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Worked All Germany Contest   2014   Oct 18   Comment Summary

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VE9ML   Multi-Op LP   146,0552014-10-19 06:35:55
Great contest had to stop after 11 Hours due to technical issues.

MW5R(MWØEDX)   Multi-Op LP   22,1102014-10-19 07:13:28
I was testing the SO2R which in fact was only working as MULT TWO. Then I lost
my MULT and 80m antennas in string wind.

Anyway, was glad to give the MW (Wales) multiplier to the German stations.

73 !

WB8JUI   SO CW LP   2,1602014-10-19 07:22:22
73 - Rick WB8JUI
N3QE   SO Mixed HP   27,0302014-10-19 07:23:47
Very FB conditions! Happy 10M was open.
N4AF   SO CW HP   243,0242014-10-19 07:55:02

START DATE: 18-10-14

CLUB: Potomac Valley Radio Club
NAME: Howard Hoyt N4AF
ADDRESS: 549 Bluebird Trail
ADDRESS-CITY: Blounts Creek

RUN/SEARCH: 254/419 Qs

SOFTWARE: TR4W v.4.34.6

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults
80CW 77 77 231 21
40CW 193 190 570 26
20CW 133 131 393 25
15CW 160 159 477 25
10CW 110 107 321 25

Totals 673 664 1992 122

Final Score = 243024 points.
AA3B   SO CW HP   392,0642014-10-19 08:02:03
Missed "D" on 80m and 40m.
K1TN   SO CW LP   4,6002014-10-19 08:02:17
New aerials at the K1TN/4 Superstation

40M: Indoor wire
20M: Indoor dipole
15M: Indoor 2-element quad NE
10M Indoor 2-element quad NE
VE9AA   SO Mixed HP   154,5212014-10-19 08:06:03
Congrats to Germany for being chosen to be the host for the WRTC 2018 !

This has to be my favorite European contest, with so many German ops on all

Time was limited this weekend, so this is only my 2nd best showing in the WAG.

As usual, 10m produced the best rates and Q's, but it was not like last year -
that's for sure !

73 Mike VE9AA, IC7410, ~500w, A3S@24' & HF9V @ 8', and we can't forget
VE1DT   SO CW HP   213,4862014-10-19 08:06:18
Lots of DL activity and reasonable propagation for 5 bands made for a fun
contest and likely some new records.

>>Gerald Boutin, VE1DT
N8UM   SO CW HP   184,6802014-10-19 08:07:37
Very good conditions. Great activity.
KB1H   Multi-Op HP   192,0962014-10-19 08:10:42
Seemingly good activity from our German friends!

We used this contest for airing out the station and fixing broken things.

One of the (@*%^$*) TT Titans let the smoke out and had to put the TL922 in
line pending repair.

Replaced Station 2 Computer with Win 7.

Setup macros, filter switching, Network Rotor Control and DVKs across the
stations with N1MM+

Shot a line over with the Potato Gun and repaired the broken 1/2 of the 160m

Rinsed out Operating Position 6 and rid the room of the 'spider hammocks'.

The Barnstormers

Band Mode QSOs Pts Dst
3.5 CW 95 285 23
3.5 LSB 1 3 1
7 CW 90 270 21
14 CW 115 345 17
14 USB 35 105 8
21 CW 151 453 26
28 CW 65 195 20
Total Both 552 1656 116
Score: 192,096
1 Mult = 4.8 Q's
NA8V   SO Mixed LP   75,2942014-10-19 08:15:27
Condx ok, nice to see 10 open. limited time, especially Saturday daytime.

I really enjoy this contest.

N1EN   SO Mixed LP   16,9922014-10-19 08:24:20
Too many contests, too little time.
LZ2RS   SO Mixed QRP   153,6902014-10-19 08:27:26
I like that contest-very good German activity-FB!!!
Thanks for the reports to my QRP signal!
RIG: K3 5 Watts ANT: Dipoles, 4 el 3 band yagi / A4S / at 32 m.
Best regards to all contestmen!
Rumi LZ2RS
K5KG   SO CW HP   291,6002014-10-19 08:57:06
Great contest, although the condx could have been better. The period from 1700Z
to 2000Z was slow. I think this was my first attempt at the WAG. Used WinTest
with the WAG_DX.DTA file which provided fills on the DOK numbers when a station
was logged.

Chasing the DOK mults was interesting. "T" and "L" proved
the most difficult to catch. Of my 811 Qsos, I only worked four different
statiions in each of "T" and "L". Missed DL8MAS on 20m in
the last half hour, and that cost me a DOK sweep on that band. ("T"
and "L" must be remote DOK's with low populations.)

Having not worked the WAG in the past, I found that some of the DOK numbers
were unexpected, such as: 40Q11, 50S38, 60C15,60WAE, CM13 WRTC and WSKM.

Stn: K3+KPA500 500w.
Ants: 2X Arrays 12L Yagi, M2 2L 40m yagi, inv vee on 80m. Pixel Mag loop for
low band rx.

I will definitely give the WAG a try in 2015. It is nice not having to move
the yagi during an entire contest!

73, George, K5KG
OZ4CG   SO CW LP   14,1902014-10-19 08:58:50
RIG: Kenwood TS590s (100W)
ANT: G5RV up 8m
Software: N1MM Logger+ 0.19.4101.0
M5Z(JK3GAD)   SO CW LP   1,4762014-10-19 09:00:15
K3, 5 meter wire with ATU (LDG), Win-Test 4.13

QRV on Saturday afternoon only, switching between this and JARTS RTTY contest.

As soon as sunset, I saw lots of DL station start QSY to 20m from 15/10m but
signal from DL faded out very quickly.

73 Kazu
RJ4P(RT4RO)   SO Mixed HP   640,8002014-10-19 09:07:25
Wow! Great fun!

Tnx YP9W for competition!
DJ5MO   SO CW LP   472,3202014-10-19 09:46:12
100W, logper + 2el tribander 10-20m, dipole + vertical 40 & 80m.
K5LH   SO CW LP   27,5942014-10-19 10:35:10
Part-time effort, split with Stew Perry Warm-up. Good condx on 10M and 15M.
Much QRN and QSB on lower bands. Never managed to work districts D and T.
Thanks for all the contacts. Chris, K5LH/DK5LH

Rig: Ten-Tec Eagle, wire dipoles, Aether for Mac.
OM2MM   SO CW LP   31,9682014-10-19 10:40:39
RIG Used: Vertical HF-9V, microKEYER II, FT-1000MP. Thanks for all the Qs!
OL8M(OK1DRQ)   SO Mixed HP   339,2822014-10-19 10:51:19
Contest : Worked All Germany Contest
Callsign : OL8M
Mode : MIXED
Category : Single Operator (SO)
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : All bands (AB)
Class : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/... : DX
Locator : JN69QS
Operating time : 14h57

80 155 227 26 1146 3.00
40 125 214 26 1017 3.00
20 0 110 25 330 3.00
15 0 61 23 183 3.00
10 0 35 22 105 3.00
TOTAL 280 647 122 2781 3.00
TOTAL SCORE : 339 282

DL stations was enough .... so it was always something to do.
Unfortunately I did not have time to be QRV throughout the contest
but so that I have enough, hi thank for QSOs, 73 Pavel
cu in CQWW SSB, OKDX CW, CQWW CW, OKDX RTTY + more contests
DF1LX   SO CW LP   282,4602014-10-19 11:22:03
Thanks for all who called me - 100W - 5 Ele. tribander - 80m Dipol (33feet up)
and vertical Delta Loop for 40m.

See u in the WW DX CW
Peter DF1LX
N1RR(@K6ND)   Multi-Op HP   409,0002014-10-19 11:34:59
Thanks to Will, K6ND for hosting us and he is always an integral part of our
multi-op, not just a pretty face at a "peanut" station.
10M was great at the start and I milked it for alI there was at the expense of
15 & 20. This hurt us a little without having a continuous 2nd multiplier
station active. I hoped that we would recover it all on Sunday. Seemed like 15M
hung on for several hours and by the time we got to 20, all the DL were gone and
off to the night bands, so there was no choice but to go to 40M. Later I worked
hard at 80M with the expectation to ride 40M through and beyond DL sunrise.
After 07Z that left us waiting for 20M to open. After a nice 5 hour nap, Will
powered through these toughest hours of the over-night while I slept. Mike -
The RTTY King - came in Sunday morning to help push us to the finish. Possible
new US-MS-HP record !

Our success rate moving needed multipliers was fairly low, only about 20% of
the DL's we asked to QSY for a new multiplier were willing to go. Special
thanks to DK0JRS for moving from 20M to 15M on Sunday along with DL5MAR and
K6ND station:
K3 -> ACOM2000A , IC-7700 -> ACOM1000
HyGain 54ft crank-up tower > C31XR, 2L40
Wire Inverted-L 4-Square for 80 & beverages
Software: DXLog by 9A5K

-Charlie N1RR
CU in CQWW from K1TTT M/M.
CU on 160M this winter from K6ND.
HG7T   Multi-Op HP   463,1252014-10-19 12:43:01
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM
OU2I(OZ1BII)   SO CW LP   25,1372014-10-19 13:45:37
Rig: Elecraft K3 100W
Ant: 20mtr wire as INVERTED-L up 12mtr

See you in the next contest.
73 de OU2I Henning
CQ3L(DF7ZS)   SO Mixed HP   691,2002014-10-19 15:06:02
thanks to DJ6QT for this nice location.
KC1XX   SO Mixed HP   371,6282014-10-19 15:31:58
This was the first time I had a chance to test the station after a major
lightning strike in August.
Everything to Europe seems to work quite well.
Unfortunately I could not put in a full-time effort.

Thanks for all the contacts we will see you in CQWW.
73, Matt
VO1MP   SO Mixed HP   31,8782014-10-19 17:23:34
S&P ONLY ....
YV8AD   SO Mixed LP   23,1422014-10-19 18:54:07
DKØJRS(DL6JF)   SO Mixed HP   545,4682014-10-20 00:24:36
The only J-DOK in the WAG Contest! Stay tuned - next year again!
IT9CLN   SO CW LP   52,1642014-10-20 07:39:26
DLØWRTC(DJ5MW)   SO Mixed HP   2,733,5882014-10-20 08:56:43
This was the first activation of the brand new special event Call DL0WRTC
promoting WRTC, which will be held in Germany in 2018.

It was fun to hand out the special DOK WRTC!

73 de Manfred, DJ5MW
PJ2/DL8OBQ(@PJ2T)   SO Mixed HP   219,5732014-10-20 13:02:08
I tried to log all callers, so I got a lot of 0 point Qs and about 800 DLs.
Thanks for the QSOs and I hope to work you next weekend as PJ2T (M/S).

73, Uli
K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   102,3932014-10-20 20:13:07
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, 1 KW, TH6DXX, 88' cf zepp at 50'. Good ops, good activity,
lots of fun. Thanks for all the QSOs. 73, John, K4BAI.
DH8BQA   SO Mixed HP   1,171,3202014-10-21 07:16:37
Detailed analysis on ... cu in WWDX-SSB next weekend!

73, Olli
OK7T(OK1FHI)   SO Mixed LP   206,3882014-10-21 08:12:13
FT2000 100W, 3ele.Yagi tribander, dipole Inv.V + TR4W
WO4O   SO CW HP   210,7892014-10-21 10:04:55
First time playing in WAG. Intend to be back next year. Audi-ós! -ric
UA9MWA(DL8WAA)   SO Mixed HP   441,5792014-10-23 11:09:53
First of all: Thanks to Gena, UA9MA and his wife Olga for hosting me and let me
use his pretty fine station!

Well, UA9M is not a place to win the Worked All Germany contest. Quite a
distance from DL, much time shift, not a rare multiplier and the WAG rules
don’t value QSOs from DX. Anyway, I enjoyed the chance to operate this pretty
nice contest from Siberia. It was just pure fun and I could gather many new
experiences. Thanks for all the QSOs!
SP2LNW   SO CW HP   203,1482014-10-24 15:58:55
Tnx fer all Q's, 73 Slaw