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WAE DX Contest, RTTY   2004   Nov 13   Comment Summary

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HB9DTM   Single Op LP   31,6032004-11-14 08:33:24
Just for fun... 73 PM
W2UP   Single Op HP   275,7302004-11-14 08:38:59
Part time effort. Wanted to make sure everything is working before CQWW CW.
Station was working, band condx weren't :.)

At start of contest, no EU on 40m. I heard some South Americans working EU, but
no copy here. We had a short opening into southern EU Sunday on 10m, but that
was it. Worked 2 different FR stations on 10!

Tnx for the QSOs and QTCs. CU on CW!
OZ9GA   Single Op LP   265,3012004-11-14 09:53:25
I had to stop early - station got QRT!!!

Tnx fer all Q's -

73 de OZ9GA Torben
K9MUG/4   Single Op HP   390,9172004-11-14 14:27:07
Uneven condx, but challenging. Thanks to all for qtcs and qsos.
Congrats to WAE on 50 yrs.

KM4M(W3BP)   Single Op HP   1,475,0002004-11-14 15:32:13
My thanks to Paul K4JA and Betsy for use of their super station.
Poor conditions at the beginning and much better at times, but very confusing.
My first SO2R effort.
Thank you DARC for a great contest.

73 Bruce W3BP
VE1OP   Single Op HP   770,4422004-11-14 16:03:43
Only half the score of last year...500 less QTC's and 129 less mults is a huge
drop...Ran out of non-North American stations to exchange QTC's with when bands
went sour mid Sunday...

Lots of fun though, thanks for the calls...

C U next weekend in SS SSB and the weekend after in WWCW...

Scott VE1OP
VE9DX   Single Op LP   85,7602004-11-14 16:09:55
I can honestly say this is the first time since I got back on RTTY that I felt
my station was not at all competitive. Had to work for almost every contact.
Did not work a single European on 80 (Called LX5A a long time - no joy). 40 not
much better. For that matter I might have worked 20 Europeans total. Hard
going... Thanks to all that called.
Nice to see several VE9's active.
Logs will be uploaded to LOTW shortly... 73 Andy (VE9DX)
VE3XD   Single Op LP   260,0002004-11-14 16:14:13
Got careless about giving/receiving QTCs and then by mid Sunday it was very
difficult to find eligible stations. Poor conditions but had a good time
regardless. Thanks to all for the Qs.

Software: Writelog 10.50 and MMTTY
Rig: Yaesu Mark V and Rigblaster Plus
Antennas: Cushcraft X7 and Alpha-Delta DX/DD

73, Don VE3XD
DH5HV   M/S HP   1,252,5202004-11-14 16:16:55
Congrats for 50 Year WAE-Contest.
Funny like always with very poor conditions during the first morning.
In the beginning lots of trouble with the logging software made us loosing QSOs
and Multis.
But after all Writelog performed with less problems than expected and we had
great fun together.
Equipment at DF0CG perfect like always with no faults or broken parts.
The winter can come.
K4GMH   Single Op LP   691,0922004-11-14 16:22:53
Thanks to the DARC for sponsoring the WAE RTTY Contest. Always an interesting
Contest with the QTC.

Thanks to all who were kind enough to work me. A special thanks to all who were
patient enough to copy my LP (80 Watts) generated QTCs.

Bands were in lousy shape at the start of the Contest. Fortunately, they kept
improving throughout the Contest even to the point of a brief 10 meter opening
to Europe from the East Coast of USA on Sunday.

All the operators were very courteous making this and the other RTTY contest a
pleasure to participate in. Thanks.
VE3IAY   Single Op LP   58,0322004-11-14 16:23:16
N1MM Logger v4.0.170, TS-850S, multiband vertical

This one was tough slogging.
NNØG   Single Op LP   2,8402004-11-14 17:00:16
Well hunting season is over so I guess I'll start up on the radio again. Just
making sure everything is still working. QSL via LOTW.
NB1B   Single Op LP   266,2722004-11-14 17:05:24
How bad were the bands? 80M- never heard a European. 40M- 10 European QSOs, 6
Euro countries. Did not hear a European on 40M until 0010Z Sunday. 10M- 10
European QSOs, 5 countries.

I could tell whether a California station was in No Cal or So Cal, by how much
flutter was on his signal. Lots of fluttery signals; its strange to hear an
S9+20db signal with severe flutter. During the day it wasn't too bad, but as
night fell signals got more and more watery.

Hope it gets a lot better in the next two weeks.

As always, thanks to those that dug my LP signal out of the noise.

Dennis NB1B
KØHW   Single Op LP   135,5202004-11-14 17:14:12
Great Contest but poor conditions I thought, It must be the time of year as the
band was not open to EU very long and was hard to make contacts that direction.
I think that I improved on QSO count but the mult count is down from last year.
I will see you all in the WAE contests next year, I really
like the format and the time span. I plan to keep improving.
S5Ø46A(S56A)   Single Op HP   472,4722004-11-14 17:43:53
No USA on 80 & 40 m! Plenty of weak signals but reasonable MMTTY print.
N1MM Logger only lost 10 QTC from VA3DX after some wrong editing.
Rotor brake lost. Also some poor contact on my very old 402BA.
Thanks W4MYA for bad audio warning. Xfmr cleared the problem.
Otherwise enjoyed WAE as ever since 1962. Smartest contest.

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU
WA4PGM   Single Op LP   166,7532004-11-14 17:47:35
Screwed up several times during QTCs as I'm new to this feature. Very hard time
getting a run on any band.
KF9YR   Single Op HP   26,5052004-11-14 18:28:49
Gave out some points for a few hours. Condx were lousy when I was on, hope they
were better for the rest of you.
VE3RCN   Single Op LP   4,6982004-11-14 18:53:11
A beautiful weekend for yardwork...oh yes, and trying to coach 30 watts out of
my rig. I am sure I could do a lot better if I could figure out how to hook up
N1MM to a Kenwood TS680s. I just cant figure out the settings. Any experience on
this out there?
Nov SS Ph weekend is a working weekend in the Navy again. Will still give it a
good shot. Good luck all. Kevin.
AD4EB   Single Op HP   392,8482004-11-14 19:31:10
Saturday and Sunday mornings were the most productive times for European QSOs,
due to poor band conditions. Many QTC's were obtained from South American
stations, thanks.

This was my first WAE contest, took a while to get used to exchanging QTCs. Was
fun once I got used to it. N1MM Logger made it rather easy, and worked without
any problems.

Thanks DARC for sponsoring this contest, will certainly be back next year.
W7LD   Single Op LP   68,4322004-11-14 20:31:06
Fun, fun, contest! Whoever dreamed up the QTC transmissions really has an
imagination. I love the idea. However, there were too many stations whom with

I was elligible to exchange QTC's, (I run Low Power) that were not willing
to take the time to send or receive them. Most of the few Europeans were quite
anxious to exchange QTC's. There were a few USA ops who asked to exchange even
though they were in my continent. The Writelog WAE module worked perfectly for
QTC's. It is a wonderful program and I feel it was well worth my money and the
time it took me to learn how to get it going.
73 to all and CU next year...
de Jack / W7LD / "Lucky Dog"
K6OWL   Single Op LP   23,3682004-11-14 20:51:01
Put in a few hours to test my QTC skills, always lots of fun, condx seemed
rougher than the numbers suggested.
VA7ST   Single Op LP   84,7442004-11-14 21:23:00
Friday evening opened with a radio blackout that persisted till Saturday
morning. Even when things did open up a bit, contacts were hard work throughout
the weekend. Lots of noise on all bands, with 20M particularly rough.

Managed only 7 Qs on 40M and 2 on 80M through Friday night, quitting early
(0500z or so). Up for the EU opening on 20M Saturday morning, but though there
were quite a few signals to be heard, only a few were workable.

Special thanks to the W9/ZS4 who clobbered me on 40M Saturday night on top of my
QSO with K8KWT. I managed to get the info through, then did a courteous QSY (in
case he just didn't know I was already on the freq) and continued to call CQ. He
then came down and called all over me yet again. Great op there, just needs a
receiver and he's got a complete station.

Conditions certainly didn't favor QTC traffic. That did improve somewhat on
Sunday afternoon. Sunday saw 10M in its curious spotlight mode mostly to PY then
LU from here. 15m opened to JA mid-afternoon and managed a few QTCs there
(receiving JA QTCs).

Enjoyed the contest when the bands opened up. Be in the next one!

73, Bud VA7ST
GUØSUP   Single Op LP   278,0402004-11-15 00:13:53
Great fun, but very poor conditions after dark.
73 de Phil GU0SUP
F6IRF(@F6HYE)   Single Op HP   1,110,5652004-11-15 01:30:17
KT34@21m 2EL40@22m DIP80@20m
SO1R: IC756pro2/hb amp/MMTTY/N1MM 4.0.169

One of my preferred contest if not my preferred. Score only slighty better than
last year despite better station. Terrible meteo conditions with high winds
generating high level of power lines QRN... several power cuts (fortunately
without PC or log damage).
Propagation as bad as meteo conditions: NWRA SSNe (based on ionosonds data) 25
to 40 for the weekend.
80m: high level of static discharges on top of PL QRN - only 5-W / 1VE
40m: band closed to states second part of night - only 39-W despite beam
20m: closed early to W - low level of signs / high PL noise level - only 9-JA
15m: very bad to JA (only 2 wkd) - poor to W / high level of PL noise
10m: a few openings to AS and eastern EU on top of usual AF/SA TEP's
N1MM-logger worked OK for QTC traffic but several of the usual nice features of
the software did not work with this version... Tom and his team still have work
on the bench !
The QRO-tech PA failed before contest start... fortunately reliable homebrew
equipment was there...
Without 40 and so poor 80, I took more rest than expected... Thanks to Betty and
Patrick for the good food and wine - though adverse contions, it has been a nice
weekend !
Thanks to DARC for organizing, to all for the QSO's and sorry for the few
stations I could not copy due to high noise level.
GM8OEG   Single Op LP   176,4072004-11-15 03:23:14
Do we get a rebate on our licence fees when conditions are that bad?

WAE Rtty fell, unfortunately, after a week of very nice visual auroras here in
GM. I expected high HF to be a 'bit surpressed' but even 80 was poor here. I
guess with one of the simpler (est) stations I'd be worst hit!! What signals
there were on the higher bands were often very weak with me, I still had a
sackload of QTCs to give by the end but no-one to give them to!

Rig Ts830, max 100watts + wire dipoles for 40/20/15 and Inv L long wire plus ATU
for 80 and 10.

Still, I beat my score from last year and had fun so that's the most important
thing. Gm8oeg motto: "If you aren't enjoying it you're doing something wrong"
F5MOO   Single Op HP   815,8752004-11-15 03:39:38
bad condition and the first contest wae with the qtc very fun
K4SV   Single Op HP   595,7072004-11-15 03:40:50
Had Fun

YO9HP   Single Op HP   1,323,5352004-11-15 05:09:51
No packet cluster used!
NP4BM   Single Op LP   333,7502004-11-15 05:28:41
My first WAE contest,have a lot of fun.The propagation was poor, stations from
Europe were hard to reach.I didn't manage to work any station from Asia or
Oceania in the contest.
S57MHA   Single Op LP   110,8982004-11-15 06:02:02
TRX Kenwood TS-570S
Ant Diamond CP6 vertical
PWR 100 W

Interesting contest. Too bad I didn't have time to work full 36h.

CU in WAE 2005.

Vy 73 de Alex, S57MHA
RY9C(@RK9CWA)   M/S HP   106,5962004-11-15 06:12:52
Just to play !
YBØDPO   Single Op LP   472,6562004-11-15 07:19:11
First time join WAEDC RTTY, propagation is poor on 20m ,not too many QSO I
made,used a 75watts XCVR into a logperiodic (7 el) and a dipole on 40m and
80m,and the N1MM Logger contest software is made me easy to sent & rcvd the
QTCs,really relax on this contest.and thank's so much to all friends gave me
point and multiplier, enjoy and fun hope can join again next year if all the
condition is ok 73
F6KAR   M/S HP   1,112,7742004-11-15 07:58:39
IC756 + TenTec Titan
KT34@18m + 40-2CD@15m + inv dipole 80m @15/2m - all on the same pylone.
No Multi station (That is a pity the rule is very favorable to have one in MS)

Only two operators for this contest is not enough, WAEDC worth a big team with a
second station (or more) looking for multi as the rule permit.
F6KAR is a good club station, but not really done for contest.
It was a great pleasure to operate with Nicko SV3SJ, this is his first contest
in RTTY and 1st time in WAEDC (but he takes QTCs like a champ).
Sorry for stations we couldn't heard, F6KAR is the radio club of the European
Organization for Nuclear Research and under our feet sit the PS complex
particule accelerators which are very noisy on all band. Thanks to all who
kindly repeat QTCs calls or numbers.

Happy birthday WAE.
73 to all de Philippe - F6IFY
P.S.: I will ask the club president to buy a rtty filter for the IC756!!!
W4MYA   Single Op HP   670,3202004-11-15 08:24:36
Second time in this contest. Thanks for the QSO's
Thanks to DARC.
Take care
SP6GCU   Single Op LP   370,0162004-11-15 09:07:51
TS440SAT 50W
80/40 Dipole
20/15/10 GP
LX5A   M/S HP   1,533,8702004-11-15 09:12:50
WAEDC European DX Contest

Callsign : LX5A
Multi Ops : LX1RQ - LX1ER - DF7ZS
Loc./DXCC/Cont. : JN29XX / LX / EU
Category : Multi Op. / All Band / Single TRX
Mode : RTTY
Club Competition : Bavarian Contest Club
Power : HIGH 1 KW
Contest Date : 13.NOV 2004
Default Exchange : 599
Operating Time : 46:45 h
Software : RCKRtty V3.09A

10 42 42 42 15x2 4x2 10 0
15 293 293 293 47x2 26x2 561 89
20 267 267 267 47x2 23x2 100 29
40 243 243 243 52x3 11x3 30 9
80 387 387 387 48x4 9x4 10 0
1232 1232 1232 566 175 711 127

Final Score: (1232+711+127) * (566+175) = 1533870

I declare that all contest rules and all the rules and the
regulations for amateur radio in my country have been
observed and adhered to.
I'll accept all decisions of the Contest Committee.

Date: 15.NOV.2004 Sign: ROBERT SCHOETTERT Call: LX1RQ

11c, route de Bastogne
L-9512 WILTZ
EMail :
Homepage :
YV6BTF   Single Op LP   912,3682004-11-15 10:19:41
Tnx to all for qso's
73's Jose YV6BTF
LZ2BE   Single Op LP   770,5602004-11-15 10:59:35
It was my first WAE RTTY, but definately I like QTC exchange rule. Condx was too
strange in my location, especialy on Sunday. High bands were completely dead at
6pm within 10-15 min. I got out to see if my beam is on the roof, checked
rotator and SWR - everything was OK, just condx disappeared! 40m was even more
strange - 9M2/G4ZFE, UA9CDV, 9V1GO, VK6DXI + two JA stn's with booming signals
and nothing else till the end of the contest.
N1MM logger crashed 3 times when should save RxQTC and 30 QTC's were lost...
Anyway it was a nice contest and I would like to thank to sponsors and all
friends who make QSO with me!
73 Boyan LZ2BE
HB9CZF   Single Op LP   232,8242004-11-15 11:59:31
Conds were down. Very noisy bands on Saturday. No NA stations Sunday sunrise but
10m opened for a change.
microHAM USB keyer worked flawlessly and 3el SteppIR as well.

cu in CQWW CW!

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF
VA3XRZ   Single Op LP   39,6802004-11-15 13:48:28
Really bad condx.

R5 & DP
N1MM Logger V4.0.169
G3UHU   Single Op HP   175,3112004-11-15 14:02:24
Poor propogation, even 40m closed early evening.
KØTG   Single Op LP   15,5402004-11-15 15:18:17
I just planned on getting on and messing arounnd a bit and not even send in a
Well here it is. My meager score. Had fun while I was on. To bad condx were
not better. They sure were better than earlier in the week.

73, John K0TG
KU5S   Single Op HP   125,2442004-11-15 15:20:33

These numbers are not correct, but close. Can't easily seperate the QTC's.

KJ7NO   Single Op LP   39,7152004-11-15 15:29:43
First time in this contest. The idea of sending and recieving QTC's was a
little interesting. WriteLog handled it just fine. Made it look easy, by the
end of the contest it made me wish I was more agressive in asking for QTC's.
K4AQ   Single Op QRP   7,7772004-11-15 16:53:41

My second WAE DX RTTY contest:

Score QSO Pts* QTC Mult Time
2004 7,777 77 --- --- 38 5.2
2003** 18,447 129 --- --- 143 12.9
*Not summarized by WriteLog

WAC (2 of 6): NA, SA

Best DX: LW5DR, Necochea (Buenos Aires), Argentina,
5015 mi (per DX Atlas), 1003 mi/watt

Heard and called ZL2AMI but no contact.

Spotting nets not used.

Yaesu FT-897 transceiver operated at 5 watts into an OCF 28-gauge insulated wire
stealth antenna up 40 feet in trees next to I-75 in downtown Atlanta industrial
area. SGC SG-237 Smartuner. Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1 sound card radio
interface. MicroHAM USB rig control interface. WriteLog 10.48f with RTTYrite

--Matt, K4AQ (ex-WB6BWZ)
NA2U   M/S LP   4,6202004-11-15 18:28:48
First RTTY contest. Didn't operate much but had fun. Thanks to WA2VQF, W2WG
and AA5AU for helping me get the RTTY thing going.......Fred/NA2U
LTØH(LU3HY)   Single Op HP   625,0052004-11-15 20:00:33
N6WS   Single Op HP   198,9962004-11-15 20:52:26
Radio: Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV Field, Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV
Antenna: 80m Sloper @ 14m, 40m Dipole @ 17m, Cushcraft X-9 @ 17m
Software: N1MM Logger, MMTTY

Had a great time learning how to operate in a RTTY contest. Sri for stumbling
with the QTCs, and thanks to the other operators' patience I made it through
each group.

73, Bill
G1W(MØSDX)   Single Op LP   818,2222004-11-16 01:49:11
First day problem with QTC and a total score should be much better.
Condition was VERY poor on 40.Only KM4M and K9MUG/4 on 40 fron USA!!!
Anyway,nice contest and activity is getting better.
WB2RHM/4   Single Op LP   178,2002004-11-16 05:31:46
1st WEA-RTTY. QTCs add a fun dimension to RTTY QSOs and scoring. Bands to EU
died here early into the contest. Many TNX to the South American ops for being
there to exchange QTCs with. EQUIP: TS-440S/AT at 100WTs; HP Laptop with N1MM
Contest Logger driving MMTTY 1.65B; and one very understanding wife supplying
food and drink thoughout the contest. Log and LoTW submitted with /4 added to
my FCC call to satisfy contest rules. -Ben-
W1TO   Single Op HP   105,6722004-11-16 06:17:29
Used N1MM. QTC function worked well.
ON4ADZ   Single Op LP   145,8242004-11-16 11:20:04
This is my favourite contest, altough I had planned a 30 hour effort things in
live forced me to reduce the contest time.

Difficult band condx especially on 40/80 m. I did not missed the 10 m opening.

Thanks for the qso s and DARC.


WA2ETU   Single Op HP   811,5802004-11-16 13:31:12
Had to leave the contest early Sunday due to travel plans but with conditions
the way they were it probably didn't make much difference.
IC8POF   Single Op HP   632,0002004-11-16 15:07:44
Thanks to All for the qsos and qtcs.
I hope to see you again in the next one.
73 de Phil IC8POF
9M2/G4ZFE(@9M2RPN)   Single Op HP   658,4272004-11-16 16:28:58
Station - IC-756 Pro and IC-PW1 amplifier - 400W output
Antenna - Force 12 C3-S at 12m, 40m Inverted V at 15m

Very variable conditions. 40m was difficult with poor conditions. 20m closed
early to Europe. 15m and 10m were OK for periods but signals were weak. Many
QSOs were only possible due to the IC-756 Twin Peak RTTY filters which continue
to amaze me!

My first time with QTCs. At the start I had a few problems with N1MM and
couldn't send any QTCs. This mysteriously fixed itself. I still lost a few sets
of received QTCs due to "invalid format" problems with N1MM.

Towards the end of the contest I was enjoying QTCs! It was amazing to exchange
QTCs with ZX2B and 8P6SH (15,000K and 17,000K away from me respectively) on 20m
as signals were so strong.

There were some interesting short duration openings e.g. W4MYA on 15m Long Path
but sadly I was not heard.

Thank you for the QSOs.

73 de Rich, 9M2/G4ZFE
LZ9R(LZ3YY)   Single Op LP   758,0042004-11-17 00:07:24

Worst condx in years,but have fun.Little improve
last years score.Congrats to G1W and LZ2BE for
their scores.Can't wait for next WAEDC,hope
from new contest QTH - I'll be back :)).
Strongest US on 10m was KI1G,then KM4M and AA4V.

Don't forget LZ DX Contest this weekend.
Rules at:

73 Nasko,LZ9R(LZ3YY)
QSL via Bureau
9V1UV   Single Op HP   39,8242004-11-17 02:00:52
Poor band condx. Very few European stations were heard
OH9GIT   Single Op LP   28,4612004-11-17 03:51:40
Thank You for all qsos and see You next time.

TF3AO   Single Op HP   3,0682004-11-17 09:56:44
Operated only few hours. Bad condx, no replies to CQ on 40m
KSØM   Single Op LP   35,1922004-11-17 13:41:34
Aftrer working this contest the past few yars, I finally made myself do the QTC
thing. It was frustrating, but I learned how to do it and had more fun. I will
do this one again next year.
WØLSD   M/S HP   385,1552004-11-17 20:02:30
High points - W0LSD and N0KE great to operate with. All equipment worked
with no problems (see low points). Great location to operate
from, the mountain cabin of W0LSD.
Low Points - Could not get PC's networked, sequence numbers erratic with
Writelog (skipping 2 or 3 numbers occassionally),conditions

marginal from this area of the country.

Great contest, lots of fun. Thanks to the sponsers and Happy 50th to the WAE.

73 Don K0FX
WØETC   Single Op HP   126,0022004-11-19 05:40:05
Not sure of total points as writelog does not display them.

Unfortunately this contest always seems to fall on a weekend when I can't give
it a full time effort. This year that was probably good as the bands from here
were at best lousy! Still though I had fun and that is all that counts, isn't

Larry L W0ETC
LY2IJ(@LY1PM)   Single Op HP   1,939,4912004-11-21 09:54:35
No conditions after dark, so best band - 80 m, but just one VE there.
2 USA regs on 40.
3 JA regs on 40 and 20.
W1 missed on 20.
Thanks for QSOs and QTCs!
VK6DXI   Single Op HP   535,7682004-11-22 07:11:41
Propagation was not so good on Saturday, but improved on Sunday.

It was my first ever WAE on RTTY (done CW and SSB this year for Trifactor).

Just switched from AFSK to FSK and it worked out perfect.
IC756ProII decoder worked slightly better then PK232DSP.
WriteLog coped very well with sent and received QTC's.

Some stations (mainly JA's) were sending QTC's as one continuous string. This
made the decyfering a bit nuisance and frustrating.

I love the idea of searching for and giving away QTC's....
I will try to come back next year.

Happy birthday WAE and congrats to DARC.
Thanks for the contest.... and thanks to all who worked me.

73 Mirek VK6DXI
DG7RO   Single Op LP   192,2282004-11-23 01:16:25
First RTTY-Contest...Funnny, especially the rx of QTC in QRM.
Who has stolen the condx? In the evening only 80m was usable.
With 70W and duo-dipol calling on 80m was good, on 20m bad...
SV7CFP   Single Op LP   42,0082004-11-23 04:45:37
Conx was bad
worked with kenwood ts690s
abt 50w
and 5band dipole antenna

tnx to all who worked me
happy birthday DARC hi.
W4UK   Single Op HP   193,4772004-11-23 12:31:39
NC2N(EW1AR)   Single Op LP   62,6282004-11-23 16:19:41
This was my very first Contest from my new home. Was able to spend only 8 hours
for the Contest. The rest time was busy in the backyard. Managed to learn about
QTC - easy stuff:) Used SpiderBeam Antenna - a good one, thanks to DF4SA! Will
try harder next time.
73's Andrei EW1AR
4U1WB(AJ3M)   Single Op HP   11,6482004-11-25 12:18:33
Part time effort from the World Bank club station in Washington, DC.
Thanks for the QSOs.
Equipment: TS940S, TL922A, TH7DX, W9INN inv. vee, DXP38, DSP599ZX, Writelog, and
Masa Miura, AJ3M