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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2014   Nov 8   Comment Summary

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XE2B   Single Op HP   91,9882014-11-08 21:24:39
Lots o fun and limited time. Sending of QTCs hampered by the N1MM +bug.

FT-1000MP +AL800H @ 300 Watts on 10-15-20M ; 50W on 40M-80M

Antennas: ASL-2010 Log periodic + Alpha Delta DX-A

XE2B Max Rates:

2014-11-08 1507Z - 11.0 per minute (1 minute(s)), 660 per hour
2014-11-08 2237Z - 3.7 per minute (10 minute(s)), 222 per hour
2014-11-09 0010Z - 2.2 per minute (60 minute(s)), 132 per hour

Tnx fo rthe Q's

Luis XE2B
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   11,3162014-11-08 22:26:35
Not a lot of time. A working weekend. GL everyone!
M5Z(JK3GAD)   Single Op LP   4,3522014-11-09 10:26:40
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test 4.13

This is interesting contest as even EU station have an opportunity to become
receiving end of QTC traffic.

Only QRV on Sunday afternoon. Plenty of signals on 10m but faded out quickly
after sunset here.

73 Kazu
VA3PC   Single Op LP   259,1602014-11-09 13:14:20
Thanks to KH6ZM for his patience sunday afternoon.
Also will have to be more aggressive in exchanging QTC's, as I had quite a few
left to give out when I called it a day. Thanks to all I worked.
W6SX   Single Op HP   220,9802014-11-09 15:19:09
WAE are among my favorite contests. QTCs are fun.

With all the whinging about SS, perhaps we should return to Sweepstakes roots
and exchange QTCs each contact. Now that would be fun and would separate the
pretenders from the real contesters.

K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes and MB-V-A, MMTTY and
2-Tone, N1MM.
W7OLY   Single Op HP   24,0002014-11-09 15:39:06
3L SteppIR @ 55'
N1MM Logger Plus
VK3TDX   Single Op HP   747,4562014-11-09 15:45:05
A very satisfying weekend with good propagation and many good ops in action.
Very helpful to see ten meters open long periods to EU and NA with EU 3 hrs
past local sunset still open. 40 meters was a nice surprise also with low

Good participation world wide and the RTTY contest mode appears to be growing
each year. Congrats to DARC for sponsoring some of the best contests of the

Thanks to all who called and I hope VK added to your multipliers.
73 Steve
VE3XD   Single Op LP   102,1442014-11-09 15:58:22
Running about 40 watts into attic mounted end-fed dipoles for 40, 20 and 15
NS9I   Single Op HP   298,3952014-11-09 16:07:17
Fun contest!
N2FF   Single Op LP   183,0602014-11-09 16:07:29
Not much time to operate so I tried to get as many QTCs as I could. Had fun but
wish that ten stayed open longer than it did.
K9OM   Single Op HP   556,8842014-11-09 16:16:28
This is a really fun contest with the QTC's and "everyone work
everyone" format.

Just returned to my Florida QTH after spending the summer in Wisconsin. My
only antenna was a ground mounted vertical as my Yagi's are still in storage.
But it was lots of fun even though limited to a Vertical. (some folk call them
an "air cooled dummy load)

Dick- K9OM
W4DXX   Single Op LP   461,7712014-11-09 16:18:57
Very part time effort with low power and 1st time with new N1MM+ in WAE RTTY.
Problems with QTC-R in software but the road to perfection is full of
Wish I could have received more QTC's but it still was fun and a challenge.
Fair to good conditions on 10m still this season.
Thanks to all who received the QTC's and the few who sent them.

Eric / W4DXX
KB8O   Single Op LP   404,0612014-11-09 16:24:55
First contest at new QTH, Set up was my 1100 foot loop antenna @ 90 feet. The
loop worked great on all bands. Between cutting grass and dealing with leaves
Saturday and Sunday I was still able to get 18 hours in this time. Good to hear
all the calls over and over again on all the bands, Hats off to Germany hams,
the contest was pretty much your show !

Jay KB8O
VA7ST   Single Op LP   435,8882014-11-09 16:27:38
Bands were better than last year -- second-best ever for me in this one, but
nothing like 2011 which will stand apart for another solar cycle, I guess.

Used N1MM Logger Classic after the first night as Plus had some issues with QTC
handling this time out, but Classic worked for this occasion.

Had enough fun that I put in 25 hours. Low power wasn't enough to work Europe
on 40M but surprised me on the high bands.

Year QSO QTC Mults Score
2014: 619 360 432 435,888 25 hrs
2013: 369 200 275 156,475 15 hrs
2012: 668 300 393 380,424 24 hrs
2011: 858 490 542 730,616 31 hrs
2010: 390 150 299 161,161 16 hrs
2009: 584 190 347 268,578 24 hrs
2008: 346 120 215 100,190 < HP 11 hrs
2007: 511 170 318 216,876 < HP 19 hrs
2006: 431 70 218 93,958
2005: 452 159 259 158,249
2004: 311 117 198 84,744
2003: 113 109 120 26,640
2002: 251 40 186 54,126
KX7L   Single Op LP   29,4632014-11-09 16:29:13
Didn't have a lot of time to play, but this contest is always lot of fun - all
the multipliers, the QTC's, and plenty of activity. Thanks for all the QSO's!
NJ4F   Single Op HP   273,7262014-11-09 16:37:57
7800, Alpha 9500, SteppIR beam, N1MM
PP1CZ   Single Op LP   255,6062014-11-09 16:40:44
Thank you all for the contacts.
Wonderful Contest. I made only 349 contacts, but with the QTCs my number grows
to 1.131 - fantastic the QTCs, it makes all the difference.
Bad propagation, as usual.
Too bad I haven't antenna to 40 Meters Band, but be sure I had fun.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.
DGØOKW(@DL5L)   Single Op LP   1,380,8952014-11-09 16:41:50
Not my Day, 2x K3 crashing, 1 Antennarotator turns not the full Cycle.
Lowpower operating is bad for the Equipment. (in RTTY)
My Goal was 1 Mio Points, ok the positiv Point this Weekend is to be over the

73 de Matt DG0OKW
AF6GA   Single Op LP   76,8302014-11-09 16:46:32
QTCs are so much fun, it's a shame not everyone is QRV. It's interesting to see
what the stations on other continent are working.

Condx were better than last year and there was a decent level of activity. 10m
was better on Saturday morning and almost no existent on Sunday.

Decided this weekend was the time to upgrade to N1MM+ and it's a nice
improvement. I'm not sure if I had finger trouble or the QTC RX had issues - a
runtime parse error window sometimes popped up. So had to do some manual data
entry on a couple :/

Overall a fun weekend fitting in operating between all the activities. Thanks
for the Qs.


K3/100 - P3 - AT2K - 68ft doublet sloper 40ft to 18ft
N1MM+ - MMTTY/2Tone
AA5AU   Single Op LP   1,583,1602014-11-09 16:49:52
Didn't plan on spending this much time in the contest. The priorities for the
weekend were to get FT4TA in the log on 30 and 80 meters. I spent a good bit of
time calling them on 80 CW Friday night before finally making the contact. Then
did the same Saturday evening on 30 meter RTTY and worked them there to
complete the bands I needed.
Conditions were pretty good. Glad it was a "Work all Europe" contest
because there were a LOT of Europe! Fifteen was the best overall band for QSOs
and mults but ten was king for QTC traffic.
Having not done serious efforts in this contest for a couple few years, I
decided to go back to what I do best - low power. Running SO2R I devised a plan
to RECEIVE as many QTCs as possible. With two 2Tone decode windows and one MMTTY
window on each radio, receiving QTCs are nearly painless. While RECEIVING QTCs I
could still transmit legally on the other radio. This strategy worked very well.
Out of 1430 QTCs logged, I only sent 220 of them. In my case, it's better to
RECEIVE than to give. HI
There are still a lot of people who shy away from QTC traffic but that's OK.
And there are still some in Europe who believe they can only receive QTCs. In
those cases I had to send mine.
It was not a 100% all out effort. I took a lot of breaks and some time off to
help the XYL clean up the garage Sunday and took some time to go to the grocery
store before the end of the contest. After working FT4TA on 80, then on 30
meters, I didn't go back to the contest on the low bands and thus my low band
totals are, well, low.
One observation the past couple of RTTY contests. With the popularity of JT65
and JT9, the low end of the 10, 15 and 20 meter RTTY sub-bands are now .080. I
looked below .080 a couple of times on those bands but did not hear any RTTY
signals. I think this is a good thing.
I had a lot of fun. I really enjoy exchanging QTCs. It's a challenge, but with
2Tone and multiple decode windows, it's much easier than back in the day.
Thanks to everyone for the contacts. I don't know when I'll get a chance at
another decent effort in this contest so glad I was able to get some good seat
time this year in case conditions start to go down.

73, Don AA5AU
N3QE   Single Op HP   834,4982014-11-09 16:53:14
Saturday AM was really good! Took some breaks to work OK-OM and JIDX Phone tests
too :-)
N2NF   Single Op LP   434,3582014-11-09 17:22:57
Finally got the hang of handling the QTCs. Its really not too bad once you
have mastered the way the software works. So overall I enjoyed working this
contest. I was not able to operate as much of the contest due to prior
commitments. Hopefully, next year will have more time and put in a good
Thanks for the contacts and QTC.
73, Bob
AL9A   Single Op HP   467,5402014-11-09 17:56:16
Darned Daylight Savings Time change over last weekend caused me to show up 45
minutes late for the start! Why the heck AK needs DST is beyond me! Would have
had over 700 QSOs if I had started on time.

Bands seemed much better at the start than at the end, particurlarly on Sunday.
As is usual from here tough getting into EU over the pole compounded by lower 48
stations with their antennas turned to EU leaves AK out in the cold, pun
intended. Finished with way too many QTCs on hand, but between the band
conditions into EU and the JA stations just starting after the JIDX contest it
was tough to find someone willing to accept the QTCs. Still had a lot of fun,
which is what counts.
KD9MS   Single Op LP   282,5282014-11-09 17:59:00
Contest was good. Lots of great ops and awesome signals and even better ears to
hear my puny 100 watt signal in the noise. Lots of QTC sent and received on
lower band (40M) which I had not done before, but the conditions were good for
passing messages in this contest. I did better than I thought I would and
better still than I deserve.

Lots of SMC on!

Craig KD9MS

P.S. I love this contest!
W7WHY   Single Op HP   37,5242014-11-09 18:03:56
This is a fun contest. I like sending the QTC's. N1MM makes it very easy.

Thanks for the Q's and 73
NN4RB   Single Op LP   2,7002014-11-09 18:06:43
First time operation. Only short time, my spirit was broke when I
failed on my first QTC exchange. Found out later there was a software
problem, and I did spend time in the shack trying to get back
operational with many distractions. Maybe next year.
K9NR   Single Op HP   1,164,3842014-11-09 18:20:13
Fun contest but lots of problems.
Saturday was called to solve a radio data link problem.
Main 20,15,10 Yagi at 110ft had an intermittent SWR problem, so amp kept
kicking out...couldn't run more than 300 Watts Had to use small tribander at
Still did OK. Thanks for all the Q's
73, Don K9NR
K1RO   Single Op HP   1,123,3182014-11-09 18:25:28
It's been many years since I spent more than a couple hours operating this
contest, and I'd forgotten how much fun it is with the high activity levels and
challenge of QTCs. I was only going to dink around again this year, but
conditions were too good to ignore. Only wish I had prepared better and found
more time to spend, especially during the peak times on 10 and 15 meters.
VA2UP   Single Op HP   2,914,8122014-11-09 19:31:07
Always my favorite contest. This year we had a family commitment that I knew
would cut out all of saturday afternoon (6 hours) prime time. I tried to stay
longer during the night to make up for the loss but the action, especially for
QTCs is not at all the same. Conditions were not bad and all the bands
cooperated at different times for a bucket of plain ol' fun!
I went with the 'classic' N1MM and had no problems. I found a lot of guys were
willing to play the qtc game this year, maybe more than in the past.
So even though I couldn't play as I would have liked to, I had a terrific time
for the time I was on and look forward to the next edition.
73, Fabi va2up
N6AR   Single Op HP   696,4652014-11-09 19:39:41
QTCs can be very frustrating when the software doesn't do what you want it to
N6HE   Single Op HP   197,1922014-11-09 20:22:33
LOVE THE WAE RTTY!!!! QTC's, everybody-work-everybody, what's not to like?
Condx here up and (mostly) down, heard only a few EU stations.

Tried out a new (to me) Alpha 87A and I could even hold a run frequency. Had to
dial it back a bit because of suspected balun heating on some bands (OCF
dipole). But I felt louder than normal and that's great!

I couldn't believe one guy whose serial number was in the 180's - typing the
exchange manually.... he must REALLY love RTTY!

When I was running, only one station gave me his full exchange on his first
call and only one guy tried to cleverly shorten the exchange by omitting the
RST. Several using 5NN, though....

My rig completely locked up once (in transmit mode, of course) while giving QTC
fills to a JA - none of the usual fix-it tricks worked, even turning it off/on
and disconnecting all the other cables connected to PTT......hrmph. Did a
"master reset" (re-boot) of the rig firmware (easily done,
thankfully) and that worked. But the JA was gone of course. Wonder if he'll
report the QTC's that he got OK?

Lots of new call signs, too that's good to see.

Thanks to the DARC and to all for the Q's. See you again soon.....

73, Ray N6HE
K6JEB   Single Op HP   10,2352014-11-09 21:43:09
I had limited time to participate. I was running a Yaesu FT-857D into a
borrowed (thank you N6DQ/K6YL!) HL-550FX running 500 watts. Antennas:
Cushcraft A3S Yagi up 10m, ground-mounted Butternut HF9V Vertical.
VA7KO   Single Op HP   1,152,3962014-11-09 22:18:31
Some OPs say CONDX were not so bad so my QTH must have been lost in a black
hole. Low bands were terrible. I woke up early on Saturday and Sunday, here,
hoping to get something going but the QSO rate for 40m-JA/AS was poor and 80m
was totally rotten. 20m was open very late in the morning here so I should have
gone back to bed... It was a waste of time to struggle for QSOs on 40m and 80m.

So I must say many thanks to all the OPs who accepted QTC requests and for
great patience to do QTC work with me. This helped offset the difficulties.

TU 73,
Koji VA7KO
N2HR   Single Op HP   886,6802014-11-09 23:26:18
Fun contest - good propagation - good operators! QSO and score numbers are from
N1MM logger. Other numbers are a guess. I had a problem with N1MM Logger not
allowing me to send/rcv QSO with certain valid stations. The error message
flashed on the screen for 10 milliseconds and the QTC page then aborted!
Anybody know what that is about?
Z39A   Single Op HP   257,1522014-11-10 00:08:10
No 80m. antenna. Congratulations to DX stations on 40m. who picked up my signal
with 5-10 WATTS only. 15m. beam is also out of use with very high SWR, so the
results is more than OK. 73 and CU in the next one. Chris, Z39A
EW1NA   Single Op HP   314,8242014-11-10 00:12:07
Elecraft K3/10 + ampl. 200w
Spiderbeam 20-15-10 , IV 80-40
F1IWH   Single Op LP   227,4522014-11-10 01:11:08
Very nice contest.
Thank you all for QSO.
73 de Daniel.
S56A   Single Op LP   776,9812014-11-10 02:05:47
DARC might consider assigning 10 points for each QTC received by N1MM+ under
MMTTY while celebrating the fall of Berlin wall. Top single op should get
N2AMG award while multiop station wins N1MM one :-)

Decent condx, working antennas after some time but you can't beat bad program.

73 de Mario, S56A
K3TN   Single Op HP   70,9022014-11-10 02:53:45
Got bit by the N1MM+ Receive QTC bug on Saturday am and thought it was just me -
until I sent QTCs to IW1AYD on 10m and he said "SRI, N1MM+ BUG, CAN I SEND
YOU QTCS??" I had tested off the air, seemed to work fine but it looked
like when you filled the QTC header window it had a divide by zero error
somehow - I sent in a bug report with the error message.

Actually, my first RX QTC didn't crash - but I had the Digital Interface
window set for No Scroll, which I prefer for regular RTTY contests - but it
turns out it is a disaster for receiving QTCs!

I finally went over to the OK contest on CW instead of switching to N1MM
Classic. Got back on a bit on Sunday to make a few more Qs, conditions were
very good.
ON6NL   Single Op HP   1,412,6402014-11-10 03:02:20
Really like this contest! Was in it in the days you made punch tapes to send the
QTCs! In stead of taking the easy way and go for the Classic N1MM, I wanted to
test the N1MM+ version to make a small contribution to all the great work the
N1MM team is doing for s many years. For logging software this contest must be
a nightmare! Most things work fine but I had to switch of the hover mode and
the QTC windows acted rather erratic. Sometimes refusing to be filled,
sometimes just not appearing. Many times I just wrote done the QTCs on paper
and typed them in after the QSO.
Conditions were good on Saturday on 10m and Sunday on 40.
IC756P2, ACOM1k, KT34a, dipole 80/40 and my first ever vertical (on 40) did
N1MGO   M/S LP   896,5442014-11-10 03:04:53
Lots of fun! Propagation was not good on Saturday, but was much better on

KT1I and N1MGO did most of the operating, KB1JXJ kept us all very well fed, so
we had the energy to operate!
There were more bad signals (overdriven AFSK, wide, harmonics, and other
problems) than I have seen in a while. Maybe we need to contact the problem
stations and try to help them?

We ran low power with wire dipoles, the main radio is a K3, the mult radio is
an Icom 7000.

Thanks to all that worked us and the patients that was shown with the QTC
passing, we had to relearn it, we here all forget from one year to the next how
to do QTC's.

Thanks! Gordon - Charlie - Ray and of course Pauline!
GMØFGI   Single Op HP   858,2222014-11-10 03:08:59
10 and 15m good, 20m average and 40 and 80m poor here. Good activity.

Thanks for all the contacts and apologies to those who I had to refuse offers
of receive QTC's due to N1MM bug. I am sure Rick will have it fixed for next
year.Otherwise N1MM + was perfect.

Equipment: ICOM 7600 ACOM 1010 (300watts max), Hexbeam at 25ft, 40m quarter
wave vertical wire, 80m full wave loop.
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   22,5602014-11-10 04:18:22
An hour or so of trying out the new N1MM+ logger. Works OK, wish I could make
the log itself smaller, tried adjusting the individual cells but still a bit
too big for my needs. No antennas for low bands so limited activity until next

VE4VT   Single Op LP   393,8552014-11-10 05:06:46
Just tinkering part time. Plenty of interruptions like putting up Christmas
lights and unexpected visitors. Conditions on the high band seem very good.

OP3DI(ON3DI)   Single Op LP   400,0002014-11-10 05:08:13

After the CQ WW and the WPX this is the biggest contest of the year. Anyway
during the week before the contest I was doubting to participate (yes strange
for me ;-)). But I knew to I would regret to mis the contest so I installed
No goals, no targets, just trying to make some fun.

I made the decision to contest with the special OP-prefix, probably you will
know me as ON3DI (some om asked me if it wasn't ON3DI instead of OP3DI, no no
:D) but we may use during the month november the OP-prefix, it gives us a
chance to remember the first world war. We must remember them!!!

I started on 80m on how! I was the first time that 5-6-7 stations called me at
the start of a contest, what a motivation! One of the stations was RG9A, always
nice to work DX, certainly on 80m with the dipole. After one hour I had 40 QSO's
not so bad. 80m was ok during the whole contest, worked some USA, always nice!

40m - This band was in a better shape then during the WW RTTY, I was able to
work more DX. Not so many DX responded my CQ, but via S&P I could work them
quiete easily.

20m - I had fun on this band, I may only work between 14080-14085, very small
but I was able to call CQ and had some reaction. Always nice definitly in heavy
QRM. Most nice QSO was with VK3TDX but I worked also the state Arkansas who came
back on my CQ.

15m - I am surprised that I have only 50 QSO's on this band but I guess that I
stayed to long on 10m. Anyway worked DX on this band also. I felt that FT4TA
was active, a bit pitty during a contest, they could work on WARC bands no?

10m - 10m was open, yes! A lot of acitivity on I must say it is my favourite
band (together with 40m). I was easy to work PY, VK, JA, K, ... Worked also a
nex DXCC namely TG Guatemala. I worked him with ON3DI, better for my awards
then with OP3DI.

I have 'lost' a lot of time to work some nice DX stations but it was with joy.
The result is far bellow that of last year but I had fun and that is the most
important thing.

During the contest I saw some JA stations on 10m in SSB. Normally I do not
combine contests but this time I liked to give it a shot. Worked for the first
time JA in SSB, it was (off course) JH4UYB, what a station, what signal. Worked
him with OP3DI and OP3DI. On sunday I worked some other JA stations on 10m, they
were strong so a sign that the conditions were good. I was nice that I could
test the new dipole on 10m and it works fine. Worked also JA6GCE with 5w on
10m, lovely!!

I haven't exchanged QTC's, with Winwarbler it isn't possible and I must say I
am not a big fan of the QTC's. I liked it in SSB (for improving your skills),
but it is a bit pointless in RTTY. I heard that there were also some problems
with QTC's and N1MM+, pitty but you have to give the makers of N1MM+ some
credits, it is still a fantastic logprogram for free!!

The signal of the contest for me was VK3TDX, he was so strong. I worked him on
15m but I lost a small hour. On 10m I called only once and I had him. On 20m I
have worked him two times, again with OP3DI and ON3DI. He was stronger then
some locals or some strong UT or RA stations, unbelievable. Pitty I haven't
worked him on 40m. I asked him if he would go to 40m and he told yes, but I
couldn't wait for two hours, I was QRT. I was already surprised that he
responded the question.

The rates on saturday were ok but like last year the participationdegree drops
on sunday, a bit pitty, it is a nice contest! That is also the reason that I
only operated 27 hours, normally not my style....

I have been spotted 7 times, nice! Most of the time they spot me on 40m but now
I have been spotted on 15m and 10m also, thank you (KE8M, WB4IUY, 4Z4DX, RM3DA
and UA0AV)!

My buddy ON4BHQ has also a nice result, congratulations! Always nice to chat
with you during the contest on facebook!

The WW RTTY was a dissapointment for me, I hadn't reached my goal of 1000 QSO's
and worked to litle DX, that was definitly better during this contest. Goal
reached I had fun!

Thanks for working me and I will be active with the OP-prefix again this month
so please work me!

Thanks to my parents for all the support!

Next contest will be the nice OK/OM DX RTTY contest in december!

All the best,

Pieter OP3DI - ON3DI

P.S.: score is not correct
LX7I(DF7ZS)   Single Op HP   3,709,5202014-11-10 05:13:14
Thanks to Philippe that I could use his fine station LX7I again. The setup gets
better every year and we had not a single glitch the whole 36h. Very nice!!!
Tight competition again from UW3U and UR7GO.


The LX7I RTTY Team is actually looking for ONE or TWO more team members twice a
year!!! (CQ WPX RTTY & CQ WW RTTY). If you want to join the fun gang and
work from this beautiful aluminum landscape please contact me directly We play for No #1 seats in EU and World on both contestst!


Thanks to all callers and fort he QTCs.
Missed about 200 QTCs due to Software problems (not mine and not wintest. ;-)


OH4KZM   Single Op LP   225,3602014-11-10 05:23:08
FT-920 100W , N1MM+MMTTY
Mosley TA33 up 9m
40M vertical, used also 80M

Frustrating with small antenna and low power.

TNX for QSOs.

73 de Jouni OH4KZM
VE3UTT   Single Op HP   1,068,8862014-11-10 05:33:36
Had to QRT 1700 UTC Sunday. Major SW problems no QTC RX, 5 crashes, grabbing
callsigns took over 3 seconds, and opening TX QTC window 6 seconds. Typing
calls about 1 sec a letter. Still ok conditions made it bearable. Sorry to
all for not RX QTCs.
WØPV   Single Op LP   369,0782014-11-10 05:55:31
The QTC message passing bonus always makes for a fun event! Many thanks to all
that worked so hard to copy my SQTC's. Just running low power with low wire
dipoles about 10m high on the 20-15-10m bands, a 7 MHz 1/4w vertical, and 80m
inverted L.
WB2RHM/4   Single Op LP   872,4482014-11-10 06:48:48
Another WAEDC in the log, another very interesting time. Exactly 1 hour into
the start of the contest, N1MM+ blew-out-of-water while trying to receive the
first QTC. Not wanting to fool around, or try to limp along with a very broken
QTC logger, I did a FULL STOP, and spent the next hour setting up N1MM Classic
for WAEDC, imported the first hours QSOs and manually entered the 1st QTC. At
that point The Game Was Afoot! I totally enjoy the QTC 'twist'. Thanks to the
WAEDC folks.
W9VQ   Single Op LP   44,1002014-11-10 07:59:37
Many messed up QTCs.
W3YY   Single Op HP   202,0482014-11-10 08:16:40
The format above for reporting is not supported by N1MM+.

I had 704 total QSOs and QTCs. 704 points. 287 Mults.

Total score was 202,048.
NK6A   Single Op HP   10,9522014-11-10 09:28:52
Trying out new KPA500 amp and N1MM-Plus(which didn't work 100 percent of the
Switched back to classic N1MM and all was well.
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   577,7882014-11-10 09:51:15
Came down with a heavy head-cold on Thursday, and this continued right through
the weekend, which didn't help with the concentration needed for this contest.
As a consequence, I set my goals quite low - 500 Q's and 500 QTC's.
Somehow, I missed out on the QTC target, but I was happy with 622 QSO's,
including one with W1AW/7 on 20m for that last State on 20m, and he was kind
enough to give out a serial number! Thanks to the op there!

I could have spent another hour in the contest, but made a diversion to 17m
around 1900UTC to bag W1AW/0 (KS), which I needed for my W1AW/p WAS.
Only missed a W7 on 10m.

I also spent some time during the contest trying for FT4TA, but to no avail.

It was great to work some W/VE stations on 4 bands too, sadly 80m didnt play
ball for me. It was extremely noisy here, and I could only hear the loudest

Surprised to see that 10m was best for QTC traffic too. It would have been
possible to exchange some with W/VE stations on 40m, but it seemed churlish to
do so when conditions are usually so much better on the higher bands.

There were far fewer stations saying NO QTC too, which was good, but I also
noticed that some calls were missing from the contest. Maybe they were at
multi-stations instead, or did they just avoid QTC traffic totally?

Also managed to get a new band-slot too! Thanks to both TG9ANF and TG9IIN for
the contacts on 40m.

The other contests took away some mults too. I noticed some of the major JA
RTTY ops were taking part in the JIDX contest, and the OK/OM contest took away
a few more ops.

Only a couple of gripes..... Why do folk call you during transmission of QTC's?
I can accept that having it happen once can be just a mistake, but one
particular op did it to me twice on 2 different bands.
And when I was running a pile-up, why do folk continually call over each other,
even when an exchange is taking place?
That got a little annoying once or twice, but maybe it was because my head felt
lousy, and my temper was a little shorter than usual!
last gripe was folk who called me, then didn't respond, so I worked the next
station, and then they call over that, asking for me to repeat the serial.

Still, despite feeling lousy the whole weekend, I did enjoy the contest, which
is probably my favourite one of the year.

Thanks to all for the fun, and the points! See you in the next one....

73 de Phil GU0SUP
LY2SA   Single Op HP   1,021,6802014-11-10 10:43:07
RIG: TS-590, TL-922, dipole on 80m, multiband vertical on 40-10m.
Software: N1MM classic, MTTY, 2Tone.
HB9EAR   Single Op QRP   3,5912014-11-10 11:09:16
QRP with an indoor antenna made this really tough. Learned a few things for
next time around. Tnx for the Q's.
W8WOM   Single Op LP   19,9202014-11-10 11:50:12
This was my very first rtty contest was relaxing and fun. Running 100 watts from
a ftdx 12oo into a ta33 Mosley up at 50 feet
IK2AUK   Single Op LP   81,6482014-11-10 12:08:52
DARC-WAEDC-RTTY 08.11-09.11.2014
Contestant: IK2AUK
80m 23 23 11
40m 68 68 38
20m 104 104 45
15m 32 32 21
10m 25 25 17
Total 252 252 132 0 0

Score: (252 + 0 +0)*324 = 81648
Created by R3BB 2014
AD5XD   Single Op LP   71,1482014-11-10 13:03:12
I did not plan to play in this contest but ended up making a few contacts
just for the fun of it during my spare time.

VE3JI   Single Op LP   510,9522014-11-10 14:57:51
Love those QTCs
W4WWQ   Single Op HP   17,1682014-11-10 15:23:09
I need to figure out the QTC stuff. Even using old N1MM I had problems and
didn't want to venture too far out in left field. Was able to receive 20 QTC,
but with much effort and manual effort. Guess I need to go back and view the
video a few more times as it seemed like it should be a no brainer on RTTY.

K3 KPA500 P3 StepIr and 40/80 dipole
WN6K   Single Op LP   412,0282014-11-10 21:25:29
SteppIR -DB18 @55ft. (40-6m)
OCD @50ft. (160/80m)

Well after the '1st hour Euforia' of a bit of a run, things settled into a
rather pedestrian pace. So much so, I finished of the remainder of the Ludlum
novel from the last contest and opened a new Patterson. Finished the weekend
digesting 1/3rd of a Grisham and there went my Christmas collection from last
year. Since Christmas is a ways off, I might go to the library and check out an
Encyclopedia Britanica although the SS next weekend should be a faster paced
animal we hope.

There was some kind of flare that knocked things back a bit with an elevated A
index and diminutive action on the high bands early on Friday. Bagging it
early, I 'banked time for sleeping' and an early call in the morning on
Saturday. The JAs on 40 must be SSB ops and were involved with the JIDX
Contest because the response on 40 was 'underwhelming' again.... On Rtty, the
JAs have a very limited band so it was really difficult to find new or stir up
new on that band.

In the RTTY version of WAE, one gets mults from Call Areas to add to the
country mults which help a lot to keep the interest up. The scores are
assisted also by the QTC game - you can give and recieve to ANYONE not in your
continent. But unfortunately, only a few took advantage of that and after a
while I quit asking and I left plenty on the table for QTCs.

I like this contest a lot and there would be better participation earlier in
the season ( there are a couple of weeks where the calendar is fairly light.

Thanks for everyone who found/worked me - 100w in variable condx does make it
challenging when the 'print' gets sketchy.

WN6K. Paul (off to the bookstore for the next contest)

p.s. 51 DXCCs (30 from EU)
F5RD   Single Op LP   297,2522014-11-11 00:17:54
Transceiver : ICOM IC-751AF 80W in RTTY
Antenna : Multiband center-fed 2x20m 8m up for 80 to 10m
Software : N1MM Logger+ V0.19.4180.0
I enjoy very much this contest with QTC exchange,
but I had many thing to do out of the contest this weekend
Time on : only 17h 30mn
I had some difficulty for copy the received QTC in my log
Sometime I had to enter the elements by hand
Thanks to all who worked me
See you again next year
F5RD Bernard
OP6OM(ON6OM)   Single Op LP   109,5382014-11-11 07:55:15
Trx : Yaesu FT-1000MP
Antenne 1 : Hexbeam 6 band
Antenne 2 : Deltaloop
Tuner : Palstar AT2K
Power : 100 Watt
VA2AM   Single Op HP   1,437,5682014-11-11 08:45:25
Like many other contesters N1MM plus could not receive QTC's and I lost time and
many points and I just deleted my Classic version few days before the contest. I
had great time in RUN mode with good to excellent propagation.
IW1AYD(@IQ1RY)   M/S HP   2,722,2002014-11-11 13:10:52
Well, it was a great time. The whole team enjoyed a lot each single moments of
the whole game. We have to say thanks to everybody had a QSO with us.
We have to thanks everybody went in even if quite force to receive ours QTC's.
We have to thank everybody that chatted with us in the attempt to overcome a
major logger glitch that afflicted the whole world. Hey guys I know that
Writelog was working HI! But then all accepted to RX our QTC!
I would think that the RX QTC glitch of N1MM+ was one of the key to carry on
here. We had to fight more and more as to get every single point, multiplier,
QSO and TXed QTC. Fighting more often locally with the logger than all around
the world. If if we had seen some monster signal, some 1/2 large a other really
I would also thank one great man that simply wrote us " ... I am rusted
taking QTC but I will try with you now ...", TU John, N9NA, you make my
day! (Even if quite late in the afternoon ;=>
But also thanks to everybody that was scared by the bug of N1MM+ or even only
by the QTC schema. We don't regretted to ask and we where pleased also by a
clean and clever "NO QTC". There is a place for everyone in the WAE
(RTTY) game. Seat in and carry on.

Last year I was operating SO2R and I find two bugs into the radios FW, this
year it was the time for a program bug. Nonetheless we all enjoyed the game.
The WAE is a great and unique contest. I will do it even without a leg!
But also, last but not least, we have to say thanks to the all the competitors
in our same category, perhaps only those that we have looked at with ... who knows if there are others ... :-)
Why this? These two days went on with a very sportsman like game. Having the
board on hands was wonderful to push us to do better and better, at last to try
to do all that. We think this was also for the others we seen there. That's
great. We have had the pleasure to meet some great gentlemen in this game.
We also suffered of an less than bad going Internet connection and struggled to
make it working, but no way to make it better.
So it is soapbox full of thanks to anyone, this would tell even to the more
conservative of us that we really enjoyed playing together the WAE RTTY 2014.

Prop was strange. We appreciated a lot the late prop on 20m on Sunday evening.
We had expected something more on 10m, but it wasn't that bad. The 40m was our
second workhorse, but no JA's on the first evening and not that much on the
second evening. The 20m bands was great lately the second day. It seemed as
closing but there was more and more fire just after half an hours of drying
down. The 15m went pretty well the second day. The 80m was our refuge when 20m
closed and all other high band where dried up. The second day we gained there a
lot of Q's but unfortunately for a short time as there where not that much
operators, it was late, near to the closing time.

We hope that yours fun was bigger than ours fun. CU next WAE RTTY!

73 from I1BEP Renato IW1QN and myself IW1AYD Salvo ...
... all from the IQ1RY group

PS Not to forget ... TU to the N1MM+ dev. team that made a WAE bug safe version
just in time. That's also part of the game we all play as the wind and the
storms, isn't? I think they make one of better thing that anybody could have
done. They worked for all of us: TU!
K4HAL   Single Op HP   75,8942014-11-11 13:41:26
The N1MM+ QTC application would crash the program with every use so I just
operated S&P for a few hours and quit.
W9ILY   Single Op HP   1,306,6692014-11-11 16:40:02
Great fun!
K7OM   Single Op HP   110,2502014-11-11 16:41:36
Rig: Icom 7800
W3FIZ   Single Op LP   32,9132014-11-17 13:13:23
First time using N1MM in the RTTY WAE. Very surprised how easy it was. Had some
fun , see you all next year.

VE3SST   Single Op LP   1742014-12-01 16:45:26
first time entering.