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BARTG Sprint 75   2011   September   Comment Summary

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AI9T   SO Expert HP   19,7282011-09-18 15:19:48
Bands were in poor shape from East Central IL
WW4LL   Single Op HP   28,8962011-09-18 15:31:48
Thanks to everyone who participated and especially to some of the Europeans for
bearing with me in repeats to get the exchange made. The bands were up and
down so there were times I copied on first call and other times had to really
work at it.

This is the first time for me in this particular contest and have never
operated 75 baud before, but it was fun and I'll do it again. Good luck to
everyone this coming weekend in CQWW RTTY.

73'......Fred, WW4LL
VA7ST   Single Op HP   2,2682011-09-18 15:42:41
Had a grand time for the two hours I was on -- first and last hours of the

15M was open to Europe, but on a pronounced skew out of the east, skirting the
AU=8 auroral zone, offering HB9, F, and a couple of DLs. Very happy to have
added Europe on 15M, but didn't work any on 20M.

Through trial and error on Saturday evening, I discovered that my USB-to-serial
cables work perfectly well at 75 baud using N1MM/MMTTY -- just selected the
correct COM port, and it worked fine without EXTFSK. However, the same
converter cables don't work at 45.45 baud without EXTFSK running. Go figure.
Quite happy to learn that, and relieved to know I can get on for these
super-fun BARTG 75 tests without cracking open the computer to put in the old
serial port card.

Thanks for the Qs. Hope everyone had fun, even though 20M was lousy. Who'd have
thunk that flux of 145 -- double the usual flux of 70 we have endured for too
many years -- would not improve conditions?

Now on to CQWW RTTY. Can't wait.
K5AM   Single Op HP   12,3202011-09-18 16:24:46
Location: Horse Mountain, elevation 2400 m (7900 ft).
Generator power.
W6WRT   Single Op HP   7,2682011-09-18 17:01:00
More Qs on 15 than 20, first time in years. The sunspots are back!
VA2UP   SO Expert HP   40,4802011-09-18 18:14:34
Was a lot of fun especially the first two hours. Had a major sofware problem
that caused the loss of quite a few Qs (unfortunately). Two of them being OC
and AS obviously since when I did a rescore at the end of the contest the
number of continents went from 6 to 4 hi. Things happen I guess! Despite all I
had a great time and pretty sure everybody did. Thanks Bartg for vy enjoyable

73, Fabi va2up
W4DXX   Single Op HP   36,0802011-09-18 18:36:13
Nice quick contest.
Enjoy 75 bd RTTY.
AL9A   SO Expert HP   16,0952011-09-18 21:18:31
Wouldn't you think a solar flux of 145 would produce better band conditions?
Apparently not!
DM5TI   SO Expert HP   40,0502011-09-19 02:21:45
Sometimes 75 baud is a really hard job. 75bd RTTY needs more patience under
difficult conditions. Sorry, I was not able to copy a few callers because their
transmission was too short.
Summary it been fun to take part in BARTG 75bd Sprint. My claimed scores are
twice as high than last year. Thanks for more sun spots. 73 Harry
K2DSL   Single Op LP   16,3802011-09-19 07:31:10
Lots of fun & fast pace. Working EU S&P and Running seemed pretty productive,
even for my 100w & wires.

Full commentary at
SV1DPI   Single Op HP   38,4852011-09-19 10:08:12
It was very funny and i think that it would be difficult next week with too slow
45 baud!!! It was easy to go over 130 qsos per hour (even with serial numbers).
Real sprint..
I noticed that in 75 baud is more difficult to print low signals. At least
there were 2-3 times i couldn't print guys who i was hearing them. Sorry.
Oceania is difficult on this time frame for us. 73 to all and tnx for the
Kostas SV1DPI

rig: Yaesu ft1000mp mark v
antenna: 2el Quad(10-20m) Long Wire (40, 80m)
power: 400w
W4GKM   Single Op HP   25,4002011-09-19 12:59:14
I really started fast but then it slowed down here. Conditions were not good,
but it could have been I was having trouble with the print. Don't know for
sure but (4) four hours is nice and I thought the pace might favor the SO2R by
switching from radio to radio. It didn't though, as I tried to compete on this
one and only got 127 Q's.

Anyway thanks to all that worked me and the BARTG guys.
G3LDI   Single Op LP   8,8002011-09-19 13:25:26
Band QSOs Pts Are DXC Con
3.5 13 13 1 0 0
7 31 31 7 0 0
14 28 28 13 1 2
21 16 16 4 8 2
Total 88 88 25 9 4

Score : 11,968
Rig : FT-2000

Antennas : 4-el Steppir at 100ft 80m dipole 20m rhombic

Soapbox :
F5QE   SO Expert HP   36,3002011-09-20 02:10:33
fun.. Tks for call.. more stations on 20m 73 to all Paul
OH4A(OH2LRG)   Single Op HP   36,8002011-09-21 09:26:02
Warm up for CQ WW RTTY DX

tnx Jukka & Merja
br Kari
F5RD   Single Op LP   7,6952011-09-22 09:26:41
I began the contest at 19:30 TU.
It's a bit late to get a good score ! Only 57 QSO's this year
I will try to do better the next year
Thanks to all who worked me.
F5RD Bernard
W7LD   Single Op LP   5,0372011-09-26 19:08:09