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CQ WPX RTTY Contest   2018   Feb 10   Comment Summary

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KK6L   SOSB/20 LP   4,1362018-02-11 00:05:28
Propagation was pretty good, considering. I even worked Perth, Western Australia
on a hundred watts and a low dipole!
VA7DX(@VE7SCC)   SOAB HP   570,8402018-02-11 05:41:59
Flu Bug 1 - VA7DX 0
Acom 2000
Cubex Mantis II 7B4L Quad @ 80'
(4 el 10 - 20, 2 el 40)
Dipole for 80m @ 60'
WT2P   SOAB HP   244,3982018-02-11 06:59:39
The weekend started out fine, everything configured, ready to go and went
downhill from there.

Had a myriad of software issues occurring while attempting to run, around call
stacking. Soundcard settings magically changing, without operator intervention.

Late Saturday my amplifier stopped working properly, and now runs at half power
in both modes of operation (Full/Half) across all bands. When it rains, it
really pours since this is likely going to be an expensive proposition to fix
and after January's events, it was frustrating.

Went to bed, discouraged and came back Sunday to try to figure out what was
wrong, was it the LP-100A couplers? Coax cables?

The IC-7300 now had infinite SWR on 20 meters and was deaf, which was scary, I
thought maybe the quadplexer or a high power BPF had failed or worse yet, the
radio was toast. Ruled the quadplexer and bpf failure out as the KX3 was working
fine on 20M.

Had to do a hard reset on the 7300 and restore my saved settings to get the 7300
to work and just threw in the towel again so to speak at that point.

I got back on with 100W and managed to limp ahead to beat last year's score
slightly, but nowhere near the goal that I had set for myself earlier this week
which, being a certain personality type, led to much frustration and anger.

KM9R   SOAB LP   175,0322018-02-11 09:19:25
Flex 6000 and 80m EFHW in an HOA.
VK4SN   SOSB/15 HP   502,5002018-02-11 10:20:48
It was a bit hard going in VK. 15M Didn't open till the afternoon and dropped
off a couple of hours after sunset. Second day was worse with lots of QSB /
band open / band closed. Still made a respectable 516 Q's.
ND4Y   SOAB HP   633,9602018-02-11 14:47:27
Another great time this year. 80m in real good shape. Part time effort as had
to go to a family birthday party Sunday. See ya next year
N6SS   SOSB/80 HP   269,5742018-02-11 17:40:03
Rig: K3, Alpha 99
Tx Ant: Modified F12 rotary dipole up 48m.
Rx Ants: Beverages, DHDLs

Conditions were good both nights. Many EU were spotted but the few worked
included Z60A which was not possible thru the pileups prior to the contest.
Except for a single KH6 no other Oceania was logged or copied. An L-net at the
antenna feed point failed at 0540Z the second night and the contest was over.
Tnx to all for the QSOs. C U in 2019

Pres, N6SS
K9NW(K9UWA)   SOAB HP   18,6782018-02-11 17:57:36
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
N6ZFO   SOAB HP   502,1512018-02-11 18:13:16
FT1000MP Mk V at 200w
14-el multi-monobander 10,15,20 F12/Innov/K7NV
40m DE Zepp on 40, 80

Fri night after working out 20m, qsy'd to 40 and picked a strong signal for
first qso -- it was IZ4NIC, S-9+. Followed with serveral other Europeans. Many
Eu heard on 80m, but not workable on 200w and dipole.

Eu openings on 20m, 1400-1700Z ( morning in CA) were amazing both days.

73 Bill n6zfo
KE6K   SOAB QRP   45,9022018-02-11 18:32:50
Rough conditions. Heard a lot more than heard me.
N3QE   SOAB HP   4,139,2262018-02-11 18:48:36
Did a careful study of my 2017 log and other public 2017 logs, and it paid off!

2016: 3.0M
2017: 3.5M
2018: 4.1M

As Disco Stu says: "If These Trends Continue..."

N1MM+MMTTY+2Tone+Gritty -> Ten-Tec Eagle -> AL-1500 -> 130-foot doublet
GUØSUP   SOAB LP   423,0242018-02-11 19:21:56
Great fun, and the bands were batter than expected, although 15m was poor.
Very pleased to get Z60A on 20/40/80, and JT1CO on 40m too.
Was very surprised to catch ZL4YL and KH6TU on 20m.

Thanks to all for the points!

73 de Phil GU0SUP
W7YAQ   SOAB HP   215,0162018-02-11 19:45:05
Not much time to operate in this one. Highlight: Working Derek J35X, whom I
had visited in November.

MM3AWD   SOAB QRP   1,015,2982018-02-11 19:48:37
That was absolutely brilliant.

Before starting i set myself a target of around 500 q's, i even thought that
would be difficult.
I also was aware that i would be one of the only MM3 out there, so glad to give
the mult out.

Started on 80 at the start gun and managed to pick things off with good success,
very few repeats were required, 40 was the same, these were my 2 best bands as
reflected with the numbers.
20 was much more difficult and a lot more patience was required, many just CQ'd
in my face often. Missed quite a lot of mults there that clearly were not
hearing me despite their good signals here.
i didnt hear anything on 15 all of saturday, despite checking multiple times.
heard a few on Sunday but did not respond to my calls, didnt waste much time

Was glad to be able to get a few runs going, was successful in finding a clear
frequency high in the bands and being spotted by the skimmers, this brought a
number of callers too.

on a bad note, there are so many terrible signals out there, overdriven PA's and
clicky tones. Caused a lot of difficulty at times.

Loved this one.
If i knew that the score was going to be this good i would have taken my breaks
at more appropriate times.

Thanks to all for your patience and the Q's
Nice to meet many friends and see them on my screen.

Yaesu FT1000MP - 5 Watts - Steppir DB18 @80 feet , dipoles for 80 and 40.

See you guys in NA next weekend for ARRL DX CW.

73, Scott
WA7LNW   SOSB/80 HP   331,2502018-02-11 20:20:12
This was definately a 40 meter contest. I could see all the spots on the band
above me, but chose to operate single band 80 this year.
Good conditions fist night with some rapid QSB early. Heard EU stations, but
difficult breaking through east cost pile. Second night I worked several EU
stations with good signals and logged several JA stations during my final
morning sunrise.
Strong 50+ MPH winds from a passing storm forced me to make an emergency run to
my HF remote site (located 19 miles away) to re-anchor my 80 meter sloper.
Enjoyable contest given band conditions. I also enjoyed supplying RTTY spots to
the RBN, Reverse Beacon Network from my CW/RTTY Skimmer system.
Station: TS-480, KPA-500, 80 meter sloper on 65 ft. tower.
73's de Jack, WA7LNW
NA2U   SOSB/20 HP   10,1402018-02-11 20:24:19
500w to Inv-V at 18'
G3Y(G3YBY)   SOSB/20 LP   130,7322018-02-11 20:43:11
Very casual part time entry
KS7AA(WK6I)   SOAB HP   4,090,2212018-02-11 21:21:34
5769 points - that would be good to include in the summaries

Thanks as always to W7RN for letting me camp there.

See y'all in the NAQP. 73 jeff wk6i
N5OCO   SOAB LP   56,2592018-02-11 21:24:21
Great time. Glad to have the opportunity to participate. TU 73 N5OCO.
W6YX(N7MH)   SOAB LP   140,9102018-02-11 21:38:27
I wanted to try out SO2R on RTTY after having upgraded my K3s so that I could
use the USB audio codec in the K3s instead of dealing with soundcards in the old
W6YX computers.

It took me a couple of hours to get everything working even though I had already
set up one of the K3s and used it in RTTY Roundup. I finally got both K3s
working but no one was answering my CQs. I noticed that my RBN spot was almost 1
kHz above the frequency I thought I was on so I put both K3s on the same band
and found that I was transmitting 840 Hz or so above what the TX radio
indicated. After spending time trying to research solutions on the web I gave up
and just set the RIT to an offset of +0.84.

JE1LFX answered my CQ on 40 for QSO number 1. Then nobody came back to me for a
couple of minutes. I forgot that my TU message automatically cleared the RIT so
I was no longer listening on my transmit frequency. Once I removed the clearing
of RIT from my messages I was good to go. Clicking on packet spots was a no-no
since that also cleared the RIT.

I had visitors just after midnight on the second evening. A couple of our
student club members dropped by and wanted to demo ham radio to two of their
friends. Neither of them had used the club's equipment so I stopped the contest
and helped get an FT1000MP set up so they could listen to some ragchewing in the
40m phone band. Then I demonstrated a RTTY QSO in the contest.

I had planned to operate during the 20m EU opening on Sunday morning but didn't
get to the station until 1730 and most of the spotted EU stations could no
longer be heard.

SO2R was successful but I'll have to figure out what caused the offset between
the TX and RX frequencies.

-Mike, N7MH
VE3XD   SOAB LP   69,3612018-02-11 21:40:24
25 watts to attic mounted end-fed dipoles for 40, 20 and 15.
NY3DX(K3SV)   SOAB HP   203,4092018-02-11 21:43:53
A lot of activity for sure. The JT-8 screens must have been quiet!
73 Bill K3SV
LY5W   SOSB/20 HP   1,081,0242018-02-11 22:00:36
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
14 809 2128 508 2,6
Total 809 2128 508 2,6
Score: 1.081.024
1 Mult = 1,6 Q's

CountryPrefix, 14, Tot, Accum
4L, 1, 1, 1
4O, 1, 1, 2
9A, 5, 5, 7
9H, 1, 1, 8
9M2, 1, 1, 9
A6, 1, 1, 10
A7, 1, 1, 11
A9, 1, 1, 12
BV, 1, 1, 13
BY, 5, 5, 18
C6, 1, 1, 19
CE, 1, 1, 20
CM, 2, 2, 22
CN, 1, 1, 23
CT, 5, 5, 28
CT3, 1, 1, 29
CU, 1, 1, 30
CX, 1, 1, 31
DL, 12, 12, 43
EA, 22, 22, 65
EA8, 2, 2, 67
EA9, 2, 2, 69
ES, 1, 1, 70
EU, 1, 1, 71
F, 16, 16, 87
G, 31, 31, 118
GD, 1, 1, 119
GI, 2, 2, 121
GM, 6, 6, 127
GU, 1, 1, 128
GW, 3, 3, 131
HA, 4, 4, 135
HB, 1, 1, 136
HL, 4, 4, 140
HP, 1, 1, 141
HS, 6, 6, 147
HZ, 1, 1, 148
I, 59, 59, 207
IT9, 3, 3, 210
JA, 132, 132, 342
JT, 2, 2, 344
K, 243, 243, 587
KP4, 1, 1, 588
LA, 2, 2, 590
LU, 3, 3, 593
LX, 1, 1, 594
LY, 5, 5, 599
LZ, 8, 8, 607
OE, 3, 3, 610
OH, 8, 8, 618
OK, 3, 3, 621
OM, 1, 1, 622
ON, 7, 7, 629
P4, 1, 1, 630
PA, 1, 1, 631
PJ2, 1, 1, 632
PY, 3, 3, 635
PZ, 1, 1, 636
S5, 4, 4, 640
SM, 1, 1, 641
SP, 5, 5, 646
SV, 7, 7, 653
SV9, 1, 1, 654
TA, 2, 2, 656
TF, 2, 2, 658
TI, 1, 1, 659
TK, 1, 1, 660
UA, 36, 36, 696
UA9, 40, 40, 736
UN, 7, 7, 743
UR, 11, 11, 754
V3, 2, 2, 756
V5, 1, 1, 757
VE, 27, 27, 784
VK, 2, 2, 786
XE, 1, 1, 787
YB, 5, 5, 792
YL, 2, 2, 794
YO, 3, 3, 797
YU, 2, 2, 799
YV, 3, 3, 802
Z3, 2, 2, 804
Z6, 2, 2, 806
ZL, 1, 1, 807
ZS, 2, 2, 809
Total, 809, 809, 809
Day, Hr, 14, Tot, Accum
2018-02-10, 00, 1, 1, 1
2018-02-10, 06, 39, 39, 40
2018-02-10, 07, 47, 47, 87
2018-02-10, 08, 19, 19, 106
2018-02-10, 09, 32, 32, 138
2018-02-10, 10, 35, 35, 173
2018-02-10, 11, 44, 44, 217
2018-02-10, 12, 31, 31, 248
2018-02-10, 13, 33, 33, 281
2018-02-10, 14, 55, 55, 336
2018-02-10, 15, 44, 44, 380
2018-02-10, 16, 43, 43, 423
2018-02-10, 17, 12, 12, 435
2018-02-10, 18, 1, 1, 436
2018-02-10, 19, 3, 3, 439
2018-02-10, 20, 2, 2, 441
2018-02-11, 05, 29, 29, 470
2018-02-11, 06, 27, 27, 497
2018-02-11, 07, 29, 29, 526
2018-02-11, 08, 21, 21, 547
2018-02-11, 09, 24, 24, 571
2018-02-11, 10, 15, 15, 586
2018-02-11, 11, 37, 37, 623
2018-02-11, 12, 18, 18, 641
2018-02-11, 13, 30, 30, 671
2018-02-11, 14, 34, 34, 705
2018-02-11, 15, 50, 50, 755
2018-02-11, 16, 35, 35, 790
2018-02-11, 17, 12, 12, 802
2018-02-11, 18, 3, 3, 805
2018-02-11, 19, 4, 4, 809
Total, , 809, 809, 809
NJ4F   SOAB HP   205,2822018-02-11 22:07:00
All S&P.
ICOM 7800, Alpha 9500, Palstar AT1500DT, SteppIR DB-18, 160/80M dipoles, Shared
Apex Loop array for RX, N1MM+
K7JQ   SOAB HP   252,0002018-02-11 22:08:40
Limited but fun time. A little contribution to the Club (AOCC) score. Thanks for
the Q's!
Icom IC-7300; Acom 1500; Ground-mounted screwdriver antenna.

73, Bob K7JQ
VK3JA   SOAB HP   342,7202018-02-11 22:08:53
Interesting propagation: Either dead or pretty good! 15 meters was
surprisingly good staying open to EU long after sunset and 40 morning sunrise to
EU was excellent. Ten meters transequitorial to JA from VK3 was very good but
very few JA's ventured QRV to that band. A shame - a lot of possible contacts
between our countries. Just a few fun hours of operating but I think we all miss
the action of a few years ago.
Steve VK3JA
W4VIC   SOAB HP   40,2152018-02-11 22:15:21
Thanks for the Qs, and for sticking with me through the frequent malfunctions.
73, Vic, W4VIC
W4NBS   SOAB LP   14,7752018-02-11 22:26:25
100w; FT-1K Mk V
80m dipole @ 30 ft

Not much time for the radio this weekend.

Thanks for the Q's.

73, Tom W4NBS
DL9YAJ   SOAB LP   2,577,6482018-02-11 22:31:27
No condx on 10 and 15m.
AG2AA   SOAB LP   127,8662018-02-11 22:35:47
casual, part time effort. too much work to do around the house! bands seemed to
be in good shape. lots of fun.
WB5TUF   SOAB LP   366,1772018-02-11 22:49:56
A part-time effort this year between WGI contests and home projects.
OG7A(OH6MW)   SOSB/20 HP   969,2402018-02-11 22:52:11
nice propagation. DX% = 48%. Missed most of the saturday, but had fun.

Tnx qsos.

73 Ari OH6MW OG7A
K4AFE   SOAB HP   161,1552018-02-11 22:56:35
Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee. Fun Contest.

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
K3WA   SOAB HP   369,6842018-02-11 22:56:44
20 Meters was in great condition with nice Asian openings. 80M was also great.
For some reason 40M did not play at all well here.
KH6TU(AD6E)   SOAB HP   186,2042018-02-11 23:05:16
Just got on to make a couple of QSOs, but got carried away.
K2RD   SOAB HP   22,4462018-02-11 23:16:09
Thanks for the QSOs.
N4IQ   SOAB HP   1,011,8402018-02-11 23:17:50
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 283 676 112 2.4
7 391 1208 156 3.1
14 297 487 122 1.6
21 79 109 18 1.4
Total 1050 2480 408 2.4

Score: 1,011,840 21 Hrs(Per N1MM) SO2R 500W

This was really fun. My first WPX RTTY so did not
know what to expect. Bands were good and 15M surprised
me. My last three hours on Sunday were not very productive
because of all the dupes. I felt good about my antennas -
if I could hear them, I could work them. Lots of JAs, KH6,
KL7s on. EU was well represented as well. My goal was
1000 Qs so I feel good with the results. Score was over a
million - is that good? Not sure if I worked any SFCGers -
on RTTY: you just become a Zombie with the mouse.

2x TS590's; 2x 500w; 160M C Windom (used on 40M)
2x 40/20M Super Loops NE/SW & NW/SE (used on 20M);
2x 30/15M Super Loops NE/SW & NW/SE (used on 15M);
80M C Widom (used on 80M); K9RY RX Loops; SDR Pans;
IV3HAX   SOAB LP   571,0642018-02-11 23:19:17
Icom 7300 40 watt only with end fed antenna 13m
KG5LRP   SOAB LP   182,7542018-02-11 23:24:07
Great contest. DX was coming in Great the first night. 15 was clear and fast
just not enough stations. 20m was great at the end.

Had a blast and can't wait for the next one.

Have Fun,

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 16 32 12 2.0
7 174 480 104 2.8
14 219 295 84 1.3
21 24 51 13 2.1
Total 433 858 213 2.0
Score: 182,754
1 Mult = 2.0 Q's
YV1KK   SOAB LP   5,642,5602018-02-11 23:26:01

YV1KK Julio

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3,5 168 998 56 5,9
7 573 3410 309 6,0
14 749 2232 246 3,0
21 463 1375 93 3,0
Total 1953 8015 704 4,1
Score: 5.642.560
1 Mult = 2,8 Q's

CQ WPX RTTY - 2018-02-10 0000Z to 2018-02-12 0000Z - 1974 QSOs
YV1KK - Off Times >= 60 Minutes

2018-02-10 0507Z - 2018-02-10 1141Z 06:35 (395 mins)
2018-02-10 1535Z - 2018-02-10 1921Z 03:47 (227 mins)
2018-02-11 0124Z - 2018-02-11 0322Z 01:59 (119 mins)
2018-02-11 0820Z - 2018-02-11 1022Z 02:03 (123 mins)
2018-02-11 1424Z - 2018-02-11 1722Z 02:59 (179 mins)

Total Time Off 17:23 (1043 mins)
Total Time On 30:00 (1801 mins)

CQ WPX RTTY - 2018-02-10 0000Z to 2018-02-12 0000Z - 1974 QSOs
YV1KK Max Rates:

2018-02-10 2115Z - 5,0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour by
2018-02-10 2135Z - 3,3 per minute (10 minute(s)), 198 per hour by
2018-02-10 2145Z - 2,6 per minute (60 minute(s)), 155 per hour by
K2RB   SOAB HP   551,5242018-02-11 23:26:02
Tried the contest with the 6600M which arrived Friday. Spent most of Saturday
with visiting daughter and grand kids. Bands weren't bad except dead 10 and
barely breathing 15. Worked only Mel.
N6XI   SOAB HP   221,5082018-02-11 23:29:39
That was fun! I finally got a good sound card, properly integrated, and a usable
set of messages. Had problems transmitting SO2V, though, so I had to operate the
old-fashioned way, one frequency at a time, either CQing (most of the time) or
S&Ping occasionally while looking for a freq. I'm still not a RTTY op but at
least I can enjoy it, now.
K6RIM   SOAB HP   107,9372018-02-11 23:31:46
For this primarily CW op, rare participation in a RTTY contest.

Lots of participation!

Decent EU openings on both 40M and 20M.

Nice to find Z60A on 20M.



Hexbeam & SteppIR BigIR Vertical
K9NR   SOAB LP   1,651,2002018-02-11 23:33:47
Very slow start...sure could use some sunspots!
KS4X   SOAB LP   68,0962018-02-11 23:44:49
My first rtty contest
VE2FK   SOAB HP   2,212,5902018-02-11 23:51:08
So much fun, too bad I did not had 80m.
Thanks for the Q
K-Line, TH3x2, Dipole

Claude VE2FK
KC7V   SOAB LP   71,3072018-02-11 23:51:56
Lots of radio between errands. Always good fun.
K7HBN   SOAB QRP   21,3062018-02-11 23:53:51
Happy to work a few EU on Sunday. I believe life is too short for QRP, but the
contrarian in me says do it anyway. SUN SDRqrp radio played very well, now for

de K7HBN
NWØM   SOAB LP   31,0082018-02-11 23:54:07
I had not operated RTTY since 2013 and on Saturday decided to make a few Qs. I
was also using a new laptop so after getting everything connected and configured
I was ready to go. Except MMTTY would not decode a single character. I finally
gave up never determining the problem although I wonder if the fault was in the
single mic/headphone jack on the laptop. I had the Y cable but still wonder if
that wasn't the cause somehow????

So I reverted to just using the RTTY decoding on the K3 to make a few Qs. You
have to be pretty quick to copy the call and serial from the K3 display!!
Anyway it was still fun operating a few hours of RTTY.

K3/P3, Mosley CL 33 at 35 ft and OCF at 40 ft, N1MM+

73, Mitch
WC4J   SOAB LP   10,5212018-02-11 23:54:12
lost my 40m antenna Friday night, ER visit Saturday but still made my goal of
10k points GL all WC4J
KL7SB(@KL7RA)   SOAB HP   2,160,5782018-02-11 23:56:28
Fantastic conditions on 40M, 20M was fair, 15M and 80M were marginal. Lots of
fun, first time I've maxed out operating time in a RTTY contest.

Next up, ARRL DX CW ...M/S for the KL7RA team.
K7AZT   SOAB LP   41,4722018-02-12 00:00:38
40m was the working band. 20m a challenge to work anything; not a band for low
power and low dipole. Very little DX on either. WPX RTTY is fun contest.
W1TJL   SOAB HP   199,5202018-02-12 00:01:07
My very first RTTY contest! Many thanks to Rich, N1IXF who encouraged me to get
on. As usual I intended only to do a small period of time due to a VERY busy
weekend but ended up doing 5 hours or so broken up into much smaller segments.

Learned a lot about how to run a RTTY contest and enjoyed myself. Thanks to all
for the contacts...

73, Tom W1TJL
K6NV   SOAB HP   211,1402018-02-12 00:03:01
Part time efffort here. Tnx for the Q's..........Bob
KA4RRU   M/U HP   4,300,7282018-02-12 00:05:06
Thanks for the Q's

de KA4RRU and K3UI
K3PP   SOAB HP   180,0442018-02-12 00:05:15
Well, that was fun! N1MM+ says 10 hours, but much of that time was spent futzing
around with the RS-BA1 software. It doesn't cooperate well with N1MM+ so I had
to run a trick using two COM ports on my shack PC. I just started playing with
this remote operation. I'm not yet truly "remote" as I was just
operating from my living room, but I'm learning a lot as I go along! Thanks all!
VY 73 de Glenn K3PP
KØWA   SOAB HP   1,180,4902018-02-12 00:05:48
First time I made a run at this contest. Lots of fun, but by butt is tired.
Opening to Europe and to Japan were pretty good.

k3 - P3 - AL82 _ C3E at 60 feet - 40/80 Meter Inverted Vees, 40 meter full size

Lee K0Wa
NJ4U(K4EA)   SOSB/80 HP   449,6522018-02-12 00:06:46
Fair conditions. No pacific or east Asia :(

Quarter wave vertical with 16 elevated radials.

Neal, K4EA
KW9U   SOAB LP   168,8442018-02-12 00:06:59
FTdx120 G5RV

Not as much time operating as I wanted too. To much snow to clear and real life
to deal with.

No point in trying 15 or 10 meters.
K6LRN   SOAB HP   585,1562018-02-12 00:07:44
Thanks to all for the Qs.
AA3B   SOAB HP   7,902,9282018-02-12 00:07:56
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 582 2090 234 3.6
7 997 4326 362 4.3
14 832 2084 289 2.5
21 64 156 28 2.4
Total 2475 8656 913 3.5
Score: 7,902,928
1 Mult = 2.7 Q's
K3AJ   SOSB/40 HP   1,020,4602018-02-12 00:08:06
Radio - K3/P3
Amplifier - Acom 1500
Antenna - 2-el yagi at 70 ft.
N1MM+ logger/win10 pc/2Tone
K4DXV   SOAB HP   105,4562018-02-12 00:08:40
Fun contest, but limited time. One family member with the flu and another with
shingles. Was away from the shack a lot! Thanks to everyone, and best 73!
K7XC   SOAB QRP   9,7602018-02-12 00:09:24
A bit under the weather. Part time QRP effort. Amazed what 5W can do with good
conditions as most of what I heard was above average all weekend. A very old
IC-746 @ 5W into Mono-banders 15 / 20 and Inv Vees 40/80. Thanks to all who took
the time to dig me out of the noise.
VY1AAA(VE1RM)   M/S HP   194,5262018-02-12 00:09:39
On a lark, connected MMTTY to N1MM and thought I'd give it a go. It was fun.
Glad to give out Zone 1 and the Yukon to the deserving. I'm definitely a
rookie on this mode. CQ'ed a lot, because was using AFSK TTY, and every time
I'd click on a spot, K3 would switch to FSK. Oh well.

73, Gerry VE1RM/W1VE
OH1Z(OH1LEG)   SOSB/40 QRP   118,6142018-02-12 00:10:08
KX3 5w antenna 2el Optibeam
ABØS   SOAB HP   563,9582018-02-12 00:10:20
K3, KPA500, vertical
WV6I(N6WM)   SOSB/20 HP   141,5702018-02-12 00:10:40
I am chuckling as I write this.. I have 2 contest class station at my disposal
and everything in this test was worked from a Chimney mount Steppir Dipole.
Why..? not sure. just started messing around and when EU started answering my
CQ's I was hooked. took advantage of unusually good EU prop on 20m both Sat am
and Sunday AM and kept on cqing on and off through the weekend... and got many
answers to my cq's. Who would have thought I could work so many countries off a
low resonant dipole and a KPA-500 from an east SF bay city lot.

Flex 6600-M, KPA-500, SteppIR dipole @35 feet. Crazy.

73 and seeya next time
VA7FC   SOAB HP   630,8742018-02-12 00:11:06
AB8M(@KB8O)   M/2 HP   2,608,5932018-02-12 00:11:10
Rough days on 15m for the contest in Northern Ohio. Glad to have the help from
KM8V and N8MPF to swap out chair time - and some VHF radio surgery by N8MPF's
steady hands on Doug's 910H - also help getting through all the beers. A good
time had by all on what was essentially a 3 band contest this year. Nothing
melted this time, nothing burned, and no smoke. The OM-2000 amps are a rock.
Thanks to everyone we got in the log and see you next month for WPX SSB.

Jay KB8O
Doug AB8M
Jon KM8V
KM4SII   SOAB LP   228,3842018-02-12 00:11:21
Well, that was fun!

I dabbled in the RTTY RU last month for a few QSOs and got hooked on RTTY, so I
decided a full effort was needed in this contest. I got a tuner from a local ham
to try out to see if I wanted to purchase it and after seeing how it helped so
much, especially on 40m, I most certainly will be!

I was planning on doing the full 30 hours allowed, but as the sun set on
Saturday evening, something went suddenly wrong and no one was hearing me. The
way it was behaving, I though something was wrong with the rig or the digital
interface. I tried a few things, but nothing helped. The next morning, same
story. But then I remembered I had FLDIGI that could transmit RTTY in addition
to MMTY which I was using originally.

Just for giggles I tried FLDIGI instead and -- BINGO! Problem solved! I don't
know what is up with MMTY, so I'll have to look into that. But by then it was
just before noon on Sunday so I missed most of the morning on Sunday and the
whole second night (hence the low totals particularly on 80m).

So I got back into it and FLDIGI worked great, but I was not able to make as
many QSOs as I would have liked due to the significant miss in operating time.

But anyhow, it was still quite fun. I really started the contest around 3 hours
in since I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies...

It was quite a treat to be able to run a frequency quite often. I had fairly
good success with running, even with 80w, and had many DX stations call during
my runs -- something that does not usually happen on phone for me.

Conditions were great on 20m and below, but 15m was hit-or-miss and 10m was
totally dead. Very lovely 20m conditions just before the end of the contest
brought some unusually loud JA and South American stations into the log.

The highlight of the contest was working ZL4YL on 40m and 15m. I don't get to
work ZL very often!

*Dipole @ 25 feet (80/40/15)
*Delta loop @ 65 feet (20/15/10)
*Signalink USB + MMTY and FLDIGI

See you all in the next one!

73 de KM4SII - Mason (15 years old)
W9PA   SOAB HP   1,202,1842018-02-12 00:12:12
K3, P3, K-Pod, Acom 1000, Skyhawk, 40M Moxon, 80M Vertical & Dipole
Software: DXLog by 9A5K V2.3.15

Because of other activities I decided to see if I could make every QSO a
Multiplier. Probably 580 of the QSO's were S&P. Mostly operated at night
so didn't operate mornings. Seemed like there was a lot of activity - but all
concentrated into 20 & 40.
KIØI   SOAB HP   418,9902018-02-12 00:13:08
40 and 80m pretty decent, 20m just never got hot here.
WPX is always fun, 73 Mark KI0I
Pro3 pw-1 @ 500w 3El triband yagi and wire vees N1MM+ / MMTTY
WQ6K(N6IE)   SOAB HP   3,091,8362018-02-12 00:13:12
Great conditions on Friday and until Saturday afternoon, then things slowed
down. Picked up again Sunday. For once everything at the remote station worked
well with only some minor internet problems. Thanks for all the Q's!
NA6O   SOAB HP   46,6482018-02-12 00:13:32
TS-590s, KPA500, verticals, dipoles at 15ft., N1MM+
N4TL   SOAB HP   101,2002018-02-12 00:13:43
ARRL Section : NC
Club/Team : Potomac Valley Radio Club
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7047.0

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 6 14 5 2.3
7 40 128 27 3.2
14 155 356 130 2.3
21 26 52 22 2.0
Total 227 550 184 2.4

Score : 101,200
W4UT   SOAB HP   96,6902018-02-12 00:13:47
This was my 1st attempt to work a RTTY contest.
Thanks for the Q's
Rig IC-7300, Drake L-7 Amp
N6EE   SOAB HP   882018-02-12 00:13:58
Spent the entire weekend trying to get a new station configuration working.
Finally got the bugs out with a few minutes left in the contest :( Thabnks for
the eight Q's :)
Ron N6EE
W6XK   SOAB HP   202,1252018-02-12 00:14:14
Goal: Working PFXs for CQ WPX Award.
Goal: Support the serious ops.
W3RGA   SOAB LP   875,5602018-02-12 00:15:26
Small station, big fun... Thanks for the Q's
VE9AA   SOAB QRP   302,9152018-02-12 00:15:42
I don't think I'll ever be comfortable operating RTTY. The long delays freak me
out. In SSB or CW the station comes back to you almost immediately.

In RTTY, not so much. Either the guy has fallen off his chair, perhaps picking
his nose, doing SO2R, or is feverishly punching keys with both hands and his big
toe or something. (at least that's what goes on in my head when the delay is
2-3-4-5 or even 10 seconds. As a QRPer this time, once I got one on a hook, I
wasn't liable to let go so soon. Had I been HP, I would've been long gone.

Way too much "fluff" sent over the air, hi !

Why is it when I send "NR? NR?" (probably due to QRM/QSB, right?) I
get the whole VE9AA, AB1CD 5NN 5NN 1#$ AB1CD" over again? Can't you just
send the flippin number? I mean, really?

Don't think I care to repeat THAT (QRP) again.

Took the day off work Friday to get ready for a semi-serious effort doing HP,
but RF into the computer after almost every single QSO, so I resigned myself to
LP....surely THAT would work? NOPE! even at 50-60w (which is where I intended
to run the rig at, I was getting RF into my USB port for radio control.

DRATS.....So at somewhere between 4-4.5W, the laptop seemed to not lose radio
connection all too often (maybe once every hour or so) so that was but a minor
annoyance. About once (maybe twice) a year I try QRP only to remind myself why
I don't do QRP.

I have ferrites on everything here, but my laptop is very susceptible to RF.

I was very happy to work an RK9 station who was only about 549 on the first
call, but I am here to tell you there are many EU bigwigs who were 5NN most of
the contest and not so much as a QRZ....HI

TRied in vain on 20m off and on for over an hour to nab VY1AAA and it was a no
go. He had a pileup from the time I stumbled across him until well after I am
sure I left. Next time!

10- dead/buried.

15- clinging to life; but barely....get out the defibrillator

20- a little better, but opened late, closed early.

40- could've maybe spent more time here. Got Olli, DH8BQA on 40m Sunday
afternoon with probably 2 more hours of sun here. Great ears as always Olli ol

80- up and down. Antennas really shine here, but I think high noise and more
concentration made my numbers lower. That and I went to bed early, hi!

160- never heard anyone. Read the rules afterwards. DOH ! No 160 in this
one...heh heh

No Maritimers worked, but saw VA1XH spotted and heard snippets of Scott, VE1OP
in Cape Breton.

Radio 1 IC-7410 @ 4.5w

Antennas for Radio 1 include, but not limited to:

10m - Bent/twisted A3S on my shed ~24\\\'

15m - K3LR/K1WA (parasitic) 5el array (partially working--ice storm)

20m - Wire/Aluminum 4-square of inverted L\\\'s (Comtek)

40m - Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)

80m - Wire 4-square of Inverted L\\\'s in the trees (Comtek)

160m - Wire 2 element array of Inverted L\\\'s in the trees (Comtek)*currently

only 1 element in service due to some season known locally as winter and all
the wrath it brings.

Radio 2 - IC-7410

Antenna for Radio 2 is a modified ZS6BKW with an added 15m inverted Vee.

80m-6m contest bands, no 160m

N1MM+, CM-500 Mic, N3ZN paddle, SO2R+ box.

(small 550w amps used for some contests)

Thanks for the Q\\\'s

CU (all of a sudden) in the next one.

dit dit

Mike in NB, VE9AA
N7NM   SOAB HP   847,7562018-02-12 00:15:47
Conditions seemed pretty good from the PNW. As usual, not much access to EU and
unfortunately, not much JA participation - only 80 instead of the normal 30-40%
of Q's. Pretty low score because of that. Thanks everyone for the Q's,
73, Doug - N7NM

TenTec Titan 1KW
2 ele stepper at 30ft
43ft Vertical for 40/80
KØVG   SOAB HP   46,5602018-02-12 00:16:18
Was mostly on Sunday afternoon. Worked some DX. Fun contest.
WTØDX   SOAB HP   761,9002018-02-12 00:16:25
My best score in a RTTY contest - that was fun!
S51A   M/2 HP   13,650,6152018-02-12 00:17:07
It was a fun race even without 15/10m. Lost lots of points and mults, but still
managed to get over the old S5 record.

Congrats to the usual LX7I, well done boys, but we are comming closer every year
:), stay on your toes.

Thanks all for the QSO's, the log will be on LOTW soon.

GL and read you next time

Bostjan S55O
W9VQ   SOAB LP   77,1802018-02-12 00:17:12
Z60A for an ATNO and a new mode country!
WN6K   SOAB LP   348,1982018-02-12 00:17:13
SteppIR is still offline so only antenna was the Busks OCF DP with LOTs of
Internal tuner action from the FT 5000

1/3 of last year's score and 50 times the work it felt.

WN6K, Paul
(read a few articles in January QST)
NØKQ   SOAB LP   18,9902018-02-12 00:18:20
This was a shake-down contest after moving back to Colorado. I was using 100
watts to a vertical so didn't get much DX. I worked a few JAs at the gray line
on 40 mtrs. The South Americans did not seem to hear me.

The next time I should have the 220v line in and will be able to run a little
power. That should help.

Tnx for the Qs.
AG1RL(@W1SRD)   M/S LP   1,780,4162018-02-12 00:18:24
First time M/S and LP from this station. Was a TON of fun. Great to have good
friends over to work a multi. Thanks to N6DE for the suggestion to go M/S LP.
Based on reviewing prior scores, very pleased with outcome. Station played well
and lots of good operators in contest. Big points on 40 to Asia chaired by iron
man N6DE who covered both nights. Really focused on mults and it paid off.
Thanks to K0BEE for great chili and tri-tip!
Team G1RL
KN5TX(WA5FWC)   SOAB HP   1,690,3962018-02-12 00:18:33
Great contest good propagation lots of fun
K7RI   M/S HP   790,1882018-02-12 00:18:50
The day before the contest our top tribander and 40 meter antennas became kind
of useless as the rotator broke and the antennas hand to be tied of to prevent
windmilling. Still we had a good time.
KO7SS   SOAB HP   2,053,2162018-02-12 00:19:21
Antennas - 2 el Steppir yagi @ 55', 80/40 OCF dipole @ 55'

Rigs - K3S X 2, 2K-FA set up for single amp SO2R

Conditions seemed good for a DX contest from the left coast at the bottom
of the sunspot cycle :) At least everyone works everyone for points, gives
us something to do while the East coast is running 6 point EU stations on 40.

73, Bill KO7SS
AK1W(K5ZD)   SOAB HP   4,752,7202018-02-12 00:21:00
Something about near infinite mults that is fun. Always a thrill when some
unusual prefix calls in. Of course, it does make the scores go up exponentially
as you go deeper in the contest so time wasted at the beginning is difficult to
make up.

Thought I would just play a bit, but watching the scoreboard drew me in and
operated way more than planned. Fun to chase WK1Q, N3QE, and W3LL all weekend.
Rain all day on Sunday also encouraged some extra operating time.

Not much 2 band run time. 15 was really poor. Worked a few Eu both mornings.
CR6T was in for hours, but no one else.

Low bands were great. Having RW0A call in on 40 meters Sunday evening was
amazing. He had a big signal.

The skill and efficiency of RTTY ops keeps improving. And rates are better as a

Thanks to everyone for the fun and the QSOs!

80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total %

EU 70 275 565 8 0 918 49.2
NA 201 373 230 24 0 828 44.3
SA 3 15 25 13 0 56 3.0
AS 0 3 43 0 0 46 2.5
OC 0 4 2 1 0 7 0.4
AF 1 4 6 0 0 11 0.6


QSO/Pref by hour and band

Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm Off

0000Z 14/14 32/32 --+-- --+-- --+-- 46/46 46/46 30
0100Z 41/28 73/56 - - - 114/84 160/130
0200Z 37/17 52/38 - - - 89/55 249/185
0300Z 54/25 57/38 - - - 111/63 360/248
0400Z 5/2 - - - - 5/2 365/250 57
0500Z - - - - - 0/0 365/250 60
0600Z - - - - - 0/0 365/250 60
0700Z - - - - - 0/0 365/250 60
0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 365/250 60
0900Z - - - - - 0/0 365/250 60
1000Z - - - - - 0/0 365/250 60
1100Z 5/3 - - - - 5/3 370/253 55
1200Z 2/1 25/6 86/51 - - 113/58 483/311
1300Z - 32/9 78/50 - - 110/59 593/370
1400Z - 17/7 57/23 2/2 - 76/32 669/402
1500Z - - 73/35 3/1 - 76/36 745/438
1600Z --+-- --+-- 75/34 1/0 --+-- 76/34 821/472
1700Z - - 9/9 1/0 - 10/9 831/481 48
1800Z - - - - - 0/0 831/481 60
1900Z - 6/1 18/5 11/4 - 35/10 866/491 29
2000Z - 44/11 40/13 - - 84/24 950/515
2100Z - 19/5 74/30 - - 93/35 1043/550
2200Z - 13/9 47/29 13/8 - 73/46 1116/596
2300Z - 19/7 3/1 - - 22/8 1138/604 38
0000Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 1138/604 60
0100Z - - - - - 0/0 1138/604 60
0200Z - - - - - 0/0 1138/604 60
0300Z - - - - - 0/0 1138/604 60
0400Z 29/10 55/27 - - - 84/37 1222/641 13
0500Z 31/5 54/14 - - - 85/19 1307/660
0600Z 7/1 7/1 - - - 14/2 1321/662 45
0700Z - - - - - 0/0 1321/662 60
0800Z --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- --+-- 0/0 1321/662 60
0900Z - - - - - 0/0 1321/662 60
1000Z - - - - - 0/0 1321/662 60
1100Z - - - - - 0/0 1321/662 60
1200Z 9/2 19/4 31/10 - - 59/16 1380/678 19
1300Z - 1/0 86/31 2/1 - 89/32 1469/710
1400Z - - 61/29 3/1 - 64/30 1533/740
1500Z - - 59/15 7/1 - 66/16 1599/756
1600Z --+-- --+-- 21/11 1/0 --+-- 22/11 1621/767 39
1700Z - - - - - 0/0 1621/767 60
1800Z - - - - - 0/0 1621/767 60
1900Z - - - - - 0/0 1621/767 60
2000Z - - - - - 0/0 1621/767 60
2100Z - 56/8 23/3 2/0 - 81/11 1702/778 10
2200Z - 31/8 29/14 - - 60/22 1762/800
2300Z 41/10 62/8 2/2 - - 105/20 1867/820

Tot: 275/118 674/289 872/395 46/18 0/0
EB8AH(OH4KA)   SOSB/40 LP   4,235,1982018-02-12 00:21:05
This time low power contesting with new Icom IC-7610, Radio performed very good.
very much S&P, and lost my running freq time to time.
Antenna setup was 2 wire yagis 5el + 3el. This year I created new personal 40m

Thanks for team Juan, Manolo, Pekka&Taina, Mauri, Olli, and Special Thanks
for which gives new IC-7610.

Thanks for contacts,

73 kari OH4KA

p.s G4JFT Paul, sorry I did not have time have long qso with you and listen your
locator and other information of your windows pentium computer. I was in
contest, and I had pileup on going.
AA7CR(@W7VO)   M/2 HP   1,172,8402018-02-12 00:21:43
Wish 15M had JAs like the old days, and didn't close at lunchtime! Great time,
with a great bunch. See everybody next weekend at ARRL CW

N4CF   SOAB LP   304,4282018-02-12 00:22:06
It was a struggle to beat last year's 249K score, but I concentrated on mults
much of the time. A last-hour push on Sunday evening netted a few more mults and
enough Qs to exceed last year by nearly 45K.
K2AL   SOAB LP   270,8462018-02-12 00:22:26
80M: 75W Trapped 80M sloper
40M: 50W R7 Ground mounted
20/15: 100W Moseley 3-el Mini Beam at 30'
Saturday work interfered.
20 meters hopping midday Sunday.
N4DXS   SOAB HP   308,8652018-02-12 00:22:29
In the hospital for most of the contest. Got home too late on Saturday to do
much of anything. When I finally got down to the radio Sunday morning I was glad
to see 20M full of signals all the way up to 14150 KHz nice. Enjoyed the time I
did get in.
WD9CIR   SOAB LP   325,7862018-02-12 00:22:59
100 watts and a G5RV in the trees.
W4MLB   M/S HP   2,657,5862018-02-12 00:23:20
A few points for FCG from Melbourne, FL
KC2WUF   SOAB LP   73,5372018-02-12 00:24:58
Yaesu FTDX3000, MFJ-993B, MFJ-931 and 125 ft long wire antenna 12 feet high for
HF, 50W except 35W on 40 meters
KS4YX   SOAB LP   184,7252018-02-12 00:25:03
Got a second wind during the last two hours and pulled out several nice mults to
bump my score.
WS7L   SOAB HP   397,1552018-02-12 00:25:33
Well that was about as much fun as digital can get!

73 and thanks for the Q's
Carl WS7L
K-Line, DB-18, HF-2V
K3MJW   M/S HP   2,916,5502018-02-12 00:25:36
Had big fun
K6LE   SOAB LP   10,1402018-02-12 00:26:04
K3 - 100 Watts
R7 Vertical @ 10 feet

All S&P
CR5V(M5RIC)   SOAB HP   9,613,2212018-02-12 00:27:38
What great fun! Running 2BSIQ keeps your mind focused and can you see why it's
such a game changer in contests. If you want to be competitive and win, this is
the only way - see videos of N6MJ(ZF1A) or CT1BOH(CR3OO).

The time you would normally be waiting for someone to reply you are making
another QSO/CQing on another band. It certainly keeps you mentally active and
brain engaged!

My thanks once again to Fil CT1ILT and Jose CT1CJJ for letting me use their
great station. Understanding propagation made the second trip more successful
and hopefully future trips even better too.

The hardest thing I found about the contest was trying to plan when to take the
off time. You need to be either on 40M or 80M and if you can, be working outside
of EU. At best if you can be running NA or Asia you have the best chance of a
higher score. I changed my plan slightly and stayed on the low bands for longer
and swapped off time but I think it worked for the better. Luckily each time I
went to take time off I didn't have to leave a good rate but it was still hard
to walk away.

Shame that CQ can't add time categories rather than force every single op to be
30 hours, CQWW has the classic section so why not for WPX too? 30 hours seems to
be over fair too quickly and meant missing out of the fun of different

On Thursday I found a noise source which after some driving around turned out to
be a street lamp that was on but the bulb was on its last legs and needed to be
replaced. With some discussions and several phone calls later we were told the
electric company would be out the next day to replace it. Waiting until it got
dark on Friday and checking for the noise source it had gone - this saved the
day and can only thank everyone involved as otherwise it could have been a
different situation for the weekend.

This was the only issue and DXlog with MMTTY/2Tone performed great once again,
as did all of the equipment and antenna switching.

Thanks to OK6W and SN7Q for the fun with the online scoreboard over the weekend!
For those who question why use it, try it and see how much more it pushes you!
No doubt P49X will be posing a huge score soon enough too so congrats.

Until the next time!


Rich CR5V / M5RIC


2 x TS-590
80m: Dipole / 2 Ele Switched Verticals
40M: 2 ele / 4 ele / 3 ele @ USA
10/15/20m: 16 ele tri / 3 x 11 ele stacked tri @ USA
DX log / MMTTY / 2Tone
WB6JJJ   SOAB HP   180,9782018-02-12 00:27:48
Another fun RTTY contest...
Thanks for all of the QSOs.
I tried 10 Meters a few times but no takers.
I was surprised when a QRP station from Spain called me.
I was able to play radio Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday for a couple of
short periods.
Good conditions, not great but good enough to have fun.
K4XL   SOAB HP   2,047,0052018-02-12 00:28:03
I had planned to only make a brief appearance in this test as RTTY isn't my
thing. Once I got into it, however, I realized that I was having fun. (Not as
much as in a CW test!...but still fun.) The only problem was keeping BIC! I
think this is the first time I've managed over a thousand Qs.
I heard one station on 10, but not well enough to copy. Fifteen was moderately
good and seemed to be open but lacked activity. It gave me my only ZL! Twenty
was wall to wall with a lot of QRM. Forty was excellent although I still can't
seem to get the opening to Asia that a lot of my neighbors enjoy. Eighty was
good but didn't seem to open to the west coast as well as it has in the past.
Rig: IC7800 to an old Alpha 78
Ant: Dipole for 80 and SteppIR DB18E for the others.
NY6DX   SOAB LP   298,9352018-02-12 00:29:47
Had some problems but thanks to Don AA5AU got on for a few hours.
KB1RI   SOAB HP   1,398,0322018-02-12 00:30:33
That what was a fun contest. Seemed like propagation to Europe was pretty good
this weekend thanks to the new sunspot region that showed up this week. 15M
even provided a few Q's this time. I nearly doubled my 2017 score. All my SO2R
automatic antenna switching functions were finally working. That really helped
fill in the gaps to keep the rates up. So much easier when the antennas just
follow the radios. Still need to improve the 20M/15M antennas. Now I just need
another auto tuning amp to finish the automation. Thanks to all for the QSO's.

SPE 1.3K Amplifier
SO2R - microHAM u2R
160 Inv-L, 80 & 40M Dipoles
20M, 15M, 10M delta-Loops
K7VIT   SOAB HP   258,2252018-02-12 00:30:48
Hey that was fun. It's nice to have a little up-tick in the solar conditions to
help propagation. Friday evening (local time/PST) was lots of fun. For me,
Saturday was down a bit, but the fun returned on Sunday afternoon. The only
thing missing was 10 meters.

Not sure how to say this ... I worked a station 1000+ miles (1600 km) away from
my QTH who had key clicks on his/her RTTY signal like I'd never heard before.
I'm not sure how that works.

Thanks to all who answered my calls.
73, Jerry
AI6O   SOAB HP   44,5062018-02-12 00:31:34
Operation consisted of stray 20-40 minutes stretches when not with visiting
family members and other duties. Still lots of fun. 50 ctx less than last year
but got some decent DX on 40 meters Sunday morning before church. Thanks to all
for the QSOs.


Ed, AI6O
K4GMH   SOSB/40 HP   3,001,8782018-02-12 00:31:38
Thanks for the QSOs.
NØBUI   SOAB HP   314,1302018-02-12 00:31:51
Thanks for the Qso's.
73, Mike N0BUI
KH6CJJ   SOAB LP   382,0242018-02-12 00:33:28
What a tremendous difference big high antennas and power (plus skill) can make!
KH6TU is located half a mile from me and made 323 contacts in 5:20 of operation.
I made 491 in 25:41 using 100 watts to a hexx beam and G5RV. I still had fun!
G3TXF   SOAB HP   2,307,2722018-02-12 00:33:58
Real awful sun-spot minimum conditions : Nothing on 10m. Just a few scratchy
QSOs on 15m. 20m was the main band, supported by 80m.

Great fun watching the Prefix multipliers roll in, with each one kicking the
score graph gradient every steeper.

Undoubtedly the most memorable event in this WPX-RTTY contest was being called
by 3G9A/mm on 20m!

73 - Nigel G3TXF
N2CU   SOAB LP   290,8202018-02-12 00:34:09
Just getting my feet wet on RTTY after not having used it for several years.

K3/100, TH6DXX 48', 40m delta loop, 80m wire vertical, N1MM+, MMTTY, K9AY

Thanks for the QSOs!

73, Tom N2CU
KF6RY(W6ZL)   SOSB/20 LP   122,4722018-02-12 00:37:50
K3 @ 100W Remote Rig RRC 1258, KT-34M2 @ 35 ft.

Dave W6ZL
WB8RFB   SOAB LP   4002018-02-12 00:39:43
Just got on for a few Q's while watching the Olympics.
N3RC   SOAB HP   49,0442018-02-12 00:40:30
My new Digikeyer II intermittently wiped out the K3 audio/xmit functions two
hours into the contest, just as I had finally gotten on true FSK for the first
time. Taking the Digikeyer II out of the loop got me back on with only 2 hrs to
end of contest.

Since I thought the K3 was going to Elecraft to get fixed, I did lots of
research on Icom 7610 after hearing glowing reports at local Redwood Empire DX
Assoc. meeting last week. May get one after reading all the reports!
WE9V   SOSB/20 LP   25,4522018-02-12 00:48:01
About 1 hour on 20M Sunday morning, then a few Qs on 40M (64 x 47).
KK7PR(@K7ZS)   M/S HP   1,181,9252018-02-12 00:48:24
We had to add MURPHY/W7 to the list of operators, he had his way with the
station at the 5 hour mark into the contest. Took out the Six Pack relays on
80m, welded shut, so that antenna was in line with anything else all the time.
Took a while to figure that out.

BACK TO BASICS ... Luckily we only did M/S this time, so single antenna to
single radio, and we started again on Saturday after losing the valuable 40m
early morning and 20m EU openings on Saturday.

Andy, KE7AUB to the rescue! With only 3 ops (well, 4 with MURPHY) Andy carried
the ball to put us over the 1 Million mark ...

Thanks to Serge KN7K for visiting on Sunday to see the new IC-7610, which
performed absolutely perfectly. As always, with Icom's Twin Peak Filter,
variable bandwidth and now this marvelous spectrum scope, it was a pure delight
to operate.

CU in the ARRL DX CW next weekend.

73 Kevin K7ZS, trustee for KK7PR
ACØC   SOAB HP   7,164,4482018-02-12 00:48:32
Thanks to everyone for the Qs!!!

Despite marginal SFI the bands were really nice for the WPX this year,
especially on the Sunday session. But it was so cold here (15F over the
weekend) the two amps could not keep the shack warm! Local QRN was nil. Some
very cool DX when running including Z60A (3 bands) and a Z21/QRP. Gear worked
fine; no problems with the recent tower/antenna overhaul.

Murphy was around though - BSOD computer crash on the last day (sound card
driver). And an **unending** string of logger related complications...
Probably a lot of guys I worked are wondering if I will ever learn how to use

Is it my imagination or were the pactor ADS robots going full blast on the first
night? Seems a prelude of things to come if the ARRL's FCC petition pushes
through. But that's another subject for another day.

HP3SS   SOAB HP   1,958,8802018-02-12 00:54:06
K-line 500W
AA5AU   SOAB LP   2,321,1602018-02-12 00:56:46
Possibly my highest ever prefix count and my second highest low power score in
this contest (highest 2016). Great low band conditions. Thunderstorms delayed me
from restarting Sunday morning but luckily they passed and didn't come back.

Really great participation.
WA8WZG   SOSB/80 HP   161,5862018-02-12 00:57:50
Had fun doing single band 80 meters ,and still learning all about rtty
contesting, Had a great opening to Asia early Sunday morning , so that made up
for listening the East coast guys working all the Eu on Friday night.!!
But I agree with Jack..LNW, we should have been on 40,, looked like a LOT of
good stuff there!!
Thanks to ALL the outlaws that worked me!!
K8KI   SOAB HP   389,0612018-02-12 01:01:15
Equipment worked wonderfully well. Used A9500 amp that had been down numerous
times in the past for one malady or another. Fixed it (again) a couple of days
ago and it had no problems at all. Really enjoyed this one. Good thing weather
was rotten outdoors.
WX4G   SOAB HP   2,097,2162018-02-12 01:03:19
Well...another contest I was only going to spend a few hours in. Then on
Saturday, I work my brother ON 20M, N6AR and he is 300 Q's ahead of me. I can't
let this I put it in overdrive. So on Saturday night we work on
40M...and I cut his lead to 150 Q's, half way home!! Never heard him on
Sunday...but not letting down. Now we at the finish...and I beat his Q's...1404
to 1338...but he beatS me!! Drat 576 to his 634...well I got the

Glad to work Z60A on 3 bands...and CR6T and CR5V were really loud on 15...but
them and 2 Italians were the total European opening.

Fun contest...been a long time since been in RTTY a little rusty.

Thanks to all that called!! 73/dx Bob WX4G
NN4RB   SOAB LP   19,4342018-02-12 01:03:25
Returned to Parris Island, SC last week for the first time in 51 years and saw
my grandson finish Marine boot camp. Drove back in on Friday night, but did not
feel like operating a radio - including Saturday. (Too much BIC time already.)
So, Sunday I got in the chair and put in about 4.5 hours - all S&P. Managed
to get number 100 QSO during the last minute of the contest. Had only one
antenna to use, and that was my OCF at 40'. It worked OK, and having only one
meant that I wasn't playing with antennas. Looked up last year's contest report
and I put in less time by an hour and made 22 more QSOs this year than last.
So, that is a good thing.

OCF at 40' Fed with Ladder line and KAT500 at base
W6JBR   SOAB HP   51,7452018-02-12 01:04:13

ANTS- 20 + 40 m Inverted V @24’, 65’ Palomar Eng. End Fed as Inverted L
W3XOX   SOAB HP   386,0222018-02-12 01:04:46
This being my first RTTY contest, I'd like to thank my RTTY Elmer K3AJ (Tom) for
all of his help getting me going. Thanks Tom

This contest provided me with quite a bit of learning, software wise as well as
how to operate the mode. I'm sure there is more learning to be done. It's always
a good day to learn.

Icom 7300
Ameritron AL-1200
Palstar AT4K Tuner
Cushcraft R-8
NK7U(@K7JR)   M/2 HP   2,415,1602018-02-12 01:05:07
A rather casual M/2 operation by the Snake River Remote Contesters Club. The
station is fully M/2 capable and we went that way to keep things easy even
though we knew we would not man the station for the full time. Total operator
hours were somewhere in the 44 hour range -- so each station averaged being on
the air about half the time. There were about 8 hours where both stations were
active. In part, during the day 20M was about the only game in town. There was a
reasonable 15M opening on Sunday stateside but that was about it for us. 20M was
packed with stations all the way up to 14150. Our 20M Europe opening lasted only
about 2 1/2 hours after sunrise. We had pretty good nighttime low band openings
to Asia, especially 40. There were more YB stations on 40M than any of us could
remember. Unfortunately the low bands were not quite good enough for us get
Europeans in the log.

The gang had a fun time. We missed being together in the same room together and
chatting -- RTTY contests are perfect for that. You can contest, watch sports on
TV and chat with your friends. But we had a chance to work many of them on the
air and our constant Telegram chatter was almost like being together.

See you in ARRL DX CW - we will be back using K7JR

Scott/K7ZO for the K7JR team.
NW6P(W9KKN)   SOAB HP   1,574,2652018-02-12 01:06:34
As always, special thanks to Tom/NW6P for his hospitality and use of his

Several sightings of Z60A with lots of people spending a lot of time
transmitting over each other trying to call in, but I'd have to say that the
highlight of the contest was when Z60A responded to my CQ Sunday morning!

Started a bit late Friday afternoon getting in from work, but conditions were
good to start. Predictably, 20 meters closes early these days, but 40m rocked.
Had some local RFI issues on 80 meters, so had to turn the power down. Friday
night / Saturday / Sunday morning 40m openings to Asia and Europe were great.
Good openings to Europe Saturday/Sunday on 20m. As far as 15m, it seemed better
Sunday than Saturday, but didn't give me very much activity. It almost goes
without saying, but nothing on 10 meters.

On the self-improvement side, I got pretty well comfortable operating SO2V in
N1MM+ with the Flex (still configured as "SO2R".)

This is also the first time I had run SmartSDR 2.1.30 in a contest -- I feel
like I ran into a few bugs that weren't there in 2.0.x, but I noticed a few
improvements too. At one point, DAX started giving me corrupted and un-decodable
audio from the RX Streams until I applied the big hammer of restarting
everything (radio, Maestro, computer, etc.) Also, 2Tone seemed to want to quit a
few times unexpectedly after a few hours of running, but only on DI1 (?!) Hey,
they fixed call stacking in N1MM+, though!

Thanks for the Q's everyone!

73, Bill/W9KKN @NW6P
N3ALN   SOAB HP   251,3702018-02-12 01:09:41
I had a lot of fun this contest.
DH8BQA   SOAB HP   2,736,4562018-02-12 01:10:38
Elecraft K3, KPA500 + Dipoles on 80/40 m, 4L on 20 m, 6L on 15 m

Just playing around a bit with the remote setup. Uwe, DL3BQA, was using our
station on-site for a serious SOSB40 effort so I could only use 40 m when he was
not QRV. The guys had installed a Triple Leg for 40 m a bit away from the main
antennas so interference between him on 40 and me on 20 m was manageable this

CU in ARRL-CW next weekend!

73, Olli
K3TN   SOAB HP   324,5972018-02-12 01:13:03
K3/KPA500 to 135' Windom at 45'

Rainy weekend meant more RTTY operating time than usual for me. Amazing levels
of activity - 20M had RTTY signals all the way up to 14.150.
HP3SS   SOSB/20 HP   919,7512018-02-12 01:13:20
N8BJQ   SOAB HP   2,005,5792018-02-12 01:16:08
Better than last year. Nothing broke. Planned to do this LP - I ran out of gas
after the first couple of hours and hit the sack. Got up about 0800 and
promptly turned the amp on. Had a few nice runs and lots of S&P. Thanks
for the Q's. Now back to CW
5P9X(OZ9GA)   SOAB HP   1,814,7302018-02-12 01:16:23
Radio Station OZ9GA
Contestcall 5P9X

RX/TK IC 7851 and Expert 1K-FA
Interface Microham Microkeyer II
Microham Station Master for antenna swits, rotator- and PA control.
MSI Laptop
WriteLog 12.21 with MMTTY

On tower 11M over gr.
Mosley TA-54-XLN-6 for 6, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 Meter Bands
Optibeam OB1-4030 for 30 and 40 Meter bands
Rotor Yaesu G-2800DXC

Dipole for 80 Meter Band
Long wire for 160 Meter band with CG-3000 automatic antenna tuner

All Q’s are on LOTW

Tnx fer the contacts.
KØAP   SOAB HP   22,4662018-02-12 01:19:21
Limited time to play in WPX RTTY. Thanks for the Qso's.

RIG and Antennas:
HEX Beam and dipoles, FT1000MP, ACOM 1000, N1MM+ with MMTTY.

73 Dragan K0AP
KX7L   SOAB HP   60,7922018-02-12 01:23:35
It was the first really sunny weekend in a long time here in the PNW, so it was
hard getting BIC time in on the contest. Friday night condx seemed so-so, but
Saturday night was much better. Sunday things were hopping on 20m! Thanks for
the QSO's!
YP8W(YO8SEP)   SOSB/80 QRP   659,1722018-02-12 01:25:50
This was my 2nd CQ WPX RRTY Contest.

This year, becuase of many reasons, I've decided to participate on the 80m band
only, and it was a good idea. Propagation was good, especially on first night.

A few days before starting I've checked the last years results and a few public
logs. I did some analysis using SH5 software and set my target to 300 Q, 300k+
points. The contest started and I was surprised to find a steady rate on 30 Q/h
alternating RUN with S&P. Finished first night with 189 Q.
On Saturday I've started early, before sunset, but was hard to make QSOs with my
QRP power. Rate climbed to about 20 at midnight, but after that it went down
again. On Sunday it was better and I've finished very close to 500 Q.

A few of my notes:
- on RTTY is easier (than on SSB) to CQ as QRP because of the skimmers/RBN that
spot you automaticaly (almost imposibile to RUN on SSB)
- Using a panadapter/waterfall is easy to S&P and to find a place to start
- Calling CQ you need patience. I've alternated S&P with RUN, but still
thing the best rates were on S&P

- SunSDR2 PRO, 5W
- Vertical GP. Rural area.
- N1MM+ with FLdigi, GRtty, 2Tone and MMTTY

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs!!!

73 Petronel
VE3BR   SOAB LP   182,2142018-02-12 01:32:32
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7047.0 + MMTTY 1.70K + 2Tone 16.11a

Essentially, contest-wise I did what I could given constraints. Worked Friday
night. Whoever came up with the idea that weekends are time slots least
intrusive for the users to implement technology projects was obviously not
thinking about one user: the user of my radio. I tried making some Qs while
bossing others around on a video conference call, but this was difficult and not
very productive. Saturday night until 2 AM was devoted to a salvage operation: I
was a designated dancer at some Valentine's Day party. What was being salvaged?
XYL's feeling of well-being and contentment. Salvaging my self respect was
beyond hope, I cannot dance and I know it.
K5VIP   SOAB HP   434,3132018-02-12 01:36:14
100% S&P
PY2KJ   SOSB/40 HP   85,5002018-02-12 01:39:18
ANT: 2 el. Yagi @ 11 meters high
RIG: TS 2000
PWR: 400 Watts

All the best ! Health + peace

W4PK   SOAB HP   3,219,3722018-02-12 01:47:47
For a change I was able to operate the whole contest without my computer
freezing up! I had a very minor problem with call-stacking (n1mm+) but most of
the time it just plain worked, including the call-stacking feature! What would
happen that every once in a while it wouldn't pop a station I had stacked but
it would go ahead and send the serial number anyway. I am sure that I had
caused this to happen by doing something unexpected. I am going to download
software version 1.0.7047.0 (the version I had used), label it as
"golden", and keep it in a safe place!

I did more search & pouncing than I did running this year. 20 Meters was
wall-to-wall with callers both Saturday and Sunday mornings and I couldn't find
a spot to try calling so mostly during those times I just picked off stations,
especially the multipliers, and most especially on 40 and 80M!. Toward the end
of the contest on Sunday afternoon 40M was the same way.

I am getting too old to be really serious about contesting anymore, but I still
do have fun! Thanks for all the Q's.

73, Sam W4PK
NJ6G   SOAB LP   68,5402018-02-12 01:49:08
Away all day Saturday, S&P for most.
PJ2T(WI9WI)   SOAB HP   3,564,8642018-02-12 02:08:54
Minimalist casual operation before ARRL CW next weekend. One radio, one
computer, one decoder. Forty was great on Friday night, averaging almost 100/hr
for the first 4 hours. Twenty and fifteen were good during the day both days.
QSOs were 72% NA and 22% Europe.

Gear K3, P3, AL1200 at 800 watts. Lots of antennas.

Thanks to all for the QSOs
N8URE   SOAB QRP   3,6902018-02-12 02:16:56
20m was so active I had a hard time getting through other stations with only 5W.
I was happy to get some 40m and 80m QSO's despite my small antenna. Thanks for
picking me up out of the noise!

Since when is RTTY allowed above 3600 kHz in the US and Canada? Some operators
need to update their allocation tables. Nice signals but not allowed to work

5W RS-HFIQ radio, HDSDR and Fldigi, full loop antenna cut for 20m on my
apartment balcony.
WA7AN(K9DR)   SOAB HP   1,247,4402018-02-12 02:18:10
Planned to put in the full 30 hours, but slept through the alarm clock twice.
Got off to a slow start on Friday. Only made 3 QSOs on 15 meters in the first
15 minutes. Signals were very weak. Had to make repeats. Then, I realized I
was running into the dummy load! Turned the coax switch to the antenna and
voila. I'd been so busy with tweaking other stuff, that I'd forgotten the
durned coax switch. No other equipment issues during the weekend.
Equipment: K3/P3 to AL82
Antennas: Explorer 14 at 55' for 40 - 10 meters. Inverted Vee for 80 meters
with apex at 50'.
AF3I   SOAB LP   8,3722018-02-12 02:19:50
I derive a lot of pleasure from this contest by handing out a multiplier (AF3).
WØMB   SOAB HP   382,8062018-02-12 02:32:58
NTS:Kenwood TS590, Alpha 76A, Pro67B @ 60 feet, 40 and 80 meter dipoles, N1MM+.
Well being a procrastinator didn't pay off this time either. I didn't get all of
the software figured out in time. I had a lot of rf in the shack on 80 meters,
The amplifier drops power in the middle of some runs and makes one tube run very
hot. I did work the z60a and might be a number of two off in there log as most
of the time they were very week on 40 meters but I did print my call. It was a
fun test one of my favorites I just wish that I would have been up for it a lot
better. Well after all we are supposed to be making things better. And life
hands out a setback now and then and Murphy lives here. Hopefully there will be
next year.
N8FYL   SOAB LP   150,1762018-02-12 02:44:47
Rig: Icom IC-7610
Antenna: G5RV/ZS6BKW at 55 ft
WK7S(K6LL)   SOAB HP   2,757,6202018-02-12 02:46:39
I operated only during the most productive times. It was fun.

NI7R   SOAB HP   277,7262018-02-12 02:50:40
Almost all QSOs were S&P, which for me is twice as slow as S&P in CW
contests. I tried to run, but without success with my limited antennas.
Highlights for me were working Vatican City (last time was in 1992) and the new
DXCC entity of Kosovo. My doctor just put me on a medicine that makes me drowsy.
As a result, I fell asleep a couple of times in my chair while operating. The
constant "diddle diddle" sound will do it. LOL

K3, AL-811H amp, 17 foot whip with coils for 40 and 80 meters on top of a metal
KJ5T   SOAB LP   177,0032018-02-12 03:09:13
Another contest using the temporary 4BTV which is up at the place I am house
sitting for another few weeks. My final contest there will be the NAQP RTTY and
then I will be back to wires on the balcony and QRP or playing around portable.
I love contests like this where you can work anyone and I am starting to really
love RTTY contesting, this is only my second entry in CQ WPX RTTY, my first was
in 2014 but the last few years have been pretty quiet radio wise for me.

I went in thinking I would do the full 30 hours, and I had a go al of 600
contacts, which might have been possible had I did a full time effort. I woke
up Sunday morning with migraine so decided to instead get some rest and get some
stuff done.

15 never did really open here on Saturday, it might have been better Sunday but
if so I missed the opening there. 20 and 40 were money bands as usual on the
4BTV, I wasn't extremely aggressive when doing S&P, I am sure I missed out
on some opportunities.

Not a competitive entry, but I had fun.
VA7ST   SOAB LP   237,1602018-02-12 03:11:31
Fairly casual 19.5-hour entry using one good eye thanks to a new right lens
installed Friday morning. Almost 20/20 in that eye already.

Missed Saturday morning's opening to Europe due to post-op checkup. Sunday
morning's opening wasn't much to write home about, and with -10C after days of
warm weather melting snow, the tower got frozen due east for a while instead of
turning to 30 degrees when I needed it to) so the multiplier count is way low
this year.

Too bad 15M wasn't more popular. One Q there all weekend. Ended up parking high
on 20M during daylight hours but there were few holes for a low-power station
and holding a frequency was tough.

Lowest score in this one since moving to this QTH following the 2004 WPX RTTY.
Will have near perfect vision in both eyes by this time in March, just in time
for spring antenna season. Literally looking forward to it.

Thanks for the QSOs!

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Qs WPX Score
2018 420 196 237,160 19.5 hrs
2017 626 275 424,875 21.5 hrs
2016 845 413 1,038,695 22.5 hrs HP
2015 574 320 504,640 20.0 hrs
2014 1322 534 1,885,554 29.2 hrs HP
2013 1041 466 1,308,994 25.5 hrs
2012 830 373 883,637 26.5 hrs
2011 836 322 806,610 27.5 hrs
2010 921 388 994,056 24.0 hrs
2009 846 335 907,180 27.5 hrs HP
2008 612 258 470,850 21.0 hrs HP
2007 972 420 1,154,160 28.5 hrs HP
2006 702 284 578,792 28.2 hrs
2005 584 264 422,664
2004 225 114 67,009
2003 344 149 147,212
KG9X   SOAB LP   339,2882018-02-12 03:11:37
Got on to work Z60A on 80M. Ended up working several hours on/off.
73, Fred KG9X

FT1KMP, Low Sloping Dipoles, N1MM+
NQ6N   SOAB HP   107,6252018-02-12 03:14:31
Always fun to give out the extremely rare NQ6 prefix. 73 and thanks for the Qs
K7MKL/VE3   SOAB LP   539,2602018-02-12 03:19:33
Fifteen meters was a no show but 20 was very good. Sunday saw a two hour twenty
minute run on 20 that netted 132 Qs. The G5RV performed surprisingly well on 40
and 80, particularly to the Caribbean and North/South America.
VE3UTT   SOAB HP   663,8102018-02-12 03:21:54
K3 / Optibeam.

Travelling Friday and Saturday. First QSO 12:52 UTC Sunday. Knew a good score
was impossible so just chose to run on both 20m and 40m. Surprising 40m
conditions provided the same run rate as 20m. Less than 2.5 hours on 40m with
128 non-NA stations helped my score.

Hope all had fun.
KC9EE   SOSB/40 HP   15,1422018-02-12 04:00:34
Very, very PT. Had work to do on the computer so messed around when I could.


Gary KC9EE
KR4U(@W4TA)   M/S HP   3,284,7882018-02-12 04:03:59
Rig : Elecraft K3 / SPE 1.3 Amplifier

Antennas : T8 Log Periodic / 40m Force 12 vertical dipole / 80m dipole

Soapbox : Another 48 hour effort from SPARC Contest team.
N4CW   SOAB HP   1,509,5522018-02-12 04:11:28
Great conditions to Europe Sunday morning and to Japan late Sunday afternoon!
Saturday was broken up with family obligations. All in all, I was delighted with
the cooperation of the many stations I worked that would fade in and out and
stuck to their guns until the exchange was complete. The JA's were customarily
well-behaved and a delight to work. It was a fun weekend.
WB9TFH   SOAB LP   300,6962018-02-12 04:12:45
Score not as good as last year. Seems like less activity
or poor propagation to our Black Hole here in Wisconsin!
Got ZL4YL on 40m at 0132 and 2 JA's on 20m.
Most contacts were S&P. Nice run on 80m at the end to push me
over 500 Q's and 300k points.
Thanks everyone for the Q's, it was a real hoot!
N9NA   SOAB HP   526,6902018-02-12 04:38:10
Flex 6500, Alpha 87a, 80 meter OCF Dipole, Steppir DB-18e.
W6SX   SOAB HP   779,0722018-02-12 04:43:39
Head cold the whole contest. Never felt I hit my stride. Best hour was 92, and
it went downhill from there.

Spent last two hours watching Olympic biathlon and cross-country skiing--more
enjoyable than operating would have been.

K3, ACOOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY,
2Tone, N1MM+
N6HE   SOAB HP   31,0962018-02-12 04:48:13
IC-7300, MicroKeyer II, Alpha 9500 at 600W, end-fed LW at 28 feet
KU1CW(@K2PO)   M/2 HP   3,001,6672018-02-12 04:57:46
We were glad to be joined by new contester WQ3U for this effort.

A pleasant surprise was to work 7 Europeans on 80m. On the downside, we worked
only one European on 15m (CR6T).

Tnx to all the casual operators for their participation - the majority our our
contacts gave serial numbers of 110 or below.


/Bill, K2PO
P49X(WØYK)   SOAB HP   11,577,8522018-02-12 05:05:47
13,494 points
3.6 QSOs/Mult

The contest was loads of fun and the weekend had its unique characteristics.
The station worked well but band conditions were disappointing. I narrowly
avoided having this be my all-time worst showing from Aruba in this contest.

Band Conditions

Unfortunately for me, Aruba seemed to be sort of a propagation black hole this
week which surprised me. With the SSN at 17 and 23 over the weekend and the
week before, I expected better conditions. Reports out of Europe and NA note
good propagation, but here it was a different story.

Sunday, for example on 20 and 15, signals were weak and sometimes in the noise
floor until about 1615z when almost instantly the signal levels popped up and
some OK pile-ups commenced. These conditions lasted until I stopped at the 30
operating-hour point around 2030z. There were brief times when the signal level
dropped out again, but mostly it was pretty good. There were also peaks in
signal levels that created instantaneous pile-ups.

Making QSOs was a struggle until the 16z hour when instantly 15 and 20 turned
on. Still, the bands drifted in and out, ranging from great pileups one minute
to struggling for contacts the next. The low bands also had their ups and
downs. At times they behaved almost like the high bands with lots of callers,
quiet background, crisp audio. Then, there were the periodic doldrums with high
noise and marginal signals.

Many times I could hear NA and EU running each other at high rates when I
couldn’t get much going down here. Signals from both continents were weak for
me and this was probably exacerbated by those stations beaming each other with
South America off the side of their antennas.

During the week, a precursor to the weekend was trying to work Z60A from here
which would normally be pretty easy. Most of the time their signal was in the
noise here while NA was reporting “Big signal!”. This was primarily on 20m
and up. 40 and 80 had the normally good propagation to EU and Kosovo.


In comparing WPX contest results, QSO points are more useful than QSOs due to
the differential QSO points based on low vs. high bands. This is a nice feature
of the CQ WPX contests across the solar cycle. Our total QSO counts are down
now in the bottom of the cycle due to the absence of 10 meters and depressed QSO
counts on 15 meters. But, this is at least partially offset by higher QSO
counts on 40 and 80 where a QSO is worth twice what it is on the high bands. In
this year’s contest, my low band points rate was almost always higher than on
20 or 15. This makes the contest (from a competitive perspective) a low-band
contest. I tried to maximize my time on 40 and 80. In the end, 8600 points
were made on 40/80 with only 4900 points on 15/20.

My start was not as strong as 2017 so I bore down and tried to catch up
throughout Friday evening. When I took my first break at 9z (5am local), I
nearly on par with last year’s pace. It felt good to catch up.

On Saturday morning it started falling apart. The 15m bandscope was mostly
empty until late morning. 20m wasn’t much better. Both EU and NA answered
CQs on both bands but there was just no volume. In the 16z hour, things began
to pick up and there were rate spurts reminiscent of average high band
conditions in past years. But, the the high-band rate was far below 2x the
low-band rate.

Hour by hour I watched this year’s pace fall further and further behind last
year. Saturday night the low bands gave out 2 hours earlier than Friday.
Unless a miracle happened Sunday, it looked like this year might be the lowest
score in the 12 consecutive years I’ve done WPX RTTY from Aruba.

Sunday morning seemed to confirm that fear. I was about to take a break when
all of a sudden the bands quieted down, signal strengths increased and moderate
runs began. The hourly rate went from 38 to 160 in less than 60 minutes. It
wasn’t enough to make up for lost ground, but it stemmed the decline. At the
end of my 30 hours of score operating, I moved “up” to my third lowest

This was about 2030z, so I decided to take an exercise walk around the
neighborhood. One of the real-time alternatives I considered during the weekend
was to take breaks such that the last two hours of the contest period would be
in my 30-hour operating score, and on the lucrative low bands. I got cold feet
and decided to get my 30 hours logged and then still operate the last two hours
outside the scoring and see how it was. Well, this year at least, I would have
been better off to skip the first two hours Sunday morning and operate the end
of the contest. EU, NA and JAs were calling in on 20m. 15m was open even
stronger than 20m to JA. The very few NA signals still on 15m were quite
strong. It was an exciting opening.

In retrospect, I should have started on 40 and 80 Friday evening rather than
20/40. Based on Sunday night, 80 was open nicely to EU by 22z, an hour before
local sunset. I should have started an hour or two later each morning when the
15 and 20 were closer to opening. And, I probably should have worked the last
two hours of the contest.

I continue to come in with less mults than those with less QSOs. This time I
worked hard grabbing all the copyable mults in the Packet-infused band maps.
Can’t figure out the discrepancy.


2BSIQ (2 Band Synchronized Interleaved QSOs) is all the rage these days in CW
contesting. However, the RTTY mode frees up brain cycles to allow the operator
to extend this skill to interleaving QSOs on 4 or more receivers. I run an
Elecraft K3 in each band by running on the main receiver and doing S&P on
the sub-receiver on the same band. The same principle of 2BSIQ applies between
these two receivers. But with a 2-receiver radio on each of two bands, there
are now 4 receivers with QSO streams that can be synchronized and interleaved,
i.e., 4RSIQ.

One of my objectives in this contest was to improve my 4RSIQ skill. Both the
RTTY mode and spotting assistance in this contest facilitate working on this
technique. It’s fun when it works, but it is so easy to hurt yourself when
some irregularity happens and it all comes crashing down!

My second major objective this weekend was a complete overhaul of my IT system.
New PCs, new keyboards/mice (Bluetooth), new FSK keying (TinyFSK), etc. Pretty
risky but fortunately it worked flawlessly except for one PC that periodically
froze up on a temporary basis, resulting in stalled transmission for a few
seconds. I made generous use of all my known swear words.

Transmission Bandwidth

Wide QRM-inflicting signals continue to predominate the bands. I suspect most
offenders aren’t aware of their painfully obvious impact as viewed on a
bandscope. The worst signals were obliterating 5 operating slots on each side.
Really disgraceful. The ironic thing is that the more narrow your own transmit
signal, the more you are hurt by the wide signals. Narrow signals can never
operate close enough for the offenders to hear them. There is no feedback to
the perpetrator of the problem. Perhaps disqualification of the entry will
begin to get people’s attention.


Contesting wouldn’t exist if a lot of us didn’t get on and operate. Thanks
to all participants, full-time or part-time for making this a really fun
weekend. 1973 of you worked me at least once. 118 came back for all 4 bands.
Thanks to W5XD for continued support and enhancement of WriteLog to increase
operator efficiency. Also, thanks to K0SM for the TinyFSK Auduino code.
Finally, thanks to Andy P49Y/AE6Y and John P40L/W6LD for use of the cottage


Rigs: Elecraft K3Ss (2), K-Pods (2), P3s (2)
Amps: Alpha 86, Alpha 91B
FilterMax III low power band pass filters (2)
4O3A high power band pass filters
SixPak, StackMatch (2), BandMaster III decoder (2)

Tower 1: C31XR at 43 feet
Tower 2: 2 elements on 10 meters / 5 elements 15 meters at 55 feet
Tower 3: 4 elements 20 meter at 68 feet
2 elements 40 meter at 76 feet
1 element 80 meter Sigma 80 at 64 feet
160 meter "Double L" vertical at 67 feet
Four 400-500 foot Beverages using K9AY switching box/preamp (JA/W6, W1, EU and

Logging software: WriteLog 12.25C on three networked PCs

RTTY Decoders (each K3): MMTTY, 2Tone (2), Hal DXP-38 on main receiver
MMTTY, 2Tone on second receiver
(setting both receivers on same frequency
yields 6 parallel decoders)

RTTY Encoder: Arduino Nano with TinyFSK code

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
0000 0 0 81 84 0 0 165 165 5.4
0100 0 55 100 6 0 0 161 326 10.6
0200 0 34 84 0 0 0 118 444 14.4
0300 0 42 95 0 0 0 137 581 18.9
0400 0 56 79 0 0 0 135 716 23.2
0500 0 60 51 0 0 0 111 827 26.8
0600 0 50 29 0 0 0 79 906 29.4
0700 0 33 59 0 0 0 92 998 32.4
0800 0 12 33 0 0 0 45 1043 33.8
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1043 33.8
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1043 33.8
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1043 33.8
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1043 33.8
1300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1043 33.8
1400 0 0 0 55 35 0 90 1133 36.8
1500 0 0 0 72 25 0 97 1230 39.9
1600 0 0 0 83 69 0 152 1382 44.8
1700 0 0 0 88 72 0 160 1542 50.0
1800 0 0 0 62 43 0 105 1647 53.4
1900 0 0 0 75 22 0 97 1744 56.6
2000 0 0 0 11 6 0 17 1761 57.1
2100 0 0 2 8 0 0 10 1771 57.5
2200 0 0 57 85 0 0 142 1913 62.1
2300 0 0 32 75 0 0 107 2020 65.5
0000 0 0 39 51 0 0 90 2110 68.5
0100 0 23 43 0 0 0 66 2176 70.6
0200 0 42 28 0 0 0 70 2246 72.9
0300 0 38 38 0 0 0 76 2322 75.3
0400 0 38 35 0 0 0 73 2395 77.7
0500 0 41 20 0 0 0 61 2456 79.7
0600 0 8 4 0 0 0 12 2468 80.1
0700 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2468 80.1
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2468 80.1
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2468 80.1
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2468 80.1
1100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2468 80.1
1200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2468 80.1
1300 0 0 0 4 12 0 16 2484 80.6
1400 0 0 0 23 22 0 45 2529 82.1
1500 0 0 0 23 16 0 39 2568 83.3
1600 0 0 0 65 45 0 110 2678 86.9
1700 0 0 0 58 79 0 137 2815 91.3
1800 0 0 0 51 62 0 113 2928 95.0
1900 0 0 0 54 56 0 110 3038 98.6
2000 0 0 0 18 26 0 44 3082 100.0
2100 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3082 100.0
2200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3082 100.0
2300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3082 100.0
Total 0 532 909 1051 590 0 3082

Gross QSOs=3129 Dupes=47 Net QSOs=3082

Unique callsigns worked = 1973

The best 60 minute rate was 167/hour from 0003 to 0102
The best 30 minute rate was 198/hour from 0003 to 0032
The best 10 minute rate was 222/hour from 0018 to 0027

The best 1 minute rates were:
6 QSOs/minute 1 times.
5 QSOs/minute 16 times.
4 QSOs/minute 114 times.
3 QSOs/minute 312 times.
2 QSOs/minute 520 times.
1 QSOs/minute 564 times.

There were 1727 bandchanges and 1056 (34.3%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 14
4 1172
5 1193
6 679
7 9
8 7
9 8

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 1279
2 bands 397
3 bands 179
4 bands 118
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 166 442 510 161 0
N6SPP   SOAB LP   2,1632018-02-12 05:25:05
Finally got the MVari engine and Logger32 talking to ic-746. thnx all,73 Eric
AH7U   SOAB QRP   5,5872018-02-12 05:32:18
Happy to hand out the AH7 mult this year. Unfortunately, I didn't get as much
time on 40 and 80 as I would have liked, but I did get a good chance to test out
settings for future contests.

See you all down the log!

Elecraft KX3 @ 5W
14AWG Super loop @ ~33'

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
7 8 48 4 6.0
14 33 99 31 3.0
21 2 4 2 2.0
Total 43 151 37 3.5
Score: 5,587
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's
S53X   SOAB HP   5,673,3302018-02-12 05:32:23
I realy need power on 2nd station. PA only on one radio.
15m and 10m I did no even try, hi.
TNX for all QSOs.
TNX S50XX for the borrowed filters.
WD5K   SOSB/20 HP   706,6722018-02-12 05:44:56
Elecraft K3 -> Amp
TH7DX @ 50'
KT4Q   SOAB HP   56,4802018-02-12 05:45:26
Just on to play a few hours Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Seems like
a lot of activity. Was able to run a little on 20m and 15m.
KG4USN(@WA3EKL)   M/2 HP   3,326,7542018-02-12 05:48:01
Conditions were interesting this weekend from the East Coast. 20 and 40 were
our most productive bands followed by 80 then 15 making a reasonable appearance
on Sunday. Conditions seemed a little less favorable than last year. Rates
went low in the wee hours of the morning and we all got some rest. Our team had
less members this year but all did an outstanding job and had a great time. The
food was superb as usual. THANKS to all who called us. Looking forward to the
next one.

73’s from the WA3EKL contest team.
TM3Z(F4DSK)   SOAB LP   1,385,4602018-02-12 06:13:31
Only few sporadics hours to take part but always the same plaeasure. I will
manage to do a full entry the next year (but it is one year to wait :-(

TS-950SD + IC-7600
2 x OM6BPF
ant. OB11-5 (3/20 - 3/15 - 5/10)@ 16m, DXBeam 2/40 @ 19m, inv. V 80m

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3,5 74 301 70 4,1
7 443 1864 286 4,2
14 183 470 145 2,6
21 20 50 15 2,5
Total 720 2685 516 3,7
HF1ØØI   SOAB QRP   389,1562018-02-12 07:19:15
RIG:FT-950 PWR:5 ANT:2elDeltaLoop & LongWire 50m
EA8DED(OH2BP)   SOAB HP   2,921,0552018-02-12 08:13:27
IC-7300 + SPE 1.3K-FA
3 el SteppIR, HF-2V
VK4QH   SOAB LP   394,5242018-02-12 09:08:59
Storm hit and power went out at 07.00 utc and that was the end for me.
Lost 7 hours of contesting.
JH8KYU/1   SOAB LP   854,2822018-02-12 09:44:15
Patience was necessary in such a tough condition.
But I enjoyed much better than I worried before the contest.
EB3CW   SOSB/40 LP   3,930,7802018-02-12 09:53:02
Last year was 80 meter band and now I tried 40 meters.

Conditions were quite good, but not enough to make a lot of qsos with US or JA
Stations, just a few one were able to hear me. I feel myself squeezed or
crunched between big signals and need to move continually

So, no decent run and almost 90% of my time doing search & pounce. When a
new multiplier appears, sometime I needed to wait for my turn in the queue some
minutes, so patience is a plus.

Setup: 3 Element Optibeam Yagi at 36 meters high (118 feet)
Kenwood TS-990S and Microham Micro Keyer II
Beverages: 3 cups of coffee and 2 red bull
G4FKA   SOSB/20 HP   316,2872018-02-12 10:06:41
Usual wet string entry. In fact the string was wet, with snow, hail and rain
flurries at various times through the weekend.

Casual entry with quite a bit of time spent watching the weak signals for
potential DX. Although this section is called TB-Wires the antenna here was pure
wire. Not a piece of aluminium in sight! Just the usual wire dipole at about 12
feet, strung between house and oak tree.

Band very busy both days. IC-756 ProIII, Expert 1K-FA and the dipole. MixW and
microKEYER II.

Thanks for all the contacts.
GWØKRL   SOAB LP   913,0962018-02-12 10:31:01
Enjoyed this contest as ever.
Having the prefix as multiplier makes it interesting for smaller stations like
myself to have fun.
It's tough deciding when to take breaks, but it does make it more family
Love this mode and contest - RTTY ROCKS!
N4DW   SOAB HP   400,8692018-02-12 11:57:42
My first RTTY since Feb 2015.
Due to operator inexperience, some stations receiving numbers less than 50 from
me may not be in my log. Sorry...
OT6M   M/S LP   3,571,0872018-02-12 12:44:38
This was our first decent attempt to participate in an RTTY contest. The OP's
are both newcomers to RTTY and our station was not really setup for RTTY, for
instance that in N1MM we had just one DI running.
Since we like to set a target we looked at the Belgian MS/LP record and decided
to go for it. Being LP we quickly realised that running is kinda low-rated so we
focussed on S&P. After reaching the Belgian country record somewhere halfway
down the track, we looked at the records again ... naaah ... that WR is way to
high. Well, in the end it wasn't as we went over by ~200k :) Fingers crossed
that we didn't make to many mistakes and wait to see what the competition did.

Anyway it was a fun weekend again with a tasty Lemon-Cheese-cake made by

Thanks for the QSO and cu next year!

Station: IC7800 and Orion (interlocked)
TRX: 18m Spiderpole vertical for 80m, 80m dipole, OB2-40, OB11-3, 3 el.SteppIR.
RX: Hi-Z 4-8 Pro 8-Circle, 300m reversible beverage 315°-135°, 240m
beverage 35°-215°, K9AY.

Aurelio, PC5A
Frank, ON9CC/OT6M
K8AJS   SOAB LP   78,0672018-02-12 12:47:48
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3
Antennas: 204-ft G5RV, 3 el quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.7026.0
VE3RCN   SOAB LP   124,6622018-02-12 13:12:41
Lots of fun when participating. Learned how to use the filters. Part time effort
due to being part of the military guest list to visit with the Toronto Maple
Leafs at a hockey game against Ottawa Senators.
S56A   SOSB/40 LP   2,345,5042018-02-12 13:15:23
Good condx but lower participation probably due to FT8 popularity. Nice QSO
over the North pole. Funny prefixes as expected. Ignored G7T for a long time
assuming HG7T partial decode. I did 30 minutes 40 m FT8 after 30 hours of RTTY.
Memorable HP8/
ABØLR   SOAB HP   2,003,1202018-02-12 13:27:31
SO2R should be in a class of it's OWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People (Ham OPERATORS) are losing interest because one guy using 2,3, 8 and many
radio that are network together and calling it "SO2R". Put those
people in their own class so the contest want die out due to people lying about
how many radios they are using . Just the other day I read about a operator who
uses so3r. Take a look at this station (ac0c) and tell me he is only using SO2R
and I will buy you a glass of milk. The operator who use only one rig could
never compete with SO2R. That like a race between a one legged man against a 3
legged man. Who do you think will win?
Therefore, people (HAMs) are giving up on contesting or not putting enough
effort ie 1 HOUR or 2 then say why am I doing this and know I don't stand a
chance in hell against ROW of radios and one operator. Why am I the only one can
see this? !!!!!!!!!!
WV1K(N1IXF)   SOAB HP   3,996,2002018-02-12 13:35:26
Originally intended to be MS-LP with KE1IH, but at the last minute he came down
with a cold and I had to change plans. First foray into HP with my SB-221.
While I'm most often LP in RTTY, I decide to try the amp at about 700W out so I
wouldn't push it too hard... worked fine. What a blast and the condx were the
best here that we've had for a long time... let's hope that they last for ARRL

Sat morning 20M was fantastic... I think every RTTY op in Europe was on that
band. I got there early but had a really hard time getting a place on the dance
floor. Condx on 40M were almost identical.

Thanks to all who worked me... see you in the next one.
Rich N1IXF
KV8S   SOAB LP   20,1452018-02-12 13:37:42
Fun time. Still on far from optimum antennas but was able to get software to
play together. So look to improve antenna performance along with rate for next
K4WI   SOAB LP   110,1432018-02-12 13:52:08
Just didn't have the time for this one... managed to get some time in Saturday
evening and Sunday morning. Weather dictated shutting down a lot! Nada on 10, 15
very light but 20 was pretty good! Thanks for the q's. 73's Cort
V31VP   M/S HP   4,090,4192018-02-12 13:57:56
This year I decided to do a M/S entry and was joined by Scott KK7JS (newly
licensed as V31CQ) at the Maya Hill Lodge ham shack. As the figures show, 20m
and 40m were the primary bands for us. 15m wasn't nearly as good as last year,
and 10m is of course out of the picture. The 80m antennas here aren't up very
high, so the 3 QSOs there were just to grab some new prefix mults.

It was great to break the 4 million point mark, though we will almost certainly
fall below that threshold after log checking. Very pleased with our results.

Working EU on 40m well after their sunrise was a nice treat. Did not have as
good an opening to JA as in previous years and the main band for that was 20m
instead of 15m as before.

Thanks again to Andre (DL1AS/V31DL) for the use of his fine station and to
Monika for her fine hospitality at the Maya Hill Lodge.

Look for V31VP again the first weekend in March in the ARRL SSB DX contest.

Victor WB0TEV / V31VP
NCØDX(@WØLSD)   M/2 HP   5,446,6762018-02-12 13:59:18
First ever M/2 and it was a success. Lots of BIC time. High winds on Friday
night took out a 80 meter sloper and limited turning the 2 beams. Concentrated
on 80 and 40 and Prefixes.
15 seemed open but limited activity for 165 hard earned Qs. Monitored 10 meters
but nothing. 40 and 20 obviously the workhorses. Good to see more activity on
80. The two IC7600's and two Alpha 91b's as well as networked Writelog were
flawless. we sure seemed to hit a little pop in propagation as compared to what
it has been in the preceding weeks. Thanks to all for the Qs and prefixes.
VA3DF   SOAB LP   2,648,6462018-02-12 14:10:38
As usual, it's a jungle out there...


KT1I   SOSB/20 HP   300,1202018-02-12 14:11:30
Enjoyed the contest. Conditions weren't the best but running high power helped.
Unusual for me, ran single band as the Winter has not been kind to my antennas.
No real problems with equipment or software.

Icom 756 Pro II
Ameritron AL80 Amp. running 500 watts
T8 Log Periodic missing one element
N1MM Plus Software
AJ9C   SOAB HP   707,6242018-02-12 14:23:37
Taking the new Flex 6600 on a shakedown run...perfect!
AA5VU   SOAB HP   84,5502018-02-12 14:29:16
219 QSO'S = 445 QSO Points x 191 = 84550
ON3DI   SOSB/80 QRP   459,2342018-02-12 14:30:59

Last year I won on 10m with one simple qso, some people thinks that a little
joke, but it was wel considered. I had no time to do the usual 80m qrp, but this
year I had. I saw that some scores of last year where high, to high for me. The
score of HA3MY (SK) was three! times better then my personal best.

Normally I start with calling CQ but this time I did a lot S&P. Worked the
usual European stations but soon I heard USA (AA3B, K3WW, W4YMA, W4PK, AD5XD
(came back to my CQ) W3LL, WK1Q and AC0C), I could work them quite easily. This
is more USA DX then normally, noiselevel on 80 saturdaynight was pretty low,
conditions were not to bad. Big gun P49X was also in my log!
Calling CQ had some respons, but not that much, was hard to find a clean spot
and had some run. Anyway, I found the courage to do S&P time after time...
The first shift ended at 8UTC.
Meanwhile I saw at live contest server that US3IW was in the same category as
me. After ten hours of contesting we had the same score, idem for YO9BCM,

The saturdaynight shift is always the hardest one (17UTC-6/7/8 UTC
sundaymorning), I did this without any pause. I saw that US3IW went to bed
around midnight, I knew I had to push them and I did. AFter the night I had 90
QSO's more and a little 40 multipliers more, thought that the gap was made.
Nice qso was with RK9AX who came back to my qso! During this shift I haven't
worked any USA stations, heard some but couldn't work them.

The last shift is always surviving, at live contest score I saw that US3IW was
closing the gap and two hours before the contest he had even more multipliers.
Honestly, it costed a lot of stress, no breaks, always pushing. I was glad he
went to bed an hour before of the end of the contest. I have at the end one
multiplier less but around 60 qso's more, happy.
Worked at the end some nice DX (TA7I, P3X, ED9E), nice multipiers, nice 6

With a score around 460k points, I can be happy. It is the third best score in
the contest, the double! of my personal best and good enough for a new Belgian
record. I will be honest, I thought it was good enough to win this contest.
Would be my third victory in a row in a WPX RTTY and 6 consecutive in a RTTY
contest (WPX and WW), but the dream came to an end when I saw on this site the
score of YP8W. Congrats to him, his score is fabulous, more then 200k point
more, that is a lot, normally a new WR!
'The problem' is that I gave everything, there is no room for improvement at my
conteststation. I can't be QRV more, I did the full 30hours with no breaks.
So at this point, I am very dissapointment, second is simply not good enough, I
go for the win...

Perhaps next time I will be qrv at 40m, maybe a new challenge can help!

1. There were a lot of Belgians QRV, nice!
2. I am not a fan of the W3LPL spots at the cluster, it is an advantage for some
stations (LX7I, Z60A). Is it so special that they are 'heard' in MD... They are
calling CQ with a KW or so, think it is more special when W3LPL would hear me
with my 5w...
3. I said this before but as a qrp station, you have to wait a lot for your turn
and you see a lot a macro's. There is room for improvement, very often they are
to long...
4. It was my last contest with my yaesu ft897, he did a good job, but now it is
time for my kenwood ts590s, who is normally better!

Fullsize dipole antenna, 5w, yaesu ft897, dxkeeper

Thanks for all the QSO's!


Pieter ON3DI
W1IE   SOAB HP   1,260,3362018-02-12 14:38:58
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7047.0
LZ6K(LZ2PL)   SOAB HP   3,690,6552018-02-12 14:43:20
Was wosn't pay attention on/off time and I work about 40 min. more!
Tks for qso's 73 Vlad/LZ2PL
NA5NN(@W5UE)   M/S HP   3,607,3922018-02-12 15:01:28
Pretty good conditions and great fun... 1st contest outing for my recently
constructed W6NL Moxon conversion of an old Cushcraft 402CD and performed well.

Station: K3 + Alpha 8410 Amp
Antennas: 40M 2 ele Moxon, T8 LPDA, Inv V on 80m
Software: MMTTY/N1MM+
PY2NY   SOSB/20 LP   565,5732018-02-12 15:11:18
Nice to see a lot of friends around, even under bad prop conditions.
FT-1000 MP MK-V Field, KLM KT34XA, N1MM + MMTTY.
HG7T   M/2 HP   12,323,2122018-02-12 15:24:12
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
AI9T   SOAB HP   1,432,4342018-02-12 15:53:32
Part time effort. Busy weekend!

Equipment Flex 6600
Flex PG XL
3 Element SteppIR at 60'
Mosley TA 33 45'
Ground Mounted BigIR
80 meter Inverted V at 50'
EF9R(EA9LZ)   SOSB/20 HP   3,444,7922018-02-12 15:53:44
Well my original plans, was operated SAB SO2R, but some problems with amplfiers
and set up, declined my plans. At last time I deciced go to 20meters.
I am really very impresive with high quantity of prefixes worked by IQ1RY,
As always, I do not feel confortable with devices which control the contest, but
is okay, I need to learn more, how to play with rtty.....
Propagation normal, what can I says.
Dear Friend Bob, N6TV, thank you very much for your great cooperation with the
wintest set up, as always, you are the best.
During Contest 9LS and I, we enjoy a great Couscous...... excellent meal.

As always.
kenwood ts990s
OM power
OptiBeam antennas.
Rotator Luso tower 48meters.
qth remote stack match antennas.
W1DYJ   SOAB LP   188,3372018-02-12 16:22:42
80, 20, 10 - fan dipole at 30' (160/80/30/20/10)
40, 15 - 1/4 lambda vertical, 4 elevated radials at 10'

BIC: ~16 hours ("Official" contest time ~ 23 hours)
100% S&P
Logger: N7YG Digital Engine >> CQ WPX Contest Log Version 4.3

I'm relatively new to RTTY contesting, and this is my second
attempt with this contest. The good news: I more than
doubled my score from last year. I'm starting to understand
RTTY, and I like the laid-back attitude. (I still don't
understand why so many hams add extraneous characters to
their exchange!)

Whereas others found 20 to be the best band, I found 40
to be so. My 40M antenna is reasonable; my 20M fixed
dipole is no match even for my simple Moxon at 36' in Woburn
MA. I've been concentrating on the low bands here in ME
so this is not unexpected. Even a simple tribander would be
much better on 20 & 15.

Still -- I had fun!

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
KU2M   SOAB LP   1,492,0102018-02-12 16:35:54
Every year the number of people taking part in the RTTY tests seems to increase
- this year I was simply amazed by the degree of activity - it was RTTY
insanity! 40M at night was a madhouse with signals from 7030 all the way to
7100, save for a few kHz avoided for the FT8 and other digital modes crowd. In
the morning, 20M followed suit, with wall-to-wall RTTY up to 14150 and spilling
over into the phone band above 14150. Same thing on 80M - at night the band was
jammed to 3600, with a few DX participants (illegally?) running amuck above

Trying to run with low power is a challenge. In the midst of many huge signals,
trying to establish a presence using only 100 watts can give one an (even worse)
inferiority complex, and there was a time or two that I had to rebuke the evil
genie on my left shoulder who kept telling me how easy it would be to reach over
and turn up the power knob on my FT-5000 to 200 watts (hey, 3 dB is 3 dB), and
how no one would know the difference - except me, of course, and that's why,
once set at 100w, that knob wasn't touched. Instead, the knob you turn is the
VFO - all you can do is find another frequency to run, until you get chased away

Even though I was not able to take part in the contest with a full time effort,
I had fun, doing it here and there in between domestic obligations, and managed
to get in about 18 hours of the max allowed 30 hours, missing a lot of morning
prime time on 20M. Thanks to all who heard my 100 watts (not everyone did!), and
I hope to see everyone again next year!
LA5LJA(@LA7TTT)   SOAB LP   1,785,9602018-02-12 16:36:40
Yaesu FT5000dx set to 100 watt.
Antennas: Optibeam OB11-5..Optibeam OB40-30
Fullsize GP for 80 mtr with elevated radials.
Vertical GP7DX for 10 to 40 mtr..up 10 mtr

My goal for this contest was to push the low Power record
for Norway, the claimed score is about 200k Points over
the old one from 2007, so I hope the log check is good for me.
Antenna situation is still bad for 20 mtr, since the yagi is
locked to the east 90* East, but of course I had a great signal
to the east.I did not work a singel JA in the contest, only heard
some few on 40 mtr . Worked 60 NA on 20 mtr with the vertical.
On sunday evening I was struggling on 20 mtr to get some qsos
So i qsyed to 40 mtr and started to cqing, I was Lucky With the
frequency and get a lot of qsos,this was a smart move since EU
qsos was giving 4 Points pr. qso. My 40 mtr antenna is very good.
Rebuilt my 80 mtr GP for 2 weeks ago, worked very well, low band
was good this weekend, To have sucsess in wpx rtty you must work
40/80 mtr, my prefix are little low ,but I have many 4 Points q's.
Get tired on sunday, work to much the week before, but contesting
is fun. Qso's will be on LOTW ,Qsl is also welcome via the buro..
W8JWN   SOSB/40 HP   397,8542018-02-12 16:40:14
Northeast Wisconsin DX Assn
DJ1YFK   SOAB LP   56,2872018-02-12 16:46:12
K2, 10W, Vertical

Fabian, DJ1YFK
LX7I(@LX2A)   M/2 HP   16,703,7582018-02-12 16:47:25
Thanks again to Philippe for putting this wonderful station together!

As always it was a nice livecore game with our friends @ S51A. They were able to
substantially improve their score this year, where we are 1.000.000 Points down
from last year. Congratulations!

It looks like the 2018 Plaque might go to Z60A who took the benefit of beeing a
newborn DXCC jsut 4 weeks ago. They had huge pileups when we were bagging for
QSOs!! Congratulations!

Sorry for the ste stations we could nop pick out of the noise this time. We
could not turn ANY antennas at all and some antennas were not pointing into the
best direction!

Thanks to the Team above for hanging in there anyway and making the best out of
ths situation!

73 and see you @ CQ WW RTTY in September!

Helmut DF7ZS
W4UK   SOAB HP   315,8612018-02-12 16:59:44
1183 Pts

WZ7ZR(W7ZR)   SOAB LP   1,005,5162018-02-12 17:23:24
Tried for over a week to get second radio working for SO2R. Never happened.
Still lots of fun. Tnx fer the Q's.
NNØG   SOAB LP   6,0502018-02-12 17:31:34
I need a new antenna. The old vertical antenna I have isn't up to the task. I
could only work 10% of the strong stations I heard.
S57AV   SOAB LP   50,7182018-02-12 17:36:33
Licenced 2017
W6QU(W8QZA)   SOAB QRP   66,7222018-02-12 17:37:46

Radio: Yaesu FT-817, 5 Watts

10-15-20 Meters: 3 el Stepp-IR up 32 feet
40 Meters: DX-LB trap dipole up 30 feet
40-80 Meters: Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials

We have our middle daughter and her husband and 2 yr old and 5 yr old boys
living with us for a few months while their home is having work done. As if that
weren't enough, my daughter is an Emergency Room nurse and pulled both 12 hour
weekend shifts during the contest! But my 78 yr old wife stepped up along with
my son-in-law and did a pretty good job of keeping them out of Grandpa's radio
room while I operated! So I still managed to get in 21 hours of op time,
...bless them both!

I had to start the contest 1 hr 45 min late because I allowed one hour to set up
and it wound up taking almost 3! I had to solve several glitches in the logging
program to radio interface. I will never wait until the last minute to set up

Conditions were decent for this time of the cycle. But I did MUCH better Sunday
AM than on Sat AM. Almost all DX was worked on 20 M, and that can be rough for

Only 18.6% of my Qs (46 Qs) were off continent. While I managed only 2 Qs into
Europe on Sat AM, I was delighted to get 12 on Sunday AM, all on 20 M. I only
heard one Euro station on 15: CR6T. But he never could hear me.

DXCC was only 27 and WAZ was only 14. Best QSOs... There were no best Qs in
this contest, all Qs were the normal stuff we all work in contests. As I look
at the list, I am only struck by the fact that I managed to work 10 different
Euro countries.

All my obsession with Euro Qs must sound funny to east coast ops, but if I can't
get into Europe, I can't score. I operated an ARRL DX CW contest from W1IPL's
station in Maine a few years back. I worked Euros one after the other on 80 M
with QRP and a inverted V!! But it ain't that way out here.

I love RTTY contests. Even at this part of the cycle. And the logging program
makes it all so convenient.

See you in a couple weeks in the ARRL DX CW!

Bill W8QZA - W6QU
KA3GIK(PAT)   SOAB HP   1,166,4752018-02-12 18:23:55
Good warm up for ARRL. See all in the next one.

IT9RGY/I4(@IR4X)   SOAB LP   4,771,8722018-02-12 18:55:19
Once again a big thanks to IR4X to let me use their amazing station!
I did my best to fit the 30h format. Definitely there is room for improvement
strategically speaking.
Nice to enjoy short pile ups with 100w on 20-40 towards US both days, but I was
not able to make any run to JA and that's affected the result.
SO2R with 2BSIQ almost all the time, often switched in S&P mode since rate
was better than CQing.
Anyway it has been nice to compete for top place but it's not for this year! :P

Congrats to IK6VXO, SN20UM, YO9HP and others!

Thanks for calling.
de IT9RGY/I4 @ IR4X
AC4CA   SOAB HP   1,888,3022018-02-12 18:59:18
40M opening to JA/East never happened Sunday morning. Saturday morning was fair
to JA/East. Decent openings to EU each morning on 20m. Not much going on 15m,
unfortunately. 80m very noisy and signals depressed, Enjoyed using the new
JK404C on 40m. This was a trial run for that 4-el 40m Yagi. Fun contest for a
very modest effort.
4U1WB(AJ3M)   SOAB HP   893,9282018-02-12 19:01:13
Part time effort from the 4U1WB club station in Washington, DC. Thank you for
the QSOs.


Masa, AJ3M
K9OM   M/S HP   4,828,3302018-02-12 19:08:02
Fun contest with excellent participation- never a shortage of stations to work.

Thanks for the Q(s).

Dick- K9OM
OG6ØF(OH1NOA)   SOSB/20 HP   322,9952018-02-12 19:51:35
Qsos are good for OG60F - The OH1AF/OH1AB/OH1F 60th Anniversary Award.
ZL4YL   SOAB HP   2,104,5002018-02-12 19:59:06
Thanks for the QSO's
73 Xenia
K3 + KPA500
40: 2 x 2L
20: 2 x 3L
15: 2 x 3L, 5L
IU4FNO   SOSB/40 LP   803,4422018-02-12 20:02:12
Operated only during free time both on Saturday and Sunday. I managed to get 13
hours of operation. The band was really crowded, especially after sunset. Had
great fun, as usual.
73 de Alessandro IU4FNO
N2MM   SOSB/40 HP   1,725,5002018-02-12 20:16:54
Tough weekend...Intestinal bug limited my BIC. Very heavy rain on Sunday with
high yagi made copy nearly impossible
KL2R   M/S HP   906,5102018-02-12 20:30:48
Comparing years past, 2018 was quite respectable from KL2R. Of course, I (N1TX)
usually do this one solo. Dan KL1JP and I did a multi-single waaaay back in
2010. We blew away past scores by a long shot, so I'm pleased with that. 80 and
40 went wonky late Saturday/early Sunday and never really recovered. Lack of 15
hurt. (Maybe it was open on Saturday, but we were having too much fun on 20 with
a six-plus hour run. We were able to train up some new guys, Pete KL4IV and Paul
KL4ET, and I expect the next RTTY contest will be a stronger effort.
KB4KBS   SOAB LP   126,6302018-02-12 20:43:32
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 10 24 7 2.4
7 119 320 88 2.7
14 121 262 99 2.2
21 10 24 7 2.4
Total 260 630 201 2.4
Score: 126,630
SN2M(SP2XF)   SOSB/40 HP   4,595,8642018-02-12 20:45:03
TNX all QSO's.

My congrats to IZ4NIC and S52X for their great scores!
Very good propagation to NA during 1st day, but not as good as our friends in
southern EU could enjoy... Nevertheless, on saturday band was opened to the
Coast till 10:00 AM, pity the conditions did not repeat the next morning.

Wkd some nice DX's which doesn't count too much in WPX, but are worth to
mention: 3 x KL7, VY1, VY0, etc. VY1AAA from zone 1 was readable here also on
80M sunday morning - sounds very promising for ARRL CW ;-)

Some more stats:
W/VE x 312
JA x 91
YB x 27 (!)
EU x 695

Set up:
2 + 2 el. yagi on separate towers (@25m, 17m)
11 Beverages for RXing, including 2x 320m end-fire array for NA.

Decoding was done on MixW and 2tone in diversity receiving mode (2x IC 775DSP),
so 4 windows in total were watched. Most of the time printing was equally good
on both softwares, but in some cases (weak or fluttered signals) 2tone did
better job.

This was my 3rd time in WPX RTTY and I have to say - never experienced so much
QRM and cases when someone starts CQing on my freq or ~100Hz off side, trying
kick me out from the channel. I'm sorry to realize that for some guys it's just
their *style* of contest operation.

Mac SP2XF / SN2M
Z6ØA   M/2 HP   17,101,7492018-02-12 20:52:00
What a crazy contest from a new DXCC entitiy! We never thought on a score like
this. Sometimes it was nearly impossible to get a rate without split because of
the unendly mass of callers.

The days before the contest we decided to run M/S because there were lots of
interferences between the two stations. Then on friday, Robert - S57AW - and I
where almost all day long outside to improve the antenna situation and just in
time we had a runnning setup for M/2.
Thanks for all your patience as we had a lot of QRM, especially on the low bands
so it sometimes took a while to get the puzzle together.

And at one time there was suddenly no signal on 80m and the Amp went on error.
We had to go out to check what was going on and belive it or not, the coaxcable
was biten by an animal, maybe a wild dog. So we repaired it the "poor man
style" with drilling and tape!

Acom 1010, Expert 1.3k
10/15/20 Beam with 3/2/2 Elements
40 Sloping Dipol
80 Inv-L

One station 48h on 40m. Tried 10m some times but never get a response.

Great Team, great contest!

For the Team

W9ILY   SOSB/20 HP   715,9042018-02-12 20:53:01
Optibeam OB 9/5
EU4E   SOSB/80 HP   1,377,2482018-02-12 21:04:43
TX: INV L 16mh GU74b 500 watts
RX: 4x bev 270m
Software: RTTY by WF1B v5.02
W6RLL   SOSB/20 HP   56,4062018-02-12 21:41:40
My contest setup still needs work.
73 de Joe.
K5DU   SOAB HP   3,166,7222018-02-12 22:24:59
More mults than last year, fewer QSOs. Not much 15 meters was the difference.

Thanks to the CTDXCC members who worked me and thanks to K5NA who encouraged and
fed me.

Susan K5DU
I2WIJ   SOAB HP   2,283,7502018-02-12 23:11:27
Not a serious effort! Wow!
First time ever more than 1000 qso and more than 2million points on RTTY!
80m was fantastic. Zero noise! But I slept anyway: other committments as well.
40m almost no-story, with only a dipole at 10m agl., but KL7SB in is the log!
20m was good into Asia and N.A. Great being called by 3 KL7's. Thank you guys,
you made my contest!
15m really marginal, with fast and deep QSB. Being called by strong signal to
hurt your ear, and then ask many repeats to get the report.
10m No signs when I checked...
KE1S(@W1AN)   M/2 HP   2,355,2152018-02-13 00:06:21
Always an enjoyable contest with friends.
WB8JUI   SOAB LP   56,6252018-02-13 00:14:15
73 - Rick WB8JUI
VE3DZ   SOAB LP   1,166,8322018-02-13 00:56:00
40 m Beam is currently not connected, so decided to enter TB-Wires
Great conditions on 40 and 320 meters! Lots of activity.
NG6O(K6GHA)   SOSB/20 LP   132,3742018-02-13 00:57:37
Only a short time to play, one band selected (20m), and odd times to operate.
From what I heard it was a great contest and I wish I had the chance to do it
Pleased with some of the mults I bagged, but decided incorrectly to go
unassisted, so I am sure I missed out on quite a few great DX chances.
Fun while I was there. Hope to have more fun next time.
N2NS   SOSB/40 HP   217,0022018-02-13 01:46:28
SOSB/40 entry, but wkd other bands for no credit. Actual score probably a bit
greater than claimed score, as some mults wkd on other bands will likely be
credited to 40m.
K4MI   SOAB HP   92,6402018-02-13 02:46:37
I did not get on at all on Saturday due to helping a new ham get his HF antenna
installed. It took a good part of the day and after we made some contacts I
didn't have much left to operate that afternoon and evening. I did get on Friday
night and a good part of Sunday, and turned in a decent score. Would have liked
to made more contacts however this was a good effort considering the time I was
able to put in.
K6DAJ   SOAB HP   23,4652018-02-13 07:57:05
Tribander at 35'; 33' 80/40 loaded monopole; 500 watts

Limited time to operate. Missed morning openings to EU. Struggled with running
WriteLog under VMWare, finally booted Windows native.
AA6OC   SOAB QRP   13,2462018-02-13 08:32:45
Elecraft KX3, 9:1 Unun end-fed stealth/HOA wire in backyard palm tree
HG8R(HA8JV)   SOSB/80 HP   2,861,9082018-02-13 09:32:39
Thanks for all calers!
Station info:
73 Pali ha8jv, hg8r
IZ3NVR   SOAB LP   258,8262018-02-13 09:37:51
Yes, even 1 QSO on 10m! Thanks S54E!

I am definitely not an RTTY fan and didn't plan to operate this one. Ended up
doing a few hours LP (60W, no way I run my radio full power on RTTY) quitting
when it was no more fun and giving points to some friends. This is, by far, the
highest RTTY score I've ever submitted. Don't think I will break such a personal
"record" soon.

I am in the "threebander-single wire" overlay although it was much
more of a "single multiband wire" one since I used a multiband

10 and 15 were much disappointing. Hoped for some 15m action but they really
never openend up, not even towards Asia.

20m had long skip and couldn't hear many European stations that are usually an
easy reach. Working KL7SB made my day anyway.

40 and 80 were where the action was. More QSO points and easier to work prefixes
makes them the bands to be to improve the score. I didn't operate long on these.
40m is usually my worst band being it overcrowded and full of powerhouses. 80
were a bit better.

I noticed a couple of stations (eastern europe mainly), some even declaring LP
on the online leaderboard, with 2 to 3k wide signals. Guess they were having
issues with their transmitters...

Thanks everyone for the contacts. It has been a nice LP experience.
Hope to see you in the upcoming contests

FT-450 @ 60W
single multiband wire
IQ1RY(IZ1LBG)   SOSB/20 HP   3,162,8352018-02-13 10:25:00
First thanks to IQ1RY team to let me use tha callsign once again.
Due to some renovation at the club and to the lack of operators a Multi was not
possibile so I turned out to a single band from home.

Having dome 80m last year, I decided to try another band. The choose was
obviously between 40m and 20m.
Until friday the idea was to try 40m, then I switched to 20m when I heard that
the band was wide open to AS/JA all the morning.
I think I have made the rigth choice since 20m was really in a fantastic shape
during the weekend.

Opening to Asia and Japan was solid all the morning with huge signal, opening to
US was also very good with at least 2 hours of good opening to Weast Coast.
Unfortunatly band closed just too early.
On the other hand, signal from Europe was low on the weekend. Every QSO with EU
was a struggle, especially station usually strong from here as G and EA.
The band was full of signal from 14076 or below to over 14150, so the second
radio has been really usefull. At the end more than 400 QSO were made with it,
and overall more than 500 QSO were made in S&P.

At the end just less than 60% of QSO were with DX stations, remarcable high for
a low sunspots period.

Thanks to all for QSO.
To the next one!

Filippo IZ1LBG
SQ8GHY   SOSB/40 HP   3,398,7082018-02-13 10:25:43
TRX: K3 + TS590SG(only RX with omnidirectional antena)
2x PA
2x TX Ant: 2el Cubical Quad, GP 32mh
3x Beverage 109m: K, JA, ZS
2x PC N1MM+MMTTY+2Tone

IT9XTP   SOSB/40 LP   672,0082018-02-13 10:47:28
Choice of the band for work and family needs. The opening of the slow Friday /
Saturday contest. Unfortunately I got lost all Saturday PM for reasons of
(work). I tried to recover the hole, the absence of Saturday but the lost is
lost and even more because LOW pwr. Coclusione, I had fun but with a bitter
taste because I could climb the ranking compared to my rivals.
Thanks to everyone who connected me. We'll do it again next year. 73 '
K4MM   SOSB/40 LP   155,3582018-02-13 11:50:01
FT-950 90w
MT-2000a Tuner
40M Sloper @ 30'

Psrt time operation.

Thanks to all who worked me. 73 Tom MM
K1WDY   SOAB LP   5,0322018-02-13 12:33:32
Jumped on a couple times to make a few QSOs. Always fun!
KP3LR   SOSB/40 LP   399,5782018-02-13 14:57:34
Hi my participation in contest my energy during event is power generator 5,800
watts for my area pass huracane maria my city not power so is like participation
weekend contest wpx rtty thank for qso and 73 Member Team Combete (WP3E)is back
LTØH(LU3HY)   SOSB/20 HP   806,4702018-02-13 15:07:24

tns to all QSOs

73 Juan LT0H op LU3HY
IZ8FWN   SOAB HP   3,787,8242018-02-13 15:46:02
Unfortunately no 80 mt antenna and when no 80mt QSO!
Just for fun!!

Ant: 7ele(10/15/20)hm
1 elem for 40mt

Tnx all for qso see in the next test!
73 Pet IZ8FWN
YO9HP   SOAB LP   3,683,0002018-02-13 15:48:13
Another great WPX-RTTY contest. Propagation was worse than last year, so I was
not able to repeat the 2017 performance. But I still had a lot of fun.
40 m band was bad on Saturday night, so I decided to take 4 hrs break, then
I resumed the contest around 04:30, local time, with poor rate (60 QSO in 2
hrs) until 20 m opened. I reached the 30 hrs limit on Sunday evening, around
19:00 local time, just when 40 + 80 m were offering decent 2 QSO/min rate.
Congrats to YV1KK, SQ9UM, IT9RGY and LY6A for their great scores. See you soon
in the coming contests!
73, Alex YO9HP

Rig: IC-7300, IC-7100
Ant: Optibeams 17-4 and 11-5, 2 el Yagi on 40 m, 2 x Inv-V on 80 m.
Interface: 2 x Microham
Soft: N1MM+, 2Tone, MMTTY.
KEØTT   SOAB QRP   5,2542018-02-13 16:52:10
K3/10 at 5 watts to two dipoles at right angles up 45'.
VE3JAQ   SOAB LP   65,4242018-02-13 17:43:33
No time :( Grabbed what I could
SP4Z   SOAB HP   308,2592018-02-13 19:54:19
Operation was limited - just for fun too
Very good activity of DIGI hams :)

73 Wes SP4Z
SO4B(SPØMICHALSWL)   SOSB/20 LP   2,2042018-02-13 20:15:20
This was first contest of new ham SWL Michal 16 yrs old.
He QRV from my station as a guest.
I showed him what ham radio is.

73 Wes SP4Z
SQ4LP(@SP4Z)   SOSB/40 LP   40,0502018-02-13 20:22:12
WPX is very efficient mode for me and quite easy.
My father's SP4Z station with 3 el yagi for 40m is perfect.

Best DX and 73

Peter SQ4LP
S58WW   SOSB/40 LP   258,9842018-02-13 20:44:32
Just wanted to try IC-7300 handling FSK over microkeyer II ...

Ant: rotary dipole up 18 meters.

Thanks for all QSOs.
EA8OM(DJ1OJ)   SOAB LP   82,0612018-02-13 21:08:37
Only S&P with memorykeys of IC-756PROIII,
changed my number by hand for every QSO...
GP for 14 and 21, dipole for 7
Z32U   SOAB LP   82,5242018-02-13 22:11:02
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
7 106 450 87 4.2
14 48 100 40 2.1
21 16 48 11 3.0
Total 170 598 138 3.5
Score: 82,524
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's
OK6W(OK1MU)   SOAB HP   10,360,8202018-02-14 00:02:22
In the past years I participated in the SOSB20 and SOSB40m. This year I decided
to run SOAB HP category for the first time. Because our QTH OL7M is building
for MS-MM category, several adjustments were needed to control all the bands
from one workstation. My big thanks to Jan OK2ZAW, who prepared and completed
all setup and even prepared great meals ! Everything worked without a single
mistake full time. Great job!!!

I also used SO2R for the first time with 2BSIQ for the whole 30 hours and I was
very excited. The final result due to using SO2R is brutal compared to the
conventional SO1R ! Thanks to 2BSIQ I was never bored for a single minute of
whole contest, hi. I have never spent so many hours preparing the best working
strategy before the contest like now. This was absolutely essential to make this
success. Due it I was satisfied with the chosen strategy. Despite the average
conditions I worked 750 x NA, 160 x JA and 102 DXCC.

Thank you for the nice online match on Live score with Krzysztof SN7Q, Rich CR5V
and Bud AA3B ! Adrenaline and fun during the contest were again a one level

More info and photos will soon appear here :

This contest was an unforgettable experience for me, culminating in a new
European record.

Thanks again for all QSOs !

Pavel OK1MU/OK6W
KG4IGC   SOAB LP   34,8822018-02-14 00:28:08
Unfortunately, my efforts in this contest were minimal. Starting Friday night,
my Windows 10 machine started crashing and would not stop for a day and a half.
Any time that I tried to do anything, I would get the blue screen of death and
the error code KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. At one point, I was able to access
the internet briefly before the machine crashed again and saw that this error
was common with Windows 7 & 8. The "fix" was to update your
graphics card driver, of which I did. Unfortunately, this was not the answer,
the computer continued to crash, only now I got the following errors:
DXMNS2.SYS, all preceded with the KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error. After
pulling my hair out for almost two Days, I installed a program that I bought
many years ago called Registry Booster 2010. I was quite surprised that it went
right out and found that there was a current version so after doing the updates
I rean it on my machine. This program found over 1700 errors in my registry and
over 700 operator errors and fixed them all. After that, I was able to boot my
machine again without crashing. While I am unsure if I actually fixed anything,
I was able to finish out the contest. Unfortunately, at some point while the
machine was crashing, it did a system restore and totally wiped out N1MM, so I
lost all my settings and logs. I had about 50 some odd contacts before the
crashes began. Knock on wood, my machine has been running for a day and a half
with no issues, hopefully it will continue this trend.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
PWR: 100 watts
ANTS:272\' Horizontal Loop. Super Loops X2 20/40 & 12/15/30, 80 Meter
Inverted V
VA3LR   SOAB LP   479,1842018-02-14 03:00:49
Antennas: End fed wire for 40 & 80 about 10' off the ground and a Hexbeam
about 27' high for 20, 15 & 10 which is bolted on the corner of my elevated
wood deck. No receive antennas.
I had planned this to be my first contest in which I would put in a full time
effort. I had no illusions of obtaining a real high score because of my antenna
situation but I did make a goal of 500 QSOs. I still made my goal even with
losing 6 hours. Why did I lose 6 hours?? My XYL and I put were trying to
assemble an offer on a new QTH. The good news ... the offer was accepted and
with the exception of one final inspection, we will take possession in July.
The even better news ... The QTH consists of 1.4 acres that will allow me to
finally put up a real tower and other antennas. I look forward to the
challenge. Thanks to all for the Q's.
N4ZZ   SOAB HP   303,3762018-02-14 03:06:11
Tks for the Qs. 73, Don n4zz
K6DTT(@W2/SUMMIT)   SOAB HP   866,9322018-02-14 04:35:19
My first time for the CQ WPX RTTY Contest, and already looking forward to next

It was exciting to operate's world class station in Summit,
NY, remotely from my home in California using a K3/0-Mini and their software.
The remote operation was seamless and flawless for the entire 30 hours.

Thanks to all who were willing to bear with me while I went through a RTTY
contest learning curve.

Alan K6DTT
LY1ØØCY(@LY7Z/LY9Y)   M/2 HP   11,156,5922018-02-14 07:30:13
Station 1: FTdx5000 with MK2R+ and ACOM2000A
Station 2: FT1000MP with MK2R+ and ACOM1000

Dipoles for 80m
3 el YAGI for 40m
5 el YAGI for 20m
6 and 5 el YAGI's for 15m

We decided to celebrate the centenary of the restoration of Independence of
Lithuania during WPX RTTY using special LY100 callsign in M/2 class to have fun
on the bands. Just two operators - father and son. We did not set any goals to
reach in this contest, but we are happy to claim new country record in M/2.


QSL via LY9Y

73! Andy
CT7AJL   SOAB LP   1,718,2722018-02-14 09:04:26
F4GDI   SOAB LP   640,2782018-02-14 15:58:26
80 109 80 1 454 4.17
40 222 149 0 984 4.43
20 177 96 0 443 2.50
15 14 9 0 35 2.50
10 1 0 0 1 1.00
TOTAL 523 334 1 1917 3.67
FINAL SCORE: 640 278
W8HY   SOAB LP   50,0482018-02-14 18:26:03
thanks to everyone that made contact with me. I had a great time.
9A1A   M/U HP   19,268,4802018-02-14 18:57:06
The worst propagation on 15M band ever. Just a few JAs and small number of QSOs
with USA/VE stations. 20M band had late opening and early closing. Lower bands
were OK.
Since 2012 when we started contesting participation from new contest location
for the first time we have in WPX RTTY score less then 20M points.

But CQ WW WPX RTTY contest was good event for participation of our young
operators. 10 of them are in age from 16 to 21.

Thanks to all who called us
9A1A team
YT2AAA   SOSB/40 LP   1,004,4162018-02-15 06:19:27
ICOM 746 PRO + fishing rod wire GP on balcony (2 elevated radials)

Last two hours lost internet connection, so I had to QRT early
F5RD   SOAB LP   383,9162018-02-15 18:33:27
Transceiver - ICOM IC-751AF 90W
Antenna - Multiband center-fed 2x20m 8m up or GP 20/15/10m
Software - N1MM Logger+ V1.0.7047.0
Propagation more or less normal on 80, 40, 20m and 15m. 10m closed.
It's now the same think each contest.
Thanks to all who worked me.
See you again next year.
F5RD Bernard
LZ7A   M/U HP   9,678,3222018-02-15 19:53:36
Very good and intense contest. Propagation was... well, typical for the last
months. Nothing hard on 10m and very few on 15m. 40m was open all the time and
was the winner band this year, but we somehow overlooked this opportunity in
seeeking QSOs on the higher bands.
Congratulations to the young team of 9A1A and their mentors.
Special regards and congratulations on the good score to the team of SZ1A, good
work boys.

LZ1KAA team
VU2DED   SOAB LP   157,5752018-02-16 01:12:21
Working conditions: Icom IC-7300, barefoot with homebrew Carolina Windom
antenna, 40M through 10M and 80/40 Meter dipole with Yaesu antenna Tuner
AMD dual core desktop computer. Software used HRD, DM-780.

See you next year.
New Delhi ML88on
W8WOM   SOAB LP   300,6702018-02-16 01:55:25
was very fun did a WHOLE lot better than last I guess raising the antenna higher
work and add a th6 instead of the Mosley. Sunday was open to Europe helped on
getting more mults and prefixes. Had to work sat half day so started late maybe
next year I can do maybe the 30 hrs will see. thanks all for the contacts 73
NX6T(WQ6X)   SOAB HP   557,6032018-02-16 08:54:02
This was another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook.
Altho I ran the K3 into an ACOM-2000 as a high power entry, due to heat
considerations when running a frequency the amp was dialed-back to about
550 watts. For S&P'ing the amp was pumped up to about 1350 watts.
Being at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, 10 meters was almost non existent.
40 meters was THE band, with surprising calls from Europe by 01:30z.
Several JA openings provided many higher-point QSOs and over a dozen JA
LooK for a writeup on this contest at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
IQØRU(IZØEIK)   SOAB HP   2,771,0892018-02-16 11:58:46
First time ever RTTY contest
WK1Q(K1MK)   SOAB HP   5,368,4582018-02-16 21:17:01
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 372 1408 201 3.8
7 560 2614 262 4.7
14 854 2329 355 2.7
21 32 86 16 2.7
Total 1818 6437 834 3.5
Score: 5,368,458
ND3N   SOAB LP   51,5282018-02-16 22:10:53
Gotta work on my BIC time
DAØWRTC(@DP9A)   M/2 HP   9,917,0192018-02-16 22:41:47
Another activity from the WRTC 2018 area @DP9A in Jessen.
73 Andy, DK4WA
CR6T(CT1ESV)   SOSB/15 HP   406,4102018-02-16 23:03:37
This was 1st CQ RTTY WPX Contest. Spent a great weekend despite poor
Biggest thrill 1st day was the call by VP8NO, and 2nd day the call from ZL4YL
@18Z, could copy his signal until 20z on my screen.
Thanks to all that called in. Hope to copy you all in a few weeks.
Tony CR6T (CT1ESV)
N7VS   SOAB LP   26,8692018-02-19 18:03:37
Just getting started in RTTY contesting. Thank you for an interesting contest.
Hope to be back next year.
W3IDT   SOSB/40 LP   6,1622018-02-19 20:45:39
First rtty attempt.
S52X(@S53S)   SOSB/40 HP   6,180,7202018-02-20 15:55:45
To tired for more.

73s Ted S52X
N2HMM   SOAB LP   788,8392018-02-27 00:07:25
This is one of my favorite contests.
WR3O(K4RO)   M/S HP   78,6502018-03-01 01:52:19
3.5 47 132 26 2.8
7 59 210 37 3.6
14 77 178 70 2.3
21 10 30 10 3.0
Total 193 550 143 2.8

Score : 78,650

Confirmation #: 1719495.cq-wpx-rtty
AB1J   SOSB/40 LP   28,7042018-03-13 13:05:32
2018-03-13: I found this unsubmitted report lying around so I decided to clear
it out of my life. Better ever than never, I guess. What I'm actually doing is
trying to get psyched for shoveling snow as we're having our 3rd nor'easter in
12 days.

I entered on 40m but had fun on other bands too. The entire log was submitted.

Solar data during the contest:

Sat 1200 UTC SFI=72 SSN=23 eSSN=9 Kp=1
Sun 2400 UTC SFI=72 SSN=35 eSSN=10 Kp=1

Not too bad.

I tried using my K9L 60th anniversary SE call. It had worked pretty well in the
XE-RTTY, but not here. Strong regional stations calling CQ with no answers
refused to work me and I soon gave up and reverted to my regular call. I wasn't
trying to cause problems, so it was OK.

Still, I was surprised about that. Here are some calls I've worked in contests:
VC3C2C, LM9L40Y, ZL4RUGBY. All those are brain-teasers I managed to survive just
fine. To be sure, most EU and other special calls are long rather than short,
but here in the USA we have the 1x1s. I guess when a call is short, something
is assumed to be missing. If long, it's assumed there's more to come. I
suppose the SCP worked against me.

After years I'm still futzing with my RTTY window arrangement. I have a 27"
main monitor which is plenty roomy on CW/SSB but gets crowded on RTTY. The
biggest problem is getting the log window situated so I pay more attention to it
(to immediately notice clumsy logging errors), plus keep other important windows
visually handy. When I look at something, my cone of clear vision is actually
quite small. I think I've finally gotten an optimal window layout for RTTY.
That's no mean achievement.

I have a 2nd, smaller monitor to the left for secondary windows. It's full,
too. There's a lot to pay attention to.

Aside from trying to use my 1x1 call, I didn't have any particular goal in the
contest except that I enjoy operating RTTY. A couple years ago I joined the
YCCC but found they are only interested in the CQ-WW and ARRL-DX CW & SSB,
so there's no motivation there. It might be fun for them to organize teams in
contests like this for intra-club competition. The NAQP teams are fun, but they
are already built into the NCJ rules.

Thanks for all the QSOs.

Ken, AB1J

Flex 6500
N1MM Logger+ MMTTY(normal signal)-MMTTY(distorted signal)-2Tone
20-15-10m attic dipoles
20-40-80m 66' outdoor steath wire, Dentron tuner & indoor counterpoise
LoTW eQSL ClubLog
AC3U(@W4AAW)   M/U HP   2,932,2562018-03-15 12:25:39
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3.5 264 702 81 2.7
7 412 1616 201 3.9
14 735 1877 391 2.6
21 49 67 15 1.4
Total 1460 4262 688 2.9
Score: 2,932,256
1 Mult = 2.1 Q's
S57KM   SOAB LP   68,0722018-03-18 23:22:49
TS-590SG(100W), Hexbeam @10m, 160-10m Windom @20m

73, Sandi