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Wisconsin QSO Party   2018   Mar 11   Comment Summary

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K5KJ   SO Fixed LP   22,6202018-03-11 21:34:59
Band conditions were very poor.
N4CF   SO Fixed LP   13,4002018-03-11 23:36:29
Not nearly as much fun as in past years.
W7KAM   SO Fixed LP   7,7502018-03-12 00:11:05
The first couple of hours on 40 meters went well but the band went long around
3:00 PM and Wisconsin disappeared. 80 meters was fairly active but most could
not hear my 100 watts into a Junior G5RV up 25 foot. Lots of band noise today
didn't help.
WIØWA(@NØAC)   SO Fixed LP   7,4802018-03-12 01:01:15
Thanks for your QSO, Bill
WW9R   SO Fixed HP   522,1902018-03-12 01:03:23
Flex 6600
Ameritron AL 811H @ 600 W

Thanks for the Q's

Pat WW9R
WE9V   SO Fixed LP   1,608,6602018-03-12 01:04:23
Another tough year when the bands go long and you can't hear your
own state. This year it seems the mobiles went to 80M earlier which
helped the situation, so thanks. (Maybe they didn't do as well on the
high bands as they did last year, forcing them to 80M sooner too?)

Thanks for all the QSOs,
Chad WE9V
K4VBM   SO Fixed LP   3,0802018-03-12 01:05:35
Great fun as always!
WT2P   SO Fixed HP   53,3002018-03-12 01:06:55
Nice to support our fellow Wisconsin hams for their QSO Party. Got started late,
which meant 40 was already long. Focused on 80 and 160. 80M SSB activity was
well above the SWR limits of my 80M antenna which is focused on CW operation so,
spent most of my time there.

Thanks WE9V for patience in working me on 80 SSB, as the radio simply refused to
tune the antenna above 3800.

NX9G   SO Fixed QRP   11,4002018-03-12 01:10:46
First time doing this contest and did a QRP . It wasn't bad . Anyone that I was
able to hear , I worked . Maybe missed some stations that were unable to hear,
but that how QRP works

K8MR   SO Fixed LP   1,5402018-03-12 01:12:20
A few QSOs in the last few hours, after a day at a bridge tournament. Signals
weak, never heard any mobiles.

CU in Florida QSO Party in April and the Ohio QSO Party in August!

73 - Jim K8MR
K9NW   SO Fixed LP   9,6002018-03-12 01:14:55
No time this year.

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
WB8RFB   SO Fixed LP   24,0002018-03-12 01:17:33
Live 7 miles south of IL/WI border and 40 meters was already long when I jumped
into contest about 2 hours past the start time. 80 was the band to be on but
activity seemed light on both phone and CW. Was off and on for the remainder of
the contest period and was nice to work several of the very FB mobiles who did a
great job making QSO's. All contacts were S & P and made using HF-2V
K4BAI   SO Fixed LP   105,7502018-03-12 01:22:39
At times, I wished I hadn't been running LP to take advantage of the power mult.
GA was too close to WI for 20M and too far away on 40 and 80. Some WI stations
never heard me. The mobiles did though, and thanks to all them for their
efforts. Look for the GA QSO Party on the second full weekend in April. Thanks
for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
WB2ABD   SO Fixed HP   57,2202018-03-12 01:40:13
thank you mobiles

K3 KPA500 KAT500 80m inv vee @ 60ft 40m inv vee @ 40ft 3el Steppir @ 40ft

N9SD   SO Fixed LP   677,5002018-03-12 01:49:40
I was only able to get 4 hours of operating in this year, (Wedding...on a
Sunday...why didn't they schedule it around the WQP???) but still had a great

Great to hear a bunch of the rovers clustered around 3550 toward the last hour
or so.

Another enjoyable WQP!!!

73, everyone - see you next year!!!

Operating Period: 2018/03/11 20:43 - 2018/03/12 00:47
Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
80 118 93 0 211 52
40 23 138 0 161 39
20 0 37 0 37 9
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 141 268 0 409 100
K9TF   SO Fixed QRP   124,6402018-03-12 01:50:45
Worked 15 different multipliers were worked. I always have fun operating this
contest for 48 years now.
W9AV   SO Fixed LP   973,3502018-03-12 02:04:36
This was a fairly serious effort, but my lowest score in recent WIQPs. I blame
the sun.
NX6T(WQ6X)   SO Fixed HP   10,2602018-03-12 02:10:27
This was another last minute ad-HOC remote operation from
NX6T in Fallbrook (altho I was @ W7AYT's QTH the SF Bay Area).
In addition to this contest I also participated in the SA-10 Contest,
the Stew Perry 160 contest and the OKQP, also that weekend.
WQ6X ran NX6T's STN-1 (an Elecraft K3) into an ACOM 2000a amplifier
at about 1300 (watts most of the time); altho sometimes I would forget
to enable the amp when calling the station, then reply at 1300 watts - Zowie!
The high band antenna was a 13mh C-31 yagi (tower #1). A 13mh shorty-40
for 40 and sloppy inverted vees for 80/16 all did the job.
Look for an upcoming writeup about this at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
KI4MZC   SO Fixed QRP   6,7202018-03-12 02:33:56
I did a little better than I thought than I would at the beginning of the party.
I had to qrt just as 80 meters seemed to be improving in the evening. Oh,

Thanks to all - organizers and operators - who participated.

72 73,

AJ6T   SO Fixed LP   51,8402018-03-12 02:37:52
Good conditions on 80 from Alabama to Wisconsin. Never could get a run started.
K9MU   SO Fixed LP   1,025,1202018-03-12 03:02:35
For some reason, I thought CW and SSB QSOs were now the same amount of points
for scoring and I stayed on SSB for the better rate. If I could do it over
again... Ugh! (I think it was MN that did that). Conditions were tough with
hardly any WI counties worked on 40m. My 3 and 4 year old children sat on my lap
for some of the contest. My 4 year old was wondering how the beeps turned into
letters. This should be fun in a few years! It was my first time going SO2R'ish
and added a few extra mults and Qs...

Radio 1: Elecraft K3 @ 100w
F12 C4SXL @ 50 feet
G5RV @ 30 feet

Radio 2: Icom-746Pro @ 100w
80m dipole @ 45 feet
40m dipole @ 30 feet


Justin, K9MU
KØAP   SO Fixed LP   83,7402018-03-12 03:21:38
20m was unusable from here, very poor conditions. 40 and 80M kind of saved the
day. It was fun chasing the mobiles. Thank you K0PC, K8IR, W0ZQ, NE9U... for a
job well done. Great operators! Logged many new WI counties.

FT-1000MP, Dipoles, N1MM+

73 Dragan K0AP
KØOO(@W3RFC)   SO Fixed HP   17,7602018-03-12 04:58:15


KF6NCX   SO Fixed LP   3202018-03-12 07:14:34
I didn't hear any WI stations till late Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the Qs.
K9GDF   SO Fixed LP   260,2002018-03-12 12:11:59
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
WØAA(WAØMHJ)   SO Mobile LP   53,5002018-03-12 13:10:09
Murphy strikes with an odd power problem that became un-repairable, just 45
minutes into the contest. Was to be same route as last year; We'll try it again
next year. We came home and I got a few hours in from the Minnesota home
station, then returned back to Wisconsin at the end for dinner with the N9T
mobile team.
NØIJ   SO Fixed LP   945,3002018-03-12 14:43:52
Couldn't return to defend my mobile win from last year, so decided to run my
Douglas County station remotely. It's been pretty dependable (remote system)
for 3 years, but something happened with 45 minutes to go and ended up losing
the last 30 minutes. Looking at the early reports, this was pretty costly! Sorry
to those who tried to copy my (apparently) garbled CW.
Its been several years since I did this as a home station, and forgot some of
the strategy. Should have paid more attention to 80 cw and phone earlier--for
mults. I can't do SO2R remotely, but can see that it would have been a great
assist for catching mobiles. Didn't really do well with them.
Nice amount of activity and a fun contest as usual.
John, N0IJ
N9T(NRØT)   M/M Mobile LP   391,6002018-03-12 14:45:34
Only decent rates were on 80 CW, but never more than 80 per hour.
Note for next year, check 80 before 2130z.
KEØTT   SO Mobile QRP   284,3602018-03-12 18:24:07
K3/10 at 5 watts to either a 66' or a 130' inv vee up 20' at the apex, fed with
parallel line and tuner. Good weather, good train watching, good eagle
watching, but strange band condx, similar to last year where 40M goes long so I
can't QSO any WI stations, and 20M was closed most of the time. 80M was the
best band by far, but was dead until late afternoon, when it opened up for short
and long QSO's. Always fun to be part of this Party. Set up in 4 counties:
Crawford: 75 minutes/30 Q's. Vernon: 70 minutes/28 Q's. La Crosse: 25
minutes/25 Q's. Buffalo: 50 minutes/47 Q's. Rates improved as the day went on.
John, K4BAI, thanks for the calls. C U next time. 73, Dan ke0tt/portable
WN4AFP   SO Fixed LP   12,8252018-03-12 18:40:26
Had limited time on Sunday for radio fun... No prop to WI on 20m and the other
bands weren't too good either. 73s Dave WN4AFP
WAØMHJ   SO Fixed LP   36,4002018-03-12 19:13:55
When the W0AA mobile effort hit a roadblock, I returned to Minnesota to hand out
N2CU   SO Fixed LP   71,8202018-03-12 23:01:19
I think I chose the wrong year to NOT put in an effort. Bands sounded good the
short time I was on.

Score includes 1.5x multiplier for LP.

73, Tom N2CU
WI9WI   SO Mobile LP   262,5002018-03-12 23:41:39
Twenty third year of operating the WIQP mobile. My main goal was to operate from
some new counties in my never ending goal to operate the WIQP from every
Wisconsin county SO Mobile solo. This year I bagged 6 new counties, FON, DOD,
SHE, WAS, OZA, and MIL. I now have 13 to go, all in the northeast part of the
state. One of the issues with doing this is the QSO party is only 7 hours long,
and I spend a lot of time driving between counties. For safety reasons I do not
operate while driving. Some may be able to do it, but I can't. This year I spent
more time driving than operating. The shortest drive was between FON and DOD, 3
minutes. It was literally across the road. The longest was between DOD and SHE,
84 minutes. Actual operating time was about 3 hours. I had a few problems. The
main ones were RF getting into the computer early on even though it had checked
out fine in the driveway on Saturday. Some ferrite, cutting the power to 75
watts, and rearranging a few cables cured that. Apologies to those to whom I
screwed up a few QSOs. The other was I continue to have antenna problems on 80
meters. I thought I had fixed them, but it was not to be so. I could load the
antenna with the K3's tuner, but I was only putting out about 15-20 watts. This
is not good when the best band was 80. Gotta work on that. You know 40 is long
when you work Italians before 2 PM local with 75 watts and a mobile antenna.
Twenty was a wasteland. I CQd on 20 at least 5-10 minutes in each of the first 5
counties, and garnered all of 3 QSOs.

More new counties next year.
Thanks to all for the QSOs

W9EAU(@WØAIH)   M/M Fixed LP   3,047,5102018-03-13 02:01:45
Score includes Bonus points.

160 CW: KB9S
80 CW: KB9S
40 CW: K0TG

61 Counties
49 States
4 Canadian Provinces

Thank you Paul W0AIH for letting us use the Farm for another W9EAU WIQP
Multi-Multi effort. Paul was visiting family in Pennsylvania over the weekend
but he did find a local station there so he could make a few qsos as W0AIH/3.

Murphy hit our 40 meter cw station early when the bandpass filter decided to act
like a dummy. Once the filter was bypassed we were back in business.

A fun day with friends and radio with a good crew of ops.
Thanks for the q's.

For more info on "the farm" look at:

73 Mark KB9S
W7GKF   SO Fixed HP   68,4002018-03-13 05:58:32
Very tough slog! Bad condx, very loud and active OKQP, and local QRN did not
help. The mobile sigs were hard to pull out. But still fun, and the length of
the contest is about right.
WQ6X(@W7AYT)   SO Fixed LP   2802018-03-13 07:33:52
This was another last minute ad-HOC operation from W7AYT's QTH in
the SF Bay Area). While I spent most of the weekend running contests
remotely from NX6T, I found time to play around in the WIQP running
a Yaesu FT-1000mp into a WQ6X Lazy 8JK Sloper antenna 12mh.
Look for an upcoming writeup about this contest at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
WA3AAN   SO Fixed HP   28,8902018-03-13 13:37:21
Icom ProII with 400 watt amp
Parallel Dipoles at 30 ft.
K9DJT   SO Fixed LP   172,4802018-03-13 15:22:06
Had fun but was totally exhausted at the end. I had hoped of doing better.

73, Gary
WØZQ   SO Mobile LP   1,007,8802018-03-13 17:08:40
Activated nine counties in stop & shoot mode. Based on recent contests I
figured that 20 and 40m would be down this year and that 80m would be more of a
player, but I didn't anticipate to what degree as 55% of my contacts were on
80m, from a mobile. And, it wasn't from the lack of trying on the high bands as
I called CQ on 20m from all except my last county, the propagation just was not
there. My apologies to those that called me on 40m when I was in PIE as I had a
power line near by that was S9. Weather was good, everything worked, and I had
a great time meandering through WI. Thanks to the WARAC for organizing this fun
event and everyone for all the Q's. 73, Jon
KØPC   SO Mobile LP   1,416,0102018-03-13 21:04:17
A nice day for a drive through Wisconsin, much better driving conditions than
last year. No visit from Murphy this year, everything worked great.

As others have said the band conditions were mixed. I was surprised how few QSOs
I had on 20M, I think this is an all time low for that band by almost a factor
of 2. I went to 80M earlier than usual and it became my most productive band. My
first QSO on 80M was 1922z and my last QSO on 20M was 2246z. One lone DX contact
this year with ON4AAC on 20M at 2104z.

Rates were up and down all day, usually they just build all day to a crescendo
at the end.
18z 65
19z 74
20z 114
21z 74
22z 76
23z 126
00z 114

I worked 199 unique calls and had many who rode along all day. Some of the heavy
K9CT 14
W9EAU 13
K1RO 12
AF8A 11
K9WM 11
WE9V 11
Many with 10 QSOs and less

Thanks to the West Allis Radio Club for their sponsorship of the WIQP and to
everybody who followed me all day.

73, Pat KØPC
K9CT   SO Fixed HP   254,7602018-03-14 01:04:40
Thanks to the mobile operators for all the mults!

73, Craig K9CT
KX9RT   SO Fixed LP   632,9602018-03-14 03:32:29
I had a great time as usual. This is the on air event that I most look forward
to each year. For the second year in a row I too experienced local 40 meters
didn't work out very well. This year was my first year entering the Low Power
category (vs. QRP) and was able to achieve a personal best in terms of the
number of Q's.

Rig: KX3 driving a Hardrock 50 Amp (50W)
Ant: 176ft doublet fed with ladder line and 40 meter dipole
NE9U   SO Mobile LP   725,1802018-03-15 18:24:15
after spending two weeks in PJ4 and a few other wrinkles when we got home, we
knew we weren't going to be able to have the time or ambition to assemble our
usual mobile station. Plus KK9K wasn't able to spare the weekend.
But, but long time (27 years) partner N9BCA and I decided to go up nort and have
fun anyway. We put together a jury rigged station that we only operated
So 4 hours of operating...3 hours of driving between stops. our jury rigged
setup worked ok on 80, but had trouble tuning on 40. didn't appear to be much
happening on 20.

Fun time as usual. We found our steaks Saturday night and had a nice breakfast
Sunday morning on our way to stop #1.

Hopefully see everyone in 2019 with a serious effort again.

Scott NE9U
WB9TFF   SO Fixed HP   57,6002018-03-16 18:20:14
I operated on 40 s&p, then 80 running. I had the best time on 80. Only 3 yl
contacts. I talked with two ladies who have me their favorite song for my ylrl
quest. Thanks ops!!
K8IR/M   Multi-Op Mobile LP   1,153,7552018-03-18 17:13:21
Score includes 6000 bonus points for counties worked from.

As bad as 20 and 40 turned out to be, 80 was the best I've seen in several
years. Often even if the propagation is good, the QRN is too much for mobiles to
be heard well. This time is was pretty quiet.

We made our first 80 meter QSO at 1841, and by the 1900 hour, 80 was as
productive as the higher bands. The result was 33 counties worked, and 71 mults
which was close to our best ever. We ran ahead on the planned route, and I asked
Eric while we were in FLO if he thought we could get through MRN back to OCO for
the end, since we hadn't done 80 from there at the beginning of the contest. He
found a route, although Parkway Road was gravel for part of the way and had the
lot of snow most of the way. Between the ruts, bumps and deer darting out at
us, we did survive and made it to OCO in time to add 30 more QSO's before the
end. Thanks to Eric for another fine trip, and to everyone who called in along
the way.

Jim K8IR
Eric KG9GH