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SARTG WW RTTY Contest   2007   Aug 18   Comment Summary

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PY2NY   SOSB/20 HP   76,9702007-08-18 16:46:04
Just to be there ! Waiting NAQP SSB and just nothing on the bands... Will listen
you next year. All the best !! PY2NY
YL5T(YL3DQ)   SOAB HP   734,6152007-08-19 07:49:05
Operated first 8 hours only due to linear amplifier crash. Very sad.. excellent
contest! CU next year.
WØYK   SOAB HP   1,052,8002007-08-19 09:06:20
This will likely be a check-log as I forgot to sign '/6'. I realized this a
couple hours in but didn't change so I wouldn't mess up other people's logs.

Conditions met expectations ... poor. Mainly I wanted to pound on the Elecraft
K3 as one of the radios. I ran a bandwidth of 250Hz which allowed the 250Hz
roofing filter to play, making the DSP's job easier. QRM from the second radio
was much less severe in the K3 compared to the ProIII with its 15KHz roofing
filter. (I haven't yet installed the INRAD 4-5KHz roofing filter mod in the
ProIII I used in SARTG.)

Both radios ran cool, although the ProIII fan could be heard with the
headphones off. The K3 fans are super quiet, and while running, they were
virtually inaudible. The K3 Dual-Tone Filter puts a 50Hz DSP filter around
each tone and provides better filtering than the ProIII Twin Peak Filter.
However, I have yet to find an example where the K3 outperforms the ProIII in
signal copy, except for its greater immunity to large, close-in signals.

I swapped radios between the two bands I was on throughout the contest to get a
comparison. For comparing weak signal reception, I connected the RX Antenna Out
from the K3 to the RX Antenna jack on the ProIII. Then, by switching the RX ANT
on and off in the K3, I could alternately view the same signal on each radio.
They were very similar on weak signals fading below the noise floor. It seemed
that the K3 was a bit better, but that is subjective. The MMTTY waterfall is
narrower (each tone) with the K3 50Hz tone filters compared to the ProIII twin
peaking circuit. Also the null between the tones is much deeper on the K3.
Again, I couldn't find any substantial examples where one performed better than
the other, save for IMD dynamic range. However, the robust configuration
capability of the K3 and its built-in RTTY features make interconnection far
simpler than the ProIII or other radios.

Ed - W0YK
ON4CT   SOAB LP   214,0202007-08-19 09:11:07
The SARTG has a very nice contest format, with 3 eight hours runs.

Sunday afternoon I was surprised with a JA run and NA run !

Tnx for the qso


EQ: Mark V at 100 w, N1MM and mmtty combo.
X7 at 24 m
GUØSUP   SOAB LP   379,8002007-08-19 09:15:34
Tks for all Q's.
Log will be on LoTW shortly.
73 de Phil GU0SUP
NA2M   SOAB HP   375,7252007-08-19 09:24:46
Great condx on 20 for a change.

Station: Yaesu FT-1000MP - Ten-Tec Titan 600 watts.
Antennas: 80/160 Inverted "L"
40M Delta loop
20M, 3-sect. bobtail
Software: N1MM Logger
W1SLF   M/S LP   197,5602007-08-19 09:26:14
Gordon N1MGO and Bob KB1JZU had a great time operating from Bob's QTH in Maine
under the W1SLF Club Callsign.

Being in Carrabassett Valley with a doublet and running Low Power we were a bit
limited but still managed to get 58 countries. Hopefully we also helped out
anyone looking for ME on RTTY.

Time was also a bit limited, in that we spent Saturday at a "HAM"burger fest
given by Mick N1RPH and his XYL Sue for a bunch of North East USA Hams.

Thank you to all you had the patience and excellent hearing to log us!

VY2LI   SOAB HP   297,5552007-08-19 09:32:59
Like this contest.Thanks to organizers.This format works well for older guys
like me!!!Also, allowed me to put some time into NAQP Test.Never heard a JA or
VK and Canadians were few and far between.Hope we got into your log.73,Bill
N3CHX   SOAB LP   121,9802007-08-19 09:55:53
Had to wait out a local Electrical Storm! Bands started noisy and slow but grew
better as the contest progressed. Caught a couple of JA and J3's & ZL's on 40 &
20 meters. Almost doubled last years QSO's. Had fun and tnx for the contacts!
Ron..N3CHX FN20
VA7ST   SOAB HP   423,3302007-08-19 10:37:29
* FT920 + SB221
* N1MM Logger and MMTTY
* 3-el tribander @45'
* 40M half-squares
* All-band vertical

Year Qs Mult Score Class
2007 346 103 423,330 (SOABHigh)
2006 225 67 156,110 (SOABLow)
2005 45 18 8,460 (SO20Low)
2004 176 71 132,060 (SOABLow)
2003 109 57 74,385 (SOABLow)
2002 98 66 73,920 (SOABLow)

Conditions much better than hoped for (considering SFI=68). Nice low A=1 and
K=0 figures for the final session. Enjoyed the rain on Sunday night and morning
as it killed my atrocious B.C. Hydro power line noise for a while.

80M delta loop out of action due to major wind damage, and the backup all-band
vertical was terrible on TX -- could hear quite a few stations but most of my
800W was going into the ground, and the rest straight up, I think. Far more
activity Sunday (3rd period) than on Friday night (1st period).

40M half-squares were very good to everywhere but EU. 89 Qs and 26 mults up
from 37Q for 16M last year with a 2-element wire yagi and LP. Worked Italy
twice, but no other EU at all. No VKs, a few ZLs, no JAs worked though heard a
couple of very weak ones.

20M was solid to EU in all three sessions. The wee hours of Sunday morning were
dead, but picked up by daylight here in B.C. The SB221 made for much more fun --
LP last year 177 Qs for 40 mults; this year 248 Qs for 68 mults.

Left a soft 40M at 1200z Sunday after endless unanswered calls and slept.
Intended to get on for the final 2.5 hours, but ended up enjoying sleep too
much and got back for just the final hour. Found VE9DX and VA7RY (10 miles from
me) in the final half hour. Last mult and Q was IS0LFZ -- nice way to finish.
Wish I hadn't slept as EU was very good for that hour, with the 10-minute rate
meter at 114/hr as the clock hit 1600z.

Biggest disappointment was 15M, which was mosty dead as a post. Only 2
contacts, down from a measley 8 last year. Called for ages, hunted for even
longer but missed out on what should have been easy W/VE mults. No one looking
northwest, I guess.

Overall, rates weren't too high but steady. Made the hours go quickly. Had a
super time. Thanks to all for the contacts.
DC3HB   SOAB HP   838,6152007-08-19 11:01:34
Thanks for all QSO's
K6TA   SOAB HP   223,4502007-08-19 12:40:41
FT1000MP, ALPHA 91B(1KW), FORCE12 2 el 40, 5 el 20, 5 el 15
KØWHV   SOAB LP   111,3002007-08-19 14:06:20
K3MQ   SOAB HP   852,1402007-08-19 14:57:31
10 meters totally dead, 15m was open at times but nobody around. 80m extremely
noisy. Worked some very good DX from Asia/Oceana which is very unusual from
this QTH.

Thanks to the sponsors for a great contest.
K4RO   SOAB HP   150,3502007-08-19 19:46:28
Great to get on and say hi to the RTTY crowd.
Getting called by 9M6XRO was an absolute thrill!


-Kirk K4RO
7L4IOU   SOAB HP   225,9902007-08-19 20:18:51
Thanks for all QSO's
Good open to EU on 20m at 3rd period
N6CK   SOAB HP   199,5202007-08-19 21:38:53
Nice contingent of ZL's on for the test. Tough times breaking through to EU..
although many heard. Thanks to organizers. This was fun.
OK2SFP   SOAB HP   1,249,4202007-08-19 23:06:31
Good open to ZL on 40m band. 3 thy period the noise....also a thunderstorm
during the contest.

73 Jarda
UZ7HO   SOSB/10 LP   41,7602007-08-20 00:09:56
Nice contest!

TRX: oldest home brew transceiver about 60 watts output
Antenna: 3 el. Yagi at 8m over ground
Software: MixW 2.12
F6IFY   SOAB LP   99,4002007-08-20 01:09:04
Not a serious effort from my little home station:
Steppir 3 el. @ 9m
Dipole 80m
Dipole 40m
IC756pro3 / MK2R+ / IC706
Win-Test 3.16.0-dev

RTTY is always fun. I used Win-test for the first time in RTTY contest and it
is also very good in this mode.
Thanks to the Win-test team for the last minute support of this very
interesting contest, hope more time in next year.

Good luck to all!
73 Philippe - F6IFY
ZC4LI(STEVE)   SOAB HP   2,939,7302007-08-20 01:37:38

Antennas:- C/Craft A3S @ 50ft Titanex 160HD
Amp:- Acom-1000
Rig:- Icom-756 PRO 3

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's

Condx were pretty good all round with the usual noise
on 80M
I didn't do as well as last year {977 Q's - 3.4 mil}
pretty similar though.
Best hour was 68

Gripes - none that I haven't mentioned b4.

73 and maybe cu in the SCC next weekend, Steve.
S56A   SOAB HP   182,8452007-08-20 02:05:00
It was fun under severe time constraints since retirement :-)
Murska Sobota VHF hamfest and friends visit at WRTC-2000 Bled.
FT-1000 fails after few QSO on 10 m and LPF relay needs service.
Nice to print OH0BP, YL2KL and Ewe at 8S20OTC from WRTC-2002 fame.

73 de Mario, S56A
OHØBP(OH2BP)   SOAB HP   3,797,0002007-08-20 02:05:24
Refreshing my other call on air for a while. Thanks for the OH0Z
Contest Site team for renting their antenna farm in the Finnish-Swedish
Archipelago. QSL's via my home call OH2BP.

Thank you for all valuable Qsos round the world.

73 Kari OH0BP (aka OH2BP)
YL2KL   SOAB HP   703,0802007-08-20 02:46:19
Period Rate QSO Time
10 1.80 18 0843 - 0852
20 1.70 34 1739 - 1758
30 1.53 46 0823 - 0852
60 1.47 88 1733 - 1832
120 1.29 155 1643 - 1842
IT9BLB   SOSB/20 HP   679,5152007-08-20 04:32:05
I wasn't able to join the contest full time but
I had a good time anyway. I hope I'll have the
right conditions to be more active on next time.
Thanks to all stations who QSOed me!

K4HMB   SOAB HP   676,7102007-08-20 04:38:43
Thanks to the sponsors, I like this format.
Thanks to all for the Q's and the repeats on the noisy bands.
IV3TMV   SOSB/40 HP   422,0252007-08-20 06:41:46

VA1CHP   SOAB HP   1,617,0702007-08-20 06:41:47
Nice contest. I like the 8 hr session format, its XYL friendly! Prop was fair
with a nice opening on Sun morning to Asia. It was a thrill to be called by
9M6, DU, YB0 and VU plus more JA's than I've ever worked before.I even got DS
for a new one on RTTY. Makes me look forward to the sunspot cycle climbing
upward. 15 meters was a disapointment and 10 was totally dead here. Now if I
could only get motivated to get LOTW operating. Thanks for all the Q's and see
you in the next one.


LTØH(LU3HY)   SOAB HP   1,389,0802007-08-20 07:00:50
Tnx to all QSO´s .-

Pse QSL Card via EA7FTR.-

73 Juan LT0H ( op LU3HY )
KB1CJ   SOAB LP   41,8202007-08-20 08:54:00
Missed the third session, except for one contact right at the end. Conditions
not great, and a low-noise RX antenna for low bands would have been a big help,
but still had lots of fun as a casual contester.
W3WKR   SOAB HP   665,1752007-08-20 09:36:20
Again a good contest for us old guys that need our sleep!
Surprised with an opening to the far east with a run of JA, an HS,9M2,and a DU
all in quick succession. Suddenly, like throwing a switch, the band shifted
back to Europe, never to be heard from again!

Byron, W3WKR
W3FV   SOAB HP   1,532,5802007-08-20 10:43:02
This is a fun contest and it is easy on us older guys!
We acutally get to sleep too. Thanks to all for the contacts
IQ2CJ(IK2NCJ)   SOAB HP   2,376,3602007-08-20 12:51:57
If new sun cycle top part is related to the bottom of the previous we should
expect 500 sunspots number every day for the next peak!
Never saw such kind of bad bands conditions! More then this last 2 hours under
a static noise from a storm!
TNX to all for QSO.
I4HRH   SOAB LP   96,9602007-08-20 14:33:28
Thanks for a nice contest! I will be back next year.
73 de Carlo, i4hrh
NO2T   SOAB HP   1,023,7352007-08-20 15:05:01
Thunder etc Friday eve/Saturday morn gave me problems on the low bands. Used the
SDR-1000 for most of the Q's. Love that radio. Using the MK-V is like putting
blinders over my eyes. Was surprised at the Asian stations calling me,while
beaming towards Europe! Had some "honey does" which cut into my contest time,
but still very happy with the overall score at this part of the sun spot cycle.
Sun spot number was "Zero"! Guess all the RTTY signals created their own F2
layer. 73 de Jerry
OL6X(OK1DIG)   SOSB/80 HP   159,8802007-08-20 15:58:53
The goal was to beat the current world SOSB 80 record, after a slow start it was
fulfilled in the 2nd period at 20:30 UTC and ended with raw score about 60%
over. The highlights were LT0H,ZM2A and VK6HD not much from NA and no JA (
always very difficult on 80m due to the bandplan in JA for RTTY - anybody has a
hint how to work them ? ).
Thanks to the organizers for a very nice contest and to all who called.
The setup was IC756PROIII+PA with various wire antennas (inv V,delta loop and a
low NVIS dipole )for RX I used a 4SQ of K9AY's in 40x40m config a very silent
antenna in the noisy summer conditions on 80.
73 ! Daniel OL6X / OK1DIG
YB2ECG   SOAB LP   104,4302007-08-20 18:05:48
Nice contest on a weekend!
K6GEP   SOAB LP   24,6002007-08-20 23:35:21
This contest, along with the NAQP SSB were a good lesson in propagation.
What seemed like fairly good condix for working DX on RTTY were awful condix
to work North American stations. Things were so bad in NAQP that I abandoned
it during Saturday afternoon and worked SARTG until 0000z. I pointed my
2 element dipole 20m beam east, and I was surprised to work Europe on it.
I never worked Italy before on RTTY.

Tnx to J39BS and YB2ECG for the new ones.

I guess I didn't know what to expect from SARTG, and it was a pleasant
surprise, and a LOT of fun. I am looking forward to the SCC contest
next weekend.

Rig: FT-990
Ants: 2 element dipole beam on 20 at 25 feet pointed east
Alpha Delta DX-CC Multiband Dipole as sloper from 50 feet
40 meter inverted vee at 50 feet
DM5TI   SOAB HP   581,0252007-08-20 23:42:52
FT1000MPMV, ALPHA8100, 3el.SteppIR, Dipoles
OHØBP(OH2BP)   SOSB/20 HP   767,2202007-08-21 05:33:39
Claimed Single Band 20M Score in addition to my OH0BP SOAB participation.
Multipliers 28 Distric + 67 DXCC
EB1ISN   SOSB/20 HP   309,6002007-08-21 06:52:04
Thanks to all for QSO and mults. Great contest.

Work conditions.
Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V and Heathkit SB-2000 at 500W
Alfaeco AE7DX
Rigblaster PRO, I love this interface.

Best regards, Juanjo EB1ISN.
DD7ZT   SOAB LP   21,2752007-08-21 07:24:19
Operated abt 3 hours fragmented in 4 parts. Conds were OK. Had software problems
at sunday afternoon. So I decided to skip my 5th part and did some family stuff.
However it was ok for my small station. See you next time!

Working conditions:
FT897 @ 100W * 80m Inv-L * 40m Inv-V * 15m 3ele SteppIR
7XØRY(OK1DF)   SOSB/20 HP   936,2402007-08-21 08:02:52
So. me too...

73 |
OY3JE   SOSB/40 HP   347,4302007-08-21 09:36:40
My first contest after 9 years...
This was great fun, even the amp went qrt, so I was only running 70W during the
last 12 hours of the contest.

YT2U   SOAB HP   1,513,3652007-08-21 10:08:56
My first contest with new call sign YT2U (ex YU7AM)
NP3D/W2(EW1AR)   SOSB/20 HP   71,7602007-08-21 19:57:43
Missed first session (just forgot:(.
Then switched to NAQP SSB, but did work 3 hours in SARTG on 20 meters, I think
conditions were better than expected.

See you all in SCC next weekend!

73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D
W1TO   SOAB HP   474,2402007-08-22 17:20:35
Submitted last years score the first time. Sorry.
VE2FU   SOAB HP   60,9502007-08-22 18:22:40
73' GL ...Phil VE2FU
IK3SSJ   SOSB/40 HP   61,2952007-08-25 00:48:38
rtx jrc 135 pa 1xgu80 ant 3 elementi moxon vertical
no full time for me ,
73 Luigi ik3ssj
SD4ØJZ(SM5DJZ)   SOAB HP   1,829,6702007-08-25 04:35:29
Having fun with special callsign celebrating my 40th year as ham.
QSL sure via bureau.
KE4KWE   SOAB LP   13,6742007-08-26 09:32:08
BIG thunderstorm Saturday nite with lots of lighting. Also power went out and
backup only lasted an hour. So I gave up and went to bed early.
CX7BF   SOSB/15 HP   61,1602007-08-28 05:34:57
Very poor propagation again
W4UK   SOAB HP   319,7002007-10-02 08:41:23