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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2004   Nov 20   Comment Summary

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W1KLM   Single Op QRP   16,2802004-11-21 10:30:05
Not really one of my favorite tst's. Got bored and found something else to do.
Thanks to all for struggling to hear my little signal. Some day soon I'll buy a
radio that will do 100 watts, Hi. KLM
N5UWY   Single Op LP   39,5162004-11-21 15:58:53
No NE? No RI? And what's with BC? Ugh.
VE3XD   Single Op LP   61,6002004-11-21 16:41:01
Couple of highlights in this one. Worked VY1JA for my first and only NT. Jay is
usually hard to find but this time there was no pileup and it turns out I was
his first ON. Happy coincidence for us both.

I could not put in a full effort this weekend but late on Sunday afternoon I was
approaching 300 Qs and had planned to call it a day when that number was
reached. At about 2230 I called CQ on 40m and an hour or so later my Qs had
reached 400. What a nice run and thanks to all the guys and girls who stuck by
to wait their turn for a contact. Everyone was well disciplined and it was a
pleasure to work so many stations. It's rare that I can get a run like this from
the home QTH. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

73, Don VE3XD
N9NE   Single Op QRP   61,5002004-11-21 16:48:16
I now realize the suffering and pain I caused to many of you as well as myself
because of my decision to run five watts in this contest.

I am truly sorry for the many "again, again", "please repeat your whole
message", and "try later" responses.

Please forgive me.

I won't do it again.....

until next year.
KI9A   SO Unlimited HP   141,9202004-11-21 17:04:52
Not a full effort...but had a blast anyway!

73-Chuck KI9A
W4NTI   Single Op HP   75,3602004-11-21 17:17:44
Conditions much improved over CW session. Managed a clean sweep quite early in
the TEST. The hard ones on CW (NWT, KL7) were easy on phone weekend. Last
section was OK believe it or not. WMA was scarce as hens teeth.

KU5S   SO Unlimited HP   58,2402004-11-21 17:36:45
Fun on 15m for sure. Below that was a challenge mostly.
KN6RO   SO Unlimited HP   94,0802004-11-21 18:09:25
Worked AL9A at 1929 and then VE7TK at 2048 on the second day for the sweep!
Didn't think I was going to make it. Having the TL-922 on line once again
really helped out. I think the highlight was VY1JA running QRP calling me on 15
while I was CQing was the highlight.

Worked quite of few SECCers over the weekend. Looks like SECC had a good

What a ball!

73 de KN6RO
W1NK   SO Unlimited HP   35,4122004-11-21 18:14:53
Oh, to be so close to a Sweep but only to fall
short because of poor propagation to Alaska & NWT! It was fun just the
same and I was able to double last year's score.
W3LL   Single Op LP   91,4162004-11-21 18:35:42
Missed NT and BC.
AJ1M   SO Unlimited LP   79,0942004-11-21 18:46:37
Had a lot of fun. My first real effort as single-op in sweepstakes, and
definitely the best rate per hour I've ever had.
K7VU   Single Op LP   130,5922004-11-21 18:47:49
missed NE, ND & NL
W7GG   Multi-Op HP   244,0002004-11-21 18:55:50
40m the money band for this stn this year. Felt lucky to get any 10m!
Most noteable were the large number of 04 checks... a good sign. Thsnks to my
Multi Op partners Craig and Ken for their participation and to everyone else for
the Q's ......
NF4A   Single Op LP   59,7522004-11-21 18:57:21
Had chores to do at the hunting lease both days so it limited my time (deer
season starts here Thanksgiving Day). Intentional QRM and some lid recorded by
CQ and played it back to me.....we need to DF these SOBs, they are getting
really bad !
K7MM   Single Op QRP   81,9002004-11-21 19:00:51
I heard all sections; missed always-tough SC, and NL. SS SSB is good in the
daylight, but it's the pits at night when you are QRP with no local ham

Great ears awards: K8PO, WP2Z, VE5SF, VE2QC, and K7MO . . . those who "hang in
there" for the mouse-power stations!
KØDU   Multi-Op HP   291,5202004-11-21 19:01:24
Started out Slow Blizzard Conditions Snow Static Again! But recovered ok Still
beat last years score.EXCEPT for LARRY'S (K0CL) frikin FISHING VIDEO MADE ME
FOR AN HOUR!! But I finally recovered. We all had fun best of the Hollidays to
all and tnx for your contacts Jerry K0DU.
KT4Q   Single Op HP   168,4802004-11-21 19:01:54
Well I gave it my best this time. Still areas that I can improve my rate but
mainly a very enjoyable contest.

73s de Steve, KT4Q
Jefferson, GA USA
W9WI   Single Op QRP   34,7902004-11-21 19:03:48
Ugh. QRP phone. Not fun.
Did enjoy playing with the real-time reporting experiment on . Map needs a bit of work.
N5NA   SO Unlimited HP   86,7202004-11-21 19:04:15
Was happy to find VO1TA on 40m Sunday evening for a sweep!
VO1TA   Single Op LP   42,4802004-11-21 19:04:21
Not one of my Favoites,usually just get on to hand out the NL mult .Condx from
VO were terrible most of the day. the bands opened up late in the afternoon. 40m
opened up nicely after dark. All the best Wayne
K3MM   Single Op HP   280,8002004-11-21 19:04:54
Ahh, there's no meters like 80 meters for SS when the spots are low...

Was starting to sweat NT and AK, but Jay and several KL7's called me during a
late Sunday CQ session on 15.

Started losing my voice a few hours into the contest which made things tough,
but luckily I could force out enough sound to keep going. I know I'll be
hurtin' tomorrow!

Boy those INRAD roofing filters really seem to work on the MP' them in
just before the contest and didnt hear any of the usual burping.

73, Ty K3MM
KB3KAQ   Single Op LP   64,2962004-11-21 19:08:08
can't believe i missed VY1JA
KB9AX   Multi-Op HP   218,0802004-11-21 19:09:12
First time we ever broke 1300q's was hoping for 1400. Dave N9KT and I had a
good time as a multi-op again this year.
N3NR   Single Op HP   23,0102004-11-21 19:10:08
Someday I'll have the time to give this one a serious effort.

Lots of fun, but just not enough time in the chair.
ACØW   Single Op LP   108,3882004-11-21 19:10:24
Missed NL
AD4EB   Single Op LP   69,8562004-11-21 19:14:03
Missed AR, BC, MAR, NL, NWT, and QC. Had a tough time on 40 and 80 with 100W
and a vertical. Difficult to get any decent runs going, without quickly getting
crowded out.
WØAH   Single Op QRP   105,2802004-11-21 19:16:42
Sweep!!! Worked 3 NT and had a long chat with Jay, VY1JA/QRP to QRP. Some
years (like last year with 100W) I didn't work a single NT! This was the 10
year anniversary of my best SS results, 3rd QRP in 1994, so I decided to try and
operate the whole 24 hours and do as well. Last year I was 7th LP, so we'll
see. It was also probably my last SS at this fantastic hilltop location. In
1994, my score was 111,568 as W2CRS (old call)at same location, so I did better
then with fewer towers and antennas. Were conditions better then?
This was the first contest in which I had the computer reading and controlling
the frequency through the serial port, which I wish I'd done years ago. It made
it possible to use the contest search and pounce memories and that made a big
difference. I also spent more time running stations (or trying to) then I've
ever done QRP in the past. The house, on a 5 acre hilltop with 6 towers, and
a beautiful view of Pikes Peak goes on the market soon. But not before I
operate the CQWW, 10M, and 160M contests coming up. Thanks for the Q's, the
memories, and your good ears.
Doug W0AH
KBØVVT   Multi-Op HP   270,8802004-11-21 19:17:14
N5XJ   Single Op QRP   65,0562004-11-21 19:20:40
Thanks to all for taking time to work my QRP signal. de Mike N5XJ
AD8J   SO Unlimited HP   91,3602004-11-21 19:24:07
Last two sections were BC and NWT. I knew where they were but had to wait
several hours for propagation. Thanks VY1MB for asking for WPA. You made my
day and a sweep!
WA7LNW   Single Op HP   216,9602004-11-21 19:24:29
Snow storm hit southern Utah Saturday night and Sunday dropping over 10 inches
of fresh snow. Made for a perfect contest weekend!

Station: FT-1000MP, Alpha 76A, 2 element HEX beam at 65 ft., 160 meter
inverted-V thru Johnson KW Matchbox.

Thanks to everyone who gave us a contact this weekend!

73's de Jack, WA7LNW
KO1H   Single Op QRP   29,4002004-11-21 19:26:06
A Very part time effort. But had fun de john ko1h
K8IR   Single Op QRP   56,3162004-11-21 19:38:05
My annual venture into QRP. It works a lot better during the day than
at night on 40 and 75. But I got to go to bed early.

The highlight was working two VY1's in a row, each on the first call,
no less. Late in the contest found VY1MB on 20 for the mult. Then found
VY1JA just up the band for an all-QRP QSO. Unfortunately, it did not make
a Sweep, since I missed MS and VE2.

Thanks to all who dug out my signal, especially down on 75.
N4PN   Single Op HP   248,9602004-11-21 19:41:01
Well lots of fun even tho several unexpected things happened during the
Late Saturday night the SWR on 80m dipole went crazy....went outside with
light in the rain only to discover the antenna was down in the yard. Had to
the 160m inverted vee thru the tuner for the rest of the 80m contacts. Seemed
to work ok tho.
Then, as always happens in every contest from down here in the Southeast, that
idiot gets on with his recording and completely blocks the frequency. This
contest it was N4BP's turn to have his call broadcast all over 20m. The only
solution is to QSY to another band...
Worked WD5JNC in MS at 0310 UTC for #79, leaving only (of all things) VE7!!
Didn't work the last one until VE7TK at 2033 UTC almost 17 hours later!!
Did have another VA7 call in before the end but was getting a bit worried.
Left 15m on Sunday afternoon to take a look at 20m at 1830 UTC and found a
slight hole up at 14.304 and started CQ'n. Never touched the dial and made
289 Q's which sorta got me back in the hunt.
Except for antenna falling, the equipment worked ok.
Still a simple setup here at this location:
FT1000MP/Titan Amp - 1KW
TH-5 @ 65'
Alpha-Delta Antennas (dipoles) for 40 and 80m
Inverted Vee (apex up in a pine tree at 90') - one end tied off to neighbors
tree and the other end to the street light pole across the street.
Will be on from Florida QTH next weekend for the CQ WW CW Contest - probably
40 meter - single band.
Good Luck
73, Paul, N4PN
K6OWL   SO Unlimited LP   48,0322004-11-21 19:44:08
Missed: SC, MAR, NL, QC
W4MYA   SO Unlimited HP   248,9602004-11-21 19:44:54
80 Was good for me too.. Now if I could just figure how to make some more on the
other bands.
Worked the first 12 hours, had 1007 and a sweep. Back on at 15:30.

Had fun, good to see so many of the folks..

Take care

AE6Y   Single Op HP   128,3202004-11-21 19:51:37
A very strange contest here. Was only planning a part-time effort due to work
commitments. Started out slowly, quite a bit behind other stations in the area,
and took a lot of time off Saturday evening for family matters. Had 77 mults on
Saturday, including FIVE NWT stations, but no NL, NNY or ME. Sunday morning was
much more fun, with a few hours of high rates on 15 (best hour of the contest
was the 1600Z hour Sunday, at 89), before pulling the plug in mid- morning. ME
called in, and found NL (VO1AU) and NNY (K2NNY) by looking for them. Thanks to
J, Bob, and the other NWT/YT guys for getting such a good turn out. In addition
to the 5 NWT's, ended up with 4 AK's and 4 PAC's, but only one DE.
73, andy, ae6y
VA7IRL   Single Op LP   17,1902004-11-21 20:01:03

Thought I'd spent a few hours tuning around, working a few. Little did I know
that BC would be a needed mult for so many people. TRLog's rate meter hit 126
during the 0000 hour on Sunday - that may not sound like much to the big guns
out there, but it's the best ever rate from my relatively humble station
(TS-940S/AT @ 100w into an R7, and limbo-low wires on 40 and 80).

Thanks to all who came, especially those who hung on through the QRM. 4 x NT and
9 x AK, but I didn't get LAX or ORG until quite late in the contest. Go

I love this contest! It's a bit like Christmas - it only comes once a year, but
when it does.....
KG5VK   Multi-Op HP   210,8802004-11-21 20:01:47
Thanks to everyone of the guys that made this a personal best for KG5VK !

Thanks also go to K8KI for tecnical support as well as N5WA for the great deal
on his Telrex antennas - The 3 el 40m really played well, so much so we
neglected use of 75m badly and our score shows it.

We sweated getting a sweep with NWT the last one :)

Diapponted that we did not hear maney posting their scores on the 3830 net

WBØTRA   Single Op LP   41,0202004-11-21 20:06:39
Missed DE, SC, SB, WY, MO, NE, ND, QC, MB, SK. Doubled my previous best score.
KTØR   Multi-Op HP   286,0802004-11-21 20:10:10
Had a great time. Glad Greg and Al could make it over. Always fun to mult-op.
Course seems conditions could have been better. If only... Hi

Thanks to all that worked us.

Looks like up to the long checkers now.

Vry 73 Dave KT0R
K4SAC   Single Op LP   21,4402004-11-21 20:11:37
Only operated 4 hours of this contest. Worked HI, AK, ND, and SD but couldnt
break the pileup for BC.
KE6ZSN   Single Op HP   98,8682004-11-21 20:11:38
Thanks for all the NCCC Qs! 73&KB John
NJ4M(@K1TO)   Multi-Op HP   293,6002004-11-21 20:15:41
Thanks to Ron, WD4AHZ for helping so much recently with repairs from the storm
damage here. K4LOG was not able to attend this year, so Frank, KA0GGI got
plenty of chair time instead. 3 CW guys combining for at least some kind of
effort beats what each of us would've likely done otherwise.

Several equipment issues just before the start, so a mad scramble to rearrange
things for manual antenna switching and to swap out an amp.

No packet wired into the network, although we did peek over at the laptop from
time to time.

With K4XS not doing a full effort, we got a lot of "thanks for WCF" comments.

Happy ThanKSgiving and have fun in CQWW CW.

73, Dan, K1TO
K5ZD   Single Op QRP   38,9822004-11-21 20:15:42
Didn't want to be tempted to operate too much and wanted to try something
different. QRP was the solution to both. Found it more interesting than I
expected, so will have to try it again.

You can definitely tell the guys who can hear and those who can't!

Had lots of guys says thanks for the sweep. Guess WMA was a bit rare this

Missed SC, AK, SB, ND, NL, BC, and NT. Heard SC a few times but never a peep
from any of the others.

Now on to CQ WW CW!!
K6LA   Single Op HP   280,6402004-11-21 20:21:33
15M was the money band here. 10M was open, but there wasn't much activity. I
tried to run there a few times, but it just didn't happen.

After the 1st 5 hours I had 602 QSOs in the log and I thought I was a contender,
but I couldn't find a hole on 40M and lost it.

My highlight was during a run Sunday afternoon high in the band on 20M. I had a
relatively quiet frequency and a good run going. Then a ragchew QSO starts up
.25 khz below me. I told them the frequency was in use, and got the expected
abuse from those who think they own a certain frequency at a certain time.
However, I was REALLY loud and I alternated CQing between my original frequency
and about .5 khz higher, so I was working guys and the ragchewers had a problem
with their ragchew. They found a better frequency after a few minutes, even
though they swore it was their frequency and they wouldn't leave.

73, Ken, K6LA
K7ZSD   Single Op HP   307,3602004-11-21 20:24:05
Had a blast except for late Saturday and early Sunday. Next year I will go to
bed at midnight, get up at 6 am, and sit in the chair all other hours......sure.
Thanks to all........Brad K7ZSD
K4XU   Single Op LP   127,9302004-11-21 20:33:13
Too amny other things to do this weekend.
KE5CTY/AG   Single Op LP   6,6882004-11-21 20:34:12

K7RL   Single Op HP   316,4802004-11-21 20:54:02


1) 10m was open with great signals!
2) Managed to work WP3R on 40M for the sweep with only a 30 q difference
between us!
3) 1,195 q's in the log, and 270 more than last year!

Great! Too good to be true you say?


1) Are these the same bands I worked yesterday?
2) Started the morning slow, and got slower.
3) Had to employ plan B, C, D and E to keep the rate going.
3) Fortunately, things improved in the afternoon, but the damage was done. No
way to catch WP3R (haha).

Congratulations to K7ZSD on a nice effort from his fine station. Thanks to all
for the q's!
W9SMC(KB9UWU)   Single Op HP   197,2802004-11-21 20:56:59
Nice to get on the air and pilot the SMC mothership station.

Thanks to Lynn, NO9Z, for letting me use his station.

N9ADG(@N7WA)   Single Op LP   40,6122004-11-21 21:17:28
Thanks to Michael N7WA for his graciousness in allowing me to use his
station, and his wife for putting up with a Phone contest. Due to my
family and other obligations, only had 7.5 hours for this contest,
starting at 0544 LOCAL time on Sunday...It was very enjoyable to
have the opportunity to use multiple real antennas.

Due to not actually being fully awake for the first few contacts, I gave out "B"
instead of "A" for precedence. It should have been "A", sorry.

Look forward to someday trying a multi-effort.
N6RO   SO Unlimited HP   117,8682004-11-21 21:20:07
The primary operation at Radio Oakley this weekend was N6BV,SO2R, B CLASS with
his Orion/IC765 station (1668/80). I had band-leader commitments Saturday which
kept me from operating until Dean's sleep break 08-14Z. Got on again for most of
Sunday afternoon with one FT1000mp and whatever antenna Dean was not using.
Both efforts were severely impacted by the dry northerly winds on both days,
stirring up multiple power line noises (S7-9), mostly to the prime SS direction,
NE. Sunday AM the wind peaked and broke a wire in my 80m loop array to the NE.
But having many other wires, I still had a good closing hour Sunday night on
75m. Packet was good for me on Sunday, finding a few new sections and many Qs.
Heard two very weak VO1s on 40m near the end, but couldn't log either. CU in
ARRL 160, KK
K7AW(K5ZM)   Single Op LP   102,7002004-11-21 21:58:12
Hmm.. First time in maybe 15 years that life allowed me to participate in this
test and what do I get for it?? 79 out of 80??!! Ouch! Heard not one but two
VO1s on Sunday but neither of them could hear me. Seriously though, this was a
good time and my thanks to W7YAQ for the use of the station again (this is also
where my NAQP gigs take place).

Hats off to K4XU for taking the section LP score again, although I really
thought I had it until we worked late Saturday night. If nothing else, the
experience has served as a two-fold incentive to be in the thick of it again
next year!
KJ6RA   SO Unlimited HP   86,4242004-11-21 22:18:12
Improved from last years score. Sure would have liked a sweep, but like most
folks missed NL. Nice to hear all the NT activity this year.
W6RQ(N7MH)   SO Unlimited HP   178,1522004-11-21 23:41:47
Missed MAR and NL. A power outage on Saturday evening killed the shack's
ethernet switch so the packet cluster wasn't available on Sunday when I was
operating. Packet could have been useful in finding those last 2 missing mults.
N6TW   Single Op LP   56,1602004-11-22 00:05:39
Finally, a clean sweep
K1TN   Single Op LP   45,0002004-11-22 03:00:27
100 watt/single wire antenna class. Don't know if I could have made a Clean
Sweep, even with another 13 hours of operating, without calling CQ (which I
didn't). Never heard SBAR. Heard a VE2 and a VE7 working others, tried
unsuccessfully to chase them down. Heard a Utah station work VY1JA on 20 but
could not hear a peep of a signal from J. Called a weak KL7 a few times on 20
but couldn't crack the pile-up.

I noted 1) Top Guns patiently walking callers through their exchange. 2) A lot
of people asking "Anybody using the frequency?" 3) Not a single rag-chewer or
net complaining about the contest QRM (but I'm sure there were some).

Jim Cain, K1TN
N4GI   Single Op HP   145,2022004-11-22 03:02:34
Missed DE.

Seemed like a bunch of new stations on, along with the plenty of regulars.

Blake N4GI
W3YY   SO Unlimited HP   176,0002004-11-22 03:14:09
I've never had problems with Murphy in the past, but this year my linear decided
to die 25 minutes before the start of the contest! I put an old amp into
service. Not quite full output power, but it seemed to do the trick.

There seemed to be lots of U entrants this year. Is this becoming the category
of choice?
W2NY(W2RE)   Single Op HP   240,3202004-11-22 03:50:41
W2NY is a club call and it worked great for SS. I started off great with
multiple 100+ hours between 15-20M. Best hour of 144 on 20M.
With 40M on the east coast poor Saturday night, It was off to 80M.
I thought wrong and made a BIG mistake, that pulling the legs out on my 80M
slopers would create a High angle take off. Was I WRONG. The slopers start @
100ft level.I had DX calling me telling me how loud I was in the Pacific and on
Sunday morning had VK's and ZL's calling in on 80M. LOW angle.
Its a easy fix but certainly hurt the score.

73, Ray W2RE
WB2RHM   Single Op LP   61,7542004-11-22 04:23:33
Did better than last year. Lots of friendly folks. Once again, couldn't find SC,
and they are just next door :-( Oh well, there's always next year ;-) 73s, Ben
WT9U   Single Op HP   119,4722004-11-22 04:43:37
Never heard SB, NL, NT or DE.

Shortened the 80m dipole by 5' a leg late in the evening so I could use the amp
on 75m. Will have to install some knife switches this week to get dual use out
of it.

WA4PGM   Single Op QRP   5,9642004-11-22 05:04:41
Short time due to being on-call, contest for me was being called out 4 times.
Maybe next year, good luck all!
W4ARM   SO Unlimited HP   166,4002004-11-22 05:14:42
SWEEP! Conditions were EXCELLENT from SFL. I was able to run the whole contest
especially on 15 all day on Sunday. Thanks to all that called!
N1DC   Single Op LP   8,0002004-11-22 05:21:19
Since I only had a few hours on Sunday, I decided to stick with 15M S&P
Thanks for the QSO's.

73 Rick N1DC
KY5R   Single Op HP   252,9602004-11-22 05:42:54
Great weekend fer the Phone test. Pretty good level of activity heard here. The
goal this year was to get back to the Q level of two years ago which was
accomplished. Still learning how to play the game since I moved out of KP4.
Station antennas helped with "cloud warmer" antennas on 40/80 which seemed to
worked better than expected. Just ran out of gas at the end and "dumped it in"
in a little early. Will be back next year fer sure. Had trouble working my own
section........ Sweep came Sunday early afternoon with AK as the last. I still
operate in the "traditional mode" that is no packet or voice keyer. May need to
change that as might get closer to top 10 which would be a kick from this
section. Hope all had as good as time as I did. Tim
VO1HE   Single Op LP   30,9402004-11-22 05:55:58
Bands not the best. Got off to a slow start but eventually got into the swing of
it. Spent most of the time S&P but had a few runs calling CQ. For a while it was
like pulling teeth but I guess I got spotted and the rate shot up for a while.

Never heard BC, AB, PAC or AK. The only time I heard NWT, the signal was quite
fluttery. The other ones I missed I could hear but couldn't bust the pileups.
Maybe next year.

Anyway, thanks to all who called me and hope to CU all again next year. Glad to
help some of you make the sweep.

73 -- Paul
W7WA   Single Op HP   283,5282004-11-22 06:05:38
Plagued late Saturday by intermittent severe distortion on my transmit audio.
Finally forced to quit at 0635Z when the distortion became continuous at any
power level. I have a second 850 but it's in the shop for repair. While
attempting to make a diagnosis of the cause the next morning, the problem
mysteriously disappeared. So at 15359Z I resumed the SS with no further
problems. May have been some form of RF feedback, but if so, it's the first
time I experienced it with this set up which has been relatively trouble free
for many years.
K1EP(@K1RX)   Single Op LP   142,2402004-11-22 06:11:31
Late into the contest I was down about a half dozen sections. I was asking all
the SoCal sections if anyone was on from SB. Finally I guess the word got out,
because AG6RT station called in while I was running on 20. Then K6SB (love
those obvious calls!) called in 20 minutes later. I had just picked off my
first ND (N0GF) on the second radio. Of course, after working him on the second
radio, AI0Q 10 minutes later on my run freq right after working AG6RT! I was
then down to the great northwest, KL7, VE7, and NT. Hadn't heard a peek from
any of those. I found KD6WW/VY0 on 20M with a really low serial number, late
Sunday afternoon. One call nabbed that section. Later on, I heard a station
get called by VY1JA, but I never heard J. Was that station excited. Then
VE7DCY called in, thanks! Finally found AL9A for the sweep. I was really
surprised how I was able to hold a good freq on 20M on low power. I could sense
that I was spotted several times and the rates spiked up. Of course there were
those who were using databases and had to slow me down to correct their logs.
Thakns to K1RX for the use of his great station in New Hampshire.
W4NF(@W4RM)   SO Unlimited HP   246,4002004-11-22 06:19:15
Thanks again to my brother Bill (W4RM) and his wife Lori for letting me play
radio all weekend from their house. My runs this year were not as fast and
furious as last year and I really worked the SO2R setup that Bill and I
configured from his normal MultiTwo setup. All equipment played well with no
visits from Murphy. I went to sleep after 11.5 hours with 946 Qs and 77 mults.
I still needed PR (I knew Rich would be easy to work), NT and KL7. NT was easy
with VY1JA found CQing with no takers and VY1MB with a good signal early Sunday
afternoon. Alaska was the last hold out and I took my Sunday dinner break at
2200Z still needing KL7. Billy questioned my ability to complete the sweep but
I assured him I would find one after dinner. Within about 5 minutes of getting
back on for the last 4 hours I found Alaska on 20 Meters via the second radio.
SWEEP! BTW the first 7 hours of this contest are really fun - I had 692 Qs in
the first 7 hours for a 98.9 Q/Hr average. Now that's just fun. The last 17
hours of the contest I averaged 49.8 Qs/Hr which does not set my hair on fire.
Still its a great contest and a lot of fun. Thanks for all the Qs. Now for
Thanksgiving and Deer Season. 73, Jack W4NF
K4AQ   Single Op QRP   20,4142004-11-22 06:28:53

My fourth ARRL Phone Sweepstakes:

Score QSO Sec Time Bands
2004 20,414 173 59 15.4 80-10
2003* 20,760 173 60 17.7 80-10
2002* 35,332 242 73 21.2 80-10
2001* 7,128 81 44 12.2 40-10

WAS: 41 of 50 (compared to 48 of 50 in SS CW 2004)

Best DX: 212044Z KH6WT, Hilo Hawaii, 15m, 4505 mi (901 mi/watt)
per WriteLog database

I called KH6WT several times earlier but could not bust his BIG and constant
pile ups. Heard no other KH6.

Lots and lots of PILE UPs on (USA) sections I missed!!!

Great to hear many NEW contesters. Glad to hear contesters making the time to
explain, patiently, I might add, the Exchange Format to the newbies.

Tried to work EVERY SECTION in the States that I heard. Did not hear all the
Canadian provinces/territories though.



Yaesu FT-897 transceiver operated at 5 watts into an OCF 28-gauge insulated wire
stealth antenna up 40 feet in trees next to I-75 in downtown Atlanta industrial
area. SGC SG-237 Smartuner. Heil Pro-Set Plus! WriteLog 10.48f.

--Matt, K4AQ (ex-WB6BWZ)
W1VE(@K1IR)   Single Op HP   243,7942004-11-22 06:30:56
Thanks to Jim, K1IR, for the use of his top-notch 1-tower station. I've named
Jim's new 40m 4L Optibeam @ 90' "the dominator!" Incredible runs on 40m --
great to keep the rate >=100 for first 11 hours of the contest! Did not worry
about mults until mid-Sunday, and it bit me again. I searched quite a bit for
the territories but NIL heard at all. Last mult was VE2.

I was using an Orion as the run radio and an IC781 for the second radio. The
Orion is the first radio I've heard that seems to have a perceived "Z axis".
While running on 40m, I could hear the QRM, but the stations on frequency seemed
to "stand in front" of the QRM. I also noticed that my fatigue level was low
while listening to the radio for a long time.

Looking forward to a great CQWW CW from K1IR!
N7FF   Single Op LP   42,1402004-11-22 06:41:35
Equipment for this one was 100W and a single
delta loop with an automatic tuner at one of the
corners. I know I didn't have great signals on any
band but I could work any frequency easily and
that was a real asset. I appreciate those ops who
took the extra effort when I was in the noise.
AA4LR   Single Op LP   136,8002004-11-22 06:50:19
Elecraft K2/100
Kenwood TS-430S
Homebrew K1KP-style voice keyer (1 message)
Homebrew SO2R box
AE6Y CQPWIN software version 10.01

Cushcraft A3S at 15m
1/4 wave sloper at 12m (40m)
125 foot doublet at 10m (80m / 40m)
Shunt fed 15m tower (80m)
R7000 (40-10m - second radio)


Finally! This is a personal best, beating the 127K score I made back in 1993.
Since then, I moved to a new QTH and it took 7 years before I got my beam back
in the air. The 1993 score was mostly due to some freak conditions leaving 20m
open way late at night. This score is more hard work and a bit of luck.

Conditions were considerably better than last year. 20m stayed short until
almost 0000z, and the west coast stations didn't move down to 40m until after

Before the start of the contest, I warmed up 20m early on a frequency near the
middle of the 20m phone band. Had no trouble making some quick contacts before
the contest. About 2 minutes before the start, the QRM level goes way up, and
next thing, I'm calling CQ with no answers. I tune around and find an even
better frequency, and stay there for the next two hours.

First hour brings 86 Q, second 77 Q, and I'm over 200 Q in the third hour. It is
my best start ever, but things slow way down when I hit 40m. The night hours are
tough. I'm not able to run effectively on 40m or 80m, although I do get a few
short runs in. Mostly, it is hard work with S & P. I end the night at 0930z with
496 Qs.

I avoid the mistake of last year and get on 40m early around 1200z and pick a
run freqency. Had a good hour of 50 Q at 1900z, running on 20m, with a
half-dozen Qs on the second radio.

Ended up spending over 1/3 of the contest on 20m, with 40m and 80m split about
1/4 each. The remaining 1/6 was most all 15m. 10m never really opened strongly
-- it was never packed with stations as it often is in a good year. 15m never
went short, either. However, occasional excursions to 10 and 15m were crucial
for picking up important mults.

Multipliers were funny this year. From this part of the country, the "hard"
multipliers are DE, AK, HI, PR, VI and (of course) NT. My third contact was with
KD6WW/VY0 which gave me the NT mult. At 0900z, I had 76 mults, missing only WY,
NL, SB and BC. I had gotten all the "hard" multipliers early in the contest.

Only worked 1 NL and 1 BC. VO1HE was all by himself up on 10m at 1630z. Finally
found VA7DP on 20m at 2230z Sunday. This is my first sweep in 11 years as well,
and sweep number six on phone for me.

Had an interesting stand-off with WB1GQR. I called him a second time when I only
got a partial call. He gave me the exchange, and I asked for a repeat on his
call. He asked for the exchange, I asked for his call. He asked for the exchange
again. At this point, it dawned on me that this was a dupe.

Ran SO2R, but am not well-practiced with it. The second radio accounts for less
than 20 Qs, which is about 2 % of the score. It did help on Sunday somewhat.

Used the CQPWin version 10 software this time. New feature is rig control, which
I hooked to the K2 as a "Kenwood Generic". I had a little trouble getting it to
talk initially, but it worked perfectly throughout the contest. It was really
helpful to have the computer be on the right band all the time (at least, with
the run station)>

My only disappointment is the Cabrillo file doesn't list the exact frequencies
of each QSO. I had hoped to analyse the log later and see when I was running and
when I was S & P.

I think I do well on the high bands, but suffer on 80m and 40m. I need a more
effective antenna solution for these bands. I think the R7000 may be my most
effective antenna on 40m. It doesn't work so hot on the higher bands, certainly
not compared to the beam. Right now, I have it tied to the second radio
exclusively. I may move it to the K2/100.

This contest is going to be really interesting once the FCC approves the
"refarming" and brings the 40m phone band down to 7125 kHz, and the SWBC
stations relocate above 7200 kHz. As it is 40m gets far too crowded around 0000z
in the evening.

Had a funny incident with K4BAI right at the end of the contest. I was trying to
run high in the 80m band, and got a couple of calls. Then I hear "bravo alpha
india" in the noise. Turns out it is John calling CQ! Evidentially he could not
hear me, but he was working stations where I was not, so I moved.

Secret weapon department: when it was really late Saturday night (around 2 am
local), I was having a really hard time staying awake. I grabbed a small handful
of M & Ms. Munching on one every couple of minutes was enough to keep me awake
an motivated.

All in all, a good contest.
WØLSD   Single Op LP   37,7602004-11-22 06:55:24
Typical limited effort. Goal was clean sweep. Good activity from all sections,
including the usually elusive VE8 section. Had sweep by Sunday AM.
KK1L   Single Op HP   245,1202004-11-22 07:08:31
I had NT call me within my first 30 Q's!! AK before 200. Both PAC and NL were
both right at the end....WHEW! I hung out on 20m for 4.25 hrs and worked 428
folks. The rate stayed pretty nice (but not THAT nice) for the rest of the first
day. I left the radio at 0830Z and was sleeping by 0900.

I returned home from Mass in time to get on the radio at 1430Z. Day two started
out okay, but I noticed my amp was acting up. The tuning cap was arcing in one
spot...DAMN! I do not have a backup. WT1L had some trouble with the amp during
SS CW. I figured the stress of using my low band phone antennas for CW was the
basic cause. I filed and cleaned a couple of the tuning capacitor plates. It
worked well for the first day anyway! I guess I have to totally rework the air

The good news was that I was able to get about 400W out on 80m and 15m. The
other bands were limited to about 200W before my amp became a spark gap
transmitter =:-) I kept my chin up about things and kept telling myself "Damn,
your loud!!", knowing that attitude is everything!

Day two was greuling as usual. I found that having tried to conserve sleep the
previous week helped. I was only about half as exausted as normal for SS...there
is only so much catching up I can do with a busy household. I must say the
family was great about giving me space over the weekend for the contest. I
really appreciated that.

It was great to see that 59 of my contacts were with folks using 04 as a check!
I only thought to congratulate them and welcome them to SS late on day 2.
KE4KMG   Single Op HP   44,8722004-11-22 07:10:51
Missed 1 Section (NT) Could not break the pile ups.
Antennas used 80M dipole and R-7.
N4GG   SO Unlimited HP   12,8002004-11-22 07:12:33
Had very limited time so I decided to try an 80X80 just for fun. Turned out
harder than I thought. No CQs of course, all S&P. Spent the last 90 minutes
passing by friends looking for the last mult - interesting, but I don't think
I'll do this again!
FT-1000MP/Acom 2000A/88 ft dipole/Writelog.
W7ZR   Single Op HP   207,0402004-11-22 07:12:38
Once again the lawn sprinkler kept my 40 meter effort at bay. Sure will be glad
when I move. On a more serious note. When are we going to wake up and sit at
the table and restructure the operating classes of not only this contest but
all. If we are going to have classes and not just a free for all then SO2R
needs to be dealt with so that the classes have some meaning. And while we are
at it Packet is here for the foreseable future so deal with it also.
WW4LL   Multi-Op HP   230,4002004-11-22 07:27:04
Operators here did a great job for an effort that was put together at the last
minute and hampered by "Murphy". Just before contest start time had computer
problems, problems with new Heil noise cancelling headsets (one slide switch bad
with phasing), lost amp for short period of time, and late in contest lost tuner
for unknown reason at this time.

Learned more as we always try to do with each of these endeavors. Should have
heeded the advice of my friend and mentor (N4GG) with a strategy error that I
made at 4am. 40 meters was incredible all night with repeated 100 plus hours.
After 12 hours of operating at 4am, I decided to shut down for a break and we
were still running 50 to 60 Qs per hour. Bad mistake and my responsibility. I
should have waited until the rate dropped more. "Bird in the hand" kind of

Got sweep at 3:30 am with NNY which was our first Q on 80 meters. Had 40 mults
in the first two hours.

Congratulations to our SECC single op friends (N4LR & NA4BW) who kicked our
multi-single butts and our W5DDX multi-single friends who did so as well. Many
thanks to everyone who participated, as it was a lot of fun and the comradery
was great.

73'.......Fred WW4LL
KØGAS   Single Op HP   97,1882004-11-22 08:15:49
K5NZ   Single Op LP   124,0002004-11-22 08:22:52
Worked SO2R hard while I was on, good practice! Highlight had to be the Bevis
and Butthead clips being played on 14.236! uggg uggg Cornholio...... lol The
digital ants were out in full force! Get close to the mound and watch out!

GL in WW all, I'll be in Ar wading the rice fields...
K8AJS   SO Unlimited HP   36,7922004-11-22 08:41:40
Rig: FT1000MP with ALS-600 amp
Ants: Quad at 65 feet, Carolina Windom
K7ZS   Single Op HP   199,2382004-11-22 08:47:04
First Sweepstakes for me! (Usually in Baja fishing!)

Great, fun contest, easy to see why it is a favorite of many!

At the gun, I managed to find a slot on 15m, so ran with it until the band
finally died out. NOT FUN to show up on 20 meters late. Went to 40 early which
was better. Tried 10 meters on Sunday but the band had virtually no new
stations, so back to 15 and 20

Only missed NL for a sweep, and talked to quite a few stations that needed it

Having Mitch K7RL, Brad K7ZSD and the Bob W7GG and company as local competitors
and their fine scores added to the fun, and pushed me resulting in a score
beyond what I thought was possible for my station.

Hope to be here next year (and will be if the fishing stinks!)

73 Kevin K7ZS
KG9X   SO Unlimited HP   156,1602004-11-22 08:51:09
No lack of new stations to work even on Sunday. Just couldn't work them fast
enough. : > ) Nice to have clean sweep again. I quit early even with good
rate going because of QRM frustration on 40 killed my enthusiasm. Over all
though, not that bad this year with non contesters and other contesters.
Fred KG9X
K6KYJ   SO Unlimited LP   61,3042004-11-22 09:06:55
(missed NL/VO1)

I don't really enjoy SSB contests. It is an uphill battle from a low power (100
watts max) all-wire station. Somehow, though, I got into the spirit this year
and actually bettered my only other SS Phone effect (2001) by 20 Q's.

My plan was to stay on just long enough to compile a CW/Phone total of 500 QSOs.
I ended up staying around for 20 hours trying to find that last multiplier (to
no avail).

OP: K6KYJ age 62
RIG: TS-820S age 25
ANT: Four dipoles age 10
K8MR   Single Op HP   101,7122004-11-22 09:19:16
I didn't start until Sunday morning, when the K index had made it up to 5. So I
missed whatever good conditions there were on Saturday. For much of Sunday the
Pacific northwest was rather weak while CA was booming in, so it was no surprise
that I missed VE7 and NT.

Strange distributions of stations worked per section. Illinois was the big one
(59 qsos, no surprise), but only two from WPA?

Another proof of the "watched pot never boils" principle: Sunday morning on 40M
the IC-746 kicked off a number of times while using the amplifier. I suspect it
was actually the Astron (linear) supply shutting down, so I finally got out a
DVM and clip leaded it across the p.s. terminals. It never failed for the rest
of the contest!
KD4D(@N3HBX)   SO Unlimited HP   222,4002004-11-22 09:32:36
Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for the use of his
great station. Let's see...given my dismal performance,
I need some excuses. Hmmm...

1. Murphy visited and I had lots of problems?
-Not likely. John's station performed absolutely
flawlessly as usual!
2. I was fighting with the Orion on SSB?
-No, the Orion and I are getting along better. Fred (K3ZO's)
advice to widen the receive bandwidth was just the ticket.
The Orion just sounds a bit different and it's harder for
me to judge what's happening on the frequency.
3. Too many social engagements and honey-do's?
-No, that won't work either. Guest operating
80 miles from home has it's advantages.
4. No rest before the contest/not feeling well?
-No, I was pretty well rested and felt fine.
5. I hate SSB contests?
-This has some appeal, but an SSB contest is
better than no contest.
6. I got distracted chasing packet spots and
didn't run enough?
-Nah. I used them to pick up some QSO's and
to get KL7 for the sweep, but can't blame them.
7. The operator doesn't know beans about strategy and
couldn't pick the right band(s) at the right time(s)
to save his score?
-No, I can't admit that! (Well, it's
obvious from the score and rate breakdown! :-( )

There's always next year...:-)

I did have more trouble this year finding run frequencies for whatever
reason. Seems like whenever I found one, I'd have to abandon it
because of QRM, broadcast stations, or whatever. I obviously need
to move to new bands a bit earlier! I just never got the runs
I needed going. Also, I needed to hit 80 much harder from my location
here. I also probably spent too much time on the beam and not
enough on the dipole on 80 (or maybe vice-versa?). Then again, after
the only frequency fight I had, K0KX gave me a great run frequency
on 40 a little while later, saying they were going to dinner! :-) He
also said he'd be back in 30 minutes. I didn't hear him again but I
can't remember when the broadcast station came on and I had to move.
Thanks! :-)

Last year, I had a personal best 119 hour on 80 during the 03:00 hour.
Obviously, not this year...

I always enjoy rate breakdowns when I see them in other's scores,
so I'll provide the details again. I hope someone else out there
finds these useful. Although, in this case, they're really just

One Eastern Mass, 4 Quebecs, and 5(!) Delawares?!?!?! You have got
to be kidding!!! Nebraska was my last section on CW but not a problem
this time.

2004 SS SSB - KD4D (at N3HBX)

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 0 72 11 83 83
22 0 0 5 56 10 71 154
23 0 0 64 16 0 80 234

0 39 0 20 3 0 62 296
1 76 2 4 0 0 82 378
2 80 6 0 0 0 86 464
3 56 9 0 0 0 65 529
4 51 12 0 0 0 63 592
5 21 2 0 0 0 23 615
6 61 10 0 0 0 71 686
7 31 15 0 0 0 46 732
8 0 0 0 0 0 0 732
9 0 0 0 0 0 0 732
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 732
11 2 6 0 0 0 8 740
12 7 65 0 0 0 72 812
13 0 55 3 0 0 58 870
14 0 17 26 0 0 43 913
15 0 12 52 0 0 64 977
16 0 45 5 1 0 51 1028
17 0 14 7 5 0 26 1054
18 0 0 2 34 3 39 1093
19 0 4 2 6 5 17 1110
20 0 58 0 7 0 65 1175
21 0 38 6 3 0 47 1222
22 9 22 8 0 0 39 1261
23 11 21 7 0 0 39 1300

0 23 10 0 0 0 33 1333
1 11 29 0 0 0 40 1373
2 6 11 0 0 0 17 1390

TOTAL 484 463 211 203 29

2004 SS SSB - KD4D (at N3HBX)

1. Il 79
2. Mi 66
3. Va 65
4. Oh 64
5. Mn 52
6. Mdc 49
7. Co 40
8. Scv 40
9. In 38
10. NTx 34
11. Az 32
12. STx 30
13. Wi 30
14. Nc 29
15. WNy 28
16. NNj 26
17. WWa 23
18. Em 23
19. Ga 23
20. ENy 22
21. Nh 22
22. Ep 22
23. Ct 22
24. Mo 21
25. On 21
26. NLi 20
27. WPa 19
28. Ks 19
29. Ky 19
30. Wv 17
31. Tn 16
32. Eb 15
33. SNj 15
34. Sv 13
35. SFl 13
36. WMa 13
37. Ia 13
38. Or 12
39. Vt 12
40. Org 11
41. Sdg 11
42. Ne 11
43. Sjv 11
44. Mt 10
45. WcF 10
46. NFl 10
47. Nd 9
48. Id 9
49. Nm 9
50. Ok 8
51. La 8
52. Nv 8
53. Sf 8
54. Ms 8
55. Me 8
56. Ri 8
57. Sc 8
58. Lax 7
59. Wy 7
60. Sd 7
61. WTx 7
62. Al 7
63. Ew 6
64. Ar 6
65. Sb 5
66. Vi 5
67. Ut 5
68. Ab 5
69. Bc 5
70. Nl 5
71. De 5
72. Mb 4
73. NNy 4
74. Qc 4
75. Mar 4
76. Ak 3
77. Pac 2
78. Sk 2
79. Pr 1
80. Nt 1
81. EMa 1
WØMU   Single Op HP   293,9202004-11-22 09:46:57
Thanks to VE4GV for the sweep late on 20m!

This was my first adventure into S02R. Only a couple of contacts were made on
the second radio. It was very nice being able to listen for band openings and
the competition. Second radio was hooked up barefoot to an R8 Vertical.

No 10 meters from here. There was a small opening on Saturday but I could never
run. 15 was excellent on Saturday but another story on Sunday.

40m was very difficult the first night at the start forcing a move to 75 which
worked out. Moved back to 40 later and had a good run there too.

Sunday started out very slow. I could never run on any band until around 2000z.
Found a great 20m frequency and stayed there until 0022.

The start of the contest was a mess. A new radio and a new logging program
created some minor disasters. Once they were eliminated if was off to the
races. I could sure tell when I got spotted. I felt like I was on a
dxpedition. It was fun to be on from a rare section.

Could always use bigger and better antennas on 40 and 80 but it could have been

75-Inv V @ 60ft
40-XM240 @ 75ft
20-15-10 SteppIR 4ele @ 65ft

2nd radio
R8 Vert for 10-40

Currently station building in Colorado.

Thanks for all the contacts!
K6IF   SO Unlimited HP   268,3202004-11-22 10:04:30
K6IF was:
Orion + AL-1200, TS-850 + Alpha 76
4/4 el. SteppIR at 73'/38' for run radio
2 el. SteppIR at 50' for second radio
2 el. 40 @ 80' + dipole @ 35'
Sigma 180S @ 88'

For a change, everything worked :-)

Conditions were good here, although this score is almost 200 Q's under my
personal best. Packet really changes the game in very interesting ways - this
was my first time using it and I learned a bunch.

Congrats to all for great scores, especially to WP3R, K5TR and K6LL who I
noticed had high nums, and VY1MB for a great effort.

***dan, K6IF
K4SSU(NA4BW)   Single Op HP   287,0402004-11-22 10:12:59
The GOOD: Dave - K4SSU and his hospitality. No murphy. 20 meters would not stop.
Nice surprise with 40 totals - doubled 03 #'s. Many SECC'ers worked. All the QRP
stations -you are welcome here and WILL be worked from this home station

The BAD: Yours truly having the 80 wire cut to resonate ~ 3900 v 3800.

The UGLY: Working above 3850. Q total for 80 was 1/2 of 2003. Lesson learned.

The BIZARRE: Rarest multiplier for me? NT-nope; NL- nope; Try Alabama - 1 Q!!

Thanks all and 73, Brian NA4BW
K7ABV   Single Op HP   41,4402004-11-22 10:16:03
couldn't get going on this one, just tooo many contests in the fall haw..
considering my low q's managed quite a few sections!!
K4XS   Single Op HP   41,2922004-11-22 10:17:09
My best and worst SS ever.

After finishing number two last year, I was cranked up and ready to tackle WP3R.
I had busted my butt putting the station back together after the hurricanes and
had done lots of research into my past efforts.

I concluded that, for me, the best place to begin was on 20 and was hoping for a
150+ hour. I sat down around 14250 and began warming up the frequency.
Everything was cool...clear as a bell frequency and well clear of the SSTV
Started with 45 QSOs in 17 minutes, and then....."you're 20 Khz wide"...."you
God...m contesters think you can do anything you want". After which I was
treated to endless overmodulated recordings of K4BP calling CQ at 30 over 9. It
was impossible to work anyone through this guy. I moved several times and did
all the things we do to work through this crap..not acknowledging him, "phantom
QSOs" swing the beams away etc. You veterans know what I am talking about.
Unfortunately, the SOB was in the primary area of skip, the Midwest and even
with the beams facing away it was almost impossible to work anyone.

I watched the rate on CT drop from around 185 to 70 or so and saw no way to get
it back up. Twenty is our money band at this part of the cycle and 15 had
already gone long, making the east coast "cannon fodder" for the W6 guys. After
QSYing for the fourth time and having the jerk follow me, I said screw it and
shut it down, feeling very funky.

The next day the XYL got on as K4XSS and I Elmered her through the pileups that
came on Sunday afternoon when you are fresh meat. Nary a bit of intentional QRM
on her even though it was the same time of day and the same freq I had been on
the day before.

So, just for fun, I decided to get back in the chair and give it a go under my
call. The rate on CT was approaching 200 when my friend came back and screwed
with me. I had the XYL get back on with her problem with the

I finally got back on and for about an hour and a half proceeded to have my best
runs in any SS. I had the machine up to 239 at one point and wound up with a
180 clock hour.

Something has to be done about this crap with the intentional QRM. So far, I
have talked to W4ZW, NF4A, N4GI, N4BP, all with pretty good-sized stations and
all of them experienced the same crap. Judging from the propagatgion we had and
my beam headings, this pinhead is definitely up in the midwest...W8, W9,
possibly a western W3.

If anyone has any info on the guy, or if he screwed with you in the contest
playing either N4BP or K4BP's CQs let me know the particulars, including
thoughts as to his location.

Thanks for reading my rants and raves. Those of you who have been through this
understand how P.O.ed I am.

Bill K4XS
NØAC(@NØNI)   Single Op HP   222,2402004-11-22 10:27:26
Thanks to Toni and Colleen for the use of the fine station. The big bands for me
were 15 and 40. To my surprise it seemed like I could not get anything going on
20. The signal must have been very loud on 80 as my pile ups were big. For those
of you missing or having trouble getting a VY1: I was called by a VY1 and then
later duped by the same VY1, which I didn't mind.

N7LOX   Single Op HP   168,0002004-11-22 10:31:29
Couldnt stay in the seat this year-not sure why! Tried to get 10 mtrs going-
just wasnt gonna happen . Ten meter test should be fun??
Looks like the nw was the place to be this year with all the great scores.
great fun- see everyone in the ten meter test-- LOX
K5YAA   Single Op LP   133,6002004-11-22 11:20:32
My log will be a big checklog as I started out A power Unassisted but:

1. After being on 40 meters a brief while couldn't stand the humiliation so
switched on the amp. Went into the HP category on 40.

2. Nearing a sweep sometime early Sunday I took a peek at some spots and sure
enough there was a /VY0 NWT on 20 meters. Went into the U category on that

3. Had to call my son late Sunday to get on and give me Oklahoma for a sweep!
Went into the that ain't fair category on that one.

4. Went from SOLP to SOHP to SOHP Unlimited all in the same contest but kept
signing A since that's what I started with.

Now for something from the Twilight Zone.

Shut off the rig at 6PM Sunday. Fiddling around about 7:30 I took another look
at some spots. Saw that K0JPL was looking for Oklahoma for his sweep. It read
something like Oklahoma PSE!!! Frequency 7.233 - took a look but no K0JPL.
Enjoying this radio stuff I switched up to 75 meters just to see what kind of
activity was going on. It's usually fun listening to the land owners complain
about them contesters. Saw that a MS station was spotted high in the band and
sure enough the MS station was there. Wow, this spotting stuff seems pretty
easy. While listening to the MS station I heard a "Is the frequency busy?" I
think one of the land owners said Yes. The asking station slipped up 1 KC and
ask again. Another land owner spoke up. One more KC up nobody said Yes - and
all of a sudden a CQ Oklahoma started up. Don't know what the odds of this
happening are but here was K0JPL CQ'ing for Oklahoma on 75 meters after leaving
40. For SSB on 75 I use a tuner on my 80 Vee. Didn't even touch it and left
the amp off. Hollered at JPL asking if he could hear me. SWR was Much:1 and
maybe 20 watts forward. He recognized the call and knew he had his OK for a
sweep. I didn't realize what really happened until he gave me number 80. He
made a sweep with 80 Qs.

Maybe K5NZ can tell me what the odds of that happening are unless he is still
recovering from the digital ant bites on 20.

73 - K5YAA
K6XX   SO Unlimited HP   216,8002004-11-22 11:39:39
High winds (weather-type, not from the other ops) were rough on antennas & power
NA9D   SO Unlimited LP   16,7582004-11-22 11:43:29
This was the first contest I've been in since the birth of my daughter back in
May. Moved the shack in the house and just recently got back on the air. Felt
good to be back on, but just didn't have a lot of time to put in a big effort.
Maybe next year! Still it was a good opportunity to shake out the station and
see how the new cable runs, etc. are working. I've found a few things I need to
change in the equipment layout like locations of the rotor controllers, etc.
Maybe next year I'll be able to put in a full effort. I must say the bands have
really changed a lot in the last year. Sad how poor the conditions have been!
Guess you can expect that at the bottom of the cycle....
KE5BAV   Multi-Op LP   127,8902004-11-22 11:49:49
This was the 1st contest for the Southern Oklahoma DX Club. All contact were
done with icom 706M2G and kenwood ts-50 100 watts and wire antennas
K6LL   SO Unlimited HP   315,3602004-11-22 11:57:27
I got off to a great start, with hourly rates of 174, 151, 121, 127, 123, 86 and
132. All of the equipment and computers worked perfectly, unlike last year. I
tried a new homebrew headset, based on a top-of-the-line 35 dB industrial
hearing protector. It provided _total_ silence from fan and blower noise, but it
hurt my ears quite a bit. It's promising, but needs more work.

15 meters was great from out here. 10 was great too, with a nice wide footprint
opening, but not very many people showed up. I guess the good old days when
there was a bottomless pit of casual participants to work on 10 are gone for
good. I wonder what happened to all those 25 watt Ranger and Radio Shack 10M
rigs? There must also be a massive boneyard of roger-beep devices somewhere.

Telnet didn't help much. It got me a few mults on Saturday, but those mults
showed up later anyway. There weren't too many "fresh meat" spots on Sunday, and
many of those were either in my skip zone, or had big pileups, or both. I saw
myself spotted quite a few times. I always do a SH/DX K6LL on Monday to see who
my spotters were. Thanks, guys!

I didn't do much so2r, because it's too hard for me to do it well in this
contest. Of course, lack of skill doesn't bother some so2r guys. They totally
abandon their run frequency for the better part of a minute, don't respond to
"is the frequency in use?" and then ineptly come smashing back onto the vacated
frequency with a blast of cq's, sometimes obliterating a qso in progress. The
legitimate new occupant of the frequency is then expected to fall over in a
swoon at the royal reappearance! Puhleeze! I know it's hard to listen and
respond to the run radio at all times, but that's what skill and finesse are all

We actually had 30 minutes of rain here in the desert on Sunday! Naturally, it
caused wicked precipitation static.

No more contests for me until January. Happy holidays, everyone!

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

KM4M(W3BP)   Single Op LP   21,0042004-11-22 11:57:41
All S&P - only a short period of time for this contest.
K7RE   SO Unlimited LP   83,2002004-11-22 12:00:52
Didn't want to face SS SSB at QRP, so decided to try the Unlimited Category.
Tough going in the first day, but started to get some good runs on Sunday. I
really enjoy the CW version of SS much more to be honest.
N2NFG   Single Op LP   99,3722004-11-22 12:48:21
Had fun, made some stupid mistakes, Murphy only visited once. Had horrible RF on
my audio on 40 meters with the headset, no amount of additional grounding or
ferite could cure it. So..only spent a short time on 40 using the hand mike.
Boy, that'll slow you right down! Stayed way past my welcome on 15 Sunday
evening trying for the last two I needed, NWT and BC. Never heard NWT, chased
VE7KET all over the band to no avail. 80 meters was a bottomless pit, producing
some great runs. Should have got there earlier on both nights and stayed later
into Sunday morning. 20 meters was a zoo my ICOM 751A just couldn't handle. It
wasn't worth going to 10 just to give a few Qs to some 6 landers. It was a
little ouch looking out the window and seeing a perfectly good 2 element Quad
and CL-33 yagi sitting on the ground. Had every intention of sidemounting the
CL-33 at 37 ft. in time for this contest, but the tower still has temp guys and
I didn't want to take the risk. Either me or one of the cats (it's easier to
blame the cats) knocked the alarm off the nightstand and I got a couple hours of
extra sleep Sunday morning. Gee. only five more Qs and I would have broken
100,000. Next year! (my mantra) Equipment used.....ICOM 751A, cheap RAT SHACK
headset, WRITELOG, 130 ft. 450 ohm fed dipole at 50 ft., 40-10 fan dipole at
55ft. 73, Bob N2NFG
W4CEO   Single Op LP   23,3122004-11-22 13:12:17
First SS from Florida. I'm in a deed restricted community, so my working
conditions were limited. Used Hamsticks for different bands with the antennas
on my truck in the driveway. The coax ran into my garage where the rig was. All
contacts were S and P. This is my first log submitted for's not large
but I hope it helps.
N5PA   Multi-Op HP   220,8002004-11-22 13:22:23
We had a good time and got a "Clean Sweep" but we needed to operate the full 24
hours to be competative. There is always next year.
W6UE(KA6SAR)   Single Op HP   135,6802004-11-22 13:26:08
Great start! Found the zone for the first 4 or 5 hrs as I was ahead of every
station I worked, even the Big Boys I worked on the second radio. Then it all
fell apart. Major trouble with CT (could have been computer) as it kept dumping
me out of the program every 5 min or so. Once I got back in the CT time was
always 13:00z. Using Settime would work, but would go back to 13:00z after a few
qso's. Not even sure my log is suitable for submission other than for ZD's
database and a check log since im afraid all my times are screwed up. After all
this, a few fire alarms going off in the building caused me to throw in the
towel, fire in a fat dip of Skoal, and go drink beer. Mumbling to a bucket of
wings what could have been. I did come back sunday to make a few more q's but
the fire was long gone. It was a blast while it lasted!


Mike - KA6SAR
W5KFT(WM5R)   Single Op HP   284,0002004-11-22 13:46:21
Thanks to Bryan for letting me use his station this weekend, and to
Robert K5PI, who maintains the place and keeps things in good
working order. This year, I went out to the station the weekend before
the contest to set things up (configure TR Log, adjust the 80 meter
dipoles to phone length, set up the DVK, etc.) so I could just show up
on Saturday morning and not feel rushed before the contest.

I got off to a bad start. When I sat down in the chair a couple of
minutes before the start, it sounded like 15 meters was completely dead
(I could only hear one or stations, and they sounded weak,) so I decided
to start on 20 meters, which was painful and not nearly as rapid a start
as last year. It eventually dawned on me that it wasn't that 15 meters
was dead, but that my radio B was deaf. It couldn't hear anything at all
on 40 either, and I knew that wasn't right. I did a quick SWR check to
confirm that, yes, it was connected to a resonant antenna system; and yes,
the SixPack was switching things properly. So, that kind of bummed me
out - I figured the receiver was bad and I'd have to swap it out when I
took my first off-time (which I wasn't planning to take until 2AM local
or whenever the rate dropped off around then.) A long while later, when
I made the band change to 40 meters, and had been using the Beverage
occasionally on radio A, it dawned on me that maybe something external in
the receive-only chain (Beverage interface box maybe) wasn't working right.
When I did stop for the night, I squeezed around behind the table and
found the loose RF cable. The Beverage interface mod on the back of the
Kenwood TS-850 uses RCA connectors, which can come loose pretty easily,
and I must have accidentally caught it and pulled it out while I was plugging
in the coax and rotor cables before the start. Apparently, the few stations
I was hearing had been loud enough to overcome relay isolation or something.

The other thing that went wrong on Saturday was the DVK. It's a W9XT
Contest Card, and it may just be getting old. The relays worked fine,
and it may have been recording just fine, but the playback was erratic.
I'd record a message, it would play back once; after that, it would key
but not play any audio, and I'd have to use ESC to unkey. Sometimes I'd
make a new recording and it would play back once, sometimes not. I
gave up using it. At my first off time, I rebooted into DOS (instead of
using a full-screen DOS window under Win98,) tried it a bunch of times,
and then finally it seemed to record one CQ message and replay it
consistently, so I decided not to push my luck and used that memory all
day Sunday.

This year, I stayed on 20 meters a little longer than last year, and I
think that helped me catch up after a slower start. It looks like I had
actually pulled a few ahead of my QSO total last year by the end of the first
five hours. But, I lost ground on last year's total the rest of the night,
and finished 17 QSOs behind where I had been last year when I finished
for the night. The last two hours (0600 UTC and 0700 UTC hours) in particular
were painful, and well below what I did last year. I'm not sure what
happened there.

On Sunday morning, I woke up an hour earlier than I did last year, and I
think that helped a lot. I found a lot more stations on 80 meters in
the 1200 UTC hour than I would have expected. I made my first second-radio
QSOs in that hour on 40, as well, and then CQed on 40 meters for about
10 minutes before deciding it was time to find a run frequency on 20 meters.
I found a great big hole at 14.155 MHz and began to CQ.

My first 20 meter QSO of the morning was at 1300 UTC exactly, and I had
two and a half great hours, including a 79 QSO hour and an 88 QSO hour.
Around 1504 UTC, a pair of jammers decided to harass me. I'm used to
being hassled basically every contest, but this was new. I'd been
on 14.155 MHz for two hours now, and as happens once in a while I hit a
lull of maybe six or seven unanswered CQs. Jammer A says "Wouldn't ya
have more luck in the General band?" Most often, this kind of comment is
a one-off, so I call another live CQ. Jammer A repeats his question,
but another station answers with a callsign. I send my exchange to the
contester, and as I am receiving her exchange, jammer A repeats his question
on top of her. I complete that QSO and call "CQ contest" again and jammer
A is persistent about asking "Wouldn't ya have better luck in the General
band?" Finally, I ask him for his callsign, but he only repeats his
question (he never gave a callsign,) and I CQ again. Now, I hear "CQ
Contest, Kilo Five Texas Radio, Contest!" over and over again. At first
I figure George has made a mistake, is sending on the wrong VFO or maybe
doesn't hear me (we're at an awkward distance from each other,) so I tell
him the frequency is in use and give my callsign. I do this a few times
when jammer B pops in and says "I guess he's no more interested in listenin'
to you than you was to that other fella'!" He only says this once and
never sends a callsign, but that's when I begin to clue in that George (and
it is his voice) isn't really pausing enough between CQs, isn't working
anyone, and is too many bars on my S meter (again, because of the awkward
distance.) So, Jammer A recorded George CQing earlier in the contest, and
is now replaying it to harass me. It is an interesting choice to be sure,
given that George was a groomsman at my wedding. I slide down about 1 kHz
and call CQ there. The jamming recording follows me. I slide up two kHz
and the jammer follows me there. Down 2 kHz. Up 2 kHz. Very persistent.
So I stop and listen for a bit and the jammer stops. Maybe 90 seconds later,
I call CQ again on 14.155 MHz, and he never returns. This took about five
full minutes, but it seemed like it took a lot longer.

(George tells me that he has heard from other contesters who were also
jammed this weekend with the same recording.)

I took an off-time in the 1600 UTC hour. I'm not sure if that was a great
decision or not, but my productivity on 20 meters was fading and 15 meter
wasn't quite there yet, and my rate had taken a dive. My 2000 UTC hour
was terrible. I decided to move from a slow CQ run on 15 meters to try my
hand at CQing on 20 meters for a while and troll though 15 meters on the
second radio (and maybe find Yt/Nwt/Nu,) but that was a disaster. I could
never get anything going on 20 meters, and ended up with a full hour of
only 40 QSOs. My next off-time was in the 2100 UTC hour when a line of
thunderstorms rolled by and I had to disconnect the antennas and rotor
cables for a half hour or so. I took another half hour off in the 0000
UTC hour when things had slowed down again, and took my remaining minutes
of off time at the very end.

I was beginning to worry about working a clean sweep on Sunday. I only
worked my first Pacific section station in the 1700 UTC hour, which left
me with only the Yt/Nwt/Nu section to find. My repeated second-radio
passes up and down the bands failed to find anything that resembled a
Yt multiplier pileup, though. A VY1 station eventually did call me in the
2300 UTC hour on 20 meters, for the sweep. I worked at least two stations
in every other section, and I even worked eight stations in the Maritimes,
which used to be a hard section to work, but is now much easier to work
in the Sweepstakes than Delaware.

I made 91 more QSOs on Sunday this year than I did last year, and at times I
was over 100 QSOs ahead of last year's pace. I feel really good about that.
This is a personal best score for me.

Rate Sheet

---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ----- -----
21 0 0 121 0 0 121 121
22 0 0 114 0 0 114 235
23 0 0 120 0 0 120 355

0 0 0 132 0 0 132 487
1 0 0 116 0 0 116 603
2 0 81 5 0 0 86 689
3 4 56 0 0 0 60 749
4 0 83 0 0 0 83 832
5 0 69 0 0 0 69 901
6 7 38 0 0 0 45 946
7 37 1 0 0 0 38 984
8 0 0 0 0 0 0 984
9 0 0 0 0 0 0 984
10 0 0 0 0 0 0 984
11 0 0 0 0 0 0 984
12 32 14 0 0 0 46 1030
13 0 4 75 0 0 79 1109
14 0 1 87 0 0 88 1197
15 0 0 53 9 0 62 1259
16 0 0 5 26 1 32 1291
17 0 0 1 66 0 67 1358
18 0 0 0 69 0 69 1427
19 0 0 3 66 0 69 1496
20 0 0 13 27 0 40 1536
21 0 0 0 28 0 28 1564
22 0 0 40 13 0 53 1617
23 0 0 64 0 0 64 1681

0 0 12 13 0 0 25 1706
1 10 31 2 0 0 43 1749
2 21 5 0 0 0 26 1775

QSO Distribution by Section

1. Il 98
2. Mi 96
3. Oh 84
4. Va 75
5. Mn 66
6. Scv 55
7. Mdc 53
8. Co 51
9. In 50
10. WWa 44
11. Wi 42
12. On 40
13. Nc 38
14. NNj 35
15. WNy 33
16. Ep 32
17. Sv 32
18. Ct 30
19. Tn 30
20. Ky 29
21. Ga 29
22. Or 27
23. Em 27
24. Eb 27
25. Az 26
26. ENy 26
27. Ks 23
28. Mo 22
29. Org 22
30. NLi 22
31. Ia 20
32. SNj 20
33. NFl 20
34. Sjv 19
35. Wv 18
36. SFl 18
37. Lax 17
38. Nh 17
39. NTx 17
40. WPa 16
41. Ne 15
42. STx 15
43. WcF 15
44. Vt 13
45. Ok 13
46. Sc 13
47. Id 12
48. Nv 12
49. Me 11
50. Mt 11
51. Ut 11
52. Sdg 11
53. Bc 10
54. Al 10
55. Ab 10
56. WMa 10
57. Nm 10
58. Sf 10
59. Ew 10
60. Sb 9
61. Nd 8
62. Mar 8
63. La 8
64. Ri 8
65. Qc 7
66. Sd 7
67. NNy 7
68. Wy 6
69. Vi 5
70. WTx 5
71. Mb 4
72. Ms 4
73. Ar 4
74. De 3
75. Nl 3
76. Sk 3
77. Ak 3
78. Pr 2
79. Pac 2
80. Nt 1
VE1OP   Single Op LP   160,4802004-11-22 13:53:15
I normally don't do low power on SSB, but I set my sights on breaking the 9 year
old MAR "A" record, instead of doing my favourite "U" effort in SSB SS...A bit
tougher finding mults without Telnet, but I spent a lot of time spinning the
dial and managed to find some that I figured would not likely call me during
runs...Ran into KD6WW/VY0 on 20 metres at 21:36 Sunday for the sweep...I was
getting worried about NT again as I didn't hear any of the VY1 stations at

What's with all the intentional QRM ? I had at least a dozen occasions where
"tuner-up'ers" would park on my frequency and attempt to blow up their
transmitters...By what I've read, I'm not the only one attacked with this

15 and 20 were the money bands for me...80 and 40 never really opened up, so I
only stayed there long enough to get some close-by mults...Had some nice runs on
15 and 20, some hours above the 120 mark...

Equipment: 1 Mark V at approx 130 watts, 1 tri-bander and some wires...N1MM
Logger was great as usual...

C U next weekend in the grand daddy of contests for me...

73, Scott VE1OP
W8MJ   SO Unlimited HP   259,5202004-11-22 14:19:52
This was the first year that I decided to do something different rather then
running my normal Low Power operation. I have to admit it was nice having the
use of packet for getting those elusive rare hard to get mults such as VY1, KL7,
KH6, and KP2. You can always count on WP3R, he is always there. It was
interesting with packet, because I am using a KP-2, and an old Kenwood 2 meter
rig to connect into an area node about 30 miles away as the grow flies. I
connected into the node about 3 hours before the start of the contest, and stay
connected the entire weekend. Not once did it drop me out.

Operating HP is certainly different then running Low Power. You certainly can
have a nicer run frequency with a little more power to the upside. One thing
that was different this year is that I did not have my 40 meter beam to use.
One of the tunning wires came loose from the back element during the CQWW
contest, and the only way to resolve that is to take it down for repair.
Therefore, I was left with my dipoles to use on 40. I have one about 35' on the
one tower near the house facing N/S, and another one E/W stretched across the
roof of the house about 20' up. They seemed to work ok, and I mostly used the
N/S dipole.

When 40 went long early it forced me up on 80 meters. Eighty is always an
interesting band, you never know what is going to happen. There are those that
think when they want to turn on their raido to rag chew whatever frequency it is
on, they think it is there's no matter who is operating; or if someone is only a
couple of 100 hz away. However, I did not have those kind of encounters - thank
God, and found that 80 played very well for me. I have a dipole about 65' up on
the first main tower with the apex E/W, and another one stretched between a
tower by the house, and the first main tower up about 50' facing NE/SW. I used
the E/W dipole on the main tower all the time.

Forty played well for me during the day on Sunday, and 20 meters was the saver
band when things slowed up 40. I remember taking one of my last breaks around
2215Z, and came back down to the shack before 2300Z, and could not find a
frequency on 40 it was so crowded. I went up to 20, and starting CQing and ran
for the next hour putting 70 q's in the log. Worked a lot of W6, and W7, but
the rate was nice and steady. Did not do a lot of SO2R, but mainly used the 2nd
rig when things would slow down on the main run radio. Ended up with 97 2nd
radio q's.

Overall, as usual, I had a lot of fun, but I have to admit the intensity wears
you out. I really felt tired at the end.

Equipment: (2) Yaseu FT1000MP MKV Field Radios


Tower (1) Stacked TH7's @ 33'fixed SE, 66' fixed W, and 99' rotating.

Diploe(s) 40 meter, N/S 35', E/W 40'. 80 meter(s) E/W 65', and NE/SE 50'.

Thanks for all the q's.

Ken W8MJ
N2CU   Single Op HP   91,5042004-11-22 15:03:03
Phone... no explanation needed.
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   43,7762004-11-22 15:23:12
I missed a fair amount of the good operating time due to work and 2 Santa Claus
parades in which I took the kids to participate (4-8pm on Saturday and 1230-1600
on Saturday). I must have worked every station in MDC! I missed AK, BC, NT and
SK (I heard VE5AAD...but he was fading on 20m). I was very fortunate to work one
Ontario station! I just could not find the VE3/VA3 calls. It was pretty well S&P
the whole way.
VA3NR   Single Op LP   60,8002004-11-22 15:50:18
Had fun at times. Planned on a semi-serious QRP effort around family
commitments. Started out well enough with about 40 Q's in the first 75 minutes
before taking a break for dinner out with the XYL. It was a different story
when I got back to the rig at 02Z; it took me an hour to complete the next 6
Q's. Also made about a dozen schedule's for later; well, they said "Try again
later". Went to bed uncertain of my plans for Sunday.

Up at 11:30Z, I struggled thru 1 QRP QSO and then gave in to the temptation of
the RF PWR knob. So a special thanks to my first 49 QSO's who pulled out my
signal QRP. And congrats to the dedicated QRPers who stuck with it. You have
more patience and willpower (and probably better skills and antennas) than me.
100W on Sunday was productive enough that at least I managed to resist the
temptation of turning on the amp.

Really, many of the guys who can't pick up a QRP signal also have trouble
picking up 100W. I would listen to them ask for repeats from station after
station that I had perfect copy on. When you're running with HP, I would hope
you have the filters cranked in tight, AGC fast, minimum attenuation, headphones
on, listening hard for the weak ones. (I have a mental picture of some of these
characters running the legal limit+, rx set up ragchew style, listening thru
their rig's internal speaker.)

Well, thanks for the learning experience and each & every Q, especially the hard
ones. I'll be back.

73, Chris VA3NR

[Mk-V Field, 40M Inv-V at 30', 80M EFHW at 30', HF6V]
WØSD(WØDB)   Single Op HP   309,4402004-11-22 15:56:12
My first SSB SS from Ed's station, W0SD. My fastest sweep ever! Had 80 by 0430z
first night. Thanks to all for the QSO's.

Thanks to Ed and Edith for their great hospitality!

73, Joe W0DB
NE3H   Single Op HP   63,3342004-11-22 15:59:01
Not much of an SSB op. But have learned to enjoy SS. Was thrilled when VY1JA
called me, I said "Thank You Thank You Thank You" and got a similar response.
Then a 2 Alaska called me, then a Delaware! Left me lacking just the tough ones,
like RI, etc hi hi! Was just recovering from a cold, but might try it again next
year. Was fun to work a lot of the club members!

73! NE3H
WAØVBW   Single Op QRP   67,7922004-11-22 16:00:53
Had a blast - I love this contest! Just wish I had better antennas, especially
for the low bands. 40 and 75 are tough going with only 3 watts - my eternal
gratitude to the patient ops with good ears that dug me out of the noise. I
sometimes wonder why I do this....

Very few Canadians heard here. 10 was good on Saturday, but not much doing on
Sunday - just the same strong 6's coming through. 15 was nice - had some
"mini-runs", but of course mostly S&P.

See you in the Ten Meter Contest and NAQP with a new call. I finally took the
(emotionally charged) leap and went for a vanity call. (It looks like I've got
a good chance to get ND0C - a little more manageable for contesting and in
recognition of my "day job".

Station: Ten Tec Argonaut 509 with 3 el. tribander at 50 feet and dipoles.
KE1FO   Single Op LP   65,7002004-11-22 16:14:00
Started off the contest on 15 and 20 as 2 radio S&P. I felt good after the
first couple of hours, 84 q's in the bag, all S&P from my tiny gun station.
Felt loud enough on these two bands, but could never find a place to settle down
and call CQ. Hour 3 only yeilded 24 q's, on 15/20/40M. 40 was killing me - I
didn't feel loud anywhere on 40 - lots of loud signals but nobody could hear me!
At 0015z I moved one rig to 80M. 80 was just as bad as 40. Lots of loud
signals, but nobody could hear me there either. From 0000z until 0333z, when I
started my sleep break, I had just 69 q's, mainly on 40 & 80, but a few on 20.
My plan had been to operate until 0600z or so, but I was getting tired and I
just didn't feel like banging my head on 40/80 any longer so I was off to bed
with only 174 q's in the bag.

I returned to the rigs at 1045z - revived from extra rest. No sense in getting
up really early since 40/80 were so miserable the night before. I was hoping to
hit 40 early and find a good spot to hopefully get a run going as the sun
marched across North America. No such luck. The 10, 11, and 12z hours yeilded
a total of 27q's on 40/80 and a few on 20. Again, not feeling loud on 40 at
all, so my few attempts at running were met with not a single q. The 13 and 14z
hours only netted 38 q's as 20 starts to open. At this point I knew I probably
missed my chance at RI and VE2, the propigation is real tough there on the high
bands and 40/80 just weren't playing well for me. By the end of 16z things were
starting to "pick up" a little bit. I had a "run" frequency on 20M - well let
me state the truth here. Nobody bothered me as my computer called cq over and
over again with little response. I had a clear frequency, and nobody cq'd on
top of me, but I had an average of 1 q every 3-5 minutes. This left plenty of
time for 2nd radio playing but was of little satisfaction. This practice of
letting 1 rig cq and making S&P q's continued for the next several hours. I had
become much less serious because of how poorly the station was playing on phone,
so there were several small breaks in there for lunch and some family time.
Thanks to AD6E for the spot at 2237z, but it was of little consequence as I
didn't work a new q on that frequency until 2345z and another one at 2352z.

At the start of the contest, I had hoped for 1000q's. By the time I went to bed
at the end of the first night, I was thinking I'd be happy to get close, or at
least over 750. By midday on Sunday it was clear that 500 was a much more
realistic goal and that a sweep was probably not in the cards this year. At
around 2300z, with 417 q's in the log, I decided that 450q's would be a sanity
saving goal, since I was just utterly frustrated with calling LOUD stations 3
and 4 times while they had NOBODY else calling and not being heard. Plus, 15
was gone, 20 was fading fast (where I actually felt like I had a chance of being
heard), and I knew that 40/80 were not my strong point this weekend.

I ended at 0130z and q number 450. K1AR had a nice loud signal from NH. I
thought, here we go again, I'll call till I'm blue in the face and then finally
eek out a qso repeating every element of the exchange six times. Fortunatly he
heard me on the first call, got all the exchange info on the first try and I was

I operated much less seriously in SS CW but had almost as many q's and found the
q's came much easier. Either the propigation was much worse, or I'm really
getting to enjoy CW (I never would have thought that 10 years ago when I was
struggling to pass my 5wpm)! Obviously the narrower bandwidth of CW makes is a
much better mode for a marginal station such as mine.

Thanks to W1CX for loaning me his LISPA (Loyds Incredibly Simple Phased Array),
which is a 2 element phased array for 20M. Certianly played better than my MA5B
at 25 feet on 20M. Thanks to my family for giving me the space to devote 16.5
hours of our weekend to this event. Thanks to everyone who kept trying and
finially got my exchange. And finially, thanks to all the new hams and
contesters who got their feet wet and gave all of us "serious" guys a point.

73 de Al, KE1FO
KG6CMS   SO Unlimited LP   6,1602004-11-22 16:24:30
Operated Sunday from KG6CMS. Best band was 80 despite only able to push 40-50
watts. Fun nevertheless.
KØRH   Single Op LP   32,6402004-11-22 16:44:15
First time in 6 years not doing a M/S, so I just played and gave out KS
to those who needed it.....
K1DG   Single Op HP   71,6802004-11-22 16:48:12
Too tired after returning from a business trip to consider a full-time effort.
Decided Sunday around 2100Z that I'd at least to go for a sweep if I could find
a VY1. KD6WW/VY0 was booming in on 20, so I worked him and I was committed.
Naturally, 3 more VY1s called in later on 15. NM was the tough one. I had a nice
pileup going on 40, pausing every 5 QSOs or so to ask for NM. After about an
hour, NA5S called in to give me the mult saying he saw W9TN spot me on packet
noting that I needed NM. I do not know W9TN, we are not members of the same
club, so don't restart the "cheerleader" thread, OK? (TN - I owe you a beer at
Dayton...). That was #78. Took me about 10 minutes to find an EPA on 75M (over
an hour of CQing there earlier produced none!), then a quick QSY to 20M with the
beam turned South to find WP3R for the sweep. Never dreamed I'd see the day when
VY1s and VOs (worked 2) were more plentiful than EPA.


Doug K1DG
NM6E   SO Unlimited HP   30,6802004-11-22 16:52:06
Having prepared the station for CQP in October, the station was ready to go for
SS CW and SS SSB in November.

The one thing I was trying to figure out was how will I get on if my wife goes
into labor during the CW weekend? She was due the 5th of November.

Unfortunately, there was a much higher power that affected our entire lives and
put my SS CW efforts on hold until 2005.

On October 30th, I visted my parents house and was in shock to see my father in
a rapidly degrading state of health. Hence, I didn't get on at all for CQ WW
SSB tending to him at home and trying to convince a strong willed father to go
to the hospital.

On November 1st, he willingly let me take him to the hospital. They directly
admitted him into the ICU ward in San Francisco and we found out his kidney's
had stopped working (he had a check up at the nephrologist just 2 weeks earlier)
and his respiratory system started shutting down.

Some of you had met him during my various antenna parties, since I first started
hamming back in 1986 in high school in San Francisco. He always helped me with
my projects, building antennas, making my 'homebrew roof tower in San Francisco
and retrofitting here in Petaluma, building my operating position, asking how I
did in the contests I participated in and in general to see the 'fruits' of his
labor etc thru me.

Javier P. Campos, Sr, passed away on November 9th peacefully, 12 hours later his
first male grandson was born. It truely was a bitter sweet experience.

I got on to participate in the club's effort to honor my dad's dedicated support
of my ham radio career and love of 'our hobby'.

Although my heart wasn't totally into it, I know he would have wanted to me to
participate in something that I enjoy very much and something that gave him
constant 'projects' to keep active and use his skills. My father wasn't a ham,
but he was very much at heart.

In the end, I was glad to give out Q's to the NCCC gang and I am planning on
putting in a dedicated effort during every ARRL SS, especially here for the
NCCC. My station reflects his efforts, ideas, desire to do things right and I
hope to add to the NCCC count as much as I can in the future.

I only put in 7 hours total due to tending to my new son, Xavier and his second
week of life, taking care our our 20 month old daughter and spending time with
our immediate family in San Francisco.

Having not had time to read the reflector for the 80/40m rendevous, I missed it
but did get on at other times and work quite a few KB'ers after some folks
posted me milling about the bands.

I also was in the hunt for mults and the spots posted only had the call and not
the sections. i found myself looking at 3 screens, logging, packet window and
the mult window.. Not remembering the band map feature of writelog, i didn't
take advantage of it. I did have the laptop fully integrated to the radio and
the point and click of the mults window to the frequency was quite nice. Makes
me wonder why I didn't do it sooner but having been out of the country for most
of this year, didn't allow much time to play.

The ARRL SS CW & SSB contests will now always be a 'special' contest for me with
the loss of my father and the birth of my son.

I want to thank everyone for their efforts and I only wish I could have added
more to the club score as I am sure my dad would have asked 'how did you do?'
right after the contests.

RIP: Javier Campos Sr. 1933-2004

Antenna's: M2 KT-36XA, M2 40M1-LA, 80m Dipole
Rig: Yause FT-1000MP MK-V
Writelog 10.50D

Javier, Jr. NM6E
W6SR(KG6CMS)   SO Unlimited HP   68,0682004-11-22 17:03:29
Operated Saturday from W6SR. Rick and Karen where fantastic hosts (as usual)..
Sorry I missed SS-CW this year.....
N5TW(KC5YKX)   Single Op QRP   92,2722004-11-22 17:26:36
Wow, what a different kind of contest with 5 watts. Managed to get some good
runs on 15 and had a couple of semi decent runs on 20. 10 tied to open but just
could not get there. 40 was a busy place with no where to run for a QRP station.
80 was getting blasted with static crashes and even the beverages where noisy.
Spent my time 50/50 on run and S&P.

Tom's fine station made QRP a lot more easy than it would have been from my
house. The stacks in spray array really help and if I needed a station I could
point more than the 1 antenna at them and get it done with less pain. The only
draw back to the N5TW station is the 4 square on 80 which is not the best
antenna for 80 and it made it even more difficult with 5 watts. The Orion played
really nice and the filtering in that radio is top notch.

The sweep was in reach but I just could not find that VE5 to complete. Of ALL
the mults to not get! I think I could have been at peace with not getting the
sweep had it been NT or NL but NOT SK! I need to stay in the chair for longer
stretches of time. I got up way to offten but being QRP makes being slothful

Seems that more and more folks are coming out to play in SS and that is a good
thing but it makes for some really crowed bands. It also makes for some really
lousy signals. I heard MANY bad signals on ALL bands. Overmodulated,
undermodulated, overdriven, RF on the audio, you name it I heard it. I tried to
share this info a couple of times with those who where not clean and was met
with indifference. Oh well, I did not tell anyone after that as I thought it
would be a waste of time.

I got lots of compliments on having a BIG QRP signal but all the credit goes to
Tom of course and his BIG station. Thanks Tom, I had a blast.

TenTec Orion @ 5 watts
5/5/5 on 10M
6/6/6 on 15M
5/5/5 on 20M
2/2 on 40M
4 square on 80 with 4 two way beverages

Thanks to everyone for the Qs.

K3KU   Single Op LP   19,5882004-11-22 17:31:57
Quoting W3LPL "K3KU on SSB?!?!" Yup. Wanted to give a QSO to a few special
friends and to make a few points for the Club. Cobbled up a homebrew boom mike
for my headset, fired up the new-to-me TS-850 and the similarly-new-to-me CT.
Got on 40 SSB Thursday evening to see if the audio was OK; couldn't find anybody
for a quick radio check. 'sOK. Wife will be out Saturday evening and most of
the day Sunday. I must be livin' right.

Saturday afternoon the sore throat and cold that had been threatening for
several days finally broke through. Ugh. Managed to operate about 80 minutes
with two breaks before giving up and going to bed. Lessons learned the first
evening: 1) Being weak on SSB is much worse than being weak on CW (I knew
that!); 2) Learning to log with the keyboard simultaneous with learning to log
from SSB is going to take a while; 3) The old computer which was RF-quiet in
SSCW is really crudding up 75 and 40 phone. Inference: This will be a slow,
hard, S&P effort.

Which it was. Slept in Sunday morning. Wife fixed me hot tea with lemon and
honey (Be jealous! Call me multi-op! Won't bother me.) A long hot shower, and
I'm back in the chair about 11AM local (1600Z), feeling prety good. About six
hours of slow, hard S&P, and I have to quit for a community obligation.

Highlights: 1) Hearing KD6WW/VY0 waft up out of the noise on 20 Sunday
afternoon, calling CQ with no pile-up. Hardly believing my ears (well, I had a
lot of that on SSB), I dumped in my call. GOT HIM! I think. He asked for
fills, and I'm not sure I heard him QSL before he faded out, but I'm leaving it
in the log. 2) Hearing VE2AWR answering CQ's, moving up the band. As he
finished a QSO I dumped in "AWR up 2", slid up and started calling him. GOT
HIM! 3) Seeing all the reports here from the Left Coast, bemoaning their
missing NL. Why, there was VO1TA calling CQ on 15 for quite a while Sunday
afternoon. Piece of cake. (I'm just trying to make myself feel good, after all
the years of my Left Coast friends saying "KL7? Four of them called me on three
different bands.")

Lowlights: 1) Being last in almost every pile-up. 2) Missing easy Eastern
sections (EPA! SNJ! NH!) because all the business was on the high bands. 3)
Missing OK, and then reading K5YAA's report. I passed him by several times
because I thought I had already worked him. ARRgghh! 3) Realizing that I have
some typing errors in the log, and that I am sure to get dinged a few.

Apologies and Thanks: To all who dug me out (and then thanked ME for MY
patience!), and especially to the loud ones who had to send fills because I
messed up the logging.

Question for the ages: Given that I don't like 'phone, and given how hard I had
to work for my tiny score, and given how sick I felt Saturday evening, and given
that I had to quit early, how come I HAD SO MUCH FUN?

73 and see you next year (maybe), Art K3KU
N9TK   Single Op QRP   27,1222004-11-22 17:33:31
What a blast doing qrp! This stuff really does work at 5 watts. Even had a
mini run going on 20 for a short time until QRM smashed me to bits. Strung up a
60 foot dipole at 20 feet fed with ladder line to my transmatch and FT1000MP.
QRP sure gives my condo neighbors a break. Only had a little time, but it sure
was fun S&Ping for new sections. Had a pipeline to the east coast Sunday
afternoon... people didn't believe I was qrp!

Mni thanks to all the rest for your patience with my weak signals.

73, Jim N9TK
N9RV   Single Op HP   305,2802004-11-22 17:45:06
Not sure why I ran this contest. I did secure the weekend, but my priority is
the WW CW next weekend, and I usually can't focus enough to put in more than a
few hours just one weekend before that.

But I had just gotten a new set of headphones (Bose QC-1 -- very nice!) and had
recently solved the microphone problems that hurt me in the WW SSB, and once I
started going I just kept going. I started to feel guilty over all the contests
I have started and not finished, so once I made it through the first night in
the chair, I was determined to finish it out.

Great first night, but really watched everyone blow by me on Sunday. Congrats
to all the big scores down south and out west. I guess I'll never be in that
league! CU in the WW.

- Pat

Callsign: N9RV
Contest: ARRL-SS-SSB
Operators: N9RV

-------------- Q S O R a t e S u m m a r y --------------
Hour 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
2100 0 0 0 21 0 110 131 6.9
2200 0 0 115 0 10 14 139 7.3
2300 0 0 103 8 11 0 122 6.4
0000 0 0 111 7 0 0 118 6.2
0100 0 8 57 26 0 0 91 4.8
0200 0 85 30 3 0 0 118 6.2
0300 0 117 1 0 0 0 118 6.2
0400 0 111 4 0 0 0 115 6.0
0500 0 55 22 0 0 0 77 4.0
0600 0 59 13 0 0 0 72 3.8
0700 0 22 44 0 0 0 66 3.5
0800 0 3 39 0 0 0 42 2.2
0900 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0
1100 0 9 2 0 0 0 11 0.6
1200 0 12 11 1 0 0 24 1.3
1300 0 1 53 4 0 0 58 3.0
1400 0 0 78 3 0 0 81 4.2
1500 0 0 20 33 1 0 54 2.8
1600 0 0 7 42 4 0 53 2.8
1700 0 0 25 14 7 0 46 2.4
1800 0 0 6 1 15 5 27 1.4
1900 0 0 0 34 9 7 50 2.6
2000 0 0 1 24 0 2 27 1.4
2100 0 0 23 34 1 0 58 3.0
2200 0 0 35 20 1 0 56 2.9
2300 0 0 16 23 2 0 41 2.1
0000 0 8 40 0 0 0 48 2.5
0100 0 5 47 0 0 0 52 2.7
0200 0 1 12 0 0 0 13 0.7
Total 0 496 915 298 61 138 1908

Gross QSO's=1909 Dupes=1 Net QSO's=1908

Unique callsigns worked = 1908

The best 60 minute rate was 151/hour from 0230 to 0329
The best 30 minute rate was 162/hour from 0235 to 0304
The best 10 minute rate was 186/hour from 0236 to 0245

The best 1 minute rates were:
4 QSO's/minute 21 times.
3 QSO's/minute 165 times.
2 QSO's/minute 383 times.
1 QSO's/minute 563 times.

There were 396 bandchanges and 200 probable 2nd radio QSO's.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters # worked
3 1
4 890
5 706
6 297
7 9
8 3
9 2

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Il 0 35 47 4 0 5 91 4.8
Va 0 38 37 4 0 1 80 4.2
Mi 0 29 39 3 0 1 72 3.8
Oh 0 23 46 1 0 1 71 3.7
Scv 0 3 17 10 11 19 60 3.1
Mn 0 18 38 2 0 0 58 3.0
Mdc 0 24 27 4 0 1 56 2.9
Co 0 7 29 13 3 0 52 2.7
NTx 0 5 34 8 0 1 48 2.5
WWa 0 5 19 12 4 7 47 2.5
In 0 20 20 1 1 4 46 2.4
STx 0 3 26 9 2 1 41 2.1
Az 0 4 8 10 4 15 41 2.1
Nc 0 19 17 5 0 0 41 2.1
Sv 0 6 10 9 4 9 38 2.0
Ct 0 7 20 10 0 0 37 1.9
ENy 0 11 20 6 0 0 37 1.9
Em 0 8 19 9 0 0 36 1.9
Ep 0 9 25 2 0 0 36 1.9
Wi 0 11 23 0 0 0 34 1.8
On 0 17 16 0 0 0 33 1.7
NNj 0 13 14 5 0 0 32 1.7
Or 0 3 7 10 4 8 32 1.7
Tn 0 14 17 0 0 1 32 1.7
WNy 0 11 19 1 0 0 31 1.6
Ks 0 9 11 7 0 1 28 1.5
NLi 0 6 15 6 0 0 27 1.4
Eb 0 1 8 5 6 6 26 1.4
Nh 0 9 11 5 0 0 25 1.3
Ky 0 8 14 2 0 1 25 1.3
Ga 0 6 16 1 0 1 24 1.3
NFl 0 6 7 10 0 0 23 1.2
SNj 0 2 15 6 0 0 23 1.2
Lax 0 0 6 5 3 8 22 1.2
Org 0 0 4 7 1 8 20 1.0
Ok 0 3 11 6 0 0 20 1.0
Sdg 0 0 7 3 2 7 19 1.0
Ia 0 5 12 0 0 2 19 1.0
Mo 0 8 10 0 0 1 19 1.0
Sjv 0 2 7 3 0 6 18 0.9
WcF 0 3 0 13 1 0 17 0.9
SFl 0 4 6 6 1 0 17 0.9
Nv 0 1 1 3 2 9 16 0.8
Ne 0 7 7 2 0 0 16 0.8
Vt 0 4 9 3 0 0 16 0.8
Ar 0 4 10 2 0 0 16 0.8
La 0 5 9 2 0 0 16 0.8
Ut 0 0 8 4 2 1 15 0.8
Me 0 5 6 4 0 0 15 0.8
Wv 0 5 9 1 0 0 15 0.8
Id 0 2 4 4 2 2 14 0.7
WPa 0 4 9 0 0 0 13 0.7
Sc 0 4 5 3 0 0 12 0.6
WMa 0 3 7 2 0 0 12 0.6
Sf 0 0 4 2 0 5 11 0.6
Ri 0 3 7 1 0 0 11 0.6
Nd 0 2 8 1 0 0 11 0.6
Mt 0 1 7 3 0 0 11 0.6
Wy 0 4 6 1 0 0 11 0.6
Sb 0 1 5 2 3 0 11 0.6
WTx 0 3 1 4 1 1 10 0.5
Al 0 2 6 2 0 0 10 0.5
Sd 0 3 7 0 0 0 10 0.5
Nm 0 3 2 3 1 0 9 0.5
Ew 0 0 5 3 1 0 9 0.5
Ab 0 1 3 1 1 1 7 0.4
Bc 0 2 3 2 0 0 7 0.4
Mar 0 0 2 3 0 0 5 0.3
De 0 0 3 1 1 0 5 0.3
Qc 0 4 1 0 0 0 5 0.3
NNy 0 3 2 0 0 0 5 0.3
Ak 0 0 0 5 0 0 5 0.3
Ms 0 1 1 2 0 0 4 0.2
Pac 0 0 1 1 0 2 4 0.2
Sk 0 1 1 2 0 0 4 0.2
Nl 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 0.2
Mb 0 2 1 0 0 0 3 0.2
Vi 0 0 0 2 0 1 3 0.2
Nt 0 0 0 2 0 1 3 0.2
Pr 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.1
Total 0 496 915 298 61 138 1908

Sweepstakes Checks
Check QSOs Pct
00 36 1.9
01 31 1.6
02 34 1.8
03 33 1.7
04 18 0.9
05 0 0.0
06 0 0.0
07 0 0.0
08 0 0.0
09 0 0.0
10 1 0.1
11 0 0.0
12 1 0.1
13 1 0.1
14 0 0.0
15 0 0.0
16 1 0.1
17 0 0.0
18 0 0.0
19 3 0.2
20 0 0.0
21 1 0.1
22 2 0.1
23 1 0.1
24 1 0.1
25 0 0.0
26 0 0.0
27 0 0.0
28 0 0.0
29 1 0.1
30 2 0.1
31 1 0.1
32 2 0.1
33 1 0.1
34 2 0.1
35 5 0.3
36 2 0.1
37 2 0.1
38 2 0.1
39 1 0.1
40 2 0.1
41 2 0.1
42 1 0.1
43 0 0.0
44 0 0.0
45 1 0.1
46 4 0.2
47 7 0.4
48 8 0.4
49 7 0.4
50 8 0.4
51 14 0.7
52 21 1.1
53 34 1.8
54 33 1.7
55 37 1.9
56 33 1.7
57 56 2.9
58 55 2.9
59 59 3.1
60 40 2.1
61 51 2.7
62 51 2.7
63 59 3.1
64 38 2.0
65 39 2.0
66 28 1.5
67 40 2.1
68 35 1.8
69 45 2.4
70 32 1.7
71 42 2.2
72 43 2.3
73 28 1.5
74 26 1.4
75 37 1.9
76 75 3.9
77 69 3.6
78 44 2.3
79 33 1.7
80 18 0.9
81 21 1.1
82 13 0.7
83 19 1.0
84 15 0.8
85 15 0.8
86 17 0.9
87 18 0.9
88 20 1.0
89 24 1.3
90 21 1.1
91 41 2.1
92 42 2.2
93 37 1.9
94 42 2.2
95 27 1.4
96 25 1.3
97 29 1.5
98 22 1.2
99 20 1.0

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 216 11.3
1 179 9.4
2 181 9.5
3 156 8.2
4 226 11.8
5 168 8.8
6 239 12.5
7 193 10.1
8 170 8.9
9 180 9.4

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 1076 56.4
B 356 18.7
Q 74 3.9
M 169 8.9
U 217 11.4
S 16 0.8
N4OX   Single Op HP   277,7602004-11-22 18:49:20
Another "Field Day" type operation with a 60 foot rented portable lift for a
tower. Murphy showed up on Sunday morning when the tri-bander started having
issues on all three bands. Was low power on the high bands from about 1500 GMT
on due to whatever went wrong with the tribander (probably the balun or
feedline). Lowering the lift would have caused me to have to restring the 40 and
80 meter antennas, so I decided to leave it up and run low power until I went
back to 40 meters. Hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have tried to fix
the tri-bander as 40 meters was slow at the end from Northwest Florida. High
power definitely makes a difference on 20 meters trying to keep a frequency. All
in all a fun up.......CQWW CW from NQ4I and then the ARRL
10 meter contest with another rented lift from home.

73, Jay N4OX
K5ZO   Single Op HP   226,5602004-11-22 19:33:15
I'm getting older, Can't do this like I used to, and this is a short one.

CU Lloyd
WB2VUO   Single Op LP   14,1362004-11-22 19:56:39
It's been a couple or 3 years since I set up & ran SS. A bit of a setback, 2
years of job hunting, etc...

And then the daughter and my money left for college!

A 25 year old second-hand TS-520, low dipoles, limited time, overflowing job
jar. I had a blast!!!

The 80 meter dipole did not even get up until Sunday afternoon, a whole 18 feet
up but it worked.

I'll be back, newer gear (I hope) and more and better antennae (I wish!) but
still out for fun and whatever score I can achieve.

73, Keith, WB2VUO
From the Depths of the Great Bergen Swamp
Trustee, NQ2RP/B 10-Meter Beacon
28.2873 MHz on Your Radio Dial - 24/7
NØIJ   Single Op HP   225,2802004-11-22 20:14:08
Great fun operating from quiet lake cabin in far NW Wisconsin. Most now getting
used to station NOT being in MN as it was for 45 years.
W6YX(KJ9U)   Multi-Op HP   213,9202004-11-22 20:41:45
Had a great time! This is my first entry in this contest. I'm a rookie
contester, only operated Field Day until this year. The excellent facilities at
W6YX were offered to me, so I jumped at the chance to operate there.

Great rates compared to the CW weekend! I reached 76 mults in the first 5
The next 3 mults dribbled in during the next 3 hours... nailed MS by S&P, while
NM and WMA called me on my run frequency. But where was NL?

A power outage at 9:21pm PST ended the first day 3 hours early, denying W6YX
several hours of 80/40 meter prime time. It also fried the ethernet switch in
the shack, removing DX Cluster capability for the rest of the contest. The wind
storm that caused the outage did not affect any HF antennas, whew! Might have
lost a handful of QSOs in the log, but nothing important enough to fret about.

Finally worked VO1HP in NL on my 20 meter run frequency at 0011 UT, my QSO #
1282, his QSO #16 (SIXTEEN!?) - boy was I glad he wasn't running, I'd never
have busted that pile. He was quite weak, but not "ESP-level."

I entered as Multi-Single, but no one ever dropped by to operate, so I was
actually single-op the whole time. Only had packet the first day, and made
little use of it for working mults. I made lots of spots when I would S&P, so I
hope it helped others who were part-timers, or little pistols trying to run.

I noticed a LOT of serial numbers under 200 near the end of the contest. Thanks
for keeping it fun for my 24-hour (really 20-hour) effort!

And I think I owe VO1HP a drink if he ever visits the area ;-).

John KJ9U
WE9V   SO Unlimited HP   184,3202004-11-22 20:52:40
Wasn't really excited about operating this one, but wanted
to get on for a while anyway. Sure enough, once I start,
that excited feeling comes back a bit, but not enough to
overcome the lack of sleep due to a 4 month old daughter
and an XYL that insists that I have plenty of family time
each day. She did leave me alone for a bit both days when
she and baby went Christmas shopping, so that was nice.

20M was unbelievable from here. I've never spent that much
time on 20M in SS before, nearly doubling my normal 20M
line. Conversely, 40 and 80M numbers were the lowest
I've ever had. Very non-typical from the upper Midwest.
But 20M was pig farmers, no BC, and it the skip
zone was decent East and West. Saw no reason to leave it.

Highlight: Sitting on 14182.2 for 6 hours straight Sunday,
with decent rates (70-100/clk hr), not getting up to eat, drink
or pee. (I forgot to bring any food/drink to the operating
position, I had no idea that my wife was going to let me
operate that long so I was unprepared for that long chair

Lowlight: Being run off of 14233 earlier, after asking if
freq in use, hearing no answer, after making 9 QSOs in
4 minutes, then the SSTVers decided that it's QRL bitching
at me. Then getting jammed by some noise that definitely
wasn't SSTV. Moved and found that nice 14182 freq noted

Highlight: Later listening to a string of Beavis and Butthead
being played back on 14230 for quite a while. I hope the
SSTVers liked that dose of their own medicine. "ARE YOU

Highlight: Being able to work VY1JA/QRP in the first few minutes
of contest, then having VY1CQ and VE8NSD call me few minutes later
almost back to back. THREE NT's in the log in the first 24
mintues of the contest. Wow.

Highlight: 70 mults in the log in 2hrs 45min. 79 mults in log
in 4.5hrs. Not exactly a lowlight: last mult in log 3 hours

Overall, very fun, especially when you don't chug away during
those last hours. 14 hours makes it still interesting, as does
the SMC chatroom for the M's and U's. Keeps it very fun.

Chad WE9V

Some stats:

Last 5 sections worked, and # worked by end of 'test:
MN 19 (mult #75)
ON 11
SD 6
RI 6
NE 3 (last mult worked)

Most and least sections worked:
VA 68 PR 1
CO 53 PAC 2
IL 49 NL 2
NC 37 NT 3
MDC 35 MB 3
WWA 33 SK 3
EPA 32 KY 3
SCV 32 NNY 3
STX 30 NE 3
EMA 29 AK 4
NNJ 29 VI 4
GA 29 SB 4
CT 26 IA 4
ENY 25 DE 4
N6RCE   SO Unlimited LP   34,0202004-11-22 20:53:02
No hope of working NL section. Peninsula section of NorCal was hit with a power
failure Saturday evening. Just as I keyed up for a contact, the power
alarms went off, the lights began a brown out, flickered a few times. Of
course, at the time, I thought it was the rig causing the problems. Only later
did I learn of the power failure.

Great fun this year, but, a bit of a struggle. Know what to improve for next

73 N6RCE
VE4GV   Single Op LP   203,6802004-11-22 21:36:35
With some trepidation, I embark on another SS Phone quest. The propagation gods
have not been favorable as late, as evidenced by the solar fart in Sunday's SS
CW. Old Sol is a finicky curmudgeon and is usually most responsive up here only
after the ritual VE4 40 below naked tower dance. The weather's been so nice
lately that I thought he may relent. Not so.

10 was non existent - which basically kills any chance of getting really
competitive up here with LP.
I started on early on 15 making a few pre SS casual QSOs hoping that would
announce the VE4 mult. It seems that 15 just never gets going the way I want it
to- at least at the beginning of the test and its not long til I set up shop on
20 m at my favorite freqs of around 14.292-297. High enough and far enough from
the B guys, but close enough that the "up to 300 casual tuners" catch me on
their way up and down. First couple of hours were 100 rate and I'm beginning to
think that it might work out ok. Rates plummet and first night runs on 40 never
materialize. Its gonna be a 20 m slugfest.

Best moment of SS -
I've camped on 14.297 - in teh middle of a nice run. I am asked to "move" by
someone claiming to be passing traffic (maybe passing wind?) on 14.300 - I tell
em I'm a full 3 kcs away and that THEY'RE full of it. I also tell em to get
some selectivity and that I'm not going anywhere. K9PG them comes on my
frequency and demands that I MOVE - because I'm QRMing him - ON 15 M! (Delayed
reaction fom me- then I realize my leg is being pulled.) It takes 5 or 6 qsos
before I can stop laughing and get back to business. Thanks for the crack up

Short Takes-
Tnx to VY1JA for working me QRP on 40. QRP from VY1? I looked up the word
"insanity" in the dictionary and that was the definition.
Working VE8NSD as HIS #1 Q, my #13 . I don't know what made him call me but
bless his soul.
Had a BAD feeling I'd miss ND (again). Didn't hear WB0O at all and I knew that
was trouble. Finally worked one on te last evening on 40 for the sweep.
Lots of M class stations - Lots of 04 checks ( great news for us!). Its
especially nice working familar calls that really know how to give a good quick
exchange between the QRN and QRM. Good on ya guys ! SS ops are TOPS!

Worst moments -I was feeling pretty good about my score until I worked one
station from the Caribbean who was waxing me (KP2A) by a couple of hundred Qs
the first evening. Cmon, you guys ! Running LP from the Caribbean is NO FAIR. I
have to LIVE up here. The least you can do if you guest op in the sunny
carribean is go HP and give us snowbound types a chance !

Static levels here were awful. Intermittent Local QRM up to S7-9 at time and I
have no idea what from. My 80 m antenna sucks and the power line/digital noises
that it picks up have to be heard to be believed.

T2X indicator is busted. Neighbors think I'm nuts as they frequently see me tear
out the front door, look up at the beam for half a sec then run back in the
house. I must have done this 30 times.

XYL wonders what happened to the hall mirror. I've gotten smarter about the
antenna indicator. Neighbors think I'm even MORE nuts than ever when they see a
log ceramic flower covered mirror stick out the shack window for a few secs as I
try to align beam without leaving the shack.

Reminder - I'm closing in on the big 50 in a couple of years. I need to patent
some contest "Depends" diapers. Waiting for my damned prostate must have cost me
at least a half a dozen q's while I was wizzin.

I'm MORE tired and hoarser than usual after this SS. QRN combined with lots of Q
stations made it very tough.

Thanks to all who made it fun again. See you in next year's SS.

PS Don't count on the VE4 mult for the 10 M test !

K6LRN   Single Op HP   64,2722004-11-22 23:02:34
Got home from abt 160 mi. drive and got on 75 a little after 9 PM. Made 150 Qs &
thought I was off to a good start. Had a couple of short runs on Sunday, but my
heart wasn't in it. Some QRN from PG&E hardware that didn't get repaired after
CQWW SSB. Always a great feeling to greet and be greeted by ops that we've
worked many times over the years. Thanks, guys & gals!!
W7UQ   School Club LP   103,6022004-11-22 23:12:21
W6KC   SO Unlimited HP   60,9602004-11-22 23:18:55
K4BP   Multi-Op HP   248,1602004-11-23 05:17:51
Due to Jeff's (K4BP) work schedule, we operated
the first 24 hours straight through.
(He had to go to work Sunday at 2200z)

Only one radio, no packet, and only one operator in the
shack at a time. All of the mult's called in except VO1.

Operator schedule:
Jeff (K4BP) started the contest on 20 meters
then Tony (AK4ST) stayed until 0500z while
Jeff was busy with the family, then Jeff
pulled the night shift until 1230z when
Steve (NA4K) finally showed up, then
Jerry (KI4ES) came to finish the last 3 hours.

The new 80 meter antenna worked well, just glad
that we did not change the 40 meter dipole when
we put up the 80 meter antenna :)

FT-990, AL-1200
PRO-67, 5/5 20 meter stack, dipoles 40/80 meters.

Steve NA4K
K2NNY   Multi-Op HP   183,8402004-11-23 06:20:38
SOAPBOX: As you can see, we had quite a crowd at K2NNY
SOAPBOX: this year. All of us are there for a couple of
SOAPBOX: reasons on this yearly event, to get the SWEEP
SOAPBOX: and to have a fun time social event, and gastromic
SOAPBOX: extravaganza. Yes we eat very well due to our
SOAPBOX: "Chief Cook & Bottlewasher - Kevin N2VJB". We all
SOAPBOX: give Kevin $15 and eat, and eat, and eat some more.
SOAPBOX: This year, we were sick of having RF feedback
SOAPBOX: problems, so we put quite a bit of effort into grounding,
SOAPBOX: a new RigBlaster Pro, Write-log with Voice Keying
SOAPBOX: (yeh, a little choppy, but we will get it better), better
SOAPBOX: antennas, etc. All in all we had a blast. WE had a nice
SOAPBOX: sweep, and gave the other station (in the PAC) the sweep at the
SOAPBOX: same time. We also had a little fun, such as a station
SOAPBOX: asking us if we had heard the VI section, and Mike, N1OKL
SOAPBOX: tells him, yeh, we just worked him on 21.310 about
SOAPBOX: 5 minutes ago. We all lost it, when we told Mike he called us
SOAPBOX: to look at the frequency we were on, yep, 21.310,
SOAPBOX: our RUN frequency. All told, the bands went in the tank for us
SOAPBOX: at about 4:30 AM. Conditions really degraded, but we had
SOAPBOX: fun anyway. Wait till next year, 73 de K2NNY
K2ZR   Single Op LP   22,5122004-11-23 07:09:27
IC-765 @ 100 Watts
End Fed wire 450' @ 40' with 450' counterpoise
Center Fed wire 550' @ 35'

I packed lots of SS fun into a small amout of time.
K7NV   Single Op HP   156,8002004-11-23 07:21:01
Started this one at 3:00am Sunday. New(for me)DVK and BP filters made this year
a little bit more enjoyable. Nothing broke this time.
Didn't do a lot of SO2R but it was fun for a fone contest.
See you in CQCW!
K1TR   Single Op LP   36,3122004-11-23 10:08:01
Worked a few of the boys and got all of my leaves raked. Pretty good weekend
WP3R(KE3Q)   Single Op HP   419,3602004-11-23 10:29:04
Thanks to WP3R for local support, WA3FET for use of the FB station again (16th
time -- I have yet to stay in a hotel room, new cot in the shack was mucho
comfortable compared to the floor), NP4A for loan of the 50A power supply (to
run the FT-847) and other support and KP4TS and NP4A for the great new operating
desk -- a big improvement from the space-hog L-shaped corner desk made from
partical board that didn't fare well when moisture got in the hamshack.

This was the first time I didn't even hear WP2Z -- I wonder if they found
another KP4 for the sweep.

I had some jammers too but that's typical every year. Advising two different CB
hecklers to go to Radio Shack for "Now You're Talking" so they could get
licenses and "do it right" was successful. Normal evasion techniques worked on
others: ignoring, toughing it out, frequency hopping. I apparently didn't have
the same guy some of the rest of you experienced. I wasn't anywhere near 14153
where, a few years ago, some W8 claimed to own the frequency, though he seldom,
if ever, transmitted on it except to intentionally interfere -- that incident
had me contemplating the pros and cons of murder. The worst incident of last
year and this, combined, was when an extremely strong (S9 plus 60) big gun
station came on 20M 1 kHz away from me, no exaggeration, from me, I'd already
been there quite a while, and we both toughed it out for an hour before he went
away. That was last year and didn't reoccur this year. A different guest op
was at that station this year and I did mention it to him beforehand. hi. (so,
as he reads this he'll recall it).

Walking the casual ops through the exchange really worked well again this year.
Spend the several minutes to do that and it often results in 5-10 other QSOs,
guys giving QSO #1, guys who have apparenlty been listening and finally get up
the nerve to give it a try. It gives a little rate boost for several minutes.
I have hopes some new contesters result and there's a cumulative effect for
future years.

I appreciate the QSO #1 given to me by a number of big guns who don't do SS
phone and from ARRL staffers. Do 'preciate it guys. Or -- sorry, I just read
"Price and Prejudice" -- I'm "sensible of the honor."

Conditions seemed up from last year, going into it so I expected to be able to
track last year's band changes with a little adjustment and it did work out that
way. By the time I got done with 20 (or it got done with me) it was somewhat
later than last year and I was looking at skipping 40 to go to 80. Last year 80
phone was very good to me. Not this time, so I had to adjust. I'm left to
ponder the high SWR on the 80M inv. V Saturday afternoon and my quick repair of
it (swapped in 160M coax and balun -- think I forgot to unhook the 80M coax --
from the 80M balun that was still attached for mechanical purposes -- time was
running out and it was a heavy rain shower while I was at the top of the tower
doing the repair, at a time when I should have been taking my "Sweepstakes
Saturday afternoon nap." Resonant point was then 3990 rather than 3750-3800 and
the resonant point change has always been reliably predictable between CW and
phone, putting the CW stubs on and off, an every-time ritual -- had to put the
CW stubs back on to bring it down to the desired range -- something was going on
here, that shouldn't be happening). Anyway, I just didn't feel loud on 80,
unlike last year. I also thought maybe the MUF didn't come down as low as last
year so maybe the prop. was different. Also, last year I got to 80 early enough
to get a really good frequency. Tough to find anything this time, by the time I
got there, a "hazard" of being in Puerto Rico for SS, to go along with the
advantages that have often been discussed. For some reason (hihi) K3MM didn't
want to take an offtime and let me have the beautifully quiet 3806. I didn't
even bother to ask W4MYA on an equally good 3803! Eventually realized I'd
stayed on the air long enough that it was past sunrise in Europe and 40 phone
might be good -- I usually don't go to 40 phone 'til after my sleep time --
Sunday morning. So, I did some 40M before taking off.

In the end, it all worked out, though "we" got to the finish line by a different
route than last year.

The rates were good enough and/or the callers weak enough and requiring
concentration, that the second radio didn't contribute much.

By the way, I've started to think of the term "SO2R" as not quite accurate, or
at least not quite the whole story, as applies to my approach to it. It's more
like SO2S -- single op two stations, since I have completely redundant setups
left and right, as I suspect many others do. More redundancy on antennas
wouldn't be a bad idea either. We're discussing improvements and backup ideas
for our 40, 80 and 160 antennas.

Thank y'all (todos, en Espanol) for all the QSOs. It's a long slog but it's
somethin' to do, eh?
73 - Rich, KE3Q
KØHW   SO Unlimited HP   135,8402004-11-23 11:34:22
First time ever a SWEEP!!! Thank You all. My goal was to make 800 QSOs
and maybe a sweep. Mission accomplished. I had a hard time finding a clear
spot to set up for CQ runs on a frequency. I did find a few and finally with an
hour and a half left on Sunday evening I was on 3870 and had been doing great on
a run for about an hour and a station moved in and wanted me to move down 2
because of a AM qso in progress on 3871. I just gave up finally and went S&P
for the rest of the time. It is unbelieveable how many signals fit in the ham
bands during SS and how quiet the bands get at the end. I am now looking
forward to the CQWW CW this weekend, The 160 Meter ARRL Contest, the ARRL 10
Meter Contest and the RAC Winter Contest.

I tried a few new shortcuts this SS like a headset mic and sending part of the

exchange from the memory of the ICOM 756 PRO II. They both worked great, I will
have to add more next time.

My congratulations to Joe, W0DB at W0SD for a SUPERB job. With as many very
active South Dakota stations on the air South Dakota should be in most if not
all of the logs.
N6BV(@N6RO)   Single Op HP   266,8802004-11-23 12:13:56
The high winds on Saturday stirred up the powerline noise something awful, the
first time this has happened in several years at N6RO. Sorry to be such an
"alligator" requesting all those repeats!

CT 9.92 did something very strange, occassionally resetting the serial number
count back 40 or 20 numbers. When this happened I sent the serial number that CT
was showing, rather than trying to calculate the offset in my head for the whole
contest! I had to massage the Cabrillo file to reflect the actual serial numbers
sent, so that nobody else gets dinged for copying my serial number incorrectly
when they copied what I actually sent.

73, Dean, N6BV
VA3EC   Single Op LP   2,2262004-11-23 15:34:42
One band, one hour. To much to do.
NE5LL   Multi-Op LP   28,8322004-11-23 15:36:38
Operating from a "rare" section, first time to contest from home. Low Power, Low
antenna, and a Check of "04" was slightly challenging. Best hour was 38 Q's in
the last hour.
WN6K   Single Op LP   134,6282004-11-23 17:10:04
A lightning storm in San Diego County...whassup wid dat????

missed NL & PQ

A fun time was had by most.

W2LHL   Single Op LP   2,8422004-11-23 18:49:31
Just trying to help during the last few hours.
K7BG   Single Op LP   95,5902004-11-23 18:56:32
Didn't plan on operating a whole lot, but had some fun running and searching for
the sweep. Never found NL, can I use one of the 5 NL's I worked in CW SS? Worked
3 NT's including J. QRP.

Congrats to you guys who know the phone so well. Some day I may get a voice

Only 50 weeks til CW SS!!!!!!! Hey all you phone ops, start using your
software's CW practice mode now. It's also a lot of fun.
KAØCSW   Single Op LP   13,8862004-11-23 18:59:37
I had alot of fun, nice to work WB0TRA, and KT0R.
Looking forward to the 10 meter contest.
73 Jim
KP2A(KW8N)   Single Op LP   271,6802004-11-23 19:47:29
Turned out to be the only available contest weekend for me this Fall. Kind of a
last minute idea to operate from KP2. Decided to try low power to see what it
was like. Line noise is still outrageous at times and I apologize for all those
folks who I simply could not hear Sunday morning and early afternoon on
20-15-10. We have the guilty pole identified but can't get the power company to
do anything about it. Was still hooking up equipment and making repairs to
various items broken during the trip well into the start of the contest and then
finally took an early time off to finish things up. Also ran out of time to get
a working antenna going on 80 meters but sure glad I took the time to put up a
temporary 15 meter beam that I had stashed down there.

Clean sweep was very easy this year. I think I had every section more than

Bob KW8N (opr at KP2A)
K5TR   Single Op HP   332,4802004-11-23 19:47:48
Callsign Used : K5TR
Operator : K5TR
Category : SO HP

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults

80SSB 49 48 96 0
40SSB 336 334 668 2
20SSB 1230 1225 2450 25
15SSB 470 467 934 53
10SSB 4 4 8 0

Totals 2089 2078 4156 80

Final Score = 332480 points.

Last year I had a huge first hour and had my best first four
hours ever but this year I had my biggest hour at hour three
and best last years first four hour QSO mark by a few contacts.

Congrulations on some very FB scores - esp K6NA (N6ED I am guessing).

I have had several folks ask if I had a guest op this past weekend
as they said it did not sound like me at the mic. It was me - I
had a cold all week and my voice was just about shot most of
the week and most of the contest. I think this might be the
first contest that I have ever done where my voice sounded
better after the contest than at any time during the contest or
for the week before the cotnest. There were several times during
the contest where I was thinking I would not be able to make it
to the end.

I still need to get a real 40 meter antenna up but the addition
of N5RZ's 40-2CD was nice to have but I am not sure I hit that
band as hard as I should have during the contest. Next year!


160 - Inverted L
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80 - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW & S from 120'.
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD at 97' - NW
- Cushcraft 40-2CD at 125' - NE
- NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20 - 6 element yagis at 80' and 40' fixed NE
- 6 element yagi at 90' - NW
- 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
- 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15 - 4 element yagi at 70' - NW
- 3 element yagi at 35' - NE

10 - 6 element yagi at 60' - NW
- 6 element yagi at 30' - NE

HR 80 40 20 15 10 HR TOT CUM TOTAL SCORE
-- ------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ --------- -----
21 --- --- --- 150/53 --- 150/53 150/53 0.02M
22 --- --- 130/15 14/0 --- 144/15 294/68 0.04M
23 --- --- 157/3 --- --- 157/3 451/71 0.06M
0 --- --- 179/3 --- --- 179/3 630/74 0.09M
1 --- --- 135/0 --- --- 135/0 765/74 0.11M
2 --- 37/1 55/1 --- --- 92/2 857/76 0.13M
3 --- 12/0 28/2 --- --- 40/2 897/78 0.14M
4 1/0 79/0 1/0 --- --- 81/0 978/78 0.15M
5 5/0 72/0 --- --- --- 77/0 1055/78 0.16M
6 11/0 55/0 --- --- --- 66/0 1121/78 0.17M
7 6/0 21/0 --- --- --- 27/0 1148/78 0.18M
8 24/0 31/1 --- --- --- 55/1 1203/79 0.19M
9 1/0 3/0 --- --- --- 4/0 1207/79 0.19M
10 --- --- --- --- --- --- 1207/79 0.19M
11 --- --- --- --- --- --- 1207/79 0.19M
12 --- --- --- --- --- --- 1207/79 0.19M
13 --- --- 91/0 --- --- 91/0 1298/79 0.21M
14 --- --- 68/1 8/0 --- 76/1 1374/80 0.22M
15 --- --- 16/0 46/0 --- 62/0 1436/80 0.23M
16 --- --- 17/0 53/0 --- 70/0 1506/80 0.24M
17 --- --- 3/0 71/0 --- 74/0 1580/80 0.25M
18 --- --- 2/0 66/0 4/0 72/0 1652/80 0.26M
19 --- --- 48/0 28/0 --- 76/0 1728/80 0.28M
20 --- --- 18/0 4/0 --- 22/0 1750/80 0.28M
21 --- --- 60/0 5/0 --- 65/0 1815/80 0.29M
22 --- --- 65/0 6/0 --- 71/0 1886/80 0.30M
23 --- --- 54/0 14/0 --- 68/0 1954/80 0.31M
0 --- 6/0 44/0 2/0 --- 52/0 2006/80 0.32M
1 --- --- 48/0 --- --- 48/0 2054/80 0.33M
2 --- 18/0 6/0 --- --- 24/0 2078/80 0.33M
D1 0/0 0/0 287/18 164/53 0/0 451/71
D2 48/0 334/2 938/7 303/0 4/0 1627/9
TO 48/0 334/2 1225/25 467/53 4/0 2078/80

Gross QSO's=2089 Dupes=11 Net QSO's=2078

The best 60 minute rate was 185/hour from 2352 to 0051
The best 30 minute rate was 192/hour from 0013 to 0042
The best 10 minute rate was 204/hour from 0024 to 0033

The best 1 minute rates were:
5 QSO's/minute 2 times.
4 QSO's/minute 44 times.
3 QSO's/minute 198 times.
2 QSO's/minute 380 times.
1 QSO's/minute 538 times.

There were 172 bandchanges and 71 probable 2nd radio QSO's.

------------ M u l t i p l i e r S u m m a r y ------------
Mult 160 80 40 20 15 10 Total Pct
Il 0 3 20 76 19 0 118 5.6
Mi 0 5 6 54 26 0 91 4.4
Oh 0 1 10 55 25 0 91 4.4
Va 0 2 16 46 24 0 88 4.2
Mn 0 0 20 30 19 0 69 3.3
WWa 0 1 12 36 20 0 69 3.3
Scv 0 2 12 34 20 0 68 3.3
Mdc 0 0 6 35 18 0 59 2.8
In 0 1 8 42 5 0 56 2.7
Co 0 2 10 40 4 0 56 2.7
Nc 0 0 6 29 14 0 49 2.3
Or 0 2 11 25 10 0 48 2.3
Sv 0 0 10 25 11 0 46 2.2
Ga 0 1 11 30 4 0 46 2.2
Wi 0 0 6 27 12 0 45 2.2
Tn 0 0 7 24 12 0 43 2.1
Az 0 2 9 27 5 0 43 2.1
NNj 0 1 4 24 7 0 36 1.7
Ky 0 0 4 24 7 0 35 1.7
WNy 0 0 8 17 7 0 32 1.5
Ep 0 0 3 19 9 0 31 1.5
ENy 0 0 5 14 12 0 31 1.5
On 0 0 1 21 8 0 30 1.4
Ct 0 0 4 18 6 1 29 1.4
Mo 0 1 4 24 0 0 29 1.4
Em 0 0 1 18 9 0 28 1.3
Org 0 0 7 11 9 0 27 1.3
Eb 0 0 7 18 2 0 27 1.3
Lax 0 2 4 15 5 0 26 1.2
Ks 0 0 4 21 1 0 26 1.2
NLi 0 0 0 14 9 0 23 1.1
NFl 0 0 4 12 7 0 23 1.1
STx 0 3 0 13 4 2 22 1.1
WcF 0 0 3 11 7 0 21 1.0
Ia 0 0 2 17 2 0 21 1.0
SNj 0 0 2 10 9 0 21 1.0
SFl 0 0 4 9 7 0 20 1.0
Sjv 0 0 1 11 8 0 20 1.0
Nh 0 0 2 13 5 0 20 1.0
WPa 0 1 2 11 5 0 19 0.9
Sdg 0 0 3 10 5 0 18 0.9
Al 0 1 3 14 0 0 18 0.9
Ut 0 0 5 9 3 0 17 0.8
Wv 0 1 2 12 2 0 17 0.8
Ne 0 1 4 12 0 0 17 0.8
Sf 0 1 2 10 3 0 16 0.8
Sc 0 0 2 10 3 0 15 0.7
Ak 0 0 1 12 2 0 15 0.7
Nv 0 0 4 11 0 0 15 0.7
Id 0 1 4 5 4 0 14 0.7
Mt 0 0 4 8 2 0 14 0.7
WMa 0 0 4 6 3 0 13 0.6
Bc 0 0 3 9 1 0 13 0.6
Vt 0 1 1 8 2 0 12 0.6
Nm 0 0 7 2 3 0 12 0.6
NTx 0 5 1 5 1 0 12 0.6
Ri 0 0 2 6 3 0 11 0.5
Nd 0 0 2 5 4 0 11 0.5
Ew 0 1 5 5 0 0 11 0.5
Ab 0 0 1 3 5 0 9 0.4
Mar 0 0 0 5 4 0 9 0.4
Sb 0 0 1 6 2 0 9 0.4
Me 0 1 0 7 1 0 9 0.4
Sd 0 1 2 2 3 0 8 0.4
Wy 0 1 2 4 1 0 8 0.4
La 0 0 6 2 0 0 8 0.4
Pac 0 0 0 7 1 0 8 0.4
De 0 0 1 2 4 0 7 0.3
Ar 0 1 0 6 0 0 7 0.3
Ok 0 0 0 5 1 0 6 0.3
Qc 0 0 0 4 2 0 6 0.3
Vi 0 0 2 2 1 0 5 0.2
Ms 0 0 1 3 1 0 5 0.2
Mb 0 0 0 1 3 0 4 0.2
WTx 0 1 1 2 0 0 4 0.2
NNy 0 1 0 1 1 0 3 0.1
Nt 0 0 0 1 2 0 3 0.1
Sk 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 0.1
Pr 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 0.1
Nl 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0.1
Total 0 48 334 1225 467 4 2078

Callareas Worked
Area QSOs Pct
0 240 11.5
1 162 7.8
2 184 8.9
3 153 7.4
4 298 14.3
5 94 4.5
6 261 12.6
7 251 12.1
8 212 10.2
9 223 10.7

Sweepstakes Precedents
Precedent QSOs Pct
A 1252 60.3
B 360 17.3
Q 93 4.5
M 149 7.2
U 206 9.9
S 18 0.9
N6RC   Multi-Op HP   60,6722004-11-23 20:34:58
Missed NL
VE3WG   Single Op LP   95,7842004-11-24 03:50:28
Missed NL, NT
KT4ZB   Single Op LP   41,6162004-11-24 05:11:56
Great fun but very limited time available to work contest. 90 watts all wire
antennas, WriteLog.
VE6EX   Single Op QRP   85,1002004-11-24 06:50:30
Hi All:
Well we certainly can't complain about the condx compared to last years ssb
weekend. Ten was a nonevent right from the start tho'. I thought I could feel
hundreds of contesters leaving 10 all at the same time about ten minutes after
the start!!(me too). Once again I collected bigtime from the packet spots; not
like I did on cw, but looking back after the event four well spaced spots when I
was on 14,347 were well appreciated and harvested. I LOVE packet even if I never
use it!! My very sincere thanks to the spotters!! I literally collected from
that from the first spot till the band closed Sunday afternoon/evening.
I missed but tried all the missing 6 sec's for the sweep but I guess it goes
with the 5w limitation. Missed SK, QC, NL, MAR, SC, and WMA. They may have all
heard me, but too weak, or could'nt be bothered.
Congrats go out to Rich in PR, our first Q' together on 10. You did'nt break
your record, but I'm sure they'll all whine/winge for a month or two as usual.
73's and on to the next one.
***VE6EX is SO one Radio, one frequency***
Details are:: 5w max (I don't even think about LP on Grey Cup weekend) into 2
el on 20, 2el on 15 and 5 el on 10, wires for 40 and 80 at 60'. All city lot
kind of stuff with a good pinch of swr and lots of noise to keep me scratching.
As ever, PERFECT TRLOG; is there anything else??
Dan, Nancy and the KIDS, VE6EX..
K3TW   Single Op LP   164,0002004-11-24 06:51:37
After VY1MB and AL9A called me in succession late Sunday afternoon on 21 MHz, a
QSO with VA7DP on 20m completed my Clean Sweep. I was amazed at the number of
W6s in the SCV section. I can just imagine what the bands must sound like there
during a contest. 80m was very productive, however it was difficult to find a
good run frequency with a number of regular QSOs in progress.
KO7X   SO Unlimited HP   140,4802004-11-24 06:59:16
Thanks to W6RD in North Dakota for the clean sweep.
K6AM   Single Op LP   162,5602004-11-24 07:10:04
10M came thru again this time. Lots of low numbers and high checks from
newcomers trying out this classic. Was really impressed by the number of YL's
callin in. Way to go ladies.

Took a lot of time off with a surprise visit from my daughter, frustration with
40M SSB, a thunderstorm and problems at the AM ststion I work for.

CU next week in CQWW

NA5S   SO Unlimited HP   228,8002004-11-24 08:21:00
It was simply amazing to see how nice 15M played from out here in the southwest.
Packet assistance really wasn't needed, but it did spot VY1MB on Sunday
afternoon for my sweep. I was sitting on a quieter 20M band Sunday evening when
several AK stations called, as well as VY1CQ. It was nice to hear quite a few
VE1's and VE2's this year, which normally are a bit rare out west.

I certainly missed my full-sized 80M vertical from last year, and know I need to
add 2 more verticals to the two 40M phased-verticals that are new this month.
They seemed to play well, but 40M was too much a zoo for just a semi-serious

Looks like quite a few great scores this year with decent conditions. Congrats
to all the winners and thanks for all the Q's.

73 de Britt, NA5S
W2XL   Single Op QRP   44,4002004-11-24 09:20:12
QRP is nice when you get told "I can't beleive you are QRP" or "great signal for
QRP" and not nice when you can't get thru to somebody thats 20 db over !
K6NA(N6ED)   Single Op HP   333,4402004-11-24 12:48:53
After missing SS last year due to major illness in the family, it was nice to
again look forward to taking part in the contest.

On Sat morning, I went through my normal ritual and finally got to tuning the
bands about 20 mins before the start. 10m had virtually a handfull of stations
on it but there were some big guns blasting through. It got me to thinking that
a 15m start might not be the best idea so the strategy changed right there. I
got on the band and started to make some noise and soon had a big pile. This
choice was definately right!

I got underway with a first hour of 167, followed by hours of 155, 147, 134,
135, and 100. Needless to say getting some sleep and eating a good breakfast
were imperative this year! (Wheaties, who needs them!! The K6NA cafe is

I changed some of my strategy this year and it really paid off. By the time I
went to bed, I was a full hour ahead of my previous rate in 2002. I learned
even more this year and think there is some fine tuning that can be done for
next time as well.

Waking up on Sunday to a major thunderstorm was not what I was dreaming of that
night but it certainly was a reality. It rained hard for over 2 hours at
Glenn's place and I found out later it actually snowed just miles from his
place! We had several lightning strikes in the vicinity and for the second
contest in a row at his place I have shaved off a year or two of my life!! I
was sweating bullets but hey, aren't contesters known for letting it all hang
out? I also found out later that Glenn slept through it!! Thank god the 150'
lightning rods weren't utilized this weekend and I live to see another contest

The downside for me this year was the last 3 hours. I can't explain it other
than I worked EVERYONE possible. My last 3 hours were 36, 32, and 29. That is
almost hard to comprehend and trust me, I tried to pull out all the tricks that
Sunday requires and it just didn't get me rate. This was by far the worst 3
hour finish I have ever experienced in SS. Maybe we can give a "fresh meat"
award for Sunday ops? ;-)

In summary, this year was real gratifying to me with both performance and
enjoyment. I had a ton of fun working all the guys, gals, and especially the
newbies. The consistant competition between great ops like K5TR, W7WA, K7RL,
K6LL, K6LA, and others is what keeps me coming back. One thing about SS, it's a
"learn by doing" contest and I respect the guys who have been doing it for as
long as I have been alive! They are the guys year after year who are at the top
of the crop and believe me, it ain't easy!

CU all in the next one!
73, Craig N6ED
VE6AO   Multi-Op HP   221,4402004-11-24 13:04:27
Good Fun had by all.
See you in CQWW CW
Jeff VE6GJ
WD5K   Single Op LP   181,4402004-11-24 13:23:43
FT1000mp 100w
TH7DX @ 50'
40m Dipole
80m Inv V
WØNO   Multi-Op HP   249,2802004-11-24 14:10:49
Didn't get VY1MB until 20Z -- wondered if bypassing them the first day for
runtime might have been a mistake. We appreciate those who put on special
efforts to get the rare sections activated.
VO1MX   Single Op LP   3,2002004-11-24 16:03:19
I really need to do some serious antenna work. Maybe next year...

73 from NL
WØETT   Single Op QRP   32,6962004-11-24 16:41:32
Operating QRP in this one was tough sledding. While it was nice to work the
loud regulars, I didn't hear as much cqing from casual contest ops. Therefore,
I did a lot of dial spinning waiting for someone to cq.

My attempts at cqing didn't get much results. On Sunday, I finally got a good
run of about 17 stations on 10m where my qrp signal made a small dent. On 15m,
I had only one station come back to a cq despite those who told me that I had a
good qrp signal. On 75m, I was pleased to work 25 stations with my 5 watts on
my new inverted L.

Heard but didn't work a lot of sections because they only were calling the loud
cqing stations. As for more QSOs, this contest would be a lot more fun if we
could work stations again on each band which would give everyone a lot more QSO

Nice to work GMCC members KO7X, W0AH and W0ZA. Heard but wasn't able to work
K0DU and K0RI.

73 Ken, W0ETT

Rig: IC756 running 4-5 watts to TH7DX yagi at 72', A3 at 50', 2 el 40m at 88',
and 80m inverted L, 10' off the ground with 2 radials.
NJ1F   Single Op LP   38,3902004-11-24 19:10:03
Had some nice runs on 75 meters. three hours were over 80 qso/hr could not
really get anything going on the high bands.
N6DE(@K6IDX)   SO Unlimited HP   251,6802004-11-25 09:04:57
Many thanks to Brad K6IDX for hosting me.

This was my first attempt at a full time S/O effort in SS SSB.

-Dean - N6DE
KR1ST   Single Op QRP   27,8862004-11-25 09:45:18
Part time effort, 100% S&P.

Rig: FT-897
Ant: 20m (N-S) & 40m (E-W) doublets @ 27ft
170ft delta loop, apex @ 55ft

--Alex KR1ST
WB1ADR   Multi-Op HP   232,3202004-11-25 12:07:18
Changed plans at the last minute to use new towers and antennas at WB1ADR.
While 80 is the money band in NC at KA1ARB, 20 and 40 were the hot ones in NH.
Rob, KA1ARB, got to climb the 90' tower before the contest while Lee, WB1ADR,
agonized through a bad back. Thanks to all of you who worked him through his
Percocet-induced fog, and we apologize for the 15 minutes we accidently operated
split frequency without realizing it. ("Hey, how come nobody can hear us
anymore?") GREAT fun as always. Can't wait until next year!
WA7LT   Single Op HP   212,3202004-11-25 12:14:42
Not too bad for an old timer sending a check of 48 and no really big antennas.
4U1WB(AJ3M)   SO Unlimited HP   48,6182004-11-25 12:26:14
Part time effort from the World Bank club station in DC.
Masa Miura, AJ3M
W4KAZ   Single Op LP   47,8942004-11-25 16:20:18
So do I rake the leaves or work Sweepstakes?


Tough slogging and low hourly rate for an almost all S&P effort.
I didn't get the 10 meter antenna situtaion revised before the contest,
and that surely cost me some QSO's.

I just never did hear any Delaware stations. Such is life. No sweep,
and no WAS this year either.

Thanks for pulling me out of the QRM.

VE7FO   Multi-Op HP   35,5002004-11-25 17:06:40
Another newbie, no-ticket operator training event.

This was intended to be a follow-on of the training provided to a number of
people in the ham licence class that I teach at the VECTOR club in Vancouver.
In an effort to bring the class material to life I invited the class to come to
my QTH for CQ WW SSB. 11 people signed up. VA7IRL and I gave each of them two
hours of training, one hour at the Spotting position and one at the Run
position, in tuning in SSB; sending spots over the internal network; logging;
S&P techniques, etc. Each person had about 45 min during which they were
actually making S&P Qs. Upon completion, they were deemed to have moved from
the newbie level to the sub-novice level.

The plan this time was to have as many of the sub-novices back as possible and
give them some additional experience. In particular, they were going to spend
some time at the spotting station and work at generating spots quickly and then
move to the Run position and actually try running. While I suppose I could be
accused of cruel and unusual punishment in asking beginners to run in SS with
that complex exchange, it was the next available contest after WW.

The plan was complicated somewhat by 6 more class members wanting to get the
newbie training. I guess they had heard how much fun the previous group had.
Still, we managed to generate a schedule to accommodate everyone.

One of the problems I foresaw was that the sub-novices were going to have
difficulty running efficiently because of lack of familiarity with the phonetic
alphabet. To address this, I gave them a little homework assignment. The
assignment was to load the free version of TRLog set up for Field Day onto their
home computers along with an audio file I provided of ZF2NT doing 400 Qs an hour
in ARRL DX. Their job was to play the audio file, pretend to be ZF2NT and log
the calls. Instead of logging the ARRL DX exchange they were instructed to
enter a specific FD exchange which would be accepted by TR. I didn't expect
that everyone would have time to do this but I hoped that some would.

While some people actually tried to do the assignment, they found it pretty
challenging as the calls would come and be gone before they could figure out
what they were. I guess what we need is a set of graduated exercises so they
can have some success before unleashing 400 Q's per hour on them.

Most of the newbies came on Saturday. VA7IRL kindly made his time available
again to run them through the Spotting position while I took care of coaching
them through their first Qs.

It all went quite smoothly. The usual first Q jitters for many but didn't take
long for them to get over it. A really good aspect of making one's first Q in a
contest is that there is no worry about what to say as opposed to, say, "Here,
say a few words to my friend Bill in Australia".

The last person left around 9pm local time so I settled down to have some fun of
my own. Well, 40 and 80 aren't that much fun with my modest setup, but I ground
it out until 2am when I went to bed with 120 Qs and 56 mults. I made good use
of the spot cluster to knock off a bunch of mults. Didn't do any running as I
was beat from the non-stop hours of training.

Sunday was the day for the sub-novices. The first one wasn't due until 1pm
local time, so I've got a few hours to work on the northern East Coast mults. I
usually figure that I'm too inconsequential for Murphy to bother with but I
guess he must have been bored, as he put an intermittent in the mic lead. After
rather too much time but before the first sub-novice arrived, I seemed to have
fixed it. (Have you ever taken a Heil Proset apart so that you can get at the
mic lead? Not recommended.)

So, I take the first one through the process of generating spots quickly and
then we move to the Run position. The two of us and our chairs squeeze into the
3 ft x 3 ft operating position, I run a few Qs to demonstrate the technique, and
the mic dies again. Quickly fish out the hand mic that came with the MkV,
mutter something about "Plan B" and carry on.

This problem turned out to be a blessing in disguise. While I would have to be
pretty desperate to use a hand mic for an entire contest, wearing out my thumb
on the PTT button, it worked quite well in this training context. For a start,
there's no inadvertent tripping of the VOX by the student. It also made it easy
for me to demonstrate something about running or yelling insults at locals who
were making more Qs than we were as it was just a matter of passing the hand mic
back and forth. So, we'll be using the hand mic for future training sessions
until they're able to solo, at which time we'll switch back to the boom mic and

Initially, my plan was to do what we did in the earlier training session which
was to have them make and log the Qs while I wrote the calls down on a piece of
paper for them to look at so they wouldn't spend a lot of time fumbling over the
phonetics. This didn't work too well for running (took a l-o-o-ng time before a
caller was acknowledged) so I ended up logging the Qs while they made them. It
was kind of like leading an orchestra. The op would call CQ reading from a
cheat sheet I had prepared, someone would answer, I would enter the call and
point to it on the screen, the op would say the call, I would point to the next
serial number on the screen, the op would say that, I would point to the
exchange on the cheat sheet, the op would say that, the other station would send
his info which I would log, I would point to the TU QRZ line on the cheat sheet,
the student would say that and the next station would call, causing the cycle to
repeat. It seemed to work well, though. Pretty soon the op was able to get
through the sequence without my help.

Unfortunately, of the 4 sub-novices who signed up, only one of them was actually
able to make it; the others had health problems or other conflicts which arose.
Consequently, there was only one hour of sub-novice running. I could feel the
accumulated angst building up. "Where are all the $%^)$#^$_ VE7's?" The last
op was a newbie but he caught on very quickly so I short-circuited some of the
training steps and got him running for a while. We actually got the 10 minute
rate up to 42, which I thought was pretty good for a newbie.

OK, it's 0130Z, the last trainee is gone, time to get serious. Wasn't too long
running on 20 before the 10 minute rate meter showed 120. Felt like VY1JA must
often feel as many tell me, "Thanks for the sweep." I'm not really caring about
mults anymore as I need something like another ten for a sweep; just want to run
the Qs up. Had 1 minute with 3 Qs in it, which I figure isn't too shabby for

Speaking of J, his sig was the best I've ever heard it. A solid S9, no QSB, no
Au buzz and he was QRP to boot.

At 0208Z I haven't had a Q for 5 minutes so it's off to 40. I don't usually do
well on 40 so it's back to S&P.

Only managing 30 Qs/hr so decide to move to 80 at 0225Z.

Still mostly S&P with a last-ditch effort at running at the end. Rate a bit
better than on 40 but not much.

Once again, from a score point of view, pretty much a bust, but from a
satisfaction point of view, it was a great experience. Another 5 people making
their first QSO ever and enjoying the contest experience. Getting some folks to
the point of being able to run, albeit with logging help. Priceless.

I don't know where all the VE7s were. I found myself telling people that all
the VE7s got together and agreed to not get on until the last 3 hours. Not
true, of course.

I know that VA7IRL was pretty busy in the last 2 hours or so. He was one of my
very first contest trainees. If I hadn't got into this contest training
business a lot of you guys wouldn't have got him for a sweep this time. I
listened to him running for 2-3 minutes. He sounded like he'd been doing it for
years. I sure felt proud.

I've subsequently received a lot of very positive feedback from the students.

First of all, they recognize the work which went into creating this experience
for them and they appreciate it.

Secondly, it has helped them to put the course material into context.

Thirdly, and, to my mind, most important, they discovered that HF contesting is

So, I've managed to introduce 16 folks to the fun of HF contesting who will be
getting their tickets next week. They are already asking if the club has people
who will help them select HF gear and put up HF antennas. In the short history
of the club I don't think this has happened before. If you teach a licence
class and you are worried about the significance of the average age of
contesters, may I suggest that you try what I am doing? I have found it
personally very rewarding. I think you would too. I'm sure going to continue
doing this with them as long as they want to come and do the same with the next
licence class.

"Gee, Jim, I've got the HF gear that you recommended and I've got my dipoles up
as high as I can but I'm not getting very good scores." "Well, you know, SSB
doesn't work very well in contest conditions for those with a modest station
compared to how well you can do with CW. Guess it's time you learned the code."
Heh, heh, heh, got 'em sucked in to where it's at. CW RULES!!!

Got a bit carried away here. In VE, at the moment, you have to have 5 wpm
before you can get on the HF bands under your own call so the above scenario
can't actually happen.

What is happening is that the students are asking about cw instruction after

Hmmm.... I wonder, who's going to do that?

73 and thanks for your patience, everyone.
K7OX   SO Unlimited HP   213,1202004-11-26 11:15:46
No Q's on 10 and lost the soundcard the first night and had to replace it with
another one that was tricky to get setup but finally got going again Sunday
morning. Big surprise was to work 4U1WB who was giving out MDC. Great fun and
nice to run into old friends.
KR6NA   Single Op LP   62,9062004-11-26 22:24:13
Thanks for all that heard me. Sorry to those I didn't hear. Introduced a new ham
KC0TJP(John) to contesting, much the same way N6KI introduced it to me...I think
John's hooked, too.
K1OU   Single Op HP   214,8802004-11-27 08:19:53
Actually made more Q's on 40 than 80 this year. The highlight was having VY1JA
call me with two hours to go. The lowlight was a big gun from Vermont who
couldn't stand having somebody within 2 kc's of him while he was operating
inside the edge of the DX window. This was only after asking THREE times if
3801 was in use.
W3SO   Multi-Op HP   166,2962004-11-27 10:27:47
Worked everyone we heard. Lots of participation this year.Good to hear and work
dozens of PVRC members. They turned out in mass ! Pileups here for WPA Section
were six deep or more at times.Seemed like we were the only WPA Section station
on the air for the contest , but did work several others in our section. Good
contest this year. We're now switching to the VHF/UHF mode in preperation for
the January VHF event, pending a major snow fall here on the mountain QTH. (
N8IE   Single Op QRP   78,1562004-11-28 15:17:06
Another great Sweeps, more great ops!

Funny part was KR4HV demanding my call sign so he could personally e-mail Rilley
Hollingsworth to report my jamming a net.
Not bad for 5 watts QRP!

If you are reading this Rilley, my bad! hi hi

Dan, N8IE
K5NA   Multi-Op HP   228,1602004-11-29 09:54:56
We had originally not planned to have a phone Sweepstakes entry from the station
this year. The usual SSB operators were not available.

But when Sharon, K5YA's XYL, mentioned to Susan K5DU that she was interested in
getting a ham ticket and also interested in contesting, Susan invited K5YA
(K5YA), and Sharon over to the K5NA station for the weekend and to do the phone

We had a great time visiting and doing the Sweepstakes. Dennis (K5YA), who
usually hates phone contests, showed us that he could do one if he just HAD to.

Meanwhile we started Sharon off very easily. First she sat and listened for
several hours to the others making QSOs. After that, we put her in the operating

She was nervous, but we had written down the CQ, QRZ, and exchange words, right
in front of her. Susan sat beside her and handled the computer logging and she
was ready to start. Sharon gave her first "CQ SS this is K5NA" and immediately
worked her first station. After that she took to it like a duck to water and her
nervousiness quickly disappred.

She did this off and on for the rest of Saturday and once, when asked if she
wanted to stop and rest, said, "No, let's keep going". Later I took over the
logging chores from Susan who was getting tired but Sharon kept on trucking.

On Sunday, we gave Sharon the additional responsibility of handling the
keyboard. Because we were networking the log on two computers, the control
operator could make corrections on-line without slowing things down. It is hard
for a brand new operator in SS to know that "North Florida" isn't NF (Counted as
NL by Writelog) and about West Central Florida ("That's WCF?") and that Oregon
is OR and Orange is ORG.

We worried that Sharon might suffer burnout from overexposure to contesting. But
as they were leaving Sunday afternoon, I heard her ask Dennis, "How about
operating the 10M Contest. You could do CW and I would do phone." I think she is
hooked now on ham radio and contesting.

It was a great weekend watching this unfold.

73, Richard - K5NA
K1BX   Single Op LP   174,1162004-11-29 17:33:30
A3 @60'
2L 40M Wire Beam @55'
INVee 80M @70'
N1MM Logger
New QTH, first tower since 1994
K8BL   Single Op LP   165,2802004-11-30 11:23:36
SOAPBOX: Condx good this week compared to the Solar problems on CW.
SOAPBOX: Got my Sweep about 14 hours into the Contest by finally getting
SOAPBOX: VE7! Found VY1JA real early on my 19th Q running QRP on 15M
SOAPBOX: to get NT out of the way. Had a GREAT 80M run late Sunday.


Call: K8BL
Category: Single Operator
Power: Low Power
Band: All Band
Mode: SSB
Section: OH


160 0 0 -
80 255 510 -
40 479 958 -
20 158 316 -
15 123 246 -
10 18 36 -

Totals 1033 2066 80

Score: 165,280

Power Output: 150 watts Hours of operation: 22

Equipment Description: Icom IC-775DSP

Ant's: 80 Inv V; 40 Coaxial Inv V; 20/15/10 4 El TET Tribander
(All at 55 feet)

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

Signature ___Bob Liddy - K8BL______________


MENTOR, OH 44060
KY1V   Single Op HP   70,6862004-11-30 22:26:53
Unfortunately, family obligations kept me from operating this contest seriously,
especially if I wanted to make a go of the CQWW CW contest.

Not too bad for a few hours operating time and no 80/160 antennas.

I am still amazed that I never heard a NNY station. Northwest Territories and
Newfoundland are one thing, but NNY...give me a break!

Thanks for all the contacts. It was fun.

David ~ KY1V
VE3GLO   Single Op LP   2,8162004-12-03 15:18:26
Did not have much time to put into this contest. Maybe next year.

K8PO   Single Op LP   106,5682004-12-05 14:15:32
My first phone sweepstakes. Put up a dipole for 40/15 at 40 feet and a 20M
dipole at 25 feet just before contest.
KØDE(@NVØM)   Multi-Op HP   147,2002004-12-06 21:20:47
Great effort by the BARC Jr's, most operators are 12-16 years old.
This year it was boys (K0DE) vs. girls (KS0P) and guess what? Girls won!
Congradts. to KS0P multiop and thanks to Rip (NV0M) and Ellie (N0QCX)
for hosting the boys and special thanks to Mike KC0EFR for hosting the girls.
N6QQ   Single Op HP   132,2882004-12-17 06:38:46
TS-940 KT34a at 30 feet