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7th Call Area QSO Party   2017   May 6   Comment Summary

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K4WW   SOCW LP   22,5002017-05-06 12:52:30
100% S/P.
DK8ZZ   SO(A)CW HP   5,2442017-05-06 12:57:44
600W, 5 band Beam about 30ft. high. Just for fun, CONDX not so good, thanks to
all for QSOs, especially /M stations.
AI6DO   Cnty Exped SO QRP   5782017-05-06 16:36:01
Not a serious effort; just an operational test of my Field Day
QRP portable setup: Fan dipole inverted-vee for 40m and 20m at
22 ft up in a tree, KX3 and PX3 at 5 watts, Android tablets for
rig control and logging. Thanks for the QSOs!
N1CC   SO(A)Mixed LP   91,9202017-05-06 18:09:06
Station: Elecraft K3/100 @100W. F-12 C3 @64', 80/40 Fan Dipole E/W @50' using
WriteLog V12.13B, Packet Cluster, RBN, and VOACAP.

Last year I operated part-time and QRP and also in the other two QPs this
weekend. That diluted my effort and I chose to ONLY work 7QP this year.

Conditions early in the day were pretty poor, got better in late afternoon.
Used "Directional Calling" to attract stations to contact. Sixteen
Hams, 12 who are Extra-class and three who are very experienced operators
called me when I was either saying "7 Call Area Only" on SSB or
"W7 KN" on CW. They all were NOT logged, are on tape, and need to
find ELMER that will teach them not to call when someone is making directional
calls. On the other hand, only 7 attempts to "dupe" me showed that
discipline in the 7-Land is better on dupes than some other parts of the radio

Late afternoon gave up on CW because the CW spectrum was a lot like the
"CWO*" with people banging away, moving on top of you, and in other
words being lids. Most of these were obviously HP East Coast and Midwest
stations, that "could" hear me but did not care ... Contest
University should work on that hammer technique to try and alleviate the bedlam
mode so many use.
*I resigned from CW Ops for this reason last year.

Fun event, nonetheless, and I hope we can get the other outfits to pick other
times in coordination with other QPs to enhance availability and time share.
K7JQ   SOCW HP   103,5452017-05-06 21:07:26
Limited time available. Fun time...thanks for the Q's!
Icom IC-7600; Acom 1500; Ground-mounted screwdriver antenna.

73, Bob K7JQ
KC7V   SOCW LP   38,2502017-05-06 22:13:37
Great activity at least when I was on. Appreciate all the QSOs.
K7ULS   SOCW LP   1,6832017-05-06 23:07:15
8000' Powder Mtn.
DX-EE Dipole @ 20'
LDG AT-100Pro
K6SCA   SOSSB HP   76,5902017-05-06 23:51:22
5.5 hours operating time. Pulled the plug early due to Bronchitis. Had a couple
of good runs on 20 with a rate of 105 & 109 for a 20 min period. 73, Steve
KI7Y   SO(A)CW HP   35,1092017-05-07 00:05:24
Only last hours due to other commitment
W7XQ   M/M LP   119,9702017-05-07 00:15:14
At least there were no coronal holes, even if there was also no propagation.....

First time running M/M, with a FT-2000 on one station, and an old TS-120S on
the other. Kept power low to keep interstation interference to a minimum.

15M was a dead as we've we've ever heard it, no phone stations at all were
heard. Just managed a few on CW, that was it.

Thanks for all those that participated, we still had a blast.

STATION 1= FT-2000, 3 ele SteppIR at 70 feet, Delta loop at 50 feet
STATION 2= TS-120S, TH3 Tribander at 20 feet, 40M dipole at 50 feet
Dunestar bandpass filters

Mike, W7VO and Steve, W7XQ
K6GHA   SOSSB LP   49,1522017-05-07 00:17:29
This is one of my favorite contests. The multi-state, multi-county, mobile ops,
line sitters, and general friendly QSO exchange really makes it fun.
This year I have to thank a bunch of folks who activated some areas that were
killer mults. There were a lot of them, so can't try to start to name them.
I look forward to when 10 will open again, but other than that a fun Saturday.

Thanks to the folks who do all the work to put this on. You sure know how to
have an after Cinco de Mayo bash.
WA6KHK   SO(A)Mixed HP   99,0642017-05-07 00:25:20
Condx were pretty good this week end...just missed 100K!
K7WP   SOCW LP   131,7122017-05-07 00:26:43
FT1000MP/ Force12 6BA @ 70'/ Mosley CL33 @ 30'/ Inverted V/ Loaded tower/ N1MM+

Fun time, but missed some crucial 40m hours from 2330 to 0330 due to another
commitment. Thanks for the Q's and repeats...much appreciated. CU in the WPX

Great contest...thanks!


John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!
NA7TB   M/S HP   243,8132017-05-07 00:27:14
This was our first chance to use new 4-Square antennas for 15m and 20m in a
contest. Unfortunately, there was no significant activity on 15m, but the 20m
antenna performed very well. We continue to improve the capabilities of the
Milt Jensen Memorial Station and were pleased with the results in 7QP. Our 40m
and 80m 4-Squares continue to be great performers. We were pleased with the
overall activity level and were able to keep busy running stations throughout
the contest. We were happy to give out the Graham County multiplier to our
many callers.
N7MZW   SOSSB LP   41,7462017-05-07 00:27:52
Kenwood TS-940S, Heil BM-10, and G5RV up 40 feet, running N-S at 6,053 feet
elevation.There should be a plaque awarded for the five Ops who READ THE RULES
and gave a FIVE LETTER EXCHANGE (2 letter state abreviation followed by the
indicated 3 letter county abreviation) AS CLEARLY DEFINED IN THE CONTEST
RULES!!! Hi-Hi! Still a fun contest for my "Boy and his Wire" low
power station. Thanks for the Q's. November Seven Many Zebras Walking
VA7ST   SOCW LP   42,0392017-05-07 00:47:50
Conditions were pretty good on 20M through 160M.

Top band didn't see much action, though I was there bleating out CQs to get
whomever strayed down there in the final hour. Got 8 additional Qs by going to
160M and sure appreciated the calls.

80M as pretty solid with the triangular array of verticals pointed SE or SW to
cover the 7th call area pretty well. The band was strong even to New England,
where I kept working stations until the session there ended at 0500z.

Didn't really miss running high power with the bands open no nicely, and assume
noise wasn't a problem at the other end o 80M and 40M.

Was surprised to so readily work the close-in states on 20M -- most years it is
tough to work WA, MT and ID until I go to 40M, but no trouble this time.

On 15M, I landed four Qs and four counties across NV, UT and WY which is four
more than I figured I'd get by going up there.

Managed to beat my previous best score from 2011 (31,374) by a healthy margin.

Love the 7QP -- thanks to everyone who got on for the day!

-- Bud VA7ST
Zone Zero -- the podcast for casual but avid contesters
K1TN   SOCW LP   16,5872017-05-07 04:42:32
Some pretty good signals from the opposite corner of the country on my end-fed
Slinky. N7N was especially loud, on both bands. Maybe they parked on top of Mt

Last weekend in my own state's QSO party (Florida) I was only able to reel in
263 CW contacts (on the same two bands) and the comparison to this weekend is
very disheartening. I don't know what went wrong for me last weekend.

Number of counties by state:

AZ 11
ID 5
MT 5
NV 4
OR 7
UT 10
WA 11
WY 4
KU7Y   SOCW QRP   35,5472017-05-07 05:04:24
I love this contest! It's fun with QRP. Lots of activity. I was making a lot of
typos during the last hour or so. My fingers just didn't respond to my foggy
mind right! Thanks to the many who had to work hard to copy my little signal.
Hope to see everyone in the next one. Ron, KU7Y
NG7Z   SOMixed LP   51,1452017-05-07 06:15:48
IC 7300 and a compromised vertical. No Q's on 80 because the wind loosened a
coil on the antenna. Fun contest. Thanks for the QSO's. Paul NG7Z
K7JR   M/M HP   232,9922017-05-07 06:20:00
Another operation by the Snake River Remote Contesters Club. After a hard winter
the station is showing some wear and tear to keep us busy this summer. But, fun
was had by all with a great participation from everywhere. Congrats to the
WJ9B   SOCW LP   211,4642017-05-07 06:33:21
Lots of activity, even some on 15m...not so much noise on the low bands, plus
20m was good. My best effort by far in 7qp.

73, wj9b
WU6W   SOSSB HP   3,6482017-05-07 06:48:33
T-Storms, lot of QRN
N7IR   SOCW LP   47,5832017-05-07 07:15:20
Ran for a few hours on 40 and 20 from the beginning. Not much happening on 15.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.

Gary, N7IR
W2VJN   SOCW HP   119,1962017-05-07 07:20:40
Fun contest. Even 15 opened for a short time. More people could go to 160 for
the last half hour.

K3S Line
C31XR at 107'
2L 40 at 117'
3L Sloper on 80
Shunt fed tower on 160
K7CA   SOCW HP   275,0362017-05-07 07:23:27
Haven't any of the antennas other than 160m for about 10 years. The 20m 3el yagi
had fallen off the 70' tower and I had hoped to get it back up after some
repairs but ran out of time so I put up an inverted vee at 75'. I kept thinking
about Milt when I was climbing that tower alone in 25MPH winds so I always kept
two hands on the tower. That inverted vee may have been better than the beam
for USA contacts since I didn't have to turn it for west coast qsos or east
coast qsos. The 40m circle array worked great and didn't need much repair. The
80m broadside/endfire vertical arrays were in very poor shape and I didn't have
time to fix them so I hardwired a kludge and it worked somewhat but couldn't
run more than 800 watts without arcing somewhere. Propagation was great and
qrn was low. We must have been between storms. Overall lots of fun especially
with only one day of operation even if it is 18 hours long. At least it is
possible to get some sleep at night, unlike the 160m contests. However, my
favorite is still the Stew Perry contest. 73, Al K7CA
N7NT   SOCW LP   69,8882017-05-07 07:28:32
Elecraft K3, Force12 Delta 4 @ 44 feet,N1MM+

Still shaking out the new antenna system, looking good.
N6WM   SO(A)Mixed HP   26,9362017-05-07 07:49:05
Working from the little pistol flex lab in Fremont just for fun and to shake
down new radio software and validate optimal configurations for contesting.
K6LRG 20m antenna system is down with a rotor failure, so fired up locally here
to throw out a few qso's. There are a few NeQP's in here as well.. Everyone
seemed friendly and having a good time, and it was great to see the activity
out there! Band conditions seemed reasonably good for this type of contest.
15 was open but no-one home, 80 was wide open and was working coast to coast
from a 5btv vertical in my garden.

Flex 6700(SmartSDR) configured as 2 radios
Alpha 99 >> SteppIR Rot. Dipole at 35 feet
KPA500/KAT500 >> 5btv vertical
Pixel loop listening antenna on standby for low bands

Assisted with in shack cw skimmers on all bands using flex DAX IQ output and
SDR bridge

Thanks to all for hosting this QSO party mash up weekend

73 and seeya next time

KF7WRS   SOSSB HP   3,7842017-05-07 08:16:05
Only a Single Dipole.
WZ8T/7   SOMixed LP   11,0402017-05-07 08:16:41
pretty slow during most of the day. Picked up at dusk. Did not work that many
close in counties as expected on 80m and 40m. Using a 40 meter dipole and 100
watts for the contest.
W2CDO   SO(A)CW HP   7,7402017-05-07 08:18:09
Lots of activity; very enjoyable. Wish I'd had more time to play in this one.
Many thanks to the organizers. 73, Peter
NA7OM   SO MobileSSB LP   4,2722017-05-07 08:31:43
First time doing mobile. Tough propagation conditions coupled with cold and
snowing weather crossing the Cascade Mountains. Battery powered and right there
is a challenge. I'm going to do it again!
WØPAN   SO(A)SSB LP   3,3602017-05-07 08:41:56
W7RN   M/M HP   350,2682017-05-07 08:56:13
12 hours of continual rain and snow static made it rough going. 80 and 40 had to
trade off receiving arrays. Great participation
KEØTT   SOCW QRP   38,3462017-05-07 09:29:16
K3/10 at 5 watts to a pair of broad band dipoles, both fed with ladder lines and
up about 40 to 45'. One is N/S 88' long, the other is E/W 50' long. Lots of
activity, thanks for the fun ! C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
AD8J   SO(A)CW HP   24,0902017-05-07 09:32:23
Only had a few hours to help the cause.
N9NA/7   SO(A)CW HP   19,6022017-05-07 09:37:09
Damn the SWR!
K2CYE   SO(A)CW LP   18,4682017-05-07 09:37:37
Combination of the 7QP, IN QP and NEQP.
W7WHY   SOCW HP   8,1602017-05-07 09:42:06
Couldn't put too much time in on this one as my wife just had open heart surgery
in March and recovery is taking longer than we'd hoped. Have to keep one eye on
her so just got on while she was taking a nap. She's doing a lot better now so
hopefully will be back to normal soon.

This of one of my favorite contests and really would have liked to put in a
full effort, but things just didn't let me.

Thanks for the Q's and 73
N7XU(K4XU)   M/S MobileCW LP   183,7442017-05-07 09:50:01
Drove 473 miles east to Burley ID on Friday where we stayed overnight. I'm
breaking in a new driver, my skiing buddy Phil Kirk. We left on time at 6AM
MDT. Operated from the hotel parking lot for a while to take care of Minidoka
County but it was noisy so we went north into the country a bit. I don't know
what it about gas stations, but they are at least four s-units higher than
ambient. Moving back south across the Snake River, we turned west to hit
and TwinFalls where we turned north, recrossed the Snake river into Jerome
heading for Lincoln. At Shoshone we turned east on 26 and headed back to I84.
Here it's wide open farming country with lots of slow moving implements, but
very quiet. We worked our first DX: I DL OM F and JA. The rest of the trip
through Idaho is mostly on I84 with side trips to Owyhee, Boise, Gem and
Washington counties.

On I-84 still into Oregon for a stop for fries and coffee at McDonald's in
Ontario. 10 miles up Rt95 and back to hit Washington County then back into
Oregon. Up I-84 through Malheur and Baker to Union, back down I-84 to Rt7. Then
west up over Dixie Pass into Grant County and south at John Day (after a stop
for fuel and a Blizzard at DQ) through more of Grant then into Harney. West on
Rt20 into Lake and Deschutes.

By then it was 7:30PM, 687 miles so far. I dropped Phil off where we parked his
car at WS7N (Being operated remotely as W7CTA). From here is was solo for the
rest of the contest. 20m was dead so I removed the Hustler 40/20/15 pitchfork
and replaced it with a 10 foot homebrew 40m antenna. I hooked up the recorder
and made a few 40m QSOs until crossing into Jefferson Co. just over the Crooked
River at Peter Skene Ogden State Park. Nice quiet place to park. When 40m dried
up it was time to try the new 80M monster: 11ft of carefully engineered
mobility, mounted on the fender ball. 14 feet is the legal maximum in Oregon.
First S&P QSO was with NR1X. It's working great. I was able to run my own
frequency and break piles on new meat. This antenna replaced an 80m Hamstick
which I figured had less than 2% efficiency.

About 9:30PM, a spotlight shone through the back window accompanies by flashing
blue and red lights. "No problem, officer, I'm just playing with my
radio...." He probably just wondered what the heck that big tophat mast
was sticking up off the fender. When ORJEF went dry, I changed back to the 40m
antenna, reconnected the recorder and went down to Smith Rock Way and into
Crook County. I don't know if anyone else had run Crook county. There was a
proposed county expedition to Walden Lake on the Crook/Wheeler border, but that
was probably still snowed in. Lots of activity on CW here. About 10:30PM the
rate dropped to 1 per 2 minutes, time to QSY ...50 ft back up the road into
Deschutes County. The last hour of the contest was spent parked with the engine
running. It's 39° out. Going home, at 56mph, the as yet un-roadtested 80m
antenna started into wild vibrations due to some aerodynamic instability. Okay,
we go at 50mph for the 25 miles.

The final tally is a new record score for me. This is the sixth time we have
used this basic route. Good conditions or bad, I think it's mostly due to more
participation. Even though 80m was solid to the east coast, there was little to
work that way after their local midnight.

The rig is a 100W TS480SAT with the control head, paddle, Winkey, GPS and
laptop all mounted on a 22x17" lap desk supported by a single post and
locked to the armrest. Yes, that makes it rather difficult to get in and out,
but it is easy to turn it 90° so I can do single op and drive. A cheap Olympus
solid state recorder is fed from a Y in the headphone line. The car is a VW
Diesel Jetta.

We had fun. I don't know if Phil will ever do it again, but he now knows why
this is a contest. BIC time wins. Thanks to all who followed us around and see
you again next year.

Dick K4XU and Phil.
WS7L   Cnty Exped SO LP   58,9892017-05-07 10:02:35
I was too lazy to pack up the amp and high power tuner, so I went LP this time.
Just as well, the TH3 Jr that I borrowed was way out of tune and I probably
would have blown it up with 500 W into SWR > 3.

Who knew that 80 meters using a wire flung over a branch would give me my best
hour of 62 QSOs? I worked all over NA with it.

Stations with the most Q's were N7N with 10 (they were twofers) and the
peripatetic N7XU with 7.

Operated from rental cottage in Ocean Park WA with:
K3 + P3, TH3 Jr for 20, Cushcraft R7 for 40, wire for 80.

And believe it or not WX was nice and sunny except for a bit of drizzle while
antennas were going up Friday afternoon.

73 & thanks for the Q's
Carl WS7L
NU7Y   SOCW QRP   27,6752017-05-07 10:10:27
Thanks to everyone for the contacts, especially fellow AZ Outlaws and CWOPS.

High winds all day here so it was a challenge to keep the antennas in the air.
I was able to have a nice run on 40 meters so that made up for my 20 meter

See you all next year.
K7L(K6LL)   SOMixed HP   315,0342017-05-07 10:13:01
This was the first year that the rules allowed for assisted category, and I
think it helped on CW when I showed up on an unusual band on CW. I put out a
few 20M RTTY CQ's but there was no big rush of QSO's, so I only worked two
folks there.

Note to myself: You can tell if you have the county info in the correct
format, because the N1MM F3 button will illuminate if you are in ESM and the
exchange field is correct.

Participation seemed very good, and it was a lot of fun.
K2ZR   SO(A)CW LP   9,1142017-05-07 10:20:38
RIG: K2 @95W
N7JPF   SOMixed LP   9,2342017-05-07 10:23:01
Fun contest. Was glad conditions were finally good enough to work the NE. 80-m
action was hot after 0500z. Can't wait for next year.
K9DR   SO(A)CW LP   12,3122017-05-07 10:54:52
Wanted to put in a full effort, but had only returned to the summer QTH in
Casper, Wyoming 2 days earlier. Much to do after 6 month absence, so could
only put in a token effort. Glad I could work a few Outlaws and wish I'd been
able to work more. Ran my K3 barefoot to dipoles on all bands. Wind took out
the A4S a couple of winters ago and hope to have a tougher replacement up this
summer. Dan - K9DR
K7SS   SOMixed HP   123,6062017-05-07 11:02:55
Great to hear so many familiar calls, and many many new ones..

8 hrs
missed KL7 and MS for USA sweep.

a very fun contest !!

73 de K7SS WA KNG

PRO2, 400W AMP, STEPPIR @48'
N7KE(@KZ1W)   M/S HP   145,8122017-05-07 11:07:46
Comments: almost entirely run. Missed NB state and eastern Canada provinces.
117 counties in the log. Never heard a thing on 15m. Activity seemed higher
than last time. Great time had by all.
W6US   SOMixed LP   2,2722017-05-07 11:25:00
Poor propagation from this location, 10 & 15 never opened.
N7NM   SOCW HP   155,9762017-05-07 11:51:01
1st effort is this contest - had a blast being chased for a change. Started
with Low Power but early on prop wasn't cooperating so after a couple hours
flipped the switch to the amp and had a great time after that. Lots of
activity and conditions on the low bands were stellar once they opened.
A big thank you to everyone who called!
73, Doug - N7NM

K3S with P3, Alpha Amp,
2 Ele Steppir @ 25ft
43ft ZeroFive vert with 80m Coil
W7YAQ   SOMixed LP   188,3642017-05-07 12:16:27
Lots of great activity in this one. Worked at least 2 stations in each of the
56 W/VE sections contacted. Missed VE1, VE4, VE8, VO, VY0, VY1, VY2. Also
contacted 107 7-land counties and 14 DX entities. Spent some time on 20 RTTY
and while there worked my first VE2, LA, and SC, although they later appeared
on CW. You know solar flux is low when you work more stations on 160 than on
73 and thanks for the fun,
W7KF   SOCW HP   230,6792017-05-07 12:20:00
Holy Cow -- I made 17 Q's on 15 Meters!!

Thanks to *everyone* for getting on the air for this great contest.
KE8FT   SOSSB LP   21,9002017-05-07 12:26:45
Following the recent WPX experience I did quite a few tweaks to the slanted
linear loaded Delta loop I use for 160 through 10 meters: the results are
definitely better as compared to the last year ones but I still need to find a
better solution for the higher bands!
N7AKC   SOMixed LP   1,0232017-05-07 12:38:19
Wish I would have had more free time to operate. Still had fun for the short
time I did get on. 73!
K6WSC/7   Cnty Exped SO LP   71,3402017-05-07 12:45:36
This was my first ever county expedition. It was incredibly fun!

TS-590S, 40/20/15m fan Inverted-V with center at 20 feet.

Thanks to all the people who make the 7QP happen.

73, Bill K6WSC
W7OM   SOMixed LP   123,4242017-05-07 13:14:41
Not as many hours as last year but great fun.
K4AFE   SO(A)Mixed HP   18,6182017-05-07 13:43:31
Thanks for the QSOs. Had a blast!!

Kenwood TS-590SG
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
K2RD   SOMixed HP   61,3892017-05-07 13:50:23
Limited time effort. Conditions spotty. Thanks for the qsos.
KK7YC   SOSSB HP   128,8922017-05-07 14:33:28
My father in law is living with us,so my youngest daughter is now living in my
Ham Shack! So my operating time these days is limited. Luckily she was working
this day, so I did get to play, but for only 9 hours, late start and early
finish due to other commitments for the evening.

That being said, 20m was definitely the money band again this year! over all
the band was decent around the US, not much DX but just enough! A smattering of
Europe several times was a pleasant surprise, the almost complete lack Caribbean
and South America was also a surprise. Even had a a couple of JA's off the back
of the beam, was't on enough to know about any Asia/Pacific. Always fun 73's de
NA6O   SO(A)CW HP   111,2402017-05-07 14:58:41
TS-590s, KPA500, verticals (TX), dipoles at 15 ft (RX), N1MM+

Decided to go semi-high power this year and put in more time, both to good
effect. 7QP is really well organized with good coverage of some remote areas.
Also worked a bunch from NEQP and my annual one (1) DE. Conditions pretty good
especially 80. Thank heavens my noise level was fairly low this time. Kept a
constant watch on 15 and QSYed there anytime I saw a new blip. Spotted everyone
I heard there, over and over, trying to get people's attention that there WERE

Hats off to the rovers and line-sitters! Those guys were everywhere. Some I
worked three or four times in an hour, either in different counties or on
different bands. Here's my QSO count for the big five: N7WA 16, N7N 15, WW7D
12, N7XU 11, K7RE 6. So that's 60 QSOs from just those stations, and many
mults. Doubled my score over last year.

I've always done pure S&P in other state's QSO parties and basically did
that again. Would have missed most of those rovers if I was running all the
time. But I did run for a total of about 45 min near the end of 7QP, switching
between 40 and 80. While I didn't get many callers, a surprising number were
new mults. In any case, the most important thing is frequent band changes
instead of sitting on a fished-out band for too long.

Made sure this posted score is as accurate as possible by exporting the log
from N1MM, sorting by county, and separating out the other QSO parties.

FB contest. CU again next year!
W6ABM   Cnty Exped SO LP   8802017-05-07 15:13:46
Another year operating portable in Tillamook (Holiday Style). Conditions at the
coast were not as good this year. 80 proved more productive than expected.
Enjoyed the outing.
KD7VIK   Cnty Exped SO LP   1,0802017-05-07 15:31:42
Another year running portable from Manzanita OR as a portable County Expedition
single operator low power station.
KK6M/M(KK6MC)   SO MobileCW LP   59,1362017-05-07 15:33:20
Mobile operation from 4 county lines for a total of 7 counties activated. AZ
counties are huge! I covered half the state.

Conditions were good for the most part on 20M and 40M. I tried 15M, but it was
dead both times I checked it and a few CQs didn't raise much. 40M opened very
well at my last stop and I spent more time there than I intended to, which put
me home to Albuquerque later than I wanted to be home. That is one of the
problems in operating out of state QSO parties.

I used APRS to beacon my location, but I don't know how effective it was in
generating QSOes. Would like to hear from anyone who found me that way.

KU7Y was strong with his QRP signal the two times I worked him. As usual I
worked John, N6MU from each stop. Thanks for looking for me John!

Rig is TS-2000X to an Alpine Screwdriver antenna. I use a battery booster to
keep the voltage on the rig up at stops.
WC7Q   SOCW HP   90,8012017-05-07 15:56:01
Fun contest as always. Nice to run into lots of local and CWOPs members.
Couldn't run very long each sitting of a little over an hour as I had back
fusion surgery two weeks ago. Glad I could get on and thanks for all the Q's.

Sam WC7Q
KIØI   SOCW LP   15,9002017-05-07 16:18:19
Too nice to sit in chair , mostly outdoor weekend . Had fun Sat. nite.
73 TNX for all the qsos
Mark KI0I
AEØEE   SOCW QRP   2702017-05-07 16:27:00
5 W, dipole up 20-25'.

Trying out a recently-built QRP CW rig. Evidently it works, because I made a
few QSOs Saturday night local, often getting through on the first call and
rarely having to give repeats. There was lots of activity in the 7QP!
N6MU   SOCW LP   132,7532017-05-07 16:34:21
Fair conditions on 20. Couldn't hear the mobiles all the time. 40/80 were better
in the evening.

Top mobile for me was WW7D with 25 Qs followed by N7XU/N7WA(21), K7RE(11),
KK6MC(7) and KM7R(4).

Thanks to all those who played. Still one of my favorites. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
N7WA/M   M/S MobileCW LP   145,4942017-05-07 16:45:10
Randy K7TQ and I usually run separate mobile operations for the 7QP. Due to the
loss of Randy's usual partner (Jay W0WWW) due to work, he wondered if he could
help me and I snapped him up. Usually I have to run solo on county lines. This
would allow us to run continuously for the 18 hours. But where to start?

Randy lives in Idaho and I live on the rainy side of Washington. Bob N7AU and
his wife Diane KB7JPX offered us a place to crash Friday night and Saturday
night after the test. They live smack in the middle of eastern Washington
(Ephrata) between the two of us and a perfect location to start our route.
Google estimated that Randy had to drive two minutes longer than I did to get
to Bob's.

The route is shown at and
it was good one. Aggressive but doable. Randy had us timed out to the minute
and I dare-say, it worked out just as he planned (with one minor exception). He
even has a cool home-brewed Arduino-based timer that tracks the time. That
exception? Well, the road to Ferry county was closed (it's prone to slides) so
we had to back track into Lincoln and go around. That meant we spent double the
time in Lincoln but we put it to good use and lots of Q's.

We did have to start about 80 minutes early from Bob's to get to the first
county so we were on the road even longer than the 18 hours. We would switch
between driving and operating about every three hours. Then, unilaterally,
Randy changed the rules on me and made me operate the last chunk. In
hind-sight, he knew best because the last part of the route was territory where
I had never been and very very dark. I even asked a stupid question about
10:30PM local time.
"Do you know where we are?"
"Yes!" was the answer.
Whew! Back to my key.

We were going to try a KX2 as a second radio for the op to listen on the
alternate band. Even with a bandpass filter, there was too much signal from the
primary rig (KX3/KXPA100) overloading the KX2. That worked out ok because
frequently we were working as a team to decode signals as they came in. As you
get tired, the brain gets a bit mushy and a second brain helps even things out.

Otherwise, the equipment worked well. We had some crackling on the 20M antenna
early on but it seemed to work itself out. There was some weird very low level
background noise on 40M but I think it was the truck. It almost sounded like
someone tuning up with a series of dits but the frequency changed with time. I
don't think it was an impediment to copy, just irritating sometimes. The 80M
antenna was a bit persnickety on tuning but once I found the sweet spot, the
KXPA100 was happy. The KX3 likes to jump into Dual Watch mode (turns on the sub
receiver) which could be confusing when unexpected. I had a function programmed
to turn it off. I just had to remember that I had that function.

In the end, we worked over a hundred Q's on 80, doubled that for 40M, and
doubled that for 20M. 15m was a dog. We tried a couple times. Nothing heard,
nothing worked. We said we would try some SSB but it never happened. Neither of
us cried any tears about that. :>)

Lots of people followed us. N6MU (23), NX6T (18), W0BH (15), DL5AWI(13) come to
mind. There many others. DX was limited to some Europeans, one JA (JA1YNE), and
a Columbian. The bands were better than I expected (20-80) and the east coast
was workable on 40/80. That's probably a better testament to their ears than my
inefficient antennas. I think Randy had fun. I know I did. I thank you all for
playing. I thank Bob and Diane for letting us stay. And Randy, thanks for
asking if you could join me in the effort.

Oh, one more thing, we didn't beat you this year Dick (K4XU/K7XU), but we have
your tail lights in our sights... :>)

cheers dink, n7wa
N2CU   SO(A)Mixed HP   69,7782017-05-07 16:51:53
Score is composite IN-7QP-NE. Ran HP in this party to test the rebuilt beam and
to overcome lousy conditions of late. Beam worked well; conditions were not so

K3, Drake L7, TH6DXX, 40m dipole, N1MM Classic

73, Tom N2CU
VE9AA   SO(A)CW HP   12017-05-07 17:07:28
No idea of actual score as I did 4 QSO parties this w/e.
Loudest mobile was K7RE. N7WA and N7XU weren't too shabby either.
W7 is a long way from NB

Thanks everyone. Very enjoyable party !

Antennas for Radio 1:
10m = A3S
15m = Wire 5el K1WA/K3LR SVDA (100% parasitic + homebrew)
20m = Wire + Aluminum 4-square (Comtek)
40m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
80m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
160m = Wire 2-el array of inverted L’s in the trees (Comtek w/ homebrew
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Antenna for Radio 2
ZS6BKW w/ 15m inv vee add-on at 35\\\'

No RX antennas

Rigs: 2 x IC-7410’s, YCCC SO2R+ box, N3ZN ZN-9 paddle, Yamaha CM500 headset,
N1MM+ logger
(Usually I\\\'m LP(100w) but have 2 small 600w amps when doing HP in select

CU (all of sudden) in the next one!

dit dit

-Mike VE9AA in NB
WIØWA(@NØAC)   SOCW LP   35,6722017-05-07 17:39:46
This is a combined score for the weekend QSO parties.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill N0AC

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
NC6K   SO(A)Mixed HP   130,2002017-05-07 18:04:10
Conditions on 80, 40 and 20 were better than last year, but 15 and 10 were
non-existent. Despite fairly steady rain here, noise levels were reasonable,
save for the occasional QRN from lightning in the area. My SteppIR is still not
working on 40, so used the 80 M dipole for 80 and 40, and it worked quite well.

Great job by all the 7-land stations and rovers! This is still my 2nd favorite
QSO Party (after CA, of course).
KX7L   SOCW HP   54,9182017-05-07 18:05:48
Mediocre daytime propagation, blue skies and sunshine outside, and S5 powerline
noise, limited my activity during the day. But at sundown, the noise lifted
and 40m was hopping! Bested my score from last year. Thanks for all the
KX3 + HR50 + SB-200, wire antennas
W2FV/7   SOCW LP   55,1582017-05-07 18:13:52
At new location in Trout Lake, WA after being inactive for 8 years. Running
IC-7410 and EFHW-8010 wire antenna in trees @ 50 feet.

Glad and somewhat surprised at level of CW activity. Very enjoyable contest to
brush up on CW skills. Already looking forward to 2018 7QP.
AG6AG   SOSSB LP   2,5422017-05-07 18:42:56
Had lots of fun on this one. Was able to leverage 3 contests at once this
K7QA   SOCW LP   102,2492017-05-07 19:01:07
First contest using N1MM logging for an old skool paper log and pencil guy.
Still working out the kinks but I think I like it. Could only operate 7QP for 8
hours. Spent the rest of the contest taking down and loading a 700 lb HD-52SS
tower onto a trailer for a buddy, using only man-power and a few McGyver
W7ZZ   M/S HP   168,2202017-05-07 19:09:24
You won't believe this story! In the middle of the contest, while my computer
was activating the transmitter and repeatedly calling CQ via the wav file, the
wireless keyboard's batteries died. I realized this as I tried to stop the
transmitter from being repeatedly keyed, calling endless CQs. Typing didn't
stop the CQ, as it should have. The ESCAPE key didn't stop it either. After
initial panic, I realized the batteries must have died and that I had no way to
communicate with computer other than to power it down. I ran around the house
and, fortunately, found a couple AAA batteries, all while I'm calling CQ. I
inserted the batteries, hit the "connect" button on the bottom of the
keyboard and breathed a sigh of relief as the CQs stopped. Never will I start a
contest again without fresh batteries in the keyboard and mouse!
K7XC   SO(A)Mixed HP   61,8662017-05-07 19:11:56
I thought I had another day to prepare and as usual, I had lost a day somewhere.
One of the many things you must accept about being retired is the lack of a
forced daily schedule is that these things will happen. The contest itself was
fun. The first hour on 20M CW reminded me of 1986 when I operating as A35WZ for
30 days. The pileup was huge! Sadly by noon I was done as I got little sleep the
night before. Thanks to the guys in NCCC for promoting the event as I would
have missed it otherwise. Station here is an old IC746, AL-80B, 700W to The
All Homebrew Antenns. 15M Monobander up 25', 20M Monobander up 43', 40/80M
Inverted Vee at 40'. 73s from NVLYO de Tim - K7XC - DM09jh... sk
K7RI   M/S HP   237,5102017-05-07 19:12:36
Thanks to Walt, Chuck and Curt for a great job! Also, thanks to all who worke or
tried to work us. QSY was brutal much of the time and it prevented us from
completing QSOs with several sations. Sorry for that to everone who tried but
didn't get into our log.
W1SRD   SOMixed LP   13,4682017-05-07 19:24:23
Mix of 7QP & NEQP. Too hard to split with N1MM.
W2JC   SO(A)CW LP   10,8782017-05-07 19:39:15
Low key and casual ... bands were pretty good on Saturday ... out on vacation
Sunday! (but then, the contest was over before Sunday...)
WQ6X(@W7AYT)   SO(A)Mixed LP   53,3822017-05-07 19:45:36
This was another WQ6X multi-contest event from W7AYT's QTH in Concord Ca.
I ran a Yaesu FT-1000mp into a CH-250 Vertical and a Cobra drooping dipole,
often run in parallel for better signal enhancement. Running SO2-V helped
up the QSO rate somewhat.
You can read more about this in an upcoming WQ6X contest BLOG entry at:

Stay Tuned.

K7UM   Cnty Exped M/S HP   496,5842017-05-07 19:46:27
NG7M & K7UT Multi-Single Mixed HP / Call K7UM. This was a two county line
operation on the Utah Emery and Utah Grand county lines in Green River Utah.
Exchange was UTEME/UTGRA.

Thanks to Darryl K7UT for joining in for the fun and providing the tower and
beam for the high bands. We used Darryl's Force 12 C3 at 50' and an 80 meter
dipole horizontal at 50' feed with ladder line with a 4:1 balun into a Palstar
HF-AUTO. The tower and beam worked great and held up in some nasty micro

This was a two operator setup / operation and breakdown (NG7M & K7UT),
however I need to give kudos to KK7L John for finding the site for the
operation. Plus we used W7CT's new 1.3K-FA on 110AC and it worked perfectly.
(thanks Jim!)

Thanks for all the Q's. Nice to have some stations calling from EU along with
all the NA stations, including the New England QSO Party, Indiana QSO Pary and
Delaware QSO Part. This has turned out to be a very active QSO Party. Thanks
to the 7QP organizers along with all the support from the 7th area States.
N1MM+ worked like a champ and it's so nice to have it handle multi county
exchanges along with the multiple QSO parties at the same time.


Max NG7M & Darryl K7UT
W6SX   SO(A)CW HP   27,2162017-05-07 19:59:21
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
KØAP   SO(A)Mixed HP   63,8792017-05-07 20:06:25
Fun contest. I thought some of the states like MT, for example, was lacking
activity. My first 7QP and I hope to do it next year again. Need to start
chasing the counties for the USA-CA. Working US counties has always been my
obsession and I loved chasing them when I lived in Z3.

73 Dragan K0AP, Z32XX
NN7ZZ(N5LZ)   SOMixed HP   245,3222017-05-07 20:07:14
I thought band conditions were better than expected this time around (especially
on 40 and 80 meters). Also, I think the new assisted category really helped
those of us who did lots of CQing on CW. Almost every time I began CQing on a
new band the cluster pileups began almost immediately (all obviously due to
skimmer spots seen by those in the assisted categories). Thanks for all the
Qs. Thanks to the mobiles and county expeditioners for enhancing the fun. And
thanks to the Oregon guys for their continued sponsorship and administration of
this great QSO party. 73, Don, N5LZ
KR7C   SOCW LP   2,4572017-05-07 20:32:01
Wish I'd had a 40m antenna!
Thanks for the Q's.
73, Stan
W7OBI   SOSSB LP   2,6522017-05-07 20:39:05
CallSign Used : W7OBI
Operator(s) : W7OBI

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : WA
Gridsquare : CN87VS

Name : Mike Haney
Address : 12923 NE 195th Pl
City/State/Zip : Bothell WA 98011

ARRL Section : WWA
Club/Team : Radio Club of Redmond
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6291.0

Band QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 12 24 1 2.0
7 25 50 8 2.0
14 40 80 8 2.0
21 1 2 0 2.0
Total 78 156 17 2.0

Score : 2,652
KØOO(@WA3EKL)   M/S HP   50,1322017-05-07 21:04:37
K7HKR   SO(A)SSB LP   3,6522017-05-07 21:51:12
100 watts, homebrew magnetic loop from AZ

Had to miss 1600-2100UT for a work event. Plan was to try to run on 15/10
meters, but bands weren't open and/or no activity, so exclusively S&P on
20/40/80. Worked 30 7QP counties. Picked up about 20 QSOs from the other
parties, plus several other states from strong stations calling into 7-land.
Didn't hear any rovers, but a few county-line mobile operations. Was nice to
work many stations on multiple bands. It was also nice to have a lot of strong
signals on 75 meters in the late evening, and patient operators to pick my
signal out with my antenna being very inefficient that far down. (I only
respond on 75 when the operator isn't busy.) Ran Assisted for spots, but I
spin the dial myself and wouldn't have missed much without spots in this case.
K2PO/7   SOCW HP   19,0352017-05-07 22:04:22
Operated for just an hour on 20m Saturday afternoon. 'Fun being fresh meat.

It was exhilarating to run 145 stations in an hour. Could have gotten a few
more, except the packet pileup was mostly zero-beat. N1MM has a feature that
slightly randomizes spot frequencies. It's under Telnet/Filters/Randomize
Incoming Spot Frequencies. Folks should use it - they'd stand out from the
crowd, and get through pileups more quickly.

Tnx to the CODXC for their labors in putting on the 2d largest regional QSO

CU in WPX CW (probably as AD7JP).


/Bill, K2PO
NX6T   M/S HP   192,6572017-05-08 04:11:02
No propagation on 10 or 15 meter bands to w7 sTATES. Rain storm which was very
odd to occur in May in SoCal caused rain static at times over S9 wiping out a
bunch of possible QSOs. 73 de Dennis N6KI
TI8/AA8HH   SOMixed LP   5,6352017-05-08 05:52:03
Operated in three qso parties concurrently for the first time. It was
challenging at times, but fun. Had decent propagation into 7 land most of the
day, but a power outage and computer logger glitch caused a lot of lost
SM5CIL(SM7CIL)   SOCW HP   2,1002017-05-08 08:38:01
Rig: K3+SB-200
Ant: OB11-3

Thanks for the QSOs!

AI6JB   SO(A)Mixed LP   5,2002017-05-08 08:47:17
Great fun! Thank you to all!! AI6JB
NØKQ   SO(A)CW HP   7602017-05-08 10:51:51
Unfortunately, I was called away just as I was warming up and never got back to
the radio. I only got 7QPs in that time so none from IN or NE. N1MM seems to
not like AZGHM.
K9GDF   SO(A)Mixed LP   10,4852017-05-08 14:41:31
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
K4BAI   SOMixed HP   38,5442017-05-08 15:47:52
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. No signals heard on 10
or 15M. 20 stayed open quite late Saturday night. 40 was OK. 80 was the best
have heard it for a 7QP, quiet with generally strong signals. Thanks for the
QSOs. Special thanks to Ron, K7LTV, for an all time new county, Musselshell
MT. I thought I heard Ron tell someone he was portable in the mountains. I
still need 11 more in 7 Land: Caribou, Clearwater, and Lincoln in ID; Blaine,
Granite, McCone, Madison, Mineral, and Treasure in MT; and Nineral and Carson
City in NV. Any suggestions appreciated. I tried to be QRV for as much of the
contest as I could and still carry out my family responsibilities, but I
probably missed a chance at some of the missing counties.
WDØT   SOCW LP   25,7402017-05-08 15:50:12
7QP is one of the BEST parties on the air! Thanks to all the fixed and mobile
stations, what a good time!

Conditions decent, even some 15m, nothing on 10m though.

Enjoyed it a lot, thanks and God Bless!

Todd WD0T

TS450s- 100w, wires.
KK7AC   SOSSB LP   135,0722017-05-08 16:02:03
Dinner on Friday evening in Alpine with Dan (K7IA) and wife Erin was the
highlight of the weekend to be honest. He did not operate his expedition in 7QP
this year unfortunatly.

20 meters was weird as I worked 49 states, sans NM, on 20 alone! I may have
more than 63 mults as well..... my logger ALWAYS under counts in this contest
for some reason, but I will go with it for the time being.
KM6I   SO(A)Mixed HP   24,6182017-05-08 20:33:29
K3, KPA500, dipole @ 60ft
KA6BIM/7   SO(A)SSB HP   126,5462017-05-08 20:57:35
Lots of fun this weekend with the interleaved QSO parties. I managed to get a
sweep on all 50 states and only missed NU,NS,PEI & NFL in Canada. Thank
you to everyone for all the QSO's. because of my "6" callsign I used
/7 for the weekend, so I know that caused a few dupes, but it let people know I
was a valid qso for the 7QP. I was down about 20% from last year. I could not
find any stations on 15, and only one on 10. I was SSB only this weekend, but
Several of the Rover stations did call me, even though they seemed to be
primarily cw. for the game within the game, I worked 125 of the 7th area
counties. Thanks everyone! Dave ka6bim
AE7EU   Cnty Exped M/S HP   67,6002017-05-08 21:49:11
For the 4th year, AE7EU (ex AE7IK) activated the county line at Lake/Kalamath at
my special little spot. Up on a ridge, this place boasts easy driving access
and 100ft ponderosas. This years activation was a bit of a comedy of errors
and Murphy. Driving down, my van decided to throw a check engine light. For
the entire weekend, I was afraid the transmission had gone out (Code check
later said O2 sensor) and I was going to have to worry about how to get back
home. Arriving Friday, we got started setting up antennas, and my first
attempt at launching a length of mason line snagged around my arm, giving me a
nice little bit of rope burn. We got the haul lines up and over the trees
though, and our 80/40 dipole hit 75-80ft, the TA33jr was up and securely
pointed east, despite the winds that were picking up trying to blow the line
off the trees. Which later turned to snow.

Antennas up, we went to set up the radio, and I'd forgotten a power cable for
my power supply. No matter, Jim had brought his. But we were getting RF in
the audio, which wasn't diagnosed until Saturday morning after the first few
contacts. So we switched from my kx3 + Jim's KXPA100 + My SB200 to Brain's
TS440 + My SB200. Things worked well after that, though we didn't really get
cooking on the bands until 20m really opened up later on in the morning.

Lunchtime found I'd forgotten the avocados and cucumbers.... How are you
supposed to have a good salad with just spinach, carrots and onions? Ohwell,
worse things to have forgotten.

Once we got a pile started though, they just kept on rolling. None of us are
iron-butt operators. There were times where I could keep 150Q/hr rolling no
problem though, and it's really hard to give up the reigns at that point. Our
score wasn't as good as last year, and we missed South Dakota and Nebraska, but
all things considered I'm quite happy with how things turned out. A big shout
to all those who were patient in the pile, and we look forward to doing it
again next year! (Minus, of course, Car issues, wind, snow, rope burns, food
issues, RFI and forgotten cables :)
WØMB   SO(A)Mixed HP   59,4722017-05-08 23:54:02
NTS:Ts590, Alpha 76a, Pro67b@60, N1MM+. This was my first 7th call area qso
party and it was a lot of fun. CW is getting easier for me and even fun. I
maybe will try a lot harder next year as my code speed gets better.
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SO(A)CW HP   21,5762017-05-09 05:09:36
Only Saturday
WN4AFP   SOCW LP   1,5122017-05-09 05:20:31
Worked a few 7th QP'ers while working the INQP, DEQP and NEQP.
K7ABV/7   SOMixed HP   34,0002017-05-09 08:00:42
was/7 in Judith Basin County, near Utica computer, so only paper
log...probably will not send in log, as takes so long to copy all info into
logging program...using 43 foot vertical and generally happy with
results...thanks to all for the q's...may have better set up next go around..
KS5A/M   SO MobileCW LP   17,5502017-05-09 08:26:27
Mobile ops to operate from the 3 AZ counties (SCZ, MHV, LPZ) that did not have
planned activity. Unfortunately, driving time exceeded operating time by huge
amounts. Thanks for the Qs.
N7BV   M/S HP   108,4732017-05-09 10:27:29
Just the two of us with no time for the evening. We had some SIEP (that is Self
Inflicted Equipment Problems)that took up the 2d operators time.

Propagation was as expected although was surprised at the total lack of 15m

All and all had a lot of fun and enjoyed the contest. Thanks for all the QSOs.
KB1RI   SOMixed LP   3602017-05-09 19:36:47
Spent too much time looking for digital contacts in the limited time I was able
to operate. Was finding more INQP and NEQP stations.
KG4IGC   SOCW LP   2,1782017-05-10 04:58:50
Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
PWR: 100
ANT: Hex, 40/20 Super Loop. 272\' Horizontal Loop
N8II   SOMixed LP   140,0002017-05-10 17:54:33
I used the N1MM+ multi QSO party program and worked 147 non-7QP Q's. As far as I
know, there is no magic button to score each QP, so the total is an estimate,
probably made slightly fewer 7QP Q's and may have missed a mult or two. It was
a little annoying, not knowing my 7QP only score as I operated. The 7QP QSO
point total turned out to approximate exactly 1000!

As expected 15M was nearly worthless with the best opening 1510-1530Z and very
much favoring southerly 7's. 20 opened well early and I was able to run
stations on SSB not long after S&P'ing 40 until worked out. I never got a
good run going on CW (almost no answers), and after the early SSB runs it was
quite a while into the late afternoon before I got a good SSB run going again.
The running fun was over by around 2340Z and signals from the Pacific NW and
northern Rockies were weak or gone starting around 2345Z before my local sunset
of 0010Z. Signals did rebound a bit later, but activity was quite sparse.
Chasing the mobiles on CW was pretty tedious with no assistance and most of
them jumping around to a new frequency quite often. N7WA/M for several Q's in a
row was either too close to or zero beat to loud fixed 7 area stations. I let
him know when we worked, but no QSY. For long stretches I could not find
mobiles WW7D, KS5A, N7WA, N7XU, and KM7R. A big part of the problem was
probably that they were weak or in the noise despite decent signals from fixed
stations. K7RE/M was worked a lot and was the loudest. Prop to ID is probably
the weakest of all states beyond the skip zone on average here. Everybody
weakened during the high sun mid day hours. I worked 16 less mults than in my
MS effort last year, so I would say the number of mobile counties active were
the same or better this year. It might have been more fun to go assisted

The big positive this year was decent prop with very low noise on 40 and 80. 40
was almost free of any QRN! This was the least noisy 7QP I can ever remember by
far! By 0245Z 40 CW was loaded with 7's! There were good signals earlier, but
much less activity. Unfortunately, I was out of gas by 0320Z and quit with many
low band Q's left on the table.

Many thanks for all of the Q's and to the mobiles for putting in many miles on
lonely roads. I worked a few counties never worked before in 7QP. Helping the
XYL did cut into my time a bit. Between dinner prep and eating I was off 58
minutes in the 21Z hour which is a bad time to miss.

A mobile only window sure would help from the East Coast especially. I really
felt like 7 land was far away at times and was beaten out by EU stations to
mobiles a few times.

73, Jeff
N4UL   SOCW LP   7,6802017-05-13 18:12:22
7QP QSOPARTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2017-05-06

CallSign Used : N4UL
Operator(s) : N4UL

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : CW
Default Exchange : KY
Gridsquare : EM78DF

Name : Vernon Nunn
Address : PO Box 4804
City/State/Zip : Louisville KY 40204-0804

ARRL Section : KY
Club/Team : KCG
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6291.0

Band QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
3.5 8 24 3 3.0
7 32 96 15 3.0
14 24 72 22 3.0
Total 64 192 40 3.0

Score : 7,680
Rig : ts-940s

Antennas : 40M Loop, 80M Windom, tri-bander

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2017-05-13 Signature : Vernon Nunn
WØBH   SO(A)Mixed HP   301,2542017-05-14 09:57:34
Hesston College often schedules graduation on 7QP weekend, but this year,
graduation was a week later. In fact I'm writing this after watching the
graduates walk earlier today. Sorry for the delay getting this out and my log

I haven't worked the 7QP for the past two years, but when I saw the new
Assisted category, I decided to give it a try. Spotting definitely helped find
new counties. I ended up with exactly the same number of Qs as in 2014 (my
personal best year), but went from 163 to 177 counties.

In this QSO party, I don't focus as much on mobiles because the SSB CQ rates
are so good, but I still managed to catch them in a good number of new
counties. The fixed stations, mobile stations, and expeditions once again did a
great job. Overall, I worked 477 unique calls, up 40 from 2014. I concentrate
on the 7QP, but I always enjoy working INQP and NEQP stations who call needing

Here's the top group from the mobiles, expeditions, and fixed stations. I
really appreciated WW7D/m taking the time to find me on SSB. I tried to be
right around the same frequency when CQing, so it worked out well.

11 N7N
08 K7UM
06 KM7R
04 K7RE

As usual, 20m was my money band with 15m nicely open but little activity at one
point. Relatively low noise helped out on 40m and 80m, but I only worked a few
160m stations even though I CQed for awhile. I was able to work 7-land the
entire time on at least one band.

Here's my county history plus this year's stats. I did operate in 2006 (the
first year), but only put in 9 hours that year so it's not included. This year
includes four new personal bests (PB), and three tied PBs.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2017: MAX POSSIBLE
--14 --14 --13 --14 --14 --15 --15 --11 --13: 15 Arizona
--16 --15 --21 --22 --14 --18 --20 --31 --30: 44 Idaho
--24 --21 --16 --27 --13 --12 --13 --14 --20: 56 Montana
--08 --04 --08 --11 --07 --10 --07 --12 --13: 17 Nevada (new PB)
--34 --33 --30 --28 --31 --31 --32 --33 --34: 36 Oregon (tied)
--19 --20 --20 --18 --17 --11 --14 --16 --20: 29 Utah (tied)
--31 --26 --27 --32 --32 --30 --32 --32 --36: 39 Washington (shattered PB)
--07 --13 --07 --05 --08 --06 --13 --14 --11: 23 Wyoming
---------------------------------------- ---
-153 -146 -142 -157 -136 -133 -146 -163 -177: 259 total counties (new PB)
-550 -621 -611 -654 -694 -640 -695 -731 -731: total contacts (tied)
15.0 16.4 16.1 17.6 14.1 13.5 14.1 17.1 16.6: total hours

My score this year (301,254) was also a personal best.
Previous high was 273,514 in 2014.

In Arizona, I missed GLE SCZ.
In Montana, I missed most of them .. room for improvement.
In Nevada, I missed EUR HUM MIN WHI.
In Oregon, I missed GIL WAL.
In Washington, I missed FER GAR STE.

I've been keeping track of counties worked in the 7QP each year. No one is
likely to work all 259 in one year, but if you combine the years, I'm down to
18 remaining. This year, I picked up four new ones:


Here are the ones I have never worked in the 7QP :

AZ : all worked
OR : all worked
UT : all worked
WY : all worked

The 7QP is a unique effort over a very wide area. Thanks to the CODXC, other
state sponsors, and all the participating stations for another job well done!

You're all invited to the Kansas QSO Party on August 26-27, 2017. There are 105
counties, certificates and antique amateur radio stamps to earn, and plaques to
win. Hope Kansas puts you all in the log!

73, Bob, w0bh
WW7D/M   SO MobileMixed LP   144,0192017-05-16 12:08:13
Had a lot of fun activating 26 Idaho counties, one Wyoming county and two Oregon
counties. The long version can be found here:
W7MRF   M/S HP   70,3282017-05-17 17:15:21
First contest from club station W7MRF
N7N(@W6GJB/P)   Cnty Exped M/M HP   533,2562017-05-22 11:16:26
This was a full time operation from portable setups on three county lines and
mobile operation between those setups. W6JTI and K9YC were the operators when
we were portable. W6GJB was our team leader, built the contesting trailer, did
much of the setup and teardown at each county line site, and drove his pickup
towing the trailer between sites while W6JTI worked 20 CW riding shotgun.

Our first site was at about 3800 ft elevation at the highway 95 bridge over the
Colorado River, which is the county line between San Juan and Garfield counties.
The site is sort of in a broad valley. Our second site was 130 miles to the
west, on Rte 24 at the Wayne/Piute Co line; our final setup was a few miles
away on Rte 25 at the Piute/Sevier county line. The last two sites were at
about 8,400 ft elevation, and had good dropoffs in all directions.

Our setup is shown in The two stations in the trailer are K3,
P3, KPA500, and KAT500, with double stubs on the 80M and 40M feedlines to kill
second harmonics of the power amps. Antennas were a C3SS and dipoles for 80 and
40M. In the truck was a KX3, PX3, and KXPA100 feeding a Ham Stick.

Our entry is in the Unlimited class.
W6TCP   SO(A)Mixed HP   5,9942017-05-25 07:17:13
Part time effort, S&P