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ARRL September VHF Contest   2017   Sep 9   Comment Summary

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WA3EKL   Multi-Op HP   1142017-09-09 20:32:00
The new HB 4 element Six Meter beam at 33 feet worked well. Anything we could
hear heard us. Poor conditions but enjoyed what we worked. Tnx to everyone
that worked us.
N4CF   Single Op LP   12017-09-10 06:31:55
No comment.
N3OC   Single Op HP   3,1032017-09-10 09:39:08
Sunday only op cut short due to discovery of yellow jacket nest in shack.
K7ULS   Single Op HP   3802017-09-10 11:37:04
From the A-frame
YAESU FT-897d,SignaLink USB
MFJ-4275MV 75 amp power supply
Cushcraft 50-5s (W5WVO)

The normal September contest being all WSJT with a highlight working K5QE/EME
at moonrise with a simple 7 ele antenna and 300w. Had to add the elevation
rotor because this valley is surrounded be 10 degrees of mountains. Had to cut
it short this year due to weather.
K5TRI   SO 3Band LP   3102017-09-10 13:33:27
Only limited time to play after I had to put up the new 2m beam first. This was
more a test of the new antenna than an all out effort. Conditions were somewhat
low as well and not as many people heard as usual.

IC-746PRO, 4 element 6M, 14 element 2M, vertical 70CM

Thanks for the contacts and see you in January.
WØPAN   Single Op LP   102017-09-10 16:55:43
CF7FC(VA7FC)   SO 3Band LP   6842017-09-10 17:07:22
contest mode on ft8 caused a bit of grief .. K3 is folding back the pwr so was
some times qrp ....
K7IDX/7   Single Op HP   1,3282017-09-10 17:52:28
/7 near Skaar Pass Olympic National Forest at 4025 feet
TS-570 KPA500 4 E yagi @ 15 feet EU-2000 which caused
some noise on this set up. Generator right under antenna.
Nice to hear 3 other portable stations in the Olympics and
some on mainland. SSB only.
Went QRT early Sunday
K3MD   Single Op HP   24,2522017-09-10 19:04:51
Very good participation! Best score in 3 years!
NØJK   Single Op Port QRP   772017-09-10 19:06:59
Was on Sunday morning portable just west of Lawrence, KS. Some regional tropo
north to Iowa. W0LGQ EN21 and AB0DK EN30 both very loud on 2. Nice to pick up
Ben, KB0ZOM/r in EM09 on 2. Sunday evening saw a widespread tropo opening
spotted from eastern Iowa to FM19. Danced out of reach of KS.
N7IR   SO 3Band LP   2,0932017-09-10 19:33:13
We had good 2 meter and 70 cm propagation on Saturday to the north. Not much
happened on Sunday other than the local crowd giving out points, which is
always appreciated. Made FT8 contacts with eleven stations in Arizona and one
in Nevada on 6 meters.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.

Gary, N7IR
KB1RI   SO 3Band LP   362017-09-10 20:05:05
Tossed up a 6m dipole Sunday afternoon since I heard some FT-8 signals on the
band. Worked a handful of locals and decoded several others I wasn't able to
work. At least I finally got 6m antenna put up. Need to get some better VHF
W4WWQ   Single Op LP   1202017-09-10 20:10:02
I really need a beam on VHF to make a score.
KR1ST   SO 3Band LP   9242017-09-10 20:13:41
Rigs: IC-7300 (6m), IC-275H (2m)
Pwr: 100W on 6, 50W on 2m
Ants: - single Par Electronics Omniangle (halo-type) for 6m @25ft
- stacked pair Par Electronics Omniangles for 2m @25ft
Elev: 1900+ ft

I was only able to play for a few hours with my limited setup. The IC-275H
decided to only limp on a single transistor in the PA so the power was reduced
to 50 Watts on 2m. Propagation was flat on both bands.

Thanks for the Q's and for pulling me out of the noise.

--Alex KR1ST
VE7HR   Single Op LP   7982017-09-10 20:15:27
Propagation was weak but enjoyed working lots of friends and made a few new
ones. Thanks to everyone that participated. 72 de Dave VE7HR
K7CW   Single Op HP   4,9532017-09-10 20:24:36
Pretty good activity. Did not get an overwhelming number of MS contacts. Had
about a half hour of weak E to CA, NV and AZ on Sunday which helped a little
with the mult count. Lots of confusion with reports using WSJT modes. 1500W/9
elements. 73 de Paul, K7CW
K7XC   SO 3Band LP   1,0122017-09-10 20:30:29
First time in several years that I made a serious effort in the Sept VHF
Contest. The lack of 6M Es, the complete lack of any active stations within
500+ Miles to the N, NE. E, and SE, coupled with most of the active stations
are on the opposite side of the entire Sierra NV mountain chain that runs from
Southern California well north into OR and merges into other ranges that
effectively block the entire West coast. It was a tough road to hoe from the
valley floor here in Silver Springs NV. Add to that the Power Line noise from a
faulty transformer in my own front yard and its a wonder I work anything. Still
its a good feeling to be able to meet my goal of 1K in this event. Thanks to
all who managed to pull me out of the noise! One the positive side there were
lots of long burning rocks most of Saturday and Sunday Morning. Made use of FT8
and MSK144 Digital Modes to make most of my 6M contacts. All with 100W from an
old IC-746 into 6ele 6M Yagi at 28ft & a 11ele 2M yagi at 23ft. To the
folks in Hurricane Irma's path your in our thoughts. Hope you remain warm and
dry. See you in the January 2018 event!
WB9TFH   SO 3Band LP   3,2042017-09-10 20:34:42
This is my best score in this contest as a SO 3band. My longest 432 Q was K1RZ
618 miles.
Thanks for your Q's.
K5VIP   SO 3Band LP   1,1002017-09-10 20:38:26
Thank God for FT8. Without FT8, 6 meters would have been useless.
KF2MR/R   Rover LP   57,9282017-09-10 20:45:43
I had a great contest. I am thrilled with the 100+ multipliers and improvement
over last years score. All of the equipment worked like it should and in some
cases (like 2304) worked much better than expected. Lots of contacts with
K2TER/R, K1TEO, K1RZ, K2LDT/R, N2OA, VE3OIL/R, and K2LIM. Thanks to all who got
on the air.

Score includes 4 grid squares visited (FN12, FN13, FN02, FN03)
K7VIT   SO 3Band LP   562017-09-10 20:46:09
Limited time again due to scheduling conflicts. I love giving out contacts to
those making the effort to activate the bands. We certainly have had some
really interesting solar conditions recently. Too bad more didn't develop for
the Pacific Northwest--On the other hand, we are keeping those in Texas and
Florida who are suffering storm impacts in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks to all those who answered my call.
73, Jerry
K1FJM/M(N6ZE)   Single Op LP   42017-09-10 20:48:41
Rig: FT-857 + 2m and 6m whips; K1FJM/M utilized during very short drive from
home QTH to drive to local hilltop location which I used as N6ZE/6/QRP on
6m,2m,135cm,70cm,& 33cm.

Note: Earlier, I also made one 6 meter QSO as N6ZE at home QTH.

Such are the contortions to make a few QSOs when my weekend was fully allocated
to family responsibilities!
VE2PN   Single Op HP   2,6282017-09-10 20:50:58
Remote station 10km from QTH Same GRID
N6ZE   Single Op LP   12017-09-10 20:53:14
Due to family weekend responsibilities, I operated from home dm04ne QTH for only
a few minutes, near the end of the test. (I worked W6IST DM04 on 6m.)

I try to do some operating in every contest of interest, so this 1 QSO was an
important achievement for me!

See also writeups as K1FJM/M and N6ZE/6/QRP
KX7L   SO 3Band LP   6752017-09-10 21:02:53
Interesting contest - no Es to speak of - I just heard the tail end of an
opening to CA Sunday morning, but showed up too late to work anyone. Still,
worked at least one new grid (CN94), and more Portland stations than usual,
thanks to FT8. As others will no doubt note, much confusion about WSJT-X
"Contest-mode" at the beginning of the contest. Thanks for the
6m: 90W, 6el Yagi
2m: 100W, 8 el Quagi
70cm: 15W, 8 el Quagi
VE3DS   Single Op LP   17,2532017-09-10 21:13:26
Great local activity in VE, not much tropo and the QSB was savage.
Six metres was pretty quiet as well even on MSK.
Great to work 3 grids on 2304! Hope to have 3456 up for Jan.
See y'all in January! 73 Dana VE3DS
K9MU   Single Op LP   17,8622017-09-10 21:13:44
This was the second-best September contest for me from my own station.
Conditions seems pretty decent throughout and resulted in my best 902 totals.
I always enjoy this contest as it’s the one which started my VHF/UHF
contesting obsession. Back in 2003, when operating from the famous W0UC/W0AIH
antenna farm, we had a great tropo opening with 59+ signals to the eastcoast
through 1296. I always dream to experience something like that again. This
year brought me closer to that…

The tropo opening started around 23:30z Sunday night with working K9MRI EN70
with 559 signals. The next couple of hours I worked K9EA EN71, KU8Y EN61,
NF2RS/R FN02, and W3SO FN00. I heard K3TLP EN91, N8ZM EN80, K8TQK EM89, K3TUF
FN10, and VE3ZV EN92. It’s disheartening to think of all the operators who
weren’t on enjoying the opening.

Thanks to the well-equipped family rover, W9FZ/KA9VVQ, who accounted for 29% of
my QSO’s and the source of all my 902 grids. In EN44, we had W0UC, N0AKC,
N9ISN, and N9CIQ running the bands with the dynamic rover which resulted in a
high rate for them. It’s been years since I’ve heard this! Fun times!

I kept thinking of all the operators who had been kept off the air from
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I wish them a speedy rebuild and can’t wait to
work them on the bands next year.

Equipment: Elecraft K3, IC-746, FT-736R, DEMI transverters.

50 foot tower with:
6: 7 el and stacked 4 el's - 200w
2: 17 el - 200w
222: 16 el - 25w
432: 38 el - 25w
902: 33 el looper - 7w


Justin, K9MU EN44
N6ZE/6   Single Op Port QRP   1202017-09-10 21:14:08
Due to family responsibilities, I had very little time to operate & my home
QTH is in a valley surrounded by mountains. Therefore, I used my short
operating period to be a masochist portable station entry: QRP on a minor
hilltop in the middle of the valley surrounded by mountains!
I used an FT817 with whip for 6m/2m/70cm bands & an ALINCO DJ-G-29 handheld
with whip for 135cm/33cm. For the 32km path between N6ZE/6 and WA6EJO, it was
necessary to use a small 33cm yagi to make the contact.

Most QSOs were with members of the Ventura County Amateur Radio Society

I carried all equipment to the operating site in a red plastic bucket. I coined
the title, "5 Bands in a Bucket" for this quickie portable operation
which demonstrates how easily a temporary station can be set up in the field.
N7RK   SO 3Band LP   1,2422017-09-10 21:15:56
Fun on 2 meters and 432. 6 meters sucked. Worked a new state on 2 meters - Utah.
WB2FKO   Single Op HP   4,6062017-09-10 21:23:07
50 MHz meteor scatter made up for almost non-existent local activity. Worked
KK6MC/R on 4 bands in 4 grids, but his rove ended prematurely when the mast
hardware broke. N7KA did a portable op in DM55 using the new callsign W5UHF of
the NM VHF Society.
VE7AFZ/R   Unlimited Rover HP   3382017-09-10 21:28:32
Operated as an unlimited Rover (I didn't transport all my antennas with me for
the entire Rove, hence I'm using the unlimited Rover class.) Activated CO80,
CN99 and CN89. (Had hoped to activate CO81 but this didn't work out, also
operated from CO90 for several hours on Sunday but didn't make any contacts
from that grid.)

Made 18 QSO's from CO80 all on 50 Mhz into the following grids

Made 1 QSO from CN99 on 50 Mhz into CN89

Made 2 QSO's from CN89 on 50 Mhz into CN88 and CN89
Made 1 QSO from CN89 on 144 Mhz into CN89
Made 1 QSO from CN89 on 222 Mhz into CN89
Made 1 QSO from CN89 on 432 Mhz into CN89

Total score 338 points.

Much fun
Thanks to all who participated and the contest organizers.
WA2VNV   Single Op LP   18,0702017-09-10 21:35:25
Very poor conditions & low activity. Tough grind. 1st time using FT8 for
some 6 meter contacts - all local tropo, 6 meters never opened - no Eskip.
Strange noise & fading, I think due to solar flares and/or CME. Used new to
me Icom IC-910H for 144 & 432. Time off 6 hours Sunday afternoon for a
special fund raiser baseball game - I don't think I missed anything.
N6JET/R   Rover LP   14,8052017-09-10 22:23:14
Had equipment failure with 2304 and 3456 MHz and logged no contacts on 10 GHz.
Visited 7 grids and logged 600 Miles. Already looking forward to January 2018
KX4R   Single Op LP   12,8882017-09-11 04:01:25
Conditions terrible....6 mtrs flat. My 1296 quit working.
But still had fun ...really surprised at end of contest to get K2DRH, W9EWZ,
AA9MY,N0JA in some far away grids !
WZ1V   Single Op HP   42,5862017-09-11 04:45:10
Couldn't operate the entire contest, but most of the time I was on conditions
seemed poor and activity lacking. IMO these are no longer Amateur Radio
operating skill contests. They have evolved into Computer operating skill
contests, where whoever has the fastest and most computers and monitors running
and can type the fastest wins. Having to juggle between chat rooms and new
digital modes vs. actually operating radio has gotten to the point of being
ridiculous. And what's up with everyone trying to use FT8 to make local 6m
contacts? Half the time they never complete because half the people forgot to
change to contest mode for grid square exchanges. And the idea of everyone
trying to use just one frequency for this during a contest is like having a
bunch of CB radios all stuck on channel 19 jamming each other.
Another gripe - I can't understand why the League continues to condone having
the ARRL New England Convention the same weekend as the September VHF contest.
No wonder activity was so poor around here. OK I'm done ranting - for now.
Thanks to the Rovers and portable operations for providing some extra fun to an
otherwise lackluster contest.
-73, Ron WZ1V
W3RFC   Multi-Op HP   13,7462017-09-11 04:51:30




73 ALL

K5ND/R   Limited Rover LP   3,0242017-09-11 04:58:44
My first trip as a rover, activating 8 grids. It made this usually quiet contest
much, much more interesting as I moved from one grid to the next. Still didn’t
work many stations, but those I was able to work I worked them from several
different grids.

Running IC-910H into 5-element 2 meter yagi and 15-element 70 cm yagi on
painter pole at 18 feet. Thanks for those who dug my signal out of the noise
and who watched closely as I made it to each new grid.
K8BKM   Single Op LP   8742017-09-11 05:06:11
Nice tropo enhancement in the Great Lakes in the last two hours of the contest.
Thanks for the Q's.
W2KV   Single Op HP   29,2562017-09-11 06:00:22
Conditions were generally fair with very strong QSB at times. Operation was SSB
and CW (no digital modes yet). A brief tropo opening to the midwest Sunday
evening boosted the 2 meter grid count. Best DX was a couple of EN52s at 750
miles on 2.
K3AJ   Single Op LP   5,2362017-09-11 06:13:29

6M - K3/100W
2M - K3/XV144/brick/100W
6M - 5-el @50 ft.
2M - 12-el @ 50 ft.

N1MM+ logger/WSJT-X v1.8.0-rc2/win 10 PC

Details of QSO's/grids by mode:

6M CW - 5/1
6M FT8 - 41/17
6M SSB - 24/7
2M CW - 26/9
2M SSB - 23/10
WA1J(@K1TTT)   Limited Multi-Op LP   5272017-09-11 06:43:49
Playing around during our off times in WAE.
KK6MC/R   Limited Rover LP   2,4612017-09-11 06:52:26
I had a good contest on Saturday. Sunday not so much. Saturday I went out to the
Moriarty convergence, DM64/65/74/75 and worked the four grids there until early
evening. There was a fair amount of local activity and conditions were good
enough to complete QSOes with W9RM at 300 miles on 2M from all the grids and 6M
in 2 grids. WB5CST/r came out to the convergence and was on for a while to give
me some QSOes from adjacent grids where activity was lacking.

Early Sunday I drove down to Socorro and DM64. I picked up a few new QSOes that
I hadn't worked the day before in DM64 and two new mults. I then headed east to
DM63. On the way to a high ridge on a very rough and bumpy road, my mast
support broke and sent my antennas crashing to the road, which was rock then.
Little major damage, but without the support I could not continue the contest,
so I disassembled everything and drove home, stopping in Socorro for lunch and
a beer with KC7QY.
N2NT   Limited Multi-Op HP   107,6632017-09-11 07:08:20
Thanks to everyone that got on. Activity felt a bit low from the start.
Perhaps the nice weather in the North East and very flat band conditions during
the first part of the contest had something to do with it.

The bands were better on Sunday and the last hours of the contest had some nice
enhancement to the west. It is always a thrill for us to work W4/W8/W9 on

Six meters had a lot of FT8 activity. The mix-up between “contest” and
“normal” mode caused quite a bit of confusion and frustration. I’m sure
that will be worked out in the next few months. MSK144 performance continues
to impress. More people should try it out. You don’t need a huge station,
especially on six meters, to take advantage of meteor scatter propagation.


-John N2NC, for the N2NT VHF team

DX highlights by band:

K5QE EM31 1204 mi (ms)
K1TOL FN44 334 mi (tropo)

K5QE EM31 1204 mi (ms)
W8MIL EN74 611 mi (tropo)

AA4ZZ EM96 486 mi (tropo)

AA4ZZ EM96 486 mi (tropo)
K3YDX   SO 3Band LP   62017-09-11 07:21:36
Dismal situation here compared to June. I never heard a signal on 6 meters and
only barely copied the signals on the pre-arranged 2 and 432 contacts.
Had me guessing if my antennas were bad or if the radio had developed problems.
Nothing found yet.
VE3SMA   Single Op LP   1,5602017-09-11 07:21:38
For various reasons I couldn't rove this time around. I operated from my new
home QTH, with no permanent VHF antennas up yet. My gear is not optimized for
home operation, so this and the need to raise temporary antennas limited me to
two bands. Still, it was interesting to see what could be done from a
low-altitude, very urban location. I was surprised to be able to work more
than just locals on 222 with only 2 watts and the small beam at 12 ft., in
between buildings (including high-rise apartment blocks within a few hundred
feet to the southeast!). I had to run back and forth between the 2m rig in the
basement and the 222 station set up on the patio.

Conditions seemed mostly pretty flat, with a bit of enhancement Sunday

144 MHz: K2 + DEMI Xvtr + B2518G - 120 Watts, 5 elements at 26 ft. (with a bit
too much coax loss)
222 MHz: HTX-100 + homebrew transverter - 2 Watts, 7 elements at 12 ft.

Hopefully, I'll be back to something more ambitious and organized by next

Steve VE3SMA
W8KX   Single Op HP   1802017-09-11 07:25:07
Very little enhancement. Nice meeting some of the locals, otherwise a snoozer.
W9RM   Single Op HP   5,7802017-09-11 07:30:22
Since I only have 6 & 2 available right now, I don't get too excited about
contests with little to no chance of sporadic E on 6M. So, I got on with the
intention of helping as many regional guys as possible with a new multiplier.
I'm pretty much the only opportunity to log DM58 and there are very few ops on
VHF out here.

Most pre-contest goals were met and I even snagged a all-time new grid on 6M,
thanks to KK6MC/R. There was a healthy up-tick in meteor-scatter activity over
the summer contests. Meteors were average to slightly above and most runs put a
QSO in the log.

There was no other propagation noticed on 6M. The vaunted and highly hyped FT8
mode on 6M was a non-starter. There was NO sporadic-E and no amount of digi
horsepower and black-magic algorithms were going to change that fact. I did
listen to the official FT8 6M 'channel' a couple of time and heard only meteor
pings. I had to laugh to myself, thinking that these guys could be making QSOs
using meteor-scatter modes instead of spinning their electric meters for no
reason. Note to all readers - FT8 is a great mode when conditions are RIGHT
for it, but don't be fooled into thinking it's the ONLY 6M mode. When the band
is open, you can still run contest stations 5X faster on SSB. And, LOCAL
contacts on 6M FT8 ? Geez people - get a clue.....
WB2SIH/R   Rover LP   13,8702017-09-11 07:37:09
Best DX to south N4HB fm17 407 miles and VE2PN FN46 270 miles to north.
K4BAI   Single Op HP   62017-09-11 08:19:01
IC756Pro, 5 el yagi, 100W. Worked three of the four stations I heard and got no
other answers to CQs on SSB and CW. Thanks for those three QSOs. 73, John,
W3IP   Single Op HP   70,8892017-09-11 08:31:26
Conditions and participation on all bands seemed down a bit except for a nice
opening to Illinois and Wisconsin during the last hour of the contest. I had a
receive oscillation problem with my 2 meter transverter which occasionally
obliterated signals, causing lots of requests for repeats. Sorry about that.
That should be fixed soon.

As others have noted, there are a lot of technology changes that have affected
VHF contesting in recent times. Many years ago, the "XT" and
"AT" computers (which could cost $2K - in those days) could replace
paper logs and automatically check for dupes. Now for half the dollars, a
computer, a graphics card, and 3 monitors can simultaneously receive and
display multiple chat rooms, packet clusters, a local CW skimmer, WSJT-X, a pan
adapter, contribute to propagation monitors, and still have cycles left to log
contacts and check for dupes with a far more complex logging program. Since the
days when everyone wrote out paper logs, new RF hardware provides far better
radios that do a much better job pulling in weak signals and handling strong
signal environments. New solid state power amplifiers can be built smaller and
more reliably (no more tune up). Improvements in antenna modeling techniques
have given us antennas with more gain and better patterns on the same boom
length. Each of us have to judge whether any or all of these new technologies
adds or subtracts from our enjoyment of the hobby. Paper logging is still an
option (for a while).

Regarding FT8 (and MSK-144 to a lesser extent), I think we are still in a
learning phase as a group. While both modes are great weak signal communication
tools, they can be both poorly used in places where there is a high density of
active hams. It is OK - actually preferable - for FT8 and MSK-144 operators to
be transmitting at the same time (i.e. on the same sequence) as their
neighbors. I have seen and heard of several recent examples of nearby high
power stations operating on opposite sequences from each other. Neither had a
chance of hearing a weak signal. Although there is no way to force it, new
WSJT-X operators REALLY should read the latest manual!! Many either didn't know
about (or didn't care) about the contest mode option for FT8 and WSJT-X which
led to many other operators being unnecessarily frustrated.

Thanks to all the rovers and portable stations for getting out there and
putting more grids on the air!

73, Mike, W3IP
N1PRW   Single Op Port QRP   5742017-09-11 08:48:42
Portable QRP operation on Saturday and Sunday from Holt Hill in Andover, Mass.
Elevation 420'.

Saturday weather: Partly cloudy w/ a brief light shower, 74F
Sunday weather: Mostly sunny, 73F

Station Equipment:
- Yaesu FT-817ND @ 5 Watts
- 1/2 wavelength 6m aluminum dipole, homemade
- Elk 2M/440L5 portable log periodic antenna

Great weather both days for hiking and spending the afternoon outside. However,
no band enhancements.

Equipment operated well and as designed. A single 12V 9Ah sealed gel battery
continues to provide power all afternoon.

QSOs with locals and contest expeditions in neighboring grids. Most contacts
worked three bands (50/144/432). Interesting to me that most were worked by
establishing initial contact on 144 then working 50 & 432. 144 appears to
be my strongest band due to antenna choices.

Station photos here:

73 Alexander N1PRW
VE3RX   Single Op HP   482017-09-11 09:04:29
If it were not for digital modes, probably would have zero score.. 2M gear is
out of commission, due to lightning hit back in August (nothing was hooked up,
just EMP took out a FT-847, Astron PSU and Computer/USB devices). Everything
else survived due to good grounding and surge suppressors. All damage was via
wired Ethernet network, forgot about surge protection on that, who would have
6M is all I had. Worked a couple stations on MSK144, rest on FT8

K3/TE amp @ 250W, 64DX beam @ 72ft.
W3DHJ/R   Limited Rover LP   8142017-09-11 09:57:55
Once again the ARRL SEP VHF contest demonstrates the
triumph of hope over experience. Saturday: 11 QSOs!
A much younger OP I could've kept the log in his head.
I managed to transcribe my clay tablet log to RoverLog
even before the clay had a chance to dry.
Only used one clay tablet for this contest....
DXCC: 1 , WAS: 2

Old School: SSB, and rusty, QRS CW
WZ8T   Single Op LP   8,1512017-09-11 10:42:20
First time vhf contest in pnw. The local operating style is very different from
the Midwest. Missed having all the rovers and some of the big guns. Had a
great time but wish 6 meters would have opened a little.
N3HBX   Single Op HP   30,8762017-09-11 11:39:24
My first go with FT8. Much to learn. Activity seemed low and there was no
Sporadic E so score not so good.
W1DYJ   SO 3Band LP   2,2042017-09-11 12:13:59
Rig: TS2000
Antennas: 6M -- HB 7 el at 10M (ARRL Antenna Book)
2M -- 12el K1FO at 12M (K1WHS kit)
70cm -- M^2 440-18 at 11M (SK inherited)

As I was involved in Boxboro! 2017 as a FEMARA committee member, I was
only able to operated in the evenings. (For those who wonder why
Boxboro! is the weekend of the VHF Contest, try finding a decent
conference hotel, in the right area, on a weekend in September, and
lock it up for eight years... It was the only weekend available.)

There was little activity when I was on. It seemed like a lot of the
individuals I used to hear, or who would answer my CQs, were not
operating. Most of the contacts were (at least) three-banders, and
the activity was slow enough, that we could work all three bands
when first contacted.

HOWEVER, many of the stations I heard, especially late in the contest,
did not announce their calls when setting up QSYs to other bands.
Perhaps I (and they) missed some Qs because I didn't know I had not
worked them. PLEASE, when about to QSY, give your call and ask if there
are any others on frequency and waiting for a Q!

This was the 20th year I have operated this contest.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
W6OAT   Single Op LP   1682017-09-11 12:54:50
My first try using FT8. Wish condx had been better.
W3SO   Limited Multi-Op HP   117,7742017-09-11 13:18:08
We knew it was going to happen, sooner or later.
What is "it"? Look at the summary of our results...

(Use a fixed font such as 'courier new')

50 148 36
144 201 52
222 83 35
432 106 39
Total 538 162 Score 117,774

WOW! 432 has more grids than 50,
and 220 has only one fewer than 50!

50: The band absolutely s*cked!
Our noise level was, as usual, very high.
One theory of why our noise level is so high,
and has gotten worse the past number of years,
is that the radio/tv/government/private services
with which we share our mountaintop have switched
from quiet tube amps to noisy solid-state amps.

We did try digital (FT8) for the first time using a
separate, stand-alone laptop, radio, and interfaces.
The coax from the antenna switch was manually changed
from the SSB/CW station to the FT8 one and the SSB/CW
radio shut down (and the reverse going from FT8 to SSB/CW).
We did lose a few rover passes with this manual switch-over.

FT8 seems important enough to integrate the technology
with our existing radio / amp / networked logging system.

144: As usual, except when there is a serous 6 meter Eskip
opening, 2 meters is our QSO and GRID leader. Most of the
weekend was "routine", but late Sunday evening there was a
very nice tropo opening to the west and upper midwest
(mostly 9s in IL and WI).

220/432: Well, the grid total statement above says it all!
These bands have been our perennial point generators,
and certainly were so this contest.

For the Wopsononock Mountaintop Operator team
(w3bc, w3btx, w3sf, w3yoz, w3xox, wa3tts, wr3z, w3idt)

Bob, w3idt
WA7JTM   Single Op Port QRP   1,4042017-09-11 13:26:38
I operated QRP portable for this contest from a Summits On The Air (SOTA) peak,
W7A/MN-119, located in Grid Square DM33. I operated for just under three hours
from this hilltop location in the Sonoran Desert. Let's just say it was a
"HOT" location.

I was running an FT-817 (<5 watts battery powered) to a dipole on a 13 foot
crappie pole for 6M. On the other bands: I ran a 4 ele yagi on 2m, a 2 element
yagi on 223, a 5 element Quagi on 432, all mounted on an eight foot mast.

Conditions were typical, with no DX on 6M. Best 50 MHz DX on my dipole was
DM24(143 miles). Best 144/432 MHz DX was 125 miles.

Anyhow, lots of fun as usual. Thanks to all who turned on their radios for


VE3SST   SO 3Band LP   1262017-09-11 17:03:14
Missed most of the contest due to work. Only had short periods of operating, but
never heard much this time around. Must have been on while others were taking a
KQ4LA   SO 3Band LP   2422017-09-11 17:08:20
KQ4LA's Contest Summary Report for VHF
Created by N3FJP's VHF Contest Log
Version 5.0

Total Contacts = 20
Total Points = 242

Operating Period: 2017/09/10 22:42 - 2017/09/11 00:45

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
6 0 0 14 14 70
2 2 2 0 4 20
70 0 2 0 2 10
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 2 4 14 20 100

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
05 16 80
04 4 20

Total = 2

Total Contacts by Grid:

Grid Total %
--------- ----- ---
FM16 10 50
FM19 3 15
EM96 1 5
FM05 1 5
FM08 1 5
FM17 1 5
FM18 1 5
FM27 1 5
FN20 1 5

Total = 9
K6YK   Multi-Op LP   1,7432017-09-11 17:14:43
We were going good until we got rained out ! Lightning/thunder, etc.
N2SLO   Single Op HP   3,9272017-09-11 17:15:50
I only operated Saturday and only a few hours on Sunday morning... Not active at
all after 1625 Sunday, missed many QSO's and usual contacts. 6M is a joke- why
everybody uses FT8 is a mystery. What ever happened to a good SSB contact? The
&quot;dark side&quot;, I only managed 11Qs, almost beat that with 7Q's on 1296.
Beko amp working nice on 2M, with Yaesu 736- Icom 9100 still producing spikes
and tripping amp. New 432 Directive Systems yagi working good. Activity was way
down, conditions stunk. Not a very fun time.
KM4KMU   SO FM LP   7,4102017-09-11 17:16:16
Less activity on FM than last year. Strange conditions, 446 and 223.5 were
outstanding with as good or better propagation and much lower noise than 2m
despite the 2m having equal or better VSWR, power, line losses and impedance
match. 223.5 was by far the best band going. I just wish more people had it.

With the new 5 element 6m beam the 6m band was no slouch. Many of the 6m
contacts were with horizontally polarized stations tuned for SSB freqs who ran
5 watts to minimize their reflected power at 52.525 MHz. Racking my beams
to 45 degrees really paid off when working those SSB HPol stations who moved
over to FM.

N3GOV went the extra mile again this year, 3 bands from the QTH
and then two bands from two grid squares after going mobile. Thanks to AA3TQ
(FM29) and N3NGE(FN20) for a couple of distant (for FM) grids. AA4ZZ was
impossible to reach on Saturday in EM96 but on Sunday we easily worked the 3
high bands. Later on Sunday after working a sched with WB3CEH 165 miles away
over several co-altitude ridge lines with his omni on 2m & 50W he shocked
me when he can back twice a strong several hours later using the same dual
omni with half the power on 70cm. Like I said the band conditions were very
very weird, especially on Saturday were strong station simply disappeared mid
exchange like someone threw a switch only to reappear equally strong several
seconds or hours later. This was especially prevalent on 2m.

One highlight of the contest was to run two bands with K2EZ/R when she drove
down to FM19. Andrea's perseverance logging miles and activating grids is
legendary. When I heard her trying to help out an FM station determine his grid
(many don't know) and walk him through the exchange (painful and time consuming)
I knew I had to give her a call. I got both of my FM19 multi's with her. Thank

I got to talk to a number of evacuees and recovery personnel heading out of or
into Florida along I-81. Both inspirational and sad. Love FM where you have
time for a little rag chewing before calling CQ again.

It was a great weekend to be in Va on a 4,500' bald knob with a radio.
Both the claimed score and the claimed multi's are in FM record territory, I
hope they hold up.

AEØEE/R   Limited Rover LP   2,9902017-09-11 17:52:14
Grids: EN24, EN25, EN34, EN35

Mostly an FM rover in a pack with W0ZF/R and K0BBC/R, but did make some
contacts on various weak-signal modes. Power was a bit of an issue, as I only
had one 10-Ah battery to power the weak-signal rig on Saturday and the laptop
battery only gives two hours of uptime. Mostly used a dual-band handheld and a
222 FM handheld, either with a mag-mount antenna or a small (dual-band arrow or
WA5VJB cheap yagi) hand-held antenna.

On 6 m, I was able to use a Moxon, but forgot the tripod at home. Fortunately
it was a nice day and I could lash the PVC mast to the car door and wedge it
well enough to keep unanticipated rotating to a minimum. With the battery,
though, I wasn't able to put more than about 20 W into it. I was happy to hear
from W0VTT twice, handing out a pair of new grids to him. Congratulations,

A few times I used the hand-held arrow antenna for weak signal on 2 meters or
432. This was an adventure because I had to hold the antenna properly
polarized and pointed with one hand and still operate the mic, which was on a
short cord attached to the radio in the back of the sedan. The straight key
was a little bit more forgiving, but not much.

On Sunday I was happy to hear several FM-only stations on in Bloomington, as
well as several non-Bloomington-club stations working them. Our 30-minute FM
focus times (4:00-4:30 both afternoons, 8:30-9:00 Sunday morning) seem to be

Thanks to everyone who got on the air!
N5RZ   Single Op LP   3,1682017-09-11 17:57:23
Recently moved to new QTH in EM00 and still unpacking &amp; settling in. Have up
a 47' tower for my internet dish and cell phone booster antenna and a support
for my Carolina Windom for HF.

Just got back to town Friday, and got a call from K5TR saying he was going
rover. Got in gear and started digging out my VHF antennas &amp; some hardline
&amp; coax jumpers. Was able to get up a 13B2, Cushcraft 424 &amp; a 25 el 1296
loop yagi on the mast. Rotator worked fine, so ready to go. 13B2 &amp; 1296
tuned up OK, but the SWR was 3+:1 on 432 &amp; shut down the TS2000X to about
10W. Still decided to go with it. The Carolina Windom tunes up OK on 6M, so
I was set.

1800Z rolled around and 2M &amp; 1296 were fine, but couldn't do anything on
432, so dug out my old 15 el 70cm rover antenna &amp; found a place on the mast
for it. Tragedy narrowly averted!

Condx were poor, but activity is much better here in Central TX than it was at
the old QTH in West Texas. Made some Q's till 4PM when I headed over to AC4CA
across town to do CW Sprint, so back on VHF Sunday morning. Operated off
&amp; on all day chasing the rovers &amp; filling in bands with some of the
locals. Very little enhancement.

First time in years I've done the Sept contest. Had a good time and looking
forward to getting the real permanent antennas up and getting the amps going.

Thanks to all for the QSO's &amp; moves.

Rig: TS2000X

6M 100W to Carolina Windom
2M 100W to 13B2 @ 55'
432 50W to 15 el KLM yagi @ 48'
1296 10W to 25el LY @ 50'

Logged on paper, so need to enter the log into software.

73, Gator
NF2RS/R   Limited Rover LP   55,2262017-09-11 19:10:20
The enhanced tropo to the west on Sunday night on 2M made this all worthwhile.
We also had two super long distance Qs on 222 and 432 during the opening. Or Q
totals were down by a full 20% which really killed the score. Where was

Now to figure out what to do about the totally sub-par Elecraft XV222 and XV432
transverters. The K3 in the back seat of the rover on 6/222/432 is really
hobbled by these units. 6M is great, but the rest, yuck. The IC-746 running 2M
up front is totally fantastic! If only Icom would add 222 to the IC-9100, or
elecraft would build a radio with all this in the box.

Mark K2QO and Ricardo K2ZR
WA5LFD   Single Op HP   1,5122017-09-11 19:16:59
Maybe FT-8 has a place in VHF contests, but I haven't made the leap backwards
yet. The six meter SSB and CW bands were empty,only six meter q's were from
stations worked in strings from other bands. What's the point of digital
handshaking ether q's, especially when many of the FT-8 signals were S9 plus...
N3XF   Single Op HP   1,6802017-09-11 19:46:15
Unable too make a major effort but always fun passing out contacts. Six meter
activity was very low.
K5QE   Limited Multi-Op HP   77,4202017-09-11 22:08:29
W9SZ   Single Op Port QRP   5,9222017-09-11 23:02:42
The weather was perfect, no wind, all the equipment worked except for a couple
minor problems with connectors (some of my SMA connectors are getting worn
out). Always fun to have several stations to work on the microwave bands.
K2EZ/R   Limited Rover LP   45,8282017-09-11 23:45:03
I suspected it would hurt my score, but did it anyway and opted to depart from
the successful pattern of my January and June roves. This time I decided to
start in New England and end up near home to save the 5 to 6 hour dead head
home after the contest. This change also gave me opportunity to catch a bit of
the Boxboro convention that was just an hour north of my start point in FN43.

My best way to describe conditions were simply....odd. The bands weren't noisy
and there didn't seem to be high ground losses that I seen other times weakening
6m relative to 2m. At the same time there was little sign of any of the
enhancement that could usually be expected. There may have been a bit
enhancement on 1.25 and 70cm but no openings for me at least.

What seemed to happen was conditions were very balanced. I went thru most of
the contest with the essentially the same number of multipliers on all four
bands. It might shift for a short bit and then balance out again. There was
zero sign of the sort of enhancements that result in 6 and 2 getting a bit more

I did wonder if part of the problem getting more distant stations was a result
of a continued rise of digital modes and coordinating online. Both things not
really available to me in the rover. FT8 seemed to be the one everyone was
talking about. Hardly heard mention of MSK144 which was the big one earlier in
the year.

I did hear that there was some good enhancement between the Midwest and some
points west of me, but just didn't extend to where I was.

I generally heard stations in New England complaining how low activity was
while others further south were talking about how busy they were.

My decision to start in New England cost me some very productive time that I
had experienced in FN21 in the January and June contests. New England was
pretty dry as others had complained and by the time I got to FN21 there wasn't
much activity so my QSO count for that grid was down by nearly 70 Qs.

Early morning Sunday when in FN10 I caught up with K0BAK/R who was headed out
and he was kind enough to make a detour to re-visit FN11 to give me four mults
I would otherwise have not gotten plus QSOs with him from that grid and one

Later Sunday when I was getting ready to leave my FM19 spot two rovers, K8GP/R
and WA3PTV/R, rolled into the site on each other's heels resulting in an
un-planned three way rover rendezvous. None of us had worked each other within
that grid so we spent some time having a QSO fest. A fourth rover not with us
was close and all four of us worked each other thru all our bands. I
appreciate K8GP/R taking the lead to help keep some order to all the potential

I left the site to them two and went down the hill a bit to get clear of their
strong local signals. I made my final Qs there about 250 miles out into Ohio
working K8TQK on the bottom three bands. They weren't particularly difficult
once I drove around a bit trying to peak his signal. For some reason I got him
best about 300 ft down from the summit.

I was somewhat disappointed at the multiplier situation. I came really close
to getting no multipliers at all from two of the thirteen grids I activated.
Fortunately between K0BAK's detour as mentioned earlier got me all four mults
for FN11 and I finally caught WB2JAY for all FN30 mults. To give an idea how
bad this was, NYC is FN30 and I had direct eyeball view from three grids. Not
one FM contact. This was in part due to bad timing. Had I started in NJ like
I did in January and June I probably would have locked those mults in the first

While the Q count was down from previous roves at only 423 Qs, given the timing
issues which I expected to hurt me, and the other complaints I heard, I am
fairly satisfied.
KA1ZE/3(@W3XTT)   Single Op HP   4,8482017-09-12 04:10:58
My permanent home is now in the Tampa bay area. With the forecast of Irma
zeroing in on Tampa there was much to do with preparation. Filling sand bags,
helping with storm shutters in our neighborhood, left little time to think
about contesting. Linda and I made it through the storm with only 1 tree
falling in the back yard, no power, and a huge mess to clean up.... Thanks to
all for the prayers and good wishes!

Sunday morning I turned on the radio thinking of giving out FN01 to my regular
friends on 1440.205. Many callers and lots of conversation about Irma. Band
conditions felt pretty good. I was surprised to have Bob, W9EWZ EN52 570mi call
me on SSB to my west and easy cw QSOs with 500 milers KT1R FN54; N1BUG FN55 in

No digital this time.

73, Stan
W4JNB   Limited Multi-Op LP   5,6172017-09-12 06:58:03
The Muscle Shoals Amateur Radio Club operated Limited Multi-Op from Colbert
Heights Mountain near Tuscumbia, AL (EM64dq). We operated from the Colbert
County EMA's mobile command post parked in a county-owned lot near Colbert
Heights High School. Aside from intermittent noise problems, this proved to be
a good site for VHF contesting. We improved greatly on our score from last year
and added digital modes on 6 meters, which yielded one more QSO than did SSB.
We made zero CW QSOs on any band this time.

We did not experience any significant enhancement on any of the bands above 2
meters. Although there seemed to be a fair bit of meteor scatter on 6, we were
only able to complete five MSK144 QSOs with 100 watts and 5 elements. We did
not have the benefit of Internet access for any permitted assistance; we will
work on this for next time. Groundwave range from our site on 6 meters was
very good.

We also noticed the incompatibility between FT8 &quot;regular&quot; and contest
mode that others have noted and are confident that Joe and the other WSJT
contributors will come up with a good solution. FT8 and MSK144 have been
game-changers -- in this submitter's opinion, in a positive way -- this year,
and we are grateful for them.

It was brought to our attention Sunday morning that we spent too much time
using 144.200. I (NV4B) primarily operated 6m and 222 while some of our less
experienced contesters operated 2m and 432. As our contesting experience as a
club thus far has been limited primarily to Field Day, I accept full
responsibility for not explaining the cooperative nature of VHF contesting or
the need to move our directional antennas more often when calling CQ and
causing frustration for least one nearby contester. We're sorry if this
frustrated anyone else. We will absolutely do better next time and hopefully
boost the scores of everyone involved.

We are also interested in recruiting some of our members who don't want to or
can't operate long periods at our multi-op to rove. We are near the
intersection of EM54/55/64/65 and tried this idea out Sunday afternoon with one
of our members who has an FT-857 and ATAS. It worked better than expected, and
with further development of mobile stations, perhaps we can provide even more
QSO and multiplier opportunities to stations in our region.

Another to-do item is to further develop our 222 station. We used NV4B's
portable 222 station with just 10 watts and 4 elements. We missed several QSOs
because of our weaker signal on this band, although having the 222 station at
all still proved valuable.
W1VD   Single Op HP   9,2462017-09-12 08:14:17
2 meter only effort ... phone/cw, no digital. Band condx flat ... no tropo at
this location. Logged a few grids not normally worked ... the most 'exciting'
was a maritime mobile in FN40 (an all water grid). Thanks to all stations that
AG2AA   Single Op LP   702017-09-12 09:27:12
where was everyone?
K6KNS   Single Op LP   8102017-09-12 09:59:03
This was my first time working a VHF contest with more effort. I set up in the
El Dorado National Forest at 6600 feet, just off the Mormon Emigrant Trail
(about 6 miles west of HWY 88). I used 2 radios with 3 antennas for 3 bands.
For the first three hours it was beautiful weather: clear skies and 70°. Then
came clouds, lightning and thunder, rain, and hail. I was drenched when I left.
Other than the downpour, it was an enjoyable contest.

Yaesu FT-990 and FT-891 / Jetstream JTBM270 / M2 6M HO Loop / Elk 2M/440L5
WQØP   Multi-Op HP   28,1792017-09-12 10:15:38
SOAPBOX: Very enjoyable contest. No 6m ES. N0LD rover made it alot of fun!
Always good to operate with Todd (K0KAN)!
WE7X   SO 3Band LP   1,9882017-09-12 10:24:13
Operated from CN78, near the remote NW corner of Washington State.

Wet, foggy and possibly some solar flare activity, made conditions poor on
Saturday; then Sunday I dried out!
W9IIX   SO 3Band LP   2202017-09-12 12:42:58
KA6BIM   SO 3Band LP   9762017-09-12 14:24:09
Conditions were BAD! My first try with FT8 digi in contest. It counted for 1/3
of qso’s. NO East-West prop at all. Almost 95% to North
(Portland, Vancouver Seattle, Tacoma ) Nice to have some of the locals give me
contacts, 1/3rd of qso’s were in my own county. Only 1 CA qso
WA6OSX   Single Op HP   3,5352017-09-12 15:54:57
a great time was had... thanks
K1KG   Single Op LP   51,4102017-09-12 17:11:01
Conditions here were poor in general but not as bad as 2 inches of ice. The
Sunday night opening never quite made it here. There were no issues with the
equipment but I missed my own grid on 4 bands. No assistance was used and no
digital communications. The only FM used was 223.5 MHz. On VHF, ompetition is
always local and I have no hope of having higher scores than those who live on
mountains or operate portable from there. I live far enough from eastern PA
and near enough to the coast that I can't work the numbers that some others
can. Therefore I look for anomalous propagation and enjoy working those who I
can, particularly on the higher bands. Thanks to all for getting on. 73,
WB5CTS/R   Limited Rover LP   9442017-09-12 18:52:37
Limited equipment:6M 100W SSB/CW (FT-450D), 2M 5W FM, 70cm 5w FM (FT-60 HT).
Ant. ELK 5 element Satellite LP 2m/70cm, 6m Hamstick on a Mag Mt. Visiting ABQ
and decided to participate even though 144/432 SSB gear and amps were in
Phoenix. Saturday we worked Jim KK6MC/R at the 4 grid confluence near Moriarty,
NM. Sunday worked 16 Q's in ABQ. DM64 &amp; DM 65. Local OPS community were very
friendly and helpful and made it an enjoyable experience.
W8RU/R   Unlimited Rover LP   1,0922017-09-12 21:45:18
Ran the rover from EN82 and EN72 on Saturday. It's slowly evolving and
improving. Activity seemed light and conditions were up-and-down. We did work
FM19 from EN72, so that was exciting. Mr. Murphy made a couple visits but we
managed to work thru the small problems he brought along. Thanks to everyone
for the QSOs and 73! -Ron (W8RU) and Bill (KC8VGG).
W8RU   Single Op HP   7202017-09-12 21:48:52
Did a rover on Saturday and got on for the last 3hrs on Sunday from the home
station. Conditions were pretty good on 144, 222, and 432. Got some good tropo
QSOs and had a lot of fun. Thanks to all for the QSOs and 73. Ron (W8RU).
W7FI   Single Op HP   3602017-09-13 05:41:05
FT8 productive for ferreting out weak tropo and sporadic e.
K7YDL   Single Op HP   14,6642017-09-13 11:11:25
Added FT8 on 6M, added 222 Mhz sideband
improved antennas, Murphy crippled me on 432 Mhz
Still, my best Sept. effort.
W3EKT   Single Op LP   28,6162017-09-13 15:36:09
Lot of distractions this time of year. Multiple contests, football, good weather
for most of us. Good Rover showing so did well on the upper bands.

Ed, w3EKT
KØBAK/R   Limited Rover LP   14,2802017-09-13 17:29:51
Activated 8 grids: FN21, FN11, FN10, FN20, FN31, FN30, FM29, FM19
Big score improvement from previous 5 Limited Rover contests.
K2DRH   Single Op LP   138,4502017-09-13 19:30:06
Getting ready for the VHF contests this year seems to have reached new levels of
absurdity. Skip to the bottom if you want to read all the details about this
one, but it is necessary for you to know that I took a lot of EMP style
lightning damage the day I returned from Colorado and New Mexico where I went
to the CSVHF Conference and then worked the new 222 and above distance contest
with W9RM/R the following weekend. Pretty sure I saw the bolt from the
Interstate as I drove past my exit to pick up my dog at the kennel. When we got
home there were still patches of hail in the grass.

The contest started with a total whimper but there were a few stations that I
could hear. But none could hear me. With all the repair work and testing I had
to do to recover, it never even dawned on me to try to TX SSB. Dead. I wasted
the first 20 minutes of the test troubleshooting (I have an audio switching
network for two radios) and then replacing the mic. No clue how that happened
considering it wasn't actually connected to anything at the time of the strike.
By then the initial rush of stations was long gone. It really knocked the wind
out of my sails since I was already tired from climbing the tower an hour
before the test. Conditions seemed generally good on 2M and above but the going
was very slow with few stations calling CQ or responding to my calls making my
funk even worse. No Es or enhancement on 6M whatsoever, in fact 6M tropo
conditions seemed pretty depressed for the most part and failed at the longer
distances I can normally work. I was so out of it I even missed working
W9FZ/KA9VVQ/R in their first grid. Highlight was having K2YAZ in EM74 at 300
miles find me, and then working him all the way up to 3456 for the first time
in quite a few years.

I had 3 computer screens going on and independent RX slices so I was able to
see WSJT X from FT8 (practically no JT65) and MSK144 going on the whole
afternoon. Apparently that's where everyone went and it was really depressing
to see locals working each other there instead of on SSB. So I had to jump to
that whenever I saw an opportunity, then try and QSY them to SSB to run some
bands if they were local. The short 13 character free message makes QSY
instructions a more of challenge to be directed to a call and still be
understandable. Actually there was very little FT8 going on since there was no
Es, mostly from locals within 200 miles that worked each other and didn't stick
around very long. Most of them on FT8 were running standard reports instead of
the new contest mode that came out a few days earlier, and if you replied with
a contest grid report instead, they immediately failed open and stubbornly kept
repeating the report until you sent them a signal report back so they could
mindlessly auto sequence to RRR (I used the free message rather than keep
changing modes) ... such is the curse of auto sequencing exacerbated by
operator inflexibility to interpret whats going on and manually advance to the
next message! Had to send QSY instructions several times too, often to no
avail. It was a totally frustrating afternoon and I was glad to get into the
evening when some guys actually came back on SSB again. It was better later on
the with the actual meteor scatter MSK144 crowd on the PJ page, where folks are
more savvy.

I stayed up way too late making up for lost time, miss-set my alarm and woke up
an hour late for my morning sked with K0AWU 400 miles away in EN37. Luckily he
was still around and we actually worked the bottom 4 on CW/SSB in record time
with a bit of enhancement to the north, first time in a long time as we usually
have to resort to JT65 on 222 and 432. Too bad there were few stations on to
the north. The day went a lot better with a lot more Qs going into the log as
more stations got on SSB and were easier to QSY to additional bands. The bands
all seemed a bit less depressed except for 6M. While never stellar (with no Es
and few on ionoscatter), rates were much better on Sunday and I had fun chasing
the rovers like W9SZ/KA9VVQ/R, K9JK/R and W9SNR/R; especially a new rover N0LD/R
who was generally at the fringe of my rover range out 350 to 450 miles all day
but had a great signal on 2M and 222 and gave me a lot of new grids to the
west. Things got a bit exciting about 2330Z when I started getting QRM on my
normal 144.210 CQ freq and tuned up to 212 to hear W3SO in FN00. We easily
worked and then went to 222 and 432 where we worked again. 6M was a bust
despite my aggressive antennas, but I was thrilled. It got pretty crazy then
juggling the closer in stations with multiple bands that normally get on as the
sun goes down and the DX out 500 to 700+ miles to the east and SE. I made lots
of noise on the ON4KST 144/432 R2 Chat about the opening and got a lot of
takers interspersed with the locals, though a few seemed less interested. Best
2M DX was with AA2UK at 843 miles in FM29. Also worked a rover, N2SLN/R in FN22
on 2M at 746 miles and who later told me he heard my CW on 222 when I was trying
to work AA2UK who I could hear S2 with his KW, but could not hear my 100W. The
duct did not support 6M but was excellent for 2, 222 and 432. The last hour was
hectic chasing last grid rovers and such and the contest seemed like it ended
too early.

This has been a truly bad year. After my June test rotor loop recovery the
station was firing on all cylinders again and Wyatt AC0RA was able to drive it
to a likely 1st place SO finish in CQWW VHF in July when I had family
commitments. Imagine my disgust to come home from Colorado to find that
lightning had struck yet again (whoever says lightning never strikes in the
same place twice wasn't a ham!). This time was really bad. It got TVs, my phone
line, internet switch (it slagged the lightning arrestor), router, washing
machine, 2 computers connected to the router (and one that wasn't), wall warts
even light bulbs. While all my antennas were disconnected from the rigs and
all the power strips were unplugged from the walls, it found the the tower
mounted preamps and stuff and blew many of them up. Two normally open 6M
Stackmatch relays were toast as well as the controller. Neither tower would
turn and the controller for the 6M array was damaged. It even bypassed an Alpha
Delta arc plug coax switch that was grounded and nailed the output relay on the
6M amp, yet spared the antennas and coax it came in on. The top 2M antenna boom
had broken from the wind and my 40M beam balun blew open. The box with the 3456
and 2304 relays preamps and 3456 amp was messed up as well as some microwave
sequencers. In retrospect it was a good thing the Flex 6700 was out for repair
(low power out) as it would have been connected to the router and taken a hit.

I had about 3 weeks to get it all together. Well Steve at Demi, Ted at Henry,
Richard at K0XG, Jeff at Green Heron, Robert at M2, Joel at RF Connection and
Jay at Array Solutions all came through with parts and repairs, some just in
the nick of time. I had spares of the SSB preamp stuff that still needs fixing
but I know Jerry would have come through if I had asked him. Jay had to find
and reprogram a new 6M array controller (the chips in the old one were
obsolete) as well as fix the Stackmaster realy box. Richard repaired my motor
controller and loaned me a rotor control box while mine was getting fixed, but
Jeff had it back in plenty of time. Rebuilt and replaced the 2M antennas.
Richard got me new magnetic pulse switches for both towers since both had
failed. Working a little (sometimes a lot) every day, by Friday of the contest
I had everything repaired, rebuilt or replaced except an intermittent coax
relay on 3456 that seemed fine the day before (spent a lot of time on the tower
sorting that relay box out). Since half my computers were gone I had a lot of
station software parameter reconfiguring to do that took many hours. My
favorite logger (CT) is no more since I blew up my last DOS based computer.
N1MM is not very VHF friendly with manually switched microwave transverters and
refuses to log a band change manually that contradicts the band input from CAT
unless one entry window is disconnected from CAT (so much for my 2M voice
keyer). Between it and the Flex I go absolutely mouse click crazy now just to
change bands (got to be a better way!). Hard to keep up with all the prop
loggers, spreadsheets and chat pages with only 3 screens! But at least I was

Saturday morning of the contest and the 6M array tower stopped turning, then
was counting and indicating incorrectly, but it just required some (panicked
last minute) gap adjustment of the pulse switch. The 3456 relay failed
completely but a trip up the tower got it working again. I had enough time to
take a shower, sit down at the rig and then found the mic had failed .. jeez!
The weariness of all that effort just came down on my shoulders like a lead
weight! Oh and I still have to deal with the 40M beam this week as well as a
my HF antenna switch. I really am getting too old for this crap.

73 de Bob K2DRH
VA3ELE   Single Op HP   3,7442017-09-13 20:42:45
Not much effort, but, still had fun. Most of my station is under construction as
I still need to replace the mast on my one and only tower that used to hold over
a dozen antennas. On 6, I was only using a HALO at around 35ft with 100watts and
my typical 8el yagi on 2m with 100watts at start and after a few hours I added
in the amplifier. On the microwaves I only had left the 1296 and 2304 4 stacks
of 55el loopers and a Sunday after noon visit to my roof top yielded a 10GHz
QSO with Stephen VE3ZV. That was fun!

It was great to hear the few rovers that went out and I was able to work,
VEOIL/R, NF2RS/R &amp; KF2MR/R. Thanks for going out guys, it's always fun
chasing them around the different grids.

Lots of CQ's often yielded a QSO and I even heard a few stations I have never
worked before.

By January, I should have the station all back together and fully functioning
again with all bands from 50MHz to 24GHz.

Now to get ready for the 10GHz &amp; Up contest and all the Fall Sprints as a

73 de Peter
WØETT   Single Op HP   4322017-09-14 09:20:25
Not much SSB and CW activity in this September VHF contest. A few locals were on
and two Colorado rovers Jonesy W3DHJ/R and George AB0YM/R were very active on
Saturday and Sunday passing out needed grids - thank you for being there!
Secondly, some have been saying that many contestants have left the old,
traditional modes behind for Digi JT65/FT8 contacts where &quot;your computer
works my computer&quot;. Maybe some changes are needed to encourage more ops
to engage all of our three major modes: SSB, CW, and Digital.

73 Ken, W0ETT
Rig: IC756pro 3 and THP 500w amp on 6m
NØLL   Single Op LP   13,0242017-09-14 09:44:55
First contest with 6m digital. This helped make the contest much more
challenging and interesting.
K1SIG/R   Limited Rover LP   6,3642017-09-14 14:04:43
We managed 6 grids this year (FN33,FN32,FN43,FN42,FN41,FN31). It was extremely
hard to get out to other grids, and Saturday from FN33 and FN32 was a bit of a
bust. We also had some equipment issues - powerpoles fell off of the 70cm
radio, the 6m moxon was showing infinite SWR, and a few other things. We had
these sorted by our second grid, but it cost us a bunch in FN33. We need to
work on setup time, and probably choosing some other locations to operate

Good times, looking forward to the next one.
N2BEG   SO 3Band LP   2,4182017-09-15 02:39:01
lower activity than normal, no openings makes for a long contest. Thanks to the
rovers who made it fun.
K5AND   Single Op HP   9,7352017-09-15 10:04:51
Generally poor band condx, so spent limited time on this.
Bright spot was equipment worked!
Kudos to our local rovers who put in the time and paid the on-road price!
KAØRYT   Single Op HP   3,9842017-09-15 10:49:22
Fun contest !! Well it seems that here in the upper Midwest that either due to
the lack of local participation or because the operators at the bigger stations
have no clue on digital operating so that they seem to want to cause intentional
interference with me on 144 Sunday evening ( score jealousy ?? They still
cannot seem to top my score tallys on 2m even though I only run a single yagi
there )..... Enough on that - maybe I will go to some other contesting or ??
Its just sad to see that fellow club members be that way ..... Anyone out East
looking for a guest op this June or ??
Conditions were decent and variable here with enhancement on Saturday and
Sunday evening.
N6NB/R   Rover LP   158,0402017-09-15 15:28:03
As weak-signal VHF activity continues to decline in Southern California (and to
a lesser extent in Northern California), I've concentrated more and more on the
microwave bands. That was certainly true in the recent September VHF Contest.

After working the four L.A. Basin grid squares on 11 bands (50 MHz through 24
GHz), I once again headed north alone, meeting a very dedicated group of VHF+
enthusiasts at the Kettleman City grid convergence. On Saturday evening we
worked DM05, CM95, DM06 and CM96 on all bands through 24 GHz. On Sunday we
went further north to work DM07 and CM97.

The real highlight for me was again having W6TV, a well-equipped multioperator
station on Bear Mountain, to work on all bands through 24 GHz. There seem to
be at least a dozen hilltops named &quot;Bear Mountain&quot; in California
alone, but this one is east of Fresno at 3,500' elevation in the foothills of
the High Sierras. It's about 90 miles from Kettleman City. The W6TV
operators, Rob and Pat, are consistently workable around Kettleman City all the
way to 24 GHz (although this time their 5.7 GHz setup was giving them trouble
until our very last grid stop). I worked them on 24 GHz from six different
grid squares, as did K6MI/R, I believe. That means they qualify for VUCC on 24
GHz for one day's work--twice over. It also means we qualify for the Central
States VHF Society's &quot;reverse VUCC&quot; award, which is for rovers who
work one fixed station from the requisite number of different grid squares
(five on 24 GHz).

Overall contest scores may be gradually slipping downward, but there's always
24 GHz to make this fun.

73, Wayne, N6NB
KØBBC/R   Unlimited Rover LP   2,6882017-09-16 04:16:27
The real goal of the weekend was to test the Icom 1271A I purchased from Dennis
NT0V. It worked very well. I used an HT to make FM contacts on three other
bands. Beautiful weekend to be outside roving.
KO9A   SO 3Band LP   12,0362017-09-16 06:14:33
This contest was an awesome way to finish out a great week!
Monday - Labor Day
Tuesday - Fantasy Football Draft (Yes, I'm into multiple dorky endeavors :) )
Wednesday - Brother flew in to town
Thursday - Fantasy Football Draft
Friday - Golf outing (with great September)
Saturday - Brother flew out, and of course the contest.
Not sure I believe in karma however the following week has been a nightmare,
sorry about the late posting here. Will end up missing W9DXCC this year which
is a bummer.

Conditions seemed ordinary at the start but a good amount of local activity was
there in addition to both K9JK/R and W9SNR/R being on from or near the start.
Always great to have these two roaming the local area as it definitely seems
like it encourages stations further out to beam this way more regularly.

Started banging away at FT8 once the SSB work dried up Saturday afternoon.
Added KX8D in the afternoon on 6m...not a gimme from my station and likely not
possible on any other mode outside of JT65. Hope he get active in future
'tests, that is a rarely worked grid from here.

Made my first meteor scatter QSO of the contest around 2245Z...meteor
conditions seemed as good or better than last September. Had better luck on 2m
meteors this year than last.

Nice Tropo opening during the last few hours of the contest! My station is
puny but was still able to work W3SO on 2m easily. This is special for me as I
was born and raised in FN00 so it's nice to work the birth grid. W3SO was
louder than virtually all local stations for ~2-3 hour span. Also got EN92 and
FN02 into the log. Heard but couldn't work K1RZ. He wasn't strong but stable

The opening seemed good but unfortunately not many stations appeared to be
looking west. I'm guessing given the conditions over the weekend + NFL, many
ops had powered down their radios after dinner on Sunday...bummer. Despite
that, still very fun to work good distance on 2m and add to the grid total.

Digital Impressions:

FT8 - The chaos between normal mode and contest mode was apparent. I probably
lost 5-10 QSOs since fleeting conditions and swapping modes wasted a cycle or
two that could've been used to complete. Hopefully a common mode gets
implemented soon so there is no issue here. One of the advantages of FT8 is
that you can easily work casual non-contest ops. Some of that advantage was
lost this year. On the meteor front, I noticed a lot less &quot;one decode
wonders&quot; and less meteor pings on FT8 but many were still there.
Hopefully ops are learning that QSOs can be made much easier via MSK144 than
FT8 when meteors are there.

MSK144 - Bread and butter for this contest again. Probably responsible for at
least 30 or more of my grids. Good activity on MSK144 and ping jockey starting
Saturday afternoon all the way through the end of the contest. I was very
hesitant to try evil digital modes almost a decade ago now, but glad I gave it
a chance. If you haven't played with WSJT or this mode specifically yet you
are doing yourself a is extremely fun and can enhance your
score bigtime. My thanks go out to W9RM who prodded me years ago and provided
the tips required to get me up and running quickly on this mode (back in FSK441

Thanks for the QSOs &amp; fun, see you in Jan!


Jim KO9A
WA7TOF/4   Single Op LP   3,2002017-09-16 11:55:54
Portable in Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Dr, Hogback Overlook, VA. Most
common question asked by the onlookers this time, &quot;was I was monitoring
the weather?&quot;. Shared the site part of the time with K8GP/R and all of the
time with a search and rescue mobile repeater. No bears seen this year.

Had a great time. Looking forward to next year.
NØLD/R   Unlimited Rover LP   12,1522017-09-16 16:41:17
We activated some new territory west and south of Des Moines, IA and down into
the rare EM39 grid in Northern Missouri - then over through KC, Lawrence, and
Topeka. We overnighted with WQ0P in EM19... the next morning we travelled down
through EM18 and EM17 to the El Dorado KS area - and then over to Coffeyville in
EM27... down to EM26, EM16, and EM25... but ran out of time and couldn't get
into OKC before the end of the contest. We made a few digital contacts using
FT8, many CW contacts (new to us for rovering), and just flat had a great time
keeping busy with multiple laptops, radios, and good conversation! Highlights
were making contact with K2DRH and WQ0P in MULTIPLE grids... K2DRH in EN41 and
our rover team made 2m and 1.25m contacts 432 miles distant in EM26! WQ0P
worked us in every single grid square we operated!

Randy (N0LD), Nick (KB0YHT), and Harvey (W0HGJ)
K1TEO   Single Op HP   309,5002017-09-18 06:50:01
Tough sledding this time in the contest. Condx for the first half were well
below normal. Lowest 6,2 and 432 QSO totals for the last 25 years for a full
time effort. Activity also appeared to be lower than usual. I kept checking the
swr to see if something was wrong, hi! As has been mentioned digital use on 6M
left the ssb/cw portion empty.

On the plus side there was good rover activity. Tnx to all of them for their
efforts and keeping it more interesting.

It's been a long time since we have had enhanced condx during a Sept contest.
Hoping '18 is the year....

73 and tnx for the QSO's.

Jeff K1TEO
K1TR   Single Op HP   40,7962017-09-18 14:59:27
No enhanced band conditions observed here. Year to year there are fewer SSB and
CW QSOs. The growth area seems to be in the digital modes. It seems that the
operating style of the average VHF contester is transitioning from Cq'ing and
tuning to watching a chat room window and pointing and clicking in a WSJT-X
N4QWZ   Single Op HP   14,3992017-09-18 16:44:11
Light Effort bad prop, Beautiful outdoor weather Played Golf
Sat&amp;Sunday.First time making 144&amp;432 EME qso&quot;s to my
score.Thanks to AG4V/R for his hard work and keeping me occupied.
Looking forward to ARRL EME contest
73 tnx to all participating in contest
WB2PJH   Single Op LP   7982017-09-19 05:52:47
Tough band conditions on all three bands, but did my best.
W4NH   Limited Multi-Op HP   18,3042017-09-19 13:34:18
Only 18 hours operation for this contest. We had to leave our campground site
in North Carolina because the Park Service was going to close the Blue Ridge
Parkway. We got the convoy of trailers home to N. GA OK and everyone got to
their homes before the rain and wind from the hurricane made it here.
K3CCR(N3UM)   Single Op LP   1,9142017-09-19 20:11:10
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. I (N3UM)
did SOLP in the Sept. 2017 ARRL VHF.

As always I enjoyed working long-time VHF buddies on 2 and 0.7 m,
but my main interest this time was 903 and 1296 MHz QSOs. My home-
brew 903 and 1296 gear has been on the shelf since I moved here in
June 2014. I almost got it on for the 222 MHz+ Distance Test Aug.
5-6. BUT, we got a call Aug. 1 that the tower pro was coming Aug. 3
to put up the new 20/40 m. JK Falcon beam we had been assembling
for weeks, so 903/1296 had to wait.

For my 2 loop Yagis I pulled up a 30-ft. tapered rotating mast made
of 6-ft. Al tubes with a guy ring. The rotor rested on a barn-hinged
base spiked to the ground. All 903 and 1296 gear was at the mast base
in a rainproof plastic box. AC power, control, and 2 m. IF signals
were fed thru 75 ft. cables to the shack.

I was pleased to make 5 Qs on 903 MHz and 2 Qs on 1296.
Signals were strong to and from very high stations (K1RZ and W3IP)
but weaker with W3EKT and N3OC than they had been from my old QTH
~17 miles to the east. And, I could not hear W3APL beacons at all
on 903 or 1296: both were easy copy from the old QTH!

I think I have a terrain problem: no blockage nearby, but there must
be a big hill or two between here and FM19 to the NW in Montgomery
County. Maybe I will add one 6 ft. mast tube and move the mast to
the top of the 20 ft. hill behind the shack for the Jan. VHF test.
K7BWH   SO 3Band LP   402017-09-20 08:33:10
It felt good to be in my first SSB contest since moving house.
The hard part was finding all the boxes and gear to assemble the
portable station in my driveway. The fun part was operating my new
(used) IC-9100 in the back of my 4Runner. I discovered that an
upgrade to my portable 13.8 supply will be required for full
transmitter power.
Although I operated 'portable' and 6-meter only, my category is
'fixed' because my 50w power exceeded the portable limit.
N2RHL   Single Op LP   12017-09-20 10:48:31
seems my rig and amp still not right.
K1RZ   Single Op HP   210,4442017-09-20 20:15:21
The early hours of the VHF Contest seemed pretty normal with average conditions
for Saturday into Sunday morning. Activity seemed good. But conditions were
just normal. I worked a number of Rovers including KJ1K, AB4CR, WA3PTV, N2SLN,
K8GP, KF2MR, W2HYW, K2EZ, KD3PD and NF2RS. Early Sunday morning I worked some
6m MSK144 stations until fairly late &quot; almost 3AM, picking up some grids
that I would have not gotten otherwise given that there was no 6m E-Skip in my
log for the weekend.

Again in the 6AM hour working a few more MSK144 contacts both 6m and 2m, and
then saw decodes from VE2DFO on 6m, so turned beam up to FN25 called and
quickly worked Don with very consistent signals. In a few minutes Don chatted
that he had worked me on UHF bands in the past and wanted to go to 432 MHz. We
went to 432 and worked and then went to 222 MHz and worked easily. Don chatted
“lets try 1296” and we were both surprised as we easily worked on that band.
At this point I realized there was the enhancement I expected on the bands,
which sometimes seems to be caused by the presence of the devastating
hurricane, Irma now approximately 1500 km’s to the south and moving north.

However, during the mid-morning to early evening, daytime conditions returned
to “normal” replacing the &quot;enhanced&quot; perception that VE2DFO and I
were left with. But in the evening it all changed again, back to
&quot;enhanced&quot;. First indication at 0105z when Bob K2DRH EN41 chatted
for me to come to 144.208 where I found him S6 on USB. We immediatley QSY'd to
222, and worked with some difficulty, and then went to 432 where we worked
immediately with signals at S4 on my side. After running with several rovers I
got Joe K9MRI EN70 on 144 MHz at 0214z and learned Joe had the rest of the K9MRI
bands under construction, but we were happy with the 2 meter only contact. I
continued to work looking west and got Ken W9GA EN53 on 144 USB plus 222 and
432 on CW. Then worked Gil WB9TFH EN53 on 144 and 432 CW. Again 432 seemed
stronger then the lower bands. At 0240z worked Dan K9EA EN71 on 144 CW. Then
connected with Ken KU8Y EN61 at 0251z on 222 MHz CW. QSY'd immediately to 432
MHZ working on USB, and then to 902 CW completing with Ken at 0255z. We went
up to 1296 but could not complete during the contest, so logged in the regular
station log after the contest was over. This was clearly a nice way to end the
contest. Ken and I have agreed to check the higher bands more often.

Over all it was a fun contest with some quite decent enhanced conditions,
particularly early morning Sunday with Don VE2DFO on 222, 432 and 1296 to FN25.
Also the into W0 and W9 in the last two hours of the contest. It is always
interesting to see how such enhanced conditions / band openings can be very
geographically narrow in scope. It was noted on ON4KST that none of the New
England stations experienced these conditions. Also it shouldThe chat pages
have simplified many aspects of openings in that one can set up the next
frequency and the timing sequences on the chat page while QSYing the equipment.
Again, it was a very good weekend.

Dave K1RZ FM19jh
N6GP/R   Limited Rover LP   1,4202017-09-21 21:19:23
Had about a 3 hour delay to the start of the contest due to a conflict. Showed
up at the church up on the hill in Pomona for DM14 and they were having a huge
festival! Wasted about 1 hour roaming the hills in Pomona and Walnut before I
found a mediocre spot, and operated for about 1 hour.
Went to the Community Center in Diamond Bar and had fun working 6 meters into
Santa Barbara, but too bad it was westerly DM04 and not DM94.
Had to pick up daughter in law Sunday on the U.S. side of the Tijuana airport
(CBX). Stopped at a rest stop near Camp Pendleton and worked back into L.A
With the hilly terrain near San Diego, I only found 1 op there. Where are you
DM12 people? Managed to work N6TCZ on 220 with my 5W handheld and 5/8ths wave
antenna a stone's throw from Tijuana. All thanks to N6TCZ's huge beam.

We need more activity in Southern Calif. Any chance of reviving the Western
States Weak Signal Society? Otherwise we have no chance to compete against
other areas of the country that have VHF societies.
AF1T   Single Op LP   68,8562017-09-22 08:58:17
300+= 1 &amp; 1

Conditions were definitely worse than last year, and activity level was down
(may be due in part to the Boxboro Convention that weekend). I enjoyed working
the Rovers, especially Andrea,K2EZ/R. - We made 29 contacts in 8 Grids (missed a
few on 432 MHz).

Dale Clement, AF1T