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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2017   July   Comment Summary

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AEØEE(@WCØAAA)   M/2 LP   6932017-07-15 17:37:09
45 W, 80 m OCF dipole up 15' above metal roof, 50' agl.

Contest mentoring opportunity and antenna testing at the Bloomington EOC. The
antenna still works, and conditions on 20 m seemed to be pretty good during the
K9MMS   Single Op LP   16,6002017-07-15 19:42:56
Just a small part-time effort. 65% of QSOs via CQs. K3 at 100 watts.
Win-Test logging with MMTTY -- FSK.

Sorry for problems decoding at times and asking for repeats.

Thanks for the Qs and Ms.
Gary . K9MMS
VE2FK   Single Op LP   36,8002017-07-15 19:45:43
Thanks for the Q
73, Claude VE2FK
W3DQ   Single Op LP   3,6002017-07-15 19:51:39
Excuses: 80m is on the ground, truly a cloud (or rather, ground) warmer.
Distracted by Wimbledon (XYL and son were in the stands. My job was to find
them, which I did) and the Tour de France. Funky, never seen before
rig/computer problems.

Always fun nevertheless.

73, Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC
Orion 565
40m inv-V
F12 C3-SS
W5FMH(MMØLID)   Single Op QRP   23,5622017-07-15 20:54:37
Tough work!
still fun. Beat February score.

80 and 40 were just so noisy and tough to get heard!

I had to endure over 2 hours of 20db over 9 noise level when it was raining and

Nevermind, still good fun.

Thanks to the sponsors and organisers.

Op at W5FMH
K3PP   Single Op LP   28,7642017-07-15 20:59:59
Fun contest but tough conditions on 20 for me. My 20m yagi is stuck toward EU -
good for DX contests but lousy for domestic ones! Time to climb up and fix the
Tic-Ring. Thanks for all the QSOs! This is a great contest to practice SO2R! I
need more practice! :-)
ACØMN   Single Op LP   17,6802017-07-15 21:07:51
Slightly lower score than last year. The difference? 15 meters. Still, it was
N1IXF   Single Op LP   64,7682017-07-15 21:15:17
Thanks to all those who called. Activity was decent but it seemed slow... maybe
the WX was too nice to play radio.

15M was open and I wish more stations had gone there. Typical at this point in
the cycle, both 20 and 40 were the money bands here.

See you in the next RTTY contest!
73, Rich N1IXF
N8USK   M/2 LP   7262017-07-15 21:20:11
Spent a bunch of time figuring out how to get N1MM & MMTTY w
orking at the station. First time doing a RTTY contest at my
own station. It was fun and satisfying to get it all workin
NR4C   Single Op LP   8,4182017-07-15 21:20:42
Got a late start and had several long breaks, but had fun and glad the radio
still worked since I hadn't used it in a while.

I do like RTTY contests.
AF6SA   Single Op HP   47,6252017-07-15 21:34:17
TS-2000, SSPA 500W
W8JK (20M-10M), 40M-80M wires between trees
Good conditions, enjoying S&P and some short runs.
K9CT   Single Op LP   123,1522017-07-15 21:43:32
Condx were fairly good. E on 10 and 15 really helped early. Activity seemed down
a bit but still a lot of fun.

Thanks for the QSOs and fun.

73, Craig K9CT

FlexRadio 6700 and Maestro SO2R
N1MM Plus MMTTY 2Tone
K9NR   Single Op LP   77,1752017-07-15 22:00:33
80 was GRIM!
I had to take off in the middle of the afternoon to repair the talk-in repeater
for tomorrow's hamfest & was constantly pestered by phone calls!
Thanks for all the Q's!
73, Don Kerouac K9NR
N1JM   Single Op LP   8,3702017-07-15 22:03:24
K3s, P3, 14AVQ
N3QE   Single Op LP   74,3822017-07-15 22:04:34
SO2R for first time in a long while!! Had to go out in the yard and grease up
the verticals for the second radio. Now I feel somewhat ambidextrous in that I
can't tell my left hand from my right hand.
KB8O   M/2 LP   82,4102017-07-15 22:14:25
Both of us are normally busy this weekend as we have not ran this one in a long
time. With the shack still in pieces from FD it was a good excuse to put it
back in order. It's been awhile since we got together for a Rtty contest due to
my health, and other problems in the shack. It was nice to get 10 hours of chair
time in along with good conversation. Rtty contest are very enjoying in that you
can turn the volume down and talk in the shack while still running a pile up.
The bands were average from northern Ohio and it was good to see all the
familiar calls in the log.
I'm not sure about this sending macros out of order issue that seems to be
happening more often... I'm wondering if people are being thought the wrong way
to send during a Rtty contest, or lack there of. So many time I would have to
copy a call and the full exchange prior to me even recognizing this call. I
guess when your slow this is not an issue, but when you have many stations
calling at once it can be a real pain. We do appreciate each and every contact,
it just seems like this issue is growing each and every contest.

Jay KB8O
Doug AB8M
KG5LRP   Single Op LP   11,1002017-07-15 22:25:05
I had a blast. I blew a fuse on the power cable to the rig while calling CQ in a
pile up. I guess I need a bigger fuse.

The rain changed my SWR allot, but some tape fixed it. I was able to get on
80m, and there was a small crowd there. I need to move faster.. I was searching
most of the contest. CQ didn't seem to work so well in the rain.

Have Fun,
WB6JJJ   Single Op LP   36,9362017-07-15 22:31:44
Hmmm, NG7M used a name that wouldn't fit in the allotted space -
Rumpelstiltskin... I hope it counts with a few letters missing.
KØKB   Single Op LP   72,9302017-07-15 22:34:30
First try at SO2R.
First try at NAQP RTTY
Licensed since February 2016

Didn't know how mults were calc'd or would have spent more time working 10/15
out of the gate. That surely was the way to excel. Had to take time off
during prime time to put the kids to bed. I thought 80 was kind of crummy but
the other bands seemed pretty good. Still new at this, so just a gut feeling.
KC2WUF   Single Op LP   6,9432017-07-15 22:38:23
Yaesu FTDX3000, MFJ-993B, MFJ-931 and 125 ft long wire antenna 12 feet high
K2AL/1   Single Op LP   15,2102017-07-15 22:40:36
QTH: Barnard, Vt.
IC-746 75 watts
NG7M   Single Op LP   11,3562017-07-15 22:41:49
Rumpelstiltskin in Utah is alive and well. But he was stuck on a vertical for
all bands. :) Had fun... thanks for putting up with the Rumpelstiltskin UT
exchange. It made me chuckle... I'm sure it wasn't the first time
Rumpelstiltskin showed up for an NAQP. Max NG7M (AKA Rumpelstiltskin in UT)
N6WM(@N6RO)   Single Op LP   103,5092017-07-15 22:44:58
Summer version of this is just not as fun as winter from CA. we just down have
adequate low band time with the sun setting here 0330... ugh.

Well thanks for the q's, gl to folks who will be on the top of the pack.

73 and seeya next time

Flex 6700
2 K3's
no amps.
Thanks to Ken N6RO for the mighty station

K9NW   Single Op LP   20,7002017-07-15 22:53:18
A diddle bit here, a diddle bit there during day. A diddle bit more in the

Tnx QSOs!

73, Mike K9NW
N6RO   Single Op LP   1802017-07-15 22:55:28
Got on in last ten minutes after N6WM finished his SO4R effort.
W7RN(WK6I)   Single Op LP   130,8062017-07-15 23:03:07
Well, that was interesting... 73 jeff wk6i
K4AFE   Single Op HP   2082017-07-15 23:06:38
Got in right at the end. Thanks for the QSOs to West Tennessee!!

Come visit our site:

Kenwood TS-990S
MFJ-998 Tuner
Ameritron ALS-600PS
102ft G5RV
520ft 160m Horizontal Loop
Cushcraft R8 Vertical
K9AY Receive Array
W9PA   Single Op LP   76,8812017-07-15 23:08:08
K3, P3, K-Pod, Skyhawk. 40M Moxon, 80M Dipole
Software: DXLog by 9A5K 2.3.13

Brutal conditions on 80M - Lots of static
W8AT(@NW8U)   M/2 LP   58,3102017-07-15 23:10:54
We did much better than last year. We had a problems with a fuse holder that
took us down for a while. Good time had by all.
N4IQ   Single Op LP   83,6432017-07-15 23:12:43
Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 Pt/Q
3.5 64 64 25 0 1.0
7 175 175 41 3 1.0
14 270 270 50 1 1.0
21 60 60 27 0 1.0
Total 569 569 143 4 1.0
Score: 83,643 10 hrs

Conditions were pretty good - no complaints. The usuals
were missing: ND & RI. KH6 & KL7 were well represented.
Plenty of activity and fun. I like the 12 hour format - not all weekend.

2x TS590's SO2R; 160M C Windom (80M & 40M);
40/20M SuperLoops NE/SW & NW/SE (40M & 20M);
2x 80M C Windoms used on 15M; 2x SDR Pans; N1MM+
NR5M   M/2 LP   206,8482017-07-15 23:14:36
Great time, plenty of activity!
W6RW   Single Op LP   44,3632017-07-15 23:16:49
Had a small family emergency just before the contest started and missed the
first 2 hours of the contest. No problem...just do 10 hours with no breaks.
That was working until Murphy visited me. I don't know but MMTTY and 2 Tone
stopped working and I had to reload them and reconfigure N1MM. This cost
another hour of the contest. So I ended up doing 9 hours. I have been doing
RTTY for less than a year now and I feel pretty good about the score as I am
still learning how to do RTTY Contests. Had a great time! Go ARIZONA
N7US   Single Op LP   68,5442017-07-15 23:17:40
K3S/P3, SteppIR, 40M 2L, 80M sloper
N1MM+ with MMTTY, 2Tone, & Gritty

Was celebrating my 70th birthday so had to miss some prime time for phone
calls. An approaching thunderstorm forced an early shutdown, but it was still
a fun birthday!
W9AV   M/2 LP   30,8462017-07-15 23:18:31
Practicing SO2R, not paying much attention to the 10-minute rule, which seems
rather poorly written, and so I'll probably take a hit in the log checking.
Things got very noisy toward the end as thunderstorms rolled through my QTH.
N5XZ   Single Op LP   59,9252017-07-15 23:21:17
Good part time effort, lots of fun. Lot's of static crash noise during a
thunderstorm which also made me QRT for a while.

Rig: K3/P3
Ant: 4-el SteppIR @ 75 ft
Ant: 18HT for 40/80
S/W: N1MM+
ABØS   Single Op LP   80,0192017-07-15 23:26:45
K3 and a multiband vertical.

Is the last hour dead, or what!
K7XC   Single Op LP   27,3602017-07-15 23:31:05
NCCC Team #4, Started out a part time effort to help the club and soon I was
blazing away like always. Had to stop a couple times to let my headache
subside. 20M held its own quite late, 40M went long and noisy with 90 mins
left, went to 80M till activity petered out then finished off the last 25 mins
on 40M with a renewed band till the buzzer rang. Barefoot IC-746, 100W, 3 ele
20M Monobander @ 43', 80M/40M Dual-band Inv Vee @ 40' (Used for 15M as well).
Glad the club made it a focus contest as it was a blast! 73s de Tim - K7XC -
DM09jh... sk
Adapt, Overcome, Succeed!
K9OM   Single Op LP   110,6642017-07-15 23:39:18
Always a fun contest due to excellent activity.

Thanks for the Q's!

Dick- K9OM
VA7ST   Single Op LP   23,7652017-07-15 23:41:26
Better than last year, but other than last year this was a low score for the
past 12 years. Still, 15M had some life and 10M offered three mults on three

Thanks to all for getting on today. 73,

-- Bud VA7ST
K6LRN   Single Op LP   28,9432017-07-15 23:43:44
Thanks for the Qs.
WA3EKL   M/2 LP   40,2082017-07-15 23:48:32
From the WA3EKL contest crew. It was a last minute decision to enter this
contest. Three operators took up the challenge and had a great time. The
equipment performed well as did the operators. Enjoyed the food. Tnx for the
qso’s. See you all in the pileups.
KH6CJJ   Single Op LP   17,6252017-07-16 00:11:06
I listened and called CQ on 10 a number of times, but never heard a thing. The
middle of the day was very tough for me to make any contacts. After about 3:00
PM local time (0100 UTC) conditions were much better.

Thanks for the Qs.
Aloha, Kent
KL7SB   Single Op LP   8,7422017-07-16 00:43:41
Hadn't done a RTTY contest for awhile, so thought I'd play in this one a bit.
Surprisingly good conditions on 20M, not much on the other bands. Low power,
Mid Summer, and KL7 makes it a tough one, but it was fun, and stayed on longer
than planned.
KC4HW   Single Op LP   20,7002017-07-16 02:11:32
Thanks for the QSOs!
N4MM   Single Op LP   2,2802017-07-16 02:50:54
paper log mailed
AG2AA   Single Op LP   5,6102017-07-16 02:59:41
it's hard to contest on a nice summer day!
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   10,9502017-07-16 03:07:22
Still recovering from an illness where I cant use my voice so had fun with rtty.
Missed a couple of mults due to not getting the RGR from other station. Worked
150 QSOs for Canada's 150th birthday.
N2BJ   Single Op LP   51,8762017-07-16 03:44:51
KSØCW   Single Op HP   10,7522017-07-16 03:54:17
Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 Pt/Q
7 63 63 28 1 1.0
14 100 100 32 4 1.0
21 5 5 4 1 1.0
Total 168 168 64 6 1.0

Score : 10,752
FP/KV1J   Single Op LP   19,3552017-07-16 04:22:10
Kept checking 15M for openings but only 1 Carib station. A few plains states
but heavy flutter up here. Nothing on 10M. 20M was too busy in the beginning
but calmed down by mid contest and could get some runs going. A lot of EU on 20
in another contest or something during the afternoon.

Limited room for antennas at this temporary QTH. SpiderBeam at 12 meters high
and dipole also 12 meters up. Rig - K3. Took my 2 hour break at 2200 UTC for a
dinner with friends so probably missed prime time.

Thanks for the Q's, 73, Eric FP/KV1J
WT2P   Single Op LP   32,6232017-07-16 04:34:36
Beat last year's score which is good.

Nice to work many SMC members, had a few (3) hours of running 50/hr on 2 bands.
Other times it was slow pickings.

KX3/KXPA100, IC-7300, YCCC SO2R Plus, N1MM.

KG4IGC   Single Op LP   19,3202017-07-16 04:45:50
Had a lot of fun in the NAQP,experienced good band conditions on 15, 20 and 40
but dealt with QSB the whole contest. Got shut down a few times due to severe
thunderstorms throughout the evening, but did my best to get back on the air
ASAP. Surprisingly, 10 was open for an hour or so and was able to snag a couple
of Q's Did a lot of S&P, had trouble getting a good run generated late
evening for some reason. I want to say that I did manage to get about two or
three good runs in the afternoon though. Seemed like all bands were open to the
North and upper Western states the entire contest. Had a really hard time
working Texas and most of the lower Western states which is unusual for me. Got
to work fellow swamp foxes Phil NI7R on 40 & 20 meters and Dave NJ4F on 40.
Around 11 PM, things really started to fizzle out, there were plenty of stations
on 40 but extremely difficult to work. Same deal on 80 but with an S-9 noise
K5NZ   Single Op LP   12,6722017-07-16 04:46:50
Tried SO2R with poor results. But was cool when I called VE3CX on 20, he was
answering my CQ on 15.. Nice job Tom..
K3AJ   Single Op LP   23,3922017-07-16 04:50:10

Radio - K3/100W
80M - Inverted V at 45 ft.
40M - 2-3l at 70 ft.
20M - 3-el SteppIR at 50 ft.

Remote operation using N1MM+, 2-Tone, PST Rotator, DX Lab Commander, Skype and
VNC Viewer
KØVG   Single Op LP   4,3462017-07-16 05:03:54
Limited time, Working CQ WW VHF at same time.
WU6X/4   Single Op LP   2,4052017-07-16 05:20:47
Local lightning storms kept me off-air. Nice to work some Club members.
KU4V   Single Op LP   40,5152017-07-16 05:24:47
There was not as many stations on 80m as I expected but I did work many stations
on 3 or 4 bands. Thanks to all for the QSO's.
ND3N   Single Op LP   9,2402017-07-16 05:42:29
Great Contest. Took a little time off in the evening to take my beautiful XYL
out for a quick dinner. Started on 20 with very little success. Moved to 40,
with an occasional trip to 80 just to keep things going.

I really like this contest. RTTY optimizes my output power and I'm comfortable
running instead of S&P, 100W Max levels the playing field, and things run at
a nice, comfortable pace (keeping my run rate average just below 30).

WriteLog V12.17J
GAP Challenger and (80/40) Wires
VE3TW   Single Op LP   6302017-07-16 05:43:58
Just a little break from summer cottage activities.
N9VPV   Single Op LP   10,8542017-07-16 05:44:48
SO1R, Fan dipole at 25ft
WS9V   Single Op LP   4,2232017-07-16 05:53:58
WX was to nice to be inside for a contest SORRY
WB8RFB   Single Op LP   6,4982017-07-16 05:57:41
Operated in between chores and obligations. Bands noisy and many signal fades
made it a challenge but there seemed to be a fair amount of stations
participating this summer. Always fun to run RTTY regardless. Was surprised
that 15 meters produced a few QSO's and multipliers. 40 and 20 were the
workhorse bands for me. Antennas were an HF-2V for 40 and 80 and a 30 meter
dipole up 25 feet through a tuner for 20 and 15 meters.
W1UJ   Single Op LP   50,3442017-07-16 05:59:47

Cabrillo Statistics (Version 10g) by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Rate Total Pct
1800 0 0 2 26 9 0 37 37 8.5
1900 0 0 0 29 17 2 48 85 19.6
2000 0 0 4 43 11 0 58 143 32.9
2100 0 0 5 2 0 0 7 150 34.6
2200 0 0 21 59 0 0 80 230 53.0
2300 0 0 21 32 0 0 53 283 65.2
0000 0 15 9 17 3 0 44 327 75.3
0100 0 10 1 0 0 0 11 338 77.9
0200 0 21 21 9 0 0 51 389 89.6
0300 0 8 13 5 0 0 26 415 95.6
0400 0 10 9 0 0 0 19 434 100.0
0500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 434 100.0
Total 0 64 106 222 40 2 434

Gross QSOs=436 Dupes=2 Net QSOs=434

Unique callsigns worked = 323

The best 60 minute rate was 80/hour from 2200 to 2259
The best 30 minute rate was 88/hour from 2217 to 2246
The best 10 minute rate was 108/hour from 2217 to 2226

The best 1 minute rates were:
3 QSOs/minute 7 times.
2 QSOs/minute 82 times.
1 QSOs/minute 249 times.

There were 198 bandchanges and 90 (20.7%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
4 219
5 159
6 55
7 1

U.S. Call Areas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 28 6.5
1 26 6.0
2 30 6.9
3 31 7.1
4 83 19.1
5 41 9.4
6 44 10.1
7 25 5.8
8 30 6.9
9 72 16.6
Total 410 94.5

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands 234
2 bands 70
3 bands 16
4 bands 3
5 bands 0
6 bands 0

------- S i n g l e B a n d Q S O s ------
Band 160 80 40 20 15 10
QSOs 0 28 44 152 10 0
KIØI   Single Op LP   5,5552017-07-16 06:00:36
Just put in a lil time Sat nite. Had to jump in and diddle a little.
73 Mark KI0I
K3AU(K2YWE)   Single Op LP   15,6002017-07-16 06:07:51
"An hour or two" turned into a six hour part time effort. It was too
much fun to stop after reaching my initial goal of 50 QSOs, so I kept
increasing my goal.
N3HEE   M/2 LP   25,0642017-07-16 06:15:34
This was not a serious attempt. Just putting a few points on the board for
PVRC. Started off pretty slow on 15 and 20 meters before picking up nicely
around 2100Z. Took a LONG break for dinner and cocktails with the wife before
returning to the shack around 0130Z. 40 and 20 meters were packed with lots of
activity. Thought there would be more activity on 80 meters. Lots of static on
80. Worked Hawaii on 40 and 20 meters which was fun. K3/100 & TS-590SG with
wire antennas.
K8AJS   Single Op LP   3,8002017-07-16 06:18:42
Thanks for the QSOs!

Rig: Elecraft K3 w/P3
Antenna: 3 ele quad
Software: N1MM Logger+ v1.0.6527.0
W3YY   M/2 LP   4,4002017-07-16 06:23:48
Club = Potomac Valley Radio Club
KS4YX   Single Op LP   19,1842017-07-16 06:24:01
I had a grand time, and was lucky to get a few contacts on 10 and 15 meters. I
did not have grand success with my usual number of contacts into the SW. Most
were from the mid-west and north east. My fan dipole and Carolina Windom did
well, despite a total drenching from an early afternoon thunderstorm. I always
enjoy the RTTY contest.
K4FXN   Single Op LP   6,7852017-07-16 06:33:57
I really enjoyed it and might consider a serious effort next time!
NY3B   Single Op HP   4,4462017-07-16 06:49:41
Not a lot of time to operate this weekend.... :(
K7OM   Single Op LP   8,5802017-07-16 07:05:27
I was part of Team Two for the Swamp Fox Contest Group, but it is not shown yet
in the team listings.
N4BCD   Single Op LP   28,0802017-07-16 07:09:07
Didn't intend to do much in this one but rain & thunder took me off the
mower and inside. Used the time till the storm passed to finish configuring
N1MM for FSK RTTY on a new shack computer. Re-created the function key messages
from memory and tweaked them a few more times. Great run on 40m through early
evening, 80m seemed sparse late. TS-990 fan noise at 100w became annoying so
dialed it back to 6w and drove the amp. That fan is noisy too but it's further

Special thanks to Mark K1RO who came back to my text string "IS MY RTTY OK
OR INVERTED DE N4BCD ?" on 15m, then I was off to the races.

Mark N4BCD
KI6DY   M/2 LP   145,1232017-07-16 07:15:34
First time M2 in this contest. Lots of fun. 40 and 80 were noisy, made decoding
difficult most of the time.

73, Bob (KI6DY)
Raj (V31RJ)
W9RE   Single Op LP   6,0002017-07-16 07:18:09
K3 and a paddle. Very short skip on 20 and 80 was very, very noisy.
NN4RB   Single Op LP   7,2052017-07-16 07:19:55
First contact on 15m went well, however second one took several tries. Before
the third contact, I reviewed my setup and discovered TX power was all the way
down. That barely moves a needle on my IC-756PROIII. Turned the power up and
things went smoother. I started late and could not last the duration after
taking my evening medicine. However, I did get in a little over six hours.
More than enough time to make many more points, but I did learn more and
enjoyed a kind of comradeship of seeing calls that I have contacted before. 20
meters was the best band for me. I worked over 30 contacts in one hour S&P.
80 meters was noisy. The big signals were only 10 dB over the noise. To prove
that 10 meters still exists I made one contact there, and of course it was CA.


N1MM+, Fast HP PC running W10
Mosely 33JR at about 40'
32' Vertical on metal building with manual remote tuner
Elecraft KT500 at base of 40' OCF
~450' Beverage NE/SW
W8BAR(W1TO)   Single Op LP   68,8762017-07-16 07:23:52
Thanks to Dave, K1TTT, for the use of his fine station.
N6IE   Single Op LP   75,8942017-07-16 07:28:41
Much better conditions that last summer's contest...there was even some activity
on 10 that wasn't ground wave! Got some nice runs on 40. The 'Live Scores'
reporting worked very well and did keep me motivated, although I couldn't keep
up with the SO2R guys.
N2WLS   Single Op LP   16,6502017-07-16 07:32:14
Generally pleasant RTTY test. No long-winded PSKesque macros were encountered
so I count that as a win. Missed a regulation break by 1 minute so I got to
turn in a half hour earlier than expected - bonus. I'm just here to give the
rest of you points.
N4VZ   Single Op LP   16,7662017-07-16 07:35:54
Quite the challenge to work around thunderstorms. Shortly after the contest
started the entire state of South Carolina was blanketed in storms.
W7SLS   M/2 LP   8,7482017-07-16 07:41:33
Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 Pt/Q
7 8 8 6 0 1.0
14 150 150 43 1 1.0
21 4 4 4 0 1.0
Total 162 162 53 1 1.0
Score: 8,748
1 Mult = 3.0 Q's

Single op effort. Assistance (spotting network) moves that to M/2.
~33% of the contacts were in the last hour of operation.
N3DUE   Single Op LP   6,8202017-07-16 08:02:21
My first time on RTTY.
W4EE   M/2 LP   4,4652017-07-16 08:03:32
TS-590s and tri-bander
N1MM+ logger and MMTTY
A few for the cause
73, Jim
AD5WB   Single Op LP   1,7152017-07-16 08:03:40
Very part time operation. My first time on RTTY. Not really set for this
contest but will be for the next one. I was using two programs and changing
macros on the fly. HI! Nice to work some familiar calls. Nice to work HI on 2
bands. Thanks all for your patience as I fumbled through the macros. 73,
Leslie, AD5WB
N1MD   Single Op LP   17,1002017-07-16 08:16:50
Have been retired for a little over two months and finally finding the time for
more radio operations.

Lessons from contest:
1. I still need to learn how to sit in the chair for the WHOLE contest -- major
character flaw.
2. I need a better antenna on 80 meters.
3. I really love RTTY.

Mike N1MD
K4RO   Single Op LP   16,5542017-07-16 08:30:49
Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 Pt/Q
3.5 42 42 19 0 1.0
7 32 32 16 0 1.0
14 66 66 29 0 1.0
21 31 31 17 0 1.0
28 15 15 8 0 1.0
Total 186 186 89 0 1.0

Score : 16,554
KG9X   Single Op LP   13,4322017-07-16 08:32:40
Very tough going for me especially on 80M with storm static.
73, Fred KG9X
FT1KMP 100W Low dipoles N1MM+
W3UL   M/2 LP   1,3632017-07-16 08:38:52
My K3 is currently in ICU out in California. I cobbled together a RTTY setup
using my venerable TenTec Omni+. That took longer than my contest
participation. It reminded me that I love the tinkering part of ham radio.

Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 Pt/Q
3.5 10 10 7 0 1.0
7 17 17 10 0 1.0
14 20 20 12 0 1.0
Total 47 47 29 0 1.0
Score: 1,363
1 Mult = 1.6 Q's
NT9E   Single Op LP   4,3612017-07-16 08:53:33
N3FJP NAQP program
PSKExpress Dig program
N4CF   Single Op LP   26,2602017-07-16 08:58:26
An enjoyable party. Began slowly, and I figured I would be hard-pressed to beat
February's score. Fortunately, 80M came alive in the evening, and I picked up
some nice mults. ultimately, I operated until almost 2am, and ended up with my
highest score yet.
W4MLB   M/2 LP   60,4552017-07-16 09:05:14
Our team of 8 operators had a great time working NAQP RTTY! Band conditions were
not that great & I believe this was not as good as last year's score. We
have a great core group of operators that work well together. We are slowly
branching out & getting some newer operators interested in working
contests. We look forward to the NAQP CW & SSB contests coming up in a few
N1HTB   Single Op LP   21,0702017-07-16 09:06:04
Lots of fun!
K9GY   Single Op LP   992017-07-16 09:14:22
Ugh I had even less time to operate than the limited time I thought I had!

Went to Diana Ross concert at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN with XYL and her
brother. Great concert! Family gambling losses amounted to $120...(I lost $50
at craps table)...ouch!


All the best,
KJ9C   Single Op LP   13,6002017-07-16 09:16:31
K3, stealth dipoles... obviously not much good on 80 meters
KG3V   Single Op LP   1,8482017-07-16 09:18:48
Very under-the-weather for this one. This contest was the only upright time for
me all weekend. Just a small effort to get some PVRC points and to get out of
the starting blocks for the new Contest season.

Rig - FTDX-3000, N1MM+, ZS6BKW and ground mounted vertical over the Chesapeake
Thanks for the contacts.


Tom, KG3V
K6KNS   Single Op LP   11,5292017-07-16 09:34:42
Always a fun contest but disappointed in my score. My 40/80 inverted V had a
very high noise floor on those bands so I wasn’t able to ‘hear’ stations
let alone work them. I enjoyed logging fellow club members and it was a kick to
watch the real time scoring while I worked. Thank you Chris N6WM for setting
that up. I’m still scratching my head why a station used RUMPELSTILTSKIN as
her name for the contest (RttyLog name field only has room for 12 characters).
Wonder if the incomplete name will be a cause for reject for the QSO.

Kenwood TS-990s / Hex beam / 40/80 inverted V
W4UK   Single Op LP   13,8002017-07-16 09:44:20
43 ft ground mounted wire vertical.
NR4M   M/2 LP   128,4952017-07-16 09:56:04
Intended to do a single op, but then remembered a budding contester in the
area, so I asked him to join me. Not having done this contest as a 'multi' before, I thought we could do a multi-single.

Once I found out it would need to be a multi-two, I invited a couple of others
over at the last minute to help out. I mean, if your going to be placed in a
multi-two category, you might as well operate multi-two, as best you can.

No major problems although we did operate 15 meters for a LONG TIME, with the
antenna pointed to Africa. Not real good.

Thanks for all the QSO's.

N4ZZ   Single Op LP   132,1762017-07-16 10:03:16
Condx really helped make this one a lot of fun from Tennessee. Thanks for the
Qs and repeats! 73, Don n4zz
K5DD   Single Op LP   15,8102017-07-16 10:10:11
Rig: FLEX 5000
Ant: HY-GAIN AV680
S/W: N1MM+
KC7V(@K8IA)   Single Op LP   9,6392017-07-16 10:26:21
Did a 3 hour RTTY simple remote to Bob's K8IA station to shake out any bugs.
Usually like to do SO2V but I think Skype may be the problem in hearing the 2nd
VFO plus, using teamviewer, I do not have a way to S&P on the 2nd VFO while
on the main VFO. So, I did SO1V.

The contest started out very slow. I jumped from 15m to 10m then to 20m and
had a hard time getting anything going. Finally, 15m opened up some and had a
good steady run before going back to 20m for the last 50 minutes or so. I
needed to pick up some mults there. When the three hours ended, I fed the dogs
and headed for the NN7AZ VHF station where we were doing a multi op VHF contest.
Fun weekend.

Mike, KC7V
VA3PCJ   Single Op LP   9602017-07-16 10:50:18
Rig: 706MKIIG @ 50W, Ant.: EndFed Vert. 50+ft., Software: Fldigi. - while
scanning the 6m band in the 703 @ 5W for the CQWW-VHF... 73 Jose VA3PCJ
W4VIC   Single Op LP   9,1002017-07-16 11:28:05
Thanks for the Qs. 73, Vic, W4VIC
N4ZI   Single Op LP   71,8082017-07-16 11:33:31
Enjoyed the contest, thanks for the Q's
W6YX(N7MH)   Single Op LP   1,7102017-07-16 11:42:18
I moved back into my house around the time the contest started after 2+ weeks in
a local hotel while my wood floors were being refinished. Didn't sign up for a
team as I didn't think I'd have any time to operate while moving back in. With
just under 2 hours left in the contest I decided that the rest of the
knick-knacks, family pictures and artwork could be cleaned and moved on

The W6YX shack was busy with work being done on some EME equipment and AA6XV
operating in the CQWW VHF contest. After turning on the computer and K3 I was
overjoyed when I could both print RTTY and seemed to have diddles transmitting
without making any adjustments to the radio or sound card. The most recent RTTY
operation with this K3 had been the Feb. 2016 NAQP RTTY.

I worked N1MGO on 40 with several repeats required, then called CQ and had
KH6CJJ come back right away. That's when I realized that the 40m Yagi was still
beaming toward JA from last week's IARU contest. After swinging the beam back to
the east I had a good rate for a while then when the run dried up I S&P'ed
up the band. Switched to 80 and only had one answer to my CQs so did an S&P

While CQing I had a few stations call that I could not print and the Beverages
were not helping. QRN was really bad, particularly on 80. The rate really
dropped in the last 20 minutes of the contest. Most ops had already finished so
the last hour is probably the worst hour to choose if you're only going to be on
for an hour.

Sorry to have missed the main activity in this one. If I'd been better prepared
I would have tried SO2R or SO2V but with my foggy memory of how to set it all up
I was just glad to get on at all.

-Mike, N7MH
N1MGO   M/2 LP   72,8002017-07-16 11:47:20
We operated from AA1YW's VT house. Put up dipoles in the trees for 40 & 80,
used his tribander on a 30Ft tower for 10-20. We ran 2 stations with AA1YW,
KT1I, KB1LRL and N1MGO operating. We had lots of fun, with 10mtr a bit
disappointing. It appeared to be open, but very few stations were there.
Bambi was out in the woods of VT again!
Thanks to all who worked us, the NCJ for sponsoring the contest, KB1JXJ who
fixed food for us, and especially David, AA1YW, for allowing us to use his
vacation home in VT!
NA5NN   M/2 LP   118,5752017-07-16 12:05:29
Very enjoyable time by all 3 ops... decent condx overall.. TNX for all the Qs..
WA7LNW   Single Op LP   61,5602017-07-16 12:06:07
Openings on 10 and 15 meters at start of event added to my score. Noisy band
conditions on 40 and 80 until sunset here in southern Utah.
Surprised when FP/KV1J (FP) and XM1150CAN (NS) called me.
Believe I worked every one of the AOCC Coyotes Team members and several other
AOCC members.
Fun event...!
73's de Jack, WA7LNW
N8FYL   Single Op LP   28,0002017-07-16 12:07:09
Yes! Improved on last year's effort. 1 less mult, but 14 more Qs yields a
bigger score! Can't say I have ever heard signals on 40M sound like the did at
my QTH, but it didn't seem to affect the copy. Now for the wait until February
for the next RTTY NAQP.
NI7R   Single Op LP   6,0422017-07-16 12:13:00
I have not operated RTTY in a while. My first time at the SC QTH. It was all
S&P with my limited antennas. Lightening storms took me off the air twice.
That meant I had to take down my temporary portable vertical twice. A big
Mexican Food dinner put me to sleep, so that was another hour lost. I think
this was my lowest NAQP score ever. It was fun though.
W6SX   Single Op HP   44,5772017-07-16 12:19:55

What Alan said.

It is a real pity that DMC and NAQP conflict.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY,
2Tone, N1MM+
KSØM   Single Op LP   6,3722017-07-16 12:23:13
Great to see so much activity. 29 meters was open almost all day for me. I only
had a limited time to be in the contest but I still had some fun.
KM6I   Single Op LP   9362017-07-16 12:33:18
K3, Dipole @ 60ft
K7BTW   M/2 LP   55,6802017-07-16 12:33:53
We only used 1 radio, but have to enter M/M as there is no M/S category.
KD1YV   Single Op LP   11,0402017-07-16 13:00:47
Where were all of the Canadians? I worked a few, but was hoping for a lot to
bump up the mults?
KE5OG   Single Op LP   23,0352017-07-16 13:06:36
Between the thunderstorms and an intermittent power supply it was tough going.
Conditions seemed good and there were a lot of stations to be worked.
W1DYJ   Single Op LP   10,0642017-07-16 13:41:57
RIG: TS2000S
80/40 Modified Alpha Delta DX-CC at ~7m (NNW <-> SSE)
HF "stack" on roof tower
20 HB Moxon @ 12m
15 Rotatable Dipole @ 11m
10 HB 5el yagi @ 10m

TIC: ~7 hours
Logger: N7YG Digital Engine >> N3FJP's NAQP Contest Log Ver 4.5

My second attempt at the NAQP RTTY. My first, in February, was at my Maine QTH
where I have better antennas on 40 & 80. Summer conditions and poorer
antennas showed their affect on 80 especially. Nothing was heard on 10. 15
was spotty. As expected, 40 & 20 were the more useful bands. Never saw

Although my goal was higher, when I hit 10K at 1am I went to bed.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ
K5ZD   Single Op LP   7,1402017-07-16 13:53:08
Just a bit of time before dinner and before bed. 80m must have been very noisy
in the midwest as lots of guys just CQed in my face. 20m short skip was really

Couldn't believe how much activity there was on 20 and 40. Made it fun!
KH6TU(AD6E)   Single Op HP   2492017-07-16 14:27:12
Experimeted with QRO. Log submitted with all QRO contacts identified as X-QSO:
Still, made 249 QSOs with only 100W but I have no idea what that mult total
might be.

Result of QRO was impressive. I went from running with one QSO for every 10 CQs
to 3 or 4 QSOs between a CQ. Rate jumped from 30 to 100.

If this becomes a complete checklog, so be it. This experiment was worth it.
K6MI   Single Op LP   9802017-07-16 14:45:28
NCCC participation qso. Always amazed at everyone else's great score.
NJ4F   Single Op LP   5,3002017-07-16 16:00:05
ICOM 7800, SteppIR DB-18
WN6K   Single Op LP   40,1822017-07-16 16:13:06
Dear Contest Directors Everywhere:

After losing 20 minutes at the beginning trying to figure out what was keeping
my receiving the RTTY sigs to decode....Was fun for a while but 15m could not
hold its own for me. KI6RRN worked me and moved me to 10m and I parked for a
couple of minutes and picked up a TX stn and N4ZZ on 10m but after full 8 min.
of zippo, I went to a fairly quiet (no sigs 15m) From that point I felt I was
chasing the unwashed - signals fading and when I would send NAME NAME NAME NAME
only to have stations resend mycall / their call / fading to nothing ... wanted
to scream but wait you can't do that on RTTY.

Was not fun for me. Seems this is an SO2R contest (as are lots of them in the

I looked at the first 20 contestants in SOAB LP and that is what they are ----

So those of us down the ladder,operating as Hiram had imagined, fall in at
places - 40something on down.

That is the answer to "where our contesting game is headed - SO2X, remote
stations" while the rest of us provide the bottom feeding points.

Next Contest Forum(s) just copy and paste these past two lines to answer:
"...what the hell is going on with contest interest???...."

Thanks to all those SOAB LP non-SO2Rs who participated and perhaps when we are
all gone, we'll reorganize our own REAL Single-Station Single-Receiving Contest
with a black list of all the past SO2Rs of the past.

Get me my ladder so I can get off this SoapBox please.

WN6K, Paul
NA6O/7   Single Op LP   2852017-07-16 16:16:39
KX2 at 10W, Alex Loop, Pencil.

My first semi-QRP contest. Operated from a picnic table at the hotel. Had a
couple of folks come by to chat about what I was doing. Do I get extra points
for PR like field day? Best DX: ZF, KH6, or NH, not sure which was farther. The
little KX2 RTTY decoder worked pretty well but you gotta look fast. Tuned by
ear. Thanks to the sharp-eared operators who heard me.
K2LNS   Single Op LP   14,4332017-07-16 16:27:27
Only operated for about 5 hours. I had taken down a big tribander to install a 3
element 40 by Eantenna. So could not get on 15 or 20
For this winter I found a spot for an old Mosley CL33 so I can help our club
out this winter
After many years of VHF contesting, I am really enjoying low band tests
VA7AM   Single Op LP   7,3802017-07-16 16:56:05
Fun as usual.
WI9WI   Single Op LP   12,1502017-07-16 17:27:28
It was too nice here to spend much time diddling on Saturday afternoon, but 20
and 40 were quite good in the evening, so I went past my 100 QSO goal. Eighty
was a washout with S9 noise so I quit. I used the name RALEIGH in honor of our
beloved Golden Retriever who died at the age of 17 this past spring.
Thanks for all the Qs.
73 Jim (Raleigh) WI9WI
WQ6X(@NX6T)   Single Op LP   39,4912017-07-16 18:02:19
This was another last minute WQ6X remote operation from NX6T
in Fallbrook, Ca. from a "Secret" location in the SF bay area.

My original idea was to work the DMC RTTY contest leading up to the NAQP RTTY
GiG and then finish the DMC GiG after NAQP. The 1st objective was clearly
However after the NAQP RTTY GiG I was so exhausted I just went to bed.

WQ6X ran a K3-radio at 4-watts in order to drive an ACOM-2000a amplifier to
a perfect 100 watt level (qualifying as an LP operation) into a C-31 Yagi
for 20, a 2-element yagi for 40 and a droopy Inverted Vee for 80.
Similar to the DMC Gig, 20 meters was THE band for this NAQP operation,
with EXCELLENT band conditions, with 40-meters almost as good.

For me, the most difficult part of single-OP NAQP is deciding which 2 hour
segment to sacrifice. Unlike previous NAQP GiGs, I decided to gopherit right
from the 18:00z start. That turned out to be a good choice as a computer
failure occurred at 23:45z. I wasn't back on the air on 01:35 on 40-meters.
Unfortunately, I missed out on whatever opening existed on 15-meters.

To make listening easier I ran the laptop audio through a classic Autek
Research QF-1A audio filter. This was WAY MORE effective than the DSP-NR
circuits in the K3.

As I was running remote, I found it easier to RUN frequencies than S&P
(no use of spotting assistance is allowed in NAQP). Because I have yet
to figure out how to invoke the radio's R.I.T. function remotely I used
SPLIT mode and tuned VFO-A for stations that were way off frequency;
which turned out to be RARE for this contest event.

Band conditions were quite good with VERY LOW A&K Indices, altho I noticed
a rapid signal flutter on many 40-meter signals which would DIP the signal
below the MMTY demodulation capability. This is yet ANOTHER REASON to ONLY
repeat information asked for, not the ENTIRE exchange.

Luckily, the CME which took out the entire HF spectrum was not
encountered until well AFTER contest end. Usually CME's blast us on
Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Luckily the NAQP Gawds saved us here.

You can read the write up on this event at WQ6X.Blogspot.Com

KØWA   Single Op LP   42,5252017-07-16 18:44:50
The contest was tedious this year because of propagation, noise, and
participation. It is summer, and that is to be expected. Highlights, working
HI and CO on 40 meters with 100 watts and a dipole from Kansas.

Thanks for AB0S for getting me straightened out on 2 Tone.

WB9TFF   Single Op LP   6722017-07-16 19:00:54
Baby sitting this weekend, couldn't put much time in.
K9ZO   Single Op LP   21,7912017-07-16 19:19:25
I did not use a K3 and paddles for this one! My best RTTY score in any contest
so far.

Took about 20 minutes to figure out how to get the Flex and N1MM to work, but
it started a 102 QSO run on 20 which averaged 81 QSO/hour. Dipole at 22 ft.
works pretty well during mid-day, but not at night.

Two hours and 18 minutes on 40 produced 125 QSOs. Inverted vee at 34 ft. works
FB most of the time.

Missed about 4 hours of prime time due to a dinner engagement. About 6 hours of

During the very late hours it was difficult to decode and make QSOs.

40: 179 42
20: 104 35
K7DR   Single Op LP   1,3922017-07-16 21:17:40
G5RV Jr.
135' Inv L

Just in the shack a few times during the day. Heard quite a few signals on 20,
but had a hard time getting anyone to hear me. Came back later and had more
success on 40. Checked again about 04z and thought I would make up for lost
time, but not that many stations on, plus the summertime static was back after
being quieter during FD. After 4 contact on 80 I decided I was done.

Dave - K7DR - MI
W4GKM   Single Op LP   109,9642017-07-17 08:51:11
We had thunderstorms and lighting for the first 3 or 4 hours but I just kept on
calling CQ CQ and it paid off.
DF2SD   Single Op LP   11,6002017-07-17 11:40:09
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op LP   15,1922017-07-17 13:45:10
Part time effort from the 4U1WB club station at the World Bank in Washington,
Thank you for the QSOs.


Masa, AJ3M
K5MXG   Single Op LP   19,8362017-07-17 15:17:38
rtty is more funner... ocf's are rad.. thanks for the q's
W6TCP(@K6LRG)   Single Op LP   24,3472017-07-17 17:17:46
My RTTY Contest #2. Made 51 more contacts that the March contest.
VE7FO   M/2 LP   15,3972017-07-17 23:49:43

At last, the first appearance of VE7FO as an honest to goodness M/2. All you
guys with 27 towers watch out.

Recently bought a set of 4O3A filters and triplexer. Have had them installed
for a week or two but connections were made with coax I've had lying around for
decades. So, time to get serious.

MONDAY, Jul 10
Found the roll of LMR 400 coax which has been waiting patiently for me to put
it to proper use (it was $800 per 1,000 ft then) and started to make up the 3
jumpers between the 20, 15 and 10 filters and the triplexer. I even had the
right connectors for LMR 400. Well, try as I might, I couldn't get the
strippers to work properly. While the strippers say 213 on them I had been
assured that they would work fine on my coax.

You don't want to know

Off to the coax distributor (not the one who sold me the strippers - an
industrial distributor) to get him to show me how to do this properly. He was
VERY helpful. To start with, he agreed that my strippers just won't work. I
asked him to sell me a pair which would work. Oddly, they don't stock them.
They will have one I can try in a few days for only $150 CAD. While all this
probably doesn't meet anyone's idea of "helpful", the Tech showed me
how to retract all the blades except the one that cuts the dielectric and then
run the stripper backwards. Leaves you with a lot of braid which has to be
trimmed back. A real pain. Still, you CAN get it done better than with a
utility knife. He was adamant that if I were to forget or not understand
anything which transpired I should phone him.

The BPFs are finally connected to the triplexer after 4 days of buggering
around. Ran out of time to replace all the other coax as I now have to clean
out about half the ham shack to make room for op position #2 (Radio B) and the
N1MM Master computer, install radio B, computer, etc, set up the radio
configuration and get the network functioning with the radios A and B and the
master computer. (I need a new house. This one's full.) Starting to think
may not have time to have B working when the contest starts so decide to
concentrate on the network and make sure it is funtioning properly and
distributing time and spots. It isn't. Also, N1MM keeps telling me that one
of the computers is claiming to be some one else. Reminds me of the 60's when
a common phrase was, "Wow, that's something else" used to describe
something unusual. In my efforts to be "hip" and "with it"
I said about another person, "Wow, that guy's someone else," causing a
member of the foresome I was golfing with to say, "Well, who is he

FRIDAY, Jul 14
The N1MM network status window lists the IP addresses of each computer on the
network, including its own. I happened to notice that on one computer the list
was different from the others. (Well, duhh..., didn't you notice N1MM trying to
tell you that?) OK, just find the computer address table and change the
offending address. Hmm... they're all blank. Must mean they're set some other
way. Wait a minute, isn't there something called DHCP with the D meaning
"dynamic"? And, further, don't these addresses get assigned at boot
time? HAAH. Reboot the computer and problem vanishes.

I'm very proud of myself for having being able to sort this network stuff out
while tired and crabby. A tribute to N1MM.

So, all 3 computers have stopped nattering at me, a Q made at one position
shows up in every computer's log, spots are doing what they should, I think
we'll be ready with a functioning network at the opening gun.

SATURDAY, Jul 15, Show Time
Turns out the B computer doesn't have MMTTY installed and the uHam MK II keyer
configuration is all messed up (and so am I - mind has turned to mush). I
conclude that as I perform the various configuration steps I should document
them, the idea being to end up with detailed info on the configuration of each
of the 3 positions as opposed to thrashing around until it all works and not
knowing what I did. Didn't complete this before the contest ended. (It's
actually a pretty big job. With everything else that's going on in my life
I'll be pretty happy if I've got a total station configuration book complete by

In the meantime, VA7NF is making Qs on A while bitching about the wall wart RFI
snarling back and forth on the K3 panadaptor like a chinese ceremonial dragon.

VE7FO vows to have M/2 working before the contest starts. Stay tuned for all
the imaginative excuses.

73, Jim VE7FO
W9ILY   Single Op LP   44,8952017-07-18 07:19:50
Optibeam OB 9/5 and phased verticals
KM4JA   Single Op LP   6,4382017-07-18 14:32:56
Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 Pt/Q
7 34 34 18 0 1.0
14 65 65 29 2 1.0
21 11 11 8 0 1.0
28 1 1 1 0 1.0
Total 111 111 56 2 1.0
Score: 6,438
1 Mult = 1.9 Q's
K7VIT   Single Op LP   2,3312017-07-18 15:02:00
The NAQP QSO Party is always fun and friendly. Again I had limited time due to
family commitments. I enjoyed giving out points to those seeking them.
Rumpelstiltskin sent his name during a fade/QSB. I knew what he was sending but
I wasn't sure of the spelling. I had to get a repeat. Wouldn't you know it? Even
though N1MM+ recorded it all, Mr. Cabrillo truncated it anyway.

Thanks to all who answered my calls.
73, Jerry
ACØE   M/2 LP   1,2222017-07-18 17:25:22
AB1J   Single Op LP   23,9362017-07-19 05:24:41
Conditions were middlin' here and I wasn't in good shape, so this wasn't one of
my finest moments. At least the solar disruption held off until Sunday.

The best worst name was Rumpelstiltskin which wouldn't fit in the Cabrillo so I
edited it in. I'll see what comes of that. I wonder how this would have worked
on CW?

The shortest names were ED and CJ. Guess that's as short as it's practical to
get. What would Prince have called himself in a NAQP contest during his no-name
period? If there was a similar SSTV-type contest, we could use symbols or
pictures instead of alphabetical names.

Apparently there was some 10m activity, but it slipped by me. I encountered
some 15m stations, but not many. I should have evened out my 20m and 40m time
for a higher mult total. Live and learn. 80m was too noisy to be productive
here. I'm looking forward to the February contest.

Thanks for helping me ward off the summertime blues.

Ken, AB1J

Flex 6500
Attic dipoles and stealth wire out back.
LoTW eQSL ClubLog
KA6WKE   Single Op LP   1,1752017-07-19 08:01:24
First team contribution. Condx were nice, all was going good until my new whole
house A/C kicked on and spewed 59 hash all over the place. Continued until it
got unbearable than had to pack it in. Call into the installer to see what can
be done.
N9OK   Single Op LP   6,4982017-07-20 04:42:06
First time operating in quite awhile. Good to be back on. A very modest effort.
VYØERC(VE3KTB)   Single Op LP   1,2502017-07-22 23:45:23
Wasn't sure I would get 5 qsos at the start, so was happy to have 50. Thanks for
pulling me out of the noise.