576 1 hr
2012 132 42 11,088 5 hrs
2010 134 38 10,184 5 hrs
2008 162 42 13,608 10 hrs
2007 355 75 54,150 12 hrs
2006 225 48 22,197
2005 323 62 40,052
2004 231 62 28,644
K5CM   M/S HP   242,3062017-12-03 19:18:19
Sloping dipole.
Connie, K5CM
K9NR   M/S HP   286,0482017-12-03 19:21:30
Great contest! Conditions Friday night were very good. Saturday night was
great! Lots of activity. Great runs. Low noise.
64 five pointers 34 DXCC
DX worked:
80 States/Provinces
West coast was weak Friday night...better Saturday night

Thanks for all the fun QSO's and runs!

73, Don K9NR
KB3Z   Single Op HP   27,1402017-12-03 19:22:06
First 160 contest trying out my New BevFlex 4 Receive Antenna. WOW!!!
N5XZ   SO Unlimited HP   82,6322017-12-03 19:26:15
This was my first 160 meter contest. Only worked 2nd day, after putting up my
new inverted-slanted-L off of my 18HT tower. Seems to work well, although I
could only get the SWR down to 2.4 minimum. Not sure why. But the shack tuner
did the trick. Thanks to KS5V for the assistance in tuning the antenna!

Rig: K3/P3
Amp: Alpha 78
Tun: Dentron MT-2000A
Ant: Inverted-slanted-L
S/W: N1MM+
N1LN   M/S HP   467,4872017-12-03 19:28:23
This may have been the best showing we have had to date in the ARRL 160 CW
contest. The EU propagation could not have been better on Friday night until
EU sunrise on Saturday morning. Our first EU was worked only 19 minutes into
the contest which is anything but normal for us. Needless to say, that set our
expectations for what was to come. We were not disappointed. By the time we
shut down Saturday morning we had 136 five point Qs in the log. Unfortunately
night two was not quite so cooperative as we only added another 63.

The five pointers really helped grow the multiplier count. However, the ARRL
sections were not quite as cooperative. By Saturday morning we were still in
need of PAC, WTX, NT, PR, and ORG. By the end of the contest PAC and ORG were
in the log but we never heard, saw any spots or were called by WTX, NT and PR.
Where did you others find them? That loss was made up by being called by VK,
PAC and several JAs.

We also decided to real-time post our scores to CQContest. For much of the
first day we were the only MS entry but were pleased to be joined by 4 more
teams as time went on. Another VERY high point of the contest was to see our
score pass by the W2GD score. OK….that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration. That
anomaly might have something to do with the fact that they stopped posting with
about 15 hours left in the contest. Another FANTASTIC job by the W2GD team.
One word " WOW!

Finally, thanks to the rest of the team for making this a fun weekend. Based
on the Operator Q counts Dan N3ND, Bert N4CW and Howie WA4PSC did most of the
heavy lifting as I came in 4th place!

K3, Acom 2000A
Phased pair of Inverted Ls
Many beverages (wire and otherwise)
Win10, N1MM+

Look for the four of us again in CQWW-160 CW.

Bruce N1LN
N6RK   Single Op LP   117,6402017-12-03 19:32:07
The FLEX 6700 was outstanding in making many QSO's with extremely weak stations.
Antenna: 90 foot top loaded vertical.
VE4EA   Single Op HP   81,2912017-12-03 19:35:19
It was most interesting operating this contest remotely from Southern California
to my home station. It was impossible to start at 4pm local time, with all the
other family activities planned.
All my equipment performed as if I was right in the shack. (Thanks Jessy)
I believe this was actually my first ARRL 160m

Sadly, I'm still hampered by the lack of a decent RX antenna. I apologize to
the many callers that I just couldn't pull through the QRN. If somebody has
areceiving antenna ideas for a small city lot, please send them.

Was I the only VE4 active? (Yes, i missed my own section!)

73, Cary

K30 to K3/KPA500 (with Remote Rig)
Ant: Double Inverted-L
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SO Unlimited HP   80,6682017-12-03 19:36:02
K3 / 160m "L" no RX antennas.

Hope all had fun.
K7RL   Single Op HP   80,6402017-12-03 19:38:20
Always fun when when a band like 160m comes alive during this SB contest. Missed
MAR, PAC, PR, NNY, NNJ and oddly, LA for the sweep. Didn't stick around past 11
PM local, so missed any potential Pacific activity.

A special thank you to these EU stations that called in and put a smile on my
face: OH0R, OH1XX, SM5EDX, and OH3XR. That was an unexpected surprise. Nice to
see the band opening to EU again.

Most QSOs consisted of riding the QSB wave. Some stations started out loud,
then faded into the noise, then came back again. All within the exchange cycle.
Thanks to all that hung in there to complete the QSO!

My antenna is a full size vertical made from insulated #12 wire supported by a
tall tree with a FCP radial system, and within 200 meters of salt water on a
bluff. I've had a lot of trouble keeping elevated radials in the air as my
property is heavily treed - every year stuff just keeps falling on them and
always during contest season. Because of the terrain, ground radials just
aren't an option. Maintenance has been nothing short of a nightmare keeping
radials intact.

This year I installed a FCP radial system as per K2AV ( At 66' in
total length, and about 10' above ground, it takes up much less room and seems
to be as good as my previous full size elevated radial system. During the
contest, there were times I felt loud, and other times, not so much. Perhaps
that's typical on 160m.

I think my vertical wire in the tree might have some attenuation because
it' the tree. Need to figure out a way to get it in the clear, and
hopefully squeeze out some additional performance.

Thanks to all for the Qs!

73, Mitch, K7RL
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   M/S HP   154,6562017-12-03 19:53:10








KØACP   SO Unlimited LP   29,5322017-12-03 19:53:29
Bands were very good Saturday Evening, due to commitments, I was only able to
work Saturday Evening/Sunday Morning. Finally heard AK on 160, just could not
break pile.... But hearing is the first step to working! Really a fun event!

Finally have to say that K3s, N1MM, and NanoKeyer fully integrated and worked
like an unified system!

Thanks to all who help to put this on and thanks to all whom participated!
Lots of fun, looking forward to the Big Stew in a couple of weeks, as well as
the CQ 160M events!

73 es God Bless,

Art / K0ACP
WX4G   SO Unlimited HP   146,6302017-12-03 19:54:38
Spent all day Friday on the Friday night was to beat to operate.
Saturday took down 3 more trees to finally clear my 4el stepper from tree limbs
on its way up the tower...makes 9 trees in total!
Unlike John's group at W2GD...we had hvy static crashes and QRN all
weekend...typical of southern Florida. Still...for Florida...good conditions
and Europeans were loud...especially TM6M. Was amazed to see Europe coming in
AFTER 08:00!!. Very disappointed in Asia and KH6/ZL/VK/JA
etc...even California was poor...never heard LAX or ORG...but got N6ZFO in SF.
At least KL7SB was coming thru...made it worthwhile to be on in the AM!
Hopefully the shunt fed tower will be improved once I raise the top to 110ft
from 90.

73/DX Bob
WØZP   Single Op LP   128,2322017-12-03 19:57:05
What a great band ! sure was nice to hear so many signal active, tnx to all for
a FB job ! 73 Wayne
K2RD   SO Unlimited HP   56,5642017-12-03 20:00:40
Pretty good conditions and low noise. Thanks for the QSOs.
K6MI   Single Op QRP   2,8802017-12-03 20:03:04
K3, Sloper, beverage (North), Flag (East)
NCØB   Single Op HP   77,1202017-12-03 20:05:49
No QRN and openings to EU and JA, though modest from Colorado with only
receiving on Marconi T transmit antenna. All S&P on my end. Where was
Hawaii? Since N1MM+ seems to count a DX country as a section, I assume 72
sections is correct. Was puzzled by the XO1X call, as didn't know that prefix
existed in Canada. The few JAs calling CQ were strong, particularly JA3YBK.
N3AM   SO Unlimited HP   36,6002017-12-03 20:06:19
Very low noise first night. Noisy second night. K9AY did super job of pulling
stuff out of the noise, but only for the NE direction, where I have it set. I
need a way to remotely control this RX antenna.
K7SV   Single Op LP   182,8862017-12-03 20:14:12
That was fun. Conditions were quite good but certainly not the best I've heard
from home. Extremely low atmospheric noise.

Nice to work many friends from PVRC, FOC and CWOPS. I'm really impressed with
the huge number of VE3 stations active in all contests!

With one exception operators were pleasant and cooperative. The exception was a
W8 who doesn't care that a vacated frequency regardless of reason is fair game.

I heard LAX and ORG but the didn't hear me. Didn't hear PR, PAC SB, KL7 or NT.

k3 and TEE with four elevated radials. No RX antenna.
K3TN   SO Unlimited HP   105,4852017-12-03 20:16:45
Another one of those years where I didn't plan on getting on at all but got
seduced by the FB conditions into a number of sessions totaling 6 hours. I
didn't line up with the best EU or west coast hours but on Friday pm the band
was so quiet I could hear everything. On Saturday pm some S7 precipitation
static moved in and made it tougher to hear the weaker EU stations.

There must be a lot of wire strung out in ME and VT!

Elecraft K3/KPA 500W to 51' T/Marconi wire vertical
KK4R   SO Unlimited LP   43,2002017-12-03 20:18:43
I've only had a 160 m antenna (inverted-L) for a couple of years, so this band
is still new and exciting. It was a casual event for me, using spots to look
for sections and DX. I only ran stations for about an hour, during which the
cat alternated between trying to walk on my keyboard and climbing my leg. We
finally reached a truce when she settled in my lap, and I used one hand to
scratch and the other to log. As fast as the action was, it was surprisingly
easy to do it one-handed. The contest exchange is trivial, so spotting makes
it too easy. Next time, I'll skip the spots and make it more challenging.
IK2CLB   SO Unlimited HP   21,0942017-12-03 20:19:00
nice conditions both nights.
vertical full size dipole and 500 w
170 meters long beverage
double size flag
N6JV   Single Op HP   143,0522017-12-03 20:21:38
First 160 from the new country QTH. EA7KW was a new one on 160 (195). Using
756 PRO III and Homebrew 3CX1200D7 amp at 1500 Watts. Antenna is a 3/8 wave
inverted L.
N9NE   Single Op HP   111,0562017-12-03 20:27:30
NA props were good; DX not so good....
KF6I   SO Unlimited HP   23,4522017-12-03 20:32:32
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 218 451 52 2.1
Total 218 451 52 2.1
Score: 23,452
1 Mult = 4.2 Q's

Had a great time. Ran 1500 Watts into a 160 Meter top loaded 35 ft vertical
antenna (80 Meter V fed like a vertical) with two 130 ft radials, DX
Engineering 4:1 UNUN and Drake MN-2700 antenna tuner. Rig was IC-7300 and
Ameritron AL-1500. N6PE helped me test the front end of the IC-7300 (< 1
mile away). It held up well. Best effort for me on 160 M in recent history.
KA1J   Single Op QRP   75,0722017-12-03 20:35:24
Did this one in honor of my friend Pat W5WMU (SK). It just hasn't been the same
contesting since he's no longer with us and I just haven't had the spirit to
try to fully participate till now.

Conditions weren't as good as I would have liked, I heard plenty of DX but with
5W, I didn't get through this time. There were several that had my call correct
but couldn't understand they had it and gave up & went back to CQ, same
with a whole lot of sections I didn't work, exact same thing. It's the bane of
QRP with lousy antennas.

Had one ass from two states North of me who came on frequency Sunday morning
just as the band opened at sunrise. I had been running the frequency for half
an hour and he picked right on top of me to run his CQ. One can argue I was QRP
and he couldn't hear me except... he told me to QSY after zero-beating me. Pigs
come in many forms.

Used the HI-Z Circle 8 & a HI-Z Triangular in conjunction with a DXE NCC-2
phase controller as input for Diversity in the K3s, Definitely helped on some
of the local RFI and allowed me to work with both to null and to direct. It'll
be easier once I understand how to best work it.

Always love a good contest and Pat, old friend, this one's for you.

W7VJ   Single Op HP   46,1612017-12-03 20:36:54
Always fascinating listening to changing propagation.
NO3M   Single Op HP   500,6882017-12-03 20:40:53
Lots of antenna work in preparation for this one. The beverage arrays in the
back woodlot were a mess, nearly all either broken, shorted on other wires at
crossovers, etc. After three long afternoons of repair work, everything was
back to normal and it was refreshing to have the sharp directivity again.

Interesting conditions as others have pointed out. EU trickled in from the
start and up until about 0530z the first night, with a lone GM station logged
around 0720z. There was no EU sunrise rush. The second night was similar with
some EUs continuing near their SR, but nothing spectacular. No JA, VK, ZL or
other AS/PAC stations heard either morning, though, there was a weak station to
the NW calling in on Sunday morning, but not enough to get the call. While
adjusting the filtering trying to dig for that signal, the K3 spiked power and
tripped the amp grid protection. I reached over to reset it and ended up
powering OFF the amp!! Ran the next three minutes LP and almost lost the
frequency as the station above me started to slide down.

238 5-pointers worked.

The rates at the beginning were phenomenal. 193 first hour, with the best 60
minute rate topping 197/H between 2204-2303z. 50% of total QSOs reached in a
little over 6 hours.

First night rates:

2200 193 193 11.4
2300 155 348 20.5
0000 148 496 29.3
0100 130 626 36.9
0200 95 721 42.5
0300 94 815 48.1
0400 92 907 53.5
0500 69 976 57.6
0600 27 1003 59.2
0700 24 1027 60.6
0800 17 1044 61.6
0900 16 1060 62.5
1000 20 1080 63.7
1100 40 1120 66.1
1200 28 1148 67.7

The best 60 minute rate was 197/hour from 2204 to 2303
The best 30 minute rate was 204/hour from 2206 to 2235
The best 10 minute rate was 234/hour from 2226 to 2235

The best 1 minute rates were:
6 QSOs/minute 2 times.
5 QSOs/minute 15 times.
4 QSOs/minute 42 times.

Fun as always and nice to work topband friends, both domestic and DX. Looking
forward to the Stew Perry and CQ160.

73 Eric NO3M

2x K3 + Acom 2S1 Commutator + AL1500 amp
so2sdr contest logger for Linux (N4OGW author)
TX Four Square
Custom switching and control system for RX antennas
RX antennas:
8-circle BSEF
E,SE,S,SW,W: 2x300m broadside beverage arrays each direction
N,NW: 2x365m end-fire beverage arrays each direction
NE: 3x300m broadside beverage array
NO2C   SO Unlimited HP   16,9502017-12-03 20:46:49
My first 160 meter contest. I now believe every ham in NH has a 160 meter
antenna!! Hi Hi
K5ZO   SO Unlimited HP   229,2702017-12-03 20:47:07
Condx were good Friday nite ran some EU. Saturday not so good. Noise was low and
no Thunder storms! Score abt the same as last year.

CU in the next one
K1LT   Single Op HP   408,8222017-12-03 20:48:19
When the contest ended I was disappointed that my score was lower than
last year. Conditions to the east seemed particularly good, all of
the noise sources stayed away, and the band seemed very full a lot of
the time. Normally I compare my progress with the previous year's
log, but I didn't do that this time. Based on the number of Europeans
worked and the general crowding, I thought we were having a high
scoring year.

Some history of K1LT raw scores:

Year DX K/VE Total K/VE DX Total
QSOs QSOs QSOs Mult Mult Score
2007 101 1452 1553 78 48 429534
2008 119 1350 1469 77 42 392105
2009 238 1447 1685 78 51 526836
2010 185 1419 1604 77 51 481664
2011 65 1288 1353 77 30 310407
2012 87 1388 1475 81 36 375687
2013 117 1378 1495 82 32 380874
2014 67 1359 1417 79 23 309570
2015 94 1394 1488 80 33 368154
2016 93 1435 1528 83 44 423545
2017 141 1323 1464 81 41 408822

So the QSO count exceeds only 2011 and 2014 while the multiplier count
and score lands in the middle of the range.

After a few hours nap, I started reading the 3830 comments. From
those I have to conclude that my score is on par with everyone else.
So maybe the result is not so disappointing after all. On to the

The only pre-contest work I did was to check all of the short
receiving verticals for corroded F connectors. I fixed 3 of those. I
tightened the ropes supporting the top of the "tee" transmit antenna
which made the SWR curve nicer than it has been in a while. While I
don't think performance is affected very much, the amplifier seems
happier with very low SWR.

The contest started very fast. The first DX, UR5AS, was logged prior
to official sunset. 2 more UR, 2 F, and 120 W/VE filled the first
hour. Throughout the first night the rate held up with the usual
gradual decline. There was no noticeable European sunrise
enhancement. I used the recliner chair trick to stay awake most of
the time all night and had 1007 QSOs and all sections but PAC, AK, NT,
and PR a few minutes past sunrise Saturday morning.

During the night I noticed that the phased arrays did not seem to have
any directivity to broadside. Usually the directivity is noticeable
to the point of being annoying. Since signals were very strong and
the noise was very low, the lack of directivity was of little

After a brief nap Saturday morning, I collected my daughter and ran
several domestic chores than had to be completed immediately. During
this time I forgot about the directivity issue.

When I returned to the radio at 2130z, the band was already quite
full. When I resumed CQing, I worked another European prior to
sunset, which was a good omen. At 2130z I was interrupted by a family
crisis which consumed about 30 minutes with phone calls and
permanently erased some of the glow from the first night.

The second night was a much slower and slightly noisier repeat of the
first night although the European callers were more frequent. When I
rediscovered the lack of directivity of the phased array, I tried the
Beverages, and I could hear much better. So I switched to
transceiving with the K3, which at least gave me the opportunity to
play with my new Kpod. After a while, I determined the problem with
the phased array was that it was stuck in the west direction because
the transistor that keys the power to the switching relays had
shorted. So I removed the relay power which stuck the array in the
east direction and directivity was restored. The rest of the evening
I used the phased array for DX and the Beverages for US thus
minimizing the amount of antenna switching.

After European sunrise, the contact rate became very low and I found
myself falling asleep at the switch. So I took a 3 hour nap from
0830z to 1130z and got back to the radio in time to find 1810 to 1825
kHz completely full. Three times I attempted to CQ in a small hole
and three times I was told to move. The third time I just started
tuning to see if I could hear anyone working JAs. When I reached
1825, I didn't hear any JA QSOs from stations east of the Mississippi,
but I did find KL7SB at 1825.5 and worked him.

After sunrise I gave up the idea of working Asia and started CQing in
the much emptier 15 kHz of joy. One of the callers was KH6AQ. So
only NT and PR remain as missing sections. Around 1255z (25 minutes
after sunrise) I heard a weak caller so I tried to locate him on all
the receiving antennas. On one of the Beverages, I could hear JA3YBK
signing his call twice. Since he appeared to be calling me, I
acknowledged his call and gave him a report. But this cycle repeated
several times and after a while, it seemed like he was not calling me,
but perhaps CQing by just signing his call.

In retrospect, I suggest that when conditions are good then everyone
works each other relatively quickly and resorts to CQing more readily
than when conditions are poor. Thus good conditions makes for a
crowded band. And while DX from Europe was better, there were fewer
Caribbean stations and for me no continental African or South American
stations. In other words, every silver lining comes with a cloud.

DX worked: C6, CM, CT3 (2), DL (16), EA (4), EI (2), EU, F (12), G
(8), GM (2), GW (2), HA (3), HB, HI, I (2), KH6, KL, KP2 (2), LA (3),
LY (3), LZ (2), OE, OH (7), OH0, OK (8), OM (3), ON (3), OZ, PA (3),
PJ2, PJ4, S5 (2), SM (10), SP (5), SV, UA (4), UA2 (3), UR (9), V3
(2), XE (3), YL, YO (4), YU, and ZF for a total of 44 entities. Note
the predominamce of northern Europe.

Equipment: K3/100, P3, Kpod, Alpha 8410, K3/10; 65-foot 'Tee' with 70
or so 125-foot radials, 16 23-foot verticals each with 16 23-foot
radials, 2 miles of RG6, and 6 2-wire Beverages; and too many
computers and SDR pieces-parts. Also audio routing pieces-parts,
homebrew SO2R pieces-parts, more software piece-parts, Writelog
version 11 and all of its warts.

The following comparison between 2016 and 2017 of stations by US call
district from 'cbs' seems interesting. Note the decrease in districts
1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 and the increase in district 9. My most frequently
worked section was Illinois.

2016 2017
Area QSOs Percent Area QSOs Percent
0 145 9.5 0 141 9.6
1 143 9.4 1 122 8.3
2 121 7.9 2 119 8.1
3 137 9.0 3 130 8.9
4 200 13.1 4 176 12.0
5 106 6.9 5 104 7.1
6 82 5.4 6 70 4.8
7 105 6.9 7 88 6.0
8 144 9.4 8 128 8.7
9 143 9.4 9 158 10.8
Total 1326 86.8 1236 84.4
N4KH   SO Unlimited HP   128,8472017-12-03 20:51:40
This was the first contest that I've had much time to operate this fall, and boy
it was alot of fun. The band was quiet and in good shape. Missed sections = ND,
PR, EB, LAX, ORG, KH6, SB, SJV, EWA, and NT. DX= C6, CM, EA, F, G, GW, HA, I,
KP2, LU, LZ, OE, OM, PJ2, S5, UA, VE, XE and ZF. Thanks everyone for the QSOs,
especially those that I had trouble hearing and had to ask for repeats.

Station: Elecraft K3, Acom 1000 amp, Inv. L.

Jim N4KH Huntsville, AL
W4MYA   SO Unlimited HP   325,4402017-12-03 20:52:59
Run Em
KM4HI   Single Op HP   57,9602017-12-03 20:59:53
Quiet conditions Friday and Sunday when K=0. First test with new post-Irma
inv L. Worked all I heard, including several OJs. Thanks to all for the Q's.
73 - Jim HI
W4GE   SO Unlimited HP   84,8242017-12-03 21:01:23
This was a big social weekend for W4GE so I had only short time to be able to
play contest. Worked all previous week to get an efficient way to load my 1/4
wave 80m vertical on 160m. Finally got it and it seemed to work well -- I was
able to work anyone I could hear, and the resonance was about 40 KHz wide at
the 2:1 points.

No SA and few Caribbean countries this year. Thanks to all for your grace
under pressure and the great people you all are!


Rig: Elecraft K3(~S), P3, Acom 1500 amp, XMatch.

Antennas: Xmit: DXE 80m 1/4 wave vertical with 1:4 unun (Balun Design) and
series matching coil.

Receive: NE Pennant, N/S RBOG, E/W RBOG
N6PN   SO Unlimited LP   11,5202017-12-03 21:16:09
Rig: Elecraft K3 running 100 watts
Antenna HF6V vertical
W6TN   Single Op LP   4682017-12-03 21:19:34
Thanks for the Qs! 73, Trung W6TN

Rig: TS-590SG
Ant: OCF @ 30ft, Zero-Five Flag Pole 10-80m 30ft, Folding Hex Beam 6-20m @
24ft, K6MM 160m vertical
Pwr: 100w
ABØS   SO Unlimited HP   109,8892017-12-03 21:22:07
K3, KPA500, and a 7 foot tall helically wound vertical with a dozen 20 foot

Thanks to all those with great ears!!!

Tim, AB0S
ND9G   Single Op LP   96,8442017-12-03 21:27:50
About 50w into my rain gutters, most @ 10', with two short bits at 14'
WØUC   SO Unlimited LP   72,7652017-12-03 21:29:57
Climbed my white pine tree tower on Thursday to get the feedpoint of my 160M
dipole back up in the air. It's been many years since I've been on for this
one, and I found the antenna worked even better than I remembered. I was able
to easily hold 1805 and run for 3 hours in prime time Friday evening, much to
my surprise. Limited operating late at night left 4 California sections
missed, but nearly all the stations I called came back. No Europe heard on my

Sections missed: WNY, PR, EB, LAX, SB, SJV, PAC, AK, NL, NT
DX worked: C6, PJ, XE, ZF
W4CB(W2RU)   Single Op HP   437,3462017-12-03 21:32:01
What a gas!

Chasing ARRL/RAC Sections is a whole lot more fun than quickly checking off CA
and NY multipliers in a W/VE contest. EBay was a real cliff-hanger for me this
year, and I never heard PAC, PR, or NT.

Quiet bands (except for some severe key clicks), a nice European sunrise
opening Saturday UTC, and great activity every time I sat down at the rig.

Inside: K3S, ACOM2000A, WinKeyer, SkookumLogger for the Mac.
Outside: 100' tower, DX Engineering 4-way Beverage system.
K6IJ   SO Unlimited HP   42,0212017-12-03 21:33:42
Part time effort here, Saturday night prop was very good, Sunday not as good.

K-3 plus Commander inverted L

73, Fred
K4XU   SO Unlimited HP   122,1442017-12-03 21:40:06
Missed NNY PR and NT. The KH6 called me and I almost missed him cuz I was
listening on the NW Beverage at the time. There must be six times more active
hams in ONN than NNY. Worked my first EU in a long time.

See y'all in the Stew.

W9PA   SO Unlimited HP   153,7002017-12-03 21:46:20
K3, P3, K-Pod, Acom 1000, 1/4-wave slanted wire - 60, 66-ft radials
Software DXLog by 9A5K V2.3.14

All but 5 or 6 were S&P. Thought I'd never hear LAX. Quit and hour before
the KL7 was workable in 9-land. Missed ND, PR, PAC, NT
WA7AN(K9DR)   SO Unlimited HP   71,9962017-12-03 21:54:46
Came within 6 of getting a Clean Sweep. Can't believe no KH6 or NE. Like the
SS, no NNY. PR not there, but they have a hurricane excuse. Canadian NL and NT
can be tough in any contest.

Lucked out and got KL7 and ND not long before QRT. Only one JA. I'm sure
there were others to work, but best noise null on my loop puts the null on JA.
I have a K9AY under construction that might have made a difference. Should have
it up for the CQ 160 meter contest. Don't think I have room for a DHDL pointed
at JA, but it would be nice.

The end result was almost identical to last year's effort. Thirteen fewer
QSOs, slightly bigger multiplier, so end score was about 4k points higher this

Equipment: K3 w/P3 to AL82 Loop RX antenna
TX antenna: "T" made from 80 meter dipole, using 55' feedline as
vertical radiator fed against 12 radials to property lines, only one 1/4
wavelength. Essentially a 55' top-loaded vertical.
WQ4RP   M/S QRP   65,6882017-12-03 22:03:40
The WQ4RP Multi-Op team enjoyed running QRP again this year, and we ended up
working our last three states (CA, NE, WY) to qualify for the 160M QRP WAS
Award. We also topped our performance from last year's ARRL 160 Contest.
Quiet band conditions, with lots of activity both nights, made for a
productive, fun contest. Maybe one day ARRL will add a QRP Multi-Op category
to the ARRL 160, so our group won't have to compete directly with our higher
power brethern.
VE7XF   SO Unlimited HP   37,5542017-12-03 22:07:47
Seems to me that the rest of the world just isn't that interested. I worked
pretty much everything I heard. I guess that's the problem. I heard/worked more
two weeks ago, before the CQ WW CW.
Never heard any KH6es - saw one spotted near the end of the contest, but heard
nothing. And no JAs untill Sunday morning. I haven't heard a European since
December 2009. Whine, whine, whine.

K3, P3, Acom 1000, 260' doublet @ 75'

Ralph, VE7XF

VA7VF passed her Advanced exam today, so now she's gonna want the big amp!
Whine, whine, whine.
KL7SB(@KL7RA)   SO Unlimited HP   47,7712017-12-03 22:15:24
Definitely a grind from the Far North, but fun. Was shocked to work some EU,
including a RU3 at 1300Z. Very skewed propagation with many stations hearing
me, but me not hearing them, as well as the reverse.
W6DR   Single Op HP   110,4032017-12-03 22:23:13
All on a KPA500
W9QL   Single Op QRP   14,0632017-12-03 22:25:32
I (still) do not have an antenna for 160, so I ran QRP into my G5RV with no
tuner. Measured 2 - 3 watts forward, depending on what portion of the band I
was on. Had a lot of repeat requests and some folks just gave up and moved on,
but for the most part I was able to get through. Never heard anything west of
CO, save for one AZ station. Was able to claim a couple new sections (WV and
GA) but still a long way from WAS on 160. Maybe someday the Amateur Radio
Parity Act will become law and I'll be able to put up a real antenna for 160.

FTdx5000MP with a G5RV @ 35 ft.
NJ6G   Single Op LP   2,4002017-12-03 22:28:11
Palomar Bullet end-fed at 55' with 203' wire out to a fencepost. Looking for
MLDXCC and NCCC members while picking up new states. First time I actually had
an antenna that worked on 160m.
AA3S   Single Op HP   59,0722017-12-03 22:33:09
Also worked several hours at WA3EKL contest station.
NZØT   Single Op LP   66,9442017-12-03 22:44:32
Elecraft K3, full wave horizontal loop, 43' vertical.
N5UM   SO Unlimited HP   42,8402017-12-03 22:46:32
Part time operation only. Excellent activity during the times I was on.
W9XT   SO Unlimited LP   93,2472017-12-03 22:50:03
Part time effort, most operating was Friday night/Saturday morning.
WF7T   SO Unlimited LP   66,7442017-12-03 22:54:14
I had hoped to BIC full time but last minute professional requirements kept me
busy on Friday. Prepped and ready on Saturday afternoon and band was doing
pretty good before sunset. Had to break for late dinner date and likely missed
EU peaking here, then a 2AM visit to the ER veterinarian. Old dog is old, but
she lives on for another day.

I didn't get back in shack until 5AM, so oriented my RX loop to the west, since
I missed EU sunrise, and prepared for a huge west coast opening. Didn't happen,
again probably too late to the party.

I'm not complaining. I really enjoy the chance to get on 160 and appreciate the
Qs, so thanks all. Best part is visiting, albeit briefly, with friends.

My appreciation also to everyone involved with the event, from coordination to
log checking. Again, thanks!

73 Brad WF7T
Nashville, TN


40' tall Marconi (110' hat)
VE3DO loop pointed E or W (depending on lazy or cold, or both)
IC-7600 @ 100W

confirmation number: 4372511.arrl-160
WU9B   SO Unlimited HP   26,4122017-12-03 23:03:11
260 foot cloud warmer here. Thanks for the QSOs.
W3GVX   SO Unlimited LP   8,8902017-12-03 23:08:28
Rig: IC-7300, Ameritron ATR-30 antenna tuner
Ant: 80-meter OCFD
Logging: N1MM+ using new spectrum window
KØUK   SO Unlimited LP   2,8622017-12-03 23:19:31
LOT got me as we had other duties to tend to at night. Plus program didn't take
2 XE and 1 JA worked for DX I hope the log checkers will tend to this. My score
is so small that it really doesn't matter.
Glad to hear some CO and GMCC'er on during this time. Just would have like to
stay up but again LOT Lack of time..
God Bless PTL
bill K0UK
N4XD   Single Op HP   268,2872017-12-03 23:21:52
Overall activity seemed quite good. Band VERY quiet Friday/ Sat with a bit of
QRN on Sat night. First DX at 2319 (GW5R) and shortly after that ZA1WW called
in! Very nice surprise.

Beverages didn't seem to work Friday/ Sat am. Saturday PM (around 7:30 pm
locally) got fed up and decided to see if I could fix the issue. Changed switch
at beverage feeds but that wasn't the issue. Finally found a couple critter
bites on the main beverage feedline to the shack. Spliced and fixed but not
having them Friday certainly cost me contacts, both DX and stateside. Nice to
have them back for the rest of Saturday.

Overall station seemed to play well. Two 105' towers phased showed good
directivity and appeared to get out well. Unfortunately never heard any JA, AK,
WTX, ND or PAC. Also missed several Ca sections although ORG called in just at
my sunrise Sunday. Thanks for that!

A note on quality of signals. It was a pleasant surprise to hear few clicky
stations. I noted only 2. Nice that companies have stepped up and are providing
radios that are clean. And great that stations are using them.

Congrats to N1LN who is just a bit north of me. I need to upgrade my beverages
to hear as well as he is :)

Thanks to the ARRL and all the participants for making this a fine contest.

Elecraft K3
Alpha 91b
N1MM+ (continues to be fantastic, free and well supported. What a team!!)
2 towers phased for 160
multiple beverages.

A side note. If anyone reading this is using a red Pitaya as either a receiver
or transceiver I'd be interested in your observations. I recently bought one
and am still experimenting.

N4VV   SO Unlimited HP   110,9492017-12-03 23:27:18
Lots of activity with quiet conditions.
KØWA   SO Unlimited HP   112,7332017-12-03 23:28:21
I enjoyed this contest. Conditions were good in Kansas with no electrical
storms at all. The A and K index was down for this contest as well. There
were a lot of readable weak signals on the band. Very little man made noise as

Station: K3, AL-82, Palstar HF-Auto (marvelous tuner by the way) and Inverted
L all on a city lot 80 by 150 feet No beverage or loop. Very
"wonky" ground plane too. The "L" is long, about 130 foot
so it really resonates below 1800.

It is interesting to note that many times I wanted to turn the beam to capture
a signal knowing full well there was nothing to turn. So, I was at the mercy
of the propagation elf. Reminded me of the Novice year when all I had was a
130 foot long wire 30 feet off the ground. That DX40 would load it on any
band. But, it worked and I worked a lot of stations with the antenna. HOW
TIMES HAVE CHANGED, but in reality a hunk of wire still gets out.

QSOs of note. Working all my CWOPS members. The ZF and VI that called me!
Wow! Did not hear one European signal at all. Did not hear the KL7 either.
Did not work NNY (why is that a section if no one gets on?), RI, PAC, NT, NL
(had one spotted but never heard him), SJV and of course PR.

Just a great time. Thank you all. Go Deep Dixie!

Lee K0WA
WS7L   SO Unlimited HP   47,5002017-12-03 23:42:45
Thought for a while that I'd NEVER get the New England and maritime sections but
eventually propagation came through for me.

45 states and all but one VE section (NL) in the log.

73 and thanks for the Q's
Carl WS7L
W5UE   Single Op HP   176,2252017-12-03 23:46:23
Good condx.. good fun... Station: Elecraft K3, Alpha 8410, Inverted L, NE
AC2FA   Single Op LP   1,4402017-12-03 23:55:18
K2@100 wats. Thanks for the Q's.

73 de AC2FA
K1EP(@K1VR)   Single Op LP   132,0962017-12-04 00:00:46
Thanks to K1VR for the use of his great station for this contest. As usual,
most California sections were difficult. Only heard about four or five
stations total, was activity down or just no prop? Most of the left coast was
quiet, I think only one OR, EWA and WWA stations worked. There were several Eu
stations on, but not a lot of activity and virtually no Eu sunrise activity
either night. Friday evening I had several zone 16 stations call me but hardly
any 14 or 15. I saw a lot of stations trying to run between 1830-1835, which
the rules still specifically call out as the DX window. Is it time to remove
that "restriction" since not many abide by it?
NX6T   M/S HP   154,2642017-12-04 00:08:20
S5 noise level throughout contest so sorry for all the weak ones who called in
and we couldn't dig out ...and most of the guys we did copy were just above our
noise level ! Missed PR ( which we don't think was on the air and NL, which we
saw spots for but could never hear on the Left Coast. WQ6X remoted into station
and I operated most Qs from the site. We were hoping for 800 to 1,000 Qs so
we're happy with 857 considering condx and that we really only missed NL. 240
ft INV V dipole at 70 ft. K3, ACOM 2000A, 6 ft RX Loop that couldn't hear much
better than the dipole. 73 Dennis N6KI
WO9S(@WO9J)   Single Op LP   69,7622017-12-04 00:19:00
Remote operation from U of Chicago Radio Clun. Thanks to Mike, WO9J,
for the use of his station. IC 7300 feeding an 1/8-wave bottom-loaded
vertical. Could work most stns. I could hear. Still working out how to
run N1MM+ in this configuration. Temporary solution was to have a separate
laptop running N1MM to record the QSOs.
K6LL   SO Unlimited HP   63,1212017-12-04 00:22:35
A good way to spend a few hours on Friday and Saturday evening! 160 is not my
station's strong suit.
VA2EW   SO Unlimited HP   227,5842017-12-04 00:26:05
A lot of family at home so just a few hours to play.
The signals from Europe were fantastic not the same from Pacific/Asia.

73's Gilles
KA6WKE   Single Op LP   4,5122017-12-04 00:26:52
Rig: IC-7600
Tuner: LDG AT-1000ProII
Pwr: 100 watts
Ant: 36' vertical with 40M loop caphat, 2 1/4-wave radials, many smaller ones.
RX Ant: W6LVP RX Loop
Software: N1MM+

My first run at ARRL 160M, only could play on Friday night - had family in town
on Saturday. Best PJ2T, ~3334.5 mi and 2 central XE stations. Worked all I could
hear in USA pretty good, even got a run going for about 40 mins before calling
it quits. Looking forward to Stew Perry at the end of the month.

73 - Mark
WB8JUI   Single Op LP   196,3782017-12-04 00:33:18
Missed PR, WTX, LAX, ORG, PAC and NT.

Caught my final two multipliers KL7SB and N0UD (ND) around 1200Z Sunday
morning. Thank you both!

73 - Rick WB8JUI

Elecraft K3 @ 85W
Inverted L @ 50'
NJ4F   Single Op HP   14,8472017-12-04 00:38:02
ICOM 7800
Alpha 9500
Palstar tuner
160M dipole (TX)
Shared Apex Loop (RX)
S&P only
VE3SS   SO Unlimited HP   4,1602017-12-04 00:38:55
Operated the contest for a few hours, just S&P.
The band was packed with signals but the noise
level was high in my area.
KØPK   Single Op LP   113,0492017-12-04 00:40:39
Lots of activity but propagation here was so-so. Heard some EU DX but most were
unworkable. West coast was a bit of a struggle and nothing was heard from KH6
or KL7. DX worked: C6, EA, GW, KP2, PJ2, XE & ZF. Had a couple of good
domestic runs and best hour rate was 102.

Fun contest! Nice to hear a lot of old friends on the band. Thanks for the

73 - Paul, K0PK
W3FA   SO Unlimited LP   26,7602017-12-04 00:57:38
Great conditions!!
NR4M   SO Unlimited HP   403,2252017-12-04 01:03:29
Normally, K7SV and I do this contest as a team. This year Larry decided that he
wanted to try it from his home QTH, so I was on my own.
I figured this was going to be 'interesting' as I really don't do nights well
at all.
For a while my EU Beverage had been working/not working and we were not having
any luck figuring out why. Sure as heck, when I started the contest I did not
have any EU Beverage. As it was, things went OK, if you subtract no Beverage.
Good activity from both US and DX sides.
I stayed up until about midnight when I just had to get some sleep. The plan
was to sleep some and then get back up well before dawn and work some more
Suppose that worked OK, but I understand that there was still a lot of good
contesting going on after I went QRT for the night.
I was so disappointed in NOT having my EU Beverage, instead of going back to
sleep, I spent most of the rest of the day rebuilding the EU receiving antenna.
Replaced just about everything but the actual antenna wire. When I was done, I
had somehow created a very, very quiet antenna that worked quite well for the
rest of the weekend.
Second night found me working a bunch of Europeans like I had NOT done the
night before. Lots of fun and some big signals out of EU.
Like the night before, I went to bed about midnight. I really wish my system
was 'wired' to let me do nights, as between the two nights I lost about 8 hours
of prime operating time, that you just can not make up.
Had only ONE 'frequency fight' and that was with an op from a well known multi
operation. Firing up 100 Hz away is NOT a clear frequency! Then CQ'ing like
mad and ignoring my protests. With a few hundred miles between the two
stations, it's not like he didn't hear me. He found it was a waste of his 10
minutes. Ops of multi's and the holder of the callsigns, need to remember that
this display does not speak well of the callsign holder. If this kind of stuff
is going on, it's because it's allowed to happen.

This was also a good shake-down for some repairs I had done to an Acom 2000a.
Worked without a hiccup.

Tx antenna is pair of phased wire verticals, over a hodge-podge, but
substantial bunch of radials. This was put up as a temporary antenna about 10
years ago...

Thanks for all the Q's.

73 de Steve, NR4M
NA8V   Single Op HP   296,6522017-12-04 01:13:39
That was fun! Had planned a one night operation but came home early from out of
town. Started at 0041z Friday night. Was pleasantly surprised to hear Eu on my
first pass thru the band. Best Eu condx for me were the 01 and 02z hours the
first night and then sporadic dx thru til 0630z when a lone F called in. The
second night was similar although the peak for dx was 05-06-07z hours. Several
Russians the first night, 2nd night more towards Scandinavia and northern Eu.
Ended up with ~120 5pt qsos. Didn't get up for the morning either day. Missed
AK, PAC, PR and NT.

First operation with HP at this station, used recently acquired LK-500
following the TS590sg. TX ant is a 45' vertical L, RX via a NE Bev and a W
Bev, both ~450' long. My usual mode on 160 is to listen on the TX antenna and
switch to the Bevs as needed. This time I listened exclusively on one Bev or
the other. Probably missed a few callers that way, sorry if I didn't hear

See you all in month in the Stew.

K7ABV   Single Op LP   5,7762017-12-04 01:18:49
with the noise level hitting S9, makes for interesting S and P nights...didn't
have much time with company over the weekend, but was glad to be able to put a
few hours in...thanks for the q's and hope to hear some body, any body next
weekend on ten meters...K7ABV
ACØW   Single Op LP   124,8002017-12-04 01:49:25
One of these years I need to do something for a receive antenna. I could hear
many stations calling but they were too weak and in the noise to copy.

Anyone experience some of the crazy QSB? It was like there were several
different types of QSB occurring at the same time. Some of it very slow, where
it would be several minutes between when you could hear the station. Some of it
average speed. Some was extremely fast, mid-letter the station would just
disappear and and in the middle of the next letter the station would reappear.

Toughest were those stations that insisted in send my call then theirs. Problem
is just when they started sending their call they would fade away. Repeat and it
happens again. Hopefully they eventually will learn to not waste time sending my
call when I'm running.

Thanks for the Q's

KI5LR   Single Op LP   3,0242017-12-04 01:54:27
Wow had a blast! Antennas were a HF6V with the TBR-160 add on and an Inverted
"L" running NE to SW. Power was 100 sad to say I needed the other
50. I could hear all kinds of folks. I think I hear just about ever ARRL
Section and many DX stations including VI, PR, and PJ2 as well. Did not have
the punch to get out of the pine trees of East Texas to add them to the log
book. I am looking to double my score next year!
WE9V   Single Op LP   250,1632017-12-04 02:05:07
Returned to my mother's rural home for this one, as I have S9 RFI at
home. Had to take down the antenna and beverage this year because
of logging (tree cutting kind) so I had to re-install the inverted L,
but decided against putting the beverage back up. Not sure it would
have helped, as there's pretty much zero noise at this location.

Best contest start for me, with 107 and 116 hours (good for low power),
but as usual with low power, it drops like a rock. Average 51/hour
after that for the first night, and 23/hour the entire second night.

Heard some EU on the first night, but was tough getting through.
Second night added a few multipliers. Heard JA3YBK past my sunrise
on Saturday morning, nearly S5, but he never heard me. Surprised
at no other DX out West, not even KH6.

Chad WE9V
K3, Inverted L
KA6BIM   SO Unlimited LP   37,5052017-12-04 02:06:11
I had antenna problem, so ran very low power. Thanks for your patience with my
weak signal.
KE2D   Single Op LP   28,7842017-12-04 02:06:12
I was fortunate enough and honored to be asked to guest op at super station W2GD
and fill-in a couple spots. I had a great time and it was exciting to see an
operation like that. Things were still coming together when I arrived mid to
late afternoon and they came right down to the wire with perhaps less than 2
minutes to spare but incredibly when start time came, we were calling CQ. It
was great experience and one I'll never forget. Many thanks to the W2GD team
for your patience and the opportunity.

This score is my small personal effort after I got home around midnight on
Saturday night. I couldn't help myself and had to get on for a couple hours
and get a few more points for the FRC club score. If you've had the experience
of being "fresh meat" and calling CQ in a contest during the waning
hours you know what a rush it can be. It was good to hear so many familiar
calls still going. The run died down, I scanned the band a couple times and
then turned in. I got back on about a half hour before sunrise and operated
for about another hour.

Bob - KE2D
K1KI   Single Op HP   442,8042017-12-04 02:10:42
I got a somewhat slower start this year compared to 2016. Made it up in the end
by using last year's hourly totals as a template and trying to beat each hour on
the second day. Ended up 70 QSOs ahead of 2016. A rough count shows 207 DX
QSOs,with 186 Europeans. Nice to work S01WS and RT9S and a small group of
other DX, mostly NA. Missed KP4 KH6 NT and EB.

2 x FT1000mp (one used as a 2nd rx)
Alpha 86
4-square with wires off 120' 40m tower
4 beverages

73 Tom/K1KI
WA7LNW   SO Unlimited QRP   67,6832017-12-04 02:27:26
This is one of my favorite winter contests. Returned from two weeks of travel
and excuse myself from a Friday night party invitation in order to make it

Operated QRP this year in honor of a good friend and nearby neighbor Jim
Rodenkirch, K9JWV (SK). Jim was our one and only QRP enthusiast in southern
Utah and could often be heard calling CQ on 1.810 nights and early mornings.
Knowing Jim and his love for our hobby, I am sure he was listening in on the
action this weekend.

Several section multipliers appeared absent this year. My CW Skimmer is
located at the remote site and was essential in spotting new multipliers and
determining when their signals were peaking.

Fellow Arizona Outlaws Contest Club member, Gary, N7IR (AZ), normally operates
QRP during this event, so I closely monitored our comparative RBN signal
reports and areas of coverage. At various times during the night, our
geographic separation and choice of antennas became apparent.

Arizona section was well represented by AOCC members. In fact Utah seemed well
represented too. My thanks go out to C6, XE, PJ2, ZF9 operators for pulling my
QRP signal out of the noise. There were plenty of strong JA signals around
0800 UTC and again at my local sunrise, but none heard me well enough to
complete a full contact.

Fun as always. See everyone again next year!

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
W7RH   SO Unlimited LP   76,0502017-12-04 02:27:29
Conditions on Top Band were pretty good when you can work all states in first
evening. Eastern EU very weak but a few Western EU made it in the log.

This was a part time effort. Saturday evening I was running a mild fever and
bagged the all night run. I made a few contacts and went to bed.

Station Rig TS-480 personal remote, antenna 5el array of short verticals
allowing 4 el broadside end-fire E/W, 3 El end-fire NE, SE, SW,NW and OMNI.

Thanks to the Hardcore 160 ops in EU, SA, JA and Caribbean that made it a bit
more interesting than a sweepstakes. 73 Bob, W7RH
N9TF   SO Unlimited LP   73,6562017-12-04 02:30:07
Had a good time. This is by far my best Q count and score in this contest, or
any 160m contest. I forewarned my XYL she would not see me Saturday night, and
very little Friday night!
I set out a goal of a minimum of 500 Qs, and to give running a solid effort.
This is always hard with low power and a short low antenna, not to mention my
CW copy is beginning to decline.
Friday night my noise level was surprisingly low for a change, and there were
gobs of signals popping on the P3 from the bottom of the band up to about
1.875. In the first 60 minutes I S&Pd my way up and down the band twice,
and just picked off the strong signals, putting 99 Qs in the log the first
I ended the first shift (13:53UTC with a five and a half hour nap starting at
08:03UTC) with 308 Qs, 63 SEC and 3 DX.
I got a much earlier start Saturday afternoon. I had higher expectations after
a decent Friday night Saturday morning, I was thinking now maybe 600-700 Qs and
over 100k points would be possible . Conditions were a bit different Saturday
night. My noise floor was higher by about 10dbfrom the previous night, and I
was getting some intermittent buzzing interference that moved across the band.
Made it hard to hear the weaker layer of signals I was going to need to have
any hope of breaking 100K, especially since all I was working were two
pointers! I did get several decent runs in Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Unfortunately, there were many signals at my noise floor I just could not pick
out. I'm sure I missed a lot of Qs because of that. I need to work on some kind
of RX antenna for that reason. I have one neighbor that has a 4' high fence
80'long running east and west, and another neighbor behind me with a 70' long
4' high fence running N/S. Not very long runs, but something to think about.
I fizzled out way earlier than I had planned. I remember deciding to take a
quick 10 minute power nap in the chair around 0645UTC. I woke up with a leg
cramp at 0730UTC, dazzed and confused. While rubbing my left leg trying to
blood to circulate again, I saw a spot for KA9FOX. I went to his frequency,
worked him (big signal!), and decided to call it a contest. My eyes couldn't
focus on anything anymore, and my leg hurt.
Had fun. Set a new personal best, and worked through some of my CW running
demons. Need to do more of that.

73 Gene, N9TF

Rig: K3S 100 watts, Antenna: W8AMZ shortened (67') half sloper at apex of 35'
sloping down to 2' off ground. TX/RX same antenna.
NN4RB   Single Op LP   3,0742017-12-04 02:30:07
My third attempt at this contest. 2014 had 1 contact, 2015 had 21 contacts and
this year I had 53 contacts. Major improvement for someone who is CW
Got on the air Saturday night at 8:30 and worked for almost 3 hours. Could
have worked more, but CW is a learning practice. Jokenly, some fast operators
should practive more on sending. Perhaps, they should practice sending to a
decoder to check their fist. Example, when did a "TU" become
"X". That's a joke, but such habits confuse the inexperianced.
The band seemed good. I did have fun, learned a lot and looking forward to the

My beverage is out of service so I used my 80/10 OCF dipole at about 44' fed as
vertical with Kat-500 at the base.
450' Beverage
VE2OJ(@VA2LGQ)   M/S HP   140,5482017-12-04 02:30:34
K3/KPA500/low inverted L
New QTH, new antenna, no Internet (and no DX cluster)
There were quite a few (many?) stations that called us but that we were unable
to copy - we need a better (any!) RX antenna
ADØK   Single Op LP   1,2802017-12-04 02:38:31
I only spent a short time on the band, but did it with 100 watts into a 40m
end-fed ZEPP. Probably wasn't putting much effective power out. However, it
was fun.

Found N3BB and K5NA and was pleased they heard me. Thanks for the Qs.

I was able to get into the east coast for a while and really appreciate the
patience of those stations pulling my weak signal out.
K3STX   SO Unlimited HP   120,4832017-12-04 02:39:57
I enjoy the CQ 160M contests more than the ARRL 160, there is much more DX (and
I am more of a DXer than a contester). But this weekend conditions were
absolutely amazing and I managed 33 DXCC countries outside USA/VE. It was
great. And some of them actually called ME!!

There are some really great operators out there with amazing ears. I really
really enjoyed this contest. There was almost no noise. I just wish all the
USA/VE LIDS would get out of the DX window during prime DX time!! Trying to
pick out that weak SV station with a station in Ohio calling CQ CQ at S9+40 dB
is infuriating!! I know it is supposed to be challenging, but COME ON!!! I
wonder if they even KNOW there is a DX window.

I would LOVE the contest organizers to DELETE the QSOs from the log of W/VE
stations with RUNS in the DX window from their logs! I bet that would solve the
problem mighty quick.

Thanks for all the Qs guys and gals, see you in the CQ160.

TS-590S with 400 watt amp, inverted L with 20 meters vertical, Pennant ant for
RX for Europe
KE8M   SO Unlimited HP   102,4202017-12-04 02:40:00
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 536 1138 90 2.1
Total 536 1138 90 2.1

Score : 102,420

Rig : Elecraft K3s + Ameritron ALS 1300 @ 200-1000 W
Antennas : coil loaded 60' tower 175 radials varying length
600 ft beverage unterminated NE/SW
Soapbox :
W1DYJ   SO Unlimited LP   22,4462017-12-04 02:42:42
Rig: TS590S
Antenna: 80/160 trapped dipole at 30'
(part of a 160-trap-80 / 30 / 20 / 10 fan dipole)
Log: N3FJP's ARRL 160 Meter Contest Log Ver 4.3

This is the first 160 contest I've entered with an actual (if sub-optimal) 160
antenna. My meager (and S-L-O-W-L-Y improving CW skills) forced me to listen a
couple of times to each call to verify the section. (Or more if they weren't in
my history file.) Mostly Click and Pounce. Some S&P, but that forced me to
listen even more to be sure I had the call correct!

Best times were from 6am-7am each morning, when I was over 30/hour for a bit --
that was fun.

73 -- W1DYJ -- Larry
VE6WQ(@VE6JY)   SO Unlimited HP   174,6962017-12-04 02:50:18
Conditions seemed a little down compared to last year and this is reflected in
the score which was down 16%. Less mults and 90 fewer QSOs. Where was NNY?
Never heard or saw a spot. Also missed KH6 for the first time that I can
remember. No PR but that was expected. Condx to the US seemed consistent all
weekend. Never heard Eu and I listened a lot. Just too far north in the auroral
zone. Highlight was a good run to JA on Sunday morning.

As always Don was a great host making the station available and ensuring I ate
on schedule.

Equipment: ICOM 7800 Emtron DX-4 Amp Antenna 4 Square and high dipole and
several beverages
VE7NY(@VE7CC)   M/S HP   138,9522017-12-04 03:02:26
Sections missed KH6, KP4, NNY
Propagation to north east corner of USA and Canada very poor most of the time.
N6DW   SO Unlimited HP   5072017-12-04 03:09:43
Only had an hour at home this weekend.
KØOU   Single Op HP   15,2882017-12-04 03:20:59
This is just my 2 cents worth. Did not work the contest, altho wish I had-
conditions seemed to be very good when I was on late Saturday night. Evev tho I
was running my IC-775 barefoot to an invL I was able to work coast to coast and
even got answers to my CQ's. Tnx for the Q's and hope to hear everyone on 10
meters next weekend.
WØAIH(KØTG)   SO Unlimited HP   326,5402017-12-04 03:30:39
I was all set to get to the farm in plenty of time to get things going. As I
was driving out I received a call from home. Did you mean to take the blue
backpack along? What?? I don't have it? After a quick inventory of what I
had in there and I realized I have to head back and get it. Well after an
extra 100 miles later, I got started about two hours late. So much for

I would say the band conditions were fabulous. Hardly any noise the first
night. The second night was a bit noisier, but then it got better as the night
went on.

Sections Missed: PR, NT I saw an NT station on packet, but he must have been

Mults worked: JA, C6, CM, FP, HI, V3, XE, ZF, LU, PJ2, DL, EA, EI, F, G, GM,
HA, HB, I, LA, LY, LZ, OH, OH0, OM, ON, PA, S5, UA, UA2, UR, YL, YO

It was a great weekend on the radio. I always like the 160 tests when I can
"play with the big iron" at W0AIH.

Thanks to Paul for the great weekend and a great station to use!

73, John K0TG
K9CC   Single Op HP   78,9132017-12-04 03:44:04
Seemed to be less activity then previous years. Saturday night was very slow for
me as I had worked everyone I heard in H & P, and slow returns on my CQ's.
Much like Sunday afternoon in the SS. Therefore I quit early on Saturday.
N8OO   SO Unlimited HP   436,2242017-12-04 03:44:57
Have too many 2 points qso hi.....not enough 5 points contacts.
Real good pileup first night.....and nightmare second night.
JAs few only.
My appreciation everyone who is call me during a contest ....
73! Vic N8OO
N6GEO   Single Op HP   21,7362017-12-04 03:55:50
500W into 1/4 wave inverted L at 50 ft
WA4JUK   SO Unlimited HP   147,9362017-12-04 03:58:27
This is an increase of 31 per cent score increase over my last year score. I
added a beverage this year to clarify signals coming in from the west and it
helped greatly. It worked well for the 6 and 7 zones.
WØBH   Single Op HP   60,0302017-12-04 03:59:31
Always a good time with great rates! Thanks for the Qs.

73, Bob, w0bh
W6JTI   Single Op LP   41,7522017-12-04 04:07:30
It gets SO slow, after working all I can hear. This time I decided against a
full time effort, and quit when it stopped being fun. It was easy to work
ZF9CW. Good ears.
KM7N   Single Op LP   1102017-12-04 04:20:38
I'm still not a CW contester. And my station is certainly not optimally
configured for operating on 160. But I figured, "why not?" So, I
gave it a shot. Jumped on a few times during my busy weekend for some S&P.
Really noisy on my end-fed dipole, and heard lots of stations that couldn't
hear me. But, you 160 guys sure are an understanding bunch--no blazing fast
code, and very patient working through the QSB and QRM. Thanks for all the Qs!
AEØEE   Single Op LP   71,7062017-12-04 04:25:41
100 W on an Elecraft K3, dipole up 5-10 m, all keyed with a Vibroplex bug.

I was only able to operate Saturday night and Sunday morning, but the band was
in excellent condition. Signals were stable, and there was very little static.
From my rural operating location, I was able to hear several DX stations (I, F,
and PJ2) but was not successful in working them. ZF called me while I was

The 160 m contest has historically been one of my stronger contests, and this
weekend was no exception. While I didn't beat my 2014 score (the first time I
ever operated on 160 m) of 91,399 points, I think that had I been on the air
Friday night and Saturday morning for an additional 9 hours of operating time
that I could have done it. Certainly by rate this was my best year of ARRL

Most of the contest I was running, and found it relatively easy to hold a run
frequency. There were a few times when things got crowded, but my NVIS antenna
and the quiet conditions meant that most stations toward the central US were
able to hear me very well. During a 4-hour run Saturday night and a 1-hour run
Sunday morning, rates were consistently around 60/hr.

I was hoping this would be the year that I managed 160 m worked-all-states in a
weekend (or even 24 hours!), but I was unable to find a KH6 to complete the
sweep. California stations were hard to come by, and when I found them they
were generally from the same few sections.

DX worked: XE, ZF
Missed sections: NNY, PR, SFL, WCF, EB, LAX, PAC, SB, SJV, NL, NT

Comparison with last year:
Up: Bug use (100%!), sections, states, countries, QSOs, score
Down: Antenna repair time (hooray!), operating time.

I hope that the conditions for Stew Perry TBDC will be this good!
NA5NN(K2FF)   SO Unlimited QRP   47,7302017-12-04 04:39:45
Decided to set a baseline QRP record for MS in the Unlimited category and go
after the current Delta Division record as well. QRP can be very
takes patience for sure! It's a lot like holiday often wait in
long lines. I'm very thankful for several who hung in there to complete the
full exchange both ways once I got to the counter...especially a couple of
multipliers. And as always, it's nice to hand out "MS" during the
midnight hours on Top Band :-)
K9MMS   Single Op LP   167,6402017-12-04 04:41:08
Missed PR, EB, LAX, PAC, and NT. KH6 is usually well represented in 160-meter
contests, but never heard one this time. 18 DX Qs overall -- got a partial
from a few others, but they just could not quite copy my 100 watts for a good

Spent too much time tuning for mults and missed the 1k QSO level. 77% of Qs
via CQ runs. Great rates on Friday night and finished day one with 605 QSOs.
Rates were very slow on Saturday. Getting too old for contesting all night.

Too bad the W/VE stations never seem to leave the 1830 to 1835 DX window open
(clearly stated in the ARRL 160 meter contest rules -- I know this subject gets
too much debate at times). Very hard to copy weak DX below domestic HP CQ
machines, and a "clear DX window" would be nice.

Thanks for the Qs, Ms, and fun.
OF6MW(OH6MW)   SO Unlimited HP   7,1762017-12-04 04:46:55
Nice conditions. Worked 2 stations from zone 3.

Two phased verticals, 1500w. I have some short beverages but mostly tx
verticals used also for rx.

Tnx qsos.

73 Ari OH6MW
W9RE   Single Op HP   198,3902017-12-04 05:12:21
Nice slow European opening first night.
VE3VY   Single Op LP   51,4602017-12-04 05:27:24
Wire antennas only: 160M (270') OCFD (N-S) and 160M (130') Inverted-L (NW) with
2 elevated radials (N-S) at average 7' off the ground. Top of antennas mounted
off my 40' tower.
WE6Z   Single Op HP   3,4322017-12-04 06:02:16
ARRL Section : SV
Club/Team : Mother Lode DX/Contest Club
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6903.0

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
1.8 66 132 26 2.0
Total 66 132 26 2.0

Score : 3,432
KM6I   Single Op HP   8,2402017-12-04 06:46:02
Elecraft K3, KPA500, Inv-L.
K7QA   SO Unlimited HP   138,3802017-12-04 06:53:59
Used a rehabbed 500 watt amp for HP and spotting websites to assist this time.
Higher power does help running on the Top Band. As in SS, we could not find NNY
or PR even with the spotters. ARRL really should stick NNY back in ENY. Heard
MAR but missed a Q. Only KH6CC worked in PAC. Where were all the HI regulars?

What a difference a day makes in propagation. Did not hear one single JA
Saturday morning at greyline but heard other western US stations working them.
The westcoast certainly has an advantage to Asia. Completely different tho on
Sunday as we worked every JA we heard and most answering our CQ with decent

10 meters will no doubt be a dead doornail for this area next weekend but CU in
SP next month.
73, Tom
K9TF   Single Op QRP   64,7282017-12-04 07:39:22
Missed the first 9 hours of contest. I work 2nd shift at a hospital in
maintenance. I could not get Friday off and I had to stay on over time cause
we had a very large product refrigerator failed. I had fun making up lost time.
New antenna system works well. Hope every one had a nice time in the contest.

73s Jim K9TF
OH2PM   Single Op HP   5,4562017-12-04 09:40:25
I was surprised to hear stations also from WA, OR, MT, LA, XE2,etc but was not
break through the NA-callers with my poor transmitting antenna. Longing the
time when I had the phased verticals for 160.

73 de Pertti, OH2PM
W7HJ   Single Op HP   23,4232017-12-04 12:12:49
Total QSO Points: 397
Total Mults: 59

Claimed Score: 23,423
K9CS   SO Unlimited LP   34,4402017-12-04 12:26:52
Part time effort running 75W to an 80M inverted L.
N4DXS   Single Op LP   4,0882017-12-04 13:11:53
Had fun.. Just 100 watts into my loaded tri-bander.
K4MM   SO Unlimited LP   33,8792017-12-04 13:23:06
RIG: FT-950 90W to antenna with MT-2000A Tuner
ANT: 160M Inverted "L" @ 45'

Thanks to all that worked me. See you next year. N1MM doesn't key with RB
Advantage. So no F1, F4 etc. Any help?

73 Tom K4MM
XE2X   Single Op HP   183,5202017-12-04 13:45:50
Many thanks to all for the qsos ,the propagation was somewhat good,some problems
with the rx antenna and the amplifier forced me to finish the contest early, in
any way it was very fun and a great opportunity to put many friends in the log,
see you next year and happy holidays for all 73 ..
K1NZ   SO Unlimited LP   6,7472017-12-04 14:15:40
Only got to play for a few hours Friday night due to other commitments on
WQ5L   Single Op HP   92,4302017-12-04 14:36:19
500W, inverted-L, Beverage NE

Good conditions Fri evening, pretty flat Sat evening, then very good Sun
morning -- my best run of all was the final hour before sunrise. Almost didn't
get out of bed.

Missed too many of the California sections as usual. 73 de WQ5L
NP2X   M/S HP   186,1802017-12-04 14:54:10
A bit like Field Day running on generator power as still no commercial power
following hurricane Maria. Glad to have Scott, NE9U join in the fun.
Amplifier either didn't like the operators or generator voltage and gave us
headaches. Missed 1.5 hours as computer decided to do a Windoze update during
the contest.

Missed ND, KH6, KL7, MB, YU & NT. Called VE4GV and VE4EA for a total of 45
minutes but could not make a 2-way QSO.

Missed Still good fun saying hello to friends around the world, but really feel
for our neighbors in KP4.

Fred, K9VV / NP2X
GW5R(GW3YDX)   SO Unlimited HP   29,1502017-12-04 14:54:13
Very frustrating contest. Could hear EVERYTHING. But only 5% of those called
came back. There is a particularly strong alligator in GTA. Loads of EU's were
calling you but only the 5kW guys made it. CQing was a lot more productive but
difficult to find a frequency that wasnt in use. Up at 1855 to 1865 was best.
Tried hard to keep going but on the second night, the contact rate went right
down from 0330 and I gave up at 0430, very tired.

Equipment TenTec Orion2, SPE 2K, inv-L with 70ft vertical section. 600ft
terminated Beverage to US.
KC4D   M/S HP   174,6522017-12-04 15:55:15
We had fun, but struggled with our RX antennas; 26 of 890 contacts were DX.
N2RJ   SO Unlimited HP   15,3122017-12-04 16:06:32
3 hours of very casual S/P. Worked a few new countries toward my DXCC and some
states toward WAS. Nice to hear some of the smaller guys beat out the usual big
guns who normally dominate the contests in the nosebleed bands. 160 really evens
out the playing field.

Congrats to John, W2GD and team for absolutely killing it and rocking a monster
score year after year. Superhuman is the word that fits best here.

AB4B   Single Op LP   5,9862017-12-04 17:06:30
After working on new YCCC 5el vert RX array all day Fri couldn't get up
for the 1st night. College football consumed most of 2nd night. Not being
a contest CW op and having expended all my abilities on CQ WW CW previous
weekend I just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to put much of an effort in.
However I did wring out my SDR Xcvr( EE MB1) on 160 for a while. Seemed much
than my Orion's especially being able to get down to 100hz BW which was great
for the S&P ops I did. Still using a Top Loaded Vert with mucho radials to
TX with.
Hope to be more active in the CQ 160 series in the coming new year.

Best of the upcoming holidays to all.......Tim , AB4b Toonersville, AL
K5AND   Single Op HP   21,8242017-12-04 17:45:28
Fun to work so many old friends across the country. Condx seemed pretty decent
both days, so should have spent a LOT more time. Maybe next year ...
OT6M(ON9CC)   SO Unlimited LP   3,2942017-12-04 18:01:48
I started the contest on friday evening. With about 25 stations in the log my
eyes fell shut at about 02:15 local hence I went to bed. After I got home from
a birthday party on saturday evening, I quickly checked the band and as I
couldn't hear a lot of stations (and those I did hear, were down in the noise),
I went to bed with the plan to get up at about 05:00 local. That trned out to be
a good decision as the conditions on sunday morning were better than saturday
evening. With the limited RX antenna I had I did notice somewhat of a sunrise
peak and heard NM and AZ.

Working Low Power can be frustrating as I did hear SD, TX, MO, NM and AZ but
they didn't hear me. Also I only had the dipole for TX, which is tuned for the
higher SSB part of the band. And as I still didn't have the opportunity to put
up the TX vertical and rx-beverages in the field, I only had the dipole for
TX/RX and K9AY for RX. Although I also called CQ for extensive times (around
1855-1860) only 2 or 3 stations came back to my CQ (suprisingly of of them was
a station in MN).

But all in all it was fun and I was able to work some 60 stations which
exceeded my target for using this setup (dipole, K9AY, Low Power).

TRX: IC7800
TRX: dipole 160m

C U in the Stew Perry!
KF7MD   Single Op QRP   28,5202017-12-04 18:03:23
K3 @ 4 watts
Inv L
SP4Z   SO Unlimited HP   5,9402017-12-04 18:37:40
Only East Coast + OH, IL, KY most Western,
I am not very good both RX and TX side on TOP band anyway ....
Antenna was sloping dipole, RX - 200m Beverage

73 Wes SP4Z
W9ILY   Single Op LP   18,3602017-12-04 18:52:51
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
W7TR(KH2TJ)   Single Op LP   6502017-12-04 19:04:49
An hour to play before heading off to work...Thanks for the contacts.
73, Todd KH2TJ
WD6EIW   Single Op LP   6902017-12-04 19:31:18
First time on 160, used K6MM's helically wound vertical design. First time on
CW in 30 years.
EU4E   Single Op HP   12,5602017-12-04 19:36:23
WD5COV(DAVE)   Single Op HP   248,6642017-12-04 20:06:07
Was excited running my new FTdx5000 in my first 160 meter contest. It performed
above my expectations. However Murphy did not leave me alone this year.
Abruptly at 0543Z on the second night (thankfully) my amplifier quit working. I
suspect a relay is shot. I had no spare amplifier available to plug in and
continue so I called it at 0543Z. BUMMER was having a great time.

Worked all sections but PR. Probably no low band antennas survived the storm
season from there. NNY was my last section to be worked. Conditions were pretty
fair. Even though I have a new noise source to the NW I still managed to work
almost 50 JA the first morning. Wish I would have had morning 2!

The signals were stronger from EU on the second night. I did work some new
mults before the amplifier broke but sure I could have worked several more.

Now I hear it from the grapevine that Santa may put a new Expert 2K FA under
the tree.

Thanks for the Q's.


Rig FTdx5000
Ant full size 4 SQ
Rec Ant 5 800ft Bev
W6JBR   Single Op LP   1,3682017-12-04 20:24:01
I was only able to operate ~2 hours predawn on Sunday. I was surprised to work
as many stations as I did, with only 100 Watts and a 40m inverted V fed as a
vertical. I was hoping to use my new Clipperton L amp on 160m, but it was not
behaving. In spite of this, I was able to work nearly every station I called.
Hopefully, next time, I will have a better antenna and QRO.

TS-450SAT @100 watts
MFJ VersaTuner III
40M Inverted V fed as a vertical @24’
Elevation ~400’
Dell laptop
Windoze Vista.

TNX ES 73,

WC7S   Single Op QRP   1,7642017-12-04 20:24:49
I really wish this contest didn't come on the same weekend as my wife's office
W3UA   M/S HP   424,9602017-12-04 20:37:31
Extremely good condx to Europe almost all the time.
K9BGL   Single Op HP   118,5722017-12-04 21:05:33
Bad Power Line Noise.
W3TS   Single Op QRP   77,8682017-12-04 21:19:03
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion at 5 watts.
TX Ant: 60 foot high 80M/40M fan dipole used as an 1/8 wave Tee over 70 x 70
foot long radials.
RX Ants: 300 foot NE/SW short beverage and 300 foot SE/NW beverage and a NE
and NW Flag. The best I can do on a 150 x 200 foot town lot with the help of
understanding neighbors.
Logger: N1MM
WD5K   Single Op HP   112,5642017-12-04 22:14:00
Elecraft K3 -> Amp
160m Inv
N7BV   SO Unlimited HP   17,7662017-12-04 22:16:35
Various holiday functions allowed for only a limited time OTA. Props seemed
weak, all in all an exercise on 160m for this stations new FCP for the 160m L

Tks for the contacts. 73, Chuck N7BV
N8EA   SO Unlimited HP   167,5302017-12-04 22:26:20
good conditions, best hour 167 Qs, 500W to 1/4 wave vert plus 3 rx ants. 73 joe
N2GC   SO Unlimited HP   222,4692017-12-04 22:43:26
IC756PRO3, AL-1200, Double L top @ 55' bottom @ 3' no rx antennas

59 5 pointers

Apologies to those who called me but I could not hear through the local S-5
QRN. They replaced all the power poles in my area so no more power line noise
but have other man made noise to track down. Also need to find a way to put up
a receiving antenna inside a 125' X 125' yard to help hear better. Given the
decent conditions I am disappointed with my results. Missed too many sections
that were obviously on, should have run a little more and should have stayed up
later both nights.

Happy Holidays,
Mike N2GC
W5MX   Single Op HP   429,3932017-12-04 22:54:55
Just returned home from Europe Thursday night (at ii9p for cqww cw again this
year)after a 2 week vacation. Was solidly still on EU time which was killer for
There were a couple of pretty bad wind storms while I was gone that had caused
down branches (trees in some cases) to lay across 4 of my 5 beverages. Had to
walk each one with a hand saw (up and down hill on a couple of them) and cut
debris loose. A few had trees where I had to cut and splice the beverages back
together. Between this and the station setup, Friday saw no pre-contest nap so
went in tired. But, fast action and a good EU opening kept me going most of the
night. Called it about 03:00 local time, just could not stay awake. Planned on a
few hours sleep, get back up at 06:00 and hit it again. Did not work that way as
I was exhausted. Got up at 07:00 and listened for JA, KL and KH stuff.
Discovered something was wrong with the NW beverage. Worked what I could and
took a nap. Got up and completely restrung the NW bev in a new location. Down
the hill and through the extensive briar patches. These are sticker bushes that
get ahold of you and don't let go, hands pretty scratched. For a moment, I stood
there and simply thought I must be insane to be going through this for a hobby
:-). Pulled it back together and pressed on. As it turned out, that beverage
got me 3 mults Sunday morning JA, KL and KH6. Worth it!
The band was very quiet Friday night, with EU sprinkled in all night. Some
posted not much of a EU SR increase, but I did notice one here. Pretty fast
SP/DL/ON/I/YO action about their SR.
Saturday night, a little noisier here as others noticed as well. Strange QSB
cycles noted. EU was again coming in well, not as much of a SR peak in Q's.
Maybe worked most of them that were on? Once again, the hours of stringing NW
beverage and making a gas run for the generator during the day kept me from a
nap and from pulling an all nighter as I wanted. Crashed again about 03:30. Got
back up 06:45 and hit it. Swept the lower band right away looking for the usual
suspect JA's but nothing. Got KL about 7:15. CQ'd at 1822 about 7:35 local, JA
called followed by 2 more in the next 5 minutes and that was it. Nice signals
from all! Then KH6 called. Was happy with the 2 mults I about gave up on.
Wished I had CQ'd 10 minutes earlier. The JA peak here is from about 7:20 to
7:40 local time. With the prime time only about 10 minutes of that.
I appreciate the patience of all as I swept through beverages listening for
replies. Please understand that many of us in the East are using NE bev looking
for 5 pointer EU Q's much of the night, but definitely are aware of other
callers. This makes 160 a bit unique in that one really isn't deaf, just not on
the right bev at the time. Frequent sweeping bev directions helps, but you still
may miss some so apologies for those I missed or had to have repeat their call.
Thanks to all for the Q's and see you on 10 next weekend and the Stew!
AD4ES   Single Op HP   36,6662017-12-04 23:02:37
Could only operate part of Saturday night and Sunday morning. Noisy as usual.
My ears will thank me later for operating less than 7 hours!
KG4IGC   Single Op LP   4082017-12-04 23:13:12
Only got to play for a little over a half an hour or so on Sunday morning. The
band seemed to be in good shape, heard stations all the way to Maine and Canada
and some out to the mid-West. Wished that I could have done more, but had family
obligations this past weekend.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
ANT: Inverted L
K5NA   M/S HP   384,4242017-12-05 00:17:02
This is my 43rd year to submit a score in the ARRL 160M Contest. Each time I
have enjoyed the experience immensely.

This year we did a little multi-op. K5PI (Robert) was our main runner and did a
yeoman's job. He rarely left the chair. WA2VYA (Frank) came over and did mostly
S/P and some running. He did a great job as well. Susan and I (K5DU & K5NA)
filled in where necessary.

73, Richard - K5NA
W1NN   Single Op LP   86,2602017-12-05 00:28:44
Lots of fun operating this one on and off over a weekend. I operated my station
in Ohio from my apartment in downtown Tokyo. The contest begins at 7AM my time
so it is a totally daytime event for me. If I wanted to put in the hours for a
full time operation, it would not have upset my sleeping schedule at all. But
with a dipole and 100 watts, my station is not competitive in a DX contest, so
I tried to put in a good effort and still have time for other weekend

The remote has been working pretty well, but around once a minute the
connection hiccups and there is a blank of half a second or so. When this
happens when someone is sending their call or exchange, I have to ask for a
repeat, even if that station is 20 over 9. It must be puzzling to some
stations when I have to ask for such repeats.

Conditions seemed pretty good to me and the noise level was low. Some have
mentioned that W6 was weak and lacking in activity this year but I found quite
a few W6 stations and they were hearing me better than they normally do. I
missed LAX, ORG and SB but worked EB, SF, SCV, SCJ, SV and SDG, so for me
that's doing pretty well. OTOH, this year it was a little harder than usual to
work the far northwest and BC.

Overall, I worked 47 states, missing ND, AK and HI. Never heard any of them.
As for sections, in addition to the above, I missed NNY (same as SS), PR, WTX,
EWA, NL, SK and NT. Good efforts from NP2X and NP2J despite the problems
they've had recently. I was hoping that VY1AAA might be active but if they
were on I did not hear them.

It's pretty tough for me to work EU on 160 and I don't make any special efforts
to look for EU stations, but this time I noticed that UX1UA, UW2M, EA5RS and
EA7KW were pretty loud. When I heard them during the 02Z hour on Sunday, there
were few callers but they couldn't hear me. But the two French stations that I
called came back right away.

This contest is a mix of working old friends and new (to me) stations that are
not very active in other contests, so it's a lot of fun. It's amazing just how
much activity there is on this band today. I always think back to the 1950's
when LORAN pretty much made this band useless, at least to stations in Northern
Ohio where I lived. It's so much better today!
KN4Y/M   Single Op LP   1262017-12-05 00:47:05
I bowled in the Florida State Semior games in
Clearwater FL. I like to do the 160-meter contest
so I tried operaing mobile parked on the motel parking
lot. I called and called and only a few heard me. But
I can I participated. P.S. I got a Gold medal in Singles in my age group.
K7VIT   Single Op LP   3962017-12-05 00:54:14
I don't have a "real" 160m antenna on my 50' x 100' lot, but it's
thrilling to get on and give out some QSO points. Thanks to all who answered my
73, Jerry
N8II   Single Op LP   138,1442017-12-05 00:57:08
I was tired and contest weary. I needed catch up on chores both Friday and
Saturday. A pity, because I did better than ever before with DX mults and
overall rate running LP. Average rate was 113/hr, and 25 DX mults only outdone
LP by K7SV
in many more hours. Thursday before the contest was much better than recent
nights into EU and that continued into Friday. about 80% of DX mults called me,
and some were pretty loud; e.g. SV3RF heard under a continuous run of USA/VE.
The west coast was about average to slightly above average signal levels; CO
and TX were pretty loud here. Before shutting down 2nd night I tuned for
mults/Q's hearing N3RC in SF and SCV who could not hear me, worked all other
mults I heard as I recall.
Thanks for all of the calls and spots; spots/RBN probably really helped with
western sections and DX countries not to mention the high rates. It would be
nice if this contest did not immediately follow the heavy November contest

73, Jeff
KQ4LA   Single Op LP   11,9702017-12-05 02:08:04
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's ARRL 160 Meter Contest Log 4.0
NAME: Jeffrey Swain
ADDRESS: 1684 Sheppard Ave
N4OGW   Single Op HP   74,7822017-12-05 02:21:26
A few hours Saturday night only. 1500W + 100 ft shunt-fed tower + 6 element
active vertical RX antenna.

W8WTS   SO Unlimited HP   151,5842017-12-05 03:35:45
After a few weekends of highly competitive radio, I turned on the amplifier,
piped in the RBN feed, and just had fun working top band friends.
Conditions were quite good here.
W3IP   SO Unlimited HP   83,8502017-12-05 04:07:51
Mostly had a lot of fun working this contest. Worked a few Europeans using the
52 foot tall inverted L, no special receiving antenna. Was disappointed that my
400 watts wan't heard by several 6s and 7s that were easily 3 S units above my
K3 noise level.
W8DC   M/S LP   27,7022017-12-05 05:37:53
New at this CW contesting thing and in contesting in general. Had fun with it.
W7GKF   Single Op HP   19,9802017-12-05 06:53:07
Tough way to make a living!
AJ6T   Single Op LP   34,5242017-12-05 19:51:26
I strung up a low (40 foot) 160 meter inverted-V just for a part-time effort in
this contest. I was pleased to work a couple of Europeans and two Californians
from my portable Virginia QTH with low power and no receive antenna.
F6GOX   Single Op HP   10,9802017-12-05 21:01:34
Same results as 2016 (QSO and States). Poor conditions of propagation with heavy
QRN during the two nights. S&P only because I never obtain answer in the two
short run mode tests... Impressive rate for US means for DX the difficulty to
pass through the wall. West coast stations never listen. Far west distance was
AZ, CO, NM, UT. Same as manny others comments, no reenforcement of the signals
strenght at my two sunrises. Try to do best next year ! See you in an other
contest ! 73 Laurent F6GOX

TX FT-990 with 145Hz INRAD filter + PA
TRX antenna 40m quarter wave inverted V at 21m high
RX antenna DHDL + preamp
N4ZI   Single Op LP   75,8472017-12-05 23:35:45
Picked up an IC7300 during Black Friday sale. Nice
radio for 1k. Did very well on CW, not as tight as my K3, but
very good considering its an entry radio. Thanks for all the
Q's had a great time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to all!

73 De Bill N4ZI Munford, TN
KC7YE   Single Op LP   2,5742017-12-05 23:46:58
Didn't make much of an effort but had fun. Rig : IC-718 to 25' home brew
vertical per QST on antenna for small lot a few years ago. Built it last
summer. 50 Q's Friday night, only 5 Saturday night, heard nothing but dupes.
K8KI   SO Unlimited HP   10,9982017-12-06 03:30:12
New antenna. First 160 contest. Will do this one again.
W1SJ   SO Unlimited HP   261,8202017-12-06 05:39:46
Conditions seemed real good at the start of the contest as QSO's were plentiful
and the rates were right up there. But it became apparent that the long haul
conditions were anemic. West coast stations were few and Pacific NW stations
even fewer. The Europeans I worked were mostly the large stations. Even signals
from the Caribbean were lackluster. Saturday conditions were no better and the
contest had all the ambiance of watching paint dry. It was a disappointing
after a fast start. The beverage antennas worked very nicely on Friday night,
but were so-so on Saturday. Perhaps the colder WX on Friday helped them
(nothing like a cold beverage...).

Hopefully the Stew and CQ 160 will bring better results!
N4WW   SO Unlimited HP   178,8882017-12-06 06:02:59
Always enjoy 160 contests and my favorite band. Operating most every year since
1980 or so.

Fun to try for all the arrl sections. After 400 qso's or so 0300 Saturday night
I figured I could call cq and get at least easy sections like ewa and wtx plus
ne,nd,lax. But 200 qso's later and no calls from any of them. So tuned for the
last hour and did rapid S&P. Finally heard a NE call some one and moved up
fq 5 khz and found a spot and called cq and there he was along with a ND. It
used to be that ND was always hardest qso on 160 and had to wait for w0ztl to
get on late Saturday nite with big pileup. But last few years he has been a no
show. Missed wtx,lax,ewa,kh6,kp4,vy1. Lax probably is becoming unlivable for
hams I suspect but apparently not a problem in SS.

Dx had good signals and had no Rx antennas but worked everything I could hear.
Most notable is reduced polar disturbance and worked several OH's and SM's
along with YL,LY,LA and OH0Z. Suspect I missed a few answers to my cq's from
europe because of no RX antennas.

73 doc n4ww
AA4LR   SO Unlimited LP   26,5712017-12-06 11:52:31
160/80/40m Trap Inverted-J using a 140' fence rail as radials
80/40m trap dipole at 10m high

Elecraft K2/100 w/KAT100 running 100 watts


Far too busy this weekend to put in a full-time effort, I did manage to get on
and hand out some Qs. About 40 minutes Friday night with some quick S & P,
then a little more than three hours on Saturday night with a few runs.
Conditions seemed pretty good.

Apologies for any poorly-sent CW. N1MM+ keying with my USB-Serial adapter is
slightly erratic, whereas N1MM never had much problem with it, so long as the
computer was properly grounded. Looking to get a better USB-Serial adapter.

Only DX worked was XE, PJ2 and ZF.
K1WHS   Single Op HP   235,4002017-12-06 13:58:30
I had a weird problem on Friday night. I started to notice that I was messing up
entering the calls. I then concentrated on the computer screen and saw that the
cursor would jump around between boxes at a random rate. For example, I would
enter the call and TAB to the next box. After about 2 seconds the cursor jumped
back to the call box. Rather than operate in a nice 160 contest and enjoy
myself, I was digging into why the computer was not working properly. I finally
got rid of the offending laptop and went and found another laptop. Then I
started over and had to deal with two logs. I did manage to merge the files
eventually, then went and got some sleep. I did not work much on Friday night.
I had better luck on Saturday. I tried some CQing to improve my CW skills. I
got up to about 120/hour. Not sure how accurate I was. Conditions seemed great,
but my country totals do not show it. I think I missed a lot when I bailed out
on Friday. I did work four Asiatic Russians on Saturday, but missed many other
countries that are normally easy to work. My USA beverage dveloped some RFI
problem. I heard music and the noise level was up 25 dB making it impossible to
use. I need to figure that out soon! Rig: K3 with new synthesizers, KW amp,
shunt fed vertical.
N4FP   Single Op HP   14,4722017-12-06 14:14:45
Flex 6300, AL-80B, 160 meter inverted L.
K8CC   Single Op LP   18,1442017-12-06 22:18:17
Only a part time effort this year. The K8CC QTH received house damage back in
the spring from a big wind storm, and I had a work crew here fixing things all
day Friday and Saturday. The contest completely slipped my mind until I saw
notes about it Saturday on the MRRC reflector, So after dinner Saturday evening
I got on the air.

In situations like this, my goal is to get on to give points to MRRC members
while working everyone possible. At 0220Z, I started at 1800 and did S&P up
the band, which was crowded and full of loud signals. I did this for an hour
and 60 QSOs with my 100W, 140' shunt-fed tower and no rx antennas. but the only
MRRC member I came across was W8MJ banging away. At 0320Z I took a break to do
some other stuff.

At 0500z, I came back to 1838 and resumed my S&P trip up the band. I
stumbled across MRRCer K9NW by inadvertently CQing on his frequency :-). I
encountered my first clear hole at 1855.6 so I let fly with a CQ. Being
(relatively) fresh meat, a huge pileup formed immediately so I ran until 0600
for an additional 102 QSOs.

I thought condx were pretty good. With only 100W and no rx antennas, I made no
effort to chase DX. I worked C6AGU during my first operating stint when he was
louder than the FL stations! During my second stint, I came across NP2J and
PJ2T, both of whom were worked easily. While CQing, and IK2 and 8P6DX called
in. Condx out west seemed poor, although I worked a number of 7-landers but
didn't even hear any 6-landers.

It's hard to get excited about doing this contest full time with 100W and no rc
antennas when you're used to running it with a KW and rx antennas, but it was
still fun to get on and work everyone.

73, Dave/K8CC
W3HKK   SO Unlimited HP   110,3002017-12-06 22:56:50
Good cndx but high power line noise Night One dropped to normal for Night Two.

Main rig lost power output early on so had to tear shack apart to remove and
install my 1990's mobile rig, a TS50. BIG drop off in capabilities but at
least I was on the air. Unable to use my SAL-30 as a second rx, and many of
the automated logging features in N1MM+ which reduce my motivation level and
cost some prime time. Still managed to average 58 Q's/hr. Missed NM, several
CA sections, KP4, and two VE sections. Surprise calls from a VE8/FP, and 8
Europeans during quieter moments.
On the mobile rig, the band sounded loaded with almost no cracks for me to
crawl in. The DX window was awash in QRM, even more than the rest of 160m.

Station: IC7600/TS-50, ACOM 1000 amp, qtr wave Inv-L 52' vertical and the
rest pulled down to a point 10 ft above ground level. n1mm+ logging software.
N4NM   Single Op LP   8,2802017-12-06 23:34:11
I just wanted to work 100 Qs. No excuses; I admit it. So I did. I made a
non-resonant antenna work, although somewhat poorly. It was fun. Proved I could
sustain a little enthusiasm for a short time! Thanks for the Qs!

WA6URY   Single Op LP   3,1252017-12-06 23:44:32
Only had limited time to operate during this contest but it was fun. 100w to a
40m rotary dipole at 63 ft with an SG 230 antenna tuner at the feedpoint. Tnx
for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
TM6M(F1AKK)   Single Op HP   69,2482017-12-07 18:28:11
Lots of qsb this wend but had fun !

300Q in log and 57 section or so 1st Night !

Some hours around 45 qsos ...

Never hrd WTX , NV , ND

Hrd W7 in MT tryed hard Sunday morning after my SR but ... deaf !

As usuel very few W6/7 heard / worked

Missed usuel VE4/5/6/7/8

Rig FT1000MKV (not the best radio) 27M Vertical , Beverage

Congrats to EA7KW for nice score too !

Tks all for qsos

W2GD , WB9Z , ZF C6 and some others were loud > 1,5H after my SR boths

Wanna know if " 6. Miscellaneous:

6.1. The segment 1.830 to 1.835 should be used for intercontinental QSOs only.
" exist?

Does a W1 in VT ME , an XE , ZF .. are DX for NA ?
No thems are so close but didn't care....
I know 1st that's domestic contest but...
PJ2 kicked EU qrg too , i'm sure he heard him but , as he's closed he thought
he should took his qrg !

When thems tx less 200 HZ from your qrg you know , you loose , and when you
heard thems more than S7 i think they heard me ....

It still not clear and worst and worst by years !
Like to know what it ll do or ? for coming years

1840 FT8 qrg is to wide to qrg should be up in qrg !?!

| 160 | TOTAL
CT | 9 | 9
EMA | 21 | 21
ME | 9 | 9
NH | 15 | 15
RI | 8 | 8
VT | 5 | 5
WMA | 7 | 7
ENY | 17 | 17
NLI | 7 | 7
NNJ | 19 | 19
NNY | 1 | 1
SNJ | 6 | 6
WNY | 18 | 18
DE | 5 | 5
EPA | 40 | 40
MDC | 30 | 30
WPA | 7 | 7
AL | 6 | 6
GA | 15 | 15
KY | 5 | 5
NC | 16 | 16
NFL | 11 | 11
SC | 5 | 5
SFL | 7 | 7
WCF | 3 | 3
TN | 12 | 12
VA | 35 | 35
PR | |
VI | 2 | 2
AR | 3 | 3
LA | 5 | 5
MS | 4 | 4
NM | 5 | 5
NTX | 9 | 9
OK | 2 | 2
STX | 9 | 9
WTX | |
EB | |
LAX | |
ORG | |
SB | |
SCV | |
SDG | 1 | 1
SF | |
SJV | 1 | 1
SV | 1 | 1
PAC | |
AZ | 4 | 4
EWA | |
ID | 1 | 1
MT | |
NV | |
OR | 2 | 2
UT | 1 | 1
WWA | 1 | 1
WY | 1 | 1
AK | |
MI | 8 | 8
OH | 25 | 25
WV | 5 | 5
IL | 22 | 22
IN | 12 | 12
WI | 15 | 15
CO | 6 | 6
IA | 5 | 5
KS | 3 | 3
MN | 11 | 11
MO | 5 | 5
NE | 1 | 1
ND | |
SD | 1 | 1
MAR | 6 | 6
NL | 1 | 1
QC | 4 | 4
ONN | 2 | 2
ONS | 8 | 8
ONE | 7 | 7
GTA | 3 | 3
MB | |
SK | |
AB | |
BC | |
NT | |
| 541 | 541
NØTT   Single Op HP   300,0002017-12-07 18:53:36
Fun contest as always!

I don't know the exact score...I'll let the robot figure that out. I didn't
operate full time.
EA7KW   SO Unlimited HP   65,3842017-12-07 19:41:49
I went to the coast of Cadiz for this contest, setting antennas from scratch on
Thursday, high winds broke fiber glass post. Repaired and rebuilt it in the
Had good propagation both nights, hearing NA well before dusk until 2 hours
past dawn. I need to improve the tx antenna, very difficult to be heard on a
rare section pile-up.
Thanks to everybody for the QSO and for your extreme patience!
T antenna 18m up with 2 elevated radials + 200m Beverage.
K3UA   SO Unlimited HP   134,2252017-12-07 20:34:15
Added 66 feet to each end of my 80M dipole to get on top band. Lots of fun!
Congrats to all of the top scores and everyone who handed out contacts.

See everyone in the Stew Perry at the end of the month.


K3CCR   M/S HP   122,3882017-12-08 03:31:13
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi-1 in ARRL 160 2017 and put in 17 hrs. BIC.

We made a good start running in the first 2 hrs. for 144 QSOs
and 45 mults. Condx were good, with k=1 and lots of activity.
EUs came in early. TM6M called us ~23Z and TM5N ~1 hr. later.
We then got ZF, UW, and CT9 just after 01Z, clicking spots, and
EI, OM, OH, and YO called us 0142-0204 while we ran at 60/hr.
W3GB stayed late, QRT at 0613 with 308 Qs and 73 mults.

QRV again at 0013Z Sun., we clicked spots for a steady rate until
0130Z and then made 88 Qs in 1.2 hr. running at 73/hr. Back to
clicking spots at 03Z when run rate dropped. Second night N3UM
stayed late, QRT 0626Z with 558 Qs.

W3GB came back early Sun. 0943Z for 2.6 hrs. and got us to
610 Qs and 122K points. We were pleased, especially with our
total 93 mults.

We got 58 US sections, missing NNY, PR, WTX, KH6, EWA, AK, ND,
and 7 of the 10 CA sections, and got 11 of the 12 VE sections,
all but NT. We made 26 EU Qs in 18 EU countries plus PJ2 in SA,
CT3 in AF, and 4 NA countries. All with no Beverage; we still hope for one.
KQ2M   Single Op HP   93,3802017-12-08 15:25:20
Inv. L with 3 raised radials - top ~ 85’ bottom ~ 15’ off the ground, the
rest horizontal

Operated from 0312z - 0612z Saturday. AMAZING RATES! 152, 162, 114 hours with
53 DX of which 50 were EU. Peak rate was 264.0 last 10!

Long swells of deep qsb and then returns in strength " I had to time the
cq’s and “Agn?” so that the dx stations would be calling as they recovered
in signal strength rather than disappearing in qsb. Band very noisy with lots
of short static bursts. No sunrise enhancement " EU signals peaked
about 1 hour before EU sunrise but then would come back strong in unexpected 5
" 10 min bursts. A really exciting 3 hours of operating!

Tnx for the q’s and mults!


Bob KQ2M
WB2ZAB   SO Unlimited HP   12,9802017-12-08 20:48:12
Huge thanks to N3OC who resurrected my inverted L and got me back on the air on
top band. Antenna radiates well, now I will attempt a short beverage of 350' to
help with rx
KBØEO   Single Op HP   11,3622017-12-08 21:11:30
Only got in 1 hour as we were heading to Mexico for the week on Saturday. Bumped
into a few MWA OPS with huge signals.

KEØTT   Single Op QRP   8,3462017-12-12 02:41:16
K3/10 at 5 watts to a 260' inv vee up 50' at the apex. Thanks for your copy of
my QRP on your end. 73, Dan ke0tt
K6CSL   Single Op LP   2,1662017-12-13 14:03:53
Very rough on 160 using my 100W to my 40m Vertical Loop. However I had fun. TNX
to the KB'ers who gave me points. 73's to all, Bert, K6CSL
K3KU   Single Op LP   61,7502017-12-14 03:19:43
My first serious effort in this 'Test (that is, I worked the whole second night)
was in 2014. My score has dropped every year since then, but I think condx have
worsened over those four years, even though noise was very low this year.
Particularly, in 2014 I worked several West Coast Sections, and even a European
or two. Last year I was zero-for-California. This year I worked only two
Sections west of the Mountain Barrier: SDG and OR. At one point I repeatedly
called a Californian who would either CQ in my face or work a JA. That's

There were, however, four highlights. First was my "fresh meat"
opening run Saturday night. My usual 2345Z start was delayed by some family
chores. I found a little hole, called CQ, and was answered by N3QE at 0110Z.
In the next 59 clock minutes I had another 135 QSOs, probably my best rate
ever. My typing/N1MM skills slowed me down more than did my pileup skills. My
newness ran out a couple of minutes later, and I took 30 minutes off.

Second highlight came as I tuned across a little pileup. I heard former
Marylander (and Multi-Multi partner) K5RT say "Steve" to the runner.
Well, there are not so many Steves active in these contests. I listened for a
few more QSOs, barely able to hear the runner -- just an occasional whisper out
of the noise. Then I heard him say "5NN AK". Then somebody he worked
sent the runner's call; of course -- KL7SB. To me, that counts as having heard
AK on 160M. (No, I did not bother to call him, and I think the only station I
heard him work east of the Great Lakes was a VE3 or VE2.)

Third highlight was getting called by EA7KW during a run, loud enough to get
through the North Americans. Big signal; better ears. That was the only
European I heard! Other DX was ZF, C6, and PJ2.

Fourth highlight was getting called by GTA and NNY. (Where were you in SS??)

I noticed a large number of EPA and a lot of SNJ and NNJ. I see from other
comments here that FRC turned out for this one. Thanks for the QSOs.
W8GP   Single Op QRP   59,2002017-12-14 03:39:12
Yaesu FTDX-5000
58' high "T" loaded vertical over 100X70' radials
Inverted vee at 115'
7 beverages
Good conditions to Europe but unfortunately no contacts. West coast was
somewhat absent the first night but better the second. This was the first time
I made more than a casual effort in this contest due to work commitments in the
past and it was a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time working on beverages this
summer so I can hear way more than I can work. Hopefully I can improve the
transmit antenna before CQWW.