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Microwave Fall Sprint   2017   Oct 7   Comment Summary

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N2SLO   Single Op LP   1192017-10-07 11:07:38
This was pathetic. The VHF conference was this weekend, so not much activity. I
made 3 QSOs, two grids on 1296. I tried for 15 minutes to work N1JEZ Mike in
FN44, who I work on all the bands in every contest. Mike and I try on 1296, but
can't seem to confirm a QSO. Had better time on 432 sprint, much more activity
and some cool grids.
KF2MR/R   Rover LP   4,4852017-10-07 12:01:45
This was my best Microwave Sprint so far. Special thanks to VE3CRU/R who
provided a majority of my contacts and went out of his way to make this a great
event. We completed many contacts on 902-3456 through several grid combinations.
Others in the log are VE3DS, VA3ELE, W9KXI, VA3HD, W2EV, W2AAA. No super long
haul contacts (I suspect the VHF Conference resulted in a few less participants
than normal). Best distance of 182km with VE3DS on 902 and 1296.
VA3ELE   Single Op LP   7212017-10-07 12:27:18
Thanks to Bill VE3CRU/R and Jarred KF2MR/R for going out. Since this is
Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada, I was unable to put in much effort.
Only 9 qso total between 902 & 1296, I wasn't able to get anyone's
attention for some 10ghz rain scatter fun. Only worked 3 Canadian stations and
one USA station. I did hear W9KXI on 1296, but, we were unable to complete.
Better luck next time.
I think too other activities were scheduled for this weekend.

73 de Peter
W9SZ   Single Op LP   1,5502017-10-07 12:45:09
Worst microwave conditions I have ever seen. Not sure if the wind had anything
to do with it or not. Wind was also horrible on the hill where I was set up.
Gusts were at least 45 mph. Fortunately no antennas blew over. I tried for many
microwave contacts and was only successful at a few. Stations that are usually
loud were very weak. Stations that are usually weaker were just not there.
Strange random fluttery QSB on signals which I think was from wind shear.
W9KXI   Single Op LP   1212017-10-07 12:59:09
I enjoyed the contest more than the score reflects. Special thanks to KF2MR/R,
VE3DS and VA3ELE for sticking with me, in spite if, what appears tobe, impaired
(transverter) hearing.

Looking forward to the next one.

KJ6VZC   Single Op QRP   2792017-10-07 14:31:58
Fun from 2400 ft in Santa Monica Mountains. rig: Alinco DJ-G-29 & Diamond
Best DX: W6QIW 115.1km/72mi; 5 QSO & 2 Grids
Weather: hot, but no wind
N6ZE/6   Single Op LP   7722017-10-07 14:57:18
The Fall 2017 SPRINTS are finally complete! I managed to get on for all 5
events: 2meters & up from DM04qbat 2400 ft in the Santa Monica Mts &
the 6 meter event from Port Townsend, WA CN88.
The Microwave SPRINT exhibited hot, summer weather, with calm winds &
temperatures approaching 90F by 10 AM. I worked & heard 3 grids: DM03, 04,
13. Best DX was 115km with W6QIW on both 33cm & 23cm.
All 33 cm QSO were made on FM with an ALINCO DJ-G-29 222/900 handheld and a 9
element M>2 yagi.
All 23 cm QSO were made on SSB with a barefoot FT-736 & 33 element M>2
12 QSO total (6 on 902.1 MHz and 6 on 1296.1 MHz); 8 unique callsigns worked
Thanks to the organizers and the participants!
VE3DS   Single Op LP   1,6622017-10-07 15:47:01
Great contest, but activity was AWOL. Thanks to KF2MR/R who worked me on 902,
1296 and 2304 from FN02, and best DX from FN13 @ 183 km! VE3CRU/R who worked me
from FN03, FN04 and FN14 on 902 and 1296, wish we could have made 2304 Bill!.
Thanks to Peter VA3ELE for 902 and 1296! Heard VE3HD also in FN14 on 1296 but
his squelch was set too high and our path is not great overland through the
city, W9KXI in FN12 who we heard a number of times, but the QSB was just
against us! Hope that next year the contest doesn't fall on Canadian
Thanksgiving weekend! Thanks to the sponsors for running this event !! Keep it
up eh!
KE7SW   Single Op LP   1,2322017-10-07 20:20:25
Let a few get away....booo
Thanks to ww7d/r for the one's I got.........and thanks to all the guys that
worked me.....had a good time,see you all next Friday and Saturday at the
pacific northwest vhf society conference in Moses lake,Washington ..73
VE3CRU/R   Rover LP   4,0042017-10-08 07:04:50
This may have been my best Microwave Sprint to date. Thanks to Jarred KF2MR/R
who provided 4 bands from a very efficient rover station through many grid
combinations, all on ssb. Jarred also had 5760, but having a problematic left
leg deemed it unsafe to be climbing a ladder at each stop to mount the dish,
and it was raining. Also worked was Dana VE3DS at 139 km for best odx on 902
and 144, missed getting 2304 with many tries, and Peter VA3ELE on the road at
57 km on 902 and 1296 for closest qso's in the Sprint plus 83 km.
Participation was at an all time low this time. Heard W2UAD briefly as well
as W9KXI but not long enough to work.

Thanks to the sponsors and to all who participated to make this a fun event.
Looking forward to next year.


WA6FXT   Single Op QRP   812017-10-09 10:09:09
Neat! made 3 QSO on 902.1 MHz with 'famous' ALINCO DJ-G29 and rubber duckie
antenna. All QSO made from interior of my van; I operated from DM04nf &
K7SWS   Single Op QRP   532017-10-09 12:20:39
Worked 1296 and 927.5 fm
AC7MD   Single Op LP   2,9452017-10-09 18:17:26
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's VHF Contest Log 5.7
N1JEZ   Single Op HP   7382017-10-10 07:47:17
Got on a bit late and then was chased off the bands by a line of Thunderstorms.
Conditions seemed below average. I was unable to work WA2VNV. George and I
usually complete on 903/1296.

My only two contacts were with Steve, K1IIG on 903/1296. I saw his signals on
2304 and 3456, but he couldn't copy me.

With everyone at the PackRats Conference, it was slow going.
K9JK/R(@CØROVEROLLA)   Rover LP   2362017-10-10 11:55:13
A lot of work for 5 QSOs with just two different stations (over 4 hours).

Borrowed K9PW's backup 10G set-up and made QSOs with W9ZIH from both of my
stops and used my own 3.4G set-up for one Q with Ron.

Two other Qs were 1-pointers with KO9A in the same sub-grid on 903 FM and 1.2G
SSB (which Jim confirmed I was also FM'ing).

Thanks to NT4RT for his continued hosting and to SVHFS for their sponsorship of
the Fall VHF & Up Sprint series.

73, JK
WA6EJO   Single Op LP   3252017-10-10 13:32:35
902 MHz & 1296 MHz only from DM04JG.
WW7D/R   Rover LP   3,1512017-10-12 23:57:45
It was a rainy Saturday in the Pacific Northwest.

Started out on Mt. Pilchuck CN98 (3,000'), and intended to stay for 30 minutes.
Thirty minutes turned into more than an hour trying to debug a number of
issues. In the end, it happens that the front ends of my 903 MHz and 3456
transverters were dead. Oh well. I hooked up the Alinco 900 MHz FM radio to
the 12' loop yagi and worked people on 903.2 MHz FM or worked people on 927.5
MHz nbFM feeding a 10 el. "cheap yagi".

Fortunately, 1296 MHz and 2.4 GHz transverters work working okay. In the end,
CN98, usually a spectacular location, only produced 6 QSOs for 467 km. Part of
what was going on here is that a number of people didn't show up until after I
left CN98.

After that, I made a 45 minute stop in CN88 at only 400'. The stop was good
for 8 QSOs and about 550 miles. By this time, I was pretty far behind
schedule, and traffic was getting pretty bad heading down to the
CN86/CN87/CN96/CN97 intersection in the foothills NW of Mt. Rainier. Most of
the trip was through CN87, so I worked people in-motion using front mounted
"cheap yagis" on a rotor. In total, I worked 6 QSOs for about 300 km
this way.

Arrived at CN86 with only an hour and fifteen minutes remaining. QSOs were
fast and furious. After 25 minutes, 13 QSOs and about 855 km, I made a mad
dash a mile up the gravel highway for CN96. I spent 15 minutes in CN96 for 9
QSOs and 655 km. This left me with 23 minutes to get to CN97 in a river
valley some 10 miles away. I arrived and got antennas set up with 6 minutes
remaining, which was good enough for 4 QSOs and about 320 km.

I worked 9 unique stations. AC7MD made 18 QSOs. Barry was always about 100
miles away, mountain top portable, in the Olympic mountains, and had a great
signal everywhere on 900 MHz, 1296 MHz and 2304 MHz. KE7SW made 10 QSOs and
K7ND made 8. It seems like there was not a lot of activity for this sprint and
some folks only showed up briefly. Even with radio problems, and my own
difficulties staying on schedule, I still had a lot of fun.