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CWops Mini-CWT Test   2018   0300Z Mar 15   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
AA3Bx 129110114,190FRC
K3WWx 123112113,776FRC
N6WINx 12199111,979SCCC
W6SX  998718,613NCCC
K6RB  978718,439
N5AW  918717,917CTDXCC
KØWA  958317,885DpDxCC
W8FJ  888817,744FRC
N4FP  958117,695FCG
NG7M  918117,371
N3QE  957717,315PVRC
K3UA  818116,561NCC
N5PHT  82756,150
K6NV  83721.05,976NCCC
K1GU  796915,451TCG
K4QS  767115,396PVRC
WC7Q  756915,175WWDXC
VE3NNT  786615,148CCO
K3PP  756815,100FRC
K2TW  736915,037FRC
KC4D  76661.05,016PVRC
K3WA  756614,950SMC
W5/WP3C(@KJ5Y) x75644,800
WA4JUK  71671.04,757PVRC
W9ILY  65651.04,225Metro DX
VE3KI  685914,012CCO
K4IU  666013,960MWA
VE3KP  605713,420CCO
KEØEK  59523,068
NA8V  5353:322,809MRRC
N7WY  584812,784
K9OM  535029 min2,650FCG
AI6O  534912,597SCCC
N3JT  50462,300
K3WJV  554112,255FRC
WU6X  474712,209NCCC
KØMP  434211,806AOCC
NN4K  404011,600SECC
K5CM  333317 min1,089
SM5IMO(@SK3W)  30261780TOEC
NØTA  25250.25625Grand Mesa
LZ1HW  2822616
AC4CA  2222:15484CTDXCC
WØKU  21211441
KØTRL  2120420
NS8O  1919361Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
KIØKN  17171289
K2SX  171710 min289SECC
DL6KVA  14141196BCC
K3SW  12120:16144FRC
W6KC  1010.3100SCCC
KF7U  1010.75100AOCC
W1RM  1010100YCCC
K4AFE  1010:06100DpDxCC
VE3CEB  9981
N6RO(N6RP)  880.164NCCC
4X6GP  220.084
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K7SV  787215,616PVRC
WJ9Bx 746514,810PVRC
W5TM  706414,480DpDxCC
KG9X  686514,420SMC
K4FXNx 686314,284KCG
KG5U  686114,148TDXS
K7QA  6759:553,953Big Sky Contesters
W7OM  65573,705WWDXC
N5KW  615613,416
NØAC  58553,190IaDXCC
W1QK  605213,120YCCC
KE2D  575413,078FRC
W2NRA  555200:592,860
NY3B  584812,784FRC
N5EE  53500:552,650DpDxCC
K4OAQ  515012,550
K3DMG  534712,491
K3SEN  494912,401FCG
KØVBU  484712,256KCCC
KA5M  504512,250
W3WHK  494512,205Holmesburg ARC
W4ZYE(W4YE)  504312,150PVRC
KE8G  464612,116TDXS
KM4FO  47432,021KCG
VE3MV  47430:552,021CCO
KK7A(@K7JR) x474312,021
KE6K  4838:501,824AOCC
K4UB  473811,786
N8LR  433911,677
VE2IR  4040.751,600CG Que
KJ9C  403911,560SMC
N5XE  40361,440DFWCG
AA4NP  373711,369
K1NY  37361,332
VA3SB x3835.61,330CCO
W9CC  363611,296
N3CI  383311,254
N4DW  34340:301,156TCG
WA9LEY  353311,155Metro DX
K8CMO  31311961SWODXA
KE2SX  30301900
NF8M  30281840MRRC
W3PNM  27271729
NJ8J  27261702SECC
W6TN  26261676
K1YY  272450min648
AH6KO  25221550
W7SAG  2222:30484
WØTG  2221:30462DFWCG
K5VI  23201460
K1DW  2121441Lou CC
NA5C  21211441
KA7T  202030m400
F6JOE  202000h45400
W2OZB  20191380
KB4WLF  19191361
KI3F  18181324
KM4CH  18181324KCG
K3ZGA  17171289
AB7MP  1717.5289
UR5MM  171730 min289UCC
KC1CRS  17170:44289
NS3C  1717289
AF5DM  1616256
N4ZZ  16160:13256ACG
WN4AFP  161515MIN240SFCG
AB1WV  15151225YCCC
AB1XB  14141196
VE5SDH  1414.4196
W7RX  13131169
KF3G  11111121
KT4XN  1111.8121
KN4Y  1581120Hair Pullers ARS
AI6V  1010100
AB5OR x10100:15100DpDxCC
AF5Q  1010.35100
K4RUM  101015 min100
WA8KBU  10101:00100
NN5P(W5MJ)  10101.0100TDXS
KØINN  99.581
K3YMI  7749
UX1HW  55125
N7TES  7214
VE3KCY  339
WD9GET  2214
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
N2WK  454211,890
W1UU  403811,520
KØTC  23221506MWA
W4ER  22220.8484ACG
KE4RG  12121.0144
WB5BKL  111100:25121CTDXCC
N4DT  1010:40100
KU1N  550:0625