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Texas QSO Party   2017   Sep 23   Comment Summary

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N5PHT   SO CW HP   105,4322017-09-23 18:06:46
Probably my best effort at the TX QSO Party so far. Finished for this year -
thanks for the Qs and it was fun.
K7ULS   SO CW LP   1,2542017-09-23 19:50:35
40 meters only not too many on and encroachment of RTTY test made for
a pretty narrow slice for my lowly tech bandwidth.
A-frame antenna FTDX-3000 (100w)
VE3XT   SO CW QRP   2,0702017-09-24 10:06:52
Lots of QSB on Saturday and on Sunday you know you're running QRP at 3W to a
vert. when at W5 stn comes back to a DL2 instead of you ;-{
W4KW   SO SSB LP   3,9682017-09-24 12:28:59
Thanks to W5WRL/M for 12 Counties.
Hopefully conditions will be better Next Year.
Thanks to ALL for the contascts.
KØVBU   SO CW LP   7,6112017-09-24 12:32:03
K3 TH6dxx @ 50' Dipole @ 30'

Bill K0VBU
W5QLF   SO CW LP   38,7242017-09-24 12:48:02
The Total Score listed includes 1500 Bonus Points for working W5CT in 13
counties and working N5NA in 9 counties.

QSO Points = 37224
Bonus Points = 1500
Total Score = 38724
VE3AYR   Single Op LP   10,5242017-09-24 13:04:02
Thanks to all the rovers. especially W5CT and AF5Q
W5TM   SO CW LP   34,2632017-09-24 13:04:49
KG5LRP   Single Op LP   18,1562017-09-24 13:06:19
I always love a great QSO party. The Bands were OK at best 40m had a ton of
noise, but 20m was great. I would love to add more CW next outing.
W7GF   SO CW LP   21,3002017-09-24 13:06:20
Score includes 4500 bonus points.
KI4MZC   SO CW QRP   8,6282017-09-24 13:08:26
Thank you AF5Q/M, N5NA, W5CT, and other mobiles. Thanks all for the q's. I'm
sorry I couldn't do the whole contest, but I definitely enjoyed the time I was
on the air.

KX3 to dipole.


AC4CA   SO CW HP   202,6082017-09-24 13:10:34
Score does not reflect n-tuples.
N8UM   SO CW HP   45,6742017-09-24 13:10:59
Includes 8,000 bonus points

K3 9500 N1MM 13 verticals SAL-20(rx)
K5ZZR   SO SSB HP   5,5162017-09-24 13:17:46
Great time and really nice ops...
K5IX   Single Op LP   44,3702017-09-24 13:22:37
K5IX's Contest Summary Report for TXQP
Created by N3FJP's Texas QSO Party Contest Log
Version 3.8

Total Contacts = 155
Total Points = 44,370

Operating Period: 2017/09/23 14:00 - 2017/09/24 19:59

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
40 89 30 0 119 77
20 36 0 0 36 23
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 125 30 0 155 100

Total Contacts by State \ Prov:

State Total %
----- ----- ---
TX 110 71
CA 3 2
GA 3 2
OK 3 2
TN 3 2
2 1
AR 2 1
FL 2 1
IN 2 1
MN 2 1
NY 2 1
ON 2 1
AL 1 1
CO 1 1
CT 1 1
HI 1 1
IL 1 1
KS 1 1
ME 1 1
MI 1 1
MO 1 1
NC 1 1
NH 1 1
NJ 1 1
OH 1 1
PA 1 1
SK 1 1
VA 1 1
WA 1 1
WI 1 1
WV 1 1

Total = 30

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 149 96
Canada 3 2
Dominican Republic 1 1
Federal Republic of Germany 1 1
Hawaii 1 1

Total = 5

Total Contacts by Continent:

Continent Total %
--------- ----- ---
NA 153 99
EU 1 1
OC 1 1

Total = 3

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
04 120 77
05 27 17
03 5 3
08 1 1
14 1 1
31 1 1

Total = 6

Total Contacts by County:

County Total %
--------- ----- ---
TX Harris 7 5
TX Williamson 7 5
TX Dallas 5 3
TX Gillespie 4 3
TX Collin 3 2
TX Denton 3 2
TX Galveston 3 2
TX Nacogdoches 3 2
TX Travis 3 2
TX Bastrop 2 1
TX Bell 2 1
TX Fannin 2 1
TX Fisher 2 1
TX Grayson 2 1
TX Hays 2 1
TX Jack 2 1
TX Midland 2 1
TX Smith 2 1
TX Tarrant 2 1
TX Angelina 1 1
TX Archer 1 1
TX Austin 1 1
TX Bandera 1 1
TX Bexar 1 1
TX Borden 1 1
TX Brazoria 1 1
TX Burnett 1 1
TX Calhoun 1 1
TX Cameron 1 1
TX Clay 1 1
TX Comal 1 1
TX Cooke 1 1
TX Dallam 1 1
TX Ellis 1 1
TX Fort Bend 1 1
TX Glasscock 1 1
TX Hamilton 1 1
TX Hardin 1 1
TX Hartley 1 1
TX Haskell 1 1
TX Hidalgo 1 1
TX Hill 1 1
TX Hockley 1 1
TX Hunt 1 1
TX Jackson 1 1
TX Jim Hogg 1 1
TX Jones 1 1
TX Lampasas 1 1
TX Lee 1 1
TX Liberty 1 1
TX Lipscomb 1 1
TX Lubbock 1 1
TX Madison 1 1
TX McLennan 1 1
TX Montague 1 1
TX Moore 1 1
TX Navarro 1 1
TX Ochiltree 1 1
TX Palo Pinto 1 1
TX Parker 1 1
TX Randall 1 1
TX Reagan 1 1
TX Scurry 1 1
TX Shackelford 1 1
TX Somervell 1 1
TX Tyler 1 1
TX Upshur 1 1
TX Van Zandt 1 1
TX Victoria 1 1
TX Waller 1 1
TX Yoakum 1 1

Total = 71
N5RZ   SO CW LP   197,9702017-09-24 13:26:17
Did better than I expected to with the lousy condx. Had a bit of fun, but mid
day absorption really wiped out things on all bands both days! 15M wide open
to Northeast Sunday morning but few takers.

Score reflects 6,000 bonus points for TX mobiles. Thanks to N5NA W5CT K5GQ
AF5Q N4CD K5OT & W3DYA for taking to the roads of Texas!

Mult breakdown: State/Prov = 44 DX=6 TX Counties = 108

Used a K3/P3 @ 100W to a Carolina Windom 160 with apex at 44'. N1MM+ logging

Thanks to all for the QSO's.

73, Gator
K8FU   SO CW LP   23,3282017-09-24 13:33:52

End Fed Half Wave @ 50' Over the Rutabaga Fields and Through the Neighbors Barn
K2ZR   SO CW LP   2,9642017-09-24 13:35:45
RIG: K2 @95W
Conditions were poor on Sunday. Limited time to play in this one.
K5KJ   Single Op LP   123,0002017-09-24 13:44:52
WB5BKL   SO CW QRP   67,8002017-09-24 13:49:26
K3/10 @ 5W to a 2-element 15M delta loop or various wires. Raw score posted,
less possible bonuses. 40M was occasionally very long, which did not help us
in the hill country. My better than 2016 score is a direct result of some very
competent mobile operators who were able to pick out my absurdly long, weak call
among the multitudes. My thanks to all. Had fun.
K9GDF   Single Op LP   3,4802017-09-24 14:18:09
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
KØNM   Single Op HP   8,6402017-09-24 14:19:22
I had planned to work from the ranch and home for two counties. Unfortunately,
Could only work from home QTH for a couple of hours. My grand daughter, Ryley,
made all the phone contacts. She is 8.5 years old and had a blast. She had
never been on the radio before.

K5AX   Single Op LP   65,2472017-09-24 14:33:33
Thanks for the Q's had a good time. 73
KEØTT   SO CW QRP   44,8302017-09-24 14:34:36
K3/10 at 5 watts to a 50' dipoles up about 50' for 40 & 20M, and an 88'
dipole up 45' for 80M. Both fed with ladder lines and Matchbox tuners. Guessed
at bonus points. Q's with Mobiles: w5ct 21, n5na 20, k5ot 9, k5gq 9, af5q 6,
and w3dya 5. Lots of fixed stations on also. Thanks for your copy of my QRP,
as always. C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
K4BAI   Single Op HP   72,2202017-09-24 14:35:10
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Score includes 6000
bonus points for multiple county QSOs with K5GQ/M,, W3DYA/M, W5CT/M, W5WRL/M,
AF5Q/M, N5NA/M, and N4CD/M. Thanks to all for the QSOs. Special thanks to
W5WRL, N4CD, and W3DYA who gave me my last three TX counties all time! Tried
to QSY to 160M with N5RZ, but was fumble fingers and couldn't get the 80M
antenna changed to 160 in the time promised. 80M was quite good, but under
utilized, particularly on SSB. 40M was the money band this year and was usable
from GA the entire contest period. Skip may have been too long for East TX at
the end on Sat night. 20M was good to West TX from GA, but the band was often
too long for East TX. The mobiles all did a fantastic job. Was never unable
to work any mobile I could hear. W5WRL was very loud on SSB and AF5Q was much
louder than the other CW mobiles. Good job by all under very poor conditions.
73, John, K4BAI.
W5FMH   Multi-Op HP   162,5192017-09-24 14:55:51
Decent effort for our first QSO party
W5YDM   SO CW LP   38,2322017-09-24 15:08:10
40 was harsh with high noise and many weak signals. 20 was clean and clear but
with fewer callers.
N6MU   SO CW LP   114,4852017-09-24 15:08:18
Score includes 14,000 mobile bonus points.

Mults were way down this year. NO5W's last minute cancellation due to car
problems was probably a big contributor as his whole route was pretty much

Top mobile for me was N5NA with 43 Qs followed by W5CT(41), AF5Q/W3DYA(20),
K5GQ/K5OT(13) and N4CD(11).

Tried 15 with lots of stations but nary a peep all weekend.

Thanks to all the fixed stations who hung in there as well. 73...

John, N6MU TS-570 & 5BTV
W5MT   SO CW LP   56,6002017-09-24 15:30:01
Thanks to all the very active rovers! I intended to only put in a couple of
hours but once I sat down, it was hard to walk away. 20m condx very poor for
more mults on Sunday, so ended up working everyone on 40, then waiting for the
rovers to change counties and pounce on them hihi.
WM5Q   SO SSB HP   98,7522017-09-24 15:54:15
FTdx5000, Ten Tec Centurion @ 1 KW, Mosley CL33 and 40m dipole. Had a good time.
VE3KZ   SO CW HP   90,9182017-09-24 16:53:39
Score includes 9,000 bonus points.
Congratulations to N6MU the master mobile worker!
Thanks to all the TEXAS stations operating under difficult conditions.
AF5Q   SO CW LP   59,3282017-09-24 17:37:56
*Doesnt include 21000 bonus, which take the total score to 80,328. This trip
started off with loose antennas and late getting out of Oklahoma. Put up 20
counties, and again, just like other QSO parties, I scored just as much on
Sunday as I did Saturday, Missed Hutchinson county due to a map error.

Over all I had fun. Stations worked the most included N6MU, WB9CIF, N8UM,
W7GF, and NJ4Q. No dice on 15m, as only worked 2 stations on a triple county

73 to all, and CU down the log

Ron, AF5Q/M
AI4DB   Single Op LP   2202017-09-24 20:12:13
Not many stations heard.
WA6KHK   Single Op HP   112,9502017-09-24 21:37:25
I knew this year would be rough for the TQP after Hurricane Harvey devastated
the Houston area. Hats off to all the rovers that went out and gave it their
all !!!! Special kudos to W5CT (Robert and Steve) and N5NA (Alan) for putting
out all those counties! Virtual high five guys! Band condx weren't the
greatest either. Just like the Salmon Run the week before, 15 meters was non
existant. Only worked about half the TX counties this year but had a lot of
fun. Thanks for another great state QSO party!
W7TR(KH2TJ)   Single Op LP   3,1682017-09-24 23:34:27
Score shows 500 bonus points for working AF5Q/M in 5 different counties. Too
many things going on around the house today to chase the other mobiles but
thanks also to W5CT, N4CD, N5NA, and W3YDA for 2 or more counties each. Wish I
would have had more time to put in more effort on this. Nothing heard on 15 or
10M...73, Todd KH2TJ (W7TR)
K4MM   Single Op LP   58,6402017-09-25 05:35:46
One of my favorite QSO Parties. Conditions were up and down here. Saturday was
pretty good and Sunday was poor. Many rovers heard on Saturday were not heard
on Sunday. Too bad. All in all I am quite happy with my results. Will be back
next year.

RIG = FT-950
ANT = A4s @ 40' with a missing reflector from Hurricane IRMA. Plus rotor
stopped NW also due to IRMA.
ANt = 40M Sloper @ 38'

Bonus Breakdown:
SOAPBOX: 500 Bonus for K5OT in 5 counties.
SOAPBOX: 500 Bonus for N4CD in 5 counties.
SOAPBOX: 1000 Bonus for W5WRL in 14 counties.
SOAPBOX: 500 Bonus for K5LOL in 7 counties.
SOAPBOX: 500 Bonus for N5IR in 6 counties.
SOAPBOX: 2000 Bonus for W5CT in 23 counties.
SOAPBOX: 500 Bonus for K5GQ in 7 counties.
SOAPBOX: 1000 Bonus for N5NA in 12 counties.

73 nad thanks to all who worked me. Wasfun chasing the rovers.

Tom Colyard K4MM EL97tg
AD5WB   Single Op HP   112,4382017-09-25 06:14:15
Great contest as always. Interesting conditions. Stations would call and be
strong and then be gone in the band noise. 40 meters was very noisy. All in
all; a typical, fun, TXQP! My thanks to all stations who called; especially to
the QRP stations who gave me two new multipliers during the contest and the
Texas Mobile Stations!! Claimed score includes two - 500 point bonuses for
working two Texas mobile stations in five counties or more.
N5NA   SO CW Mobile LP   559,1562017-09-25 08:12:48
The above score includes 35000 bonus points for activating 35 counties and 1500
bonus points for working N4CD, K5OT, and W5CT each in 5 counties.

With poor conditions leading up to this years TQP I didn't know what to expect.
Turns out there were plenty of QSOs to be had. 40m was the money band this
year with almost double the QSOs I had on 20m. Had some BIG pileups on 40m I
did my best to handle. Tried 15m several times with N6MU but not a peep.

This was probably one of the most trouble free QSO parties I can remember.
Almost every QSO party there's at least some minor glitch with something.
Everything just worked. No RF problems, no hardware problems, no software
problems, and no wrong turns! I even solved an interference problem I had been
having with the TPMS in my truck.

Mobile Station Equipment: Elecraft K3, Scorpion SA-680, Dell Latitude D630
running CQ/X logging software, 2015 Ford F250.

Thanks to everyone who called and, as always, a BIG thanks to my wife, K5AKS,
for driving!

Below are some statistics provided by CQ/X.

County QSOs 10-Min-Rate 1st-In-Log
Crockett 80 96 NY9P
Reagan 67 174 W9WB
Pecos 60 108 KE0TT
Martin 60 150 N6MU
TomGreen 59 156 NK7L
Howard 59 150 K5YQF
Midland 58 102 NW0M
Nolan 57 114 NY9P
Coke 56 156 K5YQF
Sterling 55 120 W0EAR
Jones 55 96 KN4Y
Upton 52 132 K0HNC
Borden 50 126 AE5GT
Mitchell 50 144 VE5SDH
Scurry 49 78 WA6KHK
Hockley 49 108 N5RZ
Irion 48 120 K0HNC
Shackelf 48 144 WB5JID
Fisher 48 156 K5YQF
Glasscoc 46 168 K0AP
Gaines 44 60 NW0M
Schleich 43 78 VE3KZ
Cochran 43 126 KB8OMG
Andrews 43 132 K4BAI
Taylor 43 132 W4WJ
Dawson 40 78 N6MU
Yoakum 38 108 K0AP
Sutton 37 102 K5SBR
Lubbock 37 144 WB5BKL
Terry 34 108 W0VX
Lynn 34 90 VE3KZ
Callahan 34 144 N6MU
Lamb 29 102 N6MU
Bailey 28 132 W4WJ
Ector 25 132 KN4Y

The initial ten minute hourly rate in these counties was :

Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSOs:
N6MU(44), WB9CIF(34), VE3KZ(33), K0HNC(33), AE5GT(31), WA6KHK(31), K0AP(29),
K5YQF(27), WA2VYA(27), VE5SDH(25), KB8OMG(23), N5RZ(22), N8II(22), W4WJ(21),
K8FU(21), NY9P(21), W2MN(20), K5SBR(20), K5UV(20), WB5BKL(20), KE0TT(20),
KN4Y(20), K4BAI(19), K5KS(19), W5TM(19), N8UM(16), KE5XX(16), WB5JID(16),
N5AF(15), K5IZO(15), W9BM(15), K9IG(14), K4ZGB(14), N4CD(14), K4MM(14),
W7GF(14), W2RR(14), W0TG(14), WB9HFK(14), NW0M(13)
NJ4Q   SO CW LP   21,5082017-09-25 12:41:00
AF5Q/M = 12 Qs, +1000 pts, W5CT/M = 11 Qs, +1000 pts, N5NA = 8 Qs, +500 pts
Raw score 19008 + 2500 bonus = 21508
Fun test, especially mobiles. Very good ops all around. 73 Knight NJ4Q
K8MR   Single Op LP   4,8602017-09-25 13:03:12
I got some bonus points, but it's not worth the bother to figure them out.

A few minutes here and there to pass out some QSOs to the deserving.

Does anybody really want these state contests to be two days? The Texas home
stations seemed to be having a pretty boring time on Sunday.

73 - Jim K8MR
KI5LR   Single Op HP   128,5832017-09-25 14:12:06
Learned that I am not up to calling CQ in CW mode. The pile up was so bad that
even with the filter turned down to 100 narrow I could not make out a single
operator. Had a great time. Looking forward to 2018...... DE KI5LR Gary
W2RR(WA2AOG)   SO CW HP   33,4202017-09-25 14:47:26
Score includes 3000 bonus points:W5CT/1500 (18 Q); N5NA/1000 (14 Q); K5GQ/500 (8
N5IT   Single Op HP   130,0482017-09-25 16:06:17
Had a great time operating the QSO Party. 40 meter propagation favored Texas
well, and I worked several QRP operators in and outside of Texas. I'm already
looking forward to next year. 73 from McLennan County Texas. Dave, N5IT.
AE7VA   SO SSB Mobile LP   12017-09-25 16:52:46
Quick Q while on a camping trip along the East Fork of the Black River in
eastern AZ. Too weak of a signal from my mobile station in the deep
woods/canyon to play for very long.
KD2KW   Single Op LP   11,0922017-09-25 19:10:45
Was planning to work SSB one cycle and CW the other but had to change plans and
not work the second session.
KN4Y   SO CW LP   34,7402017-09-25 20:25:17
Planned on a full involvement strategy, but thunder storms and unexpected
honey-do's revised the plan. Enjoyed chasing the mobiles who would disappear
every once in awhile. Emjoyed the venture.
K5YQF   SO CW LP   38,6102017-09-26 06:38:49
plus 1500 bonus points for mobiles in multiple counties; 68 unique tx counties;
22 unique states/prov;

80 meter horizontal loop about 15 feet high worked wonders covering TX plus a
fair job at longer distances.

N5NA/M use of APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System - helped me follow him
and be able to spend more time calling CQ and looking for others.
K5OT   SO Mobile LP   103,0102017-09-26 06:46:31
Claimed score includes 15,000 points for activating 15 counties and 1,000 points
for working N5NA and W3DYA in 5 counties each.

NO5W and I have teamed up for TQP multi-op mobile entries during each of the
past three years. We put together a major route-change for our #4 run,
planning to activate the northeastern Texas counties this year. However,
Chuck's trusty and well-equipped Nissan Pathfinder decided it wasn't ready to
play this time. Chuck contacted me on Wednesday before the contest and said
that the vehicle had 'stopped cold' on him while on a local errand. No NO5W/M
this year, as Chuck needed to stay home in New Orleans and revive the
Pathfinder. The prognosis is still undecided.

With this disappointing news, I wasn't sure if I wanted to put together a run
on my own. There were quite a few nearby TX counties that showed little or no
activation potential, so I re-installed my mobile gear in the truck and cobbled
together a part-time route that would cover 15 counties in the area - 4 on
Saturday morning and 11 more through the day on Sunday.

I really look forward to the annual TQP multi-op mobile run with NO5W each
September. It was disappointing to miss it in 2017, but I'm certain that Chuck
was even more disappointed at this abrupt schedule change. Although I did
enjoy getting out for a while on my own, it isn't nearly as much fun as our
team efforts. I look forward to resuming our multi-op mobile tradition next

Mobile equipment: Icom IC-7100 at 100W, tiny Little Tarheel II antenna, spiral
notebook, pen, and 2015 GMC Sierra.

Thanks for the QSOs and your support of the TQP this year.

Larry K5OT
NO5W(@W5GAD)   Single Op LP   14,9342017-09-26 09:13:14
K3/100, Windom @ 55ft, 3el Steppir @ 55ft, CQ/X

Total score includes 2000 total bonus points, 500 bonus points for working
K5GQ/m in at least 5 counties, 500 points for working N5NA/m in at least 5
counties and 1000 points for working W5CT/m in at least 10 counties.

It wasn't the way K5OT and I had planned to do the TQP but Murphy struck the
Pathfinder about two days before I was set to drive to Texas to meet up with
Larry and the shop which was about 50 miles from home could not get the vehicle
back on the road in time for the trip.

So I got to listen to the action from New Orleans, primarily on Sunday as I was
tied up on Saturday getting the Pathfinder back to New Orleans. 40m was the
money band since the only stations I could hear well on 20m were N5NA who was
far enough away in WTX and W3DYA who was up in the panhandle. W5CT(12),
K5GQ(9), N5NA(7), W3DYA(4), K5OT(3), and KI5AH(1) were all solid copy with
excellent mobile signals. I put the aprs map to good use as it allowed me to
see when the mobiles were about to transition into the next county.

Thanks to all who participated in the TQP, especially the mobiles. Finally it
was good to work K5SBR in Calhoun county as that area was one of the counties
that was paid a visit by Harvey. Hope to be back on the road in the 2018 TQP
and that hurricane season 2018 will be less active.

KØAP   SO CW LP   38,8662017-09-26 12:54:34
The score includes 7000 additional points for working N5NA from 29, W5CT 20,
K5OT 11, K5GQ 10, and W3DYA 9 counties. I have always been interested in county
hunting but never really got it going seriously until recently. With the band
conditions kind of winding down what could be a better choice to stay on the
air but chase US counties all across the USA. Since the beginning of the year I
have operated in multiple QSO parties and TXQP was not an exception. I was very
impressed of how N5NA managed his mobile operation to perfection. He was always
there and made sure to switch bands 40m to 20m and vice versa, to give everybody
a chance. I worked N5NA in 29 counties but if I did not have to multitask and
work on few errands in and around the house, I am quite sure I could've got him
from all counties he operated from. His operating pattern was very predictable
and all I needed to do is just sit and wait for him to show up from the next
one on 7.032.5 +/-. Kudos to N5NA and the other mobiles (W5CT, K5OT, K5GQ and
W3DYA) for bringing so much fun to the game. On Saturday morning when the TXQP
started I quickly realized that here at my QTH in KS I don't have good 20m band
opening (short skip) to Texas so I decided to stick to 40m CW only. 40m was very
reliable band and I was able to hear the mobiles almost all of the time, with
few exceptions. I am looking forward to TXQP 2018 and I hope next year the
mobile participation will be greater.
Thank you all TX stations who participated for a great Qso party!

73 Dragan K0AP, Z32XX

P.S: Since 2011 I operate as K0W in the KSQP.
W5CT(K5PI)   SO CW Mobile LP   557,5662017-09-26 15:07:07
Our TQP spiritual guide, W5MJ, wasn't available this year but he suggested that
WK5S, our talented teamster from 2015 might be willing to take me down the road
for a single op adventure. Sure enough, Steve had just tricked out his new
Chevy Sonic for HF with a Diamond SD330 screwdriver and a trailer hitch for a
second antenna. He recommended a Bug Catcher, and that sounded like a great

It was nice to have such a simple setup this year -- one radio, one computer,
and two antennas. Steve got the Bug Catcher installed and we were ready to go.
We went to our usual starting point near Brownwood but in our final countdown
testing, we found that the SWR on the Bug Catcher was 3:1 and just wouldn't
come into spec no matter what we adjusted. So we hit the road and as a
testament to how good that antenna is, I put a heap of 40M Qs in the log with
only about 50W. Around noon, we took a quick comfort stop and Steve said he
had some things to check. Voila! The matching coil at the bottom wasn't loose
but it wasn't quite tight either. We cruised on through the day and except for
a couple computer issues, it was smooth sailing. 40M was surprisingly good but
20 seemed underwhelming. Late in the afternoon we hit some rare counties and 40
got even better. 40 was the money band all evening and I finished with 581 Qs
on 40 and 391 on 20. I was pretty happy with 93 mults. We were about an hour
from our hotel, but that turned into about an hour and a half when a
construction detour and a mixmaster in Lewisville tried to outsmart all our
guidance systems.

Sunday came off without a hitch as Steve again kept us right on schedule with
his paper map and customized turn-by-turn instructions. I kept an eye on
Microsoft Streets and Trips, but I hardly needed to. Both 20 and 40 really
sagged in the middle of the day but our planned stop on the HEND/KAUF county
line made it possible to pull through some very weak callers. After an hour or
so, conditions came right back up and both 20 and 40 were very good. Steve kept
the pedal to the metal and we made it to the LAMP/CORY line for a rollicking
seven minute finish on 20.

Thanks to all the FB ops who tracked us on APRS, or just kept checking our home
frequencies. Special thanks to the nice crowds from KS, OK, and Gillespie
County. And a huge thanks to Steve WK5S for his engineering skills and for
grinding out the miles behind the wheel. It was fun nipping at N5NA heels --
it might come down now to who's the better typist! :-)

See you in the next one!

Robert K5PI
NU5DE   Multi-Op LP   340,8642017-09-26 18:05:31
First full time effort.
K6CSL   SO CW LP   1,7162017-09-27 05:21:36
Conditions certainly not the best, but worked 12 new TX Counties. Had fun. Bert,
WIØWA(@NØAC)   Single Op LP   2,7062017-09-27 05:39:59
I had planned on operating mobile for the contest but plans changed. I operated
from my Iowa QTH as time allowed.

Thanks for your QSO

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
KØPV   SO CW LP   14,8792017-09-27 13:13:28
Thunderstorms all weekend, so didnt get much time in. LOTS of 40m RTTY QRM left
about a 5kc op window. Tnx to N5NA, W5CT, & K5GQ for the bonus points.
Also a big thanks to ALL for the many new TX counties!

Don, K0PV nr Denver
N2CU   Single Op LP   7,1202017-09-27 15:56:33
Popped in and out of the shack several times on Saturday to chase any mobiles I
could find. Includes 1000 bonus points for working two mobiles in more than 5

K3/100, TH6DXX, 40m dipole, 80m wire vertical.

73, Tom N2CU
W7DCM   Single Op LP   2,8842017-09-27 17:02:26
My first TX QSO Party! I'm somewhat new to contesting and coming off a long
QRT. Thanks to everyone! See you next year! 73s, Dave
W2CSI   SO SSB HP   1,9582017-09-28 09:06:41
I worked the N5IR, mobile in 5 different counties for a Bonus of 500pts.
27 X 2= 54 X 27= 1,458 + 500 = 1,958pts.

Radio: FT-450D
Antenna: Hex Beam at 20ft.
Amp: 811H output: 800W
County: Madison
State: NC
N5XGG   SO CW LP   5,5652017-09-28 13:18:04
Only operated a couple of hours each day. I am a slower cw operator so I parked
on one frequency and called CQ. Most operators were very courteous when I asked
for repeat and slowed their responses as needed. Enjoyed the experience and will
be working again next year.
KEØJMK   SO SSB LP   1,5082017-09-30 04:03:26
[log removed from comments]

Final Score: 1008
Final Final Score: 1508
K5GQ   SO CW Mobile LP   83,8442017-09-30 20:28:00
My thanks to NM5G, Keith who supplied his truck with hamsticks, Kenwood 480 and
computer. And programmed the kenwood vhf/uhf for APRS via digipeater and a
tablet to send APRS. I believe as a result more stations worked me multiple
times: N6MU 12; WA2VYA 11; WB9CIF 10; NO5W 9; K4MM 8; KE0TT 8; VE3KZ 8;
K4BAI,K5KS,N5RZ,N8UM,N8II,W2RR worked me 7 times.

Also, thanks to Mark Winslet, K5IB, who drove and took pictures. (Keith also
took picture.)

One knows the band is bad when K4BAI’s signal is down in the noise rather
that its normal strong signal. On both Saturday and Sunday the noise was seldom
below S7, and would go up to 15 to 20 over.
Then other noise would move in frequency. I would move either up or down in
frequency where there was less noise and try again. Almost 2pm on Sunday the
signals came out of the noise and my Q rate shot up to over 100. This lasted
until 3pm.

This is my first time using N3FJP logging software for TxQP. When I looked at
the help screen and N3FJP would send the county one was in. WOW. This I tried
it; switched the county to Jefferson. The description in the CW setup
description says % will send the current county abbreviation.
Well it sends the full name and not the abbreviation. I used the "F"
keys no problem except remember which county was which F key.

I did not understand the N3fjp software, I entered the county in the same box
as I entered the state. (Just like Writlog or N1MM) N3fjp understood that to be
DX. THANKS Keith for correcting all those errors in log.

K4VBM/4   SO SSB LP   4202017-10-01 18:21:12
First time portable operation from St. George Island in FL while on vacation.
Actually did better than last year! Great fun!
Enjoyed my 3rd TX QSO Party!
N4CD/M   SO Mobile LP   144,4622017-10-04 09:54:53
Score includes 10,500 bonus points for working N5NA mobile in five counties and
running 10 counties in the TX panhandle. Was headed from OK to NM and spent
the day putting out the top two rows of counties in the panhandle. Stopped to
run the county or county line - 20 and 40m, mostly cw with a few SSB QSOs for
the county hunters. Weather was good and the roads were good. In places the
speed limit is 75 mph which is good because most of the roads have S9 plus 20sb
over noise with the power lines. You need to know WHERE to stop to find a quiet
spot and I've done this run a dozen or two or more times before as a county
hunter over the past 25 years. Do not plan to run this route 'on the run'. You
won't hear anything but noise. <p>

The bands were in terrible shape on Saturday - the only day I ran - - missed
many common states - worked 3 EU countries (DL, HA, SM) and KP4. Did work HI
twice. 35 states , 2 Canadian provinces, 4 dx. think it was 42 tx counties
which is sad seeing that there are 254 to grab. Only caught W3DYA/m once and
K5OT/m a few times. Got N5NA/m in more than five but we were 'too close' most
of the time. W5CT was hard to work. S9 plus signal and he couldn't hear me or
many others calling. Easier to work on Sunday - for some reason - when I was in
NM and CO. Could have used a lot more mobile activity in south TX and
elsewhere. <p>

Had fun. Usually am elsewhere this weekend but it worked out OK this year.

Rig is ICOM 706 and antenna is six foot mast on trunk deck with 20/30/40m
horizontal resonators. <p>

You can see how various mobile antennas work at the County Hunter Convention
Mobile Antenna "Bake Off" at which compares different
configurations of set-ups. Screwdrivers, hustlers and various mast lengths,
etc. <p>

Just headed across the panhandle east to west and next day was back to running
Parks on the Air in NM and Catching a few more TX counties from NM and CO.
Probably confused a bunch of people no longer being mobile in TX.

73 de N4CD mobile
K5LOL   Multi-Op Mobile LP   15,2102017-10-08 20:58:20
K5LOL's Contest Summary Report for TXQP
Created by N3FJP's Texas QSO Party Contest Log
Version 3.8

Total Contacts = 169
Total Points = 15,210

Operating Period: 2017/09/23 18:42 - 2017/09/24 00:35

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
40 0 16 0 16 9
20 0 153 0 153 91
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 0 169 0 169 100

Total Contacts by State \ Prov:

State Total %
----- ----- ---
CA 34 20
FL 18 11
PA 14 8
TX 13 8
OH 12 7
NC 10 6
MI 6 4
AZ 4 2
MT 4 2
ON 4 2
SC 4 2
WA 4 2
AR 3 2
IL 3 2
NV 3 2
TN 3 2
VA 3 2
DE 2 1
GA 2 1
IN 2 1
KY 2 1
MB 2 1
NJ 2 1
NY 2 1
OR 2 1
WI 2 1
ID 1 1
KS 1 1
MD 1 1
MN 1 1
ND 1 1
OK 1 1
RI 1 1
SK 1 1
WV 1 1

Total = 35

Total Contacts by Country:

Country Total %
------- ----- ---
USA 162 96
Canada 7 4

Total = 2

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
05 67 40
04 53 31
03 49 29

Total = 3

Total Contacts by County:

County Total %
--------- ----- ---
TX Knox 2 1
TX Nacogdoches 2 1
TX Brazoria 1 1
TX El Paso 1 1
TX Galveston 1 1
TX Harris 1 1
TX Jefferson 1 1
TX Kerr 1 1
TX McLennan 1 1
TX Montgomery 1 1
TX Smith 1 1

Total = 11
WØBH   Single Op HP   13,0162017-10-09 10:18:58
Score includes 2000 bonus points for 5 or more contacts with W5CT/m and N5NA/m.

I really missed my usual trip down to the Texas Panhandle this year! Our new
president at Hesston College was inaugurated on TQP weekend, so I stayed home
this year, but enjoyed working Texas from Kansas.

Activity seemed a bit lighter this year. It was fun following K5CT/m, N5NA/m
and K5OT/m around with excellent 40m activity all day long. Sorry Chuck/NO5W
had to bow out because of a vehicle issue. Also happy N4CD/m could cover the
Panhandle so I didn't feel quite so bad. I think AF5Q was there, too, but
didn't hear him and haven't seen a post yet.

We hope to be back in Texas next year! Thanks to the sponsors and ops for
another fun one.

73, Bob, w0bh
W5JNP   SO SSB HP   101,6162017-10-13 11:04:08
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: DFW Contest Group
NAME: Jeff Peltier
ADDRESS: 8405 Fort Union Ct
ADDRESS: Fort Worth, TX 76137
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6830.0