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YU DX Contest   2017   Apr 15   Comment Summary

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MMØLID   SO Mixed QRP   39,9162017-04-15 12:10:45
Gave up.
It is just too difficult on the low bands with QRP with so many different
contests running at the same time!
YU DX, Holyland, CQMM, a russian contest and some Qso parties.

When you call a station who is 30db over 9 and he CQ in your face, you know its
just not going to be a successful time!

Was fun while it last.
Thanks for the Q's and the points.

Maybe the sponsors need to think about changing the date with all these other
contests at the same time.

Yaesu FTDX5000 ... 5watts!
Steppir DB18 @ 120' , 40m 2 Element Monoband @ 100'
Loop, Verticals for 160/80/40

See you next time

73 Scott
S57EA   SO CW QRP   36,4162017-04-16 08:53:13
Running FT897D @ 10W out and 40m LW Ant up 6m.
I have great time playing with QRP in this contest.
Thanks for all qso's.
W4PM   SO CW HP   1,6962017-04-16 18:09:47
Poor propagation so little time spent.

Thanks to those who could hear me and give me a contact.

VA7ST   SOSB/40 HP   422017-04-16 22:23:12
Heard two stations (YU and 9A) over the pole on 40M while working CQMM DX and
had to jump in.
K1GQ   SO CW HP   23,3582017-04-17 04:58:21
SkookumLogger K3 2000A 2XA-3B-12L OB2-40 wires

Major changes in nearly every aspect of the rules, so I stopped to update the
logging software, which was more fun than operating.

Unable to reach the web site to submit my log.
HG7T(HA7TM)   SO CW HP   53,4642017-04-17 05:57:00
73! Tibi HA7TM
K4BAI   SO CW HP   6242017-04-17 07:02:43
N1MM+ didn't seem to be updated for the new contest rules for this year. Thanks
for all QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
OL3E(OK1JOC)   SO CW LP   52,9622017-04-17 11:00:40
WQ6X(@NX6T)   SOSB/20 HP   5062017-04-17 14:10:23
This is another WQ6X remote operation from NX6T.
My main focus was the CQMM contest however I had a log ready for when I heard
YU contest stations.
You can read more about WQ6X operations at:
YU/S56A(@YU7AB)   SO CW HP   138,8362017-04-17 23:59:16
Busy weekend with 4X, PY, RA contests overlapping on CW!

Thanks YU7AB for hosting and YT6W for setup attempts.
We couldn't get TS-780 CAT responding. Even not TS-480 I know better.

My 18 hours running was test of modest 3 x GI7B amp and YT1NT tribander.
Unfortunately condx were poor with very high local manmade noise.

It was nice to work S5 and YU friends. The others were mainly in MM!

73 de Mario, YU/S56A iz JA_godinu
YU1EW   SO Mixed HP   206,0132017-04-18 07:30:11
Low level dynamic contest seems ideal for SO2R training. Spent almost all of my
operatings time doing 2 band alternate CQ, with barefoot 2nd radio. DXlog by
9A5K performed very good and temporary delays were due to operator
YU1AU(@YT5W)   SOSB/40 HP   93,1842017-04-20 07:41:50
TNX all for PTS.
Best regards YU1AU Miki
N4EEV   SO CW LP   2202017-04-20 17:13:46
Not a lot of time for this. Maybe next year. Thank you for the QSO. 73, Mike
9A2KD(@9A4M)   SO CW HP   334,4762017-04-24 00:08:35
Band QSOs Pts DXC Cty Pt/Q
3,5 133 433 33 11 3,3
7 290 952 43 16 3,3
14 198 607 38 9 3,1
21 9 40 8 2 4,4
28 2 20 1 2 10,0
Total 632 2052 123 40 3,2
Score: 334.476
1 Mult = 3,9 Q's

Branko, 9A2KD