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North Dakota QSO Party   2013   Apr 20   Comment Summary

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KCØW   Fixed HP   12013-04-21 10:05:39
Band was in good shape & 20 meters was a rockin'..........Too bad I have
zero interest in award collecting because I probably could have done pretty
well in this one, hihi.

I will be DXing from Haiti for 18 days this July. Information regarding
HH5/KC0W is posted on my QRZ page. Hope to work many fellow CW enthusiasts from
Haiti this summer...........You provide the Q's & we will keep the oil 'a
flowing up here in ND.

As always, the KC0W contesting disclaimer:

*** I contest for the FUN of it from here in North Dakota & not to collect
awards, plaques or "wallpaper". I use my general logging program to
the total number of QSO's made & leave it at that. This is why I have no
information regarding my total number of mults or a final score. ***


VE9AA   Fixed HP   202013-04-21 10:58:45
IC-7410 or IC-746
WinKeyer USB, Bencher Paddles
Heil BM-10
HF Help: MLA-2500 (sometimes, depends on contest)
6m Help: SB-226 (King conversions Heathkit)
2m Help: VE1RG(sk) homebrew ~ 500w
2m: 17B2 or M2-15el
4m: (yes, 4m), RX only 6el from
6m: A50-6S @ 24\'
10m: Wire ground plane, base @ 25\' or LJ-105CA @ 25\'
15m: Wire Ground plane for 40m band, base @ 15\'
20m: Wire Ground plane for 80m band (5/16th wave on 80m), base @ 4\'
40m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 15\'
80m: Wire Ground plane, base @ 4\'
160m: Wire Inverted L (more like inverted U) base @ 1\' (50x1/4wl
73 de Mike VE9AA
VE4VT   Out of State HP   102013-04-21 11:12:28
Tough working our next door neighbors to the south. Was hoping to find a bunch
on 80m but not a peep.
MØCFW(JK3GAD)   Out of State LP   12013-04-21 12:55:17
I found only one ND station and worked. Nothing heard from SD, no luck to work
MI station this weekend.

73 Kazu
KCØDEB   Out of State LP   162013-04-21 18:42:11
Band Mode QSOs Pts Mul
14 CW 2 2 2
14 USB 2 2 2
Total Both 4 4 4
Score: 16
WØPAN   Out of State LP   302013-04-21 19:02:23
Pretty slim pickins from AZ. Worked what I heard. Nothing on the other bands.
OM2VL(@OM8A)   Out of State HP   9202013-04-23 11:12:26
It was a hard decision, but I had to make a decision that which one from 4 QP I
will “sacrifice”. At lest I decised to choose the MI QP. I have not
confirmed from MI only 8 counties, whilst I missed many counties from ND, SD
and NE. Of course I could not resist to make some QSOs on MI QP…. :)

MI QP: 219 QSO / 70 county
SD QP: 38 QSO / 28 county
NE QP: 19 QSO / 10 county

Top mobiles:

AF3X/M 16/12 (QSO/cty)
N0GC/M 14/10

Thank's a lot for the FB QSO's and new counties. Please QSL!!!

73 Laci
K4BAI   Out of State HP   62013-04-23 14:19:18
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, 1 KW, TH6DXX, dipole. Thanks for three QSOs with N0GC/M.
Hope to work ND in the FL QSO Party this coming weekend from K5YAA/M. 73,
John, K4BAI.