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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2017   Nov 18   Comment Summary

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W6YX(N7MH)   SO Unlimited HP   125,7682017-11-19 02:02:40
Chose the wrong band to start on again, 15 instead of 20. Couldn't find a clear
frequency on 20 for the longest time so did a lot of S&P. Rates can be
quite slow if you don't get spotted.

Missed NNY, NL, ONE and GTA. Heard VE3BR in GTA on 80 weakly but too many
closer callers for me to get through. Never heard the others.

-Mike, N7MH
KØRV(KQØC)   Single Op HP   69,1162017-11-19 06:56:28
I opted, for complex reasons, to use our Club call K0RV and to operate on 80
meters only. I worked everyone I could hear but never found AK, PAC and several
other sections.
K4HQK   Single Op HP   12,7502017-11-19 07:52:27
Busy weekend, limited time to participate.

Ameritron ALS-600
Cushcraft 20-6m vertical
40/30m dipole pair
80m dipole
WinKeyer USB
K4FXN   Single Op LP   17,4462017-11-19 11:58:28
FTdx-3000, X-9 and dipoles.
Condx were unusual to say the least!
NG7Z   Single Op LP   5,3822017-11-19 13:06:41
Since tomorrow is my birthday I worked as many as I am old. 73 Paul NG7Z
NN2DX(W4FS)   SO Unlimited LP   7602017-11-19 13:24:15
Played around for a little bit on a station.

K2ZWI(NW2K)   School Club HP   33,5002017-11-19 13:25:22
University of Rochester Amateur Radio Club
NA4K   Single Op HP   37,9502017-11-19 14:16:51
With high wind and storms forecast to arrive here at 0100z Saturday
night, elected to just play, started Sunday A.M. for about 1 hour
then just in and out of shack a couple of times.

Should add that the wire antenna were down for tree cutters,
put the 80 and 40 dipoles up about 20 - 25 feet, and they seemed to work okay.

Steve NA4K

NZ6T   SO Unlimited LP   25,3402017-11-19 14:17:05
First time operating in ARRL SweepStakes, didn't have a whole lot of time
I have plans on how to do better next time.
KD3TB   SO Unlimited HP   44,1602017-11-19 14:28:06
Plowed through tough band conditions. Sunday night had a S9+ noise leve on 40M.
Never heard Puerto Rico and ONS - could not break the pile up in QC.
N1LN   SO Unlimited HP   166,0002017-11-19 14:55:07
Had the sweep by 0030 UTC, then it was only Qs to get.

Thanks for the Qs, the repeats and for the QRMers on 75 meters. I felt like a

Bruce N1LN
K5TU   Single Op HP   66,8362017-11-19 15:06:35
Shakedown of antennas and a repaired tower rotor for CQWW CW. Tower rotor is
working great. 10M completely dead. No antenna for 80 SSB. K3S + Alpha 76PA
K2XR   SO Unlimited HP   161,0202017-11-19 15:29:25
That was fun.
Let's play again next weekend.
See you in the pileups
KD8MQ   Single Op LP   30,3842017-11-19 15:32:47
Not bad, a new record for me. Lots of friendly ops this weekend.
My TA-33 is still down, but I hope to have it up in time for the 10 Meter
NN7SS(K6UFO)   Single Op QRP   2,4362017-11-19 15:33:41
Got on briefly on Sunday around 22z. Once I remembered to
unplug the AFSK/FT8 cable and plugin the Mic it started working.
15m was fading fast, but a few loud signals could hear me.
40m was a noisy mess and hard to be heard from the sunlit west coast,
so I waded into 20m, turned on the Attenuator, and worked the loud,
begging Sunday afternoon CQ machines :) Not too bad, I could enjoy
it for an hour.

NN7SS (op K6UFO)

15m, 20m: Force12 C31XR at 72 ft
40m: Force12 2 Element Yagi at 78 ft
Elecraft K3 turned down to 5 watts
K3/0-Mini control head and RemoteRig
WX3B   Multi-Op HP   87,2002017-11-19 15:35:52
Enjoyed it!! Only a few hours ended up being spent by the radio, however it was
fun trying to keep the rate up while I was on the air. Dennis N8IVN manned the
second operating position set up for SS on Saturday. Great turnout by team
PVRC...let's hope it was enough to win Sweepstakes #10.

Best wishes to all for a nice Thanksgiving.


Jim WX3B
NA2AA   Single Op QRP   37,5002017-11-19 15:41:06
QRP seems to be a mode that tests my ability to scream into a microphone over
and over again, and DEFINITELY separates the men from the mules on the OTHER
side of the QSO! Super hero awards go to two ops in the same state: K7RAT and
KA6BIM. They did NOT give up on the QSOs and we ultimately got there. Great
ears, Super patient, and Great job. Not being able to run anything, ever, I
missed states I heard other guys work - but never heard DE, PR, or NT all
weekend. Thanks to all the ops that toughed out the contacts. 73. David,
K4AFE   Single Op LP   35,6802017-11-19 15:43:39
Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee.

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
K3SEN   Single Op HP   18,9002017-11-19 15:51:07
Thanks for the Qs. 73 Dale K3SEN Elecraft K-Line / Hustler 6BTV.
K4WI   SO Unlimited HP   75,0322017-11-19 15:56:40
Had fun, VE8 was the last with ND and NNY being next to last. Thanks for all the
qso's and mult's! 73's Cort
K3MAW   SO Unlimited LP   12,2002017-11-19 16:02:33
Did not participate full-time, but wanted to get points for the club
K6IJ   SO Unlimited HP   102,2262017-11-19 16:07:57
Conditions really good on Sunday, lots of activity, 20 PACKED...
NE3K   Single Op HP   9,2562017-11-19 16:09:46
As usual, FD business kept me from putting in a better effort for this. Got a
couple of VE sections that I don't think I've ever gotten before, though. Like
NT, SK, but missed all the Ontario and GTA, QC.

Never saw/heard a WV or PR, VI, or DE except for K3WI.
NT9E   SO Unlimited HP   20,0662017-11-19 16:51:52
My 1st SS this decade. PR, WY, ND, and OK were elusive or unable to hear. Sloper
for 80 and 40 and a 3el SteppIR for 20m with a problem cable at the tower
mounted remote switch. All in all a fun contest!

Elecraft KPA-500/KAT-500
3el SteppIR
Alpha Delta DX/B sloper
WØZP   Single Op HP   27,3422017-11-19 16:57:02
Thanks for the nice contacts, saving up energy for cqwwcw so didn't op much 73
K9NW   Single Op LP   16,5002017-11-19 16:58:21
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
K1OU   Single Op HP   112,8002017-11-19 16:58:33
Finally got the chance to get on the radio this year after taking last year off.
I got a lot of work down on wire antennas and refitting coax, but came to
discover too late that the rotator was damaged, so the tribander was stuck
straight north and pretty much useless except for NT and AK.

As a result, missed VI, LAX, and SB. However, a 102 hour on 40 to start was a
highlight and definitely proves that a low wire antenna is very effective on 80
and 40.

Inverted vees and aforementioned tribander.
KJ5Y   Single Op HP   12,5282017-11-19 17:07:50
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
14 116 232 54 2.0
Total 116 232 54 2.0
Score: 12,528
1 Mult = 2.1 Q's
Just got in for a few hours... playing. Thanks to all who called us and thanks
for your patience with this remote operation!
VO1BQ   Single Op HP   1,4442017-11-19 17:08:28
An hour or so Sat and Sun evening after working 12hr shifts. Condx Poor... all
S&P... Called and Called many who were running with little success... 500W
and Inverted V.. Hope a few other VO1's had more time and better luck than I

K1VUT   Single Op LP   9,2002017-11-19 17:09:46
Made a few qsos to help out...reconfigured my station to try out some new
things...all in all, I'd rather be operating cw!
AI6O   Single Op HP   7,6802017-11-19 17:11:37
S&P unaided for a few hours looking for sections. Not into SSB tests but
still fun. Thanks for QSOs. 73

N4YDU   Single Op HP   50,8202017-11-19 17:11:49
Fun to get on for a few hours and enjoy the rate. Thanks for the Qs!


W2R(@W2FU)   Multi-Op HP   161,3522017-11-19 17:12:42
Special Call and operation in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the RDXA,
founded in 1947 (Check 47). A few first time contesters got to enjoy along
with some old time, and new time members of RDXA.

Everyone had fun, and it was much nicer here in the shack, then out in the WNY
mid November WX, that's for sure.

Thanks to all the SSers out there that worked us.

jeff - W2FU on behalf of the RDXA, now 70 years old....
W6TCP   Single Op HP   1,3342017-11-19 17:13:15
Very part time effort from ENY. My first SS.
N6EE(@W2/JEFFERSON)   SO Unlimited LP   21,7802017-11-19 17:21:31
W2/Jefferson is a Remote Ham Radio site in Northern New York with a very quiet
QTH, a high OCFD wire antenna and a barefoot K3. It receives very well and I
copied waaay more stations than I could work. I just couldn't get through the
QRM or break most pileups. Very humbling and frustrating experience.

My thanks to all of you who pulled me through and my hat is off to all QRP
operators - I can't imagine how you have the patience to hang in there.

Ron N6EE
W6SX   SO Unlimited HP   26,4482017-11-19 17:23:13
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
W4VIC   SO Unlimited HP   32,7042017-11-19 17:29:50
Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC
WB2P(@W2YC)   SO Unlimited LP   149,4002017-11-19 17:30:11
Special thanks to W2YC for the use of his station #1 and his awesome 40M beam.
Did not complete the sweep until 1730ish on Sunday. My first SS with 80M being
the best band. Cant wait for next year.
WC4J   Single Op QRP   3082017-11-19 17:32:42
valiant effort from condo in noise central
N4CF   Single Op LP   74,7202017-11-19 17:38:31
Great conditions at this QTH. I achieved my goal of beating last year's score --
by 70%! Had a couple of nice runs, which is a change for this S&P op.
W6RW   SO Unlimited HP   165,2802017-11-19 17:42:37
Things started out great on 20 meters until it was time to move to 40. 40 had an
S9 noise level. After battling on 40 for a while I decided that it was not worth
the effort. After all, I discovered a long time ago that I can't hang with the
Big Boys on 40 with my vertical. I decided to get a little extra sleep than
normal for sweepstakes and to hit it early on 20 meters.

Had some great runs on 20 on Sunday. Never went to 15 meters as I was busy
enough on 20. My Skyhawk at 38 feet worked great on 20 meters for this contest.
Missed PR, NL and NT for the SWEEP.

As always had a great time and got a lot of points for the AOCC. GO OUTLAWS!!!
W5FMH(KEØHWZ)   SO Unlimited HP   71,5502017-11-19 17:43:21
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
3.5 75 150 9 2.0
7 118 236 19 2.0
14 231 462 30 2.0
21 53 106 17 2.0
Total 477 954 75 2.0
Score: 71,550
1 Mult = 6.4 Q's
Billy KE0HWZ (soon to be W5HWZ) operated from Hugo Colorado at our club
station. He did well... his second SSB contest. He was supervised so probably
would have done better without me telling him what to do every minute LOL....
73 and thanks to all that worked us and gave Billy a chance to shine. Will CU
in CQWW next week end! (at KJ5Y)
W7WHY   SO Unlimited HP   5,6162017-11-19 17:45:58
Thanks for the Q's and 73
K3NDM   Single Op LP   10,3002017-11-19 17:46:55
Wire antennas in an urban envirnment
WUØB   SO Unlimited LP   5,6702017-11-19 17:50:29
One of my favorite contests, but had family obligations that only allowed a
couple hours of operating time this year. Always fun to see how close I can get
to a sweep and to reconnect with all the regulars. Had my 80/40m antenna down
for repairs, which was also a significant limitation.

Kenwood TS-850, Mosley Mini-32A
W3FA   Single Op LP   27,2002017-11-19 17:50:49
Elecraft K3s, Ten Tec Delta ll, 160 m inv L, G5RV, 40 m vert, TH3 @ 55\\\',
Eastern Shore of Maryland.
NN3W   SO Unlimited HP   127,2642017-11-19 17:55:39
Part time effort for the club. How do I miss North Dakota yet work two VY1s,
two KP2s, and two KP4s?

Condx were decent - 40 seemed long all weekend,=.
W7KAM   Single Op LP   11,4402017-11-19 17:57:59
100 watts into a Junior G5RV up 25 foot. A good contest for me as I
worked my first Nevada contact for my 40 meter WAS, tnx W7RN! The antenna
I am using now replaced the full size G5RV that I had at my old QTH and
showed a loss in signal strength to most areas but still worked better
than I thought it would. Worked both Alaska and Hawaii but missed VI and
Puerto Rico as many did. Several Canadians were missing from my log. Got
tired of listening to the noise level so I quit early. Still a fun time.
All S&P with no spotting assistance.
WA3AER   SO Unlimited HP   47,5502017-11-19 17:58:59
Well, I'm happy SS SSB is in the books. Surprised that I managed so few 40M Qs.
The couple of runs I tried were less productive than S&P!!
On Saturday evening both 40 and 80M were best by a buzzsaw sound at my QTH. And
when I check 15M Saturday afternoon, the local noise level prohibited attempting
any contacts (a number were spotted).
Note to self: you did better in SS CW. Is there a lesson there?

TU for all the Qs es Happy Thanksgiving to all. Vry nice to work so many

Eqt.: K3/P3
Hexbeam; 40/80M loaded dipole

K4QPL   SO Unlimited HP   35,6242017-11-19 18:03:29
SSB isn't my thing, but fun to hear friends and add a few points for the club.
Look for AA4NC and me as VP5M in CQWW CW.
N9GUN   SO Unlimited HP   29,2522017-11-19 18:04:51
Part time effort. Got a few runs going on 40M.

73 de Tom, N9GUN
KØUK   SO Unlimited LP   28,6442017-11-19 18:10:13
LOT Lack of Time. Happy Thanksgiving God Bless bill K0UK
K2AV   SO Unlimited HP   78,6242017-11-19 18:12:02
Rig: K3 + 8410
Antennas: 80: 160 L/FCP used as 80 EFHWL (see 160-80 Dual Band)
40-15: fan dipole @ 55 feet

The goal was 500 Q's or 75K score for PVRC.

The dual-banded 160 L/FCP seemed to work very well on 75m. It kept me on a run
frequency with some hour plus runs of 100/hr.

Only used higher bands for multipliers.

Theoretically I could have put more time, but the use of a boom mike off the
desk kept me in poor posture which made itself felt. Will have to get a headset
mike so I can sit like I do in the CQ contests.

Thanks for the Q's
K4UB   Single Op LP   45,9002017-11-19 18:13:11
Lesson Learned - DO NOT get a vasectomy day of contest!!! ha ha...

Thanks everyone see you all next year will be back in GA!
K7XC   Single Op HP   135,4642017-11-19 18:14:53
Struggled in the beginning. Nothing seemed to work well so I stopped at 10PM
with only 180Qs in the log and tried to get a good nights sleep. Woke up at
530AM, fired off the pellet stove, Got dressed for the 23 degree morning and
went outside to put the 80M antenna on SSB. After defrosting my fingers in
front of the hot stove I made some breakfast and finally sat down in front of
the radio a bit before 630AM and didn't move for 7 hours. I ran a 100 QSO per
Hour pileup on 14.196 MHz until 0130PM when I had to stop as my brain was
simply fried. Took a long break including a nap, lunch and a quick shower and
still couldn't bring myself to continue. Still, those early Sunday morning
hours were some of the best SSB contesting I have done in years! The bands
slowly degenerated over the weekend into noisy, hollow sounding, QSB filled
mush. Thanks to all who stopped to work me. Missed only the KP4 for a clean
sweep. Station here is an old IC-746 driving an AL80B to 800W. Antennas include
a 3ele 15M Yagi @ 30', 3ele 20M yagi @ 43', and a 40/80M Inv Vee @ 38'. See you
next weekend in CQ WW DX CW!
VE3RUA   SO Unlimited LP   43,4502017-11-19 18:27:07
No PR and SB but, even worse, no ND or MB, which are in my backyard.
KX4FR   Single Op LP   20,9922017-11-19 18:27:24
I could not find PR for sweep
NA6O   SO Unlimited HP   8,3642017-11-19 18:27:58
TS-590s, KPA500, verticals, dipoles at 15 ft, N1MM+
K3YDX   Single Op LP   17,5822017-11-19 18:28:29
Challenging to say the least. Bad sore throat and head cold, limited to LP here
at the beach and temporary antenna off the balcony. Started with the IC-7000 to
use the voice memories but Sunday afternoon for unknown reasons the smoke came
out of that box. Don't know what burned but will try to find out. Switched to
the old dependable IC-706, no filtering and the rest was painful..
Was nice to speak with so many guys from my previous QTH area in MD. Looking
forward to getting back into the PVRC circle once the house is built.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!
N9RV   Single Op HP   225,9262017-11-19 18:33:34
Got sucked into staying on long enough to get a sweep! Got pretty lucky with PR

Pretty tough conditions on Sat night on the low bands from here. But there was
a lot of activity!
N4OC   Single Op LP   2,5422017-11-19 18:33:35
First sweepstakes since 1969!
Couldn't operate more since we're buying a new home and moving.
Fun while it lasted

WB9KPT   SO Unlimited HP   56,4802017-11-19 18:36:01
Part time effort, starting at 9pm local time on Saturday. Missed ND, PR, and
GTA sections... First time I have made more contacts on 80M than any other
N4TP(W4LT)   SO Unlimited LP   218,7002017-11-19 18:36:03
Decent conditions. Had antenna rotor issues (AGAIN!) at the club station.
Parked our big stack (120ft) with the C31XR and EF240 at 327 degrees, parked
the small stack (55ft) at 358 degrees and switched between the two. Had no
rotor control after that, lucky I'm in the southeast corner of the country!
Worked all states, but missed NT and NL, never heard either. As always, a fun
and challenging contest in Low Power. Did this one "Classic-ly":
Single VFO single receiver. The cluster is basically useless as nobody
actually spots anything of value. While I had the cluster up, I didn't use it
at all. 95% running as with the Tampa ARC antennas, I can hold a frequency
indefinitely with 150 watts! People don't believe that I'm LP, but I am, there
are no amps at TARC! The TARC IC7700'ds receiver is no match for my K3's
receiver... Amazed that they call this the Contester's Rig, as it is simply a
TS850 in a fancy box. Lots of filter blow through... You cant sneak into holes
between big signals like you can with the K3, which is frustrating. The TARC
Force 12 EF240X ABSOLUTELY ROCKS! Best-Antenna-Ever! Thanks for all the
points; this was my single op swan song at this facility as next year, our
contest rookies will be ready to do a multi-one for this contest!

Rig: IC7700 at 150w
Antennas: F12 C31XR at 108ft, F12 EF240X at 118 ft, F12 XR5 at 55 ft, Carolina
Windom 160 at 40ft, Sloping dipole for 80M at 80 ft.
Logging by N1MMLoggerPlus
Radio interface and DVK by MicroHam MicroKeyer 2


Lu Romero - W4LT
N3AM   SO Unlimited HP   75,0062017-11-19 18:39:07
Lots more work than the CW version. Missed ND and PR.
K4XL   SO Unlimited HP   131,7062017-11-19 18:40:51
Normally I consider myself a CW op. However, I really enjoyed this phone
contest. As a result managed to keep my BIC longer than usual. Everything was
working for a change which made things easier and definitely more fun. The
conditions were good, and the activity level seemed to be very good. Thanks
for all the QSOs. Rig is an Icom 7800 with a Alpha 78 amp. Dipole on 80 and
DB18E on 40 and up.
W4JAM   SO Unlimited HP   56,7442017-11-19 18:43:18
Was not on when the PR station was. All most all S&P. Bands were not great
but not bad. Found out I have rf with my 80 dipole which slows things down.

Acom 2000A
DB36 Steppir@ 105ft
Wires for 40/80
WØNO   Multi-Op HP   289,9522017-11-19 18:43:37
Where was PR?

Doing our best the old fashioned way... just one radio and one operator at a

Many thanks to Big Al (W0NO) for the use of his fine station.
W3TB   Single Op HP   14,0002017-11-19 18:43:55
Lots of weekend commitments and a bad cold. Things got better Sunday night.
WØMB   SO Unlimited HP   19,1262017-11-19 18:48:06
NTS:Kenwood TS590, Alpha 76A, PRO67@60, 75 Dipole@70, N1MM+. Just messing around
and worked a few guys. I really couldn't get into it and had company. I need to
have better antennas on 160 and 75 meters.
K9KJ/M   Single Op LP   1,0402017-11-19 18:52:08
Decided to try mobile since I don't have a mic for my fixed HF station.
The idea came to me while I was just waiting for my wife to finish shopping.
While I don't typically do SSB contests, I think I might do a larger effort
next year mobile.
N6ZFO   Single Op HP   130,8802017-11-19 18:53:45
Feast and famine is the word for this weekend. I'm not sure my ears will every
recover from the strain of pulling exchanges out of the noise.

On 20m Sunday, I had a rate of 140 per hour for an hour, the fastest ever for
me in SS. . there were massive pileups. Missing ME, I just made a comment
about it and suddenly out the pileup a station yelled "maine"; we
both got a good laugh out of it. . and it was his first SF QSO. Of course
later found many other ME stations, but never MAR. VO2RAC was challenging. .
understandably, the op may have been a bit overwhelmed by the pileup, and would
just pause for a while. I popped my call in on an empty frequency, and he came
right back. Never heard PR, VI or MAR.

I'll never do this contest again . . at least not until next year.

73 Bill N6ZFO
N4PN   Single Op LP   190,9002017-11-19 18:53:52
Phone is always more fun in the WAS contest....can always get someone to give
you a call....
Needed NL and ND after getting home from church.....KD0CVZ answered my CQ
for ND and later Sunday afternoon VO2RAX came next to my CQ frequency to check
to see if that frequency was clear....moved a KC to nab him for NL..
Also worked CH2AC in Labrador always happens..
Thanks to all and Happy Thanksgiving!
73, Paul, N4PN
VY2TT(K6LA)   SO Unlimited HP   253,8142017-11-19 18:55:31
Surprisingly decent activity from the usually rare sections. Decent rates Sunday

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
W2GPS   SO Unlimited HP   48,7622017-11-19 18:55:39
Elecraft K3, P3, AL-1500

SteppIR DB-18 @ 70 feet
80M half sloper, 80 dipole
160 meter "W3ZZ" inverted L.
Hi-Z 3-element steerable vertical Rx array

Missed ND and PR
K9BBQ   Single Op LP   8282017-11-19 18:59:10
Was fun - work & sleep got in the way of radio fun.
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   66,4002017-11-19 18:59:42
Unexpected sweep! Thanks to KP2XX and NP4G for getting on after the disasters

Had plans to do 20-24 hours. Began with a solid 2 hrs and 175 q’s, then
noticed aometimes as I keyed, the swr would jump up. Checked all
connections...nothing. Took every cable off, checked with an ohm meter.
Nothing. Put back together, still issues.

Went to dinner, and came back bummed. Got up Sunday, started makimg Q’s, and
happened worse...THEN I remembered I am a service electrician, and have some
cool test equipment in the van. Used a megger to put 1k volts on each cable,
and located the fault.

After that, just played around.

Had a 98 hour @2300z Sunday which was fun, all on a quicky made 40 m ground
plane, with 4 radials about 10’ off the ground. Many stations commented I was
loud, which was wierd, because it performed as well as, and better than my 40 m
loop with the apex @ 50’.

73 Chuck KI9A
W8RJL   Single Op HP   103,7402017-11-19 19:00:13
This was a SO, HP, Un-Assisted effort which gave me a chance to really test my
Ameritron AL-82 amp that I repaired just before the contest. The repaired HV
transformer winding held up just fine "RUNNING" about 80% of the
time. Missed ND, PR, NT, NL and SK. Maybe I should have run Assisted.
NF4A   SO Unlimited HP   39,9002017-11-19 19:00:22
Part time effort....didn't get on the air much on Sunday since I had to go to my
hunting camp to prepare for deer season which starts Thanksgiving morning.
VE3VN   Single Op LP   2,6002017-11-19 19:00:36
Operated in the final hour of the contest. Out of 50 QSOs about 10 of them said
they needed ONE. How odd.
K7RAT(N6TR)   Single Op HP   287,3282017-11-19 19:00:58
Missed KP4.

After having some issues during CW - thought I would give SSB a try.

Many thanks for all of the QSOs.
VE3CX   SO Unlimited HP   201,0422017-11-19 19:02:34
Missed ND and PR
WT9U   SO Unlimited HP   160,8842017-11-19 19:02:42
Missed KP4 for the sweep.
N6JS   Single Op HP   206,4002017-11-19 19:02:55
NØTA   SO Unlimited HP   41,4922017-11-19 19:03:14
Missed PR
WN1G   Multi-Op LP   83,2682017-11-19 19:04:53
First, Linda (WN1G) and I (KY4F) would like to say thanks for all the Q's!

Had trouble getting the DVK to work so we ended up going "old school"
for the first night and most of Sunday morning. Then in a flash of brilliance
(i.e. reading the manual) I figured out the issue and life was much easier.

Lots of big numbers out there, but from this QTH, it was a real slog. Passing
storms shut us down for 90 minutes in prime time Saturday evening. After that
Linda had a good run on 80 and we were hopeful Sunday after sunset would
provide some decent rate. Sadly, it was not to be.

We missed two mults- PR and SB. Okay, PR is understandable, but SB? What's up
with that? hi hi.

Again thanks for the Q's. See you next year!

Doug and Linda
KY4F and WN1G
KG4USN   Single Op LP   4,5002017-11-19 19:05:03
Its much easier at WA3EKL
K3MM   SO Unlimited HP   240,0362017-11-19 19:05:22
Lots of NNY on phone! ND was the last for the sweep late on Sunday and then I
worked a bunch of them. LOL!
K8BKM   Single Op HP   91,6802017-11-19 19:05:44
After an all out effort on CW I just wanted to "play" on the phone
contest and help out our club score. Operated Saturday night for about 2.5
hours and then Sunday afternoon and evening for another 8 hours.

Missed PR, WY, and NT.

Decided to try operating in a new category - have traditionally operated
Unlimited low power but decided to run Single Op High Power. However, I used
the wrong precedence and sent "A" in my exchange. I submitted my log
under the proper category (SOHP) and my log will be okay when checked against
others. My new (used) Alpha 78 did a great job. Band changes are really easy
using the "bandpass mode". I didn't drive the amp very hard.

- finding and keeping a run frequency on 20M is really hard. Here in the middle
of the country there are often stations we can't hear so it sounds like a
frequency is clear when it's really not. You don't realize it until someone
answers a different station that you can't hear a little off your frequency. I
think the rule is to get to the band early before the masses arrive and get
yourself established. That worked for me when I went to 40M rather early in the
afternoon Sunday. I was fresh meat so that helped, but I established a great run
for well over 2 hours before the masses moved down from 20M.

- it's true that the mults will come to you if you are successful running. The
only multiplier I actually went looking for (scanning the band, not the spots)
was AK. Funny because I worked two AK in a 10 minute period. All the other
multipliers I got called me. A corollary to this is "don't leave a good
run for a multiplier". However, I'm sure I missed NT and WY because I was
running on 40 when I should / could have been running on 20. But, I found it
hard to run on 20. Hmmmm.

- There are lots of little tricks to improving your run rate. Most are known
and published in handbooks but it's fun to experiment. I shortened my exchange
by giving my callsign without phonetics. I realized that they already have my
call - I usually send it phonetically in my CQ, so no sense repeating it
phonetically during the exchange. Also, I insist on giving my call after EVERY
Q when running, but again if I'm busy, I don't send it phonetically. I also
found that I can speak fairly quickly. Most have my exchange from listening to
the previous QSO so all they really need is the serial number. These
observations apply to when I have a really good rate going.

- I spoke every word for the entire operating period. I don't use a DVR or .wav
files. I could have, and perhaps I should, but there are so many who do it
BADLY. How many times did you hear CQ in one voice, call them, and have someone
completely different sounding return your call - different person? different
audio level, fresh versus tired, etc. Also, I don't like it when you get the
serial number "in person" and the rest of the exchange after a slight
or LONG delay that is recorded, again, with apparently someone else's voice. The
best use of audio "technology" was the station that used a text to
speech synthesizer that sent the entire exchange that sounded pretty darn good.
It said everything phonetically and well articulated. No human involved, except
to press the right key. If you have programmed .wav files, how can you
introduce the little nuances in the cadence, rate, or content to improve
things? Seems like it locks you in. I'm not a phone guy, so I probably won't go
to the effort of recording .wav files.

- new operators and/or new contesters could really benefit from learning how to
adjust their exchange, and how to respond to requests for fills. Some repeat the
whole thing when I just asked for one part. Others repeat the thing I asked for
but only ONCE, right when the QSB kills them. Please people, if I ask for a
fill and conditions are marginal, repeat only what I ask for and repeat it a
few times. I ended up telling people this saying "please repeat your
serial number three times" or some such lengthy instruction. I think it's
better to ask for fills one item at a time, unless you got NOTHING, in which
case you can say "all again" or "I got nothing, please
repeat". This is nit-picking but by the end of a contest it becomes

I'm certainly not an expert. I've only operated SS (phone and CW) three years
and I'm amazed how I keep learning new very important things and how each year
is different.

Thanks for the Q's!

73, Tom
N6DW   SO Unlimited LP   61,5002017-11-19 19:05:48
I was planning on running 500 watts but the amp planned on taking a vacation, so
my score isn't what I was hoping for, Gear: K3 80/40 OCFD with KAT500 Tuner.
N6RO   Single Op HP   9,6962017-11-19 19:07:17
Had a busy music weekend, got on in parts of last two hours. SS SSB #61 since
1953. Skip was long on 80m in last hour, missed most 6 and 7 mults.
NDØC   Single Op QRP   56,5182017-11-19 19:07:18
The typical slog with QRP, especially on 40 and 80. 95% S&P with a few
small runs. 15 was pretty much a washout with just spotlight propagation from
here and deep QSB. Missed 6 sections - didn't even hear stations from 5 of
those missing sections doing any running. Tough to keep motivated.
WC6H   Single Op HP   284,3762017-11-19 19:07:51
Had the same amount of contacts as last year. Missed PR for the sweep.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Thanks for all the Q'S

73, Rich WC6H
W1SRD   SO Unlimited HP   245,1822017-11-19 19:08:09
Numbers tell the story. 15 and 80 just were not productive enough to stay with
for long.

Very enjoyable SS this year. Until next year.

Thanks everyone!


KØMD   SO Unlimited HP   17,4082017-11-19 19:08:15
Very limited time due to work and family issues
Enjoyed the last hour running on 80 SSB.
NØIJ   Single Op HP   104,5202017-11-19 19:08:15
Missed NL, MB, SK, NT, PR. Never heard any of these.

Lots of fun, as usual, but too many family things going on to spend more time.
Thanks for the q's.
John, N0IJ
KØVXU   Single Op HP   154,1602017-11-19 19:08:18
K3, TL-922A, TH6XX, Sloping Vees (80 & 40), N1MM+

Part-time only. Many interruptions but tried my best to get a sweep. Couldn't
locate PR although I know that there was at least one on the air as I heard
KH7XS work him as his first contact at 2100Z on 15 meters.

Surprisingly there were several NNY, WTX, NE, RI, DE, SD stations on. All of
the sections that I missed in the CW test (NNY, NT) I had worked in the first
few hours of the test. At first I did S&P but a few hours in I began to
run. Trying to run in B class was a challenge as an hour into test a
Polhyphaser protector in the antenna line failed which caused the amp to be
contrary on full power. Ran at about half power (500 Watts) through rest of

All in all this was a fun test. As such I approached it with less stress. I
even took about a half hour to chat with my old friend JA3USA who called
through the melee on 20 meters. Mac was not with the Itallians at J5T this
time because of family concerns, so it was great to be able to chat with him at
home. Great to see 20 open to the Far East.

Thanks to all who called and provided a QSO. There is no doubt some had good
ears to be able to pick my callsign out of the mess. Great fun.

Russ K0VXU
K5ZD   Single Op HP   91,0402017-11-19 19:08:31
Fun part time effort.

Missed PR, VI and NL. Never heard any of them.
KE4S   SO Unlimited HP   54,5602017-11-19 19:08:42
Rig- K3/P3, Expert 1.3K-FA
Ant- 4el SteppIR @ 17m for 40m thru 6m
W7KF Skyhook II inverted L for 160m/80m
NC6R   Single Op HP   66,2842017-11-19 19:09:41
Family commitment limited operating time. Never heard RI. 73, Steve/NC6R
KØVG   Single Op HP   15,1622017-11-19 19:09:51
I was surprised how 200 feet of wire strung in a Z pattern around the yard
averaging 15 feet above the ground worked on 80M.
This was about the lowest number of sections I ever worked, but did get NNY in
the first half hour.
WT2P   SO Unlimited HP   12,8962017-11-19 19:10:41
Very P/T this weekend.

Nice to work many SMC members!

W4EE   SO Unlimited LP   17,2282017-11-19 19:11:04
TS-590S es OCFD
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim
W8MJ   SO Unlimited HP   215,8002017-11-19 19:11:04
Not full time, part time only. Thanks for all the q's and best to all.
KC9EE   SO Unlimited HP   14,1442017-11-19 19:12:30
Had company all weekend so not much time. Had one good 40 minute run on 75 when
they let me have the house to myself, lol.

Gary KC9EE
K6NV   SO Unlimited HP   28,9442017-11-19 19:13:17
No serious effort, just giving the station a good workout. Good thing I added
another 40m dipole broadside east/west, sure made a difference. Amazing how I
can get reports of being very loud, but yet cannot really get a run going!!

Tnx for the Q's.........Bob

K3 & KPA Amp
Wire Dipoles for 80m and 40m
CH2AC(VE3FU)   Single Op LP   13,6682017-11-19 19:13:34
I realize that I'm only running 100W to an all band vertical, and that I'm on
the NE edge of NA, and off the back of most station's beams, but I easily
called 3 to 4 times as many stations than I worked.

I called CQ for 10 minutes at a time several times and had 2 callers. After 86
S&P QSOs, I was finally spotted. I then managed to work 44 Qs in about an
hour (not high rate I know), but that was more than half of the QSOs than I'd
worked the whole contest to that point!

Remind me not to use a special prefix in SS again. The number of stations that
didn't want to copy the "CH" prefix surprised me.

Special prefix for 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation. See and


Chris VE3FU / VO2AC
KØACP   SO Unlimited LP   60,8442017-11-19 19:13:40
Missed the sweep again by one, PR. Hope the folks on the island are on the road
to recovery....

Bands were rather noisy, 20 was the worst, 15 and 40 were both tuff, but 80 was
the money band, had a great run the last 3 hours.

Thanks to all who participate, those who organize, and those that let us

Have a great Thanksgiving!

73 es God Bless,

Art / K0ACP
K6CDJ(W6XK)   SO Unlimited HP   1,8002017-11-19 19:15:21
Dedicated to Dad K6CDJ (SK).
AA4NP   Single Op LP   41,8562017-11-19 19:15:26
Good contest. Too bad my 75 m antenna was not working right. But, 40 m was
K9CT   SO Unlimited HP   291,9942017-11-19 19:16:06
Lots of storms in the area, lots of rain, wind and QRN. 80m seemed noisier than

Great to run into so many friends in the contest. Thanks for the QSOs.

I was using the new FlexRadio Power Genius XL Amplifier SO2R with the 6700 and
Maestro. All good!

73, Craig K9CT
VE4EV(VE4DRK)   Single Op LP   23,4962017-11-19 19:16:31
Was able to put in some hours. Started slow, but got better on 40m later on.
Surprised me a bit how good some of the signals were. Even surprised myself
working as many sections as I did - not a normal thing for me - hi hi. 73, Dan
ve4ev (ve4drk)
W4WWQ   Single Op LP   48,8722017-11-19 19:17:56
S&P Wish I could type faster without errors. Where was SB. Like some
others BIC is a problem.
N9SD   SO Unlimited LP   87,6422017-11-19 19:18:35
Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
80 0 117 0 117 22
40 0 233 0 233 43
20 0 158 0 158 29
15 0 33 0 33 6
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 0 541 0 541 100
W6UE(N6AN)   Single Op QRP   82017-11-19 19:19:03
After helping out at W6YI overnight I had to drop by work (Caltech)to do a few
things this afternoon. The temptation to try out an orphaned multiband vertical
still mounted on my building's roof was too much. With a KX3 (5W) and battery
only two QSOs were achieved. KH7XS easily heard me on 20, the only signal
present since it was 0130Z and everyone else had moved to lower bands. The
vertical doesn't work on 40. The radio tuner allowed me to transmit and I was
heard by W6LX in LAX for my second QSO. Many calls to the loudest stations
netted no response.

It was a pleasure to be a part of SS both modes this year.
David N6AN
VE3BR   Single Op HP   43,1682017-11-19 19:19:54
Radio: Ten-Tec Orion + AL-80B @ ~700 W
Antenna: DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band Vertical
Software: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6903.0

Two short runs on 80 and a micro-run on 20. The rest S&P. Never heard ND
and NNY. Sections heard but not made included ONS; I seem to develop a habit of
not making all of Ontario. Another habit: could not maintain motivation late on
Sunday :)
KI5LR   Single Op LP   73,3122017-11-19 19:19:58
So dang close to a sweep I could taste it. So I will work on the antennas and
try to sweep it all next year. Maybe PR will be in better shape where they can
operate more. 73 DE KI5LR
N9NA   SO Unlimited HP   48,2482017-11-19 19:20:49
Ten Tec Omni 7, Ten Tec Centurion, Steppir DB18e, 80 mtr ocf, 55 ft twr, N1MM+.
K8MR   Single Op LP   3,2002017-11-19 19:22:08
A frustrating effort, more so than I expected even for low power and crummy
antennas with SSB. Started at the Sarasota Bay waterfront location, which
usually rocks, but not good today. Not sure if it was the MFJ whip antenna,
salt water getting on the antenna base mount (it was high tide when there), or
what, but clearly I was not loud. Did some evening operating on 40/80 from the
condo with the mostly hidden antennas, which did about as expected (poorly).
But still good to pass out a few QSOs to old friends and other deserving ops.

73 - Jim K8MR
K6LRN   Single Op HP   55,4402017-11-19 19:22:26
K6ST   Single Op LP   9,7922017-11-19 19:22:32
Fun small pistol SS Phone effort
N4CU   Single Op HP   15,3442017-11-19 19:23:13
i enjoy operating, learning more about operating the station, and having fun.
This hobby can't be beat.
N4GG   SO Unlimited HP   63,2462017-11-19 19:25:58
11 hours - all S&P. Great to say Hi to so many old friends. Surprised how
easy the sweep was compared to the CW run. Worked two NNY at the start along
with two VI and other tough ones from 2 weeks ago. All new antennas here - got
a lot of nice signal reports.
40 sounded better than 2 weeks ago, 21 not as good. No elbow bumping on 75 SSB
anymore - I think spreading the phone band down to 3600 fixed that.

Thanks for all the Qs. Nice to hear good participation and a lot of checks of
00 and newer.

Hal N4GG

FTdx5000, FT1000MP, 2 X ACOM 2000A, Writelog, Wires in the woods
KM7N   Single Op LP   3,8402017-11-19 19:28:28
Had a few hours here and there to play. 15 wasn't as busy as I was expecting it
to be, so I didn't even bother checking 10. Seemed like everyone packed up and
left 20M early Saturday night--wasn't even sunset in AZ and I couldn't find a
single contest station on the band. When I followed the horde to 40, I was
dismayed to find that my G5RV was both deaf and mute. Had to switch to my low
end-fed dipole. Managed to pull out a few QSOs on 40 between Saturday night
and Sunday morning, but I clearly need to make some time this week to check out
my antenna to see what is wrong. Guess I could use an early Christmas gift!
Sunday proved a much more productive day on 20, and it is clear that everyone
in MDC was on the radio--I probably heard more MDC stations than anyone else!
I finished the afternoon with a couple Qs on 15--surprised to find a lonely WV
station CQing away on 15 and LOUD. Nice way to end for me. Thanks for all the
W2RQ   Single Op HP   220,6142017-11-19 19:29:06
Started out with nonworking foot switch and vox that kept tripping, obliterating
parts of calls and exchanges. Fixed the footswitch, but our (small) dog decided
to spend most of the contest sleeping on it, so ended up back with the vox and
associated problems. Looking forward to when propagation returns to the higher
KH7XS(K4XS)   SO Unlimited HP   353,9122017-11-19 19:32:05
15 was hot the first day. First two hours were around 160 hours. It never got
as good on Sunday.
KG6SVF   Single Op HP   13,1442017-11-19 19:32:08
[log removed from comments]

NAME: Dave Marson
ADDRESS: 2070 Middlefield Ave
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6903.0
K7QA   Single Op LP   2,6522017-11-19 19:32:24
CW is so much easier :-)
K4BAI   Single Op HP   200,8802017-11-19 19:36:18
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp, inverted vee. Missed NT and VI.
Missed the first 90 minutes due to attending a wedding in the extended family.
Probably missed the only good 15M opening Sat afternoon. 15 was open a bit on
Sunday to the west coast and Alaska. The main bands were pretty good without
much atmospheric QRN. Had the voice effects of a lingering cold and was
coughing a lot. Sorry about that. Thanks for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
W4KW   SO Unlimited HP   76,9502017-11-19 19:36:45
Daughter and Family came in from out of state. Operating time was limited and
sporadic. 80 and 40 were the bread and butter.
Thanks to all for the contacts..
Happy Holidays to ALL,
KW8N   Single Op HP   277,8842017-11-19 19:38:32
Terrible rain static Saturday afternoon and evening and then snow static.
Some more of that on Sunday. Didn't quiet down totally until the last 6 hours.
WA6KHK   SO Unlimited HP   153,8822017-11-19 19:38:48
I thought I could crack 1000 Q's but it died off in the last 2 hours. Got the
clean sweep though!
N2RJ   Single Op HP   196,1442017-11-19 19:39:30
First serious effort in SS, other than previous efforts to get a sweep. No
special preparation, and in retrospect, DX antennas don't work well for SS. So
I need to put back up some low dipoles to work SS.

Missed NT, not sure why they were so rare. I was expecting that PR would be the
one that got away but PR was pretty easy on 40m. I would imagine things are
still pretty bad on the island.

Lost prime hours due to stuff happening at home (replacing fridge, which failed
a couple weeks ago). Tried to make it up after the initial 24 hours and rate
droppped off drastically so that was pretty much a lost cause.

Used the new FlexRadio/4O3A solid state amp with true SO2R and integrated with
the Flex-6700 (and other radios). The team at Sky Sat and FlexRadio did a
really great job with it.

KØOU   SO Unlimited HP   76,2842017-11-19 19:39:51
spent most of my time fixing stuff-finally ended up changing out the radio after
too much RF in the shack from high SWR running SSB on my antennas tuned for cw.
Tnx for everyone's patience with my poor typing skills. Will hope to do better
in CQWW cw next weekend
KD5UVV   Single Op HP   34,1362017-11-19 19:40:24
Limited time to play in contest, Mostly search and pounce up and down the bands.
Held a freq. on 40 meters for awhile Saturday night. Used End-fed wire antenna,
Tokyo Hy-power amp (800 watts avg) Ten Tec Orion. Had fun, thanks all for the
contacts. 73
K2ZR   Single Op LP   17,0522017-11-19 19:40:33
80 Meter Single Band
RIG: K2 @95W
ANTS: 660\' CF WIRE - 425\' EF WIRE
WB6CZG   Single Op QRP   15,8462017-11-19 19:40:39
Rig KX3, antenna 80 meter dipole.operated 13 hrs.6
W6YI   Multi-Op HP   317,3922017-11-19 19:40:53
Thanks everyone for all the QSO'S. K6AM,N6AN and N6WIN got us off to a great
start. The rest of our team kept up the pace with so so conditions at times.
The station played well and our only challenge at night was keeping one of the
dogs off the foot switches. It was great to have N6WIN back in our group. N6MJ
was missed as he is headed to ZF1 and we wish him the best. See you all in the
CW Test.
KB1RI   Single Op HP   111,8882017-11-19 19:42:44
Enjoyed SS again this year. Much less frustrating working this contest at HP
compared to last year at LP. Improved antennas and new auto-tune amp made band
changes a lot easier than last year. My wire loop just couldn't compete on 20M
to get any kind of run going. I really miss the beam and tower I had in
Massachusetts! 80M was my money band Saturday evening. 40M was the better
place for me on Sunday morning and afternoon with occasional S&P on 20M
with a couple trips to 15M to only hear the same handful of big signals from
out west. finished things off back on 80M where the rates were reasonable.
Worked quite a few fellow PVRC members during my 80M runs. Go PVRC!
W5WZ   Multi-Op HP   309,9222017-11-19 19:44:36
This year the LCC members opted to go to W5WZ's QTH for our annual SS SSB
Contest get together. Previously we have run as W5RU(@KN5O).

This time of year, WX can be an issue for us. Fortunately a cold front passed
though our area just prior to the start of the contest, so we had excellent WX
conditions (no thunderstorms to deal with). Additionally, we didn't have any
computer and/or antenna radio equipment problems, so it was "all

We started off on 20m and 15m and noticed that our 20m performance dropped off
earlier than usual, forcing us to move to 40m and 80m sooner than we have in
the past. However we were able to put 82 sections in the log after about 6
hours of operation, missing only NL. By 1AM (when we usually take our first
break), we had nearly 1100 Qs in the log - good but not as good as we have had
in the past.

On Sunday, the rate was substantially down from years past. We did the best we
could in trying to run, but it was somewhat disappointing. Conditions are
obviously deteriorating. All that being said, we were able to work VO1KVT for
our last mult early Sunday morning. He had a pretty good pileup and managed it
well. After putting him in the log, we just had to settle down and run as best
we could.

All-in-all, we had a good time and are satisfied with our performance. We had
lots of food and snacks and a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Scott
(W5WZ) and his wife Sharon for allowing us to invade their home.

We want to thank everyone for the Qs and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

And, on a very positive note, we noticed large numbers of Checks in the past 2
year. The new hams ARE getting on the air!

For W5WZ and the LCC members-

Ted KN5O, Mark K5ER, Bobby WM5H, Shawn WA5VQP and Scott, W5WZ
VA3DF   SO Unlimited LP   102,1722017-11-19 19:45:24
Worked no less than 5 NNY stations, can I transfer one of these to the CW

Unusual conditions, started slowly but ended up missing only PR. Ran into a
nice run on 40 with stations who were obviously starved for the ONS mult

Every contest is fun - what the heck...

as usual, it's a jungle out there...


NQ6N   SO Unlimited HP   47,2322017-11-19 19:46:00
Got time for some casual operating. Thanks for the Qs.
W1AJT(VE3UTT)   SO Unlimited HP   78,8502017-11-19 19:47:45
K3 / Hexbeam @ 8M / 43' Vertical / 80m inv "V"

Only my second sweep first was CW from VE3 in 2012. Had all but SB before 1600
UTC Sunday. Only my 3rd SS SSB.

Hope all had fun.
N6NU   Multi-Op HP   170,4242017-11-19 19:51:43
Original SS Plan had us operating K6LRG remote. The K6LRG station was QRT
stricken with a power problem at the same time as we were doing a radio
transition event(installing flex) a few days prior to the cw SS. Andreas
suggested firing up his home station as an alternate. We did so, and did quite
well(the station played very well), so since stuff is still kind of torn up on
the hill, we decided to do an unscheduled semi-serious SSB effort from his

N6WM started out the contest and worked the first 5 hours racking up the score,
but just as things were starting to kick up on 40 a local qrn source popped up
slowing down the charge a bit. sigh.. life in the hood.

N6NU and K6WX took shifts Saturday evening battling 40m qrn and a discovery
that the 80m antenna does not play well in SSB when hopping around 75m. the low
number on 40 and particularly 80 tell the story here. rough riding. Its a
shame when noise pops up like this, N6NU SteppIR is a lethal radiator. A new 80
solution is in works.

Sunday AM we were testing our flex remote contesting configuration that will
eventually drive K6LRG op position 3. N6WM fired up remote from his Fremont
QTH operating several hours in the AM. other than a bit of Internet badness
for about 10 minutes it worked very well.

Andreas then took over for much of the late morning and early afternoon. K6WX
then took over again, along with another 1 hour run by N6WM.

Missed the Caribbean mults.. and honestly did not look very hard. Just about
everything else came to us.

Overall it was a bit of a tough slog but with a team of 3 we were able to
produce a result in the range needed for the task at hand.

Op condx - N6NU Medium gun under construction!(keep an eye out for big scores
from this station)

Flex 6700/Maestro
Expert 1.3KFA
N1MM Logger +
Some additional remote contesting solutions

Also a new control panel of N6NU's design. pretty slick.

Thanks to all for the QSO's and the spots

SS Team N6NU
Ops Andreas N6NU/Chris N6WM/Kristen K6WX
AI4WU   SO Unlimited HP   67,9402017-11-19 19:51:58
Managed a little under 11.5 hours operating time for the event. Better than some
years, but not as good as others. Internet to shack was down for the entire
contest, so "assisted" was an interesting challenge. Had to use cell
phone for viewing spots, so no clean sweep this year! The shortcoming of wire
antennas on 15 and 20 meters were very apparent, but it was still fun

Rig: Flex 6500
Amp: Alpha 8100
Ant: Buckmaster OCF dipole on 80m
Fan dipole on 40m & up
N6XI   SO Unlimited HP   87,0842017-11-19 19:56:23
Missed KP4
NS3T   Single Op LP   52,4402017-11-19 19:58:11
Enjoyed playing on the bands this weekend and getting myself ready for CQWW CW.
Thanks to everyone who said hello. As usual, you were talking to my computer.

It's a good thing I started my contest voice files project back in 2004,
because it does make up for me not having an actual voice in 2017.

Two things from SS SSB. 1) My biggest phone contest problem continues to be
people botching the number in my call when I am doing S&P. I would guess
that one-third of my contacts involved people calling me NS6T. And 2) judging
from the number of requests for a repeat of my Check - and people asking if it
was 31 - I wondered if a contest pre-fill program got it wrong :-)

73 Jamie NS3T
KK4R   Multi-Op LP   47,2682017-11-19 19:58:38
My son and I did a multi-op on the spur of the moment, when he called up and
said he was off work and wanted to join me. He operated for the first time in
19 years -- last time was a Field Day when he was 12! A lot has change in that
time, so he had to learn about a modern rig, Elecraft K3/P3 combination, and a
set up with multiple antennas and tuners. He also got a crash course using
N1MM+. It went well, and before Saturday evening was over, I could go get a
snack and let him carry on. We didn't manage much of a rate, but he put in
extra effort on multipliers, and we got pretty close to a clean sweep. It was
a great experience!
N5XZ   SO Unlimited HP   74,7842017-11-19 20:00:42
All I gotta say is: WHERE WAS PR?
AE6Y   Single Op HP   133,9882017-11-19 20:03:58
This was a tough slog, and I felt that the only band that worked for me was 15.
Had trouble keeping anything going on 20 and 40. Never heard a PR station,
though thanks to the two VI's that I worked that were on using emergency power.
It was nice to get called by 3 VY1s (thanks Gerry, J, and Bob).
I was trying for 1,000 Qs, but some unexpected family obligations took out
most of the first few hours of the contest, and I never really recovered.
73, Andy AE6Y
NY7N(@K8IA/N7RQ)   SO Unlimited HP   212,5442017-11-19 20:06:18
Never did hear or see PR. Oh well.
NJ6G   Single Op LP   80,1062017-11-19 20:08:15
More than double last year's score when I was SOHP with a poor antenna, this
year SOLP with a good antenna. Heard but couldn't work some of the mults, never
heard PR.
K6JS   SO Unlimited HP   13,7502017-11-19 20:08:30
99% S&P. Ran the contest with a StepIR BigIR vertical. Tried running but
that wasn't happening. A few hours here and there in-between shoveling a yard
of wet Sonoma adobe clay from the tower hole. Hopefully a big difference for
the next contest. Thanks for the Q's

Elecraft K3, KPA500, N1MM+
K3EW   Single Op LP   38,3642017-11-19 20:10:10
Tough contest running 100w to wire antennas. 80 turned out to be money band; 20
went long and faded out early, 40 went long early, KW's and beams abounded on
those bands, 80 was a more level playing field - somewhat. Must get
afterburner up and running before next contest.
NØAX   Single Op LP   9,6002017-11-19 20:15:38
Put in some time for the SMC team and decided 100 QSOs would be just right.
This was a good incentive to fix the backyard doublet and get ship-shape.
Converted to a new laptop, located the boomset and dragged it out of hiding,
and generally got things re-arranged. Conditions were pretty good on 20/40/80
during my short stint. On to CQ WW CW this weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to
my USA friends. 73, Ward N0AX
K4GMH   SO Unlimited LP   92,0162017-11-19 20:16:47
Thanks for the QSOs. All are appreciated.

Impressed with how courteous everyone was in the pile ups. Almost pleasant.

Operated in the low power, assisted category. Still felt loud even with the
low power as the bands did seem to be okay for the distance of the QSOs.
However, the cold that took hold of me at the end of the week was way worse
than operating low power.

Actually, the cold did lower the tone of my voice which probably helped with
getting my information through the ether. Unfortunately, didn't have time to
redo the wave files to get a set that would sound close to the way I actually
sounded this weekend. Needless to say, I probably drank more Robitussin than
coffee during the Contest:>)

Missed PR and ND. Did see ND spotted, but by the time got to spot, nothing was
heard not even a pile up blindly calling. Personally never saw a PR station

Now to take my bedtime shot of Robitussin.

Mike, K4GMH
N3DPB   Multi-Op HP   115,0382017-11-19 20:19:03
From the N3DPB contest crew. What a great time. We almost beat the OM but we
were the first to get the clean sweep. It was a great team effort with two
women, a 10 year old young man that could run stations as well as the one
seasoned om we had with us. One XYL had her OM with her and neither had ever
operated an SS contest before. They both were very fast learners and did
extremely well running stations. Out culinary engineer provided some very
tasty food and a great time was had by all.

TU for the Clean Sweep. GL
73, and see you all next year when our score will be higher yet.
W2DLT   Multi-Op HP   42,4082017-11-19 20:19:16
VANOJO Group had a ball on this one...
Conditions fair to good, especially on 75M
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   44,3982017-11-19 20:21:44
Mainly operated S&P, but Sunday morning I had a nice run on 20M. I ended up
getting spotted 6 times and had a 101 QSO hour. It seemed that LAX was still
needed by a lot of stations. Another highlight was working VY1AAA on 75M.
Missed the normally not too rare NL, SB, GTA & PR sections.
WA3EKL   Multi-Op HP   121,0142017-11-19 20:25:17
From the WA3EKL contest crew. Nothing like a Clean Sweep...TU North Dakota
What a blast. We were in a family competition each member having his or her own
following with both getting a clean sweep and only 40 QSO's difference between
them. KP4 and VI fell early. It was that elusicive ND that finally fell in
the last hour of the contest. The food was excellent. The comroddery was
supreme and the equipment behaved it's self. We got to train new operators
that had never done Sweepstakes before and introduce old CW opeartors to the
joys of Phone SS. Enough said on that subject.
Many txn to stations that contacted us. 73 and see you next year.
KØTG   Single Op LP   17,9202017-11-19 20:35:30
I operated a little with Dan K0TI Friday evening as K0FVF. I did not expect to
have very much time Sunday to get on, but ended up with a little bit more. So
got almost 4 hours in.

I had a good run on 20. It took a bit to get going, but it was decent enough.
That was the only run I had in the time I was on though.

It's all fun though!

73, John K0TG
W7GFW   Single Op LP   4,8642017-11-19 20:36:07
Thanks for all the Q's!
KL7SB(@KL7RA)   Single Op HP   103,2222017-11-19 20:40:22
This was a tough one. Great conditions in the first two hours, and a solid run
on 15M late Sunday morning and not much else. Gave up on being competitive
fairly early.
N5EE   Single Op LP   13,0542017-11-19 20:40:29
Sitting down for a limited time effort, I discovered that my labrador puppy had
severed the rotor cable and shredded the coax to the yagi. I went to my only
other option (80 thru 10 EFHW) which did Ok but I sure did miss the beam :).
Thanks for the Q's and mults.
Ken, N5EE
KK7A   Single Op QRP   722017-11-19 20:42:30
Reminder for next year...Don't do SSB QRP with an indoor antenna. :-)
AB4B   Single Op LP   71,8962017-11-19 20:43:30
Well here I was again dealing with WX at the start similar to the CW weekend.
However this was much more severe.Unplugged at 1.5 hr from the start then lost
power shortly after which did not come back till about 6:00 AM on Sunday.
Having missed the 1st evening I was way behind and I didn't have much reason to
get myself re-motivated. I kept piddling on and off all day till just about the
end. Lot's of breaks and dinner kept me coming back to the rig. The wind Sat
night had made my 40mtr yagi unusable as it was spinning in the rotator (50mph
gust) till Sunday morning when winds subsided to a light breeze. All in all
worked a lot of old friends and made a couple of new ones. Hopefully next year
I won't get snake bit by the WX again. TNX fer all the QSO's and patience
getting exchanges correct.
Condx so so on Sunday.

Keep coming back to SS as it hooked me as a novice in 1963.

73 Tim , AB4B

WØJTC   Single Op LP   13,6742017-11-19 20:44:23
Good contest... Was able to hear a friend on the east coast on 20 meters and had
a QSO with him...

Band conditions were so-so. 20 meters just went blank at about an hour before
sunset and 40 wasn't much better, but still a challenge to work the contest.
K4QR   Single Op LP   3,1002017-11-19 20:44:28
My (K4QR) Total "Claimed" Score = #QSOs x 2 points/QSO x
My (K4QR) Total "Claimed" Score = 50 x 2 x 31 = 3,100;
Duration* (K4QR's Operating Time): 04 hours 10 minutes 28 seconds;
* Only able to operate on Sunday 11/19/2017 EST due to other commitments;
#ARRL Sections Worked: 31 (out of a total of 83);
QSOs/Hour (last 20 minutes of contest): 18;
QSOs/Hour (last 60 minutes of contest): 12;
Equipment: ICOM 756ProII (100 watts out) into Flagpole Antenna;
Software: N3FJP's ARRL Sweepstakes Contest Logger program for Windows;
Bottom-line: HAD FUN!
VE3YT   Single Op HP   116,6882017-11-19 20:47:07
Thanks, everyone, for all the Qs. I'm sorry if I CQ'ed in your face -- there
was a lot of QRN on 40 and 80 here. Seemed like a lot of the time there was
only a single band working well. It was great to talk to so many friends.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. 73 Vic.
W8WTS   Single Op LP   3,1682017-11-19 20:47:47
NF8I   Single Op LP   14,7562017-11-19 20:59:55
This was my first contest in a few years. I had hoped to get a clean sweep, but
62/83 isn't bad. In hindsight, I waited too long to go down to 80M on Saturday
NM2O   Single Op LP   84,5602017-11-19 21:00:05
Happy to give out the NNY section this weekend.
Many comments received about missing NNY in the CW weekend.
It was very obvious when I got spotted!

With lower solar flux, my Sections count is way down from 2014 and 15.
The hill to the west blocks W6, W7 and western Canadian multipliers.
Working western sections requires timing when their signal builds.
It was substantially harder to work west of the Rockies this year.

Close in, I missed GTA, but had lots of the other Ontario sections.
Never can tell what will be hard. Lots of DE and WV this time.

Worked VO1 and VO2. KP2XX was doing great on 40 on Saturday evening.
NP4G called me on 80 on Sunday evening. Best wishes for hurricane recovery.

AA6PW   SO Unlimited HP   104,1662017-11-19 21:03:27
Missed PR and GTA
KC9UJS   SO Unlimited LP   17,6122017-11-19 21:03:39
A Part Time Off/And On effort around other duties.

KA6BIM   SO Unlimited HP   98,6582017-11-19 21:13:16
Missed KP4 (again) & NL. Conditions seemed marginal, but Saturday night 80
was in good shape.
WBØSND   Single Op HP   84,2402017-11-19 21:34:39
I wasn't even going to operate the contest this weekend, but...... As usual,
lots of distractions which resulted in only 12 hours air time. Had a lot of
fun as usual. It has to be fun as there is no possibility that I can win
Thanks for all of the QSO's !

Equipment used: K3 with Alpha 87A. ONLY antenna: 80 meter doublet (dipole
fed with ladder line) at around 50 feet.

73 all,
WD5K   Single Op LP   132,8402017-11-19 21:36:50
Elecraft K3 100w
TH7DX @ 50\'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V

Never heard KP4
AB8OU   Single Op LP   29,9522017-11-19 21:49:58
Got off to bad start with KW8N as first contact but finished up with AC0W as
final contact. Slightly better score than last year, few more QSO's but one
less section.
K7SS   SO Unlimited HP   73,0622017-11-19 21:58:37
Great running into old friends, in a fun casual SS weekend... and at the same
stopping to chat w/ check "17"s.....newly licensed folks.
Congratulations to them.

Had one fellow send me something other than the standard "Please
Copy"...with "Please Log". nice.

Fun as always

73 Danny K7SS
VA7ST   Single Op HP   58,0642017-11-19 22:09:03
Pretty part-time effort but still exhausted by SS Phone. Spent a lot more time
searching in this one, but still ended up missing:

ND DE PR BC GTA ONN and EWA. I sat calling K7IR in EWA for an hour over three
sessions on 15M but couldn't get through the eastern callers. Nevre heard any
of the other sections on the list, including BC.

Was way up over 2016's Q totals on 75, but down on 40M and way down on 20M and
KD6WKY   SO Unlimited LP   66,7682017-11-19 22:53:48
15m was really good on Saturday and Sunday, better than 20m when it was wide
open. Fewer contact on 80m this year than last year, more contact on 40m this
year than last year. Used my Buddipole on the roof of the house in the
vertical configuration for 80m; better than the dipole.
K9PG   SO Unlimited LP   13,7782017-11-19 22:53:54
ND was my last one at 0100z. Thanks to N4ZZ for allowing me to work KD0CVZ on
his CQ freq.
W6OAT   SO Unlimited LP   50,2402017-11-19 23:13:13
Missed KP4, ND and GTA.
W1NN   Single Op LP   1,1162017-11-19 23:37:31
Remote from Japan.

Only time for a few minutes on the air. Seemed like there was a lot of
W6JBR   Single Op HP   11,7702017-11-19 23:42:37
I was able to operate about 5 hours in this one.
Band noise was low, which was helpful.
No 10m, hardly any 15m.
Thanks for the Qs.
See you in the next one.
73, JR
NW6P(W9KKN)   SO Unlimited HP   185,6482017-11-20 00:33:00
Special thanks to Tom (NW6P) for graciously hosting me at his exceptional
station again!

I'm a firm believer that if something doesn't go wrong before the contest, that
just means that something really bad will happen during it, but in this case, I
was nearly convinced that the show was off. We had a bit of a scare earlier in
the week where the SWR was 7+ and everything was super attenuated across all of
the antennas. I suspect that the rain got into something it should not have in
the coax to the antenna relay or whereabouts. I lowered the tower to take a
closer look at the problem, and it disappeared. Hmm.

I started off with 15m and Saturday afternoon and was able to get a bit of
traction, or at least enough to stay there, but I think I was a bit late to the
party on 20m -- the band was full and didn't last very long by the time I got
there. Luckily, Tom's station is super loud on both 40m and 80m, so I was able
to rack up a good number of points Saturday night. It's always nice to get
compliments on your 80m signal from the East Coast!

Sunday morning was active, and I was able to make up some lost ground on 20m
and occasionally find some action on 15m, but as the day went on, the pickings
got really thin really fast, and I was mostly just yelling at the noise trying
to shake contacts out of low-power stations. Toward the end, 80m never really
did anything for me, but 40m was open very early, and the East Coast had
already migrated.

The only section I missed from the sweep was Puerto Rico, and I managed to see
them a few times on the cluster in a few short appearances, but they were
getting heavily dog-piled, I could barely hear them, and I could not break

Thanks to all of the spots throughout the contest from W6OAT, W6FB, K6MM, and
various other KBers -- Those were super helpful!

73 & Thanks for all the Q's everyone!
-- Bill/W9KKN
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   15,4942017-11-20 01:26:02
Off and on participation due to life's events. Couldnt find one Ontario station.
W3EAX(K3TN)   School Club HP   13,2842017-11-20 02:24:24
Just a short bit of operating on Sunday to get the University of Maryland club
call on the air, and earn PVRC a few points in the attempt for a ten-peat.
N9IO   SO Unlimited LP   24,9782017-11-20 02:28:12
Not half bad for a part time effort.

N4MM   Single Op HP   40,5002017-11-20 03:14:43
Missed PR and ND.
WZ8P   Multi-Op LP   187,2882017-11-20 03:28:48
It was nice having our son Andrew home from SC to help operate.
K5RT   SO Unlimited HP   283,1962017-11-20 03:40:41
After not participating in 2015 and 2016 I certainly was rusty. QSY to 80 too
early on Saturday night hurt the score.
N2MUN   SO Unlimited HP   48,2042017-11-20 03:42:52
missed RI,MS,PR,SB,NL
W6JCW(K6XN)   Single Op LP   16,1042017-11-20 04:19:51
Thanks for the QSOs! 73 Ted, K6XN
VE3HG   Single Op QRP   18,8482017-11-20 04:31:06
Superb conditions for QRP. Little fading and often very quiet conditions made
for few repeats and dozens of unsolicited reports on the strength of the QRP
signal out of the new Elecraft KX-2. Guess a lot of guys don't realize that I'm
only 2 S-units below the 100 watt signals. Many reports of S-9 from Fl and Ca.
Highlights included working Hawaii on 40 with S-9 signals both ways. Also broke
the pileups for NL twice and yes I yelled QRP during a break in the mayhem to
get the ops attention. Would I love more filtering in the KX-2? Well yes but
there wasn't a situation where I couldn't work someone due to a nearby
interfering signal. Also in comparison the KX-2 hears as well as any rig I've
owned and filters work about the same as my Flex 1500 which is to say it works
pretty good for a rig you can stuff into a jacket pocket. Strangely didn't work
any GTA guys!
VA2CZ   Multi-Op LP   78,8942017-11-20 04:40:55
Missed ND and PR. Teamed with VE2JFM
WS9V   Single Op LP   133,1682017-11-20 04:57:50
Great time Thanks to all that called C U next year
W3IDT(@W3LPL)   SO Unlimited HP   205,8402017-11-20 05:02:17
After an absence of a couple of years, I want to thanks once again my
appreciation to Phyllis (Donovan) for letting me in her house on a
non-dx-contest weekend and, of course to Frank, W3LPL, for letting me play with
his fabulous toys.
K3AJ   SO Unlimited HP   159,4082017-11-20 05:06:34

Radio - K3/P3
Amplifier - Acom 1500
80M - Inverted V at 45 ft.
40M - 2-el at 70 ft.
20M/15M - 3-el SteppIR at 50 ft.
N1MM+/Win 10 pc/internal voice keyer
W3UL   SO Unlimited HP   80,4222017-11-20 05:13:48
First of all, THANKS to those of you that spotted me. It made a big difference
in the fun quotient (and the score - especially for a little pistol).

Most of the mults called me, but I wasted lots of time on 20 and 15 chasing a
few of the rarer ones.

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
3.5 229 458 27 2.0
7 207 414 33 2.0
14 68 136 18 2.0
21 5 10 1 2.0
Total 509 1018 79 2.0
Score: 80,422
1 Mult = 6.4 Q's
N1DC   Single Op LP   6,5602017-11-20 05:17:42
Sunday morning S&P. Glad to provide some QSOs.


Rick N1DC
WA6URY   Single Op HP   43,5002017-11-20 05:19:49
Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan - remote in Tokyo
KØEJ   Single Op HP   101,0802017-11-20 05:29:46
73 es Happy Thanksgiving!!
Mark K0EJ
KØAE   Single Op LP   7,5682017-11-20 05:32:10
Part time effort as a bathroom project had to be finished
before the holidays. Band condition on 40 meters were terrific.
wish I could have stayed in it longer. Looking forward
to CQ WW CW next weekend.
KC4TEO   Single Op LP   37,3762017-11-20 05:44:08
Search and pounce most of the time. Great participation Saturday but QRN was
bad due to impending storm.
W1IE   SO Unlimited HP   70,6842017-11-20 05:48:59
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6903.0
AEØEE   Single Op LP   20,0962017-11-20 05:58:07
100 W, dipoles up 20-30'.

I only had a bit of time on Sunday to get down to the shack, put up the
antennas for the winter, and operate. Fortunately the bands seemed to be in
okay condition. Ten meters had no activity on it when I checked, and fifteen
meters was quite sparse, but had good signals when they were there.

One of my first contacts yielded the NT multiplier, so it was nice not to worry
about that one. Later I decided to pass on the NV multiplier from W7RN in an
effort to get it on 80 meters to finish my 80 m WAS, but I didn't find them

My missed multipliers had a few surprises in it, including EPA, GTA, MB, and

Almost all of my effort was search-and-pounce. I tried on a few occasions to
run, but had very little success. With limited time to operate, I chose
instead to go back to search-and-pounce to keep the rate up.

It was fun to dust off the microphone, but before the next major SSB contest I
really need to get the right adapter for my footswitch. I ended up using a
small straight key with the proper connector attached to its cable to key the
PTT, but the footswitch is far more convenient when there's so much information
that needs to be typed quickly.
KC4HW   SO Unlimited HP   97,1882017-11-20 06:15:13
First of all, thanks to all for the QSOs. My level of participation had fell
off in the last few years, but really enjoyed the activity this year. This was
never going to be anything but a part time effort.

Was good to hear all the folks with over 50 years of Amateur
Radio--Congratulations! Also thankful to hear all the new guys, I hope that
they continue to participate.

Only worked 78 mults, but managed to work VI. But missed PR EWA ID NL and NT.

Worked 14 stations licensed in 2017. Hope that they will stick around over the
coming years.

Here is a table of CK numbers...

1930 - 1939 2
1940 - 1949 5
1950 - 1959 68
1960 - 1969 143
1970 - 1979 142
1980 - 1989 73
1990 - 1999 77
2000 - 2009 43
2010 - 2017 70

Sweepstakes Precedents

A 255 40.9%
B 129 20.7%
Q 7 1.1%
M 63 10.1%
U 163 26.2%
S 6 1.0%

OK, again thanks for the QSOs and cu the next time!

VE4VT   SO Unlimited HP   219,6722017-11-20 06:19:59
A dismal outing that seems to match the declining sunspot cycle. Missed PR and
ND this year. PR is not a surprise but my neighbor ND! Saw ND spotted on 15/20
and 40 but the bands were always too long.

Started on 20m for the first 90 mins with excellent rate. Shifted to 40 and had
a difficult time finding a spot to run it as the east coast folks had already
established themselves. Found a spot to slide into and had another 90 minutes
of decent run. That is when someone turned off the ionosphere and the band went
very long and rate dropped to near nil. Forced to move to 80m and found it to be
crowded, noisy and also very long.I was not able to hear the close in sections
like SD, ONN, and even MN. The next 7 hours were a struggle with the rate meter
averaging less than 30 Q/hr. Called wit quits at 0700z needing ND, PR, AK, WY,

Sunday I had planned to start at 1300z on 40m. The band appeared in great shape
but was packed with signals. Ihad to go to 20m way earlier than expected but did
find a slice of clear frequency and managed to hold the run frequency for nearly
5 hours

15m was a wasteland from here. the band stayed very long and yielded only a few
west coast and southern Florida stations. Did hear VE6SV but he couldn't copy

Kept losing my frequency on 20m to hidden transmitters from nearby sections
that would start calling CQ close to my frequency. As they were fresh meat, the
ensuing pileup that would result when they were spotted would always force me to

Decided to move to 40m earlier on Sunday then I had planned. Even at 21:30z the
band was packed. just like Saturday, the band instantly changed and went long. I
saw from the cluster that 80m had become the band of choice but stuck to 40m and
had a good hour of working distant 5,6,7's.

The last hour was mostly S&P as I could not establish on 80m. With S9+10
noise level it was a struggle.

Thanks to all that worked at completing the exchanges, especially on 80m.

Until the next one...73


IC7700 and IC746Pro
Optibeam OB11-5 for 20/15 at 51'
Force 12 Delta 240 for 40m at 60'
1/4 wave sloper for 80m fed at 50'
K3DNE   SO Unlimited HP   139,4002017-11-20 06:24:31
I thought being 4 weeks after a total knee replacement that spending 20+ hours
operating sweepstakes would be a do-able. Unfortunately, I found the angle of
my leg dangle at my operating position less than comfortable after just a few
hours. I also had a couple of other distractions this weekend including my
college son coming home for Thanksgiving break. I decided to limit my time and
only spent about 16 hours BIC and my score reflects the reduced time. This is
the first full-time contest that I used my newly acquired Quadra amplifier and
it worked well - no more re-tuning when switching bands and instantaneous band
changes - very nice!
K3UA   Single Op HP   145,6322017-11-20 06:31:47
Decided to sit this one out as a full-time operation so ran B category and had
fun. Using my all-band 80M low dipole so of course most of my Qs were on 80M.
Operated the first 6 hours on 80M and averaged 100/hour for those 6 hours with
the first hour at 130. Now that is a fast and fun first hours of operating in

Congrats to all of the top scores and everyone who got on for any length of
time to hand out contacts.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Phil K3UA
K3AU(K2YWE)   Single Op HP   24,8882017-11-20 06:35:04
Other commitments limited my time to two brief Saturday sessions. I spent one hour on 20m early in the contest and another hour and a quarter on 40 and 80m later in the day. I achieved an average rate of 100 on 20m for the first hour, but made the mistake of starting out S&P for the first 40 minutes of my evening session. Nonetheless, I persevered to meet my goal of 200 QSO's before midnight. It was nice to hear so many Club members OTA.
NR4M   Multi-Op HP   115,1282017-11-20 06:42:04
Normally, without a doubt, I don't operate FFFFFone.
This time I had 3 ops that were new to contests that wanted to try their hand
at it in this contest. I think they enjoyed themselves and, hopefully, learned
something from their time spent on the bands.
I think they did just fine.
Didn't hear one 'please copy' from them the whole weekend. (I had told them if
I did, I would put the 'offender' on a pair of Heathkit twins, the Apache and
Mohawk, sitting across the room.)
Since, I'm a CW guy, we really couldn't do much on 75 meters, as none of my
antennas really work there. I tried for a short while, but was afraid I would
mess up my antennas, or antenna switching and not have time to repair it before
next weekend.

Thanks for all the Q's

Steve, and the gang.

W4PK   SO Unlimited HP   12,4002017-11-20 06:48:41
All search and pounce. I had a problem with my headset microphone and I had to
resort to using my desk mic, which I had to put just to the right of my
keyboard. This location was where I normally put my mouse so this involved a
lot of movement on my part just to work a station!

SSB is not my favorite mode but at least I got on to help PVRC with our score!

73, Sam W4PK
N1RR   Single Op HP   9,7682017-11-20 06:50:07
Raised first antenna on Saturday at my new re-vitalized station.
2L40 @ 105ft Rohn 55G
K7HKR   Single Op LP   27,0722017-11-20 06:52:12
100 watts, 3-foot diameter (15/20) and 8-foot diameter (40/80) magnetic loops
from AZ

Last year's SSB SS was my first time ever on the air and I made a few QRP QSOs
with an early prototype loop, so this is my first real effort. All S&P.

I was so excited to find 15 meters open at the beginning that I sent the wrong
precedence in my first 5 QSOs! After dark, I thought conditions on 40 were
great, but had to take a nearly 3-hour break to be at work. I was surprised at
the number of mults I was getting, including some I thought would be difficult.
That included my first-ever RI QSO, and an S9+10 signal from MAR at their local

I took my second optional break at 1400UT (7am local) sitting at 68 mults and
156 QSOs. That deluded me into thinking that I might get close to a sweep.
After I came back, things sort of went downhill. There were still some new
stations to be had on 15 and 20, but getting a new multiplier became like
trying to work a DXpedition or work Europe in a DX contest, nearly hopeless.
An NT station somehow pulled me out of the pileup, but I think I botched the
exchange in the marginal conditions. I stopped to take a nap a little after
20UT, and never found my way back to the radio. Quite an enjoyable contest
through 14UT and a pleasure to work so many enthusiastic ops.

Sections missed: SFL, WTX, NV, ND, SD, NL, QC, ONE, GTA, AK, PR
K4TMC   Single Op LP   19,0322017-11-20 07:02:45
S&P effort only.

Rig: Elecraft K3/100
Ant: LNR EF-80 inverted-L, LNR EF-QUAD (40 - 10M) sloper
N8FYL   SO Unlimited LP   51,4362017-11-20 07:11:34
Rig: ICOM IC-9100
Antenna: G5RV/ZS6BKW at 55 ft and 80m dipole about 30 ft

So glad I put up an 80M dipole for the contest. It sure worked much better
than the G5RV on 80M. I'll probably leave it up for the CQWW CW and then it
will have to come down from its temporary location. Lowest section count in my
3 years of serious effort SSB Sweepstakes. I didn't get LAX, ORG or SB sections
on 20 or 15 as in past years and heard a weak PR but couldn't work him. Couldn't
break the pile ups on the QC's I heard, and never heard a WTX. Even so I managed
to have a new best SS SSB score so it was a good event!
W9QL   SO Unlimited LP   89,0522017-11-20 07:18:20
First SSB Sweep I missed in the last 8 years. No PR this time. I did see spots,
but never heard him with my basic wire antenna. Glad to see other SMC'ers were
able to work him, though. I was fortunate that other "rare" sections
called me for the most part. NL and NT were no issue, this year but SB was
tough. Never heard them until late Sunday. This was the first time I tried the
SMC chat room. That was fun (and helpful), although I was using the same
computer as my log, so sharing a keyboard turned out not to be a good idea
while running a frequency. Worked a lot of SMC folks, especially towards the
end. Thanks for the Q's.

FTdx5000MP with a G5RV @ 35 ft.
WDØT   Single Op LP   57,2882017-11-20 07:20:40
Part time effort, working on house project, so in between that construction

Conditions good on 20/40/80, actually 40m my best band in terms of rate.

Mostly an S/P effort, but some runs, especially on 40m.

15m was open but very long, so not a lot to work there. Checked 10m but nothing

At home using dipoles and 100 watts.

Thanks for the Q's, fun to work the regulars and new ops!

73 God Bless, Todd WD0T
K9KE   Multi-Op LP   116,7682017-11-20 07:43:16
Society of Midwest Contesters. K9KE and W9YK were primary operators, with some
assistance from friends who want to learn more about contesting. We mostly
stuck to our plan, but weren't aggressive enough on chasing KP3 on Saturday and
never could quite copy the island on Sunday. That cost us the Sweep. We also
probably should have stayed on 20M just a bit longer on Saturday, before going
to 40M/80M. A few lessons learned and lots of quality time with friends.
N8IVN(@WX3B)   Multi-Op HP   55,0742017-11-20 07:44:31
Thanks to Jim for sharing his station. It's always a great time working w/
& from WX3B! Thanks to the many stations that spotted me. It certainly
makes for a good time and some great rates.

Looking forward to the next one!
W1XX   Multi-Op HP   238,8742017-11-20 07:51:50
80 meters outpaced 20 for the first time here. The CW weekend proved that the
80 meter 4-square doesn't cut it in a domestic contest, so up went a high
dipole off the 100 ft tower that paid off. 20 meters had some funny anomalies
from no runs on Saturday during a slow start to highly productive runs on
Sunday. 40 meters was the usual workhorse. High winds on Sunday forced a short
shutdown to allow parking the tower (it rotates) in a safer direction before the
winds calmed down. Conducted several on-the-air educational seminars of
"SS exchange 101" to recent licensees. Though slowing down the rate,
it was rewarding in good will in nurturing new contesters. It's all part of the
game. How about a little more humor during the contest? During Q#1066 I often
mention the Battle of Hastings...there are others I'm sure. What's the
appropriate comment for Q #807? You thought the exchange was long? Does
anyone remember when it included the time/date of the Q to mirror the radiogram
message format? Ugh!
VY1AAA(VE1RM)   Single Op HP   101,7602017-11-20 07:53:05
Tough contest from NT this time! Very little east-west propagation on 40 and
On Sunday, 20 opened late and sigs were not as loud.

Funny moment: Remote Shack is in my basement. My family was calling to me
about something while I was running a huge pile. With VOX still on, I yelled:
to my family. A sheepish voice from the pile said: "Take it easy,
Gerry!". Well, it was not the pile of course! Always a pleasure to work
the best ops in the world.

Missed AK, PR, VI. AK???? Yep... KL7SB weak S1 on 20 but could not get
Steve's attention.

As always, thanks to J, VY1JA, for maintaining the remote from the RF end!
KR2E   SO Unlimited LP   16,8482017-11-20 07:55:54
FTDX-3000 90W
4BTV Vertical; ground-mounted; two radials.
AG6AG   Single Op LP   4,7362017-11-20 07:57:22
Operated both Saturday and Sunday in the evening hours. All QSOs were
N4CW   Single Op LP   6842017-11-20 08:08:07
10 Watts to an indoor antenna (mounted on garage ceiling!) with really poor
conditions Saturday night just didn't cut it for rate! It's a shame to hear so
may stations and only be heard by a few! I must improve on the antenna
N3QE   SO Unlimited HP   96,0642017-11-20 08:14:03
The final leg of my 3-part HMO Effort.

See K3PRC and NW3DC for my other HMO legs.

Activity at N3QE was a few hours early Sunday morning, then a bit Sunday
afternoon and real push near sundown till contest end.

Struggled but never got anything good going on 20M beyond picking up some mults
to west.

75 Meters is the Best Meters :-).
K8TS   SO Unlimited LP   15,4942017-11-20 08:20:26
KO4OL   SO Unlimited LP   35,5682017-11-20 08:22:14
Due to Thanksgiving dinners and ball games, I can never devote the time to this
I would like to, but enjoy it. Would sure like to make a "Clean
Sweep" some time.
WZ8T   Single Op LP   96,5522017-11-20 08:22:55
Bands closed early both evenings and the 40 m and 80 m never had the activity
that I was looking for. Had some good runs on 20 meters for low power.
NØMA   Multi-Op HP   177,7862017-11-20 08:24:47
We keep going lower in frequency as the cycle bottoms out. You never have
enough antennas for SS.
PR was last on our MULT list and we feel fortunate to have NP4G in the log.
A big thanks to all the VI and PR stations that got on the air. We realize you
have more important things to do than talk on the radio but we appreciate your
devotion to contesting.
K3JT   Single Op HP   73,3202017-11-20 08:32:04
W5DPT(LOUIS)   Single Op HP   22017-11-20 08:33:33
At this point I might only count as a club participant. Sorry for the
embarrassingly low score. N1MM logger would not accept my log entry because
someone did not do enough home work in advance. there is a lot to be said about
starting at the bottom. looks like it will be one rung at a time.

NØWRK   Single Op HP   8,1282017-11-20 08:58:02
15 Meters was in-out during my operation time. Tough band for me. Happy
K1LT   SO Unlimited HP   17,6082017-11-20 09:02:38
I operated the ARRL November Sweepstakes SSB test for short bursts
while waiting for various software development processes to complete.
All of my contacts except 1 were obtained via the "search and
method. I used spotting assistance, but one man's rare section is
another's yet-another-boring-OH. A few select CQs went unanswered
except once.

In 3 hours I worked around 142 QSOs and 62 sections. There is no
particular pattern to the sections I missed, except that
unsurprisingly the Caribbean still seems to be rare. NNYs and VE6s
were out in abundance compared to the CW weekend.

I'm working on the software infrastructure to support a new design for
a "cheap" SDR receiver to be used many times to construct a phased
array. The actual receiver seems to work well, but the receiver is
designed to be attached to a dedicated piece of equipment rather than
a PC with a sound card.

The dedicated equipment is a single-board computer that has an FPGA
capability. An FPGA allows one to build arbitrary digital hardware
using software. The end result is the performance of dedicated
hardware achieved with all the tedium of writing software (and more!).

The complete project results in a beam steering software defined
phased array receiving device that supports an arbitrary number of
array elements and avoids obsolete PCI-based pro-audio sound cards and
their expensive, up-to-date replacements. I am hoping to have
something to try out in time for one of the 160 meter contests with

Free beer for someone who devises an appropriate word or phrase that
aptly says "software defined beam steering phased array receiving
WA2VYA   Single Op HP   166,8602017-11-20 09:16:04
My first Single op November SS Phone entry from Texas and first overall since

ICOM IC-7410, AL-80B 500 Watts
40m dipole up 10 feet;
20m, 15m ground mounted R8 vertical;
No 75m antenna.

Nice runs on 40m on Saturday night and on 15m for the first 90 minutes at the
beginning on Saturday.

Rates were terrible on Sunday on 20m and 15m with the vertical.

Heard VO1KVT, but his pileup was too big to crack with the vertical. Never
heard Puerto Rico. The other rare places had good representation.

Score slightly exceeds my personal best, which was in 1978 in New Jersey (there
were fewer multipliers then, and I did not work them all). Less QSOs were made
this year, but with more multipliers worked, the score is higher.

Texas is a different world than the East Coast for the November Sweepstakes.

I was pleased by the number of new and casual participants this year and
working old friends.

Thanks to all.
73, Frank WA2VYA
W5YM   School Club HP   63,6742017-11-20 09:24:42
Missing sections: ND, SD, WY, PR.
VE3RX   Single Op HP   96,3202017-11-20 09:24:44
Good runs at times, averaging 77Q's per hour (for me, that's good...). Even
though I was running higher power this year (300-400W), I was still getting
crowded out by "bigger guns" to the south. Especially one high power
W that was at least 10kHz wide, just above my CQ spot on 80M. Another ham in my
town confirmed that signal was so wide, he had to tune 10kHz away to get away
from his "broadband" signal. Fortunately, that was the only signal I
could complain about, everyone else seemed to at least check their amps or

Back to SS, missed PR, kind of obvious, and ND, which is no surprise either.
What I also missed was WCF, go figure that one out... Anyway, still had fun
this year though bands seemed to be poor, 40M was almost a lost cause,
partially because my antenna has high SWR above 7.1Mhz (my fault...). 15M was
ok on the start on Saturday, not as good on Sunday. 20M was ok throughout,
second best band for me. 80M was the workhorse, over 1/2 my contacts, and the
most sections, were on 80M.

Till next year.

K3/AL-811 amp @ 300W
th3-jr beam
40/80 inv-v
W4MYA   Single Op HP   210,6542017-11-20 09:29:24
K3ORC   Multi-Op LP   24,0242017-11-20 09:30:27
Always a pleasant, friendly contest for the XYL and me. Pretty good conditions
this year in Florida.
K2DM   SO Unlimited LP   21,3062017-11-20 09:33:00
I was attempting to achieve WAS in the contest, so contact and section totals
were not important. I missed North Dakota. Never heard one. Phooey!
N8II   Single Op LP   175,8082017-11-20 09:39:50
Another SS is history, my first was probably in 1973. It is not as much fun when
PA, NJ, MD, and VA are skipping over you almost all day Sunday on 40. The skip
zone shortened up a bit after activity moved up to 20, but only briefly. 20 was
also long enough that SMC was mostly in the skip zone. 15 was never open well to
CA, did have a fair hour or so into OR and WWA, The good news is that despite no
activity normally, 15 is open to AK apparently most days as KL7SB was loud there
again as on CW. Also, PAC and VI were there for hours. Conditions overall were
about as good as we can expect for SFI in low 70's, no disturbance over

I got off to a reasonable start on 20, no sustained stretch of continuous run
Q's. By 23Z, conditions were fading fast. At 2340Z on 75, there was already
some skip zone, but my running rate was good through about 03Z when G0EVY?
rolled out bed and decided my frequency was his (not in DX window) regardless
of who was there first. The skip zone shortened to near nil by around 0045Z
which really helped sustain my run. The pattern repeated itself Sunday, but not
quite as well.
23Z is an excellent time for PVRC'ers to take a break on Sunday in times of low
solar flux because 20 is nearly dead, 40 is long and even 75 has a skip zone.
Trying to run on 20 and 15 is so much easier with higher flux due to shorter
skip on 20 and more than a few signals on 15. From 1530Z until 20Z my rate was
pretty miserable no matter what I tried. Then, I ran on 40 followed by a nice
run on 20 around 2045-2200Z.

Chasing sections was fairly easy except never heard PR. At 1443Z, I worked VI
on 15 followed back to back by NL and SK on 20 to hit 80 sections. NT was found
on 20 at bottom band edge (hope he worked a few up higher) at 17Z and AK on 15
later. My last stab at 75 around 0140Z was a big surprise, mostly ran another
68 Q's, plenty of activity!

NNY activity was HUGE especially compared to CW, worked 8 of them, equal to
MDC led the way with 64 Q's, 50 from VA, 49 from MN, OH 42, AZ 34, and only 38
from IL.

Many thanks for the Q's and a mostly enjoyable time. The logging lids who have
trouble inputting info mostly seemed to have practiced a bit this year.
Hopefully, after one more year of low SFI, we will start up the slope again.

Take care and 73, Jeff
K7IDX   SO Unlimited HP   31,8242017-11-20 09:52:25
Goal was to work all the states and provinces. (which we did)
Late Sunday we filled in the sections....missing SFL, WPA, ONE, GTA, and KP4
however heard them all.

many CQ artists and very loud signals

Inverted V, KT34XA, 2 E 40 TS-590 KPA500 and Henry amp used.
S&P only...paper log no assistance except telnet to cluster
W3EP   Single Op HP   57,9962017-11-20 09:53:41
There was a wicked multi-hop echo on some more northerly stations around mid-day
Sunday on 20m. Otherwise, conditions on 15m, 20m, and 40m seemed to sustain good

Spent a fair portion of operating S&P for multipliers. (My goal was to work
all 83 in the limited time I had to spend on the contest.) Missed Santa Barbara,
though heard SB stations answering others, and Puerto Rico, perhaps for good
AB9M   Single Op LP   1,2502017-11-20 10:14:11
Set Up: TT Omni-VII with TT-715 RF Clipper and FLex 1500 as Sub-receiver &
waterfall, AOR TDF 370 DSP output to magnetically coupled Siemens Pure BX RIC
Hearing Aids. FLEX 6000 series transmitters appeared to provide the best
contest audio with near even power distribution over the selected BW and sharp
shoulders preventing signal intrusion of adjacent signals.
NI3C   Single Op QRP   3,3662017-11-20 10:19:04
First Contest i have operated SSB QRP from my QTH. I was happy with the results
based on the operating conditions.
W7WA   Single Op HP   337,3122017-11-20 10:47:37
Struggled out of the gate due to the heavy qrm and difficult propagation. Things
went smoother on Sunday.
K5TR(K5OT)   Single Op HP   277,1602017-11-20 11:24:15
Thanks George K5TR for the station access during Sweepstakes Phone this year.

I missed KP4 but had a lot of fun in the fray. It seemed like there was an
increase in the number of recent checks this year, which is a great sign.

Thanks for the QSOs!

Larry K5OT
W1RH   Multi-Op HP   161,0482017-11-20 11:29:34
Tyler, K6TLR, is becoming one heck of a SSB contester. He did about 16 hours of
the operation. I did the rest.

Missed PR.

Thanks for the Q's.
K4ME   Single Op LP   10,9202017-11-20 11:38:02
Heard a lot of west coast on 15, but my 80m inverted V antenna doesn't tune to
15. Time to start working on getting my tribander up. Glad I was able to break
100 with my limited time available.
W1WEF   Single Op HP   190,0702017-11-20 11:57:02
Been a while since I put in a serious effort on SSB SS. I had fun but couldn't
put in as much time as I had hoped. Couldn't keep my eyes open after sleeping
poorly the night before. Always enjoy seeing the new mults fill in, and
then wondering if I'll ever get that last one or two that I need. I probably
spent too much time with one of the two TH6's pointing to NT or South to PR or
VI. I was really delighted to have VY1MB call in with a number 1 for my NT, but
a little later VE8EV called with a number 1 as well! After that I kept one
antenna to the South, and at one point when I moved to the bottom of 20 to look
for a clear spot, there was Gerry at VY1AAA. I NEVER worked 3 NT stations in
one SS before, but received No 1 from VE8EV before.

My PR station was WP4CTD who wasn't in the contest on 75. I think he was
telling me to QSY because I was too close , but I coaxed the info out of him
before I moved. I think I might have taken traffic from him after the storm.
Later on 40 NP4A called in with a big signal, so I had 2 PR stations in the
log, but still needed VI. I had heard a weak VI station working someone else
earlier, but calling "CQ KP2" a bit up the band didn't work. KP2XX
made my day for the sweep on 40 calling in with a big signal.

I checked 160 to find no SS activity, but broke into a roundtable to ask if
anyone was in RI, and sure enough I nabbed RI and another 4 Qs. Of course I
later worked 3 or 4 more RI stations. Conditions were up and down, better than
expected. I thought 40 and 80 were excellent, and found the expanded phone
bands we now have a good improvement for SS. There is enough room on 75 now so
you don't hear all the complaining about contesters from the regulars... well,
not as many. One mistake I made was going to bed before midnite Saturday, when I
wasn't even tired but the bands seemed too slow. I suspect they improved because
everyone I was ahead of earlier was now ahead of me Sunday morning!

Thanks for the Qs and all the thrills. JACK W1WEF

160 5/1

75 294/16

40 409/9

20 437/57

1145 83 190,070. 19 hours JACK W1WEF

PS I remember when I had about 40 "NT" sections in my log.
Instead of wasting time with 3 letters for North Tx, I abbreviated it.
Reviewing my log after the contest this time I caught one Q in which I did the
same thing. Way back when, in CT I knew how to add alternate abbreviations for
sections, so if I typed "NT" or "NTX" it logged as NTX. I
think VE8 was logged as NWT at that time. Is there a way I can change
abbreviations in MM? I especially would be happy with MD instead of MDC!

Jack Schuster via
K7SV   Single Op LP   84,7882017-11-20 12:00:05
I found it tough going except for 75M. In 2015 80 and 40 both went very well
with 20 and 15 being so-so. Last year 80 was good but 40 was way down and 20/15
so-so again. This year 80 was good but 40 was really tough with 20 and 15
remaining so-so. In 15 and 16 I had a C3S at 65 ft and rotatable dipole for 40
at 73 feet. Dipole on 80 at 70 ft. This year it's an A3s at 30 ft on 15 and 10,
two dipoles in opposite directions on 20 at 70 ft and ditto on 40. Based on what
I remember seeing in write ups, it seems that in general the PVRC gang did
better on 75 than 40 or the high bands. Must have been conditions - bands were
kind of funky. Perhaps if this persists next year, I'll do a 75M only effort
only to make sure it remains fun for me! Only mult missed with ND (my home
state). Based again on reading write-ups, looks like there was some ND activity
right at the end.
K5TA   Single Op HP   256,3322017-11-20 12:04:17

Strange contest. I had the worst start that I can remember -- My DVK broke at
2130Z; my 2nd hour was better than the first, at a whopping 111. 20m died in
broad daylight. The neighbor's noisy devices obliterated 80m, etc. etc.
Missed PR -- I actually heard WP4G on 40 but there was no way to break the
pile. It was so slow at the end that I just quit a half-hour early.


Still (mostly) enjoyed it! Looks like our club score will be decent. Thanks
for the Qs. If anyone has an especially interesting anecdote or action photo,
send it to me for consideration for the writeup.

73, Scott K5TA
VE4ET(@VE4DXR)   Single Op HP   65,4402017-11-20 12:23:18
3.5 47 94 6 2.0
7 38 76 6 2.0
14 322 644 66 2.0
21 2 4 2 2.0
Total 409 818 80 2.0
Score: 65,440
K3PRC(N3QE)   SO Unlimited HP   49,8182017-11-20 12:29:05
Thanks to Ken KE3X for use of one half-of his Washington DC home station in my
SS SSB HMO effort! I think this may be the 4th straight year, thanks Ken!

Operation was in the first 8 hours of the contest. Followed by me operating as
NW3DC (also in DC) and N3QE at two other QTH's!

75M really was shining brightly. Using Ken's low 80M dipole in an urban
location I had no problem working into midwest on 75M and made several QSO's
with the west coast.
KM4JA   SO Unlimited LP   12,3122017-11-20 12:32:38
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
3.5 6 12 0 2.0
7 31 62 12 2.0
14 58 116 28 2.0
21 19 38 14 2.0
Total 114 228 54 2.0
Score: 12,312
1 Mult = 2.1 Q's
NW3DC(N3QE)   SO Unlimited HP   11,6602017-11-20 12:37:43
A short 3.5-hour session Sunday AM, at Eric W3DQ's Washington DC station. Thanks

A part of bigger scheme of HMO operation as K3PRC and N3QE that weekend.

40M was surprisingly long for morning.

20M seemed fine to midwest and west, but never quite got any runs going.
NR5M   Single Op HP   323,7002017-11-20 12:39:15
Great out of the gate. 80 meter yagi failed at about 10:30 local as I lost WiFi
Com link to it and it defaulted to CW segment (I had a 4+:1 swr). Spent about
45 minutes of high rate time to fix it in the field (you NEVER make that
back!). Everything else was smooth sailing.

Sunday was much lower rates (as usual). Thanks for all the Q's. Nice to see
the new hams (ck's 15-17) on the air!

Congrats to W7WA for a great score. Maybe next year!

George, NR5M
W5IP(AA5B)   Single Op HP   260,7862017-11-20 13:20:31
A dozen Qs on 15 meters...whoopee!

It was nice to ditch my wires and go operate at W5IP's station on the other
side of town. CD has one of those giant Mosley multi-band yagis on a 60-ft
tower, and a nice collection of radio gear in his cave. Muchas gracias, amigo.

Bruce AA5B
KT4Q   SO Unlimited HP   160,0242017-11-20 13:30:42
Set out to give it 110% but was called into work for 4 hours to relieve a sick
employee on Sunday. 20M early in the contest on Saturday was rockin while the
band was open. 40M was very crowded when I moved there but was able to run in
the upper part of that band for several hours. Overslept my wakeup alarm
Sunday AM so with a combination starting later than I wanted and taking a 4
hour hiatis to go to work, it changed my game plan from an exceptional to a
good showing in my results.

Was able to get a sweep on Sunday at 2300 zulu finally working PR. The last
sections needed were SF, ONN, and NL. The typical difficult NT and MAR
sections were worked within the first 2 1/2 hours of the contest. Thanks for
N4BP (SFL) 200 miles south and K5KG (WCF) 100 miles southwest being able to
hear me on 20m and 40m respectively short distance (ground wave) as they were
the only folks I heard in the other Florida sections.

My station setup worked fantastic and moderate antenna configuration held it's
own given the limitation my family will allow me to get up aluminum in the air.
The only challenge was my Vectronics HP Tuner as it is showing signs of fatige.
I think the roller inductor has had too many hp contests running through it and
with the new Alpha amp running legal limit, the coil is showing significant
discoloration at the 40M and 80M areas attempting to juice my OCF Windom.

Rig: Yaesu FTdx5000MP Limited
Mic: Heil Pro 7 Headset
Amp: Alpha 9500 (1500w)
Ant: Cushcraft X7 Yagi @ 60', Carolina Windom 80 @ 45'
S/W: Writelog V11.25C

73 de Steve, KT4Q
W1VEM   Single Op HP   85,1762017-11-20 13:52:01
This was the most (perhaps only) SS that I've really enjoyed. Rates were much
higher than those I've had in the past. But most of the fun is attributed to
the automation provided by the N1MM+ Logger. Many thanks go to the N1MM+ Team
for their software!
W3GRF(WR3R)   Single Op LP   138,6102017-11-20 13:55:32
Lot of great fun! Thanks for all the Q's!

I was very fortunate to work all sections, and was actually aided by the lack
of my beam antenna which I was unable to put up this fall. With dipole
antennas, all I could do was S & P most of the daylight hours. On Sunday
this allowed me to find pileups, dig out who they were calling, and then try
and get my call through. A special thanks to the last two; SB, W6RFU, and
lastly ND, KD0CVZ, who actually answered my CQ on 40 mtrs at 00:20Z Sunday
night. Never heard another ND the entire contest!

Really a honor to use the PVRC Club call W3GRF, that was originally the call of
Len Chertof, one of the PVRC founders. I used my own check of 64, which was
confusing to some contesters that still had Len's check of 36 in their software
program! Spoke to a number of people who knew Len....sorry I could not talk
longer with you about your experiences with W3GRF. I was fortunate to have met
Len when I joined the PVRC in the early 1970s. He was one of the true pioneers
of contesting.

Condx: FT1000MP and dipole antennas on all bands.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

73s, Gary WR3R
N5NU(@N5YA)   Single Op HP   208,1642017-11-20 13:57:29
Thanks to Bill N5YA for the use of his station for SS. I like to take some
notes after contests of things I observed so I can remember them for following

- Got a late start. The SSCW started at 4pm local time. Due to the time
change, the Phone version starts at 3pm. First contact wasn't until 2152z. My
momentum and desire to compete was shot from the beginning. Op time is more
like 17hrs, but since breaks must be 30min some of my off times won't count.

- CQ'ed on 20m to start but couldn't "make a hole"... it was wall to
wall. Went straight to 15m and made sure to leave before it closed. Went
straight to 40m. Turned out to be a great move.

- Got to 40m at 22:44z and held 7.247 for the next 6hrs. 5 of those over
100/hr. Band was long on 1st night. I worked SO MANY weak East Coast guys
with 5w and a wire. Went to bed at 08:35z. No regrets.

- SS Phone has a bit of a "field day" feel to it due to high number
of new operators and number of people that were walked through the exchange.
While bad for rate, this ultimately is a good sign due for ham radio. Lots of
checks 15-17... hope they will stick with it.

- Worked WP4AZT on 15m. He gave me #3. Never heard another one.

- Great story, I heard KP2XX under K5KG on 7195 around 2330z. Running 100w on
from a generator. He was getting clobbered. I FINALLY pulled out the exchange
clearly between the QRM. After the QSO, I proposed an idea to George K5KG.
Since he was clobbering the KP2... I volunteered he (K5KG) take my run
frequency on 7244 that was quiet. He obliged... so George -- thank you! The KP2
in the clear was about s7...

- The usual crew of frequency stealers from the west coast that claim they
can't hear anything.

- Also noted a the number of new checks that like adopting 'old calls'... kinda
throws me off to hear an old call with a ck of 15.

- Not sure why people insist on blowing a hole on a noisy 20m band. The band
is too noisy to hear most exchanges from weaker stations the 1st time. I had
great rate on 20m with lots of repeats. Frustrating to ask someone who is s9
to keep repeating.

Thanks for the QSOs.

73, Jason N5NU
WA7NWL   Single Op LP   29,3802017-11-20 14:08:54
Good to get back on for Sweepstakes - been away far too long. Mostly S&P,
except for 80M which was mostly running. 20M and 15M had horrible static
Saturday afternoon, a bit better on Sunday. Thanks to all for the contacts.


John, WA7NWL
W9ILY   Single Op LP   7,2962017-11-20 14:30:51
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
KØEU   SO Unlimited HP   309,2582017-11-20 14:33:03
Congrats to KH7XS. Location, location, location...

I will never complain about "only" two hours with rate of 160+ in
this contest because I've never had even one :->.

Special thanks to KD0CVZ who called in on 40M Sunday night for the sweep. I was
pretty punch drunk by then, and I remember saying "I love you man!"
Sorry for that...lost my head for a minute. But it was the brightest spot of
the weekend.

Apologies also for the way my computer was hanging occasionally and sending the
wav file exchange over and over again for what seemed like an eternity (I
pressed escape, but no joy). Seems that everyone who was working me at the time
this occurred had a good attitude about it and didn't give me grief. I remember
one "I got it...I definitely got it" followed by chuckles.

Lots of great exchanges by newer hams with checks in the 201x's. Keep up the
good work. Congrats to the Elmers who I could tell were in the background
coaching many new hams on the mechanics of contesting. Great job!

See you in the NAQPs.

73 Randy K0EU
N4ZZ   SO Unlimited LP   199,3662017-11-20 14:47:15
Thanks for the Qs. C U all next year. Last section was AK. NNY was not rare
on SSB unlike cw weekend. 73, Don n4zz
KT3Y   Single Op HP   74,2502017-11-20 14:50:50
I worked one station on 40m and decided to spend the rest of my
time on 80m where the dipole really plays.

K3, Al-1200 (1.5kw)
80m dipole @80 feet
old kenwood hand mic.
NY6DX   Multi-Op LP   43,6802017-11-20 15:33:06
My first contest this season do to illness. Shook off the rust and ready to
start running.
N3DUE   Single Op HP   30,0962017-11-20 15:48:07
Tried out a new antenna, EFHW-8010-HP by Installed as an
inverted V. Apex at about 32'. Appears to have worked just fine.
W6US   Single Op LP   39,2202017-11-20 15:55:22
Still a lot of high power stations with 5+kHz bandwidth.
W1DYJ   SO Unlimited LP   16,6402017-11-20 16:30:40
160, 80, 20, 10 - fan dipole at 30'
>> 4 wires: 160-trap-80 / 30 / 20 / 10
40, 15 >> 1/4 lambda vertical, 4 elevated radials at 10'
100% S&P
Logger: N3FJP ARRL Sweepstakes Log Version 6.7

With my simple antennas I don't feel loud and had a hard time being heard.
10 was completely dead: I didn't hear anyone and never saw a spot.
160 was a disapointment -- only one Q and everyting I saw spotted was
15 was so-so.
My 20M dipole had an issue Saturday and I had to fix it Sunday morning to
get the SWR back down to normal; otherwise 20 was fine.
40 was active when it should have been.
80 was the best for me!

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
N2NC   Multi-Op HP   179,7782017-11-20 16:39:55
N2NC did most of the operating day one and Peter, WW2Y, did most of the Sunday
operating. Great to hear lots of 15/16/17 checks.
4U1WB(AJ3M)   SO Unlimited HP   100,2642017-11-20 16:52:50
Part time effort from the 4U1WB club station in Washington, DC.

I noticed on Sunday that the Alpha 78 amp did not work when it was in the
manual tune position. No power at all. Even the power from the exciter
disappeared. I was glad when I switched to the bandpass position, the amp

Thanks for the QSOs.

Yaesu FTDX5000MP
Alpha 78
HyGain TH7DX


Masa, AJ3M
N6ZE   Single Op LP   18,9102017-11-20 16:55:50
Fun contest:
Worked 46 states; heard SC & MS, but never heard DL & RI; very few
Canadian Sections heard and nil from KP4/KV4.
Sections heard, but not worked = LA, ORG, SDG, SFL, WPA, SC, MS: life is tough
when utilizing 'hunt & pounce' instead of being able to hold a frequency!
Nice to work VHFers on HF including AF1T, K5AM, N2BJ, etc

80/40 m dipole on roofline of single story home & Cushcraft Vertical; ICOM
756 Pro 2
KD4D(@N3HBX)   Single Op HP   236,5502017-11-20 17:10:08
Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting me use his fine station again for
Sweepstakes SSB. I did better than last year the first night - ending up with
about 90 more QSOs when I got a few hours of sleep about 4:30AM EDT.

I went to 80 meters about 30 minutes early on Saturday evening - 40 didn't seem
great but 80 was good for a few hours that evening.

Sunday was a slog. Nothing I did seemed to generate decent rates. I had 81
sections early Sunday afternoon. I pointed the 15 meter stack Northwest - 15
didn't really sound good enough to run on but I scanned the band and found
KL7SB. 82 sections.

I switched to running on 15 so I could point a 20 meter stack Northwest and
actually got a nice short burst of callers. I also found VY1AAA CQing with no
answers for the sweep! :-) As I tuned further up the band, I found VY1MB
under heavy QRM for a second NT QSO. Unassisted sweeps feel like an
accomplishment - I missed VI and NNY in CW.

My last sections were GTA, EB, SB, ND, AK, and NT. GTA? Really? :-) Only 1
QSO from PR and two from VI and NT. QSOs by section and hourly rates follow.

Thanks for the QSOs! :-)


Mark, KD4D

Section Tot
PR 1
NT 2
VI 2
AK 3
DE 4
ND 4
NL 4
RI 4
SD 5
VT 5
AB 6
QC 6
MS 7
SK 7
NE 8
WY 8
BC 9
EB 9
ID 9
ME 9
NH 10
NLI 10
ONS 10
UT 10
WMA 10
WV 10
LA 11
WPA 11
MB 12
MT 12
NV 12
SB 12
SDG 12
SF 12
SJV 12
ORG 14
AR 15
IN 15
SC 15
NM 16
SFL 16
SNJ 16
CT 17
KS 17
KY 17
EMA 18
ENY 18
LAX 18
NNJ 18
OK 18
WCF 18
WNY 18
EPA 20
IA 20
AL 21
NFL 23
OR 24
TN 24
SV 25
NC 26
GA 27
SCV 27
MO 28
CO 31
NTX 34
WI 34
WWA 34
STX 35
AZ 36
MI 46
OH 46
IL 59
VA 65
MDC 66
MN 69

Hourly Rates
Day Hr 3.5 7 14 21 Tot Accum
11/18/2017 21 0 1 57 16 74 74
11/18/2017 22 3 41 20 0 64 138
11/18/2017 23 83 9 0 0 92 230
11/19/2017 0 86 6 0 0 92 322
11/19/2017 1 81 11 0 0 92 414
11/19/2017 2 101 4 0 0 105 519
11/19/2017 3 33 46 0 0 79 598
11/19/2017 4 34 45 0 0 79 677
11/19/2017 5 52 13 0 0 65 742
11/19/2017 6 9 54 0 0 63 805
11/19/2017 7 26 21 0 0 47 852
11/19/2017 8 10 20 0 0 30 882
11/19/2017 11 5 3 0 0 8 890
11/19/2017 12 20 30 0 0 50 940
11/19/2017 13 2 10 0 0 12 952
11/19/2017 14 0 9 37 0 46 998
11/19/2017 15 0 13 33 0 46 1044
11/19/2017 16 0 6 71 0 77 1121
11/19/2017 17 0 0 51 5 56 1177
11/19/2017 18 0 0 17 4 21 1198
11/19/2017 19 0 0 38 5 43 1241
11/19/2017 20 0 0 15 28 43 1284
11/19/2017 21 0 1 10 4 15 1299
11/19/2017 22 0 21 12 0 33 1332
11/19/2017 23 30 12 0 0 42 1374
11/20/2017 0 5 9 0 0 14 1388
11/20/2017 1 12 23 0 0 35 1423
11/20/2017 2 2 0 0 0 2 1425
Total 594 408 361 62 1425 1425
K5XU   Single Op LP   32,4942017-11-20 17:22:03
I let 3 sections get away, and did not hear the others I missed.
W3XOX   Single Op HP   61,3802017-11-20 17:24:33
Saturday it was as if I was I a black hole. 2 1/2 hours and I believe I had 21
QSO's. I just could not get out. Quit early very frustrated.

Sunday was a completely different story and I couldn't get enough of the
adrenaline rush.

Reading the others posts of scores I learned a lesson that 80 meters is a very
valuable band. I'm running an Icom 7300 and switched to 80 meters a few times
but the band didn't seem as busy on the scope as 40 so I stayed put. I'm sorry
now that I didn't run some 80 meter. Lesson learned!

All in all it was fun and I learned. It is always a good day to learn.

I need a real antenna!

Icom 7300
Palstar AT4K Tuner
Ameritron al-1200
N-S G5rv
E-W G5rv
WØCN(@KA4RRU)   Single Op HP   217,2422017-11-20 17:49:56
Thanks to Mike, KA4RRU for the use of his station.

Thanks for all the Qs!


Dan, W0CN
NX9Y   Single Op LP   5,2562017-11-20 17:57:50
Behold the tiny number that is my score! ha! Not too bad for not touching the
radio in about 2 months. My op time per my log said 7 hours but that does not
take into account me forgetting to stop the timer when my kids decided their
hunger would not wait for the end of the contest! Happy Thanksgiving all!
K1KD   SO Unlimited HP   216,6302017-11-20 18:17:01
Thanks for all the QSO's. See you next year!
NC1I(K9PW)   Single Op HP   253,9802017-11-20 18:41:26
Thanks to Frank (NC1I) for getting the station so that everything worked
perfectly. Including changing a radio (to make both radios identical), tower
work (rotors, feedlines, etc.) and a new layout at the operating position.

First 2 hours started as expected. Then rates crashed as bands went too long,
too soon. Went to bed ~200 contacts behind previous year's numbers. Sunday
picked up a bit late.
N1DID   Single Op LP   56,0882017-11-20 18:58:38
I was really disappointed that 15M was so empty. Without a beam it was hard to
make west coast contacts. But a few early afternoon runs on 40M helped boost
my spirits.
WBØTEV   SO Unlimited HP   166,3322017-11-20 18:59:10
Unlike last year when I was able to put in a really serious effort (and much to
my astonishment took first place in the West Gulf Division for SOHP Assisted),
this year family commitments and job demands limited the BIC time to just 14
hours. Still had a great time and broke 1000 QSOs nonetheless.

When I went to bed a little before 0800 Z I lacked only NL, DE and PR. I
remembered from past years that the time for me to catch an NL seemed to be
early Sunday morning, so I was up at dawn and sure enough VO1KVT was running a
pile on 20m. After several futile calls and hearing the depth of the pile, I
opted to go start my own run elsewhere, switching to the other VFO every so
often to try and toss in a quick call. After about an hour, the propagation to
Newfoundland improved and the pile diminished and I was able to check that one
off the wanted list. Just a few minutes later, I followed a spot to K3WI to
get my one and only Delaware. That left the elusive Puerto Rico. Given the
state of affairs down there, its surprising there were even any KP4's running.

Managed the sweep Sunday evening when I followed a spot to NP4G on 40m and
managed (with difficulty) to get past the QRM to put PR in the log.

Its nice to see that NT isn't as rare as it once was, as a couple of them came
to me, along with VY1AAA who I S and P'ed later. VE8NSD called me as one of
his first QSO's and I was also called by a newbie op at VY0RAC. After walking
him through the contest exchange, hopefully he went out and made a few other
folks happy. I took the time to walk a number of "newbies" through
the SS exchange, explaining what the various pieces meant. Sure it might have
slowed the rate a bit, but evangelizing others in the joy of contesting is fun

Propagation is sure different from when we had a reasonable ration of sunspots.

Unlike past years when 15m really shined, the measly 7 QSO's there confirms
that we are in the lower dungeons of the sunspot cycle. 200 Q's on 80m, 419 on
40m and 376 on 20m tells the propagation story from here in North Texas.

Thanks for all the QSO's.

73, Victor
W1PJE   SO Unlimited LP   24,9602017-11-20 19:37:52
First timer but lots of fun. Antenna = 40/15 dipole. Rig = Yaesu FT-891, 100W.
KC9NZZ   Single Op LP   38,1062017-11-20 20:25:51
My third contest, first one unassisted.
N2YO   Single Op HP   66,6762017-11-20 20:34:51
Heavy local S7-8 QRN on 80 m.
Missed ND, NL, NT, PR.

73s de Chip N2YO
WB4FDT(@W3LPL)   SO Unlimited HP   178,6862017-11-20 20:37:08
Thanks to Frank for putting up with me and Bob, W3IDT and I'll try not to break
anything like Headphones, rotators or ???. For a CW operator, SS Phone is a
real strain. CW contesting is more of a symphony, and SSB contest is just
noise. I missed North Dakota and Puerto Rico somehow. Again, as in the CW
contest, 15 meters was dead and 40 meters during the early afternoon was
sparse, so there was only the 20 meter band for the two of us, so this slowed
us down until 40 came back in the late afternoon.

At the Frederick meeting there was some discussion about whether to start the
SS on 40 or 20 meters. The answer is 20 meters. I started on 40 meters and
after 75 minutes or so, Bob was 60 contacts ahead of me. When Bob and I traded
positions and I got on 20 meters, after the next 75 minutes I noticed that Bob
and I now had the identical number of contacts! So unless you have a wet noodle
for an antenna, start on 20!
KL4SD(@WL7F)   Multi-Op LP   32,5622017-11-20 20:44:55
Without significant low band possibility so far North and West 15 was the one
band we could do a touch of running. We did spend time repairing the 40 meter
four square in sub zero temperatures - should hold at least until the next
wind/ice storm. Much weaker than last year but enjoyable relaxed SS SSB.
AJ5E   Single Op LP   28,4082017-11-20 21:05:02
Kenwood 480 running 150w; 40m ocf dipole hung at 15 feet
WØETT   Single Op LP   30,4982017-11-20 21:13:48
Had some running success on 40m. 20m was good but was it was nearly impossible
to find a run frequency. - Glad to log GM club members W0ZA, N7MZW, K0EU, -
and heard but no QSOs with K0AE and K0UK.
N6GEO   SO Unlimited LP   7,7082017-11-20 22:06:58
A wedding and a grand child's birthday this weekend. Lucky to get any time!
N6HI   Single Op QRP   2402017-11-21 00:52:06
Only had a couple of hours but had a little SSB fun with 5 Watts
and a 20 foot end fed wire. Thanks to all for the QSOs. 73, John N6HI
N3HEE   SO Unlimited HP   128,6402017-11-21 01:41:11
Put in a few extra hours to help out my club. Had some issue with amp flaking
out on me a few times? Not sure what that is just yet. N1MM kept freezing
every now and then too ? Missed PR, DE & ND. Heard PR calling another
station. Could not hear ND well enough to work them. Saw DE spotted but could
never hear him. Spent some time chasing a few needed mults on 15 meters Sunday
afternoon. Had a couple nice extended runs on 80 and 40 meters which was a lot
of fun! I'm a CW op so this contest is a real challenge for me. Had lots of
fun ! K3@1500 watts and low hanging wire antennas. -Joe N3HEE
VE3KTB   Single Op HP   60,9122017-11-21 03:48:55
Well, missed ONE and PR, but about 30% increase in qsos from last year and one
more section.
K1KNQ   Single Op LP   31,3602017-11-21 05:41:21
Rig: Yaesu FTDX5000MPL
Ant: 4 el quads, 2el 40M, 4 square Vertical 75M
Logging: N1MM+

Very limited time to operate.
Jack K1KNQ
W4AAA(KK9A)   SO Unlimited LP   188,4102017-11-21 06:57:26
I have never operated both modes of Sweepstakes in the same year, until now. The
station was still set up from the CW leg so there was nothing to do on Saturday
except to start a new log and attach the microphone headset. In the CW contest
40m my best band and 20m was also effective. This weekend it was quite
different. I started on 20m where I have very large Yagis but between the QRM
and long skip it was a struggle to work one station a minute. After a couple of
hours I switched to 40m expecting a nice run of closer stations but my rates
were even worse. Shortly later I tried 80m and finally my rate meter finally
went over 100. 80m was my best band this weekend. 40m was noisy at times and
the skip was long and on 20m the skip was also long plus I kept losing my
frequency to QRM. I missed two sections in the CW leg so I really pushed hard
early to get a sweep and by my first break I had sections except NL. I found
VO1KVT on 20m Sunday but I was unable to work him and then he disappeared. This
was frustrating however luckily an hour later I found him on 15m. This time I
worked him, got the sweep and I was able to spend the remaining 10 hours or so
just making contacts. Thanks for the QSOs. Please QSL via WD9DZV.

John KK9A - W4AAA
K8TE   Multi-Op LP   91,7282017-11-21 07:05:07
Much different conditions and results than 2015 when we set a record! We tried
Low Power again with very mixed results. While we received many unsolicited
good reports, it was often tough going on 20m! Tuning through that band early
Sunday afternoon, I found nothing but dupes and many of those we’re not
making high rates! By then, we were over 200 QSO’s behind 2015!

Terry and I started a conversation that lasted two hours. I was done although
Terry went back to make another 15 contacts with no new sections. This is the
first year we’ve missed a Clean Sweep since 2013!

We used an IC-7600 here in CO again but I don’t believe that was the cause
for the large number of distorted signals I heard. Many were well-known big
guns with mic gains turned way up resulting in very broad, nasty signals. I
noticed one who turned his mic gain way up to work NL and back down for
CQ’ing. I guess that proves providing an ethics introduction to Contest
University is still necessary.

Thanks to all who pulled us through the bedlam. With declining propagation
conditions, we’ll reconsider running Low Power for the next few years.
We’ll be back, God willing, next year from somewhere.
W2HRY   Single Op LP   2,6462017-11-21 07:35:25
Havent particpated in any contets other than the Jan VHF contest this year. Was
cleaning up the shack and turned on the rig then realized there was a contest
going on... decided to participate just to hand out some points... Set goal of
50 QSO's fell one short due to Dupes, even though I logged 52 for good measure.
Had fun..
K4OV   Single Op HP   34,5242017-11-21 07:50:00
Just a little bit of time this year, I really missed a full time effort!
W1SJ   SO Unlimited HP   231,4042017-11-21 07:52:59
Absolutely the suckiest conditions I have ever seen in close to 50 years of
doing this. Certainly the lowest score I've submitted in almost 40 years. It
was sad fact that for much of the contest, it just wasn't that much fun and I
was counting hours for it to be over.

What happened? Can't say for sure, but it appears to be a combination of poor
conditions and a lot of folks just not getting on, or just getting on for a
short period of time. By 0400, I was already begging for contacts on 80m at a
time I should have been having sizeable runs. Sure, conditions were not great
and signals were weaker than usual, but there seemed to be a lack of people out
there. Even my own section of VT was tough to find - the usual suspects didn't
show up.

If this wasn't all bad enough, at 1442, just as I was finishing a QSO,
everything went dark and quiet. Oh crap, I blew the fuse. If only I was that
lucky. Resetting the main breaker did not fix the problem. Oh my God, Green
Mountain Flicker n' Flash decided to drop power right in the middle of the SS -
that's not allowed! In their defense, it was blowing up a storm, and it was more
likely a tree falling on the line. I started to get concerned that I might lose
an antenna or two, compounding the problem. When I called them, they said that
they knew about the problem and would get around to it. Pictures of folks not
having power all last week were in my mind, and it wasn't pretty. Was I going
to give up? Hell no! Instead, let's play Field Day! So I hauled out the
Honda EB2000i out of the garage, got it running, and then had to rewire the
shack to use the SB-200 amp since the Honda would simply not power the big amp.
Within a 30 minute time off, I got everything done and was on the air on 20
meters actually having a run. After 20 minutes of "Field Day", the
power returned and then I had to slowly reconfigure the shack back to normal. I
probably didn't lose many Q's, but the morning fire drill did little to improve
my psyche.

Sunday was a long slog of CQing with lackluster rates. We either need to make
SS a shorter time period, or perhaps better coax, cajole or otherwise force
people to become hams and contest more.

Well, at least I got a sweep!

N1VH   Single Op LP   18,9002017-11-21 07:55:03
End fed wire antenna at 25 ft.
NF1L   Single Op HP   7,9122017-11-21 08:05:36
worked KH7XS on 40 meters wow
N8XX   Single Op QRP   4,5362017-11-21 08:12:26
QRP and 2017 SSB Sweepsteaks was a challenge. When the sun went down the
propagation became very problematic on 40 and 80 (didn't have my antenna
configured for 160 meters). Also noise, either ambient or local wsa bad to
terrible. But, that's what us nuts who choose to operate with 5 watts or less
have come to expect.

Was delighted that 15 opened up, and that there were quite a few people on 40
during daylight hours! These were the "Mother Lode" bands which fit
into my personal schedule.
WA6ZTY   Single Op HP   16,1202017-11-21 09:09:05
TS-2000x, ALS-1306, KT34M2
W2LC   Single Op QRP   2,7262017-11-21 10:09:50
Running QRP and mobile in phone SS certainly is a challenge. I drove the 50
miles or so from my house to put NNY on the air. I should have done that on the
CW weekend that would have fun being one of the few NNY's. I went to Southwick
Beach State Park with a nice view of Lake Ontario. The park is a few miles into
Jefferson County which is in NNY. And much to my disbelief there were three
people surfing the lake in the 30 degree weather. With wet suits of course. It
was pretty windy with waves of a few feet. Only a few inches of snow. Went home
at dusk and had to dodge a cow running down the road and a few deer. But that is
upstate NY for you. Next year I'll do CW and take my 100W radio and maybe a
multi band dipole to toss up in a tree. I took a look at an observation tower
down one of the side streets, that may be a convenient antenna support, at
least until I get chased out. Nice to hear all the familiar callsigns. Sorry
for the puny weak signal! 73 Scott W2LC
VA3FV   Single Op HP   3,0162017-11-21 11:40:07
I got on for the last hour as we were preparing to close the cottage for the
season. I was surprised by the number of guys thanking me for ONE. I guess
there weren't too many ONE operators this year.
K6GHA   SO Unlimited LP   78,4682017-11-21 11:51:26
Although conditions were challenging, this year saw a 5% improvement from last
year and I didn't miss out on the 15m opening.
A few challenges with fading conditions and partial fills, but mostly it was
finding that run frequencies for LP were hard to hold. A lot of S&P knob
turning produced a few unique sections. No clean sweep as I missed 53(3 states
+PR and 2 Provinces).
Some good ears and surprise run contacts made this fun. Glad to help out the
QRP folks, but sorry that a few faded out in the exchange.
Sweeps are over '17, time to be "Thankful" later this week.
K8GT   SO Unlimited LP   4082017-11-21 12:12:17
Not much of a phone contest op. Throat betrayed me when calling station it came
out with a "croak". Gave up in frustration.
N7MZW   Single Op LP   91,0502017-11-21 12:28:48
CREATED-BY: N3FJP's ARRL November Sweepstakes Contest Log 5.8
CLUB: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
NAME: Chuck Williams
ADDRESS: Chuck Williams
ADDRESS: 3601 Dillon Ave Apt B
ADDRESS: Cheyenne, WY
ADDRESS: 82001
SOAPBOX: IC-706 MK2G,Heil Pro-Micro Boomset,Vectronics HFT-1500 Manual
real time killer), and a ZS6BKW modified G5RV up 45 feet,at an elevation of
6,053 feet.Zero Q's on Ten Meters,and only 10 Q's on 15 Meters.A few short
runs, with my best run results occuring on 75 meters.The bookend QRM is
worse every year.Clicking on your waterfall is no substitute for turning the
knob and LISTENING before calling CQ! Nice to hear and work a few GMCC fellow
club members, and a few school stations as well.Another "Boy and His
Wire" low power Adventure from my Wyoming apartment QTH is in the
books.Thanks to all who have graced my SS logs for the last 28 years.Happy
THANKSgiving to all.November Seven Many Zebras Walking
K4SBZ   SO Unlimited LP   15,9842017-11-21 13:09:57
Thought I would try low power this time. Had fun.
K3KU   Single Op LP   57,6002017-11-21 16:41:33
I learned a lesson from Sprint SSB the previous weekend: Phone is more enjoyable
if I take lots of breaks. My usual 2345Z start. N1MM+ says I had six official
"off" segments, ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, and I took
lots of breaks of less than 30 minutes. QRT at 0145Z, with several chores to
do and alarm clock set for 1015Z Monday morning.

I proved once again that a small signal is much more effective on CW than on
SSB. The few teeth I had left after SS CW were completely kicked in on SSB.
Lots of CQ-in-my-face. Many, many, "You're just above the noise" who
managed to pull me through.

I spent a lot of effort the past few weeks trying to fix RF-in-the-mic problems
with the N1MM+ message playback. I thought I had it fixed well enough Thursday
evening, but it wound up being useless on 20M.

My usual strategy of starting (at 2345Z) with a quick tour of highest open band
for quick mult's did NOT pay off. 20M yielded only N8OO. A few minutes on 40M
got about 10 QSOs, including SK(!), MB, and ONN (all of which were easily
available later in the 'Test; and a second ONN answered my CQ Sunday evening).

My other usual strategy of trying to avoid working the West Coast Big Guns
overnight (save them for Sunday daytime on the high bands) also did not work.
20M just would not give me a good opening.

15M, for the little time it was open, was a blast. I found it open about
1820Z. I waited in line a couple of QSOs to work Manitoba friend VE4GV
operating at VE6 Sugar Victor (I already had the AB mult). Then I heard a WY
station S&P. I quickly calculated (actually, I took a guess; what else can
you do?) which direction he would tune, and how far, and plopped down and called
CQ (with 100W and a dipole). A few CQs yielded a reply from a random STX.
Then, logged in the same clock minute, the WY called in. Oh yes! Oh yes! (I
later heard him running on 15M, and was SO GLAD that I did not have to fight
the pileup.) After the WY, I quickly found new mult's ID, UT, MT, AK, and WTX.
I spent about 62 minutes on that foray for only 13 QSOs (including a second
VI), but also for six mults, five being unique. I also heard a PR S&P (one
time), but could not attract him. But I never heard any of the West Coast
Sections that I was missing.

Four Sections never heard: EB; ND (worked two on CW, and heard one or two
others); NT (easy QSO in SS CW; I thought I was looking in the right places,
and I did find and easily work two AK's); GTA (the Surprise Rarity of 2017).

Two Sections heard only S&Ping: SB; PR.

Two Sections heard CQing, but could not beat the pileup: SF (not loud enough
anyhow); NL.

That missed NL is a typical Little Pistol story. I found him Sunday morning on
20M, sending NR 11. Withing a few QSOs my case was hopeless. The M and U
stations were all over him, and they were too loud for me to beat on SSB.

Sections with only one QSO (some of these are astounding):

AR; BC; EWA (heard "my" guy struggling to work another EWA!); LAX;

I still don't get phone. Besides my compromised audio perception ("Was
that twoo or threee?"), it takes me a long time each contest to get a feel
for how to tune in an SSB signal (really!). And my radio seems not to hear a
lot of what other people hear. People say that I'm being clobbered by QRM that
I cannot hear (on low bands, so it's not a skip effect). I think I have local
noise that buries a lot of otherwise workable signals.

Well, my deliberate extra time off left me with a better attitude than I had
after SS CW. I'm ready for my QSY to W3LPL for CQ WW CW this Saturday night.
And I'm already eager to do SS again ... CW.
N3XF   Single Op HP   34,8602017-11-21 17:00:24
Conditions were good. Very low noise on 80 and 40. Couldn't operate very much
but put in 6 hours to give out a few Q's. My K3S was sent to Elecraft to fix an
audio issue so had to use the Icom 9100 which is usually reserved for VHF/UHF.
Icom worked well, but I sure miss my K3S!!!
WA7BNM   Single Op LP   2,7522017-11-21 17:08:54
Haven't operated in Sweepstakes in a very long time. Only had a brief time to
operate on Saturday and was out of town on Sunday. All S&P. Mainly wanted
to test new Score Distribution server.
KK7AC   SO Unlimited LP   114,8002017-11-21 17:25:06
Participants who wish to engage themselves in this, the eldest, yet seemingly
vivacious of all radio contests, has a particular objective -dare I suggest a
frantic and manic like proclivity; obtain all 83 sections within the construct
of a specified time frame as defined by the contest sponsor, which at times,
proves to be impossible to achieve. Crestfallen in shame, I have demonstrated
my insolvency in this simple requirement as the denial of the Puerto Rico
section into my log ultimately prevailed.
W8AKR   Single Op QRP   1,3202017-11-21 17:54:29
[log removed from comments]
K4WES   Single Op HP   20,5922017-11-21 19:12:19
Many tnx for the Qs! 73 de k4Wes
VE9UNB   School Club LP   9,5402017-11-21 19:30:30
The operators were Brandon Brown, VE9BWB, Brent Petersen, CG9EX,
Chelsi Doyle, VE9DOY, James Cameron, Joel Dunphy, VE9SEC,
Kevin Hanscom, VE9KH, Martin Hann, VE9PLS, Ryan Hickman, VO1RCH,
Sam Mason, VE9FQU, Trent Mitchell, VE9EN, and
Xavier St.Onge, VE9IDK.

Our antenna was a folded-dipole 10 feet above a wet flat roof
and our RF power was 100 Watts. Again it was satisfying to hear
thank you when giving out the MAR section and for activating a
school club.

In 2016, it rained and we had 37 QSOs.
In 2017, it rained and we had 107 QSOs.
The major differences between 2016 and 2017 were our band
conditions, experienced students from the 2016 ARRL Sweepstakes
SSB contest, and the welcome the presence of Ryan VO1RCH.
Martin VE9PLS and Ryan VO1RCH were operating when we reached
100 QSOs. We are fortunate that, for the moment, the station
is still in Head Hall. This year, we finally had QSOs with the
sections MS and NLI. From 2013 to 2017, we have not had QSOs
with AR, NT, OK and WPA.
KQ2M   Single Op HP   22,2882017-11-21 19:45:06
After spending 4 wet and frustrating hours in the driving rain Saturday
afternoon to fix my wire 40 meter antennas, I got on briefly to test them.
Spent 30 min making 36 q's. The 4-square was completely omni-directional for
stateside and directional for DX. Weird. I then briefly tried 80. I had
lowered my 80 M 4-square to about 5' above the ground to avoid the ferocious
winds predicted for Sunday, good thing too as the gusts were in the 60 - 70 mph
range and big branches were falling everywhere.

Late Sunday evening, I decided to go down to the shack and try to fix a
computer problem. While there I decided to turn on the radio and call CQ SS on
80. No answer. With the 4 square near the ground I did not expect much. I
called CQ SS again. Nothing. Ok, one more time. BOOM! 3 stations. And then a
BIG pileup! And then RATE! From 0200 - 0259 I worked 163 stations! WOW! Best
rate was Last 10 of 264.7 !! I have NEVER experienced anything like that in SS
from CT!

Even more surprising was having MULTIPLE VE4, VE5 and VE6 stations call in that
raging 80 meter pileup!

I used to love operating in SS but career, family and preparing for DX contests
became greater time priorities for me over the past 20 years and I have not been
on ; but after this really fun experience I will have to put SS back on my

Tnx for all the q's and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Bob KQ2M
K6CSL   Single Op LP   3,4302017-11-22 12:52:09
Really rough, poor conditions here. Did twice this on CW and that was very low
compared to past years.
KP2XX   Single Op LP   112,0082017-11-22 13:29:11
I could not use my amps this year as we are still without public power, gee
thanks Irma & Maria for dancing on our power grid. Spent weeks finishing
reinstalling and rebuilding my antennas got the 40 meter Yagi and tower up an
hour before the start of the contest and the tribander up and working last
hours of sweepstakes. I was able to run the entire contest off grid with solar
power from a 5 KW array of panels charging a large battery bank. The only small
upside was lack of power line noise this year. Thanks to all the ops who showed
patience. There are some great contesters out there!

Jim, KP2XX
NJ1F(@K1TTT)   Multi-Op HP   195,7142017-11-22 15:20:14
Thank You to Dave K1TTT for the use of his fine station
KK4RWB   Single Op LP   13,7702017-11-22 15:37:21
Sent exchange as A during contest corrected to U
Lots of Fun
K3CCR   Multi-Op HP   110,8642017-11-22 20:46:21
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM
and W3GB operated Multi in SSB SS 2017. We both had more time
for SSB SS than we did for CW SS, 20 vs 11 hrs BIC, with much
better results. With 2 ops each of us has to stay up late OR
get up early, but neither of us has to do both; it’s great.

For the first 4 hr. our rates on 20 and then 40 m. were only
fair, but we did well on sections; got 48. We got far better
rates on 80 m. starting at 0108Z, 60-70 Qs/hr. for 4 hrs, with
77 and 75/hr. for the best two half-hours. Run rate slowed 05-
0530Z, so clicked spots till those slowed; QRT at 0603 with 75
mults and 430 Qs.

Sun. AM on 40 and 20 m. was slow, as Sun. SS often is; got
76 Qs and 3 nults. Sun. PM rates were better; got MT and AK
on 15 m., NL on 20, and ND on 40 for 82 sections, and 170 more Qs.
Never heard PR or saw it spotted; sobering.
K6KNS   Single Op HP   11,7702017-11-22 23:51:10
TS-990S / ALS-600 / Hex Beam / 40/80 inverted V
WB8WKQ   Single Op LP   125,9262017-11-23 02:35:12
Well, my first stab at SS Phone. Ran low power and non-assisted. Learned an
awful lot and made a lot of mistakes. Still using the archaic pencil and paper
method, but did employ a DVR to make my CQ calls and save my voice. Probably
didn't spend enough time on 20 and missed a few mults that way. But 15 being
open and much easier to make runs on kept me over there, and 40 was also easier
to makes runs than 20. Would have been nice to hit 800 Q's. Well maybe next
year. Thanks to all for the Q's and encouragement.
K8CC   Multi-Op HP   212,2162017-11-23 05:56:23
Missed PR for the sweep, despite watching spots, sweeping the bands, CQing in
that direction, etc.

Had to cope with a really strange problem with our 80M amp (a home brew pair of
3-500Zs) when it would fail to modulate correctly. Sunday afternoon we swapped
in another amp for the final push to the end which worked much better.

Nice condx on 15M at the expected times. One of the big WWA stations told us
that we had a “monster” signal out their way on Sunday afternoon but CQing
only yielded 26 QSOs Just not enough audience out that way apparently:-(

Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and CU next year - 73
K9ZO   Single Op LP   176,6242017-11-23 14:34:29
Single radio. Still waiting for the Flex. As expected, the SteppIR 18e did not
work on 40, so had to use an inverted vee at 35 ft. I can only imagine the
results if I had had these two score boosters. The 80 meter vertical performed
well. I had 268 QSOs on one frequency in 4 hours 17 minutes on Saturday
evening. This really helped the QSO total and the coverage was excellent
resulting in a lot of multipliers with both short and long skip. I used a 500
foot E-W beverage much of the time. No problems with side QRM because I was
using a Flex 6500. On Sunday morning I needed only RI and AK. On 15 and 20 I
could get through to stations, but was not quite loud enough to attract
attention when calling CQ. I will have to add some low antennas next year.
The difficult multipliers came early, lowering the sweep stress. At 1830Z I had
889 QSOs, so the last hours were exhausting. Lots of time at the gym made
sitting in the chair easy. The new QTH seems pretty good.
AI4QQ   Single Op LP   7562017-11-23 16:41:27
[log removed from comments]

Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
7 7 14 5 2.0
14 7 14 7 2.0
21 7 14 6 2.0
Total 21 42 18 2.0
Score: 756
1 Mult = 1.2 Q's

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: John Hale
ADDRESS: 2315 W Island Road
ADDRESS-CITY: Williamsburg
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6903.0
K3TD   SO Unlimited HP   5,6802017-11-23 17:23:18
Part time effort due to business travel, but always fun to operate from Jim's
K4QPL station. 73, Tad, K3TD
N5UM   Single Op HP   32,5042017-11-23 23:06:34
Only on here and there for a few hours total. Too busy with other stuff to
participate much.

KØHC(WØBH)   School Club HP   215,1362017-11-24 01:17:46
Our 2017 Hesston College ARC Sweepstakes team was one of the best in our history
and included six students from aviation, computer science, nursing and disaster
management. Gracie, Grace, Ryan, DJ, Amos and Tyson (all unlicensed), spent a
good part of their weekend enjoying working all of you and chasing the Sweep.

Before Sweeps, we got in two months of practice including evening sessions in
the computer lab and operating the California QSO Party. The practice paid off.
We alternated between team logging and Ryan, Gracie and Tyson, who were able to
"solo" the station. Our rates always seemed to pick up when Gracie
and Grace took the mic, so we gave them as much air time as possible.

Because of the hurricane and my experience missing both VI and PR in the CW
Sweeps, it was a true pleasure to find a VI station calling CQ on 15m a few
minutes into the contest. He came right back and gave us 1A VI which we happily
logged. Maybe there was hope for the Sweep! I'll bet he went on to be really

We broke for the night missing NL, ONN, AK and ND. We found NL and ONN on
Sunday morning early. There was a big pileup working one NL on 20m, but no
takers to a 15m NL until we jumped in. While doing a bit of search and pounce,
we heard AK call a station, so we headed up band a bit and started calling CQ.
Sure enough, a few minutes later, we had AK.

ND remained elusive. Talking to others, they hadn't heard one either. The slow
last few hours were rapidly approaching, so when KD0CVZ gave us a call it was
high-5s all around. Each of the students got on and thanked him personally for
the Sweep, which will keep our K0HC SSB Sweepstakes mug collection unbroken
since 2004.

Our "Sunday Sweep" attempt came up four short - GTA, NT, PR and VI
(none heard). It was especially fun to chat with the other School stations (in
W6LMU K9IU. We only worked 5 dupes this year.

The students really appreciated those of you who took time to chat with them.
At least two of our students are already studying for their license. We want to
thank all of you for being out there for us to work, and we hope to hear you
again in 2018! Our log has been uploaded to LOTW.

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC
NA8V   Single Op HP   114,4722017-11-24 01:18:48
missed PR
N4PD   SO Unlimited HP   45,0302017-11-24 19:09:23
K3, Alpha 9500, 3 ele. SteppIR, 80m & 40m Dipoles, Palstar HF-Auto tuner
ND3N   Single Op LP   11,4682017-11-24 21:23:27
Low solar cycle - penny whistle station - sore throat - sore back: all valid
reasons for a low score... but really, I just have a dislike of phone
contests. Did a hundred, plus a few, and got off as quickly as I could...
K6DTT(@W2/SUMMIT)   SO Unlimited HP   73,9442017-11-25 05:33:23
Operated's station in Summit, NY, remotely from my home in
California using a K3/0-Mini and their software.

The remote operation was flawless, but severe weather with high wind reduced
operating time to only 12.8 hours.

Alan K6DTT
K8AZ(K5TR)   Single Op HP   260,1222017-11-26 02:53:08
If you have been following along you know that I have been operating
the phone sweepstakes from a few different places around the country.
When I first thought of doing this the places I was most interested in
operating from were W9/8/3/2/1 as I figured those places would be most
different than Texas.

I had talked to serveral people about doing this contest from w8/9/3
and K8AZ was kind enough to let me invade is station and move a lot of
sutff around to make it work for single op SS. Tom was a great host
and I really enjoy my visit. I am ready to go back just to hang out
with Tom and Tucker the dog.

Here are a few photos from my trip:

As expected the contest was very different than from W5. But it was
great fun. Tom put up some dipoles on 40 and 80 for me to use and
they worked great. I am very glad I had those antennas.

Congradualtons to KW8N on a great score. His experiance of years of
contesting from Ohio really shows. I on the ohterhand was never sure
if I was doing the right thing at the right time. Lots of search and
pounce QSOs in my log.

This is my 39th consective year of operating the phone SS.

Thanks for all the contacts.

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

80SSB 465 458 916 5
40SSB 933 926 1852 58
20SSB 169 168 336 20
15SSB 15 15 30 0

Totals 1582 1567 3134 83

Final Score = 260122 points.

IC-7851 x2
8877 amps x2

4 square
Dipole at 70ft

4 ele OWA at 125'
2 ele Cushcraft at 70'
Dipole at 40'

6 ele at 125' rotates
6 ele at 65' fixed NE
6 ele / 6 ele fixed SW

6 ele at 135' rotates
6 ele / 6 ele fixed NE
5 ele / 5 ele fixed SW


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
2100 0 0 98 10 0 0 108 108 6.9
2200 0 0 68 12 0 0 80 188 12.0
2300 0 50 26 11 0 0 87 275 17.5
0000 0 66 13 0 0 0 79 354 22.6
0100 0 13 100 0 0 0 113 467 29.8
0200 0 0 101 0 0 0 101 568 36.2
0300 0 54 30 0 0 0 84 652 41.6
0400 0 31 28 0 0 0 59 711 45.4
0500 0 30 22 0 0 0 52 763 48.7
0600 0 21 7 0 0 0 28 791 50.5
0700 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 795 50.7
0800 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 795 50.7
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 795 50.7
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 795 50.7
1100 0 48 2 0 0 0 50 845 53.9
1200 0 43 7 0 0 0 50 895 57.1
1300 0 11 10 0 0 0 21 916 58.5
1400 0 0 63 4 0 0 67 983 62.7
1500 0 0 74 2 0 0 76 1059 67.6
1600 0 0 30 19 0 0 49 1108 70.7
1700 0 0 31 38 0 0 69 1177 75.1
1800 0 0 15 0 0 0 15 1192 76.1
1900 0 0 29 22 0 0 51 1243 79.3
2000 0 0 29 21 0 0 50 1293 82.5
2100 0 0 24 28 15 0 67 1360 86.8
2200 0 3 36 1 0 0 40 1400 89.3
2300 0 12 16 0 0 0 28 1428 91.1
0000 0 35 5 0 0 0 40 1468 93.7
0100 0 8 40 0 0 0 48 1516 96.7
0200 0 29 22 0 0 0 51 1567 100.0
Total 0 458 926 168 15 0 1567

Gross QSOs=1582 Dupes=15 Net QSOs=1567

Unique callsigns worked = 1567

The best 60 minute rate was 128/hour from 0115 to 0214
The best 30 minute rate was 140/hour from 0115 to 0144
The best 10 minute rate was 162/hour from 2155 to 2204

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSOs/minute 15 times.
3 QSOs/minute 81 times.
2 QSOs/minute 334 times.
1 QSOs/minute 596 times.

There were 254 bandchanges and 109 (7.0%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 1
4 603
5 634
6 327
8 1
9 1

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
0 35 42 0 0 0 77 4.9
0 42 32 0 1 0 75 4.8
0 25 41 0 0 0 66 4.2
0 26 30 1 1 0 58 3.7
0 4 47 6 0 0 57 3.6
0 20 33 3 0 0 56 3.6
0 17 32 0 0 0 49 3.1
0 5 28 9 0 0 42 2.7
0 2 19 15 4 0 40 2.6
0 9 27 1 0 0 37 2.4
0 12 24 0 0 0 36 2.3
0 14 22 0 0 0 36 2.3
0 5 24 6 0 0 35 2.2
0 18 15 0 0 0 33 2.1
0 12 19 0 0 0 31 2.0
0 15 16 0 0 0 31 2.0
0 2 19 10 0 0 31 2.0
0 12 17 0 0 0 29 1.9
0 12 14 2 0 0 28 1.8
0 6 21 0 0 0 27 1.7
0 5 18 2 0 0 25 1.6
0 6 18 0 0 0 24 1.5
0 10 14 0 0 0 24 1.5
0 9 15 0 0 0 24 1.5
0 3 10 10 1 0 24 1.5
0 2 16 4 0 0 22 1.4
0 11 10 0 0 0 21 1.3
0 2 12 7 0 0 21 1.3
0 4 13 3 0 0 20 1.3
0 7 13 0 0 0 20 1.3
0 7 11 0 0 0 18 1.1
0 6 10 0 2 0 18 1.1
0 0 12 6 0 0 18 1.1
0 3 11 3 0 0 17 1.1
0 1 8 7 1 0 17 1.1
0 1 10 5 0 0 16 1.0
0 6 8 1 0 0 15 1.0
0 3 12 0 0 0 15 1.0
0 7 7 0 0 0 14 0.9
0 6 8 0 0 0 14 0.9
0 1 8 5 0 0 14 0.9
0 3 10 0 0 0 13 0.8
0 1 8 3 1 0 13 0.8
0 1 5 6 0 0 12 0.8
0 1 10 1 0 0 12 0.8
0 1 4 7 0 0 12 0.8
0 0 4 7 1 0 12 0.8
0 2 6 3 0 0 11 0.7
0 2 8 1 0 0 11 0.7
0 0 9 2 0 0 11 0.7
0 3 7 0 0 0 10 0.6
0 8 2 0 0 0 10 0.6
0 5 4 0 0 0 9 0.6
0 5 4 0 0 0 9 0.6
0 4 4 0 0 0 8 0.5
0 4 4 0 0 0 8 0.5
0 2 3 3 0 0 8 0.5
0 1 2 5 0 0 8 0.5
0 0 5 3 0 0 8 0.5
0 2 3 1 1 0 7 0.4
0 0 6 1 0 0 7 0.4
0 1 3 2 1 0 7 0.4
0 0 3 2 1 0 6 0.4
0 0 4 2 0 0 6 0.4
0 0 6 0 0 0 6 0.4
0 1 3 1 0 0 5 0.3
0 1 1 3 0 0 5 0.3
0 1 4 0 0 0 5 0.3
0 1 3 1 0 0 5 0.3
0 3 2 0 0 0 5 0.3
0 1 4 0 0 0 5 0.3
0 0 5 0 0 0 5 0.3
0 3 2 0 0 0 5 0.3
0 1 2 1 0 0 4 0.3
0 1 3 0 0 0 4 0.3
0 2 1 1 0 0 4 0.3
0 1 0 3 0 0 4 0.3
0 1 2 0 0 0 3 0.2
0 2 1 0 0 0 3 0.2
0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0.1
0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0.1
0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0.1
Total 0 458 926 168 15 0 1567

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 17 1.1
01 12 0.8
02 11 0.7
03 13 0.8
04 6 0.4
05 9 0.6
06 9 0.6
07 17 1.1
08 14 0.9
09 16 1.0
10 16 1.0
11 18 1.1
12 19 1.2
13 31 2.0
14 34 2.2
15 32 2.0
16 57 3.6
17 32 2.0
18 0 0.0
19 0 0.0
20 0 0.0
21 0 0.0
22 1 0.1
23 1 0.1
24 1 0.1
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 0 0.0
28 0 0.0
29 0 0.0
30 2 0.1
31 2 0.1
32 0 0.0
33 2 0.1
34 0 0.0
35 0 0.0
36 1 0.1
37 0 0.0
38 0 0.0
39 0 0.0
40 0 0.0
41 0 0.0
42 0 0.0
43 0 0.0
44 0 0.0
45 0 0.0
46 1 0.1
47 4 0.3
48 2 0.1
49 2 0.1
50 2 0.1
51 2 0.1
52 6 0.4
53 6 0.4
54 14 0.9
55 19 1.2
56 17 1.1
57 23 1.5
58 30 1.9
59 35 2.2
60 36 2.3
61 43 2.7
62 47 3.0
63 39 2.5
64 25 1.6
65 24 1.5
66 31 2.0
67 34 2.2
68 26 1.7
69 41 2.6
70 26 1.7
71 33 2.1
72 23 1.5
73 25 1.6
74 30 1.9
75 29 1.9
76 60 3.8
77 49 3.1
78 32 2.0
79 23 1.5
80 13 0.8
81 13 0.8
82 14 0.9
83 19 1.2
84 11 0.7
85 17 1.1
86 16 1.0
87 18 1.1
88 17 1.1
89 22 1.4
90 17 1.1
91 37 2.4
92 29 1.9
93 23 1.5
94 20 1.3
95 18 1.1
96 16 1.0
97 14 0.9
98 15 1.0
99 6 0.4

U.S. Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 198 12.6
1 122 7.8
2 168 10.7
3 147 9.4
4 223 14.2
5 176 11.2
6 120 7.7
7 110 7.0
8 111 7.1
9 125 8.0
Total 1500 95.7

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 749 47.8
B 306 19.5
Q 32 2.0
M 115 7.3
U 346 22.1
S 19 1.2
VA7RR   Single Op LP   193,8482017-11-26 18:04:42
This is the sixth low power SS Phone effort I've done from my city lot home
station in the suburbs of Vancouver BC. One really great thing about
Sweepstakes is that you can often be competitive with a "relatively"
modest set up (it's a 72 foot tower here with short boom Force 12 monobanders).
I think what makes the difference is that you can only work a station once
during the weekend, and, because of that uniqueness, you don't have to have a
killer signal on every band to run up a good score. And I suppose it doesn't
hurt to operate from a section that's a bit less common than many. When I have
tried the low power NAQP in the past from here, I have done poorly every time
out, and I think it's probably because this station is not a good competitive
match as it relates to the contest's rules, typical propagation, and locations
of the participants.

I don't recall if I have ever described my QTH in these 3830 Posts, but we're
on the flats in the city of Port Coquitlam on a 65' by 120' lot at zero
elevation with a good takeoff angle from the northeast through south. There
are high tension power lines directly east about 200 feet away. They are
bothersome occasionally on 10, 15, and 20, but they get worse and are always a
factor in terms of being able to copy weak signals as we QSY from 40 through to
160. I have neighbors close by in all directions except to the east, and
interference to their electronics can be an issue if I am using an amp, so I
frankly choose to limit HP in contests and in casual operating from here.

As for the contest itself, twenty meters was the money band for me this year.
Rates were consistently good there at just about all times during the daylight
hours, but not so good anywhere else as soon as the sun went down. Propagation
for me deteriorated significantly on 40 and 75 between 03 and 07Z - it was
difficult to work ANYONE during this time, and frankly, painful to be in the
chair. I took a couple of unplanned breaks during these hours. At 07Z 40
recovered a bit, and was at least somewhat ok for a couple of hours when I
QRTed for the night. I only made a handful of Qs on 15 on Sunday. In
hindsight that was probably a mistake as I should have called CQ there much
much much more than I did.

I missed PR as many others did, and was lacking about 15 mults at sunrise on
Sunday (such as North Carolina - hard to believe). I steadily picked them off
as the day went by - the last one I got,#82, was EWA near the end of the test
on 40. I was really surprised to work so few GTA stations, and NLI too.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.

W4TG   Multi-Op LP   58,6742017-11-27 00:12:17
Band QSOs Pts Sec Pt/Q
3.5 203 406 27 2.0
7 113 226 29 2.0
14 61 122 19 2.0
21 4 8 2 2.0
Total 381 762 77 2.0

Score : 58,674
AH7U   Single Op QRP   182017-11-27 00:34:53
Life got in the way of this one. Better luck next time!
WB2ZAB   SO Unlimited HP   138,4442017-11-27 16:55:50
Missed the first 6 hours after realizing I had tickets to see the hilariously
funny Ron White at the Warner theater. It was worth it but if could have had
those 6 hrs I would have beaten my 2016 score. Glad to have NP4G call me during
a run on 40!
AF1T   Single Op HP   220,7802017-12-01 06:55:58
Like last year, 10 Meters was dead, and 80 Meters was productive. My score is
close to last year's. I always enjoy this event, especially when I run into