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Arkansas QSO Party   2017   May 13   Comment Summary

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WN4AFP   SOMixed LP   2,0172017-05-13 18:48:24
Conditions were good on 20m most of day and fair on 40m... Great to hear Bob,
K5KPE enjoying the QP. Need a few more mobiles running in this one. Thanks to
K5CM, on for several 7 mults, K5XK for a county line and the other fixed
stations. 73s Dave WN4AFP
K9NW   SOCW LP   4002017-05-13 19:05:12
Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
KIØI   SOMixed LP   4702017-05-13 19:35:40
I'd loved to have been in AR mobile but with mom day and nice wx with much to do
, it wasn't in the cards.
The bands seemed weak early today and very crowded this eve. Only found one qso
on 40m early afternoon but sigs were lots bttr this eve with K5CM/m pounding on
the old Drake s-meter. Sounding gud Connie !
I jumped in to make a few Q's before the end of contest. Was playing with my
Drake C-line , it needed some excersize. !
Thanks for the qso's and thanks to the ARQP team for their work.
73 Mark ki0i
AI4DB   SOSSB LP   7262017-05-13 19:52:38
Qso's were few during the day but picked up late in the day. Had a good time
going to the radio off and on waiting for a band opening to different parts of
the state. The operators did a great job. Talked to 3 bonus stations.
K5CM/M   Rover Single Op LP   65,3642017-05-13 23:16:20
Poor planning on my part caused me to miss the first 5 hours of the party.
15 was open with Es prop, but not many stations to work there.
Some stations worked:
N8NA on 15, 20, 40, and 80 and 16 Q's
N8II, WA8KAN on 15, 20, and 40.
KE0TT, W8TM, N4VV on 20, 40, 80
15 Q'S with KE0TT
12 Q's with N4VV
11 Q'S with K4BAI, WN4AFP
Best DX to West was JO7WXN
Best DX to East was HA8IB
Thanks to Don, K5DB for putting this QP together.
Antennas on Ford F-150: Tarheel Model 200A-HP used on 80 and 40
Hamsticks for fast band change on 20 and 15.
Connie, K5CM
K9GDF   SOCW LP   6162017-05-14 05:20:10
Antenna is rain gutter and downspouts.
N4P(W2CSI)   SOSSB HP   7202017-05-14 05:26:05
I worked W5AHS on 20 meters. for 200 Bonus points.
I worked KX5AR on 20 & 40 meters for 400 Bonus points.

Radio: FT-450D
Ant: Dipole at 35ft.
Amp: AL-811H output:700W
KEØTT   SOCW QRP   1,0962017-05-14 09:27:49
K3/10 at 9 watts to a pair of switchable broad-band dipoles, fed with ladder
lines and tuners. Thanks for the Party! And to k5cm for running so many
counties. Hope to C U next time. 73, Dan ke0tt
NJ8J   SOCW LP   22017-05-14 21:07:59
Alinco DX-77T
LDG AT-11MP Automatic Antenna tuner

110' OCF Dipole fed with ladder-line

Logger: N1MM+

Only found the one AR station.
N5EE/P   Single Op Port QRP   1762017-05-14 21:12:46
Operated QRP Portable with a K1 and EFHW up about 30 feet. QTH was on the White
River and given my opportunity to trout fish, my operating time was cut short (1
hour). Hopefully next year I can give this a more serious effort. 73

Ken, N5EE
K4BAI   SOMixed HP   39,5402017-05-15 07:38:06
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole, inverted vee. Good activity and good
conditions on 80, 40, and 20M. Thanks especially to the mobiles and bonus
stations. Still need Arkansas and Lee counties for all time. 73, John, K4BAI.
KK7YC   SOMixed HP   9742017-05-20 09:10:40
Conditions were not the best this year, but had a good time anyway, 73 de KK7YC