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CWops CW Open   2017   2000Z-2359Z   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

Single Op HP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K3WWx 4512734123,123FRC
AA3Bx 4562604118,560FRC
N4AFx 424253107,272PVRC
N1LNx 4062474100,282PVRC
KØRFx 385259499,715Grand Mesa
NP2X(K9VV)x 366266497,356DpDxCC
VA2WAx 348224477,952CG Que
WJ9Bx 318241476,638PVRC
N5ZOx 328233476,424SCCC
NA8Vx 326219471,394MRRC
K3WJVx 335211470,685FRC
N3ADx 335209470,115FRC
K3MD  32420967,716FRC
N6ROx 3092113.865,199NCCC
K4BAI  3121983:4661,776SECC
N8BJQx 320193461,760DpDxCC
KU8E  2802064:0057,680SECC
F6HKA  259206453,354
K8AJS  272196453,312MRRC
K1EBY(@W1TJL)  2531894.047,817YCCC
VE2FK  2461890:23046,494CG Que
K5CM  2671623.543,254
DL5AXX  242171441,382
K4GMH  22418040,320PVRC
K2SX  2211642.7536,244SECC
VE4AEO(VE3KI)  220163435,860
W1FJ  2301552:2035,650YCCC
IT9VDQ(@IB9T)  194179134,726DpDxCC
WA3AAN  19916432,636FRC
N3JT  20015631,200
N2NC  20714530,015FRC
K5AXx 1911552:3029,605DFWCG
W6SX  1891412.526,649NCCC
K3UA  185136225,160NCC
KC4D  1681472.024,696PVRC
K4AFE  1771333:1523,541DpDxCC
KE4S  18211721,294PVRC
K6RBx 1441412.520,304
IT9MUO  14713519,845DpDxCC
K1IMI(N4CW)  149111216,539PVRC
NC6Kx 13412316,482SCCC
AC4CA  138114215,732CTDXCC
N4KS  133110214,630FCG
NN4K  140100414,000SECC
W2GR  1231122:2013,776NFR
W6EU  1171171.7513,689NCCC
NN5O  1251092:0113,625DpDxCC
K4HR  135993.013,365SECC
WA4JUK  111921.7510,212PVRC
DL6KVA  11687410,092BCC
AE1T  105909,450YCCC
N9NA  105902.09,450AOCC
NA6O  978227,954NCCC
N8UM  85726,840TCG
VE3NNT  86781:066,708CCO
LY8O  916345,733Lithuanian CG
K1SM  706614,620
K7OM  67622:104,154SFCG
N4YA  75554,125
KC9EE  5757.53,249SMC
KJ9C  545412,916Big Sky Contesters
WU6X  535132,703NCCC
NØKQ  534722,491NCCC
WH7W  45451:301,980
K4HQK  44440.671,936PVRC
K8BZ  34341,156
K3PP  353100:401,085FRC
SD1A(SM1TDE)  30261h22m780
WT2P  26260.20676SMC
SM9A(DL1IAO)  26251650BCC
K1ESE  2624:45624YCCC
Single Op LP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
K7SVx 359229482,211PVRC
KØADx 278188452,264MWA
NP3Ax 275186451,150DpDxCC
WØUO  264189449,896DFWCG
K5KU  264180147,520DpDxCC
KØAVx 249186446,314Grand Mesa
W1NNx 257176445,232NCC
NO5W(@W5GAD)  248177443,896LACC
W3KB  255164441,820FRC
KP3W  233161434,513
K2ZR  2101594.033,390NFR
K8FU  2021583.8931,916DpDxCC
N5EE  2051552:5431,775DpDxCC
K9DX  220141431,020SMC
W5TM  1951483.328,860DpDxCC
AA8TA  1901463.527,740DELARA Contest Team
K5KJ  18714326,741NTCC
K4OAQ  188139426,132
K1DW  186139325,854DpDxCC
N4ZZx 16512601:1520,790ACG
W9ILY  1641203.319,680Metro DX
KB3AAY  161117418,837
AJ8B  16011318,080MRRC
KM6Z  1431233:1017,589SCCC
W1WBB  1501162.517,400CTRI
W4TTM  15810917,222TCG
N1DC  1431192:4017,017YCCC
KØVBU  1401211:3016,940KCCC
VE3GFN  1451092.515,805CCO
W7OM  13411515,410WWDXC
CO6RD  13210914,388
W4YE  1381042.614,352PVRC
K7QA  1221172+14,274Big Sky Contesters
W3WHK  137963:3013,152Holmesburg ARC
W4OCx 1261041:2513,104SECC
N4DW  134972:3512,998TCG
K5XU  118913.510,738DpDxCC
K9NW  112951:2010,640MRRC
K1DJ  104922:099,568YCCC
WA9LEY  111859,435Metro DX
K5CI  1058528,925DFWCG
K3SEN  103833.28,549FCG
W1KM x104808,320YCCC
K1GU/M  89893.07,921TCG
AA2ZW  100792.07,900NFR
NWØM  100781:407,800KCCC
KA5M  92812:107,452
WN4AFP  91732:456,643SFCG
K3IEx 847616,384ACG
NE4EA  85685,780SFCG
K2CYE  797315,767FRC
NG7Z  73702.55,110AOCC
N4EEV  70631.54,410SECC
N2SO  66612.54,026HVCDX
K7AZT  63612.23,843AOCC
W2VM  64602:403,840NFR
NW2K  62610.53,782
WA5LXS  615333,233
WQ6X(@W7AYT)  50483.32,400
KK4R  45410:521,845PVRC
N5KW  452911,755
WA3GM  41402 hrs1,640
KØTC  383521,330MWA
HB9ARF  38341,292
W9EO  2927783
K8LBQ  2625650
VE3MV  25251:55625CCO
SE5L(SM5ALJ)  2523575
NP4LW  22263.5484
VA3PM  2222484
AB7MP  17171289
KI6OY  1716272NCCC
K5IX  1616256
W6TN  14140.45196
OF5ZA(OH1ZAA)  10101100CCF
NJ4Q  66.2536PVRC
KK7A  55:3025
Single Op QRP
CallSO2RRemoteQSOsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
W4QO  164114418,696SECC
KI4MZC  71604,260
KE4RG  60562.03,360
KØGUZ  605443,240Grand Mesa
KBØR  383321,254
K4YFH  343441,156
K1SX  242420m576