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North American QSO Party, RTTY   2007   February   Comment Summary

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VA3PC   Single Op LP   25,7552007-02-24 18:53:15
Listened on 10m at the top of the hour, but nothing heard.
Heard a VE2, but didn't get a chance to work him.
73 and thanks to everyone who participated.
Paul, va3pc
W7ZR   Single Op HP   20,2002007-02-24 19:02:34
Couldn't resist running 400w with new amplifier. So just a check log this time.
K6RIM   Single Op LP   2,4642007-02-24 19:11:19
No time for this one.
VA3DX   Single Op LP   63,4882007-02-24 20:07:13
Very tough at the start , zero on 10 and even 20 / 15 were mostly just west of
the Mississippi...

40 and 80 were very good here ....

Points for Contest Club Ontario

AD6WL   Single Op LP   104,9942007-02-24 20:38:01
15 meters was open but 10 meters just wouldn't cooperate. One contact on 10 to
Brazil and not even a mult! Overall, I am happy with my score.

73, Jim
AA5AU   Single Op LP   118,1042007-02-24 20:40:42
Fun time although the bands didn't seem all that great. Good activity. Since I
missed both NAQP tests last year, it was good to be back for a full effort.

Thanks for all the Q's.

73, Don AA5AU
W4RK   Single Op LP   38,5002007-02-24 21:06:45
Good turnout. Thunderstorms early made copy difficult.
K3MQ   Single Op LP   42,6242007-02-24 21:08:07
My first time doing SO2R. Once you get into a rhythm, it's pretty slick. I
defintely need to improve the antenna on second radio.

I tripled my score from last year, so I guess there is progress. If I can
triple it again next year, I'll be doing something, but I wouldn't get my hopes

Same old states were no-shows.

Many thanks to the sponsors - great contest and lots of fun.

Bob - K3MQ
K7MI   Single Op LP   136,2862007-02-24 21:11:35
My first attempt at SO2R at the new station and it was enough to drive a crazy
man sane but lots and lots of fun. I had bad rain static for the first 4 hours
so my apologies to those I could not pull out of the racket.

Larry K7MI
K4RY(KI4DVI/AE)   Single Op LP   38,0252007-02-24 21:14:45
Great time for my first contest as control op with the new /AE.

Kenwood TS-450
Mosley PRO-67-B
80m Inverted V

73 de KI4DVI/AE
Auburn University Amateur Radio Club
Alabama Contest Group Team ACG Diddlers
N4CBK   Single Op LP   15,1112007-02-24 21:18:15
20-meter Moxon at 45 feet.
80-meter delta loop at 65 feet.

Spent two hours replacing the 20-meter Moxon with a new one using a copper-clad
wire instead of stranded. Also raised it another 10 feet to 45. Hard to tell in
one contest how it performs. But sigs seemed stronger overall. Struggled with
repairing the 80-meter delta loop. One leg remains tangled in tree branches at
45 feet. Obvious degradation in performance. All the antenna work kept me from
getting on the air until after 3 pm. Was pleased to work K4RY (KI4DVI/Carey at
the switch) at the Auburn University Amateur Radio Club with his shiny new
extra class ticket. Worked a number of fellow ACGers and also had a great chat
with ACG member K4VU/Robin on 20 meters way out in California. A nice
thunderstorm front made things interesting on 80 toward the end.

TNX for all the Qs.

Cheers es 73 de Jay/N4CBK
K6LL   Single Op LP   116,1092007-02-24 21:18:49
Thanks for the QSO's and moves. Not many moves worked out.
NØXB   Single Op LP   54,7402007-02-24 21:34:14
I'm tired. But what else was there to do with a blizzard going on outside?

Lots of rtty fun, but not as fast as I remember it being in years past...maybe
less participants, and surely not as good propagation...15 was dead from up in
the Black Hole.

Thanks to all. Murphy stayed completely away. What a treat that is.

73 all
WØYK   Single Op LP   107,6402007-02-24 21:43:06
These ten hours reminded me graphicly why I enjoy contesting from Aruba! It's
different from Northern California. Spent the first 15 minutes of each hour
for the first five hours CQing on 10 and was rewarded with six locals on ground
wave. Worked everything I could find on that band.

Thanks for the QSOs and the moves.

NA7RF   Single Op LP   17,0172007-02-24 21:56:13
Great contest...really enjoyed myself! Tough under crowded band conditions with
just a SSB filter...that caused me to lose several Q's/mults on 40.
W7WHY   Single Op HP   33,8122007-02-24 21:58:32
Fun!! Love these RTTY contests.

Had a couple of Murphy visits this time. The amp tripped out in the middle of
a run on 40 and put me to low power for about an hour. That sure slowed things
down. The feedline on the 40 vertical came off and had to re-do that. Had a 1
hour of 61 for the best. We also had a bad thunder and lightening storm that
made things interesting so we had to shut things down for a while.

Seems like the RTTY ops are really catching on. Very few are using the <enter>
at the end of the macro's any more. Only had one station that called me with
about 4 cr/lf at the end and every time he gave his call, it just disappeared
off the screen. Most unusual exchange I saw was someone who sent "XX IN SW
AZ." That was a head scratcher for a minute.

Bands seemed in pretty good shape. The 80 and 40 meter bands were good here.
Was working the east coast in broad daylight here. Was glad to have some DX
call in even if they don't count, still like to work them. Called CQ on 10 but
no takers.

Thanks to the NCJ for a fun way to spend Saturday. 73

Radio 1 TS-450SAT + SB200 ~300 watts +RASCAL
Radio 2 FT-840 +RASCAL

N1MM Logger 7.0.1

80 meter dipole, 80 meter vertical, 40 meter vertical x 2, 20 meter hb 2 el
monobander, 20 meter vertical, 15 meter dipole, G5RV, hb 2 el 10 meter
NA5U   Single Op LP   56,2422007-02-24 22:01:43
Great fun. Thanks to all that called in.
K6TD   Single Op LP   51,2822007-02-24 22:03:12
Missed ND mult, again.
AC5AA   Single Op LP   27,5102007-02-24 22:04:54
I didn't get to spend the full 10 hours on the air, but had fun with the
vertical and wire. Bumped into team member KG5U, and met lots of others.
Thanks for the fun, guys and gals!
KØWA   M/2 LP   60,6212007-02-24 22:07:04
Not much activity on for this contest.
K6XT   Single Op LP   56,2952007-02-24 22:11:09
Mity Fine Time!!
K6MM   Single Op LP   50,1602007-02-24 22:18:50
1st hour ran at 10 watts instead of 100(half asleep). Really enjoyable time in
my first NAQP RTTY contest. Good band conditions all day long. Wish I could
have operated all 12 hrs. Next time: M/M fun. Thanks for all the QSOs, and
for uploading to LoTW. I'm working on my WAS RTTY certificate...thanks in
advance. Best 73 and CU again soon. John, K6MM
AD6ZJ   Single Op LP   5,6162007-02-24 22:21:31
Not much time to opperate this weekend. Many family duities with relatives in
town. Just would dart in the shack for a Q or two between family stuff. Finally
got into the shack without disruptions with 1:45 left to go in the contest.
During that time I had several good runs including a 27Q run at 83qs/hr on 80M
in the final 20 min.

AD6ZJ, Loren
N6CK   Single Op LP   35,4202007-02-24 22:33:05
Really fun test! Easier working weaker stations, with the 100 watt limit. Good
for those QRP'ers, too! 73 Greg
WN6K   Single Op LP   59,2962007-02-24 23:03:40
I was using K6XT's CA record as my target (and made it) but am sure that others
did the same so much more work for the future. Lots of work - trying to get
east coast Q's in the last two hours from out west....

WN6K, Paul
K6GEP   Single Op LP   20,4482007-02-24 23:08:12
As usual, I found 20 meters tough. I managed to set a personal record for
the 6 NAQP's that I've entered over the last year. Broke my record for number
of Q's in a contest on 80 meters. My 80 meter dipole performing great.
had a run going on 80m for over an hour, which is a new experience for me. I
need to re-work antennas for 40, 20 and 15.

Thanks to VE4EAR for his patience in coming back to work me when I couldn't
copy him first time. Tnx for putting VE4 on the air too!

I was missing some really large states this time, like MO and IN!

Tnx to N6HC for recommending the N1MM Logger. The N1MM Software is an
absolute dream, especially for S&P mode.


FT-990 100W
80 meter dipole sloping down from 50 feet to the north
40 meter dipole as inverted vee up 50 feet
20 meter dipole hung as a vertical
Alpha Delta DX-CC Multiband Dipole at 20 feet (used it on 20 and 15 a bit)

Software: N1MM
K7JJ   Single Op LP   5,8652007-02-25 11:44:46
Station: IC-7000 to trap vertical, HI-Q 4/80, or G5RV
W1TY   Single Op LP   51,5202007-02-25 11:47:29
Nice to work all the RTTY Rangers from RDXA. Good condx from WNY and great runs
on 40 & 80.

Hope I did not confuse too many op by using "Goober" as name.

Rick W1TY
W4NZ   Single Op LP   26,8772007-02-25 11:47:37
Still a novice at RTTY, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the QSO's.

73, Ted W4NZ
K5BG   Single Op LP   46,7402007-02-25 11:48:28
This is a fun contest.
Nice ops.
Tnx to all for calling.
73, Bob
W4UK   Single Op LP   38,0162007-02-25 11:54:32
Wire dipoles only.
K5YAC   Single Op LP   35,8282007-02-25 12:01:30
Kind of slow at the start. Didn't seem to be a lot of activity for much of the
afternoon. I did manage to work a few on 15 and picked up PY2DN on 10M.
Camped out on 20 until around 5PM local. Later in the evening things picked up
a bit on 40 and 80, and that is where it got pretty fun for me. Lots of action
at times. I was planing to hang it up around 8PM, but picked up 50 Qs real
quick and decided to stay in till the end.

Only worked 42 states. Are there any ops in North Dakota? hi hi

Glad I stuck it out, had a real good time.


Rigblaster Pro
HF6V Vertical
N1MM Logger - this is a great program... check it out.
KØFX   Single Op LP   60,0602007-02-25 12:02:39
Great fun as usual. 80m was the band to be on.

Go GMCC Desert Rats.....

Se you in the next one.
73 Don K0FX
K9MUG   Single Op LP   50,9592007-02-25 12:12:26
Thanks for the qsos. Sorry about all the repeat requests, but with a storm
approaching, the low bands were tough even with a receiving ant.
Almost perfect SO2R condx---low rates on all bands. It's time for us SO1R guys
to pack it in. Think I'll stick to those contests whoch reward dx and low band
qsos more.
K4WW   Single Op LP   12,5372007-02-25 12:13:45
Things started off great! 20 was open, very well, especially to the
West/Northwest. 15 left much to be desired, which required moving to 40, much
sooner than expected. At about 21:30, a continous line of thunderstorms,
started, and unfortunately, lasted until 03:00, making copy near impossible. By
then I had lost so much time, that I didn't get back on. The ever growing
popularity of RTTY contesting is outstanding! Almost 10% of my contacts were
with stations, never before worked on RTTY!
KFØUR   Single Op LP   31,9002007-02-25 12:16:51
It was another fun contest, although it was off to a slow start. 15M was
pretty dead, so I started on 20M and worked my way up to 80M. Conditions were
not great most of the time, but there were the occasional moments of
wonderfulness. Thanks to all for the QSOs.

Rig: Kenwood TS-830s & W5GI Collinear Array...using N1MM logger with MMTTY.
KTØR   Single Op LP   40,4802007-02-25 12:22:07
Wasn't planning much of a effort but got on late afternoon. And played. 160 was
so nosiey on Friday night. So I stayed with the RTTY test. Went to 160 after
the NAQP ended and 160 was in good shape.

Seemed like a lack of mults. I guess just conditions.

Thank for the Qso's

73 Dave KT0R
KØSR(@WØZT)   Single Op LP   73,4402007-02-25 12:23:56
1st time in this contest, still a RTTY novice. Conditions weren't the best and
it got slow at times. 10 and 15 were pretty much worthless. Highlight was
working WT9Q on the second radio right after he worked me on his!

73 Steve K0SR
TF3KX   Single Op LP   3,5702007-02-25 12:23:58
Rig: IC746, 100W
Ant: Inv-V

I appreciate the chance to take part in this short but enjoyable event. Thanks
to those responding to my calls, despite not giving a multiplier.

73 - Kris, TF3KX
AA4LR   Single Op LP   21,1502007-02-25 12:24:01
Cushcraft A3S/A743 at 15m (10-40m)
Shunt-fed 15m tower (80m)

Elecraft K2/100 w/ KAT100 running 50-67 watts (supplemental cooling)
Ancient Toshiba Laptop


Only a part-time effort. 10m was completely dead. Tuned across it several
times, even called CQ for a while. A couple of stations sent QSY requests for
10m -- but it was dead. Nothing. Nada.

15m and 20m were exceedingly long. First went to 40m at 2040z. That's too
doggone early.

Not nearly as much activity as the NAQP CW or Phone. Found I couldn't call CQ
as much as I would like, since there weren't nearly enough callers.

Had a lot of fun, though. Surprised at the number of European and South
American DX stations calling CQ NAQP. (After all, it is the North American QSO

Heard N4ZZ numerous times on 15m -- but he couldn't hear me backscatter. Didn't
manage to work either of my teammates, although I followed K4SB up the band a
couple of times.
VY2SS   Single Op LP   49,1262007-02-25 12:24:34
As a proud Canadian I demand a level playing field. All contest operators should
QRX from 7-10 PM EST on Saturday night for the hockey game. Its only fair!
VE3SS   Single Op LP   3,7602007-02-25 12:26:32
This contest coupled with the cqww 160 ssb
contest and other household priorities, made for
divided contest times in both. This was my first
entry in the NAQP RTTY and I truly wished I had
more time to spend on it. It was a fun time. I will
definitely put this contest on the calender for
next year. Thanks to all who worked me!
73 Ted VE3SS
N2WK   Single Op LP   62,6432007-02-25 12:29:23
Slow going from here. My first SO all band in 3 years. I think I have lost a
step or 2. Thanks for all the Q's and sorry to anyone I pushed the wrong button
on at the wrong time.
K4FJ   Single Op LP   36,9512007-02-25 12:32:33
15M died early, 20M was only fair, and 40/80 with my antennas is a challenge.
Gotta fix that!
KR4F   Single Op LP   22,7522007-02-25 12:40:49
Many distractions. Intermittant weather interruptions. Off for lightning at
0315. Back on at 0400. Off for good because of lightning at 0428.
N2KI   Single Op LP   4,9442007-02-25 12:43:54
Not a full effort here, but fun for the short time involved.
WØBR   Single Op LP   57,8382007-02-25 12:59:33
80M dipole @ 55 ft
40M Half Square @ 55 ft
20M inverted V @ 50 ft
4BTV ground mounted vertical
500 ft horizontal loop @ 50 ft & tuner for 80 & 40
K5AC(@WØUO)   Single Op LP   54,3972007-02-25 13:02:47
Had a decent run on 20m and was called by KL8DX, then everyone else thought it
was his frequency and started calling, then N2B! started calling CQ without
asking if freq. was busy :-(. My notebook computer was apparently too slow to
run Writelog and MMTTY so my macros went out V..E..R..Y....SLOWLY. Missed ME,
MO, MT, OK, SK & AB.

First time using my new call, very nice! Thanks to Jim-W0UO for letting me
using his station.

73 Tim K5AC (ex KU4J)
NG7Z   Single Op LP   21,1602007-02-25 13:18:38
Between splitting wood, visiting my Mom, stacking wood, napping, not a bad
Thanks for the Q's 73 Paul NG7Z
KEØWO   Single Op LP   32,7002007-02-25 13:30:45
Due to the freezing rain and snow I reluctantly canceled joining a M2 effort and
operated from home. Ice coated everything. I can't explain how a large falling
tree brach missed my dipole, but the dipole is still up. I finished logging my
QSO # 300 and everything went dark (time to repair/replace the UPS units). Ice
or a tree branch had taken down an electrical power line somewhere in the
KE1F   Single Op LP   1,2252007-02-25 13:31:10
Part, part time operation.
K7ZO   Single Op LP   3,3212007-02-25 13:33:10
Just got on for a couple hours to have some fun. Had intended to go to NK7U for
our first ever RTTY contest there, but winter storms conspired to keep me from
making the 2 hour drive. Be on the lookout for NK7U on RTTY sometime later this

Had some good runs on 40M around sunset my time. One was cut short by a VA7 who
immediately after working me moved up 750 Hz and started calling CQ. All that
meant was neither of us made any QSO's.

AI9T   Single Op LP   30,2642007-02-25 13:34:05
Had to attend a surprise "60th" birthday party for a friend yesterday so my
effort was only part time. Band conditions were not really that good on 20 or
15 but the lower bands were fair. Big story here was the weather, 35 mph winds,
freezing rain with thunder in the early afternoon. Finally changed to all rain
in the evening. Rain static was terrible.

Steve AI9T
WØRAA   Single Op LP   20,9792007-02-25 13:36:46
The bands were really weird. I had stations coming in at S9+ and getting asked
to repeat. I saw that happening a lot on all the bands. Not sure what was
going on. But, it was still fun.
VE4EAR   Single Op LP   51,7832007-02-25 13:53:38
How much fun can you have with 100 watts and some wire. this definitely came
close. Definitely wished I had a better antenna system than the 132 ft

From here, 10 was dead, 15 was only open to CA and FL and a few Caribbean
stations from 17:30 to about 19:00. It was nice to to be called by CU2JT!

Having to take a couple hours off was sure tough, and I know I could have
chosen better times for this but family commitments and all. Ended up taking
off between 22:00-23:00 and then 24:00-01:00. 20 meters was still open during
the first break and when I cam back after the second break, 40 meter was well
entrenched and hard to find a space.

I noticed a couple times that after running for a bit, the rate would dropp off
and when I started S&Ping, there was plenty of signals, Everyone was running and
a quick scan of the band yielded a higher rate than running a frequency would

Thanks to everyone that had the patience to stick with me and my requests for

Looking forward to the next one!


W7NNN   Single Op LP   1,2542007-02-25 13:54:02
Nice lil' warm-up before 160 test.
KSØM   Single Op LP   1,8562007-02-25 13:55:37
Just managed to be on for slightly less than 2 hours. What time I was on was
great fun. I enjoy this contest and will be back next time.
WW4LL   M/2 LP   92,4482007-02-25 14:06:34
Went to 10 on the hour with no results at all. 20 and 15 were disappointing.
Band was long on 20 and worked almost no New England.

Only managed to pass 6 stations but resulted in 4 mults. Disappointing that we
didn't hear and work more locals. Surprised to only work Don, AA5AU one time.
I think that conditions were down and didn't appear to have many participants,
although welcome to the new ones.

Poopsie, Beaver and a handful of other names brought a smile to our faces.

Thanks to those that moved for us, the spots and Qs. See you in the next one.

73'....Fred WW4LL
KØTG   Single Op LP   12,6722007-02-25 14:07:07
I was planning a part time operation to start with, but it turned out to be even
more of a part time effort when Murphy stepped in. I had a heck of a time
getting the MicroKeyer to key the correct PTT on the shack PC. It always
worked before. So plan B was to use my laptop. Well that had issues from when
I used to use the RigBlaster Pro and some USB serial ports. Can't win on that.
Plan C was to press into service the work PC, but I had to build a fresh copy
of everything as it did not have Writelog, uRouter or MMTTY in it due to a hard
drive failure the week before. Finally got on the air late in the afternoon.
So I missed most of 20 meters.

40 was disappointing again but 80 worked ok. Not my strongest band from this

Bottom line: Had fun.

73, John K0TG
N6HC   Single Op LP   94,1362007-02-25 14:09:55
It was fun to hear all the usual suspects and quite a few new contesting calls
too. Conditions on the left coast seemed better than I expected. I wasn't
sure I could even play in this exercise, so I didn't join a team. Sorry
I hope to participate more in contesting events this year.
Best regards,
Arnie N6HC
NB1B   Single Op LP   4,6552007-02-25 14:32:22
A few hours playtime, just to pass out a few QSOs...

Dennis NB1B
W1AJT/VE3   Single Op LP   4,7942007-02-25 14:33:28
Fun but only able to be on at odd hours

Rig : TS-480SAT
Antennas : Hamsticks
WF3C(@W4MLB)   Single Op LP   48,0002007-02-25 14:35:45
If the contest ended either earlier or later, it would be easier for me to do a
full-time effort, but facing an hour-plus drive back at midnight (with offtime
and resetting the station from contesting to general operating) was just too
much. I hit a round number shortly before 11:00, and was on the way back home
at 11:30.

No real equipment problems in this one, so I'll have to pin the sub-par rates
and score on the operator. I did have a problem with the audio from the rig
getting to the modem properly, and by the time I switched rigs to fix the
problem I'd taken 25 minutes. I figured I'd take a few more to reach the full
30 minutes.

SO1R in this contest is a killer. I felt like I was missing a lot of stations
on other bands even when I was running at a decent rate. If I get ambitious
next time, I may try to move the second (identical) station at W4MLB down the
bench and use both rigs. The only other antenna is a 30m/80m inverted vee, but
at the bottom of the cycle that would be better than nothing.

A number of three-band contacts, no four-band contacts that I can think of (I
heard W6YX on 80m, but they couldn't hear me). The only two five-banders were
local teammates that I moved to 10m before 11PM when their operating time ran


TS-850 w/dual 500Hz filters
Moseley Pro67B @ 60'
30m/80m Inv-Vee @ 58'
AF4Z Multi-Modem
Writelog 10.53 on an old Windows 98 machine

Chris WF3C/4
KG5U   Single Op LP   46,6642007-02-25 14:36:38
This was my first real venture into RTTY contesting. It was very interesting.
The software used was MixW and I've got mixed feelings about it. But, then,
I've only been using it for less than 90 days now and still have a lot to learn
about it, especially with regards to setting it up for contest logging.

Initially, I was using the mouse extensively to key the message/macro buttons
and highlighting and double-clicking on the name-state reports to get them up
into the exchange received field. Then, I realized it was just a lot easier to
type it all in myself and use the F-keys for sending. That seems to streamline
things and make not only the QSO go smoother, but reduce the stress level.

I ran my radio at 30 watts out throughout the contest. With one or two
exceptions, everyone I called heard me. With only a half-dozen exceptions,
everyone copied my exchange on the first transmission. How much to attribute
to RTTY and how much to attribute to the logging software helping, I don't

I'm looking forward to the next RTTY NAQP, now.
AE6RF   Single Op LP   5,9672007-02-25 14:40:09
Less than expected time on the air due to child care issues.

Both 40 and 80 were intense. 40 even got up to "brutal" for a little while.

Lots of fun!
VA7ST   Single Op LP   60,8362007-02-25 14:42:22
N1MM Logger + MMTTY
FT920 (100w) -- SO1R
3 ele. CL33 @ 45'
2 x 40M delta loops (aiming E-W)
2 x 40M raised verticals
1 x 40M rotary dipole @ 55'
1 x 80M inverted-V @ 65'
1 x all band ground-mounted vertical

Score history (claimed)

NAQP Qs Mults Score
2007 Feb 454 134 60,836
2006 Feb 401 141 56,541
2005 Feb 420 142 59,640
2004 Feb 219 100 21,800
2003 Feb 191 87 16,616

20M Qs Mults
2007 170 38
2006 135 38
2005 133 42

Any contest that has me grinning as the closing bell rings is pretty darn good.
This one was pretty darn good. I had a great time, got my off-times about
perfect, and was worn out by 0600z -- which means I gave it all I had.

Prior to this year, Feb. 2005 was my best ever. Back then I reported "Improving
year over year... aimed for 300 QSOs and beat the goal by 120. Nearly tripled
the score from last year, but fell about 2 Qs or 1 mult short of an even
60,000 points." Back then, I had discovered severe power line noise two weeks
earlier and it has stayed with me ever since, without respite.

This time out, I was armed with the MFJ-1026 noise canceling box to deal with
the power line noise. It worked like a charm on 20M and 15M -- taking S7-8
noise down to S2. I was able to hear a layer of callers that are usually too
chopped up by noise to work. On 20M it had to be worth 40 more Qs this year.

Didn't need it on 40 or 80 this time as most signals were well above the
ambient noise. If there was a weak one, I pushed the On button and wiped out
whatever trash was on top of him -- the bad noise went away and the signal
stayed. Didn't run the box all the time on the lower bands if I didn't need it.
It does sometimes attenuate signals if the sense and main antennas both happen
to hear the desired signals at nearly the same strength. I used a 40M raised
vertical as a sense antenna there, so although it's a great noise reducer, I
preferred running without unless I needed it.

Ran the LiveScores page all day. What a hoot!

I credit the constantly rising scores from AD6WL, W3LL, and others for keeping
me in the chair and turning the dial faster. Set a goal of 400Qs and would be
happy with 55,000 points. Stretch target was 60,000 points, which I figured
would indicate good station and operator improvement over 2005, considering
it's solar min now.

Off times were taken according to #1 son's hockey game schedule. Dropped him
off at the local arena at 1 p.m. (2100z) an hour before gametime. He's a goalie
and takes the hour to prepare, so I went home and waited out the clock hour
before running 20M intensively. Had my highest rate of 77/hr., and stayed on
until 3:25 p.m., when I took my final hour of off-time. Spent it at the arena
watching the kid get his first shut-out of the year. Won 6-0, including a
stopped penalty shot that had the crowd on its feet. Game over, he went off out
of town to meet the XYL and #2 son (already at #2's tournament, three hours
away), and I took his wet, smelly shutout gear home. Me and the dog finished
the contest in a blissfully silent home. Tippy's sure not much of a
second-radio op. (See )

Band breakdown starts with this: 10M was dead as a stump.

15M was alive and well for NA, though call areas 6 and 7 provided zero Qs. Hope
15M is on its way back next year.

20M was very productive, though mults were a bit lower than I'd hoped, with
just 38 found. Seemed to fall off early (2:30 p.m. Pacific, 2230z) as those
east of us went to 40M or took breaks in prep for the evening run.

40M seemed hot, but I couldn't make much on this band, despite having four
antennas -- raised and ground verticals, rotary dipole and a pair of phased
delta loops pointed in the right direction for NAQP. Went there around 5 p.m.
0100z. At certain times of the year, 40M and 80M offer one-way propagation
until rather late in the evening. Saturday night was one of those times. The
best was the rotary dipole up at 55' (it's taken six months for the verdict,
but I now think this "crappie" dipole is quite good for its very short size and
low height).

When I worked Don (AA5AU) I had to smile knowing he was probably using his D40,
the story of which had triggered me to go ahead and try something similar.
Second best was the ground-mounted vertical, but it wasn't great. Had to work
hard to break 100 Qs on 40M, though 39 mults was my highest for any band this

80M was quite good. I went there at 0338z, tearing myself away from 40M just as
things were finally starting to play, but wanted to get 20 minutes on 80M before
the two-hour buzzer went, and some folks ran out of operating time. What a
rotten time I had, with slow rates and few mults -- I could hear everyone
nicely, but seemed I wasn't getting out much, on the vertical or the
inverted-V. The inverted-V SWR was snapping back and forth with an intermittent
fault somewhere. At precisely 0500z, I decided to quit, feeling bummed out
because W3LL was just a few thousand points ahead of me on LiveScores, and I
had come close but not close enough to beat even last year's score, let alone
break 60K.

I wandered outside in the cold dark night to give the dog a walkie, and found
the inverted-V had sagged a bit. The center connectors up 65' must be loose, I
realized. Without tension, the screws and eyelets up there could lose contact
intermittently. I tensioned her up and it worked nicely after I got back in the
chair at 0519z. Rate "soared" and I added 32 Qs and 7 mults in that final 40
minutes. I even passed the 60,000 point mark for the first time. I now wonder
how I'd have fared had the fix been done BEFORE the contest. Gotta love

Notes to self:
1. Never give up.
2. Check antennas while there's still daylight.
3. Next time, don't forget the dog outside.

Total contacts: 454
Unique callsigns: 309
Four-banders: only AA5AU and W0BR
Highest hour: 2156z to 2254z with 77 Qs
Best surprises: VE4EAR, AL2F and KL8DX -- thanks for 40 and 80!
WA4PGM   Single Op QRP   15,4842007-02-25 14:49:50
KF4OPX   Single Op LP   10,9022007-02-25 15:10:10
WAØSXV   Single Op LP   19,7492007-02-25 15:11:49
Extremely part-time. Bands seemed a bit down although lots of 80m activity.
NI7T   M/2 LP   151,5542007-02-25 15:20:26
Fun contest...Thanks to W7CT for beating the computers into submission..and
thanks to all the participants ...The last hour on 80M was a blast..conditions
were such that by selecting the right beverage one could to copy the entire
US..see you in the next one...W7CT and NI7T...

Station details at WWW.NI7T.COM our new Web Site.
WAØRSX   Single Op LP   28,6342007-02-25 15:24:20
50 watts grnd mntd vertical (High cost dummy load) Plus some PC down time as
always. Tower this spring...
Had fun anyway...Go GMCC.... 73 to all. TNX for q's.
W4GKM   Single Op LP   73,1502007-02-25 15:35:45
Thanks for all the q's and tnx to the sponsor. I had to take time off to watch
Tennesse Vols beat the Hogs and then the LSU tigers take out the Gators. So by
the time I did that the storms started rolling in and it made conditions here
very noisy. Didn't do as well as last year so maybe conditions will be better
on the next one.
KØRFD   Single Op LP   60,5222007-02-25 15:39:41
Great fun. My favorite contest of the year. Worked lots of new calls, too.

Couldn't get much of anything going on 15. Thank God for 40.

The recent contraction of 80 meters makes running on 80 a little
nerve-wracking. Thanks to all who gave me repeats.
W6KNC   Single Op LP   8,8322007-02-25 16:04:13
First ever NAQP. Lots of fun, but I'd drather be back at VK4UC. Very
modest setup here. A short G5RV at 18 feet. couldn't get on 80 and
had a high VSWR on 40.
W9ILY   Single Op LP   31,5182007-02-25 16:55:34
W4ZW   Single Op LP   4932007-02-25 17:27:25
Couldn't figure out why no one answered my calls until one good samaritan told
me I was inverted! First time using N1MM/MMTY/Micro Keyer so the settings were
a bit confusing.
N6XT   Single Op LP   8,4302007-02-25 18:01:12
I had a couple interuptions with my daughter and grand daughter visiting plus VE
Testing at the beginning of the contest. I'm still using a 10-80 folded dipole.
I hope to increase my q's per hour in the next NAQP RTTY CONTEST.

KØHW   Single Op LP   50,0202007-02-25 18:51:22
I am glad to see the entry screen is back, I got a slow start and I
can't say that it ever improved. I did check and call CQ on 10
for the first 3 hours both on the hour and the half hour. I did
find one station out of North America but of course no multiplier.

There were wall to wall signals again on 20 and people were not
on 20 when I checked early so I don't know where the SO2R folks
were hanging out. There was some activity on 15 but it was very
long from here. I thought I would catch a few of the neighbor
states on 20 but they must not have been hearing me and I heard
only a few and they were all in S&P mode. I spent a lot of time
in S&P mode with rates above 60 per hour most of the time and when
in CQ mode the rate stayed between 30 and 40.

This contesting is always fun and then you go back and try to figure
out what you could do better. Many states were not heard on any

Writelog, ICOM 756 PROII, AEA PK-232, HyGain TH11DX, Dipoles on
40 & 80
AK9F(@WB9Z)   Single Op LP   50,8132007-02-25 20:31:16
I operated this contest with my own RTTY rig and equipment, but using the
excellent antenna systems of Jerry, WB9Z. This turned out to one of the wilder
contests I’ve ever participated in. Things started out normally, but a couple
hours into the contest, we were hit by a major weather front, complete with an
ice storm, horizontal sleet and rain, and winds gusting to 40 MPH. All the
antennas were quickly covered with nearly a half inch of radial ice, and the
VSWR on all antennas soared. The directivity of the beams pretty much went out
the window and tuning was required on all bands just to keep the radio from
shutting down. All beams were locked in position and rotating them was out of
the question. The noise of the wind was incredible for hours and the
electrical service flickered many times, and though many of the neighbors were
out of power, we never lost it at Jerry’s QTH. If it had, his 25 KW
emergency generator would have kept things going.

Then around 8 PM local time, the temperature started to rise and large pieces
of ice started falling off the many towers and beams at WB9Z. Propelled by the
high winds, the chunks of ice sounded like rifle shots when they slammed into
the metal siding of the building.

It was hard to judge band conditions because it was very difficult here in the
Midwest to copy the weaker signals through the wall of QRN. The storm stirred
up large doses of wind and rain static, plus plenty of thunder crashes which
kept the S meter jumping all the time. I apologize to the number of stations
that called but were impossible to get clean print and log because of the

In spite of the unique weather situation, it was a great pleasure to be able to
use this outstanding contest station, and as always, the WB9Z hospitality was
W6KY   Single Op LP   41,5362007-02-25 20:38:29
Got myself upside down. Took all my breaks early. My vertical comes alive on 80
about the time the contest ended. I should have spent more time on 15 and 20 up
front (or improve my 80 meter antenna)...N1MM and MMTTY are a great combo. Just
gets better each time.
73, Art W6KY
WA3AAN   Single Op LP   22,5902007-02-25 20:49:59
W6YX   M/2 LP   204,1652007-02-26 00:11:39
What a great contest! At the bottom of the solar cycle without 10m, it was
quite a surprise to be the first station to ever break 1000 QSOs in NAQP RTTY.
We also beat our previous QSO marks on 20m, 40m, and 80m. 15m did not
disappoint either. Thanks to all the new stations trying RTTY contesting, and
thanks to everyone for all the QSYs!

5 band QSO: 1 station - thanks to Ed W0YK.
4-band QSOs: 49 stations. It was great to get KH6GMP on four bands. We tried
moving him to 10m, but had no luck.

Non-NA DX: V5, CT3, CU, G, HB9, OZ, PY, S5, TF, UA9, VR, YV

We heard other locals, as well as PY2DN, on 10m at various times, but didn't
transmit on 10m often because of the 10 minute rule for M/2 stations.

Thanks to John and Rebar for resolving the 20m antenna problems over the last
few weeks, and to Mork for doing most of the setup.

-Dean - N6DE

QSO/MUL by hour and band

Hour 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M Total Cumm OffTime

D1-1800Z - - 70/34 75/27 1/1 146/62 146/62
D1-1900Z - - 71/9 50/5 2/0 123/14 269/76
D1-2000Z - - 55/8 37/5 - 92/13 361/89
D1-2100Z - - 56/3 22/1 - 78/4 439/93
D1-2200Z - 17/11 46/0 1/0 - 64/11 503/104
D1-2300Z - 38/15 32/1 - - 70/16 573/120
D2-0000Z --+-- 58/8 27/1 --+-- --+-- 85/9 658/129
D2-0100Z 12/8 77/14 11/0 - - 100/22 758/151
D2-0200Z 33/20 57/3 - - - 90/23 848/174
D2-0300Z 46/11 49/3 - - - 95/14 943/188
D2-0400Z 49/3 18/1 - - - 67/4 1010/192
D2-0500Z 30/4 7/0 - - - 37/4 1047/196

Total: 170/46 321/55 368/56 185/38 3/1
K4RO   Single Op LP   34,6322007-02-26 03:00:36
Thunderstorms prevented a full-time effort.
Never got to clean up on 80 meters, which is
my best band in NA these days, naturally.
Still a fun contest, and great to print
many new calls. Thanks to W4BCG for doing
the TCG teams.


-Kirk K4RO
K4KO   Single Op LP   7,8842007-02-26 04:00:01
Attend the Tennessee QSO Party
KEØLX   Single Op LP   11,2002007-02-26 05:11:38
Fun contest...waiting for the next rtty contest. See you there...73...
Bruce KE0LX
VA1CHP   Single Op LP   58,2122007-02-26 06:39:52
Missed some easy Mults. Where was VT-ME-NL? Oh well maybe next time. Condx were
so-so. Thanks for all the Q's , see you in the next one.

K3FH   Single Op LP   2,1122007-02-26 07:06:38
Thunderstorms here from 3 pm til midnight so very little operating.
WA6L   Single Op LP   23,7602007-02-26 07:52:46
My first contest with the new call (formerly KK6MS). Also the first RTTY
contest that I operated FSK vs AFSK. That sure makes a difference when you can
use those sharp RTTY filters!

I had a great time, although the XYL kept asking me to "take a break." So I
only operated 9 of the 12 hours.
K9KDR   Single Op LP   39,5362007-02-26 08:02:32
This was mt first try at the NAQP and had a great time. However, I should have
spent a bit more time setting up the software - this slowed things down just a

40 and 80 were not as good as I had hoped. I usually can run stations fairly
well on these bands but not this time - almost all S&P during this contest.
K2DB   Single Op LP   15,0882007-02-26 08:07:22
If some of you thought I was slow, I was, I was running the station remotely
with a dial-up connection and using write-log hi hi. It was very slow on the
screen updates. Anyway I had FUN as POOPSIE !

73 de Paul K2DB
VE3HG   Single Op LP   5,9042007-02-26 08:33:54
Couldn't get a run going. Conditions seemed soft.
KTØDX   Single Op LP   72,6242007-02-26 09:36:53
Wish more folks would have taken a look at 15 meters as it was open from
Colorado but very few stations were on the band. 80 meters was great at night
with lots of station active on this band. Thanks to everyone we worked.
K4VU   Single Op LP   10,6562007-02-26 10:50:54
see you from V31RG in WPX SSB.
AD4EB   Single Op LP   75,9702007-02-26 14:55:07
With all the lightning in the area, probably operated more hours that I should
have. QRN was awfull to the ears on 40 and 80m, but MMTTY seemed to print quite
well. Thanks Shelby and ICOM for sponsoring this contest.

73 - Jim - AD4EB
K8GU   Single Op LP   8512007-02-26 17:49:50
First time on RTTY. Thanks for the QSOs!


--Ethan, K8GU/9.
W7HJ   Single Op LP   2,7742007-02-26 18:16:52
Had high noise level on 40 and 80, but still lots of FUN!
K3GP   Single Op LP   44,1602007-02-26 20:19:30
Had a hard time finding and holding run frequencies on 15 and 20.

Sure would be nice if everybody put a space following their call sign at the
end of their exchange macros.

Nonetheless, a fun contest as always!
KT1I   Single Op LP   46,1252007-02-27 07:49:35
Great contest. Things were going well for me especially on 80 meters.
W7MAP/5   Single Op LP   7,6232007-02-27 07:55:21
Tough sledding with 2 (count 'em) kbds and only S&P. Found the issue with mmtty
the following day. Will be back with better scores next time! Had a blast. Good
to be in the fray again after a long absence. Best, Chas W7MAP/5
KO1H   Single Op QRP   15,2002007-02-27 08:00:46
Got a real late start. Had fun 8)
N4TP   M/2 LP   123,6692007-02-27 08:27:34
Joint effort between St. Petersburg ARA (SPARC), Tampa ARC (TARC) and members
Florida Contest Group. Thanks to TARC for hosting the event. Due to large
of operators on hand we had 1/2 hour shifts wich worked out well. W3VR and
were on hand to lead us through N1MM logger. Great time had by all. Thanks to
for the contacts and those who QSYed for our request. See you all in August.
NØEOP   Single Op LP   5,0762007-02-27 11:57:31
N3CHX   Single Op LP   17,0152007-02-27 12:22:23
This was my first attempt at SO2R and it was a challange, but it did double last
years attempt with one rig.
KT4FY   Single Op LP   33,4632007-02-28 04:53:51

Kenwood TS-950SD
KT4FY Multi-Modem II
Tennadyne T-6 (10-15-20) @ 15 meters
Home Brew Sloper (40-80) @ 15 meters
Home Brew Athlon 700 PC running Win 98SE
Writelog 10.45 with Fkeys

This was my first contest with the new antennas, a Tennadyne T-6 LPDA and a
long wire sloper for the low bands. The new antennas worked at least as well
if not better than what I had up before (a Cushcraft A4S and a temporary delta
loop). I had a better score in 03 (the last time I ran this contest) but 15
meters was open and 10 had some activity.

All in all, it was great fun...

N1MGO   Single Op LP   58,7402007-03-10 06:48:00
Again This was great fun!! Where was ND and
VT, among some of the states I missed.
I tried SO2R, using an IC-756P2 and and old Kenwood TS-
440SAT, with 500hz filter. What a difference in the
radios!! Sure missed the better filters when using the
Kenwood! Need better antennas!

Some of the local Ham Club members decided to do a Team
entry this year, hence the MARA Dabblers! MARA is
Montachusett Amateur Radio Association (W1GZ club call).

Software: WriteLog
Radios: IC-756P2, TS-440SAT
Antennas: Wires, 40mtr loop, 15mtr dipole, G5RV type

Everything worked flawless, lots of Fun, thanks to all
that worked me!
Love these short contest formats!
Not as many unusual names as I have seen in the past, and
no one called me Bambi!! Must have cleaned out their
files, I used that name from VT one year, when we were
Multi 2, at a hunting camp in the Green Mountains!

Gordon - N1MGO
KØUK   Single Op LP   64,4802007-03-10 06:49:08
This has been a fun and interesting weekend. I want to really thank the
following two wonderful friends in K0RFD Ralph and WA0RSX Carson for helping me
get set up again for this contest.
Carson worked with Ralph and I over the phone and Ralph came over to help me
thru getting the new updates to N1MM all going. I had downloaded the full
version when I didnt have too and that caused some problems. Plus we set things
up as SO1R the SO2R stuff will have to wait.
I had a goal of 500+ Q's at first and wasnt sure of where the mults or
sections would be. Missed the 500 by not taking good breaks and some errors in
how I was operating. These will be smoothed out as I get more accustomed to the
Here is my score and I will put it on 3830 and fwd to GMCC reflector.

496 X 130 = 64,480

Band breakdown
band Q M
80mtrs 99 34
40mtrs 173 43
20mtrs 188 37
15mtrs 35 15
10mtrs 1 1
Total 496 130

Made the sweep with WA0RSX up to 20mtrs. Figured I would find him or K0RFD who
live just about around the block from me on the lower bands.
Did 20mtrs till I started to S&P then went back to 15mtrs for more calling and
some coming back but mostly S&P. Back to 20mtrs. Should have stayed on 20mtrs
longer 21:00Z I started to look at 40mtrs. At about 22:00Z I went to 40mtrs
thinking I could get a run freq and hold it but the well wasnt full..Went back
to 20mtrs and basically did the same thing. Call and no one coming back so S&P
and about 23:00Z went to 40mtrs and stayed thinking I could get over 200 Q from
40mtrs before I had to go to my worst band 80mtrs. So it was a back and forth
between 80mtrs and 40mtrs for the rest of the contest..
Looking back on it..Should have started on 15mtrs run as much as possible
before going to 20mtrs...same with 40mtrs and 80mtrs.
Once you get accustomed to SO2R you miss the look see as far as what the other
bands are doing. Sort of jumping blind and going back blind.
Nuff said..Had fun but got up this morning with a crook in my neck from having
to look more intently at the screen to see what is coming across...
I worked about all the GMCC guys on some band. K6XT, K0FX, WT9Q, K0RFD, W0LSD
Oh...Ken you were rackem up on 20mtrs..called several times but I was just in
the mix master..WA0RSX, K0RFD and W7WHY Tom from Oregon who had a wonderful
signal in to western Colo...Thanks Tom for coming aboard. Joe K8FC we missed
you but family comes first and thats the bottom line...see you in the next
Also worked KT0DX, AB0LR and W0RAA with PPDXG Teams...Dick I think not sure I
need to look at the logs more carefully to see if I did work Dick...Any way it
was fun and got me in the dog house with the XYL since I didnt get to go with
her to the gym hmmm...

Now for the tale of the tape See ya..PTL bill brown K0UK

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determined the following:
Call Used: K0UK
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Station Call: K0UK
Category: SINGLE-OP
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Name: BILL
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