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SARTG WW RTTY Contest   2012   Aug 18   Comment Summary

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AA8IA   SOAB LP   38,0252012-08-19 05:21:32
Spent more than 3 hours listening / calling CQ, but N1MM says 3.5 hrs. Between
unknown local noise suddenly popping up to the miserable band conditions in
general, this was really tedious and I couldn't bring myself to hang in til
noon even though I'd likely get a few more Qs.

Thanks to SARTG and to the ops who worked me.
IC8TEM   SOAB LP   1,388,0552012-08-19 09:04:39




IV3TMV   SOSB/15 HP   344,4002012-08-19 09:04:58
hello guys
tnx for many qsos .
Not condition in 15mt low score in this year .
Best 73s de flavio
P4ØS(K7MKL)   SOAB LP   1,744,2702012-08-19 09:08:33
First experience as real DX and it was fun! Thanks to AE6Y and W6LD for a great
station in a great location!
S56A   SOAB LP   100,6402012-08-19 09:14:23
VHF party and RDAC had priority but I made few QSO toward the end of contest.
No signals on 10 m.

WØRAA   SOAB LP   47,2752012-08-19 09:16:14
Wow, what a mixed bag of conditions. Overall, they were poor and signals would
fade then recover, and repeat that same process time after time. I couldn't
get anything going on 80, 40 & 15, and never heard a single signal on 10. I
wonder if 10 will ever open in this cycle? All in all it was a way to kill
time and I got a couple good runs going, but nothing to write home about. I
did very little S & P. Maybe next year
GUØSUP   SOAB LP   231,3802012-08-19 09:17:35
Hard work!!
WHat more can I say? I had a few nice runs on 20m, but could not get a run
going on 15m at all. 40m was OK, but still hard work.

I only really spent time in the last session, but did manage an hour or so at
the beginning of the 2nd session, and that too was hard work.

Missed many W/VE mults, and not one JA worked, let alone VK/ZL.

Let's hope conditions improve for the SCC next weekend.

73 de Phil GU0SUP
KR1ST/3   SOAB LP   81,4802012-08-19 09:21:15
Rig: FT-897
ANT: 55ft doublet @ 35ft
Pwr: 75W

Very casually pecked at this contest. Still home and shackless.

--Alex KR1ST/3
NR4M   SOAB HP   2,420,3402012-08-19 09:22:06
Would have been nice if the SFI had been higher.

Thanks for all the QSO's.

73 de Steve, NR4M
W5EW   SOAB LP   143,8202012-08-19 09:30:09
I had fun even though condxs were poor and I had to take a break to fight flash
flood water from getting into my home....73 and TNX for the QSOs
OH2BBT   SOAB HP   1,704,8802012-08-19 09:30:59
Icom PROIII, ACOM2000A (800W out)
KT34XA and dipoles
YU8NU   SOSB/15 LP   52,5602012-08-19 09:37:54
When something is hard to have a saying, that says in Serbian :
" cedjenje suve drenovine " or in free translation into English :
" squizing dry cornel "
73 de Ciro / yu8nu
HG7T   M/S HP   2,510,4502012-08-19 09:38:22
Vy73! Tibi HA7TM
TG9AJR   SOSB/20 LP   99,2202012-08-19 09:39:18
Fun contest. Bad conditions and thunderstorms on the first day so had to stop
operating, thanks for the QSOs.
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   SOAB LP   25,2002012-08-19 09:49:56
K3 and 5 meter wire on flag pole on the balcony with ATU.

As someone already commented on facebook, condx was poor. Mainly operated on
RDA contest and occasionally search station on RTTY band.

73 Kazu M0CFW, JK3GAD
OH1F(OH1NOA)   SOSB/15 HP   297,6002012-08-19 10:29:57
FT1000D + Microham II + N1MM + Alpha 91b
4/4el yagis & 4 el yagi

Poor propagation. Zero JAs on Sunday.
VE3FJB   M/S HP   986,2952012-08-19 10:42:03
It was a nice contest and a warm up to the upcoming CQ WW RTTY DX
I like the operating periods - very practical.
Normally 15/40M is the money bands for us, but this year it was 20M.
Have some very nice runs on 20M. But had to resort to Search and Pounce.
Propagation was up and down. I had better hopes for 40/15M. !5M came up a bit
late on Sunday operating period.
K4MGE   SOAB HP   643,8652012-08-19 10:46:46
Thanks for all the contacts. Had a good time but wish conditions were better.
GMØFGI   SOAB HP   1,137,1502012-08-19 11:39:10
Conditions disappointing; spent too long chasing weak signals on 15m, 10m
virtually useless. 20m was main band throughout contest, supplemented by 40m
which was quite good in first session.

Thanks for all contacts and to organizers.

Equipment: iIC 7600, ACOM 1010 300 watts.
Antennas: VK2ABQ at 20ft for 20, 15, and 10m; quarter wave wire vertical for
40m and 80m full wave loop.
WB2RHM/4   SOAB HP   790,5102012-08-19 12:03:49
Over an hour of open band time lost to thunderstorms, this Sunday morning.
Results would have been different, but safety is one of the most important
variables in RTTY contesting..... (If you can hear the thunder--shut it down).
Worked only SO1R, this time. BUT, I have added an "LP-Pan" Panadapter, fed by
my Orion's IF, to create a 20" wide, real-time, band activity monitor
image......... Getting ready for September..........
Thanks, SARTG! RTTY skimmer........ hmmmmmm.
K7IA/5   SOAB HP   241,4252012-08-19 12:33:49
Last year's event was my personal best, and I did it without the antenna farm I
have now. This year's result is less than half of last year's. Propagation
played a big role--10m was empty, 15m was sparse until Sunday AM, and 40m was
noisy. I didn't even look at 80m.

SW New Mexico's monsoon season, which typically begins on or about 4 July, may
have begun three days ago, when the frequent T-storms of late actually produced
some nice rainfall. A lightning stroke that started a forest fire about eight
miles from our QTH last week was all but quenched in the last two days. But
the electrical activity knocked me off the air many times this weekend.

SARTG is a "civilized" event, covering the 24 hour propagation clock in three 8
hour sessions, so I've been looking forward to it. Unfortunately, a growing
percentage of RTTY contesters have little clue of Baudot RTTY and how it
differs from the other digi modes, owing mostly to the differences between
5-level and 8-level encoding of letters, numerals, and punctuation and to the
absence of error correction and resultant garbles. A character sent is not
necessarily the same character received, especially when condx are poor and the
recipient is obviously struggling to obtain accurate copy. Here are a few
things that can help streamline exchanges in a RTTY contest:

1. Try to zero beat the Running Station's frequency--crowded band condx mean
tight passband tuning widths--if you're too far from zero beat, then you only
add to the QRM

2. Learn the difference between the Running station and the Search and Pounce
station and who sends what and in which order

3. To facilitate visual clarity in the receive window, begin and end every
string you send with a CRLF (which places your transmission on a single line of
print). RTTY no longer consumes paper, and video display is cheap!

4. To improve visual clarity, sandwich every line you send between two space
characters. This will:
a) separate the first printing character of a line from the nearly
inevitable garble that appears in the left hand margin
b) allow the recipient to visualize your callsign, especially if you send
your callsign only once (it's better to send it twice in good conditions and
three times in bad conditions)
c) allow contest loggers (like N1MM) that parse callsigns to do so (garbles
or non space-sandwiched callsigns are not easily parsed by software, so the
other op has to do it manually, taking time, or to ask for a repeat, again
taking time)

5. Put only useful information into your exchange strings. The most useful
information is the required exchange itself, and for the SARTG, it is RST plus
Serial Number. If you are the S&P operator, it is good form, and a good idea,
to include your callsign, because:
a) the Running op may have received your callsign only when you first called,
and there may be garbles that he wishes to correct
b) there may be others on frequency who are transmitting at the same time you
are, causing QRM and garbles (yes, many ops just don't know when to wait)
c) it may often eliminate the need to request repeats

6. When you send your exchange DO NOT send the other guy's callsign twice!
When I'm the Running op, nearly half of the exchanges I receive appear like

"K7IA TU 599 123 123 K7IA"

I already know my own callisign! What I want to confirm is YOUR callsign! A
better format is:

"K7IA TU 599 123 123 WA1QQQ" (if you are "WA1QQQ"

That format lets me know who you are transmitting to and who you are. It may
also be the tiebreaker I need, if I earlier got your callsign twice, but one of
them was garbled by QRM, QRN, etc. (which one was garbled, I want to know).
The Supercheck Partial database is very complete, but it doesn't include all
possible contest entrants. Any callsign that I receive that isn't in the SCP
datafile is suspected as a garble, unless I receive at least one match during
good conditions. If I'm in doubt, I push my macro key to send "PSE CFM CALL"

7. As a Running station, I include your callsign at the beginning of my
exchange to you. Please look at the callsign I send, because it might be in
error (garbles again). This has two ramifications:
a) If I log an incorrect callsign, I pay a penalty by the contest sponsor's
log checking process (i.e., I lose contest points because of a "busted"
b) You won't be in my log, so if you wish my QSL (card or LOTW) you won't
get one. I get a fair number of card requests from chaps who aren't in my log,
and all I can do is return their cards, stating they are NIL (not in log).

8. If you are the S&P op, and you don't think you have my exchange correctly,
then you can do any of the following:
a) ask me to repeat my exchange--don't send your exchange until you are
satisfied with mine
b) wait until I work the next chap, deduct one from the serial number I
send, and log it, etc.
c) work me again--I work all dupes! I figure that anyone who calls me a
second time has made a callsign typo in his log, making ME the chap who isn't
in HIS log at log checking time, so of course I want to work him again. Yes,
there are a lot of guys who send "B4" or "DUPE," but they are ignorant of the
fact that since electronic log filing is now the norm (Cabrillo) there is no
penalty for dupes. If they won't work me a "second" time, then they pay the
penalty in log checking and not me, unless of course I've worked them before
and have made a typo.
d) please do not send to me an email after the contest that asks me to
clarify what I sent to you during the contest--a radio message should be
considered time sensitive, just as it was in the days of the HMS Titanic

9. If you are the S&P station, your job is not finished after you send your
exchange--you must stay on frequency to see if the Running station indicates
his "roger" for your exchange in some way. The most common "roger" in CW and
RTTY is a simple "TU." It's surprising how many S&P ops immediately move off
frequency after sending their exchanges--the only way I know that is because
there are garbles in serial number(s), and when I ask for "NR" again, the lid
is gone. I do not log those QSOs!
9. So much for the important parts of the exchange: callsigns and required
exchange. The rest that is commonly sent is nonessential and only increases
the risk of garbles (it takes only one dropped or added bit to produce a
garble). So omit the following:
a) sending the Running station's callsign more than once during the
b) needless prosigns like "KN" which means "go ahead specific station." If
you've sent the other op's callsign, then you've already been specific.
Besides, when your RTTY mark tone (or diddle) drops out, it's obvious that you
aren't transmitting any more.
c) line terminators like "QSL?" and "PSE" and other insertions like the
other op's name (I already know mine), etc. They just waste time--remember,
the job of the Running Op is to service his S&Pers quickly, accurately, and
efficiently and to minimize the time the S&P ops on frequency have to wait.
You can help in this regard.
d) "DE" Experienced contesters, who are well familiar with the rhythm of
alternating exchanges know who's who.

10. Dig into the websites that overview and explain how Baudot RTTY came
about. I'm certain you will find fascinating how the mechanical geniuses
developed the first teleprinting/sending machines and how unlike they were/are
from PSK, etc. Computerized Baudot RTTY emulates those mechanical machines in
all respects but two--we are spared the necessity of sending a Line Feed
keystroke after every Carriage Return, and we don't have to press either the
FIGS or LTRS keys any more. I'll leave it to you to find out why...

Questions or comments? Drop me a note. The above will be the nucleus of a
primer for RTTY contesting in the hope of Elmering those who have no Elmers.
Your thoughts will help all of us!

Thanks for reading this far...

73, Dan k7ia
DM5TI   SOAB HP   2,109,7102012-08-19 12:43:11
Oh my goodness, what have we done to get such propagations. Several times I was
close to switch off my stuff. OK, the game is over. Let's hope so for recovery.
WE4M(N2QT)   SOAB LP   1,878,0302012-08-19 12:43:33
Wow that was hard. I wanted to beat my best score in this contest and get over
2M points. I really did try, and put in 2 more hours of time. However it
seemed the first night I couldn't hear very well at all on 80/40, and then on
Sunday there just wasn't anyone left to work (or who would call me when I
tried to run).

I was counting on 10M openning, no matter how briefly, but it never did
anything. The third radio pretty much watched empty bands. It did help when I
asked one of the local guys to call me on 10 when he worked me on 15!

I really appreciate everyone who spotted me, as there was a noticeable and
welcome bounce in callers for about 10 minutes each time.

Radios Two Elecraft K3, FT1000 MKV (external fans)
KT34A at 60 ft,
3 el Steppir at 48 ft
40M rotary dipole at 54 ft
shunt fed tower on 80 M
AL9A   SOAB HP   165,0002012-08-19 12:44:56
Started late, finished early. Not enough butt time plus poor propagation =
tough weekend.
CT1EEK   SOSB/15 LP   185,7902012-08-19 13:39:02
Kenwood TS-570DG (80w) + Wire 21Mz Dipole. Tnx for all the Q's!
W4PK   SOAB HP   220,1252012-08-19 14:01:59
I ran into a hardware problem with my home-brew SO2R setup at the start of the
contest, so I spent most of Friday evening troubleshooting it. On Saturday
morning it mysteriously started working again and this enabled me to operate
some on Saturday afternoon. But when I got up Sunday morning it failed again.
To make a long story short, it turned out to be an intermittent miniature toggle
switch which I used to enable FSK for my #2 radio. I did not find it until
after the contest was over. I have now replaced it with a new toggle switch so
I am good to go for the next contest!

Thanks for all the Q's for the short amount of time I was able to operate!

73 Sam W4PK
VY2SS   SOAB HP   409,6402012-08-19 14:16:52
K3 > SB-220 TB&vert
KSØM   SOAB LP   87,6402012-08-19 14:53:25
I started out with a short run. After that it became more difficult. Propagation
in Missouri for the 2nd 8 hours was very poor and I had Many "AGN" sent to me
and my 65 watts. It was still fun to be in the pileups.
W6SX   SOAB HP   72,9602012-08-19 14:53:30
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, MMTTY, N1MM
N1JM/7   SOAB LP   25,1552012-08-19 17:02:16
K3/100,P3, 14AVQ

Some weekend I am going to operate away from home at some big guns station with
no distractions. Just too much other things going on.
KB9OWD   SOAB LP   4,5902012-08-19 17:59:06
Got on for about 1/2 hour or so late Friday evening before switching things
around for NAQP SSB Saturday. Got on to basically prove to K1SFA that RTTY
existed in my shack, then gave a few CQ's and Q's out for about 25 minutes or


W4UK   SOAB HP   239,7652012-08-19 19:08:07
Wire dipoles only
AB4SF   SOAB LP   572,4602012-08-19 19:15:30
I run one radio and had fun chasing the propagation around but it would have
been more fun if 10 had opened :)

Omni-VII (100w) Force12 C3SS at 50 ft plus 80/40 Inverted-Vee.

Thanks for all the QSO's and hope to see everyone next contest!
VA2UP   SOAB HP   2,075,5202012-08-19 19:48:51
It felt good to get back into the game. Conditions were not good at all for us
here unfortunately, not much we can do about that I guess, just feel lucky to
have been able to take part. Result way down from last year's score, a whole
50% down.
Sartg is like having 3 contests the same weekend, wow that's fun!
Thanks all for the Qs and the organizers for putting it all together.

73, Fabi va2up
VA7ST   SOAB HP   215,0002012-08-19 20:35:40
Yech. Bands were lousy here from start to finish. Aurora=10 for the final
session left little hope of working Europe on 15M -- but I was very surprised
to work just four US/VE stations on 15M. Oddly, the US mainland stations I
worked on 15M were all loud here -- but only three of them (N4JF, AA5AU and

Put in 14 hours. Ran the first session low power, but turned on the amp at the
start of the second overnight session as conditions were so bad it wasn't any
fun calling endless unanswered CQs. The extra power helped some, but not much.

Thin fun from under the red blanket of aurora this weekend. Maybe next year.

-- Bud VA7ST

Year Qs Mult Score Class
2012 222 86 215,000 AB High
2011 379 134 619,080 AB High
2010 338 112 436,240 AB low
2009 102 55 63,525 AB Low
2008 351 103 415,090 AB High
2007 346 103 423,330 AB High
2006 225 67 156,110 AB Low
2005 45 18 8,460 20 Low
2004 176 71 132,060 AB Low
2003 109 57 74,385 AB Low
2002 98 66 73,920 AB Low
Z39A   SOSB/20 LP   147,2002012-08-20 02:24:25
The station running in the second period totally remote controlled (200 QSO's).
Sunday I was at home, and worked just 91 QSO's in front of radio, HI. 73 and
thanks for the QSO's. CU in the next one. Chris Z39A ex.Z35X,Z31GX
N2FF   SOAB LP   70,9902012-08-20 05:32:32
Poor conditions and little time to contest.
N2BJ   SOAB HP   314,1802012-08-20 06:09:55
DK7YY(@DP9A)   SOAB HP   495,5052012-08-20 12:41:08
There was a summer BBQ on DP9A contest club in Jessen south of Berlin.
So I had the chance to using this club station for some hours.. Tnx on all
club member, but special thanks to Andreas, DK4WA and Olaf, DJ7TO for perparing
WinTest logging software before contest.
May be an other time with more time for contest.
NO2T   SOAB LP   242,2502012-08-20 21:31:06
Poor propagation. Need Higher antennas. Using wire for the most part. Have just
a single beam which need rotor repair. Still love this contest and wouldn't
miss it if I had to use a wet noodle for an antenna. ttnx for the QSO's Sorry
for the many repeats before getting my call across. BCNU 73 sk de Jerry no2t.
IZ4DPV   SOSB/80 HP   74,1002012-08-21 09:45:40

IW1AYD   SOSB/20 HP   704,4752012-08-21 14:19:42
Doing SOSB 20m HP for the first time. Nice experience.
WX here wasn't so cooperative quite ... almost as the prop.
Well, the WX was much more worse that the prop: 37/38 C and still unbelievably
The prop itself was quite strange, not so many US. On 19th JA lately than usual
in the morning and than they went out, small by number, until the start of the
afternoon. Some SA and CA at any daytime. EU short skip like Es, some places
strong and quite nothing form others, almost nearby.

TU all for the Q's.

73 de iw1ayd Salvo

PS I would like to share my personal point of view about one thing more ... BTW
I am not endorsed by anybody other. "Standard disclaimer may apply". Hope not to
breck the netiquette with this.
This time the DX expedition of the moment went very well trough the whole
contest weekend. My personal compliments to the RTTY, and not only, operators
of D64K, they worked out theirs RTTY operations during the SARTG as real
gentlemen. TU! For who doesn't not noticed, within the contest activity slots
they went working in other modes or RTTYing on WARC bands. Scheduled?
Not all that the mess that was during the last VOLTA RTTY. That was awful.
ABØLR   SOAB HP   657,9402012-08-23 15:28:45
low bands conditions and lighting strom on the first evening.
OL7M   M/S HP   3,042,5602012-08-24 14:55:19
Nice training before the September CQWW. We finished new stack on 14 MHz and
first time try - good work. CONDX weaker, but still super fun. BIG thanks the
organizers SARTG for a fantastic system 8-hour intervals - this time, the
contest appealed also to our XYL and YL, hihi.

Thanks for ALL QSOs, see you soon again…

on behalf OL7M contest group

Pavel, OK1MU