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Mexico RTTY International Contest   2018   Feb 3   Comment Summary

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MM3AWD   Single Op LP   29,7542018-02-03 20:41:48
Small testing before next weekend WPX RTTY. Testing some SO2V and new interface.
working good.

Sorry for little time, see you next weekend. MM3 is now rare prefix so keep
looking for me :)

73, Scott
KK7A   Single Op LP   1202018-02-03 23:43:15
Worked a couple of JA stations from my attic dipole and 12 watts. Only 1 XE.
LY5W   Single Op HP   24,0642018-02-04 18:54:28
Band QSOs Pts DXC XEs Pt/Q
3,5 20 59 12 0 3,0
7 50 149 16 0 3,0
14 100 304 15 4 3,0
Total 170 512 43 4 3,0
Score: 24.064
just few hours to check equipment before upcoming CQ WPX RTTY Contest next
Nice propagation from West Coast USA, even 4 Mexico stations called me :)
73, Sam LY5W
ACØE   Single Op LP   1,9082018-02-04 20:32:33
70 degrees on Saturday 15 degrees on Sunday. 100 watts and GAP vertical makes
things slow....
thanks for the Qs
Jim AC0E
AJ4UQ   Single Op LP   1562018-02-04 22:08:07
I had one hour to sneak off and play, I'd been distracted and forgot about this
contest. Not too much activity here, 20m was the best, 80, 15, and 10m were
dead. 35W into attic dipole.
K4AFE   Single Op LP   1,8872018-02-04 22:46:59
Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee.

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
N4QS   Single Op HP   42,5982018-02-04 23:25:33
Conditions were poor and limited activity.
VE2FK   Single Op HP   111,5442018-02-04 23:25:57
Difficult but fun.
Not many XE

73 Claude VE2FK
KF6RY(W6ZL)   Single Op LP   7,1762018-02-05 00:20:58
Trabajo con ocho estatos de Mexico.
Hasta Luego
N7US   Single Op HP   4,7502018-02-05 00:24:43
SO1R: K3S/P3/KPA500, SteppIR 4L @ 50', 40M 2L @ 60'
K4GMH   Single Op HP   170,8772018-02-05 01:10:25
Thanks for the QSOs.
K2YG   Single Op QRP   11,2002018-02-05 01:19:21
K3 @ 5 watts, tribander and dipole
K2AL   Single Op LP   4,0862018-02-05 02:09:18
IC-746 R7, Mini Beam, Trapped dipole for 80
XE2B   Single Op LP   12,2762018-02-05 02:36:08
Late start on Saturday, condx non existent on 10M. Despite being reported by
several NA RBNs, I worked only a couple of stateside stations.
W9ILY   Single Op HP   80,1002018-02-05 04:13:48
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
K7JR(K7ZO)   Single Op HP   54,1652018-02-05 04:26:58
Just played around here and there for fun and checking out new contest computer,
trying 2Tone in a second RX window for the first time, etc. Hard to take any
contest serious with bands this poor. Our 20M opening to EU was about 2 hours
long at best. Never heard any 40M EU short path though several were coming in
long path on Sunday morning, but they could not hear me. It is amazing
propagation is so poor that 15M never really opened either. I felt fortunate to
make the three QSOs I did.

Good turnout of XE stations! I had 20 total XE mults from 13 different states.
N1MM seems to have a glitch where it does not recognize GTO as a mult but if you
enter GT0, GT-zero, it does.

KC2WUF   Single Op LP   3,5702018-02-05 04:28:09
Yaesu FTDX3000, MFJ-993B, MFJ-931 and 125 ft long wire antenna 12 feet high
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   Single Op HP   14,8902018-02-05 05:31:25




W3FIZ   Single Op HP   54,8732018-02-05 16:25:05
Bands sucked. Only good thing that happens this weekend is that the EAGLRS won
the super bowl. See all in the next one GO EAGLES GO FRC

HH2AA(K6DTT)   Single Op LP   10,1922018-02-05 17:15:28
Operated HH2AA, one of the stations, from my home QTH in
California. HH2AA operates on solar power and is located in Obleon Haiti at 6300

This was the first time I participated in a RTTY contest, and although I only
had a few hours available I had a great time operating this remote station.
Looking forward to participating in more RTTY contests.

73, Alan K6DTT
W4UK   Single Op HP   22,2482018-02-05 17:30:37
note: 618 QSO "points".
Ant:43 ft gnd mtd wire vertical with 16 radials
KA6BIM   Single Op HP   154,1262018-02-05 19:42:57
Great conditions on 20 but rest of bands only fair. 40 mtr JA run wiped out by
OTH radar. Met my goals and improved from last year.
K8AJS   Single Op HP   3962018-02-05 20:25:39
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3 & KPA500 500 watts
Antenna: 3 el quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.7026.0
WØMB   Single Op HP   8,1652018-02-06 03:33:36
NTS:Kenwood TS590, Alpha 76A, Pro67B @ 60 feet, dipoles for 80 and 40 meters,
N1MM+. This was fun as I tried this years ago and just no activity. Had a lot
going on with a out of town hamfest. I will have to hit it harder next year.
K9L(AB1J)   Single Op LP   26,0102018-02-07 14:13:27
Saturday morning: SFI=69 SSN=11 eSSN=-4 Kp=1
Sunday morning: SFI=69 SSN=0 eSSN=-3 Kp=1

Conditions were poor and there wasn't enough activity for a 36 hour contest, but
I still had a good time. I'd like to invite more XEs to take part.

I used my 60th ham radio anniversary SE call, K9L. I wasn't sure how it would
play. Friends told me it could cause some confusion. It did, but for the most
part things went remarkably well.

There were several responses to it:

Most took it in stride, believed what they saw on their screen and we had a
smooth QSO. I think seeing it on the screen (with the normal RTTY repeats) was
more convincing than it would be on CW. Also, once folks get the call right on
one band, on the next band it's recognized and there's no problem.

A few people struggled between what was on their screen and SCP. This is
understandable. For the string starting "K9L" there are 12 SCP choices
to complete a 1x2 call. Plus there are other possibilities, like NK9L, etc. But
this wasn't difficult to straighten out in most cases.

One stateside station refused to work me in spite of good signals and no one
else calling. Maybe he thought I wasn't in the contest and would just be a

One well known Russian station straight out refused to work me, saying my call
wasn't ACCEPTABLE and he was NILing me. To avoid escalation into an
international incident, I suggest he get a different logger.

With these and a couple other similar incidents, I figure I lost five QSOs due
to the call.

Once I got over 200 QSOs I was asked to repeat my number a lot. That said a lot
about my call, weak signal, and high number. Verify, then trust.

I plan to use K9L in the CQ-WPX-RTTY next weekend. I'll see you then and maybe
the call will be more familiar. Perhaps even the Russians will work me. Spasibo
in advance.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Ken, AB1J/K9L

Flex 6500
Attic dipoles on 20m & 15m
Outdoor stealth wire on 20m, 40m, & 80m with antenna tuner and indoor
WQ6X(@NX6T)   Single Op HP   29,7602018-02-08 05:38:38
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook.
I managed to start right at 12:00z working a couple hours here
and an hour there. For heat reasons when I ran a frequency the
ACOM 2000 amplifier was dialed back to 550-650 watts while S&P
contacts were made running 1350 watts - all into a C-31 Yagi,
a 2-element "shorty 40" and 80-meter inverted vee all up only
13mh; altho the station is 900' above sea level.

Because the SFI is so low, 40 and then 80 opened way earlier than
I am used to. That made up for NO signals heard on 15 & 10 meters.

It was nice to see many XE states on the air, altho I was hoping
for more. LooK for a writeup on this and other contests last weekend:
LZ5K(LZ1RAY)   Single Op HP   68,3552018-02-08 12:54:17
Tnx for QSO!
HF1ØØI   Single Op LP   9,5602018-02-12 11:00:52
RIG:FT-950 PWR:15 ANT:2elDeltaLoop & LongWire