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NRAU-Baltic Contest, SSB   2018   Jan 14   Comment Summary

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LY4A   Single Op HP   26,2802018-01-14 15:00:22

Rolandas LY4A
skype: rolkaxx
ES5TV   Single Op HP   33,6602018-01-15 15:11:47
After getting no replies to CQ for over a minute in the beginning of the contest
and not finding anyone on the 2nd Radio as well starting from 3600-3650 segment
I got into panic that I had still mixed up the modes and started in SSB while
everyone is in CW. Or then mixed up the starting time. Checked the rules and
everything seemed OK. Then started to get some weak answers. What a torture
indeed but quite enjoyable challenge actually to dig out those QSOs in those

Had to play with antennas a lot and having a lot to choose from paid off. Some
stations were not audible on anything but a certain beverage and some only with
verticals or a 40m yagi in certain direction. Interesting.

ES7GM   Single Op HP   24,6602018-01-15 16:02:10
Going to be brief. First hour was a disaster. There was no local propagation.
S9++ eastern and mid/west EU stations. We should change start back to 6:30 UTC
like it used to be. We lost more QSOs with this change than we predicted.

ES6RW(ES5RW)   Multi-Op HP   22,8762018-01-15 17:39:24
Shifting the start of the contest to 1 hour earlier time did not do anything
good but took the QSO counts way down from previous years. Digging out whisper
signals in noncontest QRM was nothing spectacular. By the end of the 1st hour
signals started to build up on 80, but then it was time to move to 40 where the
same scenario started all over again.

Thanks for the Q's, 73, Rein