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Florida QSO Party   2017   Apr 29   Comment Summary

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W4VIC   SOAB(A)CW HP   9,2882017-04-29 20:06:27
Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC
N4KS   SOABCW HP   74,1002017-04-30 07:22:43
My first FQP. Enjoyed it very much. FT5k ALS600 @ 500W INV V A4S @ 35' 73, Ken
W6SX   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   2,2002017-04-30 08:15:38
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
K3SV   SOABCW LP   12,7282017-04-30 12:49:21
Worked a little on Saturday and a little on Sunday. Worked a few Florida
counties. Two were in PASCO with me and must have been driving by. One was a
fixed station about 3 miles from me, never knew he was there! Conditions were
not fun in the evening hours. 73 Bill K3SV (OJ)
W2VM   SOABCW LP   1,9202017-04-30 12:56:25
Band QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
7 2 8 2 4.0
14 22 88 18 4.0
Total 24 96 20 4.0
Score: 1,920
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's
NS9I   SOAB(A)CW HP   3122017-04-30 13:07:52
another fun one - t u sponsors and great job to the Mobiles
AA4NP   SOABCW LP   49,0002017-04-30 13:24:54
Fun contest. Thanks for all the QSOs!!
K3PP   SOAB(A)CW HP   8642017-04-30 13:47:16
I only had a very short window of opportunity, but I wanted to give a few QSOs
to my FL friends!
K2CYE   SOAB(A)CW LP   12,0402017-04-30 14:07:00
Great QSO Party as always! Thanks to all the stations especially the mobiles!

Mike K2CYE
W5QLF   SOABCW LP   3,9602017-04-30 14:18:20
Completed "Florida Spelling Bee" by copying 15 of the 20 1x1 callsigns
that spelled out "Florida Sun". Fifteen meters even opened to Texas
for a short time at about 2:15 CDT.

KY4NA(K4WW)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   34,2722017-04-30 14:30:19
First time on the air with new club call. Never knew how many depended on SCP,
instead of their ears. Hopefully, it will make the next update, and multiple ??
will be eliminated.
NA6O   SOAB(A)CW HP   2,4482017-04-30 14:53:51
TS-590s, KPA500, dipoles at 15 ft, N1MM+

If only the contest ran a couple hours later, 40 would have been great. 20 is
always a struggle here; my S meter rarely moves. Rovers were barely audible and
none were workable. Kept watching for openings on 15 and actually got some
action there.
N1DC   SOABCW LP   13,1622017-04-30 15:01:45
Testing the station before next weekend's NE QSO Party.

Thanks for the QSO's. Special thanks to the mobile op's.


Rick N1DC
K5GA   SOABCW HP   38,5442017-04-30 15:02:16
Most mobiles were in the noise level the entire weekend. Had to use the receiver
NR to be able to copy.

Missed GULF ... lot of activity from this one but couldn't find anyone when I
had conditions.

Enjoyable weekend playing radio from home.

TS-570S / SB-200 / 4BTV with elevated radials
K7SV   SOABMixed LP   139,6802017-04-30 15:04:28
The thrill of the hunt. 20 was really poor and I understand that 40 was real
noisy in FL on Saturday. Went to bed missing 6 counties. Sunday morning heard a
couple of stations in the pan handle on 40 and 20 that were scheduled to hit
most of the counties I needed. Slowly they both sank into the noise. Bit
depressing, but then 20 started getting better. Think I ended up working five
of the six missing sections at least twice. As always great fun to chase the
mobiles as well as the fixed stations.

100W and dipoles.
N3AM   SOAB(A)CW HP   9,6802017-04-30 15:05:17
Fun chasing counties and marking them off on a map and check sheet.
K8FU   SOAB(A)CW LP   37,8402017-04-30 15:05:22
Pro ll

EFHW @ 50'
K7AZT   SOABCW LP   2,6882017-04-30 15:05:47
Always enjoy this contest. At any given time heard maybe 5 FLA stations loud
enough to catch the call. Most were 2-letter call stations. Worked multiple
sessions of an hour or so each, hoping to hear rotation of my '5 workable'
stations but mostly the same ones resulting in few QSOs. Fun anyway.
WT2P   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   38,8442017-04-30 15:07:01
Fun again this year. Sadly, missed CLR, GIL, MON, OKA and STJ.

W9ILY   SOAB(A)CW LP   18,3682017-04-30 15:08:26
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
W2CS   SOABCW HP   9,5002017-04-30 15:08:41
K3S/P3/2000A, Skookumlogger, 160 mtr dipole, HB 600-Ohm OWL, Palstar balanced
tuner. Saturday op only. Thanks for the Qs.
AD8J   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   7,8242017-04-30 15:09:09
Always tough from NC as mostly too short for 20 meters. Thanks to the mobiles
as they make the contest.
AF4RK   SOABCW HP   102,0542017-04-30 15:09:12
New Antenna Heavy Duty Spider Beam (5 band) at 22' new radio Icom 7300
W1VE(@K2LE/1)   SOABMixed HP   11,7252017-04-30 15:09:45
Glad to give out VT to some of the deserving. Nice to hear the mobiles!
Look for us as K2LE/1 M/S in NEQP next weekend.

73, Gerry W1VE
K3WJV   SOABCW HP   36,8642017-04-30 15:10:50
1st time I put this much effort in this contest, lots of fun and activity. If I
didn't start so late both mornings maybe I would have the sweep. Tnx to all the
mobiles for keeping the excitement level high with multipliers.

Rural location 1255' ASL
stn 1 FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv vee & 40mtr sloper @55ft

stn 2 K3/P3 & Acom 2000A - Main station
2el K4KIO 6 band Hexbeam @24ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
3 band dual leg fan inv vee @50ft 80m & 40m/trapped 160m

Palstar HF-AUTO manually re-arranged between stns when necessary
WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle

Rx ants - staggered 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs with DXE ncc-2

SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
WJ9B   SOABCW LP   75,8442017-04-30 15:10:59
73, wj9b
K9CT   SOAB(A)CW LP   145,2562017-04-30 15:11:30
Thanks to the mobile operators for making this fun!

AD4ES 45 Qs
K4KG 39
K4OJ 70
K4ZGB 16
K8MR 26
KN4Y 24
N4EEB 39
N4FP 22
N4GI 15
NO5W 40

Thanks to the K4OJ team for the last county MON!

There was an opening Sunday morning on 15m....but it only lasted for a couple
hours. We had terrible storms in the area over the weekend. It was very
difficult to copy sometimes on 40m. 40m was pretty good on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for the fun event!

73, Craig K9CT
KU8E   SOABMixed HP   25,2762017-04-30 15:12:43
That was tough! Just about every contact above 40 meters was scatter. 40 was
long most of the time too. Not much of anything in North Florida. Look forward
to going rovering again next year since this contest sucks from GA.

N7IR   SOABCW QRP   57,8282017-04-30 15:13:47
This was nearly a single band contest. QRN was bad at times on 20 so I didn't
even try 40.

Thanks for the contacts and your patience.

Gary, N7IR
W4ANT   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   12,6632017-04-30 15:16:59
Tough row to hoe with the poor band conditions from this distance. 40 was
marginally good until the sun went down if stations were there to work. All
contacts on 20 seemed to be an anomaly, there one minute, gone the next. Thanks
to AD4ES, K4OJ for being my prominent mobiles and all the 1x1 operators who
seemed to be having as much fun as anyone! Topped my score from last year so I
guess that's all that really matters besides having a good time and 2 days
worth of beef stew in the crock pot! 73/OJ, Alan
VY2LI   SOABMixed HP   12,2202017-04-30 15:17:17
An hour here or there in the best of the QSO parties. Thanks for the fun despite
the condx. Started out on low power, but finally gave in and flicked the switch
on the Alpha.Life's too short for QRP! Happy 20th, 73 Bill
VE2FK   SOABCW HP   13,7702017-04-30 15:17:36
Poor condx at times, /M weak.
Bravo to /M opr. The best.

73 de VE2FK
K4U(NF4A)   SOABMixed HP   260,6192017-04-30 15:18:55
Total number of Q's to be used as score for 1X1s in the FQP= 1,619 Total QSOs

Couldn't believe I made over 100 Q's on 15 meters and 13 Q's on 10
meters...wish more people would have checked those bands....they were open !

Worked the all mighty Dipolio, K9PG, on all bands and modes. The mobiles make
this contest so the fixed stations are just window dressing. Thanks to all who
called in including several JAs on both CW and SSB and RO9U in Asiatic Russia
Sunday morning. Great to work ex FCG member KH7XS on 20 meters Sunday morning

Congratulations to all the mobiles.....YOU MAKE THIS CONTEST !!
AA7V   SOABCW HP   12,6722017-04-30 15:22:03
cool contest, tnx for the contacts
K9CW   SOAB(A)CW LP   97,5522017-04-30 15:22:43
I had to wait until the last hour of the contest to work OSC to complete a
sweep. K4OJ, N4EEB and K8MR all made it to OSC at the same time. FLQP is
always a fun QSO Party!
N1CC   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   141,1202017-04-30 15:24:54
Elecraft K3 @ 100W, F-112 C3 @64', EW 80/40 Fan Dipole @50'. WriteLog V12.13B.
Manually rescored the Cabrillo file, as once again, WriteLog not current in the
point calculation. Had to update Cabrillo and 3830 because I forgot the LP
multiplier. Used RBN, PacketCluster, VOACAP for assistance. No self
spotting: N1CC was spotted six times while running by KM4SII, W4EE (2X),
WB2BTJ, KC3D, and VE9AA, none of whom are members of any clubs I belong to, are
not local, and although they may know of me they are not close associates. So
all spotting was volunteered by the spotter without my knowledge.

This was an extremely complex weekend. Normally, if there has been a disaster
requiring Ham Radio support I willingly take part in that. However, I am
currently not able to walk without a walker while a back problem is being
treated and I would not be of value at a disaster site. That being said, some
of my Ham Radio friends have been impacted by the 3 tornadoes on Saturday, all
are reporting they are OK but don't have power, and from the looks of the high
tension power network - ALL Power Towers are pretty mangled along a 62 mile
route, they won't have power for days to weeks.

On Saturday I had a late start because at first the Storm Centers were over my
location with heavy lighting and winds, then my operation began and suffered
from severe noise on all bands, and made 40M virtually a wasteland on Saturday.
The noise hung around Sunday morning with localized severe weather at my
station until 2-hours after the start of the FLQP.

Nonetheless, this was a unusually good year for the contest - even with time
available reductions, and only had a shortfall in CW stations to contact.

Comparing he number of contacts made, 450 this year to last years 437 contacts
and last years 113 county-multipliers to this years 112, there wasn't much
difference. Overall score reduction to 71,560 from 151,194 is fully due to the
lower number of CW contacts.

I have made a "combined" 67-county sweep in 2014, 15, and 16 with
only one 67 county sweep on cw in 2014. I did make a combined sweep again this
year. That's a fun statistic.

All band contacts were UP for total contacts, with only the 20M CW being a
lower number. This was a hard-work contest, and a lot of fun. Much thanks to
KN4Y for LIB as the last county at 1918Z on Sunday and for all of the fine
mobile work by K4FCG, KN4Y, K4OJ, K9DY, NO5W, W4AN, AD4ES, and K8MR - and
others I don't recall at the time of writing this summary.

Twenty-five folks outside of FL called me when I was calling "CQ Florida
Only" and 18 of these were Extra Class - a failure of Elmer's to teach
them the use of the English Language to not call during directed CQ calls. 18
other FL stations tried to dupe me - not a bad percentage. I did
"Run" over 80% of the time, popping in and out to work "New
Ones" and right back into the run, only 1 rig in use and managing to hold
my run frequency in a gentleman manner.
KD7H   SOABCW LP   3,7442017-04-30 15:25:57
It was a fun contest although I had a limited amount of time. Thanks to all the
great Florida cw ops!
K4I(N4UU)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   12017-04-30 15:27:43
Had a great time. Worked up to start time trying to get antennas working. Still
lots of work before wpx.Thanks for the Q's.

73 Martin n4uu
W9RE   SOABCW LP   10,0002017-04-30 15:27:47
Conditions not the best from Indiana a few of the mobiles just couldn't copy me.
NO5W great ears though.

Good activity.
W4U(WX4G)   SOABMixed HP   485,1002017-04-30 15:27:56
Score for 1x1's does not count...only total Q'S.

Was fun...especially European opening at 20-21z Sunday.
K7JQ   SOABCW HP   9,2702017-04-30 15:33:41
Propagation was generally poor, and participation was down. 100% S&P, using
the new N1MM+ Icom IC-7300 experimental Spectrum Display window. Pretty neat
tool for fast and efficient S&P operation. Just wish there were more
running stations to access. Hopefully should be a lot better next week in 7QP.
Thanks for the Q's!
Icom IC-7300; Acom 1500; Ground-mounted screwdriver antenna.

73, Bob K7JQ
VE9AA   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   58,1402017-04-30 15:34:22
Unfortunately the FQP coincides with the first good Spring wx up here in NB, so
I did a part time effort as there were too many other jobs needed doing. N1MM+
calls it 13:37hrs, but it was likely less as I was in and out of the chair in
quick bursts, LOTS.

I've only been to FLA once (last month) and even now the weather up here will
be a couple months catching up. (It snowed here last w/e for example)

10m- ummm, nope !

15m- frustrating. Only worked about 2/3 of the stns I called. 600w and an
inverted Vee was all I needed to hear guys, but likely they were aimed NW
and/or had lots of noise so didn't hear me very well. They say there are
alligators in FLA ! (yup, a few!)

20m- bread n' butter, but most signals from the mobiles were at the noise level
all weekend. Good ears guys ! Only missed them a few times as there were some
top notch guys in the mobiles by and large this year.

40m- Stood in line a LOT on this band, being so far away and in daylight, hi !
;-) Mobile signals pretty good, but contest ends too early both nights to take
full advantage of darkness. I am sure the guys in W7 feel more strongly about
this more than I do, so I won't complain, hi !

The mobiles make this contest. A big tip of the hat again !

One of *THE* best QSO parties for sure.


p.s.- shame so many fixed stns in the window (Fla and otherwise)

Antennas for Radio 1:
10m = A3S
15m = Wire 5el K1WA/K3LR SVDA (100% parasitic + homebrew)
20m = Wire + Aluminum 4-square (Comtek)
40m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
80m = Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)
160m = Wire 2-el array of inverted L’s in the trees (Comtek w/ homebrew
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Antenna for Radio 2
ZS6BKW w/ 15m inv vee add-on at 35\\\'

No RX antennas

Rigs: 2 x IC-7410’s, YCCC SO2R+ box, N3ZN ZN-9 paddle, Yamaha CM500 headset,
N1MM+ logger
(Usually I\\\'m LP(100w) but have 2 small 600w amps when doing HP in select

CU (all of sudden) in the next one!

dit dit

-Mike VE9AA in NB
AI4DB   SOABSSB LP   4,1542017-04-30 15:36:02
Tough conditions this weekend but I still had fun.
WF3T   SOABCW LP   145,9082017-04-30 15:37:06
100 watts to dipoles in the trees. Where was everybody on 15??? Sunday pm it was
open pretty much all over the country. I worked from New England to CA. K6AR
said I was s7 in Ca so it wasn't my puny signal. But nobody was on. Only made
40 something Q's on 15. My thanks to every single one of you in my log!
WØMB   SOABMixed LP   10,2662017-04-30 15:37:19
NTS:Kenwood TS590, Pro67@60, N1MM+. Just wanted to mess around with this test
and it was fun. I should have spent more time as i am starting to get the cw
contacts a little better. It looks like cw contacts are faster and easier than
ssb so why is a cw contact worth 2 points? Maybe next year give it a better
W5TM   SOAB(A)CW LP   60,7322017-04-30 15:39:08
Had to shut down many times due to lightning.
k3s, dipoles
K4F(@W4UH)   M/MMixed HP   2,7532017-04-30 15:40:38
1X1 stations in the Florida QSO Party only count total QSO's for total score.
KEØTT   SOABCW QRP   6,3082017-04-30 15:42:14
K3/10 at 5 watts to an 88' dipole up about 40'. Fed with ladder line and an old
Johnson Matchbox tuner. Lots of activity, but alas, I could hear but not be
heard. S-meter readings were low, with only a handful of stations hitting S-9
or better. Many were in the S1 to S3 range. Hmm, I wonder if my antenna is
still up in the air? Yes, it is. I'll blame conditions then. Had fun
reaching a number of stations, but of course, I want to reach them all! Maybe
next year. C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
W7RN(K5RC)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   54,6482017-04-30 15:43:12
Missed Baker
Mobile Kings:
K4KG - 25
K4OJ - 22
N4EBB- 11
W4AN - 10
NO5W - 9
KIØI   SOABCW LP   14,9402017-04-30 15:47:50
Only some ops on Sunday , Saturday was an all day thunderstorm that kept the
coax unhooked. 20m was wishy washy with qsb making contacts hard. 40m was just
getting good here when the whistle blew.
Thanks to the FCG for their efforts and the mobiles that always do a wonderful
job putting FL counties on the air !
Hope the wx is clear here next year. 73 Mark KI0I
W7KAM   SOABSSB LP   2,7262017-04-30 15:52:32
Interesting conditions this year with lots of lightning keeping me off the air
for long periods of time. Background noise was high the whole time. Even though
with the poor band conditions I managed to work three all time new counties.
Lots of one by one calls this year made it interesting. 100 watts into a full
size G5RV up 20 foot.
AE1T   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   24,8852017-04-30 15:53:42
Great mobile ops! 73 de Peter, AE1T
VA3KAI   SOABCW LP   3,6002017-04-30 15:55:11
Rig : Knwd TS2000 & HamGadgets MasterKeyer MK-I

Antennas : 135' OCFD (E-W) and 40M H-Sloop (N)

Soapbox : Just (very) part-time S&P on the weekend.
N8BJQ   SOAB(A)CW HP   30,5622017-04-30 16:03:18
Thanks to all the mobiles - they make this one fun.
KI4MZC   SOAB(A)CW QRP   3,2762017-04-30 16:05:11
The bands (and possibly my antenna orientation) were not working for me until
Sunday when 40 seemed to open up a little. I heard a lot of out of state
stations working FL stations that I could not copy at all. 20 and 15 meters
seemed to be hopping at times but not for me! Ah, well - there's always next
VA3FV   SOAB(A)CW HP   29,5122017-04-30 16:07:21
It's so humbling to work contests with simple dipoles strung up 15 feet in the
air. It's like taking a knife to a gun fight, but it was fun none the less. I
should have better antennas for next year.
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SOAB(A)CW LP   16,9402017-04-30 16:08:23
This was another WQ6X remote operation of NX6T (aka "NashVille")
in Fallbrook, Ca (North of San Diego) running a K3 barefoot into a
C-31 yagi and 2-elements on 40. If you had trouble hearing me on 15-meters
it may be due to the fact that with the amplifier off I was running 34 watts.
This being my 1st FQP I was delighted by how many ROVER stations
were continually activating counties.
While I didn't work ALL counties, 55 out of 67 is a good start.
The last 2 counties came from my picking a RUN frequency,and
waiting for the spotting networks to find me; which they did.
Well done State QSO party guys - I'll be back next year.
WIØWA(@NØAC)   SOABCW LP   10,3602017-04-30 16:09:56
Operated off and on both days. Conditions at this QTH not the best but better
than none.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill

Operating conditions at the station of N0AC

Rig #1-Ten Tec Orion II~100w
Rig #2-Elecraft K3~100w

Antenna #1-Butternut vertical 10-80m
Antenna #2-Butternut vertical 40/80m (winter only)
Antenna #3-Butternut vertical 10-80m (winter only)
Antenna #4-KD9SV Reverse Beverage on the Ground~135 ft (winter only)
W1FJ   SOABCW LP   34,0602017-04-30 16:10:03
Thanks to all especially the mobileers for a lot of fun in between other chores
and watching the Celtics.
Fittingly closed out with a QSO with K4OJ, Jim was a long time friend, RIP Pal
K2DM   SOABCW LP   19,8882017-04-30 16:16:49
This is the first time I really had an opportunity to play in the FQP. With low
power and very modest antennas, it was not a runfest for me, but I was able to
generate about 20 QSOs per hour by staying in the chair and pushing the F1 key.
Living in a deed restricted community makes it difficult to put up decent
antennas, but I was able to keep a 40M inverted vee at 28 feet up for the whole
weekend without any complaints (yet). For 20M I used my SteppIR SmallIR

I haven't operated a CW contest seriously since K2PS and I did the WPX contest
from Montserrat in 2015, so this weekend provided a great opportunity for me to
reacquaint myself with the function keys. That's a good thing because I am
going to operate the WPX contest at the end of May back in Montserrat.

Many thanks to all the stations who called in, and kudos to those hardworking
members of the FCG who make this such a great event!

K8IR   SOABCW LP   92,9962017-04-30 16:24:52
Conditions were marginal a lot of the time on 20. Lots of QSB on Sunday

My last county was OSC and worked N4EEB for the sweep at 2112. Got it twice
more in the next 10 minutes from K4OJ and K8MR.

As usual, thanks especially to the mobiles for making this a great weekend to
be on the radio.
W4ER   SOABCW QRP   1,6802017-04-30 16:29:33
No time on Saturday due to other commitments but was able to make some Qs on
Sunday before the storm front came in. Thanks for all the activity!

K3 @ 5 watts to dipole

73, John
KC4TEO   SOABMixed LP   5,6402017-04-30 16:32:02
Only operated a bit on Sunday afternoon. Terrible conditions but still enjoyed
the contest.
K3WW   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   127,1792017-04-30 16:35:28
Wow, been showing up for this one for 20 years now.
VA7ST   SOABCW LP   38,5562017-04-30 16:38:27
Time on the air was around 9.5 hours, spread out over many sessions.

This time out, I finished with 38,500 points, 153 contacts and 63 counties.
That might not sound like much, but those are all high-water marks from this
station. In fact, it is a 500 percent improvement over my previous best score.

The full post-contest write-up is online now --

Thanks to all the Florida stations for a great weekend of activity.

-- Bud VA7ST
K4RUM   SOABCW LP   166,4602017-04-30 16:47:46
Score per N1MM calculation. I submitted my log as a CW entry.

Operated remote station located in Jupiter, FL (150w to inv vee).
WB8JUI   SOABCW QRP   46,8002017-04-30 16:51:52
Thanks for letting me ride along this year. Sorry I didn't have more time to
play. Lots of yard work to squeeze in this weekend between monsoon downpours.

72/73 - Rick WB8JUI
K1GQ   SOAB(A)CW HP   36,4322017-04-30 16:52:19
SkookumLogger K3 2000A 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires

Back-and-forth between Helvetia and FQP. Sort of fun until everyone runs out of
fixed stations to work, creating ugly pileups on mobiles.

Failed to work MON. 4-banders with K4L and W4SO.
K1TN/4   SOABCW LP   59,9642017-04-30 16:52:37
Pretty awful conditions. Only DX was a couple of EU on 40M and a TG. The
previous two years I made more than 400 QSOs with the same station (which is
all I will ever have here).


VE3GFN   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   19,3802017-04-30 16:58:51
The list of Florida counties, as accessed from the FQP web site, shows NO
counties that begin with the letter "M"!!!
VE3KZ   SOABCW LP   128,1142017-04-30 17:00:03
It took almost 14 operating hours to get the Sweep this time. Paradoxically it
was one of the few 15m QSO's that netted MONroe from K4OJ/m for #67. GULf
earlier in the morning was #66.
Nice to have the legendary 204BA back in service this year. It was the 40m
vertical that was my weak link this time!
75% of the QSO's were with mobiles. Hats off to those intrepid operators that
covered the state.
Always a pleasure to operate the FQP!

73 Bob VE3KZ
WN4AFP   SOABMixed LP   57,9342017-04-30 17:25:34
Is there a single band category? This was a single band 40m effort for me from
South Carolina. I never heard a FL station on 20M! I really missed those
multiple band contacts. So I didn't have to worry about number of band changes
etc. I just tuned 40m SSB and CW endlessly. I operated this contest using an
IC-751 barefoot with about 75 watts to a 40m dipole at 10 feet. I also used a
mic and keyer and logged contacts with my laptop. Needless to say, I operated
completely "unassisted". I didn't even have a FL counties map on my
desk this year. What fun it was to actually tune for stations and be surprised
when a mobile hits a new county. I was probably the only guy on the contest
that kept asking the mobiles about their next county.

I started this contest with QRP in mind, but that quickly ended after my first
attempt. I quickly reset to Low Power and started swinging. There was several
mobile stations that kept me by the rig. Thank you mobiles for hearing this
weak signal from SC. Contacts included K4OJ 31, AD4ES 26, K4FCG 9, K8MR 8 and
K4ZGB 3. K8MR made me crank up the speed because if you're not fast he will
speed right by ya. The contact of the day occurred at the end of the race. I
worked K4OJ at 2132z in Orange county. I send "NEXT?" and he
responded with SEM. I worked a few more stations but I kept an ear on K4OJ,
listening for his last county change. At 2155z, I decided to leave the rig
tuned to K4OJ. At 2159z he entered Seminole and I worked him within a few
seconds on the first call. Thanks to the K4OJ team for that memorable moment.
Special thanks to all the mobiles who consistently ran on 40m with kudos to
AD4ES for being a 40m almost only mobile.

The FQP was a ton of fun regardless of the band conditions. See y'all next
year! 73s Dave WN4AFP
WI9WI   SOABMixed HP   73,0732017-04-30 17:33:00
My goals in this one were as usual, a sweep, solving the word puzzle, and
following the mobiles until either I or they ran out of gas. As noted
conditions weren't great, but at least 20 was adequate from here in the very
upper North Woods. Forty was very noisy on Saturday evening due to the
disastrous storms in the south. I did most of my receiving on the east Beverage
since that was the quietest. As K4U (NF4A) noted 15 was open but there were few
stations there. I swept 20 phone every hour or so, but mostly heard only the
same 15 or 20 strong stations with a few others interspersed in between. This
was a 100% S&P effort. I pretty stayed BIC on Saturday, but took quite a
few short breaks after I got the sweep on Sunday. At halftime I had 64
counties. I picked up GUL (K4KG) early Sunday, and LIB (NO5W) and finally MON
(K4OJ) fairly late. I made 52 QSOs with the "FLORIDA SUN" stations,
including at least one with each. Frequent fliers:
I only made 4 SSB QSOs with the mobile stations and they were all arranged on
CW. I never heard a free range mobile SSB station.

Gear: K-3, 500 watt Tokyo HP amp. C-19 on 20/15, 2 el phased verts on 40.

As always it's the mobiles that make this a fun operation. Thanks to all.
Jim in far northern Wisconsin where it snowed Saturday night
VE3BR   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   103,7402017-04-30 17:37:54
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6231.0

I came within a whisker of quitting shortly after the start on Saturday. I was
going up the band on 40 m and calling CQ-ing stations, and another GTA station
known as a QRP-er was in synch with me calling same runners at roughly the same
time. It happened maybe a dozen times. Difference was he was getting through on
the first call every time while I had to call several, sometimes many, times to
be heard. He cannot have a much better antenna for 40 than my old battered
vertical, I thought; he pumps out 5 W while I spit out 100 - the radio gods are
trying to tell me something. Good thing I decided to stick it to the radio gods.
I also decided to shoot the fish in the barrel and, not having a shotgun, got
myself a barrel - switched to Assisted. In the end it kind of worked out: on CW
I got all 67 for a sweep with JAC being the last at 19:26 GMT on Sunday.
WW4LL   M/SMixed HP   27,0542017-04-30 17:43:40
First time participating in FQP and enjoyed it, but had an unexpected guest show
up from Scotland so didn't operate the last 7 hours.

20 is difficult for us into FL as was 15, but managed to eek out a a few Qs.

Thanks to all the Florida stations, particularly the mobiles. K8MR was
particularly rocking it.

See ya'll in Dayton....Fred, WW4LL
N4P(W2CSI)   SOABSSB HP   2552017-04-30 17:46:29
Radio: FT-450D
Antenna: Dipole at 35FT.
Amplifier: 811H 700W
K9GDF   SOABMixed LP   8,4602017-04-30 17:54:48
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
K7DR   SOABMixed LP   18,4242017-04-30 18:10:44
FTdx3000 100w
135' Inv L at 25'
G5RV Jr at 20'

Worked all the 1x1 stations at least once and all but a few twice or more, they
were all pretty active most of the weekend. Was surprised to see 15M open a
little on Sunday afternoon. Some sigs were strong, but many were barely moving
the S meter. Condx were very quiet, so if there was any signal at all I could
copy. This helped with the QSB, at times some stations were fading between S7
down to not moving the meter, so had to time my calling stations.

I tossed my G5RV Jr in the tree just a few days ago as an experiment and made
most of my contacts using it rather than my inv L.

Dave - K7DR - MI
W4NZ   SOABCW HP   16,4322017-04-30 18:14:07
Congrats on another great party. Good activity and lots of fun chasing the
mobiles in spite of the tough skip from southeast Tenn. Had 28 QSO's with K4OJ
(thanks!). They were the most consistent mobile as their route stayed pretty
much out of my skip zone

Took only an hour and 20 minutes in a casual effort to catch enough stations to
complete the "spelling bee". Great support from the 1X1 stations!
Thanks, it was fun.

73, Ted W4NZ
VE3UTT   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   112,1122017-04-30 18:14:21
Remote from NC - K3 / Optibeam. No CAT made it a lot harder but the real reason
I missed my last county, Hardee, was my Internet connection became unusable
very early Sunday afternoon. Took many tries to just copy a callsign making
remote operation almost impossible so I gave up. Still with the great rovers
and all the stations always fun and right up there with the CQP as the best QSO
parties. What's Yuri - DZ doing in FL :-).
NG7Z   SOABCW LP   7482017-04-30 18:25:01
Could only hear the fixed stations. And not many of them to boot. Poor
propagation all day Saturday.
W4NBS   SOABMixed LP   5,1462017-04-30 18:30:51
FT-1K MP Mk V; 150w; 80m dipole @ 35 ft

Hope to see you all in the AQP next month.

73, Tom, W4NBS
K7XC   SOAB(A)SSB HP   8162017-04-30 18:32:19
Got on to hand out the NV mult to those who needed it. Band seemed to be a bit
better than so so. 73s and KB de Tim - K7XC - DM09jh... sk

Look for me on 6M for the June VHF QSO Party on the second full weekend of
WB9G   SOAB(A)CW LP   1,2902017-04-30 18:41:56
Challenging conditions. Thanks for the QSOs! 73, Chris WB9G
K6MM   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   10,6202017-04-30 19:03:16
Congrats to the organizers for another FB Florida QSO Party. 73, John, K6MM
K4N(K1TO)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   2,4422017-04-30 19:10:28
Ron WD4AHZ became a Silent Key one week after the 2016 FQP and we dedicated this
2017 event in his memory.

Being the 20th FQP, we wanted it to be a memorable weekend. After all the
preparation in getting 20 1x1s lined up to spell "FLORIDA SUN" twice,
conditions didn't meet our hopes, though.

Lots of QSB all weekend, a lack of much propagation on 15M and noisy bands on
Saturday added up to a generally rough go.

But activity seemed very good, with many enthusiastically chasing the sweeps of
both the FLORIDA SUN 1x1s and the 67 FL Counties.

Thanks to everyone who supported the 2017 FQP in one way or another!

AHZ/OJ/73, Dan K1TO
K2ZR   SOAB(A)CW LP   26,0002017-04-30 19:14:16
RIG: IC-765 @ 90w -- ANTS: HEXBEAM & CF 660' WIRE -- LOG: N1MM CLASSIC
Dick, K2ZR
Niagara County, NY
K3WA   SOABCW HP   9,2122017-04-30 19:16:10
Rig: Flex 6700, SPE 1.3K-FA
Antennas: SteppIR DB-18E at 80 ft, SteppIR 3 El at 42 ft
K4EU   SOABCW LP   15,8402017-04-30 19:34:16
Good ops out there who copied my 50w into a 13' stealth vertical on 20m/CW....
Operated from my HOA QTH here in Venice, FL.... Thanks for the Q's....

73....//Steve K4EU
W4D(KT4Q)   SOAB(A)SSB HP   154,7002017-04-30 20:01:50
My Station was a Special 1x1 FLORIDASUN Station so score actually is the sum of
the QSOs made which is 1,700.

Bands were a bit odd. 20 was really good one minute, then totally dropped off
the next. Worked 15M and 10M some on Sunday. They were open but not many
customers. 40 was S9 - +10 noise so wore out my DSP and Filter knobs &
buttons Saturday night for 2 hours. Saturday's QSO count was about twice as
good as was Sunday. Was able to work all NA Sections except YT and NL. The
last 2 hours on Sunday I split my contacts 50/50 with EU and NA. Significant
amount of attempted dupes on Sunday, more than I remember from last few years.
I had one operator dupe me 4 times.
A coule of firsts for me. One was an operator in truck/mobile that was
traveling through many states and stayed on my running frequency and when he
entered a new state he would give me a report. Kinda like a Reverse Rover.
Another was a aeronautical mobile. When I asked his location for the report he
said he was in a C130 at 28,000' dodging thunderstorms near Dayton, Ohio. I
told him he didn't need to be talking to me. Hi Hi.
I think next year I should share the station and have either a Mulit-two or M/M

Rig: Yaesu FTdx5000MP
Amp: Alpha 9500 @ 1500w
Ant: Cushcraft X7 Beam @ 60'
Cushcraft R7 Vert @ 90'
Carolina Windom/Beam @ 40'
Mic: Heil Pro7
S/W: WriteLog
KØOO(@W3RFC)   SOAB(A)Mixed HP   36,5502017-04-30 20:27:26






W7TR(KH2TJ)   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   4,6202017-04-30 21:29:47
A couple of hours both days in between a busy weekend to chase the special event
1x1 stations. Great event. Thanks for the contacts.

73, Todd KH2TJ
KØVBU   SOAB(A)CW LP   11,0762017-04-30 21:56:51
K3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trapped Inverted V @ 30\'

A really fun qso party. Wish I would have had more operating time available
this weekend...
Great to work Chuck, NO5W, in 5 counties, and George, K5KG, in several also.
I'm sure I would have worked them in many more with if a few more hours had
been available.
Lots of rain all weekend, with the qrn that goes along with it.
Thanks for the Q's. See you soon.
Bill K0VBU
K2DB   SOAB(A)CW LP   43,2402017-04-30 23:36:37
Just moved to Florida, need to improve from just having a Hustler 6BTV vertical
and using the old Kenwood TS440SAT. The ICOM 746Pro is still in the moving box.
I couldn't work the Florida stations due to the vertical polarization, but I
still had lotsa fun.
Next time hi hi
73 de Paul K2DB
K7HKR   SOAB(A)SSB LP   4762017-05-01 04:10:44
80 watts, homebrew magnetic loop from AZ

Managed to work 13 of the 20 1x1 calls, including ones that spelled
"Florida Sun" for the Spelling Bee portion of the contest, which was
my only goal. It was a lot of effort, mainly because because the stations were
reporting high noise levels, particularly on Saturday. Condx a little better on
Sunday. Did not hear any rovers, and just one mobile station on a county line
that I couldn't work. Kudos for having so many stations on the air even if I
couldn't hear/work them.
N4CU   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   1,6202017-05-01 04:55:24
Contacts tough on Saturday. Band much better Sunday. Fades were still deep
and often until afternoon. Not many contacts but lots of fun.
N4FP   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   231,0002017-05-01 05:01:19
Cut our time short because driver, xyl Marty, WB2VYK, was a bit under the
weather. Tough conditions on Saturday with QRN and QSB. Started slow on
Sunday but improved greatly as day progressed. GPS took us on some unplanned
dirt roads and dead-ends, but we made it. Marty did a fantastic job, driving
over 600 miles. 45 states, 5 provinces, 5 dx countries. Under the
circumstances I am very satisfied. Flex 6300, 100 watts to horizontally mag
mounted Hustler antennas, N1MM+.
K4KG   Multi-Op MobileMixed LP   907,7202017-05-01 05:01:51
The FQP is one of my favorite events in the contest year due to the contest
format, activity and a chance to catch up with friends George K5KG and Kay.
Traveling from out of state, I used to budget a full day to assemble the mobile
with Geo but as he has modified his Toyota Highlander for mobile operation
outside of the contest, it now comes pre-assembled. Significant upgrades this
year include an improved table in the back passenger seat, a 19" monitor
on the front seat headrest, tinted back windows and the conversion of our
operating to the N1MM+ program with the FQP mobile. There are positions for 4
hamsticks on the roof enabling instant switching to all available frequencies.

Conditions were down this year, especially for DX but there were still periods,
especially on 20M where we had excellent coverage from coast to coast in NA. It
must have been a terrible struggle for the Europeans trying to work the mobiles
and congratulations to I4VEQ for the strongest and most consistent signal. We
were unable to move GA to SSB on 40M this year but was somewhat of a thrill to
have I4VEQ and OK1CF call in on phone while trying. We give credit to W2RR for
having the consistently strongest signal. Notable regulars were K0HC, K3WW,
WA3HAE, N9RV, K0VXU, N9CK, and K9CT. Special commendation to all the VE3/VA3
regulars and support of their CCO.

We generally followed our pre-contest posted route but in the heat of the
battle, drove through OKA without noticing. As a result, we started from this
county on Sunday morning and did not stop at LAF. We did finally reach our
goal of now activating all of the counties in Florida during our 14 years of
FQP. With all of the mobile activity this year, we expected to see some of our
fellow mobilers on our travels but this did not happen this year. With the
exception of I-4 going through Orlando, roads and traffic were OK. Future
FQP's will not include this section.

73, Jim, VE7ZO
KD2BGM   SOABCW QRP   3,5002017-05-01 05:16:20
Nice party as usual. Great to work many mobile stations...they were so loud!!

At least I completed the Spelling Bee :)

See you next year.
W4AU   SOABCW HP   17,2702017-05-01 05:27:22
Even though I had limited time this weekend, I had great fun working all the FL
stations, especially those intrepid mobiles. I worked the K4OJ guys 23 times in
17 separate counties and AD4ES 11 times in 9 different counties. Other mobiles
worked (4-7 times) were: K4KG, K4ZG, K8MR, KN4Y, N4EB, N4FP, NO5W, and W4AN.

Thanks for all the motoring and hard work, guys!

73 - John, W4AU
VA3DF   SOABMixed LP   193,4102017-05-01 05:51:23
Those mobiles rock!

As usual, it's a jungle out there...


WA1J(@K1TTT)   M/SMixed HP   101,1362017-05-01 05:53:58
We missed the sweep by 3 counties. Bummer.
AF3K   SOABCW LP   7,5402017-05-01 05:56:51
Thank you!
W3DQ   SOABSSB LP   422017-05-01 05:57:05
Just making sure the station was still working :-)
K4A(@N4KE)   M/SMixed HP   1,8212017-05-01 06:23:04
In the last month, put up antenna and rotor, fixed broken K3, fixed blown amp
and new computer and cables. Lightning is fun in FL.
Had a small problem on 40 phone, K3 would lock up and had to turn off and on to
get it to receive. 20 meters was good and not much time spent on other bands,
tried to stay on phone to make the most contacts. Further thought, maybe should
of brought another radio and operate 2 bands at once, maybe next year. Thanks
for all the contacts, we had fun.
AB1J   SOAB(A)CW LP   19,3202017-05-01 06:24:47
I took advantage of the relatively good weekend weather to do garden and yard
work. As I wandered by my shack I'd take a listen and work a few stations.
Over time this added up, but my multiplier count is low since I didn't follow
the mobiles, which are the mult generators.

As I was operating by wandering about, I used my stand-up JT65 and JT9 station.
It's good to stand up but I'm not sure it would work for a concentrated effort
in a longer contest. But it was fine in this case and kept me limber.

Conditions were poor. I have friends down south who were restricted to 40m as
in their wisdom the contest sponsors exclude 80m. I was far enough north to
also use 20m and even some 15m, but signals were weak here, especially from the

I did work enough 1x1 stations to play the FLORIDA SUN alphabet game. Plus
some K4OJ Qs. As a minimum, that's what I want in this contest.

Thanks for the QSOs.

Ken, AB1J

N1MM Classic Win XP
Attic dipoles and outdoor 40m stealth wire
LoTW eQSL ClubLog
KS4X   SOABMixed LP   1,7602017-05-01 06:52:05
K8BKM   SOABMixed LP   9,0002017-05-01 07:31:46
Conditions on 20M were quite nice on Sunday so I got on for a short time and
worked what I could.

Being out-of-state, I was only doing S&P. I got so frustrated at the lack
of identifying by the running stations. It was the worst example I've ever
seen. On more than one occasion, I worked a station before I knew the guys
callsign, because he wouldn't ID! My last Q was with a station in a new mult
(PUT) but I never got his call, so I couldn't log it on my end. Should I work a
station before I know the call, probably not, but why go for 5-10 Q's without
ID'ing? I should have just tuned right past these guys. Rant over.

Working the mobiles was fun. Either the counties are small in FL or the mobiles
were positioning themselves at 4-way county intersections because it seemed they
changed counties very quickly. I remember one guy on CW send AS (stand-by) and
then he started reporting a new county. Must have pulled a few feet forward or

Sorry I never heard fellow MRRC member K8MR. I looked for you.

73, Tom
VE3HG   SOABCW LP   2,0802017-05-01 07:36:09
Could only hear these guys and nobody else :(
VE3RCN   SOABMixed LP   1,9322017-05-01 08:06:58
A few minutes here and a few there. More activity in this one than OQP.
KG4IGC   SOABMixed LP   7,1282017-05-01 09:29:36
Very slow contest here in the low country due to QSB and barely readable signals
on 40 and 20 meters. The action picked up quite a bit however on 40 Saturday
night and was able to pick up a few new counties. Was hoping for better
propagation on Sunday but unfortunately that did not happen. Most of the
Florida stations seemed to be hanging out on 20 meters all weekend, and they
were making plenty of Q's, but I guess SC was not in the cards for this one
thanks to poor propagation.

Rig: Yaesu FT-DX3000
Ant: Horizontal Loop
K4FCG(K1KNQ)   SO MobileSSB LP   11,8142017-05-01 09:31:28
Tough going
Covered 18 counties
Rig: Kenwood TS480HX (150 watts)
Ant: Ham sticks (15,20,40)
Logging: N3FJP version 3.8
Jack K1KNQ
N4EK   SOABCW LP   130,5402017-05-01 10:19:23
I had intended to beat last years score but that did not happen even after
putting in more time. 10 was doa, 15 was poor and 40 was noisy due to wx in the
midwest. 20 was in and out. DX count was lower this year but nice to have some
JA's call in on Sunday afternoon. Also had at least 20 dupes but I logged them
W4AN/M   Multi-Op MobileCW LP   357,0482017-05-01 11:35:34
IC756Pro, 100W, Hustler mobile whips. KU8E and I had planned to be QRV multi op
mobile again this year, but Jeff ended up with surgery scheduled for Monday
after the contest and had to cancel. Ted, W8UE, from MI was coming through
Columbus on his way to do a single op mobile effort in FQP and agreed to go out
with me. Thanks to Jeff for setting up everything for the contest in my call
and to Ted for sharing the operating and driving with me. W4AN is the club
call of the South East Contest Club. We didn't have a 15M resonator with us
and hadn't expect that band to open much, but Jeff tells me it was open a good
deal. Sorry we missed out on that band. We tried to run on both 20 and 40 in
each county and 20M cooperated by being open fairly late at night. As uaual,
there wasn't much 40M activity in the day time and most of the FL stations were
within our skip zone, so we didn't work many Fl stations. 20M was very poor to
Europe, with only a few QSOs there on Sunday and none on Saturday. A few
Europeans were quite loud on 40. 20M had relatively short skip in the late
afternoons and also, surprisingly, on Sunday morning. 40M had shorter skip
zone after dark than during the day. A few west coast stations came through on
40 late Saturday. I think we worked all states except HI, AK, UT, ND, SD, and
NE. We also worked VY2, VE9, VE2, VE3, VE4, and VE7, plus KP4, HI, HH, SP, I,
OK. I probably left some mults out in that list. I operated Saturday night
and Sunday morning for about 1/3 of the contest and Ted operated the remainder.

We lost 1 1/2 hours due to car trouble. We had gone through just a few
counties when the oil light came on on my 1997 Buick LeSabre. Put in 6 quarts
of oil to keep it going until a service station recommended going to Macclenny,
FL and AutoZone there recommended trying Butch's Auto. Butch wasn't open on
Saturday, but was in his shop and agreed to try to get us going again. Turned
out that the "oil sender" was shot and was itself shooting oil all
over the place. Believe it or not, AutoZone had the part in stock! Autozone
and Butch are the heroes who saved our trip. I had already found out that
there were no auto rental firms in or near Macclenny and I was afraid there
might not have been motels either. Butch said that his grandfather had been a
ham, but I believe he would have helped us anyway. The bill was very
reasonable and it sure helped my faith in my fellow man and it seemed there
could have been some providential intervention too. Sorry we had to cut some
counties from our planned route.

Thanks for all QSOs. Jeff and I hope to be back next year. 73, John, K4BAI
and Ted, W8UE..
N4JER   SOABSSB LP   332017-05-01 11:42:11
[log removed from comments]
N4EEB   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   289,7402017-05-01 11:53:52
A business appointment brought my team and I to the panhandle on Friday evening,
so it made sense to start there. The appointment cancelled at the last minute,
so it was cool that we were there for a reason anyway. A very sinister reason,
to poach as many QSOs as possible from the fixed stations who were unfortunate
enough to be located along my route. Just kidding, it doesn't work that way.

Our category was Mobile - Single Op + Driver. My driver was "Bruce",
my girlfriend Mari's son. Mari (short for Marilsa), navigated with a paper map
from the back seat. This was their first exposure to ham radio contesting, and
they said that they had fun. Bruce had a bad cold both days, but he sure came
through for me. We put about 1100 miles or so on the odometer. I could not
have done this without them. Thank you.

This was the first time that I assembled the station at the last minute without
prior testing. This activity took place in the parking lot of the Crestview
Hampton Inn. I pulled the Toyota 4Runner under the hotel canopy in the cool of
the early morning and went to work. Bringing a large step platform was the best
idea ever, and it made installing the three Hamsticks a piece of cake. One
passerby asked me if I was a "storm chaser". Another asked what I
was doing. I looked at her with a straight face and politely told her that I
wasn't allowed to talk about it.

After everything was all put together, I realized that something was very
different, very wrong, almost creepy, about this FQP. First off, none of my
body parts were infected. The teeth were all fine, my double ear infection had
concluded by the first week in April, and the Shingles on my thigh cleared up on
the 20th. I felt healthy and rested, which is not what I'm used to. On a side
note, the Hampton in Crestview is simply beautiful. We'll be back.

The second thing that went wrong is that all the gear worked. I even
remembered to close the master 50-Amp FQP circuit breaker permanently installed
under the hood, (this charges the deep cycle marine battery in the cargo hold --
The FQP goes smoother when the transceiver stays on). I remembered to turn on
the battery booster, and to turn off the notch filter on the radio. When I put
RF to the sticks, they were all flat on my operating frequency. There was
absolutely nothing wrong with me or the equipment, and this is a scary way to
start off the FQP in my world let me tell ya.

After the green flag, the first and only gremlin showed its head and stayed
there for 20-hours. After several hours of hair pulling, I found a workaround,
but as of this writing I still do not know the cause of the problem or how to
fix it. If I entered a WA WB WD, or a few other specific callsigns into the
log, the Computer/Winkeyer changed the second character of the callsign to
something random. This cost me serious time for a few hours as stations kept
repeating their callsign thinking I had entered it wrong. I finally got good at
anticipating the error and sending those QSO's by hand (The horror!) I have to
find time to figure this all out.

I kinda figured that this would be a 20/40 FQP, but I put up the 15 stick just
in case. 15 was dead. What I didn't expect was my ratio of 20 vs. 40. Only
12% of my QSOs were on 40-meters. 20 stayed late and woke up early.

I found QRN on 20 and 40 to be low, and my station was electrically quiet.
20-meters was either good or poor due to QSB. Even when it was poor, I could
still run, it just became a lot of work. 40M was always awesome, although it
went long quick and early. 20 opened earlier for me on Sunday morning, so I
opted to leave 40 early.

I didn't get the typical Hardee County pileup this year. Instead, it shifted
to other counties that I would have never expected like Hillsborough and St.

The most aggravating thing this year was the amount of dupe callers during the
pileups late Sunday afternoon. I don't recall ever noticing this in prior
years, and it cost me a lot of points. My pileups were fierce, and the dupes
were usually loud and aggressive. You had to work them again just to get them
out of the pile.

I only averaged 110 QSOs/Hr this time out, which is about an 8% or so decrease
from prior years. I think this was mainly due to conditions and the
difficulty I had managing some of the larger pileups on Sunday afternoon. The
callsign sending glitch slowed me down too until I became more proficient at
the workaround.

Overall the participants were FANTASTIC operators. I enjoyed sending OJ's to
several. Even though I made an effort to sign my call at least every 3 or 4
QSOs, I still had my share of stations sending ?? or Call? Call? during huge
pileups. This slowed things down too, because, of course, they were always the
extremely strong stations.

I didn't pass any mobiles on my route. I came close enough to one in Brevard
County on Sunday afternoon that caused me to turn off my 20m preamp, but I
don't know who it was.

I don't have any pictures to share this year except for the rear equipment deck
and the operating position. I'll post a link later. Someone told me they saw a
custom paint job on a Toyota 4Runner with antennas on the top that said,
"Spot Me!" on both sides, but I don't know anything about that. It
wasn't me.

I'd like to say thank you to all the loyal followers that seemed to always been
there at every county line. I feel like I know you guys personally. And
Canada, I love you guys! ON was the #1 worked QSO in my log.

A big thanks to K1TO, WF3C, NX4N, and I'm sure I missed a few, for making this
a great event. Fun was had by all!

73 John N4EEB
VA3PCJ   SOABMixed QRP   2,9702017-05-01 12:24:36
Always nice to contact stations in warmer counties (it was a chilly wknd up here
in FN25ej). With huge QSB, 20m was openned to FL both afternoons. Rig & Ant:
ic-703 @ 5W w/endfed 50+Ft wire & RT-100 + BY-2 paddle. 73.
W9QL   SOABSSB LP   3,9442017-05-01 12:44:45
What do you get with poor band conditions, severe storms in the area all weekend
and a bad cold? A marginal score. Could hardly hear anything all weekend and the
close lightning caused a lot of lost operating time. On top of all that, a huge
oak tree fell from the golf course into our yard during the storms messing up
one end of the G5RV. Still, it's always fun to work many FL friends and say
"hi". Maybe next year.

Ftdx5000MP with a (slightly damaged) G5RV @ 35 ft.
K4SBZ   SOAB(A)SSB HP   38,6592017-05-01 12:47:07
Only made half the contacts as last year, but still had fun. I think there were
just as many guys trying, but the bands just weren't there. Rig: Yaesu
FTdx5000 with SPE Expert 1K-FA Linear; 80-10m OCF dipole 35 ft in the airOnly
made half the contacts as last year, but still had fun. I think there were just
as many guys trying, but the bands just weren't there.

Rig: Yaesu FTdx5000 with SPE Expert 1K-FA Linear; 80-10m OCF dipole 35 ft in
the air
W2RR(WA2AOG)   SOAB(A)CW HP   60,5682017-05-01 13:14:14
Third sweep! Also worked 18 of the 1x1 stations for the 20th Anniversary cert.
Great fun - lots of activity all weekend!
W4UT   SOABCW QRP   2942017-05-01 13:39:47
KX3 @ 5 watts & dipole along with thunderstorms.
W4R(WV4R)   SOABSSB HP   147,5742017-05-01 14:01:12
FQP WV4R operating as W4R. Band conditions not so good as indicated by logs.
Great contest with healthy competition. My best FQP Q count so far.

FTDX 3000, Acom 2000A, Heil Pro 7, Mosley Pro 67-C3, and Home Brew 80 meter
inverted V. N1MNM+
K4OJ   Multi-Op MobileCW LP   826,0642017-05-01 15:16:28
Hi FQP Fans,
The K4OJ MM/m had a terrific time again hitting the open roads of our Sunshine
State and having a great time along the way.
Team members Kevin N4KM, Red K0LUZ and I knew there would likely be challenges
with propagation this year but were determined to make the best of things.
Kevin felt that, given the poorer conditions, this was our best outing ever.
See lot of positives below.

Like others we dedicated this FQP to Ron WD4AHZ (sk) - Ron was a real FQP
fanatic and always went full throttle to support it.
The 2016 FQP starting operator meeting point was also one of the last times I
got to visit with my brother Matt, who passed away unexpectedly last Sept...and
you can bet this FQP, with our starting point only 5 miles from Matt's home, was
full of mixed emotions for me. RIP, dear brother - this one's for you! I even
took our Gator 2008 FBS championship caps along in your memory (he treated me
to that game!).

Lots to relay to you fanatics -
First, the results (still working to combine station logs - always trouble):
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
7 CW 937 3748 12 4.0
14 CW 2047 8184 55 4.0
21 CW 54 216 1 4.0
Total Both 3038 12148 68 4.0
Score : 826,064
Still checking with N4BP, our log guru, to ensure that this is a good 'final';
combining our station logs and correctly scoring the master is always a

Other Stats:
20m - K4OJ Max Rates (K0LUZ Op):
2017-04-29 1951Z - 5.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour by
2017-04-30 1739Z - 3.6 per minute (10 minute(s)), 216 per hour by
2017-04-30 1916Z - 2.7 per minute (60 minute(s)), 163 per hour by

40/15m - K4OJ Max Rates (N4KM Op):
2017-04-29 1806Z - 4.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 240 per hour by
2017-04-30 0056Z - 2.8 per minute (10 minute(s)), 168 per hour by
2017-04-30 0119Z - 2.0 per minute (60 minute(s)), 122 per hour by

Considering the conditions, we all were amazed at the *many* positive things we
observed/experienced this weekend.
The MUF move downward made for a Record 40m mobile QSO total of more than 900
QSO's; way overshadowed what we have done in previous years. One key
difference - We had moved the 40m antenna to the rear of the roof where the
(unneeded) 10m antenna used to be and it really played well! Kevin was working
as far away as W8, W1 at 12:30pm both days - now that was a hoot! That antenna
really worked, and Kevin played it for all it's worth. We ended up with a 40m
total of 550 Q's the first day, so there was still lots of action on Sunday,
even as we headed to South FL. We felt Loud on 40m with quiet Rx levels too;
very rewarding for this station engineer.
When 40m got slow Kevin would try 15m with a bit of success too. Overall, this
made us very happy that we decided to do the multi-transmitter thing again.
A bonus of moving the 40m antenna is that we had very little RFI into 20m,
which meant Red could run unfettered - and he ended up with 2000+ QSO's even
with the conditions (Wow - can you spell Q-S-B?). Top notch effort, Iron Butt!
That man only too one break each day :-)
A 2nd bonus of our 40m operations - we were really pleased to help our buddies
in W4-land have more fun working us nearly fully time as we roamed. MANY
thanks to you guys for tracking and calling us - I remember WN4AFP in
particular working Kevin 'endlessly'. Others were very active searching us on
40m too and were nice to occasionally spot us. Friends, we will see YOU again
next year on 40m; you can count on that! I've already challenged Kevin to
break 1K QSO's on 40m in 2018 FQP.
Rock solid station/antenna/power reliability - nothing stopped working, period.
Almost boring, but careful what you wish for! Best ever for our team; but
Murphy is always looking to visit. I guess shaking a dead chicken at the
Suburban helped. BTW, my Sub now has 378K miles with original engine and it
just keeps running. I don't ask questions; just shut up and drive.
Our route planning/execution went without any major hiccups; the driver did get
lost in ALC but allowed the copilot named Garmin to take over when there was
smoke in the cockpit.
Probably the lightest traffic on our entire route ever. Fires? What Fires?
Minimal road construction and cops/cameras too; this made for many enjoyable
driver observations - see below.
Much improved band conditions, especially on 20m, on Sunday. Gave us all
renewed hope!
The Pile ups! Both Red and Kevin enjoyed some Texas-sized pile ups, with truly
A1 operators on both ends that kept it manageable and fun! NAS and GIL pileups
were especially huge, and then there was...
MONROE! Both Kevin and Red were getting *all sorts* of inquiries as we headed
through the Grand Dragon County of CLR for almost an hour before getting to
that sweet little swath of paradise at MON.
Finally, about 5 minutes before we got there, I turned the air conditioner fans
to max cold to put us into a deep chill. You see, it is usually 90 degrees plus
at that swamp-stop, and with the difficult QRN/QSB levels we turned off the SUV
completely to minimize both electrical and audio noise to work the pileups.
Red in particular had a HUGE GRIN on his face when the pile up started; quickly
that changed to the concentration of a CW Master, making every dit count.
Kevin also had some nice action on 40m, working all the way up to W1-W8 (midday
from MON - wow!) but was fairly lonely CQing on an open 15m band with but a few
callers. I overheard at least one sweep on each band, including one guy that
thanked him about 10 times!!
With Garbage Truck sized horse flies buzzing all around us trying to find an
open window to carry us off to their young, Red and Kevin worked down those
pileups until they were no more. We even did a bit of SSB and then, after half
an hour in MON and sweltering in our Easy-Bake-Oven, on we went.
It felt so special to give many of the deserving FQP supporters help towards a
Sweep. We were hoping team K1XX/m would clean up anyone we missed but we had
not yet received word of their misfortune (so sorry Charlie and Marty - next
One TERRIFIC highlight was our dinner with teams AD4ES and NO5W, hosted by my
wife and I at home Sat night. Lili had the pizza hot and ready as we traded
stories from the road and commiserated with each other about conditions. Both
teams AD4ES and NO5W have very impressive station/antenna setups; well done,
Chuck, Eric, Wolf, Mike, Ted and Chuck - thank you so much for modifying your
routes to join us; such fun! Let's do it again, friends.

10m = didn't even set up an antenna; 'nuff said.
15m = 54 QSO's (2016=300+; 2015=1300+); sure can see the Cycle at work!
Monroe SSB - We called and called on SSB on 40m and 20m for 5+ minutes without
a single answer. Still - I got to watch Red work a mic; talk about Rare DX!
This one is a both a positive and negative. Building only 2 stations is easy as
pie as opposed to cramming the Sub with 3 or 4 stations; huge difference in
complexity. The downside is I sure do miss teammates N4BP, W4LT and KR4X being
part of the MM/m madness. Band conditions make the rules though, so for now two
transmitters only.
This driver really enjoys operating FQP but the Stations management, route
planning and especially Driving the road rally can be both challenging and very
reward. Our state is so beautiful and the endless green fields, huge trees and
inviting lakes/ponds make this part of FQP fun for me.
Any I also noted some real Strangeness including:
We stopped for a quick GP (not ground plane, but rather Gas & Pee) break.
As I started into the store, a man started driving away with the gas hose still
attached to his car! Fortunately he stopped, and an onlooking started running
toward him until she realized she had a cigarette in her mouth - yikes! That
was a first for me...
While waiting on the DES line in a neighborhood I saw a 3 ft black snack race
to the bushes as a Blue Jay tried to peck/claw him. Mr. Snake lived to fight
another day. Another first!
Less exciting but very enjoyable was 'racing' a 100+ car freight train heading
in parallel at night in POL
Also enjoyable to be crossing the humongous Sunshine Skyway in PIN/HIL/MTE
watching a loaded monster barge head out to the Gulf; probably headed with
chips and salsa to the "O" team's home (KN5O and NO5W) in LA.
In summary, we had a great time with a trip that once again exceeded our
expectations. Red and Kevin and perfect teammates; we have great synergy and
encourage and help each other.
Thanks to our FCG/FCP organizers including K1TO who is the heart and soul of
this FB contest with countless hours of leadership and support each year -
thank you so much Dan. Also want to give a huge bow to Floyd KK3Q for doing
Yeoman's work on our FQP website - folks, I worked with him just a bit and
observed both his technical expertise and dedication to create a new website
with much improved functionality and user experience. Thanks Floyd.

Great appreciation goes to former teammate Bob N4BP, who is helping up put
together our logs and ensure we turn in a valid workable on - thanks Bob for
helping again.

Also a *must* - sincere appreciation to Bob K0RC and Chuck NO5W for their
super-duper county tracking tools - these are indispensable for working the
sweeps, planning routes and more. Bob/Chuck - you guys are the best! Thanks
for your major support.

A tip of the hat to our fellow road warriors, each of who do an amazing job of
getting cobwebs of antennas, rigs, pc's power plants and vehicle and routing
set up to make the first contact. I sincerely am in awe of your enthusiasm for
hitting the road and am proud to call you fellow FQP mobiler.
Also have to give huge kudos to our fixed and 1x1 spelling bee partners - you
are the foundation of our way-cool QSO Party - thank you for standing strong on
all our bands representing our State.

Finally - my biggest, loudest applause is for all of you out-of-state operators
who are the real heros. Whether you make a dozen or several hundred QSO's, your
enthusiastic participation and support help make the FQP fun for all. We can
throw the party, but it is you that keep coming back every year - thank you,
thank you, thank you!

See you in FQP 2018!

vy 73/OJ/AHZ/MATT,
Chris, NX4N - K4OJ MM/m Team Lead
NE9U(@WØAIH)   M/MMixed LP   270,7382017-05-01 15:17:24
Ron and I both missed out on both ARRL DX M/M's due to our trip to P40 this past
February, so we needed our W0AIH fix! Our ARRL DX CW partner K1TO encouraged us
to join in the Florida fun so we did!
It was good to see Paul again too! Always a great Host.
Most of Paul's antennas are probably too high for a domestic contest, but we
cobbled together two stations and went with it.

I have been going mobile in the WQP, MNQP, and MIQP for 25 years but have never
taken part in a full time chase of the mobiles, so this was fun to try. (Ron
has joined me the past 5 years or so) There definitely is a learning curve!

There were lots of good CW operators to chase in this contest!

Maybe next year, we will come down and try the contest Mobile!


Scott NE9U and Ron KK9K


K3 X 2
40 meters: 3 elements @ 70 feet
20 meters : 4/4/4/4 Hygain 204B
15 meters: 5/5 element Hygain 155BA at 110/70 feet
10 meters: 5/5/5/5 Hygain 105BA on 120 ft rotating tower

and the antenna that seemed pretty good on all bands...The JA Rhombic on

TR4W logging software
K8MR   SO MobileMixed LP   608,8502017-05-01 16:18:16
The score is now updated to include the 375 QSOs made while driving.
I was somewhat concerned with operating while driving, but on the empty
straight roads of rural Florida it was not too bad. The missing hour was the
time spent driving though St. Petersburg and Tampa on I-275, which was a good
thing not to be operating while doing that.

I stopped at three county lines on Saturday, CLR/HEN, GLA/HIG, and HIG/HAR.
Hopefully people figured that out and logged QSOs for both counties (N1MM will
do that readily). I ended Saturday night at my favorite waterfront parking
in Sarasota. No bathing beauties doing photo shoots this time, however.

Sunday morning I started at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge rest area in MTE,
followed by operations from the North Fishing Pier State Park for HIL and PIN.
I hope being next to or above salt water gave me a few extra dB! Most of my
operating was from these three locations.

I was a bit insulted when K4OJ drove by the MTE location without stopping to
say hello :-)

I was driving a Prius V, not the usual van or SUV one generally sees with
mobile efforts. Basically the Prius engine ignition noise is significant, but
there is minimal noise from the electronics. The nice feature is that while
parked the engine ran only if the big battery was getting low, an infrequent
situation. But while parked the small battery (i.e. radio power source) was
apparently being charged by an inverter from the big battery, which was quiet.
So good radio voltage without idling engine RFI.

I had no comparison to make with previous years' propagation, but I was
disappointed by low European participation. I4VEQ was the only regular, along
with OK1CF who was on 40 Saturday evening. Both were as loud on 40 as any
stateside station. I even caught VEQ once on 15. But otherwise only two DL
QSOs, and one each with PA, ON, F, LZ and a second Italian.

Thanks to all who participate, especially the regulars who were always there
waiting. I'm looking forward to 2018!

73 - Jim K8MR
KI7GXV   SOABSSB LP   1282017-05-01 16:36:28
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Daryl Hinz
ADDRESS: 13668 NW Stonebridge Drive
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6231.0
N4DAB   Multi-Op MobileMixed LP   132,7482017-05-01 17:01:30
Drove 340 miles, over 9.5 hour -8 Counties over 2 days; two vehicles, 4
operators, two radio stations. It hit 98 degrees in Putnam County on my car
sensor....and it felt it in the Sun!! The CW station used a vehicle mounted
hamstick on 20M/40M, ICOM transceiver, generator power supply. SSB station
used an ICOM, Buddipole, and 85 AHr storage battery. Bands were "OK"
for CW. SSB conditions sucked dirty canal water. Huge QSB & atmospheric
noise (would hear stations "disappear" mid-transmission both days!).
Called CQ for hours without response (fortunately two of use taking turns). At
least two out-of-state stations (obviously at home and running amplifiers) sat
in the mobile window for almost all day Sunday...including others sitting on
freqs, "Calling any Florida Stations" making it difficult to work in
the designated window. I thought WE were the sought-after Qs! Also, had a
Special Event station (WWII memorial) right in the middle of the SSB window.
It appeared that at least in the SSB category, no one cared to look for
mobiles, as they were busy hunting down (and waiting in pileups) for the
alphabet stations many running kilowatts & beams, at home stations. Not so
bad on CW sub-bands, but after about 30 mins, the calls again were down to a
sporadic hit or miss. For years, we only went out on Saturday - had we done
that this year, we would have had HALF of the contacts shown (Saturday when we
closed down, we had 28 SSB and just over 200 CW Qs. Good thing we did the
second day this year! Yeah, our SSB rate was 4 per hour.
If FCG wants to keep SSB folks, we to re-think the scoring and
"alphabet" stuff. Maybe.... making mobiles worth more points;
auto-disqualifying any non-mobile station running in the mobile window.
Reducing the number of "alphabet" stations (we had 20....maybe
5-10??). While I LOVE going out with the fellas to do this contest (and have
for the last 5 years), I am seriously re-evaluating the SSB portion......maybe
not doing it next year.
All-in-all, lotsa fun, lotsa laughs, and good comrades sharing a great hobby!
Hope the other mobiles (SSB) did better.
73 to all!
Steve WB4OMM
K4JC   SOABSSB LP   7,5602017-05-01 17:38:14
Very part-time operation, just over 3 hours total due to work and family
commitments. From some of the comments I've seen it looks like most everyone
fought hard to get Qs. A couple of times I went 15 - 20 minutes between
contacts, but I'm still happy with what I achieved, especially considering the
lousy band conditions and that all I had to use on 20 meters was my 40/80m
vertical. I was pleasantly surprised to also get a few EU and SA in the log.
Boy I can't wait to get my tower back up!

On an aside: I discovered that missing time operating in the FQP can be
expensive. Sunday morning I made a few contacts before church, intending to
come straight home afterwards and operate all afternoon. Well, after church my
wife wanted to stop at a local furniture and appliance store's
going-out-of-business sale "just to look around." We ended up buying
a new hutch for the kitchen.

73, Vince K4JC
N8II   SOABMixed LP   128,0882017-05-01 18:08:33
I operated only a little while around sunset Saturday after spending most the
the day at Caledonia State Park in nearby PA. 20 was marginal with virtually
nothing north of central FL heard, some south FL were pretty loud. 40 was
incredible except for the high QRN, but even most mobiles were good copy there.
Early Sunday was a bummer with low activity on 40 at 1320Z and I was also unable
to get through to a loud AD4ES/M on CW and K4F on phone. 20 was open to south
FL, but there were only a few really loud signals. I tried a run on 20 SSB
around 1415Z and no one answered.
At 1445 20M was still poor with weak to silent mobiles from north FL and even
some weak ones in south FL. I checked 15 at 1455 and was amazed to actually
hear signals. There may have been some weak sporadic E. The best signals were S
7-9 and others were more or less pure backscatter, but quite readable. K4OJ/M
was the only mobile heard/worked. Returning to 20 at 1514Z, I had an amazing
SSB run with
a great rate and 2-3 callers at a time quite often. 20 remained pretty good for
the rest of my operating and I had another good SSB run in the 20Z hour. All day
Sunday, I was able to break most of the CW mobile pile ups quickly, even when
the mobiles were weak. North FL was the problem area and was happy to get 64
counties in my short 7 hours on the air. Mobile activity only 20 phone was
quite low, but I kept getting new mults in runs and added a few thanks to
George, K4KG/M QSY'ing
from CW.
Many thanks to all of the mobiles who dodged storms, heat, and traffic to
keep things interesting. I found myself tuning the mobile CW window only fairly
often on 20 when I was not trying to run on SSB which seemed to work pretty
well. There was no big opening on 15 here in the afternoon, too close, just a
couple of weak scatter signals already worked. The number of CW mobiles did not
disappoint. Some were missed due to no prop in north FL for sure and 40 was not
working well enough to work them until about 20Z when the local QRN from a
nearby storm was really high! I quit around 2122Z due to WX and could hear
thunder, but the storm dissipated just before 22Z without a drop of rain here.
The propagated QRN on 20 was high enough to be a bother both days and a couple
of SSB stations were just too weak to be be heard thru the static. Overall, I
would say the QRN for the whole contest was the worst in memory.
Thanks for all of the QSO's including quite a few casual ops on 20 who lent a
hand to me. Apparently there were not very many out of state CQ'ers on 20 SSB.
I was a bit too close to fully utilize 20, yet 40 was pretty worthless mid

73, Jeff
K4QPL   SOABCW HP   13,8002017-05-01 18:52:40
This is the only weekend of the year I'd like to be farther away from FL (unless
I could be there)! Fun nevertheless for a part time effort.
KK4LGC   SOAB(A)SSB HP   45,5392017-05-01 19:27:12
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Florida Contest Group
NAME: Alain Arocha
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6221.0

QSO Parties (US and Canada) - 2017-04-29 1600Z to 2017-04-30 2159Z - 643 QSOs
KK4LGC Max Rates:

2017-04-30 0052Z - 4.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 240 per hour by
2017-04-30 0054Z - 2.2 per minute (10 minute(s)), 132 per hour by
2017-04-30 0103Z - 1.6 per minute (60 minute(s)), 95 per hour by

W4EE   M/SMixed LP   206,5842017-05-01 20:01:19
Missed all the mobiles but worked several FCGers.....KH7XS, K4JC, K4SXT, N1TO,
WJ9B, W4A (W4MLB), W4SO etc. and some DX. Looking forward to Cycle 25.
Fun contest with Michele this year. N4MUH couldn't operate with us this year,
look for us in DUVal 2018.
TS-590S, tri-bander, OCFD
N1MM+ logger
Tnx for the Q's
73/OJ, Jim and Michele
N4YA   SOABMixed HP   2,2952017-05-01 21:13:16
Nothing serious, but wanted to hand out QSOs to our Ops to the south since they
helped with the GA QSO Party.

Thanks guys, enjoyed it!
K4MM   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   38,1602017-05-01 23:39:24
Could only play a few hours. Thanks to all that worked me. Pse QSL via LOTW or
direct. No Buro!

RIG: FT-950

Line noise bad again.. Oh well. 73 Tom Colyard K4MM
NO5W   M/SCW LP   502,0802017-05-01 23:42:40
K3/100, HI-Q 4/80, Dell D610 logging, Sony Vaio Navigation, both running CQ/X, and Streets and Trips 2013, Garmin GPS 18PC and Pharos GPS

After all was said and done, Sunday night dinner in Spanish Fort was complete,
logs and computers put away, and the drive home in the rain was over, it was
another awesome FQP mobile experience. But this one reminded me of when I
thought I would become a golfer. Out to play a round the front-side scorecard
would be littered with bogeys, doube-bogeys and worse with nary a par and
thoughts would be present of the sticks going in a garage sale at the next
opportunity. But the greens fee had been paid so what the heck we'd try the
second nine and wouldn't you know somehow there would be a few pars and maybe
even a birdie. Forget the garage sale, that's all it would take to bring us
back for more of the same the next week.

As many have commented the Saturday front-side was the pits in the 2017 FQP
propagation poor and the level of participation seeming to be way down. For us
that resulted in a mid-party Q count of only 771 and the discouraging prospect
of ending up with about 1500 Qs, well below our Q count from the past several
years, if we found more of the same on Sunday. It was downright embarrassing to
have to report our meagre results to the AD4ES and K4OJ crews gathered at the
NX4N pizza feed Saturday night. Fortunately the crews sitting around the pizza
and the key lime pie were kind and only flinched a little when we announced our
771. The pizza as well as the key lime pie was excellent and the hospitality
of Chris and Lilli is much appreciated. It's good to know that, after a long
day on the FQP road with minimum lunch, you can find a good place to have a
pizza and trade some good FQP tales. In addition to the pizza and the key lime
we got a tour of the very well-appointed AD4ES mobile van before departing for
the hotel.

We were definitely discouraged when we retired for the night with the prospect
of a long drive on Sunday. But hey, our dues had been paid as we were already
out two nights of lodging and were in the Tampa area needing to get back to
southeast Louisiana so we thought we might as well do a little radio on the
drive home using our planned Sunday route. Sunday started a bit slow in Sumter
but the rate picked up with each new county and by the time we reached Escambia
and the Florida-Alabama state line on I-10 we were having a ball living on the
edge of chaos trying to handle the big pile ups in Escambia, Gadsden, Suwanee,

Baker, and others and the way home found us happy with the additional 1321 Qs
we had picked up on Sunday and thinking about strategies to improve our results
for next year.

One thing we will try to improve on next year is our Saturday route. Our Sunday
route seems to play well but Saturday found us bogged down in Polk county and
after missing a couple of turns in Lakeland due to traffic we had burned up
enough time in Polk that we had to skip Lee, our most southern county, by
taking a short cut to I-75 through Charlotte. I-75 was a welcome sight by that
time as the traffic was really moving along that stretch from Port Charlotte up
to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Even though I couldn't convince the toll booth
lady to give me a senior rate or one for being in the FQP the bridge provided a
beautiful night time view of the bay area. A quick run up to Lutz and NX4N via
SR60 found us sitting down to the pizza less than ten minutes after the closing

Here are some stats from our FQP adventure across 43 counties including some
that show the difference between Saturday and Sunday. In the following the
county results are ordered by decreasing values in the Rate column. In this
table Rate is the initial ten-minute rate on entry into the county and is a
proxy for the size of the pileup greeting us. The column labeled First is,
of course, the first station in the log in that county. It should be pointed
out that some of our 40+ dupes have not been removed from the following so the
Qs will not add up to the values reported above.

County Qs Rate First Day
Escambia 55 252 K7IA Sunday
Gadsden 75 222 K5OT Sunday
Suwannee 65 216 AA0AW Sunday
Baker 47 210 W8WVU Sunday
Union 47 204 AA3B Sunday
Leon 55 204 W8WVU Sunday
Walton 60 204 N9CK Sunday
Madison 66 204 W8PI Sunday
Bay 58 198 AE1T Sunday
Hamilton 72 198 W8WVU Sunday
Liberty 41 192 K5OT Sunday
Columbia 64 192 K0HC Sunday
Holmes 72 192 IZ3NVR Sunday
Jackson 72 192 K9UIY Sunday
Okaloosa 48 186 KG5EE Sunday
Manatee 55 174 K1GQ Saturday
Calhoun 72 174 K7QA Sunday
Charlotte 35 162 AA3B Saturday
Hillsborough 62 156 KU8E Saturday
Washington 66 156 WI9WI Sunday
Gilchrist 34 150 N2ZN Saturday
DeSoto 38 150 WB5JID Saturday
Pinellas 45 150 KE4CQ Saturday
Santa Rosa 44 138 AA7V Sunday
Wakulla 48 138 W8WVU Saturday
Hardee 39 132 WB5JID Saturday
Hernando 49 132 NS9I Saturday
Franklin 28 120 WA3HAE Saturday
Dixie 29 120 K3WW Saturday
Putnam 29 120 W4NZ Sunday
Pasco 43 120 K8QKY Saturday
Alachua 24 114 NE9U Sunday
Sarasota 61 114 AB1J Saturday
Polk 72 114 K9CT Saturday
Jefferson 106 114 N9RV Saturday+Sunday
Lafayette 29 108 NE9U Saturday
Clay 20 102 VA7ST Sunday
Citrus 31 102 VA3FV Saturday
Levy 38 96 W5FOC Saturday
Sumter 18 84 WN4AFP Sunday
Taylor 26 84 K0HC Saturday
Bradford 57 60 K9CT Sunday
Marion 35 54 VA3DF Sunday

With Sunday occupying the top sixteen slots it is clear that the pileup
activity was more intense on Sunday. With 40m coming to life on Saturday
evening the pileups in Manatee, Charlotte, and Hillsborough added a glimmer of
hope for activity picking up on Sunday. The slow start on Sunday is clear from
the rates for Marion, Bradford, and Sumter which were Sunday morning counties.
The highest rate counties Escambia, Gadsden, and Suwannee were all afternoon.

During the FQP we worked 362 unique calls and appreciate the QSOs from each.
But special mention goes to the 43 stations who contributed more than half of
our QSOs: K3WW(47), N9CK(45), VE3KZ(42), K9CT(40), K9OM(39), K8IR(38),
VA3DF(38), NE9U(36), W2RR(34), WA3HAE(31), K0HC(30), K9CW(29), K3WJV(29),
WI9WI(29), K0RC(28), W8WVU(28), WJ9B(25), K5GA(25), W8PI(24), K7SV(24),
VE3UTT(23), NS9I(23), K0TI(23), VE9AA(23), VE3OM(21), NW0M(20), W5TM(20),
W1QK(20), W9OA(20), N2AN(19), N8II(19), W1FJ(17), NQ5K(16), W1WEF(16),
N7IR(15), W1TO(15), VE3CX(15), VE3BR(14), K7IA(14), K0VXU(13), N5NA(13),
N8BJQ(13), and I4VEQ(13).

In past FQPs multipliers have been our scoring weak spot and 2017 was no
different with only 60 mults being captured. No stations were worked from AK,
ND, NE, SD, or UT. The Canadians were well represented by AB, BC, MB, NB, ON,
PE, and QC with the big VE turnout coming from ON -- thanks for the great
support from VE3. Conditions did not support many DX contacts and we only
managed to work HA, HH, I, JA, KP4, OK, SP, and TG, but there were some good
signals in there especially from stations worked in I, OK, and SP.

The pileups were large but for the most part well-behaved, standing by once it
was clear we were responding to a given station. We certainly appreciated that
behavior and I'm sure others in the pile did also. For some of the larger
pileups it became necessary to attempt to spread the pileup out time-wise by
using different TU messages sometimes short and sometimes long but always with
a goal of identifying our call and county every 3-4 QSOs.

Apologies for any failures to meet that goal.

It's always fun to have an eye-ball QSO with another mobile during FQP and this
year, in addition to the AD4ES and K4OJ crews at the pizza party, we had an
opportunity for a short QSO with Tom-K4ZGB who walked up while we were pumping
gas in one of the panhandle counties. We also had a near eyeball QSO and a real
40m one with Wayne and Marty of the N4FP team who pulled up and parked up the
street from us as we were leaving our Clay County stop and run location in
Keystone Heights. We had bumped into Wayne and Marty while pumping gas in
Marion County a few FQPs ago.

Finally many thanks to all those who participated in the 2017 FQP and to those
behind the scenes people that check the logs, cheerlead, write the reports,
procure and mail the plaques and all the other things that it takes to have a
QSO party as successful as the FQP has been during its 20 years. Here's to 20

Hope to be back again next year.

73 es OJ

W4SO   SOAB(A)CW HP   141,6802017-05-02 14:26:10
Used AD4ES station. Played very well. Family activity prevented full 20 hours.
K9OM   SOAB(A)Mixed LP   212,8482017-05-02 21:03:34
All the Florida Ops did an outstanding job again this year. The large number of
mobile Ops and their excellent CW proficiency make the FQP the best State QSO
Party by far!

Thank You for a fun contest and for all the Q's!


Dick- K9OM
N5NA   SOAB(A)CW HP   11,2202017-05-03 07:15:54
The last two years I've operated mobile in the FQP. That's a LOT more fun that
operating fixed from WTX!

Wish some of the mobiles would learn to ID after every or every other QSO. I
know it's a technique to control the pileup as I used to do that myself, but no
more. A few times I finally had to call the unknown station and ask for their
call before giving my exchange.
KN4Y   SO Mobile+DriverCW LP   84,7682017-05-04 07:23:22
Nice Florida weekend for QSO party. I operated in 23 Florida counties, made 1100
QSO's. My wife wandered off on Sunday and I got call from a Deputy when in
Liberty county, had to cut trip short and did not run Gadsden and my home
county Wakulla. What a bummer. Had pile-ups in all counties, the latte I bought
got cold. Saw and heard a lot of motorcycles in the panhandle. Worked more
Ontario stations than I did in the Ontario QSO party, lot of boarder crossings.
DX was down, only worked a few stations. The number of QSO's per county
proportional to the time operating in that county.
AD4ES   Multi-Op MobileMixed LP   336,9602017-05-04 10:15:06
Score is estimate. The log is from 2 CQ/x logs added together.
Operation was multi 2 in a full size modified cargo van.
In addition to the 2341 QSO's we also were hit by a renegade deer to the tune
of $1100. I do not know how many multipliers we get for the deer.
W1TO   SOABMixed LP   72,9882017-05-04 15:58:43
Great job by the mobiles. I had a good first day, I think 59 counties on cw.
W4CMG   SOAB(A)SSB LP   4562017-05-04 20:33:25
Tough conditions on Saturday, and difficult to get through to stations on 20.
All the same, a great experience. de W4CMG
N8SK   SOAB(A)SSB LP   1082017-05-05 17:17:13
Total score = 108 = 9 QSOs x 6 State Multipliers x 2 Low Power Multiplier
CREATED-BY: N3FJP's Florida QSO Party Contest Log 3.8
NAME: Tony Hackenberg
ADDRESS-CITY: The Villages
SOAPBOX: Lousy band condx
K4L(@N4WW)   M/MMixed HP   3,0172017-05-05 18:21:16
Excellent participation in this year's 20th Anniversary run of the FQP.
With 20 1x1 stations and the convoy of mobiles, this year had to set an
FQP record. Here at Austin's fine station, the three of us were kept quite
busy especially 20m phone which seemed like an endless pileup all weekend.
Out of state participation provided us with a WAS and all VE provinces except
VY0. Europe was the most active across the pond with 145 QSO's. Asia 31 Q's (25
were JAs), CA/SA 27, Caribbean 20, Oceania 13 and zip out of Africa.
No hardware, antenna or logging glitches.
Thanks to everyone for all the Q's and a fun FQP.
73 from the K4L Team
Austin - N4WW
Bill - K1MM
Jim - KM4HI
KM4ISN   Multi-Op MobileSSB LP   4622017-05-06 12:16:59
Total score = 462 = 21 QSOs x 11 Ph (State) Multipliers x 2 Low Power
N3FJP's Florida QSO Party Contest Log 3.8
KE8M   SOAB(A)CW HP   19,0802017-05-08 10:16:05
Band QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
7 6 12 0 2.0
14 126 252 43 2.0
21 27 54 17 2.0
Total 159 318 60 2.0
Score: 19,080
1 Mult = 2.7 Q's
K9UIY   SOABCW QRP   63,7202017-05-10 09:46:16
Many thanks to all for copying my 5 W signal. Special thanks for all the
mobiles ... you guys rock! Conditions surely could have been better, but it
was still fun as always ... c u again next year! Vic K9UIY
K4EJ   SOABCW LP   18,8002017-05-10 14:07:14


W1NN   SOABCW LP   5,0762017-05-14 05:01:47
Not much time to operate but I went into the shack several times and worked
everyone I could hear. Condx did not seem very good. I didn't hear a lot of
the mobiles while I was on but K8MR was easy to find. I enjoyed dropping in my
call at 50wpm with Jim and a couple of the other ops who I know can copy that
fast. The FQP really knows how to put on a party. I hope to go back someday
and take back my no driver CW only mobile record from WC4E.
KØHC(WØBH)   SchoolMixed HP   102,3582017-05-17 07:58:45
Thanks to the sponsors and the ops for a really enjoyable 20th anniversary
edition of the FQP!

The mobiles were out in full force. These numbers likely include a few dupes,
but I think I got most of them. I sometimes accidentally typed N4OJ or K4EEB
and so didn't show a dupe and called you twice. My bad, sorry, but got it
corrected later.

N4GI : 5
N4DAB : 7
K4ZGB : 11
KN4Y : 16
N4FP : 17
K8MR : 20
AD4ES : 21
W4AN : 22
NO5W : 30
N4EEB : 34
K4OJ : 37
K4KG : 44

The most fun was tracking K4OJ and N4EEB for my Sweep. I somehow missed OKE on
Saturday, so while most were waiting for CLR, I needed CLR plus OKE. I noticed
both K4OJ and N4EEB were racing towards OKE. For fun, I pulled up my mapping
program and started tracking them by county crossing times. There aren't many
roads in that part of Florida, so it was easy to see where they were. My
mapping program predicted their county crossing times almost perfectly if I
subtracted a few minutes for what I shall call "speed differential"

As we got closer to OKE, N4EEB was coming in from the west and K4OJ up from the
south. They appeared to be heading for the same OKE border crossing. K4OJ had
two possible routes, one direct which put them there first, or one through an
additional county. They chose direct and I got my Mixed Sweep from them. I
next needed OSC for my CW Sweep. Team OJ dipped south to pick up another
county which put team EEB in the lead for OSC and my CW Sweep. K4OJ seemed to
be travelling a bit faster, so I wonder if they caught up later! At times,
they must have almost been in sight of each other.

Thanks to all the mobiles for many Qs. A wish for next year would be to have
back the web page with their routes published so I knew the order of their
route. The format this year gave mobiles in county, but no routes which made
things much more difficult. Maybe I just didn't find the correct page. And I
know the mobiles would join me in asking fixed stations to respect the mobile
window. Several of the 1x1 fixed stations were particularly prominent and cost
me a number of Qs with the mobiles trying underneath. Having said that, most
didn't, and the 1x1s did a great job of representing FLORIDA SUN!

On Sunday, it would have been possible to Sweep in one day. It seems like
Collier is always a problem and anyone that goes there has to go through big
counties to get there so it's a long wait for us and a slowdown for the
mobiles. Starting there on Saturday maybe, then head north?

Again, great work all! Join us for the Kansas QSO Party August 26-27 with
plaques, certificates, 1x1 spelling, and antique radio stamps to collect.

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC