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South Carolina QSO Party   2018   Feb 24   Comment Summary

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WA4USN   M/S FixedSSB LP   15,0882018-02-24 23:35:18
We activated the Charleston ARS club room on the USS Yorktown for a few hours.
Started on 40m and ran until things slowed down, then moved to 20m. Moved back
to 40m late and had a mini-pileup going at times.

We hear NI4BK USS North Carolina will be in the NC QSO party tomorrow, maybe
next year we can have a battle of the warships category :-)
W5TM   Single Op FixedCW LP   2,8342018-02-25 00:38:57
Does not include bonus point.
K3s and dipoles
WB8WKQ   Single Op FixedMixed LP   7,8062018-02-25 02:21:45
Not full time.
AD8J   Single Op FixedCW HP   6542018-02-25 02:29:54
Too close to SC for much during the daytime and didn't hear many SC station on
80 after dark.
K1RO   Single Op FixedMixed HP   19,0542018-02-25 02:46:29
Score includes 2000 bonus points for 8 QSOs with WW4SF and W4CAE, and 350 points
for 7 CHFD QSOs. Hope that's right...

Operated about half time this year, had some other things to do this weekend. I
stopped by the radio periodically to see what was new. I didn't CQ at all this
time. Missed ABBE and WILL.

Nice activity, as usual fun chasing mobiles.
N4JRP   Single Op FixedSSB LP   16,4122018-02-25 02:52:07
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's South Carolina QSO Party Contest Log 2.1
SOAPBOX: Total contacts with bonus station W4CAE = 1 X 250 = 250
SOAPBOX: Total contacts with bonus station WW4SF = 2 X 250 = 500
SOAPBOX: Total contacts with Chesterfield County = 1 X 50 = 50
NAME: John Phillips
ADDRESS: 886 Cherokee National Hwy.
KZ4M   Single Op FixedSSB LP   3,3902018-02-25 03:08:54
KZ4M's Contest Summary Report for SC-QSO-PARTY
Created by N3FJP's South Carolina QSO Party Contest Log
Version 2.0

Total Contacts = 67
Total Points = 3,390

Operating Period: 2018/02/24 15:19 - 2018/02/25 01:52

Total op time (breaks > 30 min deducted): 7:35:27
Total op time (breaks > 60 min deducted): 8:07:08

Avg Qs/Hr (breaks > 30 min deducted): 8.8

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
160 0 2 0 2 3
80 0 35 0 35 52
40 0 5 0 5 7
20 0 21 0 21 31
15 0 4 0 4 6
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 0 67 0 67 100

Total Contacts by State \ Prov:

State Total %
----- ----- ---
SC 21 31
18 27
GA 6 9
NC 3 4
OH 3 4
ON 3 4
VA 3 4
AL 1 1
CA 1 1
CO 1 1
FL 1 1
MD 1 1
NE 1 1
OR 1 1
TN 1 1
TX 1 1
WI 1 1

Total = 16

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 45 67
France 13 19
Canada 3 4
Belgium 1 1
Federal Republic of Germany 1 1
Guadeloupe 1 1
Italy 1 1
Puerto Rico 1 1
Slovak Republic 1 1

Total = 9

Total DX Miles (QSOs in USA not counted) = 86,707
Average miles per DX QSO = 3,941

Average bearing to the entities worked in each continent.
QSOs in USA not counted.

EU = 48
NA = 81

Total Contacts by Continent:

Continent Total %
--------- ----- ---
NA 50 75
EU 17 25

Total = 2

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
05 34 51
14 15 22
04 11 16
03 3 4
08 2 3
15 2 3

Total = 6

Total Contacts by County:

County Total %
--------- ----- ---
SC Greenville 5 7
SC Aiken 2 3
SC Cherokee 2 3
SC York 2 3
SC Calhoun 1 1
SC Chesterfield 1 1
SC Darlington 1 1
SC Horry 1 1
SC Kershaw 1 1
SC Lancaster 1 1
SC Lee 1 1
SC Pickens 1 1
SC Richland 1 1
SC Sumter 1 1

Total = 14
WW4SF(N4IQ)   Single Op FixedMixed HP   107,5622018-02-25 03:09:49
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Mt2 Pt/Q
1.8 LSB 34 67 19 0 2.0
3.5 CW 127 492 4 0 3.9
7 CW 172 662 43 1 3.8
14 CW 31 120 6 0 3.9
21 CW 6 20 0 0 3.3
21 USB 10 18 4 1 1.8
Total Both 380 1379 76 2 3.6
Score: 107,562 9 Hrs SO2R Checklog

Only ran on both radios - no S/P. Managed to get 16 Qs
on 15M. 15M appeared to be open in the afternoon but
little takers. Managed only 31 20M CW Qs in over an hour.
I think Kevin N4XL cleaned out 20CW before I got there (1900Z).

2x TS590's; 2x KWs; 160M C Windom (used on 40M & 160M)
2x 40/20M Super Loops NE/SW & NW/SE (used on 20M);
80M C Widom (used on 80M & 15M); SDR Pans; N1MM+
K3TD(K4QPL)   SO MobileCW LP   92,9882018-02-25 03:28:01
What was going to be a leisurely start turned out to be a dash to the starting
line after the Tarheel Screwdriver couldn't find resonance points. Turned out
Murphy got into the coax jumpers overnight and a temporary power break while
connecting the second battery required an anti-theft code to restart the NAV
system. Do you remember your anti-theft code? Waking the XYL to pull the file
with the card did not make me flavor of the day. So we started 40 minutes late
as we crossed the line into MARL and then looped into CHFD before the trek East
and South along some of the worst paved roads and loudest line noise in recent
memory. Not to mention 20M was not exactly the money band we hoped for and we
had ignition noise on 15M making it a nonstarter. It was clear that low power
mobile SSB was not going to cut it this time so Tad became full time navigator
and driver with Jim being butt in back seat for the duration.
It was amazing how well everyone copied us but we left a lot of callers down in
the noise that even the K3s couldn't tame. Apologies to all we just couldn't
bring through. Although noise persisted, 40 and 80 came up strong in the
afternoon and evening to save the day. Thanks to all the friends following us in
our Great South Carolina Road Trip. I thought for sure we'd lose OM2VL when we
went to 80M but there he was calling us in every county. FB OM!!
Thanks to our friends South of The Border for organizing the first leg of a
great weekend. Looking forward to tomorrow and the NCQP.
Tad, K3TD
Jim, K4QPL
KØVBU   Single Op FixedMixed LP   2992018-02-25 04:14:33
K3-100 P3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trap dipole @ 30\'; 160 INV L @ 30\'(winter

Great SCQP website!

Bill K0VBU
KØAP   Single Op FixedCW LP   7,9902018-02-25 04:24:47
Added 1000 bonus points for working CHES county five times, and WW4SF on 3
different bands CW only.
First participation in SCQP and it was a full time effort. Recently I became
interested in county hunting so now I try to enter every QP as seriously as I
can because this is the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to
work/confirm counties for the USA-CA and MARAC awards. The mobiles have done an
excellent job. Chasing N4CW, N0C, K3TD and W1TEF from multiple counties was a
great fun. N4CW is a superb CW operator which has predictable operating pattern
and I think I worked him from all counties he was QRV from. Same with N0C
although for the last few hours I could not find him on the bands. I hope he did
not have any major issues with his mobile station and he will be ready for NCQP
tomorrow in which I plan to be QRV also.

40m band was the most reliable although 80m opened nicely couple of hours before
the end of the contest. Thank you to all SC stations for the Qso's and I am
already looking forward to SCQP 2019.

Yaesu FT1000MP, HEX Beam/dipoles with N1MM+ logging program.

73 Dragan K0AP (also Z32XX)
K4VBM   Single Op FixedSSB LP   2952018-02-25 04:33:22
Snagged one of the bonus stations. Really poor band conditions this year.
Great fun!
W4NBS   Single Op FixedMixed LP   1,0842018-02-25 05:04:21
yaesu Mk V; 80m dipole@30ft

Thanks for the Q's.
Hope to CU in the Alabama QSO Party in June!
73, Tom, W4NBS
N6MU   Single Op FixedCW LP   1,5102018-02-25 05:09:26
I think the mobiles gave up on 20 after 18Z. Only mobile heard after that was
N0C in CHES. 15 was open. Thanks to the three stations that QSYed for me. Only
heard one station on 40 when the band finally opened out here. Not much fun from
the left coast. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
K9NW(@K9UWA)   Single Op FixedCW HP   1282018-02-25 06:11:59
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   Single Op FixedMixed HP   5,2232018-02-25 12:25:00
Sitting in NC.

K3 / Optibeam / 80m "V"
K8MR   Single Op FixedCW LP   1,4362018-02-25 15:29:07
A few QSOs here and there. K3TD and N4CW were doing good mobile jobs, but not a
lot more from this not especially large state.

See you from the mobile in the larger states of Florida in April and Ohio in

73 - Jim K8MR
KB9DKR   M/S FixedMixed LP   1,1002018-02-25 15:36:33
Congratulations to all of the SC ops who contributed to a fun event. I
appreciate your patience with our calls and exchanges. This was a nice
opportunity to introduce a friend to amateur radio. We used an indoor antenna
for the short hop from middle TN. Thanks for the QSOs and 73. Carl, KB9DKR
W2VM   Single Op FixedCW LP   2402018-02-25 16:46:55
Band QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
7 12 24 10 2.0
Total 12 24 10 2.0
Score: 240
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's
K4HQK   Single Op FixedMixed HP   6,6172018-02-25 17:52:17
73, John K4HQK

Ameritron ALS-600
40/30m dipole pair
80m dipole
WinKeyer USB
W1TEF   SO MobileMixed LP   76,8002018-02-26 00:13:13
Had a great time running mobile. Didn't do too bad considering that 20 wasn't
working for me at all. 40 saved the day. Not a bad effort considering that I had
to be driven instead of driving. With bad eyesight, I really couldn't make the
effort that I would have liked while moving down the road. Over all, I'm happy
with the results. Nice to have Qs with old and new friends - it was a great
time. And I want to thank John Miller, N8EK who was my chauffeur for the entire
W5QLF   Single Op FixedCW LP   2742018-02-26 01:47:31
The Total Score includes 24 QSO points plus 250 points for having worked the
WW4SF bonus station. I did a bit better 24 hours later in the North Carolina
QSO Party...
K9GDF   Single Op FixedCW LP   1,0702018-02-26 14:09:28
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
KN4Y   Single Op FixedCW LP   5,4802018-02-27 00:29:38
I feel South Carolina is a side band state. The amount of CW operators was not
over whelming. But I enjoyed the outing. I missed the W4CAE bonus station, never
heard it on CW. I would think a bonus station would operate on all modes
equally. This was a 40- meter outing from here with a nice visit on 80 meters.
WN4AFP   Single Op FixedMixed LP   27,5822018-02-27 01:16:48
Checklog as SCQP Team member. I want to thank everyone who came to the SCQP this
year. Band conditions weren't the greatest, but we still had a good time.
Special SCQP thanks to all of the mobile ops and bonus station ops that kept the
activity going. See y'all next year for the Carolina Weekend.... who knows what
on-air fun we are going to dream-up for the next one. 73s Dave WN4AFP, SCQP Team
NI7R   Single Op FixedCW HP   6,4482018-02-27 02:30:53
I had other commitments, so I was only able to operate a couple of hours.
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Single Op FixedMixed HP   17,9062018-02-27 20:48:49
Some weeks before the SC QP it seemed, that I can take part only on NC QP, but
fortunatelly I can go to the QTH also on Saturday and take part also on SC QP.

Unfortunatelly 20m closed so early at 17:53Z and at the begenning missed
stations who was on 40m, but I am happy with my score!

Congrats to Mark K1RO!

Bonus stations worked: W4CAE 40m SSB, WW4SF 80m CW, 40m CW/SSB, 20m CW/SSB,
Chesterfield county 4 times = 1.700 BONUS points total.

I worked 41 CW multiplier + 32 SSB multiplier ; 44 different county (missed only
2 - ABBE + OCON - OCON I heard several time worked with other SC stations, but
no lucky worked him)

Thanks a lot for FB job mobile stations!

N4CW 38/21 (QSO/Cty), K3TD 19/17, N0C 12/12, W1TEF 11/6, WW4SF 9/5, W4CAE 4/4.

Thanks David WN4AFP to organize the QP!

Regards, Laci OM2VL

P.S. as usually, PSE QSLs for my County Challenge Toplist!
N4CW   Multi-Op MobileMixed LP   289,2752018-02-28 00:45:56
We were late starting, having stopped for breakfast and not allowing enough lead
time! Not learning the lesson, we spent too much time on dinner in Greenwood.
What can I say? We enjoy our food! I'll have to bring the XYL to that town so we
can check it out; first impressions are that it's a lovely community - a small
city with character.

Once we got started, we quickly developed a "following": OM2VL stuck
with us for 34 Q's, cw AND fone, K0AP-24, K2DSW-22, K1RO and K1GQ both 18, etc.
etc. It was great being on the receiving end of renewable pileups!!! AND yes,
N4CW did get on SSB. Jim, W4TMO, drove most of the time, but he got to operate
for quite a while, all on CW; his CW practice sessions have really paid off. He
copied some pretty fast calls and exchanges without error. What a son-in-law!

We did have problems initially with our roof mount antenna; SWR and got rf into
the computer, freezing it up solid, requiring a re-boot. Three times then we
changed 20M to the trailer hitch mounted antenna. That solved the problem until
later when we installed a choke in the rooftop antenna coax. That fixed the

Our thanks to WN4AFP, N4IQ, and KG4IGC for managing this fun event. And thanks
to all who shared the adventure with us by providing Q's and support - it's all

73, Bert, N4CW and Jim, W4TMO
KEØTT   Single Op FixedCW LP   2,8722018-02-28 01:57:41
K3/10 runnimng all 10 watts, due to band condx. Wire antennas about 45 to 50'
up, fed with ladder lines and tuners. Thanks for your copy of my 10 watts, you
did the work on your end. Sigs were tough much of the time this year...
Enjoyed being a part of your Party ! C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt MN
N4XL   Single Op FixedDig LP   8,5442018-03-01 02:50:12
Operated 9.3 hours as WW4SF GRWD. Glad to hand out q's to all.
NØC(NØAC)   SO MobileCW LP   22018-03-02 13:13:42
Forrest Gump said "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what
you are going to get". Well QSO parties are about the same, you never know
what you are going to get but I did have fun.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill
WØBH   Single Op FixedMixed HP   8962018-03-03 22:21:34
Score includes 50 bonus points for CHES and 750 bonus points for working WW4SF.

Didn't have much time this year, but do have to compliment the sponsors for a
nice certificate from last year! Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
W7GF   Single Op FixedCW LP   9702018-03-04 17:12:26
Score includes 250bounus points.
KG4IGC(WW4SF)   Single Op FixedSSB LP   8,8002018-03-06 21:13:51
OPERATED AS WW4SF/CHFD (Checklog)Had a great time operating portable from Cheraw
State Park in Chesterfield
county as one of the operators of the WW4SF bonus station team. Since this was
a rare county, my wife and I made a special trip up to Cheraw so that we could
put the county on the air. I had a bumpy start with some computer issues, but
once that issue was resolved everything worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, I was
not able work 20 meters in my allotted time slot as WW4SF because of technical
problems with my laptop. The band conditions were not very good either, plus
there was some sort of EU contest going on which made it very hard to find a
clear frequency. Went to 40 meters at 12:00 PM and had pretty good luck working
stations to the North and South and a few mid-West stations. The view at the
park was beautiful, we were set up right next to Lake Juniper and pretty much
had a huge section of the park to ourselves. As for the weather, you couldn't
asked for a more beautiful day, temps in the high 70's, sunny with a nice cool
breeze. Had to shut down at 5PM in order to have time to tear down and load my
truck as the park closes at 6 PM. Many TNX to all the stations who worked me
also to my lovely wife Sarah KG4NKG who made this trip possible!

Rig: Yaesu FT-847
PWR: 10 watts/100 watts
ANT: 40 meter inverted V at 40 feet
850 amp hour Marine battery
12v/120v inverter for accessories