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Washington State Salmon Run  


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Washington State Salmon Run   2017   Sep 16   Comment Summary

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NØAC(@NØAC/Ø)   SOCW LP   2,2552017-09-16 18:56:05
Worked three QSO parties at once, Ia, Nj, and Wa.

Bill, N0AC/0
At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, 7100 foot elevation

Rig 1-FT1000MP~100w
Antenna 1-HyGain HyTower Jr.
Antenna 2-2 Element 20m vertical array
Antenna 3-20m Double Extended Zepp

Rig 2-Ten Tec Omni VI~100w
Antenna 1-40m Dipole
Antenna 2-40 Double Extended Zepp

K7ULS   SOCW LP   2,5642017-09-16 21:42:47
A-frame antenna worked great. 500 Bonus for working W7DX
FTDX-3000 (100w)
LDG AT-100Pro
de K7ULS
K7MY   SOMixed LP   2,8222017-09-17 10:03:23
N1MM was confusing as how to show the W7DX contacts.
K3PA   SOMixed HP   13,3322017-09-17 15:14:02
Bad conditions but fun!
KX4FR   Unlimited QRP   1,8762017-09-17 15:34:17
qrp FT817 at 5 watts
W4KW   SOSSB LP   3,8122017-09-17 15:35:32
Fair Conditions.
Tnx to all for the Q's
AI6O   SOCW HP   6,1582017-09-17 15:54:48
Conditions were decent. Seemed to be a shortage of stations. Still, fun test
and thanks to all for the Qs.


Ed, AI6O
W4ANT   SOMixed HP   2,1322017-09-17 15:55:31
Includes 500 bonus points.
KØEJ   SOMixed LP   2,4482017-09-17 16:23:36
add a few bonus points for Qs with W7DX. 1 strong sig on 15 but nothing else.
73, Mark K0EJ
K7IDX   SOSSB HP   9,5902017-09-17 16:37:03
score reflects 500 bonus points

TS-590 HB amp inverted V
Jefferson County.....worked all counties last being Lincoln
would not happen if the /7 and mobile stations were not on.
a special thanks to awesome op WW7D
NG7Z   SOMixed LP   6,6602017-09-17 17:01:31
Great fun to work my friends in WA. I look forward to this party every year. 73
from sunny southern Arizona. Paul NG7Z
WJ9B   SOCW LP   10,0042017-09-17 17:03:21
73, wj9b
WN6K   SOMixed LP   19,8262017-09-17 17:11:52
A index was 30 or more for most of the contest when it started to ease down on
Sunday afternoon...NO activity perceived on 10 or 15m.

Missed Franklin, Garfield, and Grant for the sweep but was quite happy
considering the noisy conditions etc.

Felt like I was swimming the opposite direction of the Salmon...

73 & thanks for those that sorted all this out and found us.

FT-5000, SteppIR DB18 and OCFDP

WN6K, Paul
N7IR   SOCW LP   13,6522017-09-17 17:17:24
Some fun! Thanks to rovers WW7D and K7TQ for the eastern counties on Sunday.

Gary, N7IR
W6GMT   SOCW QRP   2522017-09-17 17:20:37
N7NM   SOCW HP   122,9302017-09-17 17:31:25
Always enjoy but brutal conditions. Thanks to everyone I worked, many on
multiple bands and apologies to those I just couldn't pull out. Missed half our
counties and 5 states. I believe the only rover worked was WW7D and only 1 DX
73, Doug - N7NM
K3, KW, SteppIR
KIØI   SOMixed LP   11,7252017-09-17 17:44:13
Worked W7DX 3 modes, don't know if N1MM added the points. Tuff sleddin here with
mostly weak bands and a stormy Sat. nite. Shut down at 03:00z for lightning too
close. Thanks to the guys mobile out there, K7TQ and WW7D. Really added to the
mult count!
Thanks to the sponsors for a fun contest.
73 Mark KI0I
KX7L   SOMixed HP   43,9202017-09-17 18:02:42
Conditions were just plain lousy.. High noise and weak signals on 20 during the
day, Things were a little better after sunset on the low bands, but activity
seemed a bit down to me. Still, thanks for all those who came out!
W5TM   SOCW LP   9,9082017-09-17 18:24:58
KØOO(@W3RFC)   SOMixed HP   8,1822017-09-17 18:39:11


K5IX   Unlimited LP   1,0782017-09-17 18:59:57
K5IX's Contest Summary Report for WAQP
Created by N3FJP's WAQP Contest Log (Out of State)
Version 3.7

Total Contacts = 26
Total Points = 1,078

Operating Period: 2017/09/16 16:35 - 2017/09/17 17:15

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
40 4 0 0 4 15
20 21 1 0 22 85
-- ----- --- ----- ---
Total 25 1 0 26 100

Total Contacts by CQ Zone:

CQ Zone Total %
------- ----- ---
03 24 92
05 2 8

Total = 2

Total Contacts by County:

County Total %
--------- ----- ---
WA King 7 27
WA Kitsap 3 12
WA Pierce 2 8
WA Snohomish 2 8
WA Spokane 2 8
WA Thurston 2 8
WA Ferry 1 4
WA Grays Harbor 1 4
WA Klickitat 1 4
WA Pacific 1 4
WA Skagit 1 4
WA Skamania 1 4
WA Whitman 1 4
WA Yakima 1 4

Total = 14
K9CW   SOCW LP   12,3322017-09-17 19:21:17
No WA stations heard on 10m or 15m!
N8FYL   SOMixed LP   2,7462017-09-17 20:06:32
Challenging from MI with only a G5RV and 100 watts, but still fun working the
weaker mobiles.
N7PP(@K7BTW)   Club M/2 HP   311,5002017-09-17 20:13:41
Missed Pend Oreille county.Not much worked above 20m. Bands noisy with qsb and
weak signals, especially Sunday. Didn't hear the rovers this year.
Bottom Line: Score way down this year, but everybody had fun.
N7KE   M/S HP   288,5842017-09-17 20:14:25
Conditions were not the best. Many faint signals too weak to pull out of the
As others have mentioned, participation seemed to be lower as usual.

1000 extra points for working W7DX on CW and Phone.

Overall still great fun with a great team and no technical failures which is
the most important thing.

Thanks for all the QSOs and see you in the next one.
WC7Q   SOCW HP   108,1402017-09-17 20:19:29
Conditions were the poorest of any contest I have been in. Saturday was fair to
midlin but Sunday couldn't have been any worse. Did work W7DX on the four bands
I operated, only 2 dx stations. Only worked one mobile, WW7D although I looked
for them often on all bands. Propagation was just too poor for my modest

Did get a few contacts on all four bands such as K4BAI and others. Thanks to
everyone who was patient and worked me through the noise.

Sam WC7Q
W6SX   SOCW HP   2,8942017-09-17 20:21:21
I logged Salmon Run, NJ, IA, NH, and YCCC all in the same log. QSO count is for
all five "contests." Score is for Salmon Run only.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, N1MM+
K7IA   SOMixed HP   11,2372017-09-17 20:34:55
Plus 2-mode bonus points.

"Waveguide" conditions between WA and NM, despite otherwise poor
propagation. Deep QSB developed at mid-afternoon Sunday, but WA ops hung in to
complete the QSOs.

Seems like there has been more SR activity in past years. Sunspots? No 15m
sigs heard or seen on P3.

See y'all next year!

73, dan
N1SOH   M/S LP   1,8962017-09-17 20:35:06
1000 bonus station pts frm W7DX (500x2Qs).
WQ6X(@W7AYT)   SOCW LP   1,5752017-09-17 20:55:05
This is another WQ6X portable operation from W7AYT's QTH.
Space weather made for HORRIBLE conditions to the Northwest.
I ran an FT-1000mp barefoot into a CHA-250 vertical & a Cobra
Horizontal VEE antenna.
As usual, I was disappointed in the SMALL turnout of W7 stations.
I guesS I am used to the HUGE turnouts in CQP (coming up in less
than 3 weeks).
K3WJV   SOMixed HP   6,8082017-09-17 21:42:08
Gave in and slid up to the phone band. Going mixed in the PAQP this year so
figured I needed to get over the shock. Did better in last year's SR, 103 cw
Q's but 18 were on 15 mtrs and I checked a bunch of times but only heard 2
signals Saturday but no Salmon stns. Jumped around between 4 contests but this
one had the most activity as usual. SAC was disappointing, can't wait till the
bands come back.

Rural location 1255ft ASL
FT1000MP & Alpha 89
40mtr inv vee @55ft

K3/P3 & Acom 2000A
2el K4KIO 6 band Hexbeam @24ft G-450A rotor & Green Heron
Inv vees for 80m & 40m with trapped 160m @55ft

Palstar HF-AUTO WinKeyer USB & Vibroplex paddle
Rx ants - 200ft NE/SW kd9sv rbogs staggered & spaced @ 66ft - DXE ncc-2
SO2R >> TopTen DxDoubler-Band Aides-relays-W2VJN stubs

N1MM+ contest logger & DxLab master logger
K6DTT   SOSSB HP   118,1622017-09-17 21:59:49
Operated the station remotely from my home QTH in California, and thanks to the
crew at the remote operation was flawless for the entire 18

Already looking forward to next year.

Alan K6DTT
K7HKR   SOSSB LP   6822017-09-17 22:56:06
100 watts, homebrew magnetic loop from AZ

Saturday only. Simultaneous to IA, NJ, NH, and Rt 66, so couldn't focus on
this too much especially because those azimuths put WA near one of my loop
nulls. Conditions weren't great and was unable to work about half of the
stations I heard. I don't get out well on 80, but ironically that was the only
band where I heard and worked the bonus station for 500 points. A special
shout-out to KB7HDX who made a herculean but unsuccessful attempt to pull me
out of the noise on 80.
K4BAI   SOMixed HP   11,6952017-09-18 05:34:18
Conditions poor and I didn't stay up late enough Sat night to hear any WA
stations on 80 or 160M. 20M was the big band and 40M was OK after dark, but
not much SSB
activity on that band. 15M had a few quite strong CW signals on Saturday
afternoon. Most WA stations didn't see to know 15 was open. No SSB stations
heard on 15 for some reason. The contest seemed to outlast the WA station
activity this year, with usually one band open at a time Thanks for all QSOs
especially for K7TQ/m and WW7D/m. 73, John, K4BAI.
N2CU   MobileCW LP   32017-09-18 05:51:26
I just wanted to check out my new mobile setup (Toyota Rav4).

I spotted several big king salmon swimming upstream but couldn't get a rise
with my yarn fly presentation. Then I switched to skein and hooked a smolt with
one cast. The solunar tables said fishing was going to be poor and it was. I
pulled up my line and called it a day. At least I didn't get skunked.

73, Tom N2CU/m
W7DX   Unlimited HP   403,9562017-09-18 08:33:18
This was a three station Unlimited operation from three different counties (one
for each mode). I hope you actually copied the county for each mode instead of
using the log pre-fill. Sounds like some people got confused.

Conditions sucked but I think too many people gave up on 15M. I went to 15M a
lot (even 10M). Whenever I went there, there usually a few people and they were
usually quite readable. They ranged from locals to the east coast. Sunday was
like the Sweepstakes "Sunday Grind". Just call into the wind and
sometimes something came back to wake you up.

There were challenges in getting three stations networked together over the
internet. Only the CW station was able to see the other two. SSB and RTTY
couldn't see each others logs or send Talk messages.

I really tried hard for the mobiles. Every time one was spotted I would do a
look-see. Weaker than well water if they could be heard at all. Fortunately,
they did seem to be working others outside the state.

My thanks to my partners in this endeavor (N7BV and N7ZG). Sometimes it was
really boring but they stayed BIC. My thanks to W7UDH for coming over and
sitting in my chair for a few hours.

dink, n7wa
W7WA   SOCW HP   130,5502017-09-18 09:28:14
Breaks for tower work Saturday afternoon and for football games both days
W7VP   SODig HP   1,9452017-09-18 10:09:21
Includes W7DX for 500 points. Virtually no RTTY activity.
W5QLF   SOCW LP   8102017-09-18 10:10:59
Worked the bonus station, W7DX accumulated 500 bonus points to add to the basic
810 QSO points for a total claimed score of 1310. Lots of fun working the
Salmon Run as in past years! Worked 6 stations on both 20 and 40 meters i.e.
44 percent of contacts were duplicate contacts on two bands.
KEØTT   SOCW QRP   2,4382017-09-18 11:14:52
K3/10 at 5 watts to a pair of selectable dipoles at right angles, up about 45 to
50', fed with ladder lines and tuner. Enjoyed the Party! and enjoyed the
activity of all the fixed stations, and two mobile stations, ww7d and k7tq. On
Saturday I was in Iowa for their QSO Party, and Sunday was home in MN. I sent
in a checklog for the Iowa Q's so you guys get credit for those. This score is
for Sunday Q's from MN. See you next time. 73, Dan ke0tt
NJ4Q   SOCW LP   1,6342017-09-18 12:19:12
Short time operating but fun time. Good ops all around. Not any rovers /m that
I could hear. 73 de NJ4Q
K6GHA   SOMixed QRP   4,3082017-09-18 12:58:59
QRP in the Salmon Run is always a challenge. Most antennas are pointed east from
WA, and the skip into CA isn't great. Add that to the poor propagation
conditions, and seemingly lower turnout, it made this year's SR a real
I would like to thank the great ears of K7TQ who was able to pull me out on
many of his mobile locations. Thank you for your planning and execution. And
for N7NM and W7DX, great ears and superior operation.
Adding to my challenge this year, I operated unassisted (own choice), to keep
me engaged and searching, took a 4 hour break to run the NA RTTY Sprint, and
missed most of Sunday due to poor planning.
I seemed to have missed any digital contact opportunity and some mobile
contacts, so next year I'll take it easy and go unlimited and use all the tools
in the shed to maximize the efforts of the mobile guys in WA. Thanks again for
fun and challenging weekend.
K7TQ   MobileCW LP   95,2242017-09-18 14:32:27
Jay, WA0WWW, and I put 20 WA counties on the air. We had good participation
from several regulars who grabbed us in nearly every county. Our QSO count was
up from our last time in 2015, but the mults were not there so the score was
down. Only non-NA DX was JA. Full story and pictures at
KH6GMP   SODig LP   5122017-09-18 16:50:51
Worked W7DX bonus station and one other station.
KD7PCE   SOSSB LP   1,3102017-09-18 16:56:12
WA QSOPARTY Summary Sheet

Start Date : 2017-09-16

CallSign Used : KD7PCE
Operator(s) : KD7PCE

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED
Band : ALL
Power : LOW
Mode : SSB
Default Exchange : AZ
Gridsquare : DM41VL

Name : Stephen Davis
Address : 4842 S Santa Ana Avenue
City/State/Zip : Sierra Vista AZ 85650
Country : USA

ARRL Section : AZ
Club/Team : Willamette Valley
Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.6774.0

Band QSOs Pts Mul Pt/Q
14 27 54 15 2.0
Total 27 54 15 2.0

Score : 1,310

Bonus Station Summary
Callsign(s) : W7DX, W7DX/M
QSOs : 1
Bonus Points : 500

Rig : IC-756PROiii

Antennas : End-Fed Wire

Soapbox :

I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date : 2017-09-18 Signature : Stephen Davis
N8II   SOMixed HP   18,8982017-09-18 17:39:53
Score includes 1000 bonus points for working W7DX who was heard on both modes
from different counties most of the party.

Conditions were certainly no picnic with noticeably poor signals from WA around
21Z Saturday and even a bit earlier on Sunday. By 2220Z, signals on 20 were
almost gone! But, thanks to some sporadic E which also provided a few IAQP
QSO's things improved with poor activity around 0015-0045Z. Most all of my
QSO's after a dinner break at 2103Z Saturday were on 40 and 80. I worked
several stations on 40 CW starting at 2351Z and by 01Z signals some stations
were loud on 40. At midnight here, 40 was deserted and WA stations were busy
working each other on 80 CW. Signals were all near the QRN level which was not
that high for this season. I did get one answer on 80 to a few CQ's. Finding
the mobiles/rovers (K7TQ and WW7D) was a very daunting task on 20 Saturday even
when signals peaked worsened by disturbed conditions. The sun has been extremely
flare prone the past 2 weeks. 15 did open well from 1945Z-2031Z, but few ops
took advantage of it which hurt their score as all day Sunday nothing was heard
from WA or even CA and they ran out of new 20M Q's.

Activity pretty much collapsed Sunday around 19Z and the mobiles were weak from
20Z onward, but they still were in there trying to make QSO's with K7TQ hitting
Pend Oreille county for my last multiplier. Finding new Q's was quite a
challenge all day, but I did have some small SSB runs and the mobiles kept
moving and were much easier to find than on Saturday thanks to lower
absorption, them sticking to the same CW frequencies, and fewer other stations
to sort through.

Thanks so much to WW7D and K7TQ for their efforts driving many miles all
weekend and they provided many mults along with a surprising number of new
mults answering my CQ's on 20 phone. WW7D found me several times on 20 phone
Sunday. But, the number of causal ops seemed way down compared to last year
when they were out in big numbers. The serious guys were all there.

Despite taking fairly generous time off, this was close to as well as I could
with the generally poor conditions with little on 15 and very early band
closings on 20. Many hours, running on 20 was just not possible or barely
possible. Thanks for all of the QSO's and most WA ops were efficient especially
on CW. I was heard pretty well.

73, Jeff
WA6KHK   SOMixed HP   20,2242017-09-19 21:24:24
Got back from vacation on Saturday morning and the contest was already several
hours in. Decided to get on anyway. A couple of good rovers and a good run on
20 phone got us a decent score. A lot of active fixed stations keep the bands
lively. 15 meters was DOA.
WS7L   SO Cnty DXpedCW HP   52,1482017-09-20 09:17:28
Bands could have been better but at least the solar flux exceeded the A index

This is one of my favorites because it gives me an excuse to visit Ocean Park
and have a bit of a beach vacation along with the contest. Was planning mixed
mode but came down with a cold so I gave SSB a pass.

73 and thanks for the Q's
Carl WS7L
TH3JRS up 25 feet for 15/20
Cushcraft R7 for 40
Wire in a tree for 80
W4NBS   SOCW HP   6202017-09-20 19:22:48
One QSO with W7DX.
WW7D/M   MobileMixed LP   119,4402017-09-21 12:13:33
The Salmon Run is always a great time, even when conditions are poor like this
year. The score includes 1000 bonus points for working W7DX on CW and PH.

See photos and read about the adventure at
WA7PRC   SOSSB LP   44,7982017-09-22 23:03:02
Worked W7DX twice, for 500 points.
WØBH   SOMixed HP   8842017-10-09 10:25:16
Score includes 500 bonus points for contact with W7DX.

Got back in time to work a few evening contacts into my home state! Always fun.
I still hope to come up and run mobile one of these years!

73, Bob, w0bh