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JIDX CW Contest   2009   Apr 11   Comment Summary

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9A3B(9A1AA)   SOAB HP   9,1982009-04-12 04:49:28
Operate just 8 hours at Saturday......Easter holiday stile.....
K8IA   SOSB/40 HP   7,2002009-04-12 05:18:49
TT Orion II, Alpha 91B, M2 40M3L at 71'

Just three hours at the start, for the purpose of checking out a new piece of
equipment and new contesting technique.

Propagation seemed good, but the racket from CA thunderstorms and BY-Radar was
significant as well. Hope it quieted down for you guys really serious about

73, Bob K8IA
Arizona USA
WB8JUI   SOSB/20 LP   42009-04-12 06:16:08
Found a couple JAs while working the GAQP.

73 - Rick WB8JUI
KA3DRR   SOSB/40 LP   1202009-04-12 06:34:51
Enjoyed a few hours on 40m prior to sunrise. Noise level was 'up' while K-index
continues climbing from k8 to k10 however I appreciated that extra listening
work in the cans pulling out my low-power signal. Saturday activity contributed
98% overall to my Q total. Thanks for those new prefectures in the contesting
log as well.

Scot, KA3DRR
N6RO   SOSB/40 HP   19,1362009-04-12 06:40:32
Band condx and activity OK. Nice to QSO long-time JA friends and new ones!

Station: K3, Alpha 76, 4/4 yagi stack, TRLog
NØKE   SOSB/80 HP   2,6102009-04-12 07:05:01
Sorry I missed some stations in the QRN at my QTH.
CW5W(CX6VM)   SOSB/20 HP   4,2122009-04-12 08:34:54
Incredible BAD condx...!!!

K7SS   SOSB/15 HP   12009-04-12 09:09:59
Thanks JH4UYB for one lone 15m QSO. Then tried beaming JA, VK, ZL etc. No
73 de K7SS
N6NC   SOSB/20 HP   8052009-04-12 09:43:41
I ususally can work JAs on low bands here near the ocean. No such luck this
time, only 34 20m Qs, and 1 40m Q. No 80m or 160m JA Qs.A level seemd vey high
LY5W   SOSB/20 HP   12,1952009-04-12 09:44:23
Arrived to country house and found that my antenna is not moving. Two hours
spent S&P threw long path Japan. After light wind YAGI moved to right
direction. Best hour was 48 QSO's only in this worse condition's. Today spent
45 minutes to break japanese pileup on VK9GMW 20 meters QSO. I asked himself
where is JA's activity? But during VK9 pileup i wrote on paper more than 100
JA's CALL's which wasn't in my contest LOG. I can imagine if everyone in JA
will do some 10-15 QSO's - contest will be again in good shape.
Highlights - Power amplifier not blew up this time, JD1YBB called me for 45'th
Too much contest's in one weekend. Also took part in Gagarin Cup on 160 meters.
So back home very tired and almost slept some 3 hours this weekend.
Anyway thank's for contest! Sam LY5W
PY2WC   SOSB/80 HP   9882009-04-12 10:48:31



VA7ST   SOAB LP   6822009-04-12 11:30:52
SFI=69 A=10 K=1 == Solar cycle 24 cannot get here soon enough.

Was on for a total of 2 hours, but conditions were very bad and my time was
spread out over MANY visits to the radio to see if I could hear anyone new.

I wondered aloud in 2006 where all the JA contesters have gone. Back then I
worked twice as many JAs as this year (60 vs. 31). This morning I was lamenting
the decline of JA contesting, using JIDX CW as a measure of that decline.

I wanted to ask "Will they be back one day, with the return of sun spots?"

Then I saw that NT6X found 278 JAs on 40M this weekend. N6RO worked 416 JAs on
40M. Outstanding! They are there, but a little pistol station like mine just
isn't hearing them.

That prompted me to look at JIDX CW logs submitted year-over-year...

JAs NAs All
2008 180 30 591
2007 149 41 488
2006 150 37 570
2005 171 48 661
2004 114 32 377
2003 163 37 520
2002 244 45 655
2001 257 39 591

Just 30 North American stations send in logs last year -- it's no wonder JAs
are so hard to find in this contest: there's little reason to beam North
America. On 20M or 40M, an enterprising JA could work every single North
American participant in about 15 minutes flat -- leaving 29.75 hours remaining
to beam the rest of the world.

About 180 JAs submitted logs in 2008, which was actually up by 31 from the year

Looking at these historical participation rates reveals that JIDX CW is
actually quite stable. For example, in 2001 about 591 logs were submitted from
around the world. In 2008, the count was the same: 591 logs.

So, will they be back? Well, at least in JIDX CW it appears they never left.

We've had 600 sunspotless days since then (as of April 12, 2009). Typical solar
min duration: 485 days. See the "Spotless Days" counter at

When sunspots begin to perk away again I'm sure a lot of contesters in Japan
(and elsewhere), particularly those with more modest antenna arrangements, will
once again find their transceivers. I can hardly wait.

My JIDX CW tracking...

Year Class Qs Pts Mult Score
2009 ABL 31 31 22 682
2008 40H 20 20 16 320
2007 ABH 11 11 10 110
2006 ABL 60 60 37 2,220
2005 ABL 35 38 19 722
2004 ABL 7 7 7 49
2003 ABL 51 51 35 1,785

Thanks to Tack JE1CKA and the contest committee -- and all the JA ops.

73, Bud VA7ST
ON4BHQ   SOSB/20 HP   4592009-04-12 12:59:18
I had no intention to participate as we had a local contest (UBA Spring 80m
But being ill the last few days, I was not in the mood to cry and shout in SSB
on 80m here. So JIDX CW, why not? For this one, I don't have to use my voice!

Horrible propagation, I hardly heard any JA on 20m. I listened on 40m in the
evening and could "hear" only a few big guns JA's. So I waited until
sundaymorning to work some others on 20m only. Oh boy.... SFI: 68 A: 10...
So, my Easter egg was empty, I hope Santa Claus (!) will bring us great SFI and
Thanks to the 27 brave JA's for the QSO's.

Guess what! I made 46 QSO's in our local UBA 80m SSB contest to!

I must be a real "die hard"?

Contest 4ever!

FT1000 MkV field - HA1AY 1 KW amp - Optibeam OBW 10-5
N1MM logger - microHAM Microkeyer II
ZL1AIH   SOAB HP   50,7372009-04-12 14:00:48
Operating time limited by domestic chores - 10m opening was a pleasant

Station: K3, 500w amp, 20/15/10m quads, 40m 2-el yagi, 80m 1/4w vertical.

73, Ken ZL1AIH
YT2AAA   SOAB LP   6822009-04-12 14:25:31
ANT: W3DZZ Multiband

Pleasure to participate in this contest
VE3UTT   SOAB HP   2,3402009-04-12 20:05:47
Very poor conditions here. Hope all had fun.
F5IN   SOAB HP   6,0962009-04-12 23:50:33
Powered by Win-Test 3.24.0

kenwood TS-940S + SB220 / TL922

160m >> shunted-feed tower (24m)
80m >> top loaded delta loop
40m >> 2 ele monob beam (
20m >> 5 ele monob beam (
15m >> 5 ele monob beam (
10m >> 6 ele monob beam (

& K9AY loop system
MDØCCE   SOAB HP   1,8602009-04-13 01:12:48
Nice to see so many friends in the contest! 73, Bob
K6CSL   SOAB LP   1652009-04-13 01:58:13
This meagher effort was parallel with the GAQP(only 2 QSO's-not submitted), Yuri
Gagarin CW(1 QSO-not submitted, I didn't hear any other participants) and the
monthly SKCC Weekend Sprint. I also tried, unsuccessfully, to work the Mellish
Island DXpedition on several bands. Bert, K6CSL
OP4K(ON4JZ)   SOAB HP   2,4182009-04-13 02:55:34
What can one do when you almost have no sunspot SFI=69 A=10 K=1.
Thanks to all the JA friends who picked up my signal. All Q's were S&P

Yaesu FT-2000
Acom 2000
18 el Optibeam (3 el on 40m and 4 el on 20m) at 50m

73 de Joe
JF1SQC   SOSB/40 HP   51,4562009-04-13 05:24:23
Condx was not so good. It was hard to work Zone 5 and 14.
Thanks all to make attention to JA signals.
Equipments: TS-950SDX+500W, 3el @ 70ft

73, Sei JF1SQC
N5AW   SOAB LP   4,5242009-04-13 06:30:55
Conditions below average. Heard ZL1AIH working JAs on 15 but nothing from JA
here. One JA heard on 160 but no QSO. Signals on 80 were pretty strong for the
short time I was on. Maybe it was just the below par conditions but seems like
there should be more JA activity in this contest.
VE6CNU   SOSB/20 HP   1,5502009-04-13 11:55:13
Not much difference between having the antenna connected or not as the fast
solar wind pretty much wiped things out this weekend. I keep thinking things
can't get any worse and they keep getting worse. Guess its time to stop

Rig: FT-1000MP
Amp: FL-7000 (400W)
Ant: TH6DXX @ 13m

C4Z(5B4AIZ)   SOAB LP   4,1002009-04-13 11:56:05
As others have said - SFI 69, A index 10, K index 1, - says it all really, it
was bound to be a struggle on hf for any stn outside a radius from JA of 2k km
or so, and so it proved.

Other than an hour late Saturday afternoon I could only manage to get on for
the mornings. I guess 40mtrs was the 'money band' but my 'contest widow' of the
past few weekends insisted that we do some social thing Saturday evening so I
shall never know!

20mtrs, there were some very big JA signals at the bottom end who were breaking
windows here the whole time I was on but finding stn's other than those big guns
was hard work!

15mtrs, JA is too far 'North' to provide reliable communication this far west
and there were just a few brief narrow windows when we got propagation but the
big surprise for this juncture in the solar cycle was that stn's around the
equatorial SE Asia region were audible for most of the time. In fact I can't
recall ever hearing stronger signals from Zone 27 where KG6, KH0, AH2 were like
Beacons for hours on end. Those guys seemed to be doing single band (unless they
were multi op) and I reckon they will post some pretty big scores for what
overall I guess will be a pretty low scoring contest.

As I was having such a hard time on 15 I never even listened on 10mtrs and am
pretty sure that I didn't miss anything.

We never fail to be surprised by something or other propagation does to change
the rules each time we hit the contest bands.

73 Brian.

Tcvr - TS570 - 100w.
Ant - 3 ele Tribander @16mtrs.
K6XX   SOAB HP   68,9702009-04-13 17:37:36
15m, where art thou? Wakarimasen!
PY3FJ   SOSB/40 LP   2882009-04-13 17:52:03
Bad conditions most of the time. Only 30/40 minutes per day with good signals,
just after gray line on sunrise. We had some fun listening big stations like
PY0FF (all the time) and JT1CO (59+++ 30 db) just after sunrise.
Rig: TS-440 (100w)+DSP Timewave 59+
Ant: Inverted L with elevated ground plane.
AD8J   SOSB/20 HP   642009-04-13 18:50:15
Managed to work a few stations during the short opening that we had into western
Pennsylvania on 20 meters.
SP4Z   SOSB/40 HP   3,7102009-04-14 00:50:52
Thanks for nice Relax working JA's
There was not good propagation on 40m
Sorry for not given a call to very weak station
RIG IC7000 + 1kW + 3 el. yagi fullsize on 30mh
Soyanara san
Wes SP4Z
RWØMM   SOSB/160 HP   11,0882009-04-15 08:45:11
Vy good activity on Top Band, but need Loop RX ant for BigCity...

14 yrs ago
'95 JIDX LF CW RZ0LWA(op.RW0MM) QSO's 122 Mults 39 19032Pts #1 160

Mata oaishimasyou!
YO5OAG(SANYI)   SOSB/15 LP   42009-04-19 23:11:45
See you next year again friends!

RIG: ICOM 7400,

`Tks 73 & DX Sanyi YO5OAG