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Georgia QSO Party   2017   Apr 8   Comment Summary

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K4HQK   Single OpMixed HP   7,5992017-04-08 20:15:59
Icom 7410
Ameritron ALS-600 amplifier
80 meter dipole
40m/30m inverted vees
K8AJS   Single OpMixed HP   5,9502017-04-09 11:13:48
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3 & KPA500 500 watts
Antennas: 40m Inv Vee, 204-foot G5RV, 3 ele quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6164.0
K9CT   Single OpCW HP   34,5802017-04-09 15:03:10
Thanks to the mobiles for all their activity. Conditions were difficult....

73, Craig K9CT
N1CC   Single OpMixed LP   18,3202017-04-09 15:15:02
Station: Elecraft K3/100 @ 100W. F12 C3 @64', 80/40 Fan Dipole broadside N/S @
50'. 160M Inverted L 50' vertical 128' horizontal with 8 elevated radials 64'
long each. (Inverted L used on 40 Meters also, 80% of contacts on 40 using
this instead of the NS dipole.

The propagation gods were on vacation. 20 Meters, my normal "money
band" to GA was second best band with most contacts ESP on 20 as well. 40
Meters turned out to be the workhorse, but not with the normal antenna ...
tried the 43' vertical and it was no help, so the 160M Inverted L carried the
mail.Starting with SFI of 66 and SN of 27 and ending at SN =0 with high A/K
indices both days. High solar noise level.

I did better last year on QRP... tried the first hour to run QRP, and then went
1o 100W for the rest of the way. QRP just could not cut the conditions for this

I found three of he rovers: KN4Y (9), N0G (6) and KB4KBS (1). KN4Y and N0G
have superior ears, picking me out right away even though they were down in the
noise for me. Sorry K4BAI/KU8E got "scrubbed" as a rover, however,
they both gave me contacts on 160 through 20 so they are "forgiven".
Hope the technical issues are easy to correct when not in the "heat of the

Did not hear any jamming this time, with the exception of some rather radical
folks on 7203 - whose cause is obliterated by the obvious lies they were
calling out as their beliefs, not in my good book for sure. Hopefully we can
avoid them in the future. Poor operators were not the problem with making
contacts, I daresay that those that could not hear me were having noise issues
that they could not handle. I think the GA Elmer folks have done a good job
helping the "newbies" be good on the air!

When I called CQ, I made a few contacts. However, during CQ's five non-GA
stations were added to my blacklist of poor operations. 4 Extras and a
General. 3 of the 4 Extras have been licensed over 15-years, and just don't
live in areas where Elmer folks exist or have a presence (W1, 5, 6, and 0).

Unusual observation: On Sunday afternoon around 1945Z K4BAI had a 150 msec
echo on 20 Meter CW here, right after that on 40M CW he was stronger and no
echo...that points up something going on in the Ionosphere that really
inhibited higher frequency operation.

Cycle 25 is coming ... get out the cheerleaders and maybe it will hurry up!
K4NV   Single OpSSB HP   98,8322017-04-09 15:21:02
Worked all 50 states in the first 5 hrs.

Thanks to all for the contacts.

73, Dennis K4NV
WB9G   Single OpMixed LP   3,1502017-04-09 15:48:06
Great participation. Thanks to the rovers. 73, Chris WB9G
WB8RFB   Single OpMixed LP   1,1442017-04-09 16:23:40
Casual effort while watching Master's Golf Tournament
WA1S   M/S LP   21,9502017-04-09 16:36:39
Would have love to operate more but a 20 over S9 broadband elecrtical line noise
most of the time made it nearly impossible. Time to call the electric company.
W5TM   Single OpCW LP   16,3802017-04-09 16:38:58
KT4ZB   Single OpSSB LP   7,1102017-04-09 17:01:14
Limited time but great fun...Thanks for all the contacts.

cu next time - Jere
W4NBS   Single OpMixed LP   1,5402017-04-09 17:07:36
FT-1000MP Mk V
150w; 80m dipole @ 35 ft
Too close to GA!! 40M, even during the day, was too long for anything but
stations in eastern GA and forget any of the higher bands.
80M was good in late afternoon and evening but other things here limited my
Thanks for all the Q's and hope to see you in the AL QP in June.

73, Tom, W4NBS
K8MR   Single OpMixed LP   6,8642017-04-09 17:09:41
Nice to have a contest where I was for the most part in good propagation range.
Good SSB activity, but missed the QRQ CW mobile ops. Good to hear lots of
activity, for which I'll be on the mobile business end for the Florida QSO
Party in three weeks.

73 - Jim K8MR
KI4MZC   Single OpCW QRP   16,7982017-04-09 17:11:48
Thanks for the Q's and thanks to Alan, KR4AE, and Joh, K4BAI. for the
encouragement to branch out during this contest.
AA4CF   Single OpCW HP   27,5442017-04-09 17:15:26
Got a few hours in for CHERokee county, one of my favorite contests! my 160M
antenna would not tune up for some reason on Saturday night though, must be
cobb webs from not getting on the air enough lately! I checked the connections
today and got it working again, but could only make 2 160 contacts today. Only
76 contacts on 20M, didn't really try 15M. Thanks!!!

73, Charlie
WA6KHK   Single OpSSB HP   2602017-04-09 17:16:38
20 meters never opened up Saturday or Sunday and only a 2 hour window to Georgia
on 40 meters late Saturday.
N2CU   Single OpMixed LP   12,4802017-04-09 17:31:52
Challenging conditions to say the least. Murphy struck when my TH6DXX showed SWR
through the roof on 20 and 15m. Didn't matter for this contest; heard almost
nothing on 20m. The two stations I worked on 20m were on my 40m delta loop and
K3 tuner. Good ears by mobiles N0G and KN4Y. I called mobile N4N endlessly but
he couldn't hear me.

K3/100, wires, N1MM Classic.

73, Tom N2CU
VE9AA   Single OpCW HP   10,1002017-04-09 17:33:38
An hour here, 10 mins there.

Was able to work a handful of GA stns by CQing, but surprised by the number of
out of state fellas (& EU's) that called me. I can't imagine that when my
CQ was usually something along the lines of:
'CQ GA CQ GA VE9AA GQP' that they thought I was really in Georgia? (The VE
prefix should've been a real big hint, hi hi !)...but it's all good. Just
havin' fun, so whatever.

Looks like the W4AN/m operation didn't take off, but I did work John and Jeff

Sorry I could not QSY to 160m for a sked John, but I had to QRT.

Did manage 1 GA QSO on 160m near the end, and not in total darkness either.

At roughly 1300miles, GA is just about at the limits of what I can do on 40m
during full sun, but even so, mostly only home stations were workable until an
hour or so before sundown and then I did have fun hunting the mobiles.

20m was OK, but not a peep on 15m. I even alternated/dual CQ'd both
afternoons, but only lit up the PJ2A skimmer on 15m and lots of others on 20m
of course.

80m was a struggle (QRN + SUN), but there were a few home stns and a couple
mobile Q's made at the end.

All in all, I felt activity was down from previous years, but I didn't put in a
full time effort.

Thanks to all the GA stns for getting on !
Worked all the 1x1 special event N4-single letter callsigns.

Notable mobiles: N0G, N4N, KN4Y....home stn John, K4BAI in here most of the

WTG Guys

Antennas for Radio 1:
10m = A3S ()what's 10m?()
15m = Wire 5el K1WA/K3LR SVDA (100% parasitic + homebrew)
20m = Wire + Aluminum 4-square (Comtek)
40m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
80m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
160m = Wire 2-el array of inverted L’s in the trees (Comtek w/ homebrew
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Antenna for Radio 2
ZS6BKW w/ 15m inv vee add-on (@avg height ~15ft due to recent ice storm)

No RX antennas

Rigs: 2 x IC-7410’s, YCCC SO2R+ box, N3ZN ZN-9 paddle, Yamaha CM500 headset,
N1MM+ logger
(Usually LP but have 2 small 600w amps when doing HP in select contests)

CU (all of sudden) in the next one!

dit dit

-Mike VE9AA in NB
W4QO   Single OpMixed QRP   42,6752017-04-09 17:36:49
KX3 @ 5 watts w/ 80M horiz LOOP at 70' and 3 ele YAGI @ 60'
I used the special event callsign N4F, one of the 5 on to spell NFARL
celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the club.

As usual, this is one of my favorites being from GA! But the highlight of my
weekend was bringing W4MSA, KK4PCR, and KD4OMW/AG to my shack and coaching
on each making 20 contacts - how to use logging software, spotting networks,
beam antenna, etc. I had a smile the entire time!
NN4K   Single OpCW LP   10,9202017-04-09 17:41:41
Thanks for the Qs. Couldn't operate for the full time.
73 Mac NN4K
N9DFD   Single OpMixed HP   4,1252017-04-09 17:44:43
Very limited effort less than 3 hours.

Condition were not good from here but Dennis K4NV was pilling them on just a
few miles away.

Great score Dennis

AD4EB   Single OpCW HP   1,2602017-04-09 17:50:51
Did not have much time to put into this one this year. Hopefully will be able
to operate as mobile in 2018.

73 - Jim - AD4EB
KG4USN(@WA3EKL)   M/S HP   7,0002017-04-09 18:18:40


W4EE   Single OpMixed LP   15,7852017-04-09 18:18:50
N1MM+ logger
Tnx for the Q's (esp N0G and KN4Y)
73, Jim
KC4TEO   Single OpMixed LP   4,8412017-04-09 18:23:38
Fun to get the new multipliers and follow the rovers. However, too close-in to
hear many of the GA stations. -- Bob, KC4TEO
N4PN   Single OpMixed HP   261,0502017-04-09 18:27:05
What a BLAST even with terrible conditions...Saturday was worse than Sunday...
Not a single signal on 15m and what is 10m?
20m was all over place with lots of QSB....40, 80 and even 160 saved the
Thanks to all who answered the plea for any station...!!
73, Paul, N4PN
KM4HI   Single OpMixed LP   21,2712017-04-09 19:03:45
Another fun GQP in the log. Saturday condx were up to par with decent
on 40m to most active counties. Chased N0G and N4N with 7 counties logged
Was nice to see some activity on 160 and 80, as well. Sunday was totally odd
and frustrating. Only worked N0G(esp)once the whole day! Seemed like all the
active cw mobiles south of Macon were in blackout to my location. Actually, I
had to use the 160m inv L to RX and then switch to the phased verticals to TX.
Thankfully, I "rode" with three mobiles in the mid to northern
counties to save the day. KB4KBS and WX4TC with 10 counties each and N4N came
through in the final hours with 6. Tough day though hearing surrounding states
working the stations I could not hear. So it goes. Thanks to all the GA
stations who got me in their logs.
73 de Jim KM4HI
N4CW   Single OpCW HP   2,0162017-04-09 19:21:36
I had very little time to work the GQP, but it was exciting looking for new
Finding activity on 160 was a fun surprise! Well done, all! 73
WØMB   Single OpMixed HP   5,7722017-04-09 19:30:04
NTS: ts590, alpha 76a, pro67@60, dipole for 75@65 feet. I just wanted to see how
much activity there was. It was fun just chasing the mults up and down the band
and I should have spent more time watching the mobile stations and the cw band.
I need also call for the states counties as i got a few mults there also. All in
all if was fun and I just need to get ready for the next big qso party. I need
to have the verticals out for these tests.
KM4F   M/S LP   40,0502017-04-09 19:38:35
Wife was ready to continue when the first day was over, she was on a streak (she
worked SSB). Didn't get a chance to do much on day 2, family get-together.

I'm sure we'll be doing more of these multi-singles together, wait until we
have real antennas up, lol.

Antennas: 80m loop, tuned for 80m/40m, shorted at the tuner for 160m).
20/15/10 fan dipoles.
WQ6X(@NX6T)   Single OpCW HP   1,3442017-04-09 21:02:51
This was a last minute QSO Party operation after waking up from sleeping after
finishing off the JIDX CW contest. I pointed the yagi's 90-degrees and there
y'all were. It was nice to hear y'all playing in your own QSO party, handing
out all kinds of cool counties.
Radio-wise, I ran NX6T's Station #1 (Elecraft K3 front-ending an ACOM 2000a
amplifier) into C-31 and 2-element 40 yagi's. All this was run remotely from
my place in the SF bay area saving me the 10 hour drive to
"NashVille" (in Fallbrook).
A write up including the GAQP will be soon added to the WQ6X Contest Blog:
KT4Q   Single OpMixed HP   3,2802017-04-09 21:05:16
Very part-time effort. Since Central Florida is so close to Georgia, only
40/80m was useful. Still a good time connecting with old friends. Thanks to
the GA operators for hanging out on 40m during the day.

73 de Steve, KT4Q
K3WJV   Single OpCW HP   25,7602017-04-09 21:51:11
Always try to make a few Q's in the QP's and help the guys (pse return the favor
in the PAQP, hi) but lately I have been getting more involved. First time for
the GQP, very enjoyable but hats off to the rovers for supplying all the

My dad (K3YQP sk) put our HW101 in his 61 Caddy and we got the Hustler mast
with resonators for all 5 bands. The 1st Q was with a ZL on 20 ssb. We're
talking 1965. It was a short stint with the rig in the car but I'd love to know
what some of the rovers were using.

I've been trying to tailor different sets of filters for the rbn I use but
after much trial & error I found K4UGA and managed to set the filter to get
a fair amount of spots. This telnet thing is a work in progress but I was trying
to watch the Masters and play radio at the same time. Sunday things seemed to be
clicking vy good.

Condx though made for some lean hours. Hard to imagine GA to PA would be so
difficult but N0G probably got through the most followed by KN4Y and N4N. I
don't have analyzing software but the top 3 of QSO's were N0G-30 KN4Y-23 and
N4N-23. I missed a lot of counties from N4N. At times I sat there and waited
for the signal to come out of the noise floor. I hope I was louder than you
guys were. It was like the early days of dx-ing, hi. Sometimes when you went to
the next county you had a better signal g-spot.

I know I left a lot of mults on the table but it was still a lot of fun. Tnx
for the Q's. Just think of how much fun it would have been if condx were at a
better point in the solar cycle and 15 was open, not to mention 10. Hope to cu
agn next year. Will be keeping an eye on the contest calendar for the GQP.

stn 1 FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv v 40mtr sloper @55ft
Palstar HF-AUTO to add 15&20

stn 2 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO Hexbeam-6 bands @24ft Green Heron controller with G-450A rotor
3 band two legged fan inv vee broadside N/S @ 55ft 40-80-trapped 160

Rx ant - pair of 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs with DXE ncc-2

SO2R >> TopTen Dx Doubler Band Aides A/B relays

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
K4VBM   Single OpSSB LP   3,7082017-04-09 22:23:46
Enjoyed my 3rd Georgia QSO party! Highlights included some DX stations
Bulgaria, Haiti, France, Puerto Rico and over 100 QSOs for the 1st time.
Luck got me more mulipliers than last year including more in Canada.
Had an amazing run on 20 meters where I snagged the DX and almost Hawaii
during a very short opening and then 20 fell apart for the rest of the day.
Great fun!
KØVBU   Single OpCW LP   2,7842017-04-09 22:46:53
K3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trapped Inverted V @ 30\'

Gave it a try, but conditions were terrible here. 20 to GA pretty poor, 40 a
little better, 80 noisy of course.
Babysitting grandkids cut into op time.
Fun contest, though.
I'm looking forward to next year.
Bill K0VBU
K7HKR   Single OpSSB LP   2522017-04-09 23:04:46
80 watts into a 5-foot magnetic loop from AZ

I've at least attempted every state QSO party this year and this by far got me
the most QSOs. Propagation was lousy and with my setup I left a *lot* of QSOs
on the table, but there were enough people on the air to make it worthwhile.
Was a little jealous of all of the 40-meter activity on Sunday on the clusters
that I couldn't work from here; must have been quite busy in-state! Only real
disappointment was only working one of the 5 1x1 special calls and barely
hearing a second. Hoping for better condx next year!
K2ZR/4   Single OpCW LP   1,3442017-04-10 04:06:39
RIG: K2 @95W
DICK, K2ZR/4 Key West IOTA NA-062
K4BAI   Single OpCW HP   75,0882017-04-10 05:35:30
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee, tee vertical. Thanks
for all QSOs and for participating in the GA QSO Party. Apologies to all who
were looking for the promised W4AN/M many county operation. We were unable to
solve RFI problems and rig keying problems and gave up the mobile effort. I
made a few low power QSOs from the KU8E QTH with my rig. Unfortunately, I used
K4BAI believing that further QSOs would be from W4AN/M and thereby caused some
confusion when I operated the rest of the contest with the same call, but with
the MUSC multiplier instead of HARR.

When I began operating from home, I intended to do both CW and SSB. I did make
four SSB QSOs (which are still in the log), but N1MM+ refused to log them on SSB
until I edited each QSO. That reminds me of a problem with the original N1MM
program years ago. There was some obscure menu item that, when checked, caused
the program to log all QSOs on any mode as on CW. If anyone knows where to find
that so I can turn it off before the next contest, please let me know.

Band conditions on the low bands were very good and were fair on 20M. Nice to
work a lot of Europeans there. The only QSO on 15 was W2RR, who asked me to
move there about 1500Z Sunday and we worked bakscatter. Otherwise, many checks
of that band revealed no signals. 40M had long skip and it was hard to work
nearby stations. Missed from MUSC: AK, ND, VE5-6-7-8-VO. Did work KL7SB
from HARR.

Hope we can be mobile again next year. 73, John, K4BAI.
K4BAI/4   Single OpCW LP   3,1902017-04-10 05:41:23
IC756Pro, 100W, wire antennas. Apologies for the confusion. My intent was to
make a few QSOs with my rig and call from KU8E's QTH while he cleared up some
RF problems in the car before we started our W4AN/M trip. Turned out the
problems couldn't be cured and I ended up back home in MUSC for the rest of the
contest also signing K4BAI. Thanks for all QSOs and for your support of the
GQP. 73, John, K4BAI.
K4BYN   Single OpCW QRP   18,5422017-04-10 05:53:35
Thanks to all Georgia stations for having good receivers and good patience to
pull my QRP station out of the pile-ups. Much fun here this year. Great QSO
party...I'll be back next year..

73 Louis K4BYN
K3GWK   Single OpSSB LP   13,1852017-04-10 06:13:45
Was not able to put as much time as I would have liked. Still enjoyed the
contest, even with the poor conditions and some equipment issues. There's
always next year...
K1RO   Single OpMixed HP   124,7782017-04-10 06:48:36
Well that was interesting.... As others have noted, conditions were not great. I
thought about quitting when 20 meters crapped out three hours into the contest
Saturday and signals on 40 were still weak. Kept going and 40 meters picked up
nicely, then QSOs started coming on 80 and even 160. Sunday I had pretty good
propagation on 20 meters much of the day, again till 2100Z, but 40 meters was a
real challenge. Special thanks to the mobiles who came to 20 meters throughout
the day!

Last year I didn't operate full time but my score was heavily weighted toward
CW. This year I CQed a lot on 20 meter SSB on Sunday and some on 40 meter SSB
on Saturday night. There were more casual Georgia SSB ops than I expected, and
they kept me interested throughout the day. One indication of the poor
conditions is that I had no trouble finding and holding a clear run frequency
on a weekend...

Mobiles contributed 187 of my 455 QSOs (QSOs/counties): N4N (64/41), N0G
(48/25), KN4Y (25/21), N4I (19/15), KB4KBS (16/14), N4DU (6/5), WX4TC (6/5),
NM2L (3/3). N4PN and KU8E were good for 8 QSOs each (CW and phone, 160 - 20),
and I worked several other several other fixed stations on 6 band/modes.

I worked 131 different counties.

Thanks to the sponsors and Georgia stations for a fun weekend, and perhaps
conditions will be better next year.

TS-590S (x2), SPE 1.3K-FA, ACOM 1000
Force 12 XR6 (2 elements on 20) at 25 feet
Inverted Vs at 30-40 feet for 40, 80 and 160
K9AY loops for receive
WB9HFK   Single OpMixed LP   13,5322017-04-10 07:01:57
Conditions were not great to GA on 40M. A lot of time I was
working the Mobiles at almost ESP levels.
WA9LEY   Single OpMixed LP   11,0222017-04-10 07:58:56
Attic dipoles and a Wolf River Coils portable vertical outside for 80 meters.
KØIO   Single OpCW LP   1,3202017-04-10 12:03:57
Thanks for a fun contest despite conditions to/from Iowa
K9GDF   M/S LP   9522017-04-10 15:53:38
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
KM4DAY   M/M LP   162,6562017-04-10 16:45:46
K3, KX3+KXPA100, fiberglass and lot of wire on top of Lookout mountain.
CU next year from another county!
KC9YL   Single OpSSB LP   2702017-04-10 18:37:08
not a lot of operating time, but half of it time was spent operating portable on
the sunny shores of Lake Michigan with WA9TT - we set up 3 antenna scenarios and
then settled on the best two - lots of passersby got a good look at ham radio in
action - I operated from a card table set up in my van, Larry worked from his
SUV, it was a pretty cozy setup.
N4N(@W5JR)   Rover Multi-OpMixed LP   199,1552017-04-11 11:05:36
Wow, another GQP in the bag. Great weather this year. Great outing with the
crew. Putting a multi-station, 57 county rover-in-motion effort on the air is
not for the faint of heart. The last two year's outings didn't have any
hardware failures. This year, not so lucky. One of the (previously working
fine) logging computers decided it didn't want to play nice with the radio and
logger software just before the Saturday start. Decided to remove / re-install
related software, while the other station dove in. Sunday morning, one of the
station power supplies chose to not work, despite being used all day Saturday.
A 45 minute start delay while station power is reconfigured versus dropping
down to 1 station. Later in the day, that station went to 80m and RFI crashed
the mobile LAN. Usually not an issue for most rovers, but we use Flex 6000
series radios. Laptop to radio connection is through the router (doesn't have
to be and future outings won't be), so both stations impacted. Rewired laptop
to radio for station operating on 75/80m, removing the networking of the
laptops. Another hour delay playing MacGuyver on the side of the road. The
Sunday county route was already aggressive, so no surprise we didn't get to
last 9 counties. Despite GA having 159 counties, many take more than 30
to drive across, shredding the need to spend only 18 minutes or less per
county. The route is solid, but no margin for error, hi hi.

A wonderful integration this year was the ability to self spot directly from
the logger as we changed counties. Even though last year had the use of 4G
access via the router, this year we were able to exploit this capability and
not rely on stations we worked to spot us or the driver pulling over and spot
us. This also allowed us to keep tabs on GA spots to look for possible 15m
openings. We tried several times on 15, but zilch. We also monitored 50.135
(plus 50.125) and called CQ numerous times on the permanently installed
IC-7000. We've never heard a peep on 6m over the last 3 years. Seems like
were fewer stations participating this year. Missed hearing several regulars.

A hearty "THANK YOU" goes out to stations K1RO (65, 53/12 mixed),
DL3DXX (48 CW), K9CT (39 CW) and W8TM (31 CW) for providing huge numbers of
Q's. Didn't have anyone "Clean Sweep" us this year, but RO and DXX
came close.

Tim and I missed having Max, N5ZZ, join us this year. However, Mark, KK4VQJ
an excellent job of chauffeuring us around on the ~1000 mile journey. And
enjoyed handing out the "N" to spell out N-F-A-R-L in recognition of
NFARL's 40th anniversary this year. Yes, we are already planning for next
GQP roving is in our blood. Sitting in moving, cramped quarters for 10 hours
each day with a desk on your lap, trying to type callsigns correctly into a
computer or sending CW with the paddles while the vehicle jostles, is so much
fun. If the bands were better, maybe we could expand to 3 stations? I need a
bigger truck!

For N4N, 2017 GQP Rover
Tim, WK4U, 40 & 75/80, Mike W5JR, 20 & 40, Mark, KK4VQJ, driver.

Flex 6500
Flex 6300
Pair of Flex Control knobs
Pair of Dunstar 600 bandpass filters
Pair of USB-8 band decoders for filters
Hi-Q 580-RT (40 & 75/80)
Little Tarheel (15, 20 & 40)
Pair of laptops
Pair of Begali paddles
Pair of 12v power supplies (one died, didn't take a spare)
Pair of UPS's
Honda EU200i generator
4G enabled router
Garmin LMT-50 with route for driver
Ematic Windows 10 tablet running MS Streets & Trips w/route for Ops
Bluetooth enabled GPS for tablet
1 Well traveled, 2002 GMC Yukon, with 4 non-Flex radios installed for daily
Requisite Costco animal cookies - QSO fuel
N1KDO   Single OpMixed HP   26,5502017-04-11 12:13:49
Got on CW for one contact with N4F, probably should have run SSB only. I was
trying to work all the N4[NFARL] stations. Still, points is points. Band
conditions seemed unfavorable on Sunday afternoon, so I did some gardening.
Still did OK. Maybe next year...
K9YC   Single OpMixed HP   30,8462017-04-11 15:44:30
Propagation made this one tough from W6, and it didn't help that some of the
mobiles abandoned 20 an hour or two before it died (and long before I could
hear them on 40). This cost me at least a half dozen mults. It was
disappointing to see them spotted on 40 in needed counties but not show up on
40. After this happened enough times I pulled the switch and worked on antenna

As usual, the mobiles are what make this one interesting. Thanks to those teams
that turned in great performances! Extra credit to N4N, providing 19 counties
and the only mobile to make it into the log on 80 CW, at 0312Z!
KX4R   Single OpMixed LP   73,2552017-04-12 05:45:10
This was my first GAQP in over 40 years....lot's of fun ! Thanks to everyone
for all the qso's !
73, Greg
KN4Y   Rover Single OpCW LP   84,0602017-04-12 09:50:33
Saturday band conditions marginal, checked out my old 80-meter resonator, the
LDG loaded it and I made 4 QSO's, I could not load it again later, when I got
home I saw the resonator was busted off and hanging. Sunday about half way
into the QSO party I lost 20-meters. When I got home the 20-meter resonator was
gone, broken off at the connection. So the last half of Sunday operation was a
one band venture. Weather great and good food. Needless to say I made a call to
DL3DXX(@DR1A)   Single OpCW HP   36,1002017-04-13 02:17:03
Difficult propagation this year. No QSO on 15m for the first time.
More QSOs on 40m than on 20m - another first time.

20m was open until 22:00 on Saturday but not for the weaker mobile stations.
Heard the western EU's working mobiles I could not hear at all.
Sunday 20m closed short after sunset at 18:30 so I had to take
a 2 hour break before first signals appeared on 40m.
Thrill was working N4N so many times on 80 meters and working N0G
long, long time before his sunset on 40m.

Thanks to all GA stations, especially the tireless mobiles.
mobiles wokd: KN4Y (25x), N0G (24x), N4DU (5x), N4I (10x),
N4N (48x), NM2L (3x).
Missed W4AN/m and Norm W3DYA/m a lot.

Thanks to the DR1A owners for letting me use this impressive station again.

73, Dietmar DL3DXX
WE4SGA   Single OpCW LP   2,8802017-04-13 13:44:32
My call sign was WE4SGA for the contest, but changed to WE4GA two days later. It
was a lot of fun, especially when I was on the receiving end of a pileup.
NØG(NØAC)   Rover Single OpCW LP   97,4402017-04-14 16:57:27
There are a lot of thanks that I feel needs to be given. First is to the contest
sponsors and organizers especially Jeff, KU8E, for encouraging participation.
Second are all the station operators that QSOed with me. Third and most
important is my wife, Donna, for being patient and driving. Without her this
contest would not have been successful. Last is a safe trip.


From an equipment standpoint things went well. At the start one of the
screwdriver antenna controllers would not stay powered up but if I held down
the power button I could tune the antenna. Since this ended up being a two band
contest I just left that antenna tuned for 40m and the other antenna for 20m the
whole contest. The only other issue was the computer not reading the rig but
that turned out to be a backed out USB plug.

Day 1

We spent too much time at the Pizza Hut so got an 11 minute late start in Dade
County. Having never operated this far south and east I figured 20m was going
to be the best band but it didn’t seem to produce so I moved to 40m at 1824z.
I tried to give time for 20m and 40m from each county. We ran late all day and
at 0016z I signed off since it was dark and Donna was getting tired.

Day 2

In a previous email conversation with K1RO he mentioned I should try to operate
from the same frequency spot on all bands which luckily was 7038 and 14038. I
bounced back and forth between 20m and 40m all day with 40m producing the best
rate. We stayed on schedule Sunday arriving at Savannah at 2058z and my last


I thought conditions both days were good but power line noise Sunday seemed
worse. I left one county on the table and operated 13 out of the 20 hours
available and I didn’t make it to 80m. We drove a total of 3100 miles with
720 of that in the contest. For a description of the mobile station look at my
QRZ.COM page. (N0G or N0AC)

Signals were great for the most part. The most consistently loud stations were
K9CT and DL3DXX. The stations that worked me 15 or more times were: K1RO-49,
K9CT-38, K3WJV-30, DL3DXX-24, W4EE-23, W8TM-23, K4BYN-22, KB3LIX-22, W0BH-21,
W5TM-21, N2CQ-16, W2DYE-16, N2CU-15, and ND3R-15.

Beyond Contesting

This trip was not all about me. Donna is an amateur photographer and loves
investigating places and things. After the contest I traded my headphones for a
tourist hat and spent the rest of our time without the radio. On the way home to
Iowa we stopped in Columbus and had coffee and conversation with John, K4BAI.
What a treat!

Thanks for all the QSOs, Bill, N0AC
N4YA   Single OpMixed HP   11,3962017-04-14 19:48:19
Only played around for about 2.75 hours. I focused on erecting a new HI-Z 4
Square receiving array over the contest period, so I didn't have a lot of time
during the day.
See y'all in the pile ups!
KIØI   Single OpCW LP   3,9442017-04-16 20:17:08
I thot bands were bad for MOQP, I think it was worse for this weekend ! Finally
some signals came up on 40 late afternoon. I didn't have much time to spare
,but it was fun !
Thanks for the Q's 73 Mark KI0I
N4A(N4TOL)   Single OpMixed LP   89,7262017-04-18 06:28:39
Icom 756 Pro3 to OCF wire @ 100 watts in Fannin County
Great fun, thanks to all for the QSOs

73 John N4TOL
KEØTT   Single OpCW QRP   1,3442017-04-19 17:05:46
K3/10 at 5 watts to a pair of broad-band dipoles up about 45' and fed with
vintage Matchbox tuners. Thanks for the Party, wish I could have spent more
time but was a busy weekend for my wife and me. C U next time, 73, Dan
N8II   Single OpSSB LP   4,9442017-04-19 17:35:31
Final score is for phone only QSO's. Not too bad for 4 hours total including a
few minutes about 3 times on CW. There was very little mobile activity; thanks
to KB4KBS/M for a few Q's Saturday. Activity seems to be headed lower, but
there were enough stations on 40 to keep it interesting most of the time.
Around 1PM Sunday there was virtually no 40M SSB activity. I heard absolutely
nothing from GA on 20, let alone working anyone. 40M signals were reasonable to
loud until around 0015Z when they started to skip over me. Activity was nearly
nil on 75 around sunset, and I was just a bit too fatigued to try again later.
3 of my 5 Q's there were right at the end Sunday.
My wife's cousin lives in Toombs county in south central GA (where we have
visited a couple of times) and I failed to find any activity there, but I
received a QSL from a station in Dublin which is the town immediately east of
Vidalia, so I came close. There was a lot activity from the metro Atlanta area,
and I worked Gwinette, Cobb, and especially Cherokee county many times.
I think I worked all of the 1 X 1 suffix letters for the award.
Thanks for the Q's; hopefully there will be more mobiles next year.

73, Jeff
WN4AFP   Single OpCW LP   3,2002017-04-26 15:32:32
Rugged conditions during this race. 40m was challenging... thanks goodness that
we have an 80m band. We'll try again next time. Dave WN4AFP.... Heck, I may
even run mobile.