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North Carolina QSO Party   2018   Feb 25   Comment Summary

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W3RGA   SO Mixed LP   16,6702018-02-25 23:53:01
Nothing better to do... A damp dreary day here. Spent the afternoon casually
tuning around. Didn't add any of the bonus points to my score.
KM4SII   SO SSB LP   40,1602018-02-26 01:04:46
Well, while fun, scores were down from last year for a few reasons:

1. Despite having 20m this year, conditions were poorer then last year so thus
fewer QSOs.

2. The bands were long. Last year I could work in-state on 40m most of the
contest... this time 40m was too long to work in-state at all. Even 80m went
long around 0000z. Because of this I had quite a few less county mults over last

The start was a crawl. I was barely getting runs going at all on 40 and 20m, but
fortunately after a painful first two or so hours, things picked up and I was
able to run well.

80m was in great shape despite my poor 80m antenna.

Thanks to OM2VL, DK2OY, and EA5DFV for the DX mults. And great job to W4FS...
good to hear you running some high rates!

Thanks for all the calls! And nice to work VE7DZO, another fellow youth :)

See you in the next one de KM4SII - Mason (15 years old)
K1RO   SO Mixed HP   46,0252018-02-26 01:06:12
Score includes 500 bonus points. Nice turnout, was not able to devote full time
this year.
K9NW   SO CW LP   11,0072018-02-26 01:10:17
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
W5TM   SO CW LP   14,8502018-02-26 01:15:06
K3s and dipoles
WB8RFB   SO CW LP   3,7202018-02-26 01:30:29
Just got on for a few casual contacts and signals were good so just kept going.
W5QLF   SO CW LP   2,7882018-02-26 01:44:14
Total score includes 2688 QSO points plus 100 bonus points for working W4DW and
NC4QP. NC4QP was a gold mine since this station was transmitting from the
junction of four North Carolina counties: Scotland, Richmond, Moore and Hoke.

Love those county line stations!
AD8J   SO Mixed LP   143,2152018-02-26 01:58:09
Not as many SSB Q's as last year and 20 less mults resulting in about 30K less
points this year Probability because of the long skip on 40 prevented me from
working many NC counties during the daylight.
WB2ABD   SO CW LP   15,8252018-02-26 02:11:44
stinky condx up here. 40 improved towards suppertime and 80 wasn't too noisy.
Called the 2 stations I heard on 20 but they didn't hear me.Wkd a couple of
bonus stations.
Got a handful of 80m counties.

K3 inv vees 80 and 40 N1MM+
K4VBM   SO SSB LP   9742018-02-26 02:18:23
Snapped 1 bonus station. Great fun!
K3TD(K4QPL)   Mobile SO Mixed LP   134,0392018-02-26 02:40:29
Coming off the great SC QSO Party on Saturday we didn't know if we'd be able to
keep riding for another 10+ hours in NC. But a good night in a hotel near
Charlotte and a good breakfast before heading up I-77 to be in Iredell County
(To get our "I" for Carolina and hopefully to have a pileup giving
them out) got us in the mood to do it again.
Other than a USB port in the laptop finally giving up from rough roads (We had
taped it in SC)and having to make a quick port install in another port, Murphy
left us alone.
20 was again a disappointment. During the EU opening we worked a few DX and
later some west coasties, but there really wasn't much point in spending time
there when 40 was acting like 20 for most of the day.
This weekend were the first mobile contests where we had great telnet from
beginning to end with Tad's wifi hotspot feeding my laptop. (Wait until his
company sees the data minutes!! Fortunately he's with a communications company)
Was great to see all the spots coming in and to see all the active counties and
where the other mobiles were. As with most contests the rate boost was immediate
when we were spotted. Thanks for all manual spots giving out county
As in SC, activity and rate started slower and picked up as the afternoon and
evening came and 80M came into its own again. Again it was hard to believe how
well we seemed to be getting out both DX and east of the Rockies. I just wish
there was some way to match up receiving quality. Tad nixed the idea of dragging
a 200' B.O.G. (Beverage On Ground)behind the SUV! We get enough strange looks
with the hulking 160-10M Tarheel Screwdriver in the trailer hitch.
Anyhow, the score above is the raw score from N1MM without any bonus points
calculated. We'll leave that to the official scorers but our intention was to
host the party for all of our out of state and DX friends and our own score was
never really considered and we never took the time to S&P mults.
We activated 18 counties with extra time for Columbus County to give as many
opportunities for bonus points. The rest of the time we were trying to manage
our time in each county to match the pileups, trying to rush through the big
counties but also occasionally stopping short of a county line until the pileup
diminished. Unfortunately we couldn't do anything about time running out for the
contest in NASh county and we still had a pileup when the clock hit 0100Z. The
pileup was huge and by that time my concentration was waning from 10 hours in
the chair stoked by trail mix, Gatorade and whatever other junk food Tad would
throw back into my cage!
As with South Carolina we put all of our energies into CW as SSB is not very
productive in comparison. Tad did another great job of navigating and meeting
our target of ending the contest just before reaching well-served WAKe county.
In fact, we left NASh and rolled into WAKe just two minutes after the contest
Finally, congratulations to Marty and all the great organizing group for a well
planned, publicized and managed QSO Party. Thanks to everyone in NC for
supporting it so well and activating so many counties with special thanks for
all the bonus stations.
And most of all, thanks to our wonderful North American and DX friends who
followed us around North Carolina and gave us those exciting pileups. We hope
you enjoyed the party as much as we enjoyed throwing it.
See you next year!
Tad, K3TD
Jim, K4QPL
W4NBS   SO Mixed LP   7,0692018-02-26 02:40:53
Lots of activity! Great job by the NC ops.
Hope to see you in the Alabama QSO Party in June.

FT-1000 Mk V; 150w; 80m dipole

73, Tom, W4NBS
WB8WKQ   SO Mixed LP   45,1122018-02-26 02:58:03
Very fun. Conditions between NC and Michigan were fantastic on 40M most if not
all day. 20 was too long for any contacts. 80 was pretty good. Thanks!
W4FS(@N4YDU)   SO Mixed HP   282,7562018-02-26 03:04:38
Huge thanks to Nate N4YDU for hosting me at his station again for NCQP!

Fantastic time operating. Conditions on 20m left a lot to be desired but the
great conditions on 40m made up for that.


20m: Lightning Bolt 2 element quad @ 60 ft.
40m: 2 dipoles @ 70 ft.(Oriented NE) & 60 ft.(Oriented NW)
80m: Dipole @ 70 ft.

Yaesu FTDX5000 & Flex 6600M
2 Acom 2000A's

Thanks for all the Q's!

73 for now,
WØMB   SO Mixed HP   2042018-02-26 03:06:37
It would have been fun but had to go see mom! I already did 2 contest anyway for
782 qso's
K8MR   SO CW LP   5,0462018-02-26 03:13:19
Very weak signals (on 40)until late afternoon; if the mobiles were there,I
couldn't hear them through my local noise. Once they became audible, K3TD and
N4CW were doing a great job. Good to have K5CM in there as well.

See you mobile from Florida in April and Ohio in August!

73 - Jim K8MR
AJ6T   SO SSB LP   7,7202018-02-26 03:25:46
Only spent a few hours in this contest but had fun with my K3 and OCF dipole on
40 and 75 SSB.
VE3UTT(W1AJT)   SO Mixed HP   36,2162018-02-26 03:35:18
Remote from Catawba County

K3 / Optibeam / 80m "V"

Hope all had fun.
KØAP   SO CW LP   16,8862018-02-26 03:42:09
Too many errands on Sunday so it was not a full time effort. Lots of NC stations
and the mobiles in particular have done an excellent job. N4CW is a fantastic
operator, deserves full well that "CW" in the suffix. N0C, K3TD and
K5CM had great runs as well. K5CM was a great surprise since his activity was
not announced on the NCQP web site. Great to hear/work my buddy Vlado N3CZ from
Buncombe, NC. It was a fun weekend and I am looking forward to NCQP 2019. Thanks
for all Qso's.

Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP, HEX Beam/dipoles, N1MM+

73 Dragan K0AP (also Z32XX)
W6SX   SO CW HP   9682018-02-26 04:22:54
Twenty meters only. Never heard NC on any other band.

Not much activity. Half my QSOs were with N4CW/M. Took some small pleasure in
being first to nab him on a couple county and/or band transitions. I take my
victories where I find them.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
KØVBU   SO Mixed LP   5,2482018-02-26 08:06:16
K3-100 P3; TH6DXX @ 50\'; 80/40 Trap dipole @ 30\'; 160 INV L @ 30\'(winter

Thanks for the Q's!

Bill K0VBU
K4BYN   SO CW LP   88,6602018-02-26 12:21:39
Been a couple years since my last participation but lots of fun once again.
Thanks to all who answered my running CQ's. Many thanks to the committee that
puts this contest together. I wish I could have been on at 10 AM Sunday morning
but my Presbyterian Sunday school and church activities prohibit that happening.
Nothing heard on 15 meters here. 73 Louis K4BYN, a RARS club member....
K9GDF   SO Mixed LP   7,3152018-02-26 14:06:02
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
NJ4Q   SO CW LP   6852018-02-26 16:16:21
Didn't know where bonus Qs went in the scoring. N1MM came up with that claimed
score. I did see W4DW as a bonus but not another. Enjoyed the test.

de NJ4Q in VA
N4CW   Mobile SO Mixed LP   186,0182018-02-26 17:29:20
After a really busy Saturday in the SCQP (26 counties activated), Jim (W4TMO)and
I started off on a rainy morning, and all day it was on and off rain. Jim drove
and I operated. Great DX on 20 early Sunday; worked as far east as Russia and
west to BC with lots in-between. We worked OM2VL on CW and SSB as often as
conditions permitted; Laci always had a fine signal. It was an amazing and fun
adventure, always wondering if K1GQ would be the first Q after crossing a county
line or changing bands...several others, including K1RO and WA1Z would be there
also. Needless to say, I loved the following and a great appreciation to all the
patient stations who only gave their calls once! Whittling down the pileups
eventually got everybody interested in a Q from us.
If I was slow to respond, that may have been due to the "snaking"
through the mountain roads in Western was not only an adventure, it was
a challenge not to hit extra keys and keeping the paddle from sliding off the
plywood board I was using as a "desk". Other hazards that slowed us
down were bumpy roads, especially one gravel road that had a narrow wooden
bridge (one lane!)near
Boone. Jim was navigating with his cell phone, and it had a habit of choosing
the shortest distance between points; that's not always advisable because you go
on some interesting excursions!
Murphy only showed his face a couple times and we weren't delayed much...mostly
with not being familiar with the logger, "CQX".
Jim really did a great job mapping out our route, plugging the county line
coordinates into his cell phone, then following orders from the GPS app.
We want to thank Marty and the NCQP coordinators for their excellent work. We
were able to provide "CAROLINA" using both SC and NC counties and hope
many avail themselves to the raffle for doing so (see the rules).
This year our mobile station consisted of a K3 and two Outback antennas (an
"Outreach" on the trailer hitch mount and a mag-mounted
"Perth" on top of the RAV-4). Power was by two 45 AH AGM batteries in
parallel with a battery charger helping to keep them "alive"); I have
yet to hook to the SUV's internal battery...some day...
Thanks, all y'all, for a real fun time. Well done! Bert (N4CW) and Jim (W4TMO)
N8XX   SO CW QRP   272018-02-26 18:32:21
Only got on for a short time. Very few Corn Whisky aficionados, and even fewer
who could hear my peanut whistle. Was planning to get on a bit more, but got
absorbed in Olympics reruns and lost track of time.

Worked WØC, Does that qualify for a fractional "spelling bee"
credit??? :)
W9ILY   SO CW LP   2,3082018-02-26 19:28:02
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
NC4KW(@N1LN)   Club Mixed LP   258,6602018-02-26 20:41:19
The score includes three 50 point bonus Qs.

The NC4KW North Carolina Kilo Watt team had another successful NCQP outing. The
band conditions were not exactly cooperative, but we still had a fun 10 hours of
team building and a great time. It is always fun when we get together radio or
no radio.

20 meters: Last year 20 meters was our big SSB band. This year we stayed on 20
SSB too long so not to miss the great opening that never occurred. Our CW total
was down by 15 percent and our SSB total really took a hit being down by 85
percent. OUCH!!!

40 meters: 40 meters gave us a pretty good QSO count but very bad NC county
multiplier count. Fortunately, we did well with State and Province multipliers.
The skip was quite long and for the most part we could not hear NC at all.
Yes, we made a few NC Qs, but not close to what we expected. Our CW total was
down by 26 percent but our SSB total was slightly up by 8 percent.

80 meters: 80 meters gave us the best year over year results. We were able to
quickly increase the very much needed NC county multipliers and even exceeded
the sum of CW and SSB 2017 Q counts. For CW we were up by 66 percent and on SSB
we were down by 26 percent but overall we were up by a very slim 23 Qs. With
the big increase being CW it really helped our point total and overall score.

When it was all done we had 105 multipliers in the log. 53 states and provinces
and 51 counties and 1 DX even though we worked 16 countries. We also worked 3
of the 6 bonus stations. Perhaps we should have run high power, but that would
not have helped hear NC stations on 20 or 40. What we could hear, we could

A big thanks to the TEAM. Laurie N1YXU, Howie WA4PSC, Bill N8BR and me N1LN.

We would also like to thank Marty, W4MY, and the rest of his NCQP team and
sponsors for putting on another NCQP event.

See you next year!

Bruce N1LN
(aka NC4KW)
WN4AFP   SO Mixed QRP   8,0842018-02-26 21:23:49
The NCQP did all they could do and more to put on a solid NCQP for the second
half of the Carolina Weekend. I only a few hours to play in this one this year.
Nothing much on 40m from hear to NC, so I went to 80 in the late afternoon and
found many NC stations up there. I had all the letters except "N" and
"I" after the SCQP, so I thought my chances were pretty good to spell
Carolina. I picked up several "I" stations quickly, but the
"N" was very scarce. It was 0045z and things weren't and I still
didn't have my "N". I lost track of K3TD, but I worked Con, K5CM
running a county next door to Nash. I tuned all over the band seeking that
"N" station. At 0054z I heard K3TD running Nash, so I started calling.
He finally hears me at 0056z with only 3 mins left in the game. Thanks to all
the mobiles who kept us spinning the dial. Thanks to all the guys who went the
extra mile to make the Carolina Weekend a success. 73s's Dave WN4AFP
K3IE   SO Mixed LP   6,7882018-02-26 23:25:09
Thanks for the Q's - Hunter K3IE
KD2BGM(@W1MWB)   SO CW LP   4,0602018-02-27 06:25:54
Operated remotely from Maine from W1MWB remote station. Had some dropout issues
so I hope I didnt' sound much of a LID on the air. Sorry if I did.

40 meter was the only band to rely on for contacts. It was fun to chase mobiles
and thanks to them for their great efforts in putting many counties on the air.

This is the first of -i hope- many contests operated remotely from the US
States. I started a sort of personal challenge to operate at least a contest
from all (or as many)US States. Hope I'll be able to be active from a State
during it's own QSO Party and don't be a chaser only.

More info in my page.

Thanks for the contacts and hope to hear you all from another State!
KEØTT   SO CW QRP   7,6862018-02-28 02:56:15
K3/10 at 5 watts to two wire antennas up about 45 to 50' fed with ladder lines
and tuners. Condx improved over the SCQP the day before, hooray. Lots of
activity, with county changes from many ops. Thanks for the fun ! and C U next
time. 73, Dan, ke0tt MN
N8II   SO Mixed LP   61,2322018-03-01 02:22:12
Score includes 500 bonus points, got all of the bonuses pretty easily.
I was surprised at the results compared to other out of state scores, because
I was far from in the best location to work NC on 40 (beaten by VE3UTT many
times and more than once by OM2VL starting in 19Z hour!). And, even on 80 where
first Q's were in the 20Z hour (unheard of with higher solar activity), there
were some loud and very weak signals as well after dark. On 40 southern and far
western NC were OK to great most of the day, but from about Raleigh north and NE
NC, signals from 19Z onward and to some degree earlier were skipping over me
which meant missing a lot of the mobiles roaming around. K5CM/M? was never loud
on 40, weak on 80 too. So, I was lucky not to be beaten on Q's and mults.

Many thanks to all of the mobiles: Bert, N4CW and K3TD operated by Jim, K4PQL
kept going the entire 10 hours. I think I missed Jim in quite a few counties
(skipping over) as was probably the case with K5CM. NC4QP was worked 4 times for
16 Q's which was about 5.5% of my Q's. N4CW was worked 15 times, K3TD 13 times,
and K5CM 13 in many fewer different events due to running lines.

Phone activity was pretty decent, but below other years with better conditions.
If you can't work your own state (40M), you tend to get discouraged. I would
guess the 54 Q's each made on 75/80M was easily a personal best.

Thanks to all of the stations who got on the air and good overall county
coverage; I probably missed at least 5 counties that were active.

73, Jeff
K5CM/M   Mobile SO Mixed LP   233,6552018-03-01 23:54:08
Great fun as usual. Thanks to Marty and crew for hosting the event.
I think this Class is for "LONE RANGER", but since the other mobiles
posted in this Class I will also.
As others have noted, 20 meters was not as productive as expected.
All Q's are important but the following are some of the most worked.
24 or more Q'S ....OM2VL, W5CW, N5KW, K1RO
16 to 20 Q'S ....VE3UTT, WB2ABD, AC4WO, K4FT, KD8DEU, K3TW, WB8WKQ
13 to 15 Q's ....K0AP, NW0M, W5TM, W8TM, K2DSW, N9CK, VE3NBJ, N8II
10 to 12 Q's ....K7TM, K0HNC, KQ3F, N3CZ, W1QK, K0JPL, K3TN, K4AMC, W8PI
8 to 9 Q's ....KA5VZG, KJ4IWZ, N4VV, VE3AQ, EA5DFV, K9CW, KN4Y, N1QY, WB9HFK
Connie, K5CM
Melissa, N5KK
NØC(@NØAC/M)   Mobile Mixed LP   22018-03-02 13:16:03
Forrest Gump said "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what
you are going to get". Well QSO parties are about the same, you never know
what you are going to get but I did have fun.

Thanks for your QSO, Bill
OM2VL(@OM8A)   SO Mixed HP   42,1062018-03-02 21:37:51
Congrats to Mark K1RO! I know he was QRV only limited time, but our score was
close ....
I can't concurate his 44 80m QSO (all stations are higher than 3.800)
Unfortunatelly 20m closed so early and many stations preferd 40m when I can work
only on 20m.

I am really appreciated all QSOs with mobiles who came also on 20m and give
chance me to work him from many counties.
On 40m unfortunatelly KD4CB was only over 7200 and I missed many his counties.

Thanks a lot for so many QSOs and excellent job of mobile stations. N4CW 40/23
(QSO/CTY), K5CM 28/15, NC4QP 16/4, K3TD 10/9, N0C 9/8 , W4MGT 6/2

Thanks also for organizing the Carolina weekend - I enjoyed it so much! QSLs
will be much much appreciated!

73! Laci OM2VL
WØBH   SO Mixed HP   1,1032018-03-03 22:56:42
Score includes 100 bonus points for working 1 bonus station and the two bonus

Good signals on both bands while I was on. Sorry I didn't have more time to
play. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh
W7GF   SO CW LP   1,2212018-03-04 17:23:39
Score includes 50 bonus points.