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432 MHz Fall Sprint   2017   Oct 4   Comment Summary

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K3MD   Single Op HP   2992017-10-04 18:42:20
Lots of activity... ON4KST chat page very useful as usual. Tropo not as good as
Tues. night 10/3/17.
W3EME   Single Op LP   92017-10-04 19:40:09
Modest operation during 2 work breaks with FT-847 (50W) and 5 EL Yagi out the
sunroof of my car. Was hoping for more local participation!!
N2SLO   Single Op LP   2972017-10-04 19:52:28
Nice activity, worked Fn34, Fn44 and FM09 for nice contacts.
W2BVH   Single Op LP   1922017-10-04 20:03:26
Tropo giveth and tropo taketh away. A shame condx from Mon & Tu didn't
stretch into todays contest. Still fun to get on and see some action on 432.
Thanks to the sponsors, participants and particularly the rovers.
K3TUF   Single Op HP   1,7282017-10-04 20:05:00
Great Sprint, always fun on 432. Sometimes the frequencies were so busy folks
were saying it was like 20 meters. That's the way it should be.
Thanks to the three rovers I worked.
Phil K3TUF
VE3DS   Single Op LP   2212017-10-04 20:18:49
Thankfully the T storms moved off to the east here. Conditions were pretty good
at times. Nice to see so much activity, but missed FN02 and FN13 this time.
K1RZ   Single Op HP   1,5182017-10-04 20:51:18
432 is a good Sprint and tonight was no exception. Activity seemed strong.
Conditions were about average, although I gage that generally by the DX I work,
and tonight I did not work so much DX to the northeast. I did get EM95 W4DEX
and W4NUS, plus EM94 NT4RT to the south. West was capped by K8TQK. North
best DX was FN14 VE3DEW. Rovers were well represented by K2EZ, K0BAK, VE3CRU
and AB4CR. Thanks for going out folks. Thanks to the sponsors for these good
events. So fun to just concentrate on one band. 73 all. See you in January.
Dave K1RZ
KRØCKT   Single Op QRP   22017-10-04 22:19:03
Two contacts

N6ZE DM04qb
AE6JR DM04ne

Hopefully I filled this out right! :)
VE7AFZ   Single Op LP   502017-10-04 23:07:14
Ran my larger rover station from the balcony of my home in CN89mg. Made 10
Qso's into 5 Grids (CN86, CN87, CN88, CN96, and CN97.) Much fun. Thanks to
all who participated and special acknowledgment to WW7D/R for activating
CN86,CN87,CN96 and CN97.
WW7D/R   Rover LP   1,1802017-10-05 01:46:39
Fun, fun fun. I roved around the CN86/CN87/CN96/CN97 grid intersection in the
NW foothills of Mt. Rainier. Started in CN96 then CN86 --> CN87 -->
CN97, and then reversed course back to CN96. Of course there were a couple of
quick returns to a nearby grid to work new stations.

Pretty good turn out in the Pacific Northwest. Conditions were highly
variable, with some deep QSB cycles down toward Portland, OR (CN85). Worked a
total of 18 unique stations, and 12 of them were worked from all 4 grids.

The 20 grids worked were CN85, CN86, CN87, CN88, CN89, each worked from all
four of my grids. Some grids were lit-up by a single station: VE7AFZ was the
only CN89 station heard, WA7ZWG was the only CN88 station heard, and N7KSI was
the only CN86 station heard. I really appreciate working them all four times.
CN85 was well represented by KE7MSU, K7SMA, and K7YDL.

Almost all QSOs were on 432 MHz SSB (with a few CW QSOs). The exceptions were
N7QOZ and N7EHP who were only on 446 MHz FM, and they worked me in every grid.

Equipment: FT-857d with a RF Concepts 100 W brick for SSB/CW, and a TYT-9800 at
40 W for FM. Antennas for in-motion QSOs at 8': a pair of 6 ele WA5VJB
"Cheap Yagis", one vertical (FM) and one horizontal (SSB/CW). While
stationary, a telescoping mast was raised to 25' with an 11 ele LFA (horizontal
for SSB/CW) and 10 ele "Cheap Yagi" vertically polarized (FM) was
WZ1V   Single Op HP   5552017-10-05 03:22:17
Got on late but still had fun.
Nice to work Rovers K2EZ & K0BAk.
Best northeast K1DY FN54,
north N1JEZ FN44 & W1AIM FN34,
west VE3ZV EN92 & VE3DS FN03,
and SW W8ZN & WA3EOQ in FM09.
Band condx were flat here.
Neighboring grids FN32, FN41,
and FN21 all missed. TNX to
all who got on & the sponsors.
-73 Ron WZ1V
W9KXI   Single Op HP   2402017-10-05 04:56:05
Thanks to all those that got on and to the sponsors of this great event.
KA2LIM   Single Op HP   3502017-10-05 05:00:30
Operated from my home QTH, those who have been her know that I am really in a
hole. All contacts from SW thru the N are through hills that are 700 to 1200'
higher than me, so I am pleased making those Q's on 432. Missed a couple to the
NE (K1DY & K1HC), don't know why but we tried. K2EZ/R heard me but I could
not hear her. And, even worked my own grid, thanks Al. HAD A BLAST. Thanks to
all who got on.
K1TEO   Single Op HP   1,8722017-10-05 05:33:39
So close....but not quite. Band condx were great right through Weds morning.
Hepburn was still looking pretty good for Weds night but alas it was not to be.
As seems to happen a lot these last few years the band openings are not
coinciding with contests at least at my QTH.

Band condx were so-so and activity was pretty good except here in New England
were there weren't many on. I never worked FN43 or 41 for example. Not many in
FN42 or even my own grid (FN31). One unusual aspect was working 3 stations in
EN91. Not sure I have ever done that in any contest on 432 over the years.

Unfortunately I will not be able to get on for the microwave sprints so this is
the last one this year. Tnx very much to the sponsors for running these events!

Jeff K1TE
K8MR   Single Op LP   352017-10-05 06:09:56
After not realizing the 144 Sprint was happening, and then knowing but
forgetting about the 222 one, I finally made it on for 432. Not much happening
out this way. Worked locals WB8WUA and K8DIO, VE3CRU/R twice, and VE3FHM,
K1TEO, and W8ZN.

73 - Jim K8MR
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   1402017-10-05 06:25:35
Only operated 1.5 hours. We had a cold front and line of thunderstorms come
through so stopped about 8:45 ET. Fair conditions.

Best East - K1DY. To the West, KA2LIM. To the South, W8ZN.

See everyone in the uWave Sprint Saturday.
KØBAK/R   Rover LP   1,2482017-10-05 06:26:46
Felt like less activity than 222, but turned out almost the same # of Qs. Logged
a good mix of grids contacted in each grid I activated, which generated a higher
score than I thought I'd get. Disappointed that I didn't hit some of the local
stations in all grids. Couldn't hear to the north (FN11,12), but got a good
number of CT & NLI stations (FN30,31). WZ1V longest at ~300km. W8ZN
reliably worked from FM09. Activated 4 grids: FN20, FN10, FM19, FM29; contacted
8 unique grids. Thanks to stations K1RZ, K1TEO, N3BBI, W8ZN for contacts in all
4 of my activated grids.
N6ZE/6   Single Op LP   762017-10-05 07:04:55
I operated for 2.2 hours from DM04qb at 2400 ft in the Santa Monica Mts.
Conditions were lackluster with winds until 8:30pm. More than 50% of stations
worked were on 446.0MHz FM Simplex, and several were using handheld transceivers
at distances almost 50 miles from me. I worked only 4 grids & heard CM97.
Stats: 4Q DM03; 8Q DM04; 6Q DM13; & 1Q DM14; Best DX: 181.3km; Total
Distance: 1337km. Because I had a coax cable problem, I was unable to run my
planned 100 watts + preamp, so I only had barefoot FT-736 & 1 long M>2
yagi in use. There was intermittent loud (400 khz + wide!) non ham QRM with
multiple tones heard on 432.1 MHz: this was also heard by other SoCal stations.
Winter is coming: After 9pm, I had to put on a jacket. I plan to operate in
Saturday’s Microwave SPRINT too.
KE7SW   Single Op HP   1542017-10-05 07:30:11
I thought the conditions were a little stink-o ...thanks to ww7d/r for his 4
grids,ve7afz for cn89,wa7zwg for cn88, and all the guys in cn85; got very quiet
after about 2hrs into the sprint, a few of the usual's were no shows, had fun
that's the main thing 73,Tom ke7sw
W2KV   Single Op LP   6722017-10-05 08:13:06
I though conditions were flat despite the very optimistic tropo map. Still, a
few 350 mile+ contacts were made. Using 100 watts to 15 el at 130 feet.
W3HMS   Single Op HP   302017-10-05 10:48:02
Heard VE3....thanks to the stations I did work.73
K1OR   Single Op HP   1202017-10-05 13:22:21
A corrupted DDUtil settings file ended operations earlier than planned. Still,
good to make some contacts
WW2Y   Single Op LP   1082017-10-06 06:07:37
This sprint was fun operating from home. It's amazing what you can work from a
river valley location. Most notable QSOs were KA2LIM, N2SLN, K3TUF, N2GHR,
K1RZ, and W8ZN. Used a FT991 @ 50W with an Arrow 7el portable beam mounted on a
20ft painters pole attached to the 2nd story deck railing. Thank you for the
and to the sponsors.

K2EZ/R   Rover LP   1,1702017-10-06 07:03:34
My best 70cm sprint so far, but then again perhaps my first full uninterrupted
sprint. FN21 continues to be problematical in the sprints as somehow FN21 in
Northern NJ has becomes some sort of rare grid. I was able to work a couple
locals on FM in 21 while I was in 21 and just over the line in 20, but nothing
from the other two grids leaving me short 2 otherwise easy multipliers.

I made one possible tactical error. I got out of my FN31 spot to return to
FN21 again a bit late so I never got to my second good location in FN21. It
may have been better had I stuck it out in FN31. On the other hand I did pick
up 1 Q from lower area in FN21 that was distant enough to pick up a new
multiple so hard to judge which would have been better.
N6KOG   Single Op HP   352017-10-06 11:36:49
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: none
NAME: Stephen V Filicky
ADDRESS: 2490 Gerald Ct
ADDRESS: Tracy. Ca 95376-7773
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   3202017-10-06 12:17:31
Had a heavy storm pass overhead just before contest time, then watched the
lightning show in the clouds that followed during the first hour of the
contest. No need to disconnect anything, floating on rubber. Participation
locally was low. Across Lake Ontario to the south, heard only Rochester hams
W2UAD and W9KXI once each but could not get their attention. QSB was a factor.
DX on the other hand was good to the east and south but not far to the west.
K1TEO and K1RZ best to east and south. K3TUF was a great catch to the south.
K8MR twice to the west and K8DIO once. Heard and missed other good dx such as

From FN04na - FN02, FN03, EN92, EN91, FN10, FN03, FN04, EN91, FN20, FN22
From FN03nx - FN03, FN03, EN92, FN04, FN22, FM19, FN31, FN03, FN20, EN91

Overall I am happy with the qso's worked, was well worth the effort. Average
odx was 255 km/qso.

Thanks to the sponsors and to all who participated to give me and others


WA2VNV   Single Op LP   1682017-10-06 12:23:06
I was only able to get on for the last 2 hours and missed most stations in NE.
Conditions seemed normal/flat. Best SW was W8ZN in FM09 524 kM & NE to
KA2LIM in FN12 326 kM.
KG7ZFC   Single Op LP   42017-10-06 22:07:27
SE VHF 432 MHz Fall Sprint
4 October 2017
KG7ZFC, CN87wo

Index Call Time (PST) Freq Mode Sent Recv Mult Note
1 WA7TZY 1954 432.1 USB CN87 CN87 1
2 KE0CO 1954 432.1 USB CN87 CN87
3 AC7MD 1955 432.1 USB CN87 CN87
4 N7QOZ 1958 446.0 FM CN87 CN87
N2SLN   Single Op LP   3302017-10-07 21:24:48
WB8WUA   Single Op LP   42017-10-08 06:53:48
Unfortunately, I heard and contacted only 2 operaters, but still had fun. Did
not hear W8DIO to my NW, and unfortunately did not hear W3SO, who was evidenly
not on this time. Got Jim - K8MR in EN91 (Same as mine at 37 miles), and
got Phil - K3TUF (Long DX in FN10 at a fantastic 251 miles - 405km). K3TUF is
my longest 432 band QSO, and is quite an accomplishment for me, using my 25 watt
CW and my low 16 foot high (tripod) 11 element beam. That is living proof that
even UHF waves can travel around the curvature of the Earth. Thanks, Greg
AC7MD   Single Op LP   602017-10-09 20:58:54
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log 5.0
NAME: Barry Williams
ADDRESS: 1335 Timber Trail RD E
ADDRESS-CITY: Port Orchard