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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2017   Jul 15   Comment Summary

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WØPAN   SOSB/6 LP   1702017-07-16 06:58:46
N4QX   SOAB LP   642017-07-16 09:46:29
Used a 100 W IC-910 on 2 meters and a 5 W FT-817 on 6 meters to a buddipole
raised to above my back deck roof line but below the vegetation just above it.
Worked OK to the north and northeast, but not too much activity in the two
hours I had to spare.
W3RGA/R   Rover LP   1402017-07-16 10:02:04
Went out for about an hour Sun morning. Started in FN10 and was going to go to
FN11 but didn't make it. No real antennas (ATAS-120A on 6M/SSB and SG7500A on
K4AFE   SOSB/6 HP   302017-07-16 10:36:02
Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee!!

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   12,7202017-07-16 12:03:41
Saturday was good. Sounded like the Colorado QSO part at first!. 6 was open
late. Sunday not so good. A struggle all day. FT8 worked well. Picked up quite
a few mults.
VE9CB   SOAB LP   3752017-07-16 12:45:43
Flat conditions on both bands.
VA3PCJ   SOAB QRP   92017-07-16 12:57:40
Icom 703 @ 5W & Buddipole at 16Ft. All QSO's within 30 min (at dusk of Sat
July 15) at distances of 38, 920 and 945 miles.
K8IA   SOSB/6 LP   902017-07-16 13:23:58
Twenty minutes of fun feeding the driven element of my 40m yagi.

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
KU8E   SOSB/6 HP   4,2122017-07-16 13:50:12
Conditions sucked again this year just like they have for the past 7 years or
N7NT   SOSB/6 HP   10,3362017-07-16 14:02:25
Elecraft K3, SPE 1.3kFA, M2 6M5XHP @ 53 feet
K7ULS   SOAB HP   12,3302017-07-16 14:09:47
Powder Mtn. 9000' DN41
Mostly digital contest here very few ssb
contacts. FT8 pulled through thanks to Joe Taylor
for making it possible would have been horrible to use jt65
73 de K7ULS
K1TR   SOSB/6 LP   4,4102017-07-16 14:13:14
IC-7100 to a 4L Yagi at 18'.

Took the radio and a small antenna along on some family vacation at a lake
cottage in Hancock, NH. This spot has a good shot to the northeast but blocked
by hills in all other directions. I was counting on some high-angle E-skip to
make it worthwhile. Fortunately there was some Saturday evening and a few
moments of it Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the QSOs!
K4EA   SOAB LP   16,5602017-07-16 14:13:33
Only a modest amount of Es on 6M and 2M was very poor. There is always next
year. :)

Neal, K4EA EM74rg
WB9KPT   SOSB/6 HP   8,5092017-07-16 14:13:34
Fun day on Saturday, Sunday was slow... Made 68 FT8 contacts.
K4BAI   SOSB/6 LP   6,6962017-07-16 14:15:51
IC756Pro, 100W, 5 El M2 yagi at 60'. Saturday was fair with occasional openings
NW, W, and NE. Sunday was miserable with only two skip QSOs, one was XE2JS and
the other WA2VYA in TX. Never stopped trying until the final tick of the
clock. Thanks for all QSOs. Three new grid squares all time, XE2NL/XE2FL in
EL05, W8EEK/P on a sliver of Northern Michigan in EN67, and K0DUB way up in
EN47. Best DX was K7CW in the Seattle area. Will continue to monitor 6M for a
few more weeks at least. 73, John, K4BAI.
VE3DS   SOAB LP   8,4482017-07-16 14:18:08
Nice to have some Es on 50 MHz this year. Worked a lot of FT8 and MSK144
Lots of local activity as well!
WX4G   SOSB/6 HP   4,4622017-07-16 14:19:51
Conditions not so good...never got out to West Coast...or even Canada. No New
England either...but did not spend much time. Did load FT8...but not until
contest was over.

Bob WX4G
N7RD   SOSB/6 LP   3602017-07-16 14:21:19
Only had short time, XYL had knee replacement, so worked in a little time.
W9IIX   SOSB/6 HP   9252017-07-16 14:22:59
thanks for jt8
K7CW   SOSB/6 HP   35,3692017-07-16 14:23:24
For us, Saturday was pretty good. I even worked a new grid for FFMA, bringing
me to 476 worked. FT8 seemed to suck up some of the CW and SSB action, but not
too bad. FT8 was fun to use, but it did lack a little sensitivity as compared to
JT65, which one would expect. It's being four times as fast would seem to make
up for the deficiency. QSOs per mode: SSB-197, CW-66, FT8-49, JT65-1.
The arrival of the CME did the band in on Saturday night and kept it that way
all day Sunday. This was one of the better CQ VHF tests. 1500 watts, 6M9KHW at
73, Paul K7CW
N5SJ   SOAB LP   3502017-07-16 14:24:03
Looked to Colorado and Arizona with the beam and made calls, but no response.
K3MD   SOAB HP   11,3242017-07-16 14:25:07
2M sequencer linear output shorted AGAIN!!!
N2SLO   SOAB HP   7,7002017-07-16 14:28:16
Conditions were down from last year. Saturday we had a minor Es opening but it
was narrow. Sunday, no Es at all. Contacts were earned. First contact with new
Beko on 2M. Highlight was working Connie NG4C at the end of contest on phone in
Fm16. Almost identical number of QSOs on both bands.
KR1ST   SOAB LP   1,3252017-07-16 14:28:49
Rigs: IC-7300 (6m), IC-275H (2m)
Pwr: 100W on 6 and 2m
Ants: - single Par Electronics Omniangle (halo-type) for 6m @25ft
- stacked pair Par Electronics Omniangles for 2m @25ft
Elev: 1900+ ft

There was the tiniest of opening on 6m at the start of the contest, but
conditions fell flat in minutes and stayed like that on both bands for the rest
of the contest. Well, at least for the time I was able to devote to this contest
that is.

Thanks to all who pulled my tiny signal out of the noise.

--Alex KR1ST (FN21)
VE3SST   SOAB LP   7362017-07-16 14:31:15
Really need to get the 6m antenna fixed and on the tower. Spent a lot of time
listening to noise from nearby buildings.
KO9A   SOSB/6 LP   28,0442017-07-16 14:34:00
Very interesting contest!

Saturday saw average Es openings to many areas of the USA. FT8 really showed
it's benefits as it was a great tool to determine where the opening was, how
loud certain areas were coming in, and of course a great way to find new
multipliers in the heat of the moment. FT8 was a great rate booster when
things tanked, especially during the type of opening we had Saturday where many
areas were "in" simultaneously.

Sunday sucked. Minimal to no Es. Meteors were below average. FT8 is NOT a
good meteor scatter tool. FT8 really showed it's drawbacks here. I suspect
many more QSOs could've been made by everyone if FT8 was abandoned for MSK144.
Will be interesting to see what others observed.

FT8 proved to be an outstanding Es and multi-hop Es tool, but it certainly
isn't a swiss army knife. Hopefully everyone learned under fire why MSK144
should not be forgotten nor abandoned!

Saturday count - 198 Qs x 101 Grids - Happy to work VUCC on day 1
Sunday count - 48Qs x 13 Grids - Yuck!

I suspect we will see some phenomenal #s come out of CO, TX, and FL this time!


Jim KO9A
WZ8T   SOAB LP   8,1602017-07-16 14:36:02
The 6 meter opening was pretty steady. 2 meter activity was pretty slow. Just
got the antennas back up after the move from Michigan so it was a very
interesting learning experience for my first real contest in Washington.
K3AJ   SOAB LP   9362017-07-16 14:36:03
6M - K3/100W
2M - K3/XV144/100W Brick
6M - 5-el at 50 ft.
2M - 12 el. at 50 ft.

Remote operation using N1MM+, PST Rotator, Skype, DX Lab Commander, VNC Viewer
AA7V   SOSB/6 LP   4,5602017-07-16 14:36:32
100w to 4 ele at 30 ft
Best "DX" was PA and MD
VE3UTT   SOSB/6 LP   202017-07-16 14:38:34
k3 / Optibeam HF antenna
K1TO   SOSB/6 HP   34,6562017-07-16 14:42:19
Not a good week here. Brother-in-law had a bad car accident and I came home
from the hospital to find that lightning had zapped my new rig.

Big thanks to George, K5KG for lending his K3 again this year.

Things started with a flurry to the north and a quick 51 QSOs in 15 minutes,
many with weak signals. That was the last I would see to the northeast. No
W1/2/3/8 after the first hour at all. Most of the day Saturday, the band was
open to the heartland, with the occasional tease beyond one-hop range, but just
not a lot of volume there. No W6s or WA/OR/ID/WY. No DX beyond XE and KP4.

We all knew the CME was coming, so Sunday being a bust was not a surprise. Huge
QSB waves Saturday evening. Added just 31 QSOs on Sunday.

FT8 provided 25 digital QSOs here, a few with grids not worked on SSB/CW. Don't
think it was configured optimally at first, so probably wasted even more time
there than necessary. Only two decodes outside FL in the last hour: K1JT
himself (mega-thanks for the software efforts) and W3LPL in the last minute.

At least the thunderstorms stayed clear, but they wouldn't have caused much
disruption to any runs anyway.

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and to N8BJQ for his efforts in managing the

73, Dan
K9DR   SOSB/6 LP   1,2302017-07-16 14:53:27
At least I wasn't skunked like last year. All QSOs made on Saturday. No
openings seen on Sunday. Sorry, didn't work any Outlaws this go-around.

Equipment: K3 to Moxon at 50'

Oh, and my comments on logging JT65 and so on were pointless. All QSOs were
CW. Tried several times, but no success.
W1VD   SOAB HP   26,6802017-07-16 14:53:32
6M: Decent opening Saturday evening with a fair amount of double hop to west

2M: Pretty much flat condx ... best dx FN65, EM89, EM96.

Wish I had been able to put in more time. Thanks to all for the contacts!
K5AX   SOSB/6 LP   1,9252017-07-16 14:54:08
Thanks for the Q's. Very slow. Saturday was a washout due to the crazy
thunderstorms and little tornados all over STX. Sunday openings to seven land
and NM. Not much else down this way. 73 Tom
N8HM   SOSB/6 LP   92017-07-16 14:56:20
Antenna - Arrow 52-1BP Dipole
Radio - Yaesu FT-450D
KX7L   SOAB LP   1,4492017-07-16 15:04:57
A nice Es opening to the east was a great way to start the contest! Looks like
FT8 is the new kid in town - saw more activity on 50.313 than on ssb at times.
Now if the contest software would just support the new mode a little more
conveniently. Thanks for all the QSO's!
KM4SII   SOSB/6 LP   162017-07-16 15:05:40
14 y/o operator... Only operated the first hour this time (from North Carolina).
Conditions were quite strange at the start with one weak W5 station worked which
quickly faded followed by a multi-hop Es QSO with K7CW in Washington. However,
despite working the opposite coast quite easily, there were no other signals on
the band -- strange, but that is 6m for ya.

In the remaining 45 minutes of operating I worked one local and one weak
station in NE and then went QRT for the remainder of the contest due to some
things going on here. I would have liked to put in more time, but 1 hours is
better than nothing :)

73 de KM4SII - Mason
WØETT   SOAB HP   24,8562017-07-16 15:06:07
Thanks to local rovers W3DHJ and AB0YM for numerous grid activations.

73 Ken, w0ett
Parker, CO DM79
AEØEE   SOAB LP   152017-07-16 15:15:02
6m: Moxon up 12', 45 W digital, 100 W CW/SSB
2m: FM handheld + rubber ducky

I got on for a few hours between 1200z and 2100z Sunday. Worked some locals
and a few contacts via E-skip on the new FT8 mode.
KØAV   SOSB/6 LP   2,1462017-07-16 15:17:03
A few brief openings.

Thank you for contacts.

K3 --> 3 SteppIR

73,Alan K0AV
Colorado Springs
NØAC(@NØAC/Ø)   SOSB/6 QRP   422017-07-16 15:19:43
Called many stations that couldn't hear me.

Bill, N0AC
At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, 7100\'

Rig 1-FT1000MP~100w
Antenna 1-HyGain HyTower Jr.
Antenna 2-2 Element 20m vertical array

Rig 2-Ten Tec Omni VI~100w
Antenna 1-40m Dipole
Antenna 2-15m 2 Element vertical dipole array

N6JET/R   Rover LP   7,2282017-07-16 15:20:39
Activated grids CM86, CM87, CM88, CM97 and CM98 for a first time participation
in the CQ WW VHF Contest finishing with a score of 7,228.
W7YAQ   SOSB/6 HP   3,8282017-07-16 15:36:25
Definitely a learning experience. Logging CW/SSB with Writelog, and JT65/FT8
with WSJT-X. Had to switch K3 settings and power levels for each mode. Made
10 Qs with JT65 (slow), and my 1st 13 Qs with FT8 (faster, but not so fast with
the klutzy operator!). Worked 10 new grids, several close in ones on Sunday
when had no E-skip. VUCC total now an even 200.

Now to figure out how to send in my log from 2 different ADIF files.

WA7NWL   SOSB/6 LP   1,2002017-07-16 15:39:32
A good time with a new radio. Thanks to all for the contacts.


John, WA7NWL
N1RWY   SOSB/6 LP   2,0672017-07-16 15:49:59
I setup FT8 on the desktop and ran it for the contest. Never picked up the
mic, just stayed with FT8, working those that I could as I had time. 25-80W,
3EL@20' pointing East (no rotor).
Conditions were up and down- FT8 decoded well for the most part.
AD8J   SOSB/6 LP   1,0752017-07-16 15:59:50
First time that I spent more than a few minutes on this band.
W3EP   SOSB/6 HP   21,9122017-07-16 16:02:53
Strong openings to west Saturday evening, including some double-hop, but CW/SSB
activity low. Sunday was a total bust. Two XEs call me, I think a first for
this contest.
N3ALN   SOAB LP   4,9022017-07-16 16:06:40
had fun making some Qs with FT8!
WB2FKO   SOAB HP   32,8602017-07-16 16:09:41
Many thanks to Profs. Franke and Taylor and their team of developers for getting
WSJT-X 1.8 beta out in time for this contest. FT8 appears to be perfect for the
patchy Es conditions that occurred throughout the weekend. Also thanks to
KK6MC/R for providing QSOs on both bands in 6 New Mexico grids.
VE3VN   SOSB/6 LP   2,4572017-07-16 16:12:50
Operated when I could or when I caught a sporadic E opening. I am surprised by
how many stations need FN24, not only in the contest but in their VUCC chase.
Sadly I could not QSY to 2 meters for those who asked. Next year.
KØSIX   SOSB/6 HP   44,0862017-07-16 16:13:09
Always a fun Contest!

Great E openings on Saturday......Sunday nothing.
Saturday 294/110...Sunday morning-afternoon "brutal" 35/24. All
pretty much msk144 or ft8 on Sunday.
Used Phone primarily with 284 contacts, with a additional 12 on MSK144, and 33
on FT8. Not much experience on either mode, but fun to operate.
With good "E" conditions to the West I was hoping for a new FFMA
grid, but no luck. Still have 27 to go!

Thanks everyone,
73 Vince K0SIX
Big Lake, MN

Elecraft K3, Elecraft KPA500, and a InnovAntennas 7 Element LFA at 70 ft.
N2NT   Multi-Op HP   70,0562017-07-16 16:13:46
2m was a little "up" for most of Sunday. Best 2m tropo was KB8U EN71
@ 546 mi. Nice to work a few W6 on 6m Es.
K3MEC(ND3F)   SOAB HP   28,6202017-07-16 16:17:03
Fun. Thanks to W8ZN, finally had antennas above the trees and ridgeline in
FM09tf. No digital modes yet, about 1/2 CW and 1/2 SSB. Enjoyed about 1 hour
of 6M double skip around local dark on Saturday, and a nice opening west on
Sunday morning.
K5XU   SOSB/6 LP   1,8132017-07-16 16:18:53
I wish more stations had been on the air from 6 and 7 land. Heard California
once, but was not able to work him.
VE3RX   SOAB HP   1,8202017-07-16 16:21:15
First time ever trying JT65 or FT8 modes. Worked well on 6m considering up here
in the north, few signals to hear in the first place.
N3RD   SOSB/6 HP   10,5122017-07-16 16:23:42
New to the band, having only become QRV in early June. So, it's all new to me.
The Saturday evening Es opening to the west coast was fun, with the CA stations
having surprisingly good signals. Disappointed that there were no openings to
the Caribbean or SA. 73 - Dave N3RD
N4GG   SOSB/6 HP   2,1242017-07-16 16:35:07
What to say? Condx have been poor all season. As is often the case here in GA,
a lot of openings bounce right above us but don't start or end here. All in all
not much to smile about.
FTdx5000, 1KW Brick, 3el @ 30 feet, WRITELOG
N4PN   SOSB/6 HP   2,7692017-07-16 16:44:26
Two meters appears to be a thing of the past...
Glad I only had a couple hours to spare...
Wait 'til next year might not make any difference..
Thanks to the few that could make it..
73, Paul
W9SZ   Hilltopper QRP   8402017-07-16 16:53:31
The thing about operating in the Hilltopper category in this contest is that you
have six hours of operating time and hope the six hours you pick has a 6m
opening. I didn't do so well this year. I heard that 6m was pretty good on
Saturday. I operated on Sunday. 6m tried to open to the southwest during some
of my time on the air and briefly to New England, but they were not great
openings. I worked XE2X (who makes his own propagation) and a handful of W5's.
I also worked K1TOL (who also makes his own propagation). Other than that it
was mostly the usual "locals" (out to ~150 miles) on both bands.
After about 5 hours I wasn't hearing anyone new to work, so I wrapped it up.

The weather was just about perfect with no big wind on my favorite hilltop. A
little breeze once in a while helped to cool things off a bit. All the
equipment worked. I had fun!
WA7JTM   Hilltopper QRP   2,0002017-07-16 16:58:20
Ran an FT817 with a dipole at 12 feet on 6m and 4 ele yagi on 2m at 8 ft.

Operated from a SOTA (Summits On The Air) summit (W7A/MN-147) that I hiked to
with all of the equipment, ropes/tarps, and lots of water. Temperature was
about 100F when I called it quits after four hours on the hill...too hot to
continue after that. The hike down the mountain in those temps was

This year I had the best 6M opening I have caught so far as a QRP Hilltopper.
Many DX stations gave me a 5x9 with my 5 watts and the dipole, so that was

I got lucky and chose the right time slot to operate this year.

Thanks to everyone who worked year I may have to hike a summit with
an A/C unit?

WA7JTM QRP Hilltopper
WA5DM   SOSB/6 HP   33,4102017-07-16 17:00:01
That was fun!!
K9AKS   SOAB QRP   5,6182017-07-16 17:06:22
Yes, I know the old saying: "life is too short to run QRP." Saturday
was ok with scattered openings on 6 to a variety of places, plus a handful of
long-distance QSOs on 2, the longest being over 800 miles (running 10 watts).
Virtually all QSOs were S&P and nothing digital was used (yes, I know this
is the 21st century!) Thanks to all who dug out my meager signals. It was fun;
well, on Saturday anyway.
WI9WI   SOSB/6 HP   2,5462017-07-16 17:21:10
Pretty good opening to the SE on Saturday, not much else.
W6NF   SOSB/6 LP   32017-07-16 17:27:47
XYL operated NAQP RTTY so I did not get on until Sunday morning. No openings in
far northwest Minnesota but three Winnipeg stations were worked on FT8 for my
only Qs. Much time spent calling CQ with nothing heard beyond my 3 QSOs.
N3XF   SOAB HP   2,3462017-07-16 17:28:03
Wish I could have spent more time on. 2 meters seemed especially good. Worked a
number of New England stations on 2 which is quite a stretch from here. Lots of
CW activity!!
VE3RSA   SOSB/6 LP   7682017-07-16 17:40:16
First VHF contest using my call. Have been being indoctrinated into VHF with
kind assistance of VE3SMA, VE3XV VE3OIL and others - have been 2nd Op with SMA
on this year's ARRL June VHF test and CQWWW 2013 effort.

Managed only a few hours due to prior commitments, and spend half that time
repairing and assembling 6m beam I had bought at flea market 2 years ago - so
very last minute effort and decision to enter, but worth the effort. Lots of
fun and lots to learn.

Next - add 2M

W8KNO   SOAB LP   1,1282017-07-16 18:01:01
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: GenLog v8.19
CLUB: Portage County Amateur Radio Service
NAME: Joseph L. Wehner
ADDRESS: 11924 Alpha Rd
ADDRESS: Hiram, OH 44234
K2DRH(ACØRA)   SOAB HP   144,2812017-07-16 18:06:38
Shortly after the June contest Bob(k2drh) and I were talking on the phone when
he let me know he wouldn't be around for this contest and I could come operate
his station if I wanted. I had some big plans brewing for another roving
effort but I figured I couldn't pass this up. The weekend before the contest I
made the trip over so Bob could show me around the station and give a few
helpful tips.

I got over to the station about 3 hours before the start of the contest and
fired it up. Everything was working smooth until about 45 minutes before the
start. The flex6700 kept disconnecting from the control pc. I couldn't figure
how to solve this issue so gave Bob and call and 15 minutes later got the
problem solved just a minute or so before the contest start. Off to the races
I go.

Saturday saw decent es on 6m in many directions but didn't seem like I was in
the hot spot cause never could get a decent rate going. Most of Saturday 2m was
also open to the east with little to no activity most of the time. Went to bed
around 2am when a local storm got to close to hear anything. Ended the day
with 78% of my total qsos and also 78% of my total mults. Funny how that works.

Started at it again Sunday morning shortly after 5am making lots of msk 144
qsos on 6m. After the rox died off morning tropo was decent to the northwest
but again not alot of activity. It was slow going the rest of the day but got
by making quite a few qsos on Ft8 and putting the voice keyer to good use cqing

Besides the complications before the contest the station worked flawlessly the
rest of the contest. There was a bit of operator error when qsying bands and on
digi modes but overall don't think it was to bad considering it was my first
time behind the wheel of the big rig. All that being said I had a great time
operating K2drh station. Looking forward to next year's contest maybe break
out the rover for that one.

73 Wyatt
W3IP   SOAB HP   18,8602017-07-16 18:06:39
Got a 5 hour late start on the contest, found 6 meters in full swing on Saturday
evening. Tried to manage the mix of SSB, CW, and two digital (FT8 and MSK144)
modes during the opening. CW seemed to be the most productive for new grids.
During a quick trip to 2 meters, found a nice opening into Illinois and
Wisconsin, but very few mid-Western stations on the air. There was still some
enhancement on Sunday morning on 2 meters, but few new stations to work. The 6
meter sporadic E never really made it to this part of Virginia on Sunday, but
managed to eke out a few more grids on SSB, FT8 and MSK144.
N3HBX   SOAB HP   35,5352017-07-16 18:15:10
Participation seemed lowin my area. Nice opening saturday evening, otherwise low
rates all the time.
K9NW   SOSB/6 LP   2202017-07-16 18:24:57
Only QRV for a short time Saturday evening. Zero signals heard whenever I
checked the band on Sunday.

73, Mike K9NW
WB9TFH   SOAB LP   3,6902017-07-16 18:25:22
My best DX was DM12, San Diego Ca, and a new grid.
I had some good 6m short runs, seemed like activity was down, then again it's
Worked some rovers ON 2 & 6 and not many 2m contacts around EN53, SE Wis.
cu in SEPT ARRL VHF. Thanks for the Q's. 73
KM4HI   SOSB/6 LP   3,6082017-07-16 18:32:08
Managed 70 contacts on Saturday, one third CW the rest SSB. Sunday only
added 12 cw Q's .... nothing on SSB. I had more 6m Q's on Field Day! But did
add 9 new grids and a new state Nevada, so all not lost. Also was able to put
a small dent in my paper shredding backlog while listening to the white noise.

Thanks to all who pulled my 100w out of the abyss.

73 de Jim KM4 8ch eye.
W3RFC   Multi-Op HP   5,2442017-07-16 18:35:38






N8II   SOSB/6 LP   4,9502017-07-16 18:39:31
Compared to recent Es, we were pretty lucky to get what we got, but there was
almost no Es from here on Sunday working only EM26 and EM37 around 1735Z both
of which were worked Saturday.

But, Saturday was pretty good except for not much single hop Es to major urban
areas. The band was open at the start from NE Texas, KS, and OK around to only
2 stations in FL. Closest skip was EM71 in south GA. Last QSO here was 1852Z.
When I returned after dinner at 2325Z, there was Es again to KS and TX along
with a brief but loud opening to XE2 EL06, one call and in log. I worked
several IL stations, but nothing as far north as Chicago. My first double hp Es
QSO was at 0049Z to DM58 in NM and last signal heard (single or double hop) but
not worked was K6JAD in DM13 about 0310Z. Not having much of a signal on 6 was
quite an obstacle to making QSO's; I heard three DM79 stations, but no QSO's,
K0BLD got a partial call on me then gave up running a string of farther west
8's right after.
Grids worked on double hop in order were DM52, DM58, DM38, DM68, DN70, DM13 CA,
DM69, and DM32. I heard N6WE quite a long time, also N6GQ/R fairly loud, someone
in DM15 2-3 times, and K6JAD last.

Local activity could only be characterized as lousy, a few serious ops and not
many more. I missed almost all of the local grids to my south and worked very
few very far to the N or NE. K1TEO was loud with my beam S and stopped
transmitting immediately before I could get my beam on him in 15 seconds. I did
pretty well to west, but missed a SE OH station who was loud (S 6-7) calling CQ;
he could also not hear K3ZO who runs a KW. I did get EM89, 99, and EN90 all
shielded from here by countless mountains.

To summarize some fun with a lot of frustration, probably worked 2-3 all time
new grids. Thanks for hearing and working me. I did put in a good deal of
effort when the band was open.

73, Jeff
KØNR(@WØDLE)   Multi-Op LP   17,9402017-07-16 18:58:10
We had some good 50 MHz sporadic-e on Saturday with some nice runs but Sunday
was pretty slow. We made good use of the new WSJT mode FT8 which worked well in
marginal conditions on 50 MHz.
VE7DAY   SOAB HP   3,3602017-07-16 19:03:15
Looked promising in the beginning but faded fast.
K8GP(@W4RX)   Multi-Op HP   108,1602017-07-16 19:40:10
Fair 6m conditions on Saturday, decent tropo Saturday night and Sunday morning
on 2m but NO activity. Sunday was pretty boring. Big thanks to W4RX for use of
his great station.
VE4EAR   SOSB/6 HP   6,9012017-07-16 19:46:52
Family Birthday party Saturday evening cut into some productive operating time.
Conditions were dismal on Sunday. Spent a good deal of time Sunday with FT8.
Many brief pings like Meteor scatter.

Strangest contact was when I heard a very loud VE5UF calling CQ and he was
heard via Aurora while I was pointed SE. Turning the beam to the north and he

Heard W9MU working VE5UF but by the time I reconfigured N1MM to allow CW in
that part of the band, he was gone.

Now to figure out how to submit the FT8 QSO's to LOTW.

73 Ed
AB4B   SOSB/6 HP   6,6562017-07-16 20:49:08
T-storms kept me off the band till early evening Saturday. Had some opening in
evening that gave me hopes for Sunday. Well enough said about that. A few
W5's and XE's. At times band seemed to feel like it was going to open up full
but that never happened here in the "Heart of Dixie" . TNX for those
in the log....
WD5K   SOSB/6 HP   65,5262017-07-16 23:46:46
Elecraft K3 + AMP
6M7jhv at 55'
W1NN   SOSB/6 LP   6382017-07-17 05:04:01
I was lucky to catch a great opening to five-, zero- and one-land on Saturday
night I'm impressed with how well a 40-meter dipole works on Six. However,
there are definitely limits to what such an antenna will do. I could not get
N2IC, N6MW or a station in DN17 to hear me. I checked the band about 10 times
on Sunday but nothing but static.
WC7S(DALE)   SOSB/6 QRP   3362017-07-17 05:08:09
That was a lot of fun. Good conditions and great ops. Hope to see you next year
with more antenna than this years 2 in dia J-pole.
N8EA   SOSB/6 LP   2,0282017-07-17 05:16:52
73 joe
N8RA   SOSB/6 LP   1,3442017-07-17 05:30:26
Since tower construction will not start until this fall, I had not planned to
get on with my small temporary 6M antenna, but the huge buzz about the new FT8
addition to the WSJT-X suite for marginal E’s induced me to try it out. It
could decode stations more than 20 dB below the noise, and I worked quite a few
double hop contacts that would only show up for a few minutes before fading into
oblivion. Awesome!
K8MR   Rover QRP   12017-07-17 05:38:18
Not sure exactly what category describes me, other than the preplanned futility
category. We were driving home from NJ on I-80 on Sunday, with a KX3 and two
meter mag mount 5/8 wave whip. I had hoped that with some Es openings I might
make a few QSOs, but that was not to happen. The one QSO was W3SO while in
FN01. The only other stations heard were N2NT (from daughter's driveway in
Montclair on Saturday), WA2FGK from FN20, K1TEO from FN21, and W3WD (I think)
from FN01. All too weak to expect a QSO. Obviously CQing was not worth it on
SSB, but tried it on CW with no RBN reports.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained . . .

73 - Jim K8MR
WØPV   SOSB/6 LP   4,2402017-07-17 06:00:11
Saturday "honey-do" errands unfortunately pulled me away from some of
the opening flurry, but that was fun anyway. Disappointed the solar blast took
things down from there.

Experimented with FT8 too, made 9 QSO's, some new grids, but didn't have time
to properly integrate the old IC-275H, which does not have VOX. No control
cable interface for PTT, so I had to manually key it with the foot-switch every
other 15 seconds (!) Talk about multi-tasking :-)
K7HKR   SOAB LP   4592017-07-17 06:54:55
50 watts, homebrew 4el 6-meter Yagi at 15 ft from AZ, all SSB

Poorer conditions than ARRL VHF. 6m opening about an hour into the contest to
north-central US into Canada, but low operator density there. In-and-out
Pacific NW openings in the afternoon and after dark Saturday. Texas opened up
at 8am local time on Sunday and was open off and on into the afternoon, but not
very strong or geographically widespread. Lost 30 minutes on Saturday from the
fringes of a severe thunderstorm, and lost many potential QSOs from an unknown
transient neighborhood noise source. A total of 5 in-state QSOs, including 2
from a SOTA activation. Highlight was very short skip into Colorado (370
miles) on Saturday, but only one QSO made.
KE1F   SOSB/6 HP   3362017-07-17 07:13:02
I worked almost all stations I could hear.
Received automatic signal reports from KB7IJ, NW0W and N0LWF. Great service,
thank you guys.
73 Lou KE1F
W9RM   SOAB HP   139,9202017-07-17 07:56:13
Much better then last year, but not quite enough to overcome the eastern urban
2M advantage so prevalent in this contest.

I figure I need to make approx 200 more 6M QSO's and 25 more 6M multipliers
then the biggest all-band eastern station to overcome the dismal lack of 2M
activity in the local area. Looks like I came up just a little short. Still,
not too shabby for the little pipsqueak portable station if you compare
hardware with the other top stations :)

I made -ZERO- QSO's on JT65 or FT8. I can run 3-4 QSO's per minute on SSB when
the band is open well - I don't need to be slowed down by modes that take a
minimum of 45-60 seconds per QSO, at their best. When the band is dead, it's
dead regardless of your mode. It's unfortunate, but there were MANY calls that
have been rocks of participation that did not show up in my log - they were all
on digital modes during E openings. No, I do not hate digital modes - I think
they are wonderful. . .for certain purposes. Contesting isn't one of them.

Meteor scatter activity was dismal. Too many stations have been lured to the
dark side of JT65/FT8 and CQWW rules regarding assistance and spotting make 2M
M/S QSO's VERY difficult. PingJockey and MSK144 netted me maybe 3-4
multipliers on 2M where, in the past (and during ARRL June VHF) it's easy to
score 10-15 2M mults. And yes, once again, I did not work my own grid on
either band...


6M - 7 el @ 45' & 5 el @ 25'
2M - 5WL antenna at 55'
SO2R - FT920 / FT1000MP MKV + transverter
6M PA - converted Dentron MLA2500 @ 800W out
2M PA - BEKO SSPA @ 600W out

K1TEO   SOAB HP   104,1002017-07-17 08:03:03
Operated roughly 8.5 hours both days. Like others experienced, had most of my
QSO's Saturday (375 vs 152). Sunday was hard work and not much fun. One of the
locals worked me on 2M Sunday morning and said "it's such a nice day, how
can you stay indoors"? If only I'd known the band wouldn't open the entire
day....hi! But of course that is the gist of this contest - great when 6 opens
and not so great if it doesn't.

6M was open weakly at the start to FL and GA but my noise source was off on 2M
so I tried to take advantage of that and started there. I only worked a few on
6 during the first hour. Wrong decision as it turned out this was the only
opening all weekend to that area and missed several grids. I also missed a lot
of grids Saturday night toward the end of the opening while trying on FT8. I
was decoding multiple 6's and 7's each sequence but wasn't able to raise many.
Missed a lot of grids I could see on the screen. I kept checking ssb and cw at
that point but was not hearing the west coast on those modes at that time. I
wasn't very successful on FT8 with only about 20 QSO's though I could copy many
stations that I didn't work.

As with the June contest, 2M was open to the west for stations close by (PA and
WNY) but not for me. Maybe in the UHF or Sept tests the condx will get to CT?

Tnx for the QSO's, to CQ for sponsoring and for K1JT and the rest of the
developers for their work on FT8. I am amazed that in a week or so that the
activity on that mode was so large in the contest.

Jeff K1TEO
KN4Y   SOSB/6 LP   2,3602017-07-17 08:08:49
Contacts were rapid fired at a slow pace with time for mediating of the world
crisis between contacts. Perhaps a few new counties on six meters and all is
KF6HI   SOSB/6 LP   562017-07-17 09:03:55
Out of state on vacation. XYL slept in on Sunday, so I had an hour to remote
into the home station and make a few Q's.
N7IR   SOAB LP   14,7422017-07-17 09:12:31
First time I've used the WSJT-X program in a contest. I made many contacts on 6
meters using the FT8 mode that I wouldn't have on SSB or CW. Many were with
stations that I have never worked on VHF before. This trend is very good for
the CQ WW VHF contest out here in the VHF boonies.

Band Mode QSOs Grids
50 CW 60 23
50 FT8 56 37
50 MSK144 1 1
50 USB 38 9

The obvious take-away from these stats is this was a weak-signal contest in
Arizona, with the exception of the strong opening to Texas on Sunday.

Rigs : Elecraft K3/100 on 6 meters
Elecraft K3/K144XV + B1016 on 2 meters

Antennas : DS50-5 at 14 m on 6 meters
2M12 at 8 m on 2 meters

With the exception of KG6IYN in DM12 and KF7UV in DM26, all of the 2 meter
contacts were in-state.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.

Gary, N7IR
W2KV/2   SOSB/2 HP   2422017-07-17 10:50:15
Operating portable in Ship Bottom, NJ on Long Beach Island (FM29vp, NA-111).
Single 2 meter loop at 35 feet ASL and 160 watts. Best DX WB2SIH/R FN33 at 270
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   90,0902017-07-17 10:56:10
Where was everyone?
Fabulous conditions on Saturday :-), with no one to work :-(

6m had Eskip out to the "water grids on the west coast" from WPA
2m had good tropo: Several grids in MO and MS/AL border, in addition to the
usual crowd.

Though 6m was totally open on Saturday mostly SW and WSW from our mountain
perch in WPA, there simply wasn't anyone out there to work; it got a bit better
after ~2300Z, but without an opening to FL, runs were few and very short.

For a while it seemed to be a WPX style contest: Every other QSO was a
multiplier (new grid); only due to working locals on Sunday did the QSO / GRID
ratio become a little more than 2.0.

Sunday, on the other hand, s*cked as the younger generation would say: NO
Eskip, NO tropo, NO one to work.

2m worked FN53 - an almost total water grid in ME - for perhaps the first time
from W3SO.

Lots of FT8 activity which we don't (YET) do at W3SO.

More CW activity than usual, probably due to HF contesters using the 6m built
into their modern HF rigs. (But N2IC in NM called in on SSB!).

As noted, much of the opening was to the SW (W5s) and WSW (W7s and and some W6s
in southern CA), but suddenly out of the noise up popped Cary, VE4EAR, in MB.

We had a "newbie" ham / contest op, Kevin, with brand new W3XOX call,
do a lot of 2m operating, especially on Sunday.

Bob, w3idt
for the Wopsononock Mountaintop Operators, W3SO
KK6MC/R   Rover LP   24,1562017-07-17 11:33:41
Rig is TS-2000 to a PAR Stressed Moxon on 6M and an 8ft W7QQ Yagi on 2M with
half of the last director missing.

I had a good rove. It was one of the only VHF contests I can remember in which
I had Es in each grid I operated.

Especially nice was working several long haul 2M QSOes with NM stations which
is often rare in NM VHF Contests. In general NM activity was good, in part due
to the formation of the NM VHF Society and in part due to the new FT8 mode.

I had some problems, the Winkeyer intrerface to the computer was wonky,
resulting in me having to restart the computer several times during the
contest. I need to work that out. The serial to USB converter did not work at
all for the rig so I had to note manually which QSOes I made on two. This is
all probably a result of upgrading to a new operating system version and
upgrading the logging program and not checking to be sure that everything
worked OK. Lesson learned.

The Es openings, with a few exceptions, were good, but not intense. I spent
most of the time on CW. There was some double hop on Saturday night and I
managed to work some of that. I pulled the plug in DM65 at 900PM local while
the band was still open a bit. But, I had to get up early the next day, so the
tradeoff was worth it.

Saturday was a nice rove, without too much travel going from DM64 to 74 to 75
to 65. Sunday was a different matter, I traveled to DM64 in Socorro, then to
DM63 just north of White Sands, and then to DM73 at the Valley of the Fires,
west of Carizozo. That worked out well, but it is a 2.5 hour trip back home
after finishing up in DM73, which is a bit daunting after a day of operating.

I really like the CQ WW VHF contest. It only has two bands, so setting up the
rover is not too bad and with only two bands to manage, it is a lot easier to
be on top of everything. It looks like I will have to incorporate FT8 in the
rover, as there were probably lots of QSOes to be had there that I missed.

Special thanks to all those who QSYed to 2M with me when they had a run going
on 6M. That helps more than you know and I appreciate you giving up a few QSOes
on 6M for a QSO with me on 2M. Score wise, I know it is a lot more valuable to
me that to you so double thanks. I think I did a lot better job of QSYing
people from 6 to 2 and 2 to 6 without leaving anyone behind this contest.
N1PRW   Hilltopper QRP   562017-07-17 12:58:54
Portable QRP operation on Sunday from Holt Hill in Andover, Mass. Elevation
420'. Weather was hot (88F) and sunny with an occasional breeze.

Station Equipment:
- Yaesu FT-817ND @ 5 Watts
- 1/2 wavelength 6m aluminum dipole, homemade
- Elk 2M/440L5 portable log periodic antenna

Short hike and picnic on the hilltop with the YL as she read her books. No 6m
enhancement but we had a fun time.

Equipment operated well and as designed. The 12V 9Ah sealed gel battery kept
going all afternoon. Good local QSOs with regulars.

Occasionally curious onlookers also hiking through the reservation wanted to
know more and got a demonstration of ham radio.

73 Alexander N1PRW
4U1WB(AJ3M)   SOSB/6 LP   2882017-07-17 13:38:52
Thanks for the QSOs.


Masa, AJ3M
K1HTV   SOSB/6 HP   7,1502017-07-17 16:11:52
I decided to operate only on 6 Meter this contest using only digital modes. Of
the 110 QSOs made, 94 were with the new FT8 mode and the rest using MSK144. FT8
worked great for Es contacts and MSK144 for meteor scatter.

Local Saturday was the best day for Es. At the beginning of UTC Sunday, double
hop QSOs were made with 19 western EO, CM, CN, DL, DM & DM grids between
00Z and 03Z.

The latest version of WSJT-X software containing the new FT8 mode was only
released to the public earlier in the week. Judged by the amount of 6 Meter
activity on the designated FT8 frequency of 50.313 MHz, the new mode was a big
hit. I wouldn't be surprised to see the use of JT65 slowly fade away and FT8
take over, especially during Es propagation.

I had gotten on the HF bands 5 days before the VHF contest to become more
familiar with the mode under battle conditions. 20 Meters was packed most of
the time but with a tribander and wire antennas I managed to work 66 countries
including 9G, A6, A9, TR, VP8(F) and YI which is not bad for 50 Watts.

I believe that the new FT8 mode is going to play a big part in future VHF
contest when Es propagation occurs.

Rich - K1HTV
AC4G   SOSB/6 LP   7502017-07-17 16:20:12
Lots of QSB
W3DHJ/R   Rover LP   23,4242017-07-17 18:13:01
Old School: SSB & CW
The first two hours' score bested my 2015 and 2016 scores -- COMBINED!
My CLAIMED-SCORE: 23424 is the best since 2006.
I never worked anyone in the grid I happened to be in.
I hung in for the last "dead" 90 minutes on Sunday for
just one QSO -- which was a DUPE from hour 2 on Saturday!

73 Jonesy W3DHJ/r

| RoverLog QSOs by Activated Grid:
| Grid QSOs
| DM77 50
| DM78 34
| DM87 24
| DM88 64
| RoverLog Score Summary:
| Band QSOs Value QSOPts Mults
| 50 152 1 152 106
| 144 20 2 40 16
| Totals: 172 192 122
| -----
| Claimed Score: 23424
K5QE   Multi-Op HP   187,3552017-07-17 18:42:47
Murphy with us returned from Canada and took up residence here. We lost the
rotatable 2M antenna very early and that really hurt us on 2M. We lost the
entire 6M station late at night. It took about 2 hours to fix it, but due to
the very late hour, I don't think that we lost a lot there. Just way too much
stuff "dying on company time".

73 to all
KC4PX   SOAB HP   16,6322017-07-17 19:52:23
E-Skip on 2 meters to EN35 was highlight on 2. Love the FT8 Digital Mode for 6
Meters - Made 58 contacts - 100 contacts on SSB. Activity was fair on Saturday
but Sunday afternoon was Dead in Florida. Looking forward to having CQ Change
the stop time from 2100 Sunday to 0300 Monday to align with ARRL VHF.
N6ZE/7   SOAB LP   4,5532017-07-17 22:34:15
Classic ops: used SSB, but seems I need to modernize with JT8!!! Nice to have
some 6m Es this time. Worked 1 new grid on 2m and several on 6m from my
northern part time QTH. Rig FT991, Cushcraft 7 element two meter yagi and
ancient Lunenberg HiPar 3 element “Hilltopper” for six meters. My CN87tw
QTH overlooks the Puget Sound from an delevation of 500 ft. Unlike most other
entrants, I wore a heavy shirt most of the time due to 60 degrees F and some
wind " a far cry from Las Vegas’s 116F!
VE3SMA   Multi-Op HP   13,1482017-07-18 06:01:54
Arrived at site (summer cottage) 3 hours before the start. Got equipment and
main antennas set up 3 minutes before the start! The 2 m EME antenna was
assembled during the contest in periods when 6 m wasn't open.

6 m Es was quite good on Saturday, but we were surprised to find that there was
much more activity on the new FT8 mode than on SSB or CW. 2 m was a slog, as
usual, quite far from any centres of activity. But we did better on 2 m EME
than previously, with a number of European stations in the log. Sunday was
pretty slow on both bands, as were the operators by this time, and we had to
take an hour or so off due to thunderstorms. I found myself wishing there were
more rovers active so we'd have someone to work.

Thanks to VA3ELE and VE3AXC for all their efforts at providing equipment
station assembly and tear-down, operating, providing and cooking food, washing
dishes etc.! And to VE3WJ for loaning us the 2 m amplifier, even although he
was unable to join us this year.

Steve VE3SMA
K4PI   SOSB/6 HP   17,9342017-07-18 06:23:35
Poor conditions as usual in mid July from here. Digital was the only thing
working at times.
K7XC   SOSB/6 LP   772017-07-18 09:27:54
Missed all of Saturday due to operating the NAQP RTTY contest. Woke up early
Sunday and worked the last 4 hours or so. The new JT mode FT8 is a big hit! Its
more efficient and so much faster allowing me to work 4 double hops Qs in the
span of one possible JT65A contact! Hurrah for K1JT responding to the need for
a better 6M Terrestrial mode, Thank You !!! Thank You !!! Station: Barefoot
IC-746 @ 90W, 6ele Home-brew DK7ZB 7.1M Boom @ 25 ft. NOTE: Since the Logger
and CQ ROBOT are not up to speed on the new modes, RTTY in log = MSK441 and
DIGI in log = FT8.
VE3JAR/R(@VE3CRU/R)   Rover LP   15,7172017-07-18 10:36:02
I met Vic VE3JAR a month ago, and looked him up on Discovered that he
has a slot of experience as a rover HF and 6 in grids EN48, EN58 and
surrounding grids so offered him an opportunity to travel in the VE3CRU
Rovermobile using his call. He graciously accepted.

Started in grid FN04xa, a farm well used by rovers at 720 fasl. Conditions
were poor, calls were not plentiful so we moved ahead of schedule to FN13ax at
280 fasl near the waters' edge of Lake Ontario. Got nothing on 6 and about the
same total as before. Next, moved to FN14ba but could not locate in the usual
sweet spot due to heavy rains making the last 100 feet very treacherous, chance
of getting stuck in the mud. Backed up and drove into a nearby farmers field as
the crop had been recently taken off, hay. Conditions on 6 were looking better
and Vic was really on a roll, with all but 2 being in the EM grids. 2 was
improving with 3 more qso's than in FN13. The excitement was building. Last
qso was 0015z. Moved to FN03vx, not the best site but the one closest to
Made first contact at 0055. Then, without warning, the unexpected happened.

At 0100z approx I heard a ragchew in progress, noting that the loudest had a
strong accent. Very puzzled, I had to know where this originated from.
Patiently waited but no ID given, so I took the bull by the horns and broke
into the qso. Gave my location and both were in shock. I heard their chatter,
and both copied me well. The other ham was heard to say "that call is in
Canada." My caller could not believe it, kept asking me where I was so I
kept repeating my grid, then Cobourg Ontario about 60 miles east of Toronto.
Now read this.

Rotator bearing: 240 degrees
Mode used: SSB
Call given: W5CVE
Location given: Oklahoma
Grid given: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Distance: approx 2000 km

Using Icom 910H to rear 9 elmts (minus removed trigonal reflector) of a CC
4218xl Boomer at 11 feet above the ground. Mean elevation was about 500 fasl.
Feedline was 25' of RG8X not usual RG213. Made 2 more qso's and headed for
home. Vic btw pushed so hard for qso's he developed laryngitis having to
repeat so many times with weak signals, using my old 756 ProII into a hamstick
on the roof.

Sunday, off to the very popular Hagersville grid corners at s-e corner of
FN03aa etc. WX promised rain later. can run in all grids in a 3 km radius of
center, sweet. Arrived in EN93xa at 1300z. 6 was totally dead, but 2 was
okay with a lucky 13 qso's. Then went to FN02ax got 7 qso's. Now moving to
EN92xx to get another 7 qso's including 2 with VE3ZV in EN92vw including 6,
loud! Last move, to FN03aa saw 7 qso's including 2 to VE3ZV again. Barely
missed the rain, by 3 km.

DX includes K1TEO x 5 east, K8GP x 5 on 2 south, EL87 south,many in EM grids.

Thanks to our sponsor CQ, to Steve Bolia and staff supporting the contest, and
to all who participated plus those who patiently held on with us till a qso was
made. You made our weekend great!!!


Bill Burgess VE3CRU and Vic Loewens VE3JAR/R
N7BT   SOAB HP   2,8222017-07-18 11:08:38
Saturday had decent conditions from Northwestern Washington, not good but
decent. Sunday, not so good. All but 2 Q's were from Saturday.
VE3IQZ   SOAB LP   3602017-07-18 19:12:28
Missed the 6 mtr opening
K1KA   SOAB LP   1,9842017-07-19 10:47:12
The 6M amp was down, and I didn't bother with the amp for 2M. 63% of the QSO's
were on Digital FT8 mode (all 6M), which understates the amount of time I spent
on FT8. Only worked a few locals on SSB or CW and they were mostly rag chews.
FT8 is going to be a great contest mode, however the lack of an agreed 2m freq,
will be a negative for 2M activity.
WW7D/R   Rover LP   44,8402017-07-20 00:00:46
This was a good one! The long story can be found at
KU4V   SOSB/6 LP   42017-07-20 02:26:09
Worked NAQP RTTY all day Saturday when the band was open, then Sunday - Nada.
KE7SW   SOAB HP   9,3102017-07-20 09:37:33
nice 6m openings on Saturday not so much on Sunday THANKS TO THE SUN'S
WA2TMC   SOAB QRP   6,7162017-07-20 16:48:58
My first serious attempt at VHF QRP since I was 13 years old in 1962. I made 8
Q's that June hihi. I cant wait to do it again. A real challenge. AND FUN!!
K3CCR   Multi-Op LP   7,0002017-07-21 19:50:53
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM
and W3GB operated in the July 2017 CQ VHF, W3GB for ~2 hr
starting 19Z Sat. due to non-ham commitments.

Moderate 6 m. Eskip was there at the 18 Z start; DM99, EL87,
and EM12 in 15 min, then 9 skip Qs in 8 grids before Es died
at 1905 Z. Also got 25 LOS/tropo Qs on 6 and 2, 18-2036 Z,
then that died too.

Took a break, had supper, and came back to find 6 m. jumping.
Made 40 Es Qs in 35 grids, 27 new, in 3 hr starting 23 Z, plus
8 LOS/tropo Qs. Only 2 Qs were on 2 m but one of those was in
FN41, ~350 miles away.

On Sun. just before 14Z, made 4 Qs in 5 min. CQing on 6, but
all 4 were within LOS, also looking for skip, and also finding
none. The rest of Sun. was dead slow on both bands; a total
18 Qs, just ONE via Es, in EM26 at 1716 Z.

Our 48 grids on 6 m. was just 2 short of VHCC (VHF Half-Century
Club). Still, activity level seemed low. We made just 1 QSO
in 27 of our 36 skip grids, 4 Qs in the Kansas City grid, 3 each
in Denver and St. Louis grids, and 2 in a few other grids.

LOS/tropo activity died on both bands whenever Es was not either
present or expected (e.g. at 14 Z Sun.)
N2BEG   SOAB LP   2,3402017-07-22 04:24:33
Thanks for all who pulled my weak signal out for Qs. 2 openings during contest
but not a lot of activity. Still fun to work new ones on the magic band.
KA9VDU   Hilltopper QRP   1682017-07-22 14:18:33
Operated with Yaesu FT-620B/speaker wire dipole at 8 feet. Signals were
fantastic when band was open to my grid.
K1TOL   SOSB/6 HP   25,3002017-07-24 13:51:34
Lowest score at this QTH in 17 years..pretty awful contest. Only 2 hours of Es
on Saturday and ZERO Es entire Sunday. Extremely low participation from regular
tropo areas.Made more qsos from VE1 & VE2 stations (10) than entire area of
8/9/0s (only 9 qsos).
N4QWZ   SOSB/2 HP   1,6322017-07-25 06:38:52
Nice opening to the North East, not many stations on, Worked

K2LIM=660 miles
VE3VYU 608 miles
W3SO= 535 miles
Wa2FGK=680 miles
WB8WUA   SOAB LP   1702017-07-28 13:14:04
Had Fun - The late evening was a good and calm distant opening on 2 mtrs.
Unfortunately, no good opening occurred on the 6 mtr band. - G.K.
KEØTT   SOSB/6 QRP   2382017-07-30 18:06:13
K3/10 at 5 watts to an 88' dipole up about 40' . A couple of openings netted 17
Q's, othewise, silent here. 73, and C U next time. Dan, ke0tt