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Worked All Germany Contest   2007   Oct 20   Comment Summary

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N9FC   SO CW HP   15,8402007-10-21 17:10:18
YBØDPO   SO CW LP   28,3052007-10-21 17:43:03
The propagation was poor then last year,20m is better ,anyway lots of fun
always, 100watt, rotary dipole 80m/40m, 7 element logperiodic ,thank's for the
QSO,all QSO cofrm by e-qsl ,hope cu agn next 73
N4PN   SO Mixed HP   155,1422007-10-21 17:57:16
Pleasant surprise to find 15 meters open at the beginning of the contest
and again on Sunday morning. All bands were fairly good and the noise
was low on 80 and 40m. 40m is still a mess - with most stations staying
down below the US band and very few listening up..
Lots of good operators - both CW & Fone kept it interesting.
Thanks again to the WAG committee for sponsoring the affair.
73, Paul, N4PN
W4PM   SO CW HP   3,5192007-10-21 20:48:31
Omni VII, ALS-600, 400W, CF Zepp at 17 meters

I only had a short time to play. Lots of good signals on 40 M.

73 and thanks for the Q's,

Puck, W4PM
OR2A(ON7YX)   SO CW LP   44,7842007-10-21 22:44:26
Nice contest, only worked on 40/80 meters.
F5IN   SO CW HP   145,5002007-10-21 22:57:20
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DQ4W   M/S HP   1,830,1032007-10-21 23:33:05
WAG is always a fun contest. However, the conditions were tough this year.
Congrats to our competitor DM1A who seem to brought home the bacon this time.

Thanks for all the QSOs - especially to all stations who moved over the bands
with us.

73 and cu next weekend.
DF1LON   SO CW HP   52,0002007-10-21 23:53:20
Just a time limited operation this year on Saturday evening.

TS-480 & FL2100b (500w)
FB33 & FD5 (160m-10m)

73 de Lars DF1LON
DL3EBX   SO Mixed LP   82,4142007-10-22 00:27:44
This time only with 100 W and 20m end-feeded wire.
Making DX with this configuration is not big fun -hi.

Thanks for all the Q´s.

73, Frank
DO9ST   SO Mixed LP   9,6412007-10-22 01:09:47
little funny portable activity with snow in the night. no heating in the car ...
4O/DD5FZ   SO Mixed LP   318,5462007-10-22 01:50:23
Close to my result as 4N6FZ a year ago, but with less multis.

Conditions on 10 and 15 were poor, 20 and 40 as expected and 80 was difficult
due to high levels of QRN - lots of static discharges.

Also due to very high winds on the coast of Montenegro the beams could not be
turned in the correct direction for DL, which especially made reception of the
smaller stations from Germany rather difficult. At times it looked like a
pre-school for helicopters here... hi hi

Many stations outside of DL do not understand that DX only works DL, leading to
unneccessary bad feelings and interference.

As always this remains on of my favorites!
4Ø/DD5FZ   SO Mixed HP   318,5462007-10-22 01:55:41
SORRY! I was in SO/Mixed/HP and not LP!
PA3ARM   SO CW LP   54,9002007-10-22 02:19:59
Station :
Ten Tec Orion II 100W
inv vee (2 x 8m) 10m up fer 15, 20 es 80
dipole 4m up fer 40m

Vy good activity from DL
cu next year
K4BAI   SO Mixed HP   2,7722007-10-22 05:28:26
FT1000MP, Alpha 78, 1 KW, TH6DXX, zepp. Time was very limited this weekend, but
enjoyed the time I had. Hope to work you all from NQ4I M/M in CQ WW SSB next
weekend. 73, John, K4BAI.
DL3YM   SO CW LP   69,9552007-10-22 08:12:16
Very limited time besides family / work commitments and a short 5 hour shift at
DQ1A late Saturday evening.
Tried to run whenever I could. Nice being called from N4PN for my only NA-QSO
on 80.
WAG is a fun contest - just hope that one day I will have time for a full
effort in this one.
Tnx all for the Qs.
DL8MBS   SO Mixed QRP   143,3762007-10-22 08:57:09
Tried SO2R for the first time in a contest which really made operating more
intense and interesting. Not much experience on the net about using both radios
for S&P instead of the prevailing CQ-and-search-combination, so there is of
course much to test and learn for me. But with the smaller technical investment
at qrp-level it worked fine already in the most simple form: one
multiband-antenna for each rig without all that elaborate switching and
protection stuff.

So perhaps as a small encouragement for other small pistols (or for the
amusement of the Formula 1) the small list what relatively few was needed:

Rigs: K2 & IC-718; N1MM for keying (no rig-control yet) both rigs; small box
for audio-switching and "some" wires and plugs; two matchboxes for the
Antennas: 40m-doublet @ 10m + provisional 80-m-doublet with such a short and
straight feedline run that both dipole-arms could be used as independent endfed
wires making for an 80m-sloper and a horizontal 20m-wire @ 10m

The contest itself went without big surprises given the rare DX in it and the
condx we slowly get used to...

Best 73, Chris

RW4PL   SO CW HP   12,9002007-10-22 09:28:38
CU next contest!
73! Andy.
DL1CW   SO CW HP   80,0032007-10-22 09:54:19
Only last 5 Hours available for operation. Nice opening on 15 to US.

Hope to be back full time next year.

Sorry for some guys who using N1MM and having problems to log my call. (The
tool is wrong, I'm back in Germany and not on Shetlands anymore....)

73, and thanks for the contacts. Arno - DL1CW
DL6KVA   SO CW LP   129,6882007-10-22 11:41:18
Was surprised about some hours with good condx, so it was fun even with low
power. Too bad I'm always limited to a few hours in WAG due to family reasons.
DR1R(DL9EE)   SO Mixed HP   979,1642007-10-23 04:57:39
Tnx to the holiday-maker Andy DL8LAS for using his fine Station again !
I like the compressed 24-hour-format, the one shot at each opening.
Congrats to Lothar DL3TD, it seems like a Multi-OP score in SO-class, whow!
Thanks also to Matt DJ8OG@DJ6QT for the nice DL-Competition "BEST OF THE REST"
I had a lot of fun I guess that is the main thing.

73 de Holger, DL9EE dit dit

For more Info`s :
DM1A   M/S HP   1,933,6462007-10-23 12:39:17
Best QSO total for us despite bad 10m-band. Enjoyed working stateside on 15m
after quite a long time...
Mults suffered a bit from the lack of operators and sometimes unstable cluster

Thanks for all the QSOs!

73 de Manfred, DJ5MW
DL3TD   SO Mixed HP   1,422,0502007-10-23 14:58:24
I really enjoy this contest right from my start of Ham Radio.
The first time I took part was in 1967 (WADM). At that time I was 14
years old. 3 years later I won the contest the first time. Now I'm 54
and I'm looking forward to get the latest result. Let's see how
successful it went.

15m condx were absolutely astonishing. 51 JA-QSOs can be found in my
Log on that band. A couple of weeks ago only ONE JA was found in WAEDC
SSB in our DF0HQ-Log.

Let us hope the best for the forthcoming condx next weekend.
See you in CQWW SSB.

Lothar, DL3TD, DF0HQ (M/M in CQWW agn)
DP4K   M/S HP   1,934,8282007-10-24 08:51:58
Hello to all Contesters !

"Radio Taubeneiche" ON THE AIR AGAIN !

After pretty long time first contest for us in M/S class. In the last
months we have been pretty busy in putting up a new 27m high tower and
antennas on it. We also changed our very old caravan which is our shack
to a newer and bigger one. That was much work and the WAG Contest was the
first real test for the new antenna system and station.
We are happy with the antennas and I think the work payed off !
Many thanks to Uli, DL8OBQ who put in the most time and energy to
the reconstruction of the station.

In the Contest we had a lot of fun and I think activity was very good.
The conditions could have been better (like they were the days before
the Contest) but for the buttom of the cycle it was great to see 15m
open. 20m was also nice. We had a great run to NA there.
40m also in good shape and we realy enjoyed to have our 2 ele
beam up on the new tower after long time on the ground.
80m was difficult with pretty high QRN level. On 10m every
QSO was hard work, but it was interesting to hear, what is
possible, even with no sunspots. We moved many stations
from other bands there and thanks to all stations, who
moved with us over the bands !

Congratulations to all the other M/S stations like
DQ4W,DM1A,DP9A,DR4A,DL0XM etc.... Will be nice to compare
the scores. Maybe it´s up to the logchecking ;-)
TNX also to Maik, DJ2QV who made a long drive by car to
operate with us again and bringing some equipment.

MANY THANKS to all, who gave us a call in the contest
and we hope to meet you soon on the bands again !
Good luck to all who will be in the CQ-WW-SSB this weekend.

Take a look at our HP


Heiko (Bud), DK3DM


TS 850+ ACOM 2000A

TS 850+ Heathkit SB 220

80m : Titanex V160, 1x Broadband Dipole up 27m, 1x Dipole up 24m for CW
40m : 2ele Fullsize beam up 27m, Delta Loop
20,15,10m : JP 2000 tribandbeam up 28m , Optibeam 16-3 up 24m
DD2D(DK8ZB)   SO CW HP   702,2102007-10-24 12:59:14
73 and thanks for the Q's
barney DK8ZB/WP3F
OK1JOC   SO Mixed QRP   21,4142007-10-25 07:15:39
FT817,end fed zepp
cw is bttr for qrp
YW7A(VIC)   SO Mixed LP   4,2842007-10-26 14:24:55
ANT Yagi 3 ele
Rig: icom 750
PWR: 100w

Fb contest. Bad propagation...Vic
DL2MDU   SO CW HP   423,4442007-10-28 10:12:54
RIG: Icom 7400, homemade amplifier GS31b 600-700 watts, OptiBeam 11-3 & dipole

73, Chris
DL6UAA   SO Mixed LP   6,5762007-11-08 17:35:02
Wrkd 2hrs - just for fun without computerlogging.