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European HF Championship   2017   Aug 5   Claimed Scores

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Click on a call below to see the claimed score detail. Lines highlighted in yellow are pending correction.

CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
ES5RR(ES2RR)x 1414033912478,668
UX4U(US7UX)x 1423031912453,937UCC
OH2PMx 1312031812421,032CCF
RL5A  13240312413,088
OHØX(OH6KZP)x 1254032912410,263CCF
OF1F(OH1TM)  1188032211.5382,536CCF
DFØWRTC(DL5AXX)  1239030912381,924RR DX
S59ABC(S51DS)  1224030412371,729SCC
HG7T(HG5DX)  1182031112366,980HADXC
SN7Q(SP7GIQ)x 1150031012356,500
RM2D(SM6LRR)  1150030612351,594RCC - Russian Contest Club
OQ5M(ON5ZO)  1192028811:50342,432RR DX
LZ7A(LZ1AO)  1159028712332,346
S59AA  1146028611.5327,756SCC
S53F  1110029012321,610Belo CC
S58K(S53X)  1074107329412315,462SCC
GM4AFF  1071028911.0309,519
LY5W  1028029611.30304,288
YL2PP  964028712276,668Latvian CC
S5ØD(S52AW)  933028412264,688SCC
DL6KVA  956026512253,340BCC
R4HC  917027512250,525
OK3C(OK2ZC)  936026912250,439
OE8Qx 966025012241,250
S52ZWx 866027512237,875SCC
YT4W(YU1KX)x 103302212332227,851CC Serb
OF6MW(OH6MW)  80002709215,730
HG6O(HA6OA)x 744023911177,577
YL5X(@YL2TB) x71602358:30168,260Latvian CC
HA9A(HA9AX)  661022510,5148,500
I2WIJ  56202638.31147,806ICC
LZ1FY  709017511123,725
IK4AUY  637015210:1796,824ICC
ES4RD  3840152557,456
OH2XX  39401343:1152,796
HA5NR  2130119425,347BCC
HA3OU  220011503:0025,185
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
YR8D(YO8TTT)  1105029912330,096
MW5R(MWØEDX)x 1129028312317,526
LY5Rx 1019030812313,852KTU RC
RU1A(RV1AW)  1068028812307,584
YO9HPx 92202749252,628RR DX
UZ5DX(@UR7DWW)  891028212251,262
OL5Yx 1037024212250,712Czech Contest Club
S54X  969025312245,157SCC
SN7O(SP7IVO)x 838029012242,730
S56A  871027512239,525RR DX
OL6P(OK2PP)  848026412223,872
OK2BFN  829026212217,198
OM7LW  8590248213,032
YT7A(YU7GM)  7910264208,560CC Serb
LY2RJ  745023712174,432
SP7LIE  7070243171,801
IT9RZU  612025010.15153,000ARIPA DX
YL2QN  629024210152,218
S57XX(@S59DKR)  654022410146,496SCC
OU2I(OZ1BII)  479021512102,770DDXG
CT7AJL  514016283,268
HA3LN  5290155681,840HADXC
EW6M  470016376,610
EF3A(EA3KU)  47601494:4570,924BCC
DJ1YFK  4000144856,160WWYC
LZ5EE  37201391051,708
IV3HAX  305014644,530
LY7Z(@LY2TA)  29101453:2242,050
F/SQ6MS  3180114736,366
Z35F  2750764:2520,824
MWØBRO  14509513,775Pembrokeshire Contest Group
EA2CW  159085313,515EACC
IZ3NVR  175069312,006WWYC
OZ4FF  142080311,360DDXG
OZ5KU  530412,132
F1IWH  300172510
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
DL8MBS  3000127838,100
SO Mixed HP
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
R2AAx 143836333812608,400Russian Contest CLub
UW2M(URØMC)x 131938834512588,570UCC
IQ1RY(IZ1LBG)  98841434312480,886ICC
LY5E(LY2IJ)x 937374344450,984Lithuanian CG
EW2A  88248632212440,496
ES7GMx 77055231812420,078
LY9Y  88231830612367,200KTU RC
G4IIY  87816127011279,450
PB7Z  311165211100,436BCC
SP1JQJ  101685407:239,612
SO Mixed LP
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
HA3NU  76125231912322,828
UR6EA  79618726212257,546
HG8C(HA8EK)  57030028212245,340HADXC
YT2AAA  73217227112244,984CC Serb
S5ØXXx 7109225512204,510SCC
F1AKK(@F6KHM)  487982507146,250
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
LY4Ax 0120931512380,835KTU RC
S51A(S55O)  092731712293,859SCC
9A7V  083930612256,734Croatian CC
RW1F  094626512:00250,425RCC
YP7P(YO7LFV)x 087026612231,420CSM CRAIOVA
LY2W(LY1FW)  080428012225,120VMU RC
HA3DX(HA4XH)  079728212224,754HADXC
S56B(@S57C/S51TC)  074728112209,907SCC
8SØC(SMØMPV)  061425111:57154,114
S54ZZ  060325410153,162SCC
9A8DV(IK6JNH)  064723111.51149,457ICC
EW1TZ  62762720712129,789
9A7DX(@9A1CCY)  035718867,118
LZ7AA  03491781262,122
CallSO2RRemoteCW QsPh QsMultsOp TimeScoreClub
9A3B(9A1AA)  067325212169,596BSCC
YO7SRx 061723811:30146,846
IT9RBW  056322811.10128,136
S58Y  047423112109,494SCC
IT9RGY  04921981297,416
EA7GX  053015682,524
S55MZ  0324054,108
PE3ES  0472581,175VERON (NL)
NP4LWx 21211215