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ES Open HF Championship   2011   Apr 16   Comment Summary

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ES2MC   SO Mixed HP   25,0582011-04-17 00:04:12
Many thanks to everybody for great activity!
Please send your logs before May 20th to:

CU in Baltic Contest in May!

73, Arvo
ES5EC   M/S HP   20,6682011-04-17 00:15:11
good condx on 40m!
ES7GM   SO SSB HP   6,8942011-04-17 10:30:36
This was the first contest in my life where I was able to use 100% of my setup.
Usually a day or two before any contest I'm able to burn or just destroy some
pieces of my setup. But not this time. I guess I was being lucky.

But still..... At the start I was making the same tempo with the leaders and
then things started to happen :). As new period started I couldn't start new
period in new Win-Test window. Still wondering why. And then Win-Test crashed
hard. (after new boot I continued with the one I started with and didn't have
any dupecheck til the end). Anyway my 40m antenna was too close to the MK2R,
all the sudden MK2R crashed as well. I had to boot up everything again and I
lost about 10 minutes because for some reason I had to make new setup between
MK2R and Win-Test. Still wondering why. Finally got everything back to work
again but I only had one problem. I couldn't use my autoCQ on Radio1. I was
struggeling about 30 minutes when I realised I'm the stupidest guy on Earth. I
forgot to set Radio1 "bits per second" to 19200. It was on default (9600). By
that time I was already way behind and then I started to push as hard as I

Anyway. It was great contest and had lots of fun again in this year!
ES7GM Kristjan.
ES5TV   SO Mixed HP   26,6562011-04-17 12:01:10
Big thanks to all participants for making this a pleasant small contest and
successful again. I hope we provided as much fun to foreign participants as we,
ES stations, had ourselves.

I have 61 different ES stations and 101 different non-ES stations in the log.
Special handshake goes to RV2FW/1, LY2F, LY2NK, LY6A and SM5MX for achieving
all possible 8 QSOs in the contest!

We had all the ES regions represented on both bands and modes except for ES8 on
CW. Sorry about that, will try better next year to get those guys out.

Hourly rate was 130, 127, 125 and 126 respectively.

40m close rnage propagation was excellent this time and that is the reason for
more QSOs on 40m than 80m. Unfortunately no DX joined in this year.

Send your logs to by May 20th and wait for the results already
in June!

ESØDJ   SO Mixed LP   20,5762011-04-18 10:23:11
IC-7000, Windom ant. 8m. up
ES5RW/6   SO SSB HP   6,4622011-04-18 11:08:18
Over the years this has been a contest for me with simple setup at my summer
house: single radio, single antenna, not too much power. After finishing 3rd or
2nd in ssb for a number of years in a a row I decided to put up SO2R at ES6Q
contest staion in the south-eastern corner of the country.

I was expecting tough competition with Vello ES0QD and Kristjan ES7GM this
time. Despite no major failures this did not happen to be the case. I have to
be lucky to keep the 3rd position this year again. I did fine on 80m but logged
not enough contacts on 40m. Operating from Estonian islands (#0 call area) at a
location not far from the waterfront is a clear advantage compared to the
mainland. A basic setup will do - just go ahead and give a CQ. As for Kristjan,
ES7GM, one might remember this call, there is every reason to believe that we
will witness good contest scores from this guy the coming years.

We had nice short skip on 40 starting from the 3rd period. Before that, more
central location in the country might have benefited to log ES-stations that
were not audiable at ES6-land. Otherwise, as the number of participants was
limited, moving every possible station between 80 and 40 proved out to the
right thing to do. Well done, Kristjan.

I do hope that the non-Estonian counterparts had similar amount of fun as we
did. Anyway, thanks for the QSOs.

73, Rein
LY9A   SO Mixed LP   11,8802011-04-18 11:20:11
FT-1000MP + 80m band dipole.
Never experienced such a good 40m band conditions in my many previous ES Open
Championships. The first hour went as usual - only 3 40m QSO, but later....
Even with out of 40m band antenna..... Thanks for the nice time in ES-Open and
CU next year!
I love this Contest!

73! Gedas LY9A
ES1OX   SO CW LP   7,7842011-04-25 03:43:56
Olny dipol, olny 100 W (IC-706), only CW, only CQ.
ES9C(ES7JW)   SO Mixed LP   6,0862011-04-25 07:15:39
73! de ES7JW